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Mental Illness or Mental Disorder?

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Hi dude, I noticed a post you have floating about that says ‘Destroy the disorder, not yourself.’ I know you meant no harm by this, but it is important to understand the difference between a disorder and an illness. Depression is an illness - it is developed and it can be overcome (destroyed). Autism is a disorder - it is something one is born with. This means it will always be part of a person and more importantly, it consists of positive AND negative attributes. Many people with disorders define themselves by these attributes. So instead of being helpful, it asks them to do the impossible - which can be destructive for people that already face considerable adversity. You are spreading so much positivity dude, I only seek to aid your effort 🙏

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i understand where you’re coming from, but disorders aren’t only defined by things that can’t be overcome. anxiety disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, etc. it’s part of their name. 

i obviously didn’t mean to intend that people should try to destroy their entire self or anything like that. it was meant towards people with disorders they can recover from.  

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my ex is starting to contact me again and it is so not fair cause he was my first love and i have such a soft spot for mig idkkk what to do. he only texts me when he is drunk

that’s very unfair of him – don’t settle for someone who only wants you occasionally. block 👏🏼 his 👏🏼 number 👏🏼 you’ll find a better person, i promise!

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this boy randomly defended me on twitter from someone commenting on my photos. I at first didn’t wanna talk to him because I was so focused on myself. We never met but talked and called each other for a year while he was in camp, then finally met after a year in person learning we lived four mins from each other. Two years we’ve only told everyone we’re best friends but finally kissed on New Years. Two years of us sleeping over, traveling, and being inseparable as just friends. Love takes time.

oh my gosh??? that sounds so beautiful and blissful i’m dead

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Help!!! Today was the first time I saw my roommate crying because her mother was admitted into hospital few days ago. And she didn’t even told me. She told me today because I caught her crying n when I asked her why, then she told me everything. Do u have any advice on how I can help her going through this hard time. Btw, we’re studying oversea n we only get to go home once every year, usually July till September😭😭😭😭 helpppp😭😭😭😭😭

this is SO late i am so sorry but just let her know that you’re here for her and offer her support. i know it’s going to be rough for both of you, but just tell her to let you know what she needs 💓 hope this helped!

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what are key personality aspects someone should work on

hello friend! i think that everyone can always work on something, no one is perfect and we can all be a little kinder, a little more generous, a little less judgmental. and while it’s not my place to tell people who or how to be, i think everyone should try to be more respectful and accepting of the people around them.

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Hey babe!! I was just hoping to get a second opinion on something. I’ve been texting this girl for about 2 weeks now. We talk about like who’s the best cuddled and If muscles are sexy and stuff like that and she calls me babe and stuff. Today she asked if I act like this around everything and I said no and so did she. Do you think she likes me?

uh yeah i think she likes you? but also you called me babe too lmao 

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i'll lob cats at my opponent. but not hard enough to spook the cats, but hard enough for my opponent to react and catch the cat. that's it, that's my attack. i give my opponent a cat to keep. no one can beat this tactic

I doubt even I could defeat you.

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Hey! The past couple of months I’ve found myself not really deeply interested/attracted to any guy, at all. It makes me question myself a lot. While going out last weekend I made out with a friend that I knew liked me (we were drunk), and while it’s a thing that can happen, I have such a bad gut feeling thinking about it. I really regret it a lot and don’t feel like committing in that sense at all. Am I just picky, or what’s wrong with me? Right now I can’t imagine actually liking someone...

hi! it’s okay to not be attracted to anybody, and it’s okay if you don’t want a relationship right now. in fact, that might be what’s best for you at this moment! don’t try to force yourself to commit when you know deep down that that’s not what you’re meant to be doing. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you 💓