“I-i knowmi’m not supposed to use spray paint but i-i cam’t let anyone see”

((mun: uwu another cool outfit for niko uwu shame he forgot his glasses this time, also yes he is nervous because he doesn’t want anyone he knows see him wear this, he’ll be embarrassed uwu so uhh yeah imma leave this here and sleep-))


(( mun has finally figured out how to smoothly use the screen recorder + Fast forward apps, and will now be putting up more speed paints over on YouTube without clogging up your dashes with videos ))

((Ooc post))

(( since this is an ask blog and I’m not getting asks, it’s been a little dead. Sorry about that. I usually been drawing anelia in random memes to fill the void, but I’m busy drawing prints to hopefully sell at a con soon. It’ll be ask any of my ocs if u like, just send some asks lol))

Happy Pride, everybody!

So I was replaying some good old persona 5, and I realized that no one really had any real time to mourn the losses that they had and they were never wrapped up properly Thanks ATLUS.

And the one in my opinion who didn’t have any time to mourn was Haru. Not only does she not mourn her father as she should have but she has to accept Akechi into the group almost just as quickly. Now I’m all for redemption arcs which ATLUS didn’t give Akechi properly, THANKS ATLUS

but I hc that Haru sometimes has to “excuse herself” because lets be real she deserved a confrontation with Akechi at least once. And I picture that Sojiro understands and is there for Haru:) a stretch but whatev