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Hashimada minibang (2016) — Day 2: Acceptance/Denial

Continued from Day 1: Creation/Destruction.

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The Choices We Make

It was supposed to be fluff and ended in so much angst. I’m sorry…we’re only getting started.

The Choices We Make
Part one

With trembling hands, Sakura slowly lowered herself onto the bathroom floor before her knees gave out on her. She exhaled shakily, no longer sure if the churning of her stomach was from what she had just learned or rather the morning sickness she suspected she had been experiencing for a few days now. Most likely a little of both.

It felt unreal. She had thought she had just been pushing herself too hard and not taking care of herself again as the hospital once more became overrun with injured shinobi. With summer about to be in full swing, the number of missions always increased as small cities bordering their country requested the assistance of their ninja. Never once had she considered the possibility of being pregnant. Not until Shizune had teased her the night before when she walked into their shared office to find Sakura demolishing an entire box of donuts by herself.

Sakura would have taken a test right then if not for the fact an entire squadron had been rushed into the ER from an ambush. The women had spent the whole night fighting for the lives of their comrades and while Shizune had chosen to celebrate their victory by catching up on some sleep, Sakura had slipped away to the bathroom.

Another rush of emotion swelled in her chest as she pulled the test from the counter to hold it at eye level. There was no mistaking the double blue line that told her she was expecting, but there was no relief or happiness. Only aching anxiety of what she would do now.

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Based on this conversation on @blackkatmagic​‘s page: [Link]

A week later the green falcon comes back with a note attached to its leg. Madara opens it and in a neat hand it reads: 

Dear Madara, 

Thank you for making it so much easier to find your falcons. We really appreciate it. And while I understand your interest in diversifing my wardrobe, I think I’ll stick to white feathers. Thank you again for your consideration.


Tobirama Senju

Behind him Izuna adds “Bro, you got played~”

And is promptly dunked in the koi pond. 

Thank you @redhothollyberries for encouraging my crazy. 

In a Past Life - MadaSaku

In a Past Life

Written for @madasakuweek
Rated T
Random AU

It is said in ancient mythology that humans had two souls once. They were peaceful creatures, full of joy and warmth and love. But the Gods grew jealous of humans and ripped them in two, cursing them to forever wander for their other half through this life, and then the next.

Many of the Gods found their suffering to be of great amusement, but one Goddess took pity on the poor humans. She could not reverse the damage that had been done, but she granted them the only help she could offer: The Mark.

Much of the legend has been lost to time, but the old stories say that every person has an imprint, unique to them and their missing soul. It is hidden in plain sight, only to be revealed once its twin has been discovered. Only then will one know they have found their other half, their missing piece - their soulmate.

If one believed such myths…

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anonymous asked:

Can i get a scenario about Madara and his wife having many children and how he would deal with his large family?

I looooove writing Madara with a family honestly…..he deserved better fight me so this turned into an early morning at the Uchiha house. Written in Madara’s POV. Hope you like it<3


Madara always made sure he was awake and moving before anyone else, effortless in not making a single sound as he rose from the bed he shared with his wife. He wasn’t a morning person by any means, but escaping the chaotic energy that filled their home as of late by rising early and relishing in the quietness of the empty kitchen with a cup of hot tea.

It’d been nearly nine years since they had gotten married, and he was almost 32 now, not that he looked it yet. The only hint of his age and the stress that came with being the clan head who had to manage three children at home were the bags under his eyes that had become more pronounced then they had before. Madara never expected to have so many children, and three was a lot in his eyes, but he never complained. 

He sighed as he sat down with a steaming cup of tea at the kitchen table, melting into the silence he was so fond of. Madara made sure to leave enough hot tea for his wife, as he was certain she shared his own preferences of the drink before the rest of the house began to wake. His youngest, at four, was always the first one awake, aside from Madara of course, but he figured that Nissho wouldn’t stir for at least another hour. 

Madara was slightly surprised to see his youngest son peering into the kitchen from the hallway. The sun was barely beginning to rise, and his short hair that looked like it was going to be as unruly as his own was sticking up in odd place. Madara gave another sigh, his day starting earlier than he’d planned. He looked at his son, who was walking across the kitchen to him. Nissho’s eyes were still sleepy, and he clung to the tiny blanket around his shoulders that he must’ve dragged out of his room with him. 

Nissho looked up at Madara, and even though the man was sitting on the floor the child still had to peer up at him. He wasn’t used to seeing his father in the morning, as Madara was usually gone as soon as his wife was awake to start his work day. The child tugged on Madara’s sleeve, “..Tou-san, can I sit with you?”

Madara nodded at his son, and he let him crawl into his lap. Nissho yawned into his hand and leaned his frame against his father’s chest. Madara lookd down at him, moments like these were few and fare between, and he admits to himself that he enjoys them the most. He had to remind himself that Nissho was indeed his own child, because he looked nearly exactly like Izuna did when he was this age. The thought of his youngest echoing Izuna so closely pained his heart, and he unconsciously held him just a little bit tighter than he had before. 

He continued to drink his tea, grabbing a book that was on the table. Madara sat like this, with his youngest son in his lap and a book in his hands, for longer than he realized. Nissho had fallen back asleep in his lap just as his wife came into the kitchen. He watched her look over the two of them, a small smile grazing her face. She then came over to the table, picking up his empty cup and refilling it. Madara nodded at his wife in appreciation, and she turned back to make her own cup. 

His wife joined him at the table, leaning her elbows on the surface and resting her head in her hands. She was still smiling at the two of them, and when Madara caught her gaze he looked away with the faintest hint of a smile on his own face. By now the sun filled their house, and he could hear his two other children beginning to wake up and shuffle about. He was usually gone by now, but he figured one morning like this wouldn’t do him any harm.

Madara avoided the early morning chaos of his two older children arguing with each other, they were so close in age it was bound to become an issue and their sibling rivalry was so strong. Madara often had to break the two apart when they got too competitive sparring with each other, and his wife was the one who patched the two up with Nissho laughing at the two of them being scolded by their mother. 

This calmer morning was a welcome change from the usual. Madara heard his wife get up from the table to start making breakfast for their boys, and Nissho stirred slightly in his arms. He could hear the two older boys, Ryuu and Sora, already betting on who could beat the other into the kitchen, and Madara gave yet another sigh as the two of them barreled into the kitchen.

His wife turned around from the stove, “Oi! Ryuu, Sora, the kitchen is not a place for running!” She began to laugh though, seeing her oldest boys huff and pout while her husband still had their youngest in his lap. She swears, each of them looked like Madara, and they had the same pout too. She returned to the stove and plated the breakfast she’d made, with an extra plate for her husband. Their second child, Sora came up behind her, “Kaa-san! I can help too!” So she nodded and gave her son two plates to place onto the table while she carried the rest over. 

Madara gently woke his son up, who was till sitting in his lap, and he slid off and onto the floor next to his left. Madara felt his wife lean next to him on his right after placing a plate in front o him, and she kissed his face. She whispered, “Thank you for staying so late,” before sitting next to him. Madara nodded and quickly gave his wife’s hand a small squeeze before joining his sons, who were just devouring their food like little wolf pups. 

chrisemi  asked:

Madara discovering that his wife or s/o has been cheating on him. How would he be after that?

Noooo don’t do this to him ;-; thank you so much for asking though I love me some angst lol

  • Madara would fucking lose his mind. Especially if it was someone he married who he found out was cheating on him. Furious would be an understatement. He would be extremely angry, and also hurt, because if he felt so strongly enough for someone that he married them and then they cheated on him? Madara would feel so much betrayal after that. 
  • Even is it was just an s/o, if anyone Madara cared enough about to open his life up to them ended up cheating on him he’s going to feel this way
  • He’s the kind of person who would straight up confront his cheating partner. No beating around the bush or asking if it was true. He’s just going to lose it as soon as he sees them, will pull them aside to confront them
  • Madara would definitely yell at them, pull out every card he had and say some really nasty things to them. Even if he didn’t really believe the nasty things, he’d still say them. Madara would aim to hurt them like they hurt him
  • Madara is scary good at both pretending that someone doesn’t exist and making someone feel like utter shit. Which is exactly what he would do; simultaneously pretend like his now-ex doesn’t even exist (he doesn’t want them to think they’re worth his time or grief) and make them feel like they’ve done him wrong 
  • He would also just go about his life like nothing happened. He wouldn’t pay attention to it, and dismiss it if it ever came up in conversation with someone else. Madara is the kind of person to ignore relationships that go wrong completely 
Gay dads
  • Obito: Being raised by gay dads can be pretty traumatizing
  • Obito: It's not healthy for a child's development