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Look at Harry.

This is the expression of a husband who is done tripping over haphazardly discarded shoes at the front door.

This is the expression of an irritated yet endeared husband who comes home to a messy kitchen because Boo went there to make a cuppa and miraculously forgot to clean the mess.

This is the expression of a husband who finds used, wet towels on their bedposts or slips on them as they are scattered around the floor.

This is the expression of a husband who scolds Boo and then asks for forgiveness when Louis doesn’t talk to him.

And, Louis’ expression?

This is the expression of a husband who is sorry for messing up.

This is the expression of a husband who is going to tease Harry about this answer after this interview.



Everyone is pointing at Louis but Louis’ eyes are fixed on Harry! 😍

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Cris, there's an article in The Sun talking about 1D having a 24 million pound tax bill. Can you explain WTF they are talking about?

Just Wattpad being reactionary over something that hasn’t happened.

When Zayn left, the band shares were split in such a way that Zayn would get his share of profits up to the point that he left, but not after. While I’m not an accountant, in my opinion there was nothing shady looking about what they did, it was all very straightforward.

The gist of what’s going on is that they own 1D Media Limited and receive share distributions instead of salaries from the company, which are taxed at a lower rate. This makes sense because if the company doesn’t earn money, they don’t make any. They’re not employees, they ARE the company, and the sole assets of it. And this is exactly what anyone in their position does. 

However, apparently HMRC (the UK’s IRS) is looking into it, and Wattpad is having a meltdown, even while saying the following:

“There is no suggestion current band members — or Zayn Malik, who quit 1D in March 2015 — have engaged in tax evasion, which is illegal.

A 1D source has previously insisted the share classes were set up to account for Zayn’s departure from the band and to ‘differentiate his right to receive income’.”

What brought this on, I believe, is a paragraph that was in the filing for year-end 2015 (filed March 2017) and again this year that states:

I noticed this last year and wondered what it could be, so I’ll give Wattpad that credit, he picked up that it might be an additional tax charge. And it would also explain why they’re leaving money in the 1D Media Limited company instead of sweeping it out. 

But considering that they were aware of this potential liability even as they were filing the forms and made obvious note of it ON those forms leads me to question whether Wattpad’s assessment of the situation is correct. It’s referred to as litigation, not potential additional taxes, so I don’t know that he knows what he’s talking about (I also don’t know that he doesn’t, unfortunately).

Also, just to be petty, Wattpad mistakenly says:

“After resigning as directors of 1D Media in April 2016, the boys made £14million each from selling just ten shares in the firm”

That is just not true. They never “sold” any shares, they cashed Zayn out and redistributed the shares among the other four. “Selling” implies that some outside person or organization is part owner in 1D Media, and that’s not the case at all.

would y’all be down if myself, and the help of a few of my beautiful writer friends, did a Harry Styles 25 Days of Christmas?

I’m basically gonna have 25 different prompts and starting December 1st, there will be a new one shot per day until Christmas! let me know if anyone would want that/actually read them lol

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I think 1D was really lucky that as a band they had an undeniable focal point in Louis as a leader from the beginning. Someone that was opinionated and took charge but also was demonstrative and loving and supportive, that kind of brought each of the boys together to form a web of love that grew from Louis. That's how it always looks to me when I look back on the early stuff. Not all bands are blessed with the talent, the personalities, and the gentle leadership from the inside that 1D had.

I think there were a few elements, besides talent, obviously.

First, incredibly good-looking guys. Other boybands are not uniformly this pretty— cute as a button, every one of them.

Second, intelligence. Like you said, it’s hard to pick 17 and 18-year-old kids who have such acute innate understanding of how things work. They didn’t all have to be super intelligent, but the smart ones were enough.

Third, lack of ego. They stuck by each other and made it work, at least at the beginning, when it counted.

Four, leadership. Louis.

Five, love. It’s easy to go to work when you see your love every day.

Get away from me

Harry comes up to you in a bar to ask if you are okay.

wordcount: maybe around 1,500 (i don’t have my laptop with me to check)


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This was the first night out you had been on in a while. After being busy with studying hard and balancing your part time job, your friend Georgia finally convinced you to come out to the club. It was fun getting dressed up, and spending time with Georgia who you met through school.

Clubs weren’t really your thing. Usually you either end up getting really drunk and make bad decisions, or your to sober to put up with the constant attention from guys. They would try their hand at flirting, buy you drinks and some would even go as far to put their hands on your waist when you were dancing, which you immediately pushed away and told them to piss off.

At first, it was okay, it made you feel good that you were desired. It was nice to get some recognition for putting a lot of effort into your hair, makeup and outfit. Though you knew you looked good and didn’t need a guy to tell you, reassurance is nice. 

It was sometimes amusing to watch guys try and impress you, or try to win you over with some cheesy pickup line, it just gave you and your friends something to laugh at. You aplauded their bravery. 

It was a Saturday night, the club was busy and the place to be. Georgia managed to get into a high profile club, for the people with some kind of social status. Definitely somewhere you didn’t belong. You thought the guys at this club would be more polite and but that was far from the truth. Since they had a little money or fame to their name, it suddenly allowed them to think they were doing you a favor by gracing you with their unwanted presence.

When your favorite song came on, you started dancing and having fun, maybe the night wasn’t so bad after all? Getting lost in the beat, you are Georgia are screaming the lyrics to each other. She then tells you she’s going to get another drink, so you just dance by yourself. Swaying your body to the music without a care in the world. Then you felt a hot breath against your neck, and hands reaching around you. A complete stranger held you tight in his grip, you tried to get out. 

He starts touching you, you try even harder to get away. But he is strong. “Let’s get out of here sexy” he slurred into your ear, obviously drunk. The smell of tequila and cigarettes lingers on his breath. He starts dragging you away. No one around you seemed to notice, you struggle even more, hitting him, yelling for help. A security guard notices you struggling. He pulls the guy away from you and drags him to the exit. 

Flustered and shaken up you just want to get out of here. You think to go outside, but realize the guy would be out there. You turn to find the bathroom. The line is long so you give up and go to the bar to try to find Georgia. She is nowhere to be seen. You grab out your phone to call her to find it’s dead.

You sit down at one of the stools and start breathing deep, you were now realizing how much what just happened was affecting you. You can still feel his breath, his grip strong enough to leave bruises on your arms. If that security guard didn’t see you, lord only knows what could have happened.

You felt tears starting to flood out of your eyes and you didn’t know why. You had never experienced something so intense. Your breathing quickens and you start to feel very overwhelmed, tears are now streaming down your face, along with your eye makeup.

Your head falls into your hands, you shut your eyes tightly, trying to block out your surroundings. You sit for what seems like forever, trying to compose yourself, getting ready to go back onto the dance floor to find Georgia so you could leave. Then you felt a hand on your back, you immediately flinch and pull away from the sudden touch, you turn around to yell at them.

“If one more guy lays a fucking hand on me, I swear to god! Get away from me!” You don’t even look at the guy who violated your personal space, you just return to putting your head in your hands.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he says, sitting down on the stool next to you. “I was just going to ask if you were okay” You look up at him. He’s very handsome, clean-cut hair, that still managed to look effortlessly messy, his eyes are staring concerndly into yours. He can see that you have been crying. “You obviously aren’t okay”

He flags down the bartender and asks for a water. “What happened?” he asks you with genuine concern.

“Some guy was all up on me, he started touching me, then tried to drag me out, if it wasn’t for the guard I don’t know what would have happened.” Your still crying, you wipe away your tears with the napkin that he passes you.

“Now I can’t find my friend, and my phone is dead. Then I yelled at you, and you were just trying to be nice to me” you say, and tears are still falling out of your eyes, he passes you the water that was placed in front of him and you take a huge sip.

“I have a phone charger in my car. It’s just out the back” he questions. You just nod, you can’t face going back into the crowd to try find Georgia.

He helps you off the stool and guides you out the back exit, he puts his arm around you in a protective manner, you still flinch a bit as he brushed the now formed bruises, but he was gentle. You were thankful he was protecting you, it felt comfortable and safe. When you get to the back door, the bouncer just nods at him and opens the door. As you walk into the parking lot he clicks his keys and a black range rover lights up in response. 

"Nice car” you say with a bit more life in your voice. Your crying has stopped now. He opens the door and starts fishing around in the console for his charger. You stand behind him, as he pulls it out he turns to you and he notices you are shivering. As he passed you the charger, he opens the back door and grabs a sweater from the seat and hands it to you.

“Here, it’s freezing” You take it and as you pull it over your head you catch a glimpse of the label, Gucci. Wow, this guys must be rich. But he’s so kind, usually rich guys at clubs think they are better than everyone else, and just want to get int your pants. He was definitely quite the opposite.

“Thanks” you say rubbing at your arms to warm up. You can feel the bruised spots on you arms, hopefully they wont be too noticable. He puts his hands in the back pockets of his jeans, and leans against the car. “Um, I think you need to turn the car on in order for it to work" you say laughing slightly while shaking your phone in your hand.

“Oh right, duh” he says patting down his pockets to find his keys. He seems flustered, definitely not what you expected from him. He finds the keys and shoves them in the ignition. When he turns it on, your phone lights up. “Do you want to sit and wait in the car while it charges?” You nod and walk around to the passenger’s side and hop in. He gets in the driver’s seat. His car smells really good. “Do you need more water?” he asks you turning in his seat.

“No that’s okay.“ you say while placing your phone down in the drink holder. “I’m sorry for yelling at you before” you pause to say his name, which you then realise you don’t even know. 

“Harry” he says as he can tell you were wondering what his name was. “And that’s fine, I probably would have yelled at me too, if I just had a guy try and touch me and drag me out of a club.“, he pauses.

"Y/N, it’s Y/N” you say. He nods and says your name quietly back to himself.

“Seriously thank you, Harry, I don’t think a guy has ever been this nice to me”

“Well you obviously haven’t been around many decent guys then,” he says laughing. There’s a momentary silence, where you can hear sirens from the busy london streets.

“Are you hungry?” he asks. Can this guy get any nicer? 

“I am actually, I ate like 6 hours ago.” He puts his belt on and starts the engine. You put your belt on too. After a short ride he pulls up at a Mc Donalds drive-through, "You read my mind” you say to him.

He winds down his window “Could I have a chicken wrap and a water, and…” he says turning to you

“Uh, nuggets and a shake please” you say loud enough for the worker to hear.

“Did you get that?“ he says to the machine.

"Drive to the next window please” as he drives up to the next window, you pull out your wallet from your bag, he looks over and sees “Oh Y/N, its fine”

“No you have done enough already, let me pay” you say insistently.

“No, no, I got it” he says handing his card to the worker. When the worker looks at him she stops and puts her hands up to her mouth in shock.

“Oh my god, you’re Harry Styles, I’m a massive fan” shes says freaking out. “Nice to meet you” he says laughing a bit. She hands him his receipt and waves.

“What was that?” you say confusedly. “Did she just say she is a ‘massive fan’? Are you famous or something?” you say half jokingly but why else would she say that.

“Something like that” he says awkwardly. He grabs the bag of food from the next window and pulls into a parking spot.

“No like really, she was freaking out” you say again. He didn’t seem famous, sure he had a nice car, and Gucci, but he didn’t seem famous.

“Yeah that happens sometimes,” he says, you can tell he’s feeling a bit shy. You change the subject

“Want a nugget?” you say shoving the box in his face, he picks one up laughing a bit.

“Thanks” he says, for the nugget and for changing the subject. You sip on your shake and eat your food while having a great conversation with Harry. He is really genuine and different to any guy you have met before.

As he shoves his rubbish into the bag, he starts the car “Want me to take you home?” he asks.

“That would be perfect” You get your now fully charged phone and text Georgia that you’re going home. She almost replies immediately, you laugh out loud. “Some friend" you say.

“Everything alright?” he questions.

“I just texted my friend to tell her I was going home, and she said she left had already left with a guy.” you say locking your phone.

“You need to get some better people in your life” he says jokingly, but you know he was serious. You tell him your address, and he turns the radio on to pass the time.

A slow song with a piano intro starts playing, you go to turn it up, you notice he is smirking a bit. When the song comes to a slow piano ending, you sit in awe of what you just heard. “Wow, I loved that, that was a great song”

The radio host then says “That was 'Sign of the times’ by the one and only Harry Styles” Your mouth drops open.

“That’s your song?“ you exclaim.

“Yeah, glad you like it” he says shyly.

“Harry, wow, that was amazing, your amazing!” you slump back down into your seat to process that this incredibly nice guy, is also insanely talented. “You are just too good to be true” you say in realization.

“So are you,“ he says. You look at him confusedly. "Usually people treat me differently because of who I am, but firstly you didn’t even know who I am, and when that girl recognized me, you still treated me the same” he pulls up at your apartment black and stops the car, he gets out and opens your door.

You hop out and give him a hug. “Thank you Harry, I don’t know where I would be if you didn’t come over to me” you say looking up at him. “You saved my night”

“I had fun, here take my number, I think you should have some more people in your life who actually care about you” he grabs a pen and paper from his car and writes it down. “Call me” he says passing it to you. You hug him again and he then gets back in the car.

He winds down the window to say goodbye, and just as he begins to drive away, you realize you’re still wearing his jumper, “Your jumper!” you yell.

“Keep it, it looks better on you anyway” You laugh and wave as he drives away. You wish he was staying though. You bring your hands up to your face to cover your giggling as he toots his horn obnoxiously, the oversized-ness of the jumper has the sleeves covering your hands, the soft material brushes against your face, you stop to inhale the fabric, it smells like his car, like him, warm and comforting. You were definitely going to call him.

hot take but people need to stop comparing every up and coming boyband to 1d and saying they’re the next one direction!! no one is ever gonna be the next one direction like they were UNPARALLELED!!!!!!! our boys were all each other’s ride or dies from the GET! GO! they achieved things no other group has EVER achieved! especially not at the magnitude they did in the same span of time! no boyband is ever going to be the next one direction! that’s why there’s only ONE band ONE dream they’re irreplaceable that is all siri send tweet

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How would you rank all of the 1D songs in order from least to greatest?

I bet you thought I wouldn’t do it.  (I went greatest to least.  My brain doesn’t work in a least to greatest way.)

  1. If I Could Fly
  2. Home
  3. Drag Me Down
  4. Happily
  5. Fireproof
  6. 18
  7. Strong
  8. Something Great
  9. They Don’t Know About Us
  10. Truly Madly Deeply
  11. Little Things
  12. Perfect
  13. Infinity
  14. Love You Goodbye
  15. Spaces
  16. No Control
  17. Stockholm Syndrome
  18. Olivia
  19. What Makes You Beautiful
  20. Over Again
  21. You and I
  22. Fool’s Gold
  23. Better Than Words
  24. Long Way Down
  25. Never Enough
  26. History
  27. Clouds
  28. Night Changes
  29. Steal My Girl
  30. Ready to Run
  31. Girl Almighty
  32. Best Song Ever
  33. Story of My Life
  34. Kiss You
  35. One Thing
  36. Gotta Be You
  37. Rock Me
  38. End of the Day
  39. Act My Age
  40. Through the Dark
  41. Walking in the Wind
  42. Live While We’re Young
  43. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  44. Temporary Fix
  45. Up All Night
  46. C’mon C’mon
  47. What a  Feeling
  48. I Want to Write You A Song
  49. Wolves
  50. Midnight Memories
  51. Moments
  52. I Want
  53. More Than This
  54. A.M.
  55. Once In A Lifetime
  56. Right Now
  57. She’s Not Afraid
  58. I Would
  59. Alive
  60. Does He Know?
  61. Heart Attack
  62. Hey Angel
  63. Illusion
  64. Little Black Dress
  65. Back For You
  66. Half A Heart
  67. Why Don’t We Go There
  68. Change My Mind
  69. Stole My Heart
  70. Everything About You
  71. I Wish
  72. Taken
  73. Save You Tonight
  74. Little White Lies
  75. Last First Kiss
  76. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
  77. Change Your Ticket
  78. Na Na Na
  79. Same Mistakes
  80. Tell Me A Lie
  81. Nobody Compares
  82. Stand Up
  83. Irresistible
  84. I Should Have Kissed You
  85. Loved You First
  86. Magic
  87. Summer Love
  88. Still The One
  89. Diana
  90. Another World