i have these adopts in the works, if anyone would like to purchase one now to help with my rent let me know.

From left to right it is a lamb, panda, bat, and bear. Each one comes with a nude version, nsfw version, and a clothed version. $100 each.

You can choose colors for them if you’d like as well!

blog will be back by next week >:3

you know what? screw it, blog is back after i finish up these art prints for a con. i really miss running a askblog cries that said, i plan on having the art be more basic in formatting so i don’t over load myself anymore. so no more big comics and stuff, at least not for a while. i really need to work on how i manage my time

to make things easier, i’m going to do a lil time skip-jumping around! so after i introduce the fallen children properly, we’re gonna skip to after the monsters settle down a little bit on the surface. (first contact will be shown, but it won’t be the main focus anymore)

and it’ll be starting a Halloween themed arc! :D

Hey guys~!

I’ve spent the last like month overhauling my OC page (cause i have a ton of them if you haven’t noticed lol). I moved everything to a completely separate blog that also includes art from friends and others so that you can now view every drawing of them, not just my own drawings. Feel free to check out the page here! :3c

and for all you naughties out there who are old enough and don’t mind seeing some nsfw there’s a link to the same oc page on a completely separate blog including the nsfw here


yoinked straight from my twitter, I took a pic of my new glasses and had some fun with Twitter’s sticker options xD 

The difference in this kind of photo and my dress-up photos is realllyy apparent, but both are me. I smudged my eye makeup a little on the left…. :S sorreh