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Favorite scores from the Httyd soundtrack?

Ooh ooh, I’ll be happy to talk about this! I’ll mention some favorite tracks from both the first and second movies. I adore John Powell’s music. His music is more firmly grounded in traditional classical orchestration than many movie composers, with strong theory, appropriate orchestration of instruments by their strength, and well-structured form for the pieces - making them work well off screen as well as with the film. On top of this, he adds northern European folk elements to the music to give us a sense of culture and history to Berk.

This is Berk. The opening music of How to Train Your Dragon is extremely memorable - so memorable there’s a reason John Powell made sure to do the same thing a second time in HTTYD 2. The composition provides audiences their first ear of Berk, giving us the mood and the feel of what it’s like to live twelve days north of hopeless. It combines folk-like feels with high excitement. “This is Berk” is a piece that impresses, with orchestration far more complex than most film scores go, with an extraordinary understanding for what is natural for every orchestral instrument to play… not to mention that the melody is freakishly catchy.

Forbidden Friendship. The first time I heard this song, I actually didn’t care for it, if you can believe it. But it grew on me, obviously. It’s not my favorite-favorite track, but it is one I listen to a lot and quite enjoy. I know many people like it for the meaning of what happens on screen, but I also feel as though there is something magical about the timbre of the mallet percussion. The song’s simply structured - have ongoing mallet percussion playing a non-stopping rhythmic motif… and then building and growing on top of it. But simply structured music done well is one of my favorite things, and there’s no doubt this is done well.

See You Tomorrow. This is one tracks that pulls out traditional folk style clearly, down to the pennywhistles playing some hard music full of half-holes. Like much of the score does, it does a great job of melding the folk elements with contemporary movie orchestral sound. And there is a lot of infectious energy here.

Test Drive. Talk about exciting grandeur.

This Time for Sure / Astrid Goes for a Spin. Just nice, good energy.

Dragon Racing. This is one of my all-time favorite tracks for a reason. “Dragon Racing” is a suite - meaning that it plays a number of well-known themes from the first HTTYD score. The themes all play at appropriate times, matching closely with events that are happening on screen - for instance, Astrid’s Theme is played at the same time Astrid takes the show and steals the sheep from Ruffnut and Tuffnut. The energy of this composition is infectious; the orchestration is cleverly done, musically complex, and interesting to the ear; and not only that… but this composition has strong structure that makes it just as meaningful to listen to of screen as it is when it plays with the movie. The composition has solid form (it’s a rondo), growth, and climaxing. I can’t get enough of this song. It’s definitely one of the most well-written songs for a movie I’ve ever heard.

Flying with Mother. The orchestration of HTTYD was solid if rather traditional. John Powell takes a huge step up with extraordinary orchestration in the second film. “Flying with Mother” is exciting for the ear to hear. It dances between two themes in a strong compositional form with creative, clever instrumentation - at the same time keeping up a level of energy and excitement. This is another one of my all-time favorites - it’s a favorite of favorites!

For the Dancing and the Dreaming. This scene in HTTYD 2 is magical and memorable. Of course I love this song.

Stoick Saves Hiccup. The musical themes for “Stoick Saves Hiccup” are well-chosen and add extra symbolic meaning to the tragic events occurring on screen. The music also captures the mood perfectly, from the pained pipe organ playing at the beginning, to the rich harmonies of the strings wailing in full intensity as everything falls apart.

Stoick’s Ship. Good emotions.

Toothless Found. This was the first track I heard for HTTYD 2, back before it was released in theatres. I remember listening to it with a combination of shock and intrigue. I could hear the style shift… there was more maturity to this score, and at first I wasn’t sure how to feel about it (I ended up adoring it). I also noticed that there was some interesting nuance… crescendos and decrescendos of instrument groups, unique layers of texture… and a very dramatic climaxing point. I listened to the song over and over and over again, especially from 0:10 to 1:53, with very loud speakers. Even now that I have the full soundtrack, this one remains one of my favorites. It’s one of the most dramatic renditions of HTTYD 2′s main theme. And once I understood the context, the fact that the main theme was hidden in the first half and slowly being brought out as Hiccup was trying to reach Toothless… that’s an amazing musical symbolism right there. And the second half of them fighting the Bewilderbeast is good musical excitement.

Could Never Be (Newt X Reader)

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Request by Anonymous: I just love your writing and was wondering if u could write another newt fanfic? One where the reader gets jealous of newt and she’s heartbroken. Lots of fluff? 😂

Word Count: 2,695

Warnings: Nothing really… I think.

I think I made it a little angsty, sorry.

A/N: The Nundu in the story is based on how it is described in the book, not how it is shown in the movie.

I’m not really that happy with this one but oh well


You were sitting in your train carriage on your way to Austria with Newt, who was currently fast asleep across from you. You were watching the scenery rush past outside the window. You and Newt had just been in Ukraine studying Ukrainian Iron Bellies, the last species of dragon you two had to research. You and Newt had decided to come to Austria to examine Nogtails, you could’ve gone anywhere in Europe to find them but Newt said that he had met someone here on one of his journeys so you two could stay with her instead of having to look for accommodations. It was really nice of the person to offer you her home, you were tired of sleeping on uncomfortable beds in cold lodgings. See, you and Newt hadn’t gotten much funding in Newt’s book project so you couldn’t really afford high quality lodgings.

You two had met through your jobs. You had a minor job in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and Newt had already started his travels and book. He had failed to turn in multiple progress reports and when questioned about it he said it had slipped his mind. You had later found out that he thought of it as a waste of time, he of course didn’t say this outright but you could tell. He didn’t want to spend his time writing reports when he could be finding more about the beasts he so loved. You didn’t know this at first though and was slightly sceptical about being assigned to him to keep him in check. You didn’t really want to have to look after someone who you thought was irresponsible and insubordinate. But you had grown close to this man over the months you two had spent together. You two had agreed that every month you would write to the Ministry your progress reports and in exchange Newt would teach you more about beasts. He was wary at first, letting you come with him on his dangerous adventures but soon found you to be an invaluable asset. Your affection only grew for him and you knew it wasn’t a platonic affection.

You turned your gaze to the sleeping man across from you, notebook and quill in hand. He had fallen asleep mid sentence in his finishing notes about Ukrainian Iron Bellies and you didn’t have the heart to wake him up. You took the moment to admire the handsome man, how the light from the window shone on his messy auburn hair and illuminated his many endearing freckles, how his dark lashes fluttered slightly as he dreamt. He looked much more vulnerable when he slept, normally his body language was more guarded and careful as he was used to it having to be so around beasts. His face revealed much more though, you found he was a very easy man to read, every emotion he felt would be clearly expressed on his face. If he was curious, happy, focused, uncomfortable, it would show.

You couldn’t help but feel the surge of affection you felt whenever you thought of him. You just felt so happy and almost blissful when he was with you. You could never express your feelings to him though, you didn’t want to scare him off and endanger your precious friendship with him. You knew he wasn’t looking for a relationship, he was focused on his work and creatures and adventures and love was just - just something that he didn’t think of. You tried to keep these thoughts away and suppress your feelings, you were happier that way, or so you thought.

Suddenly, the train jerked to a stop and Newt’s eyes snapped open, looking a little disoriented at first then his eyes landed on you and he smiled softly and looked down.

“Well, we’re here.” You said, standing up and stretching. You started to reach up for your bags in the upper compartment, you had to go on your toes to reach it. You felt Newt walk up behind you and reached over you. Your breath hitched in your throat at your closeness.

“Here, let me help.” He offered kindly, grabbing onto your bag. You looked up at him as he lowered your luggage and gazed down at you, smiling softly. You gave a little smile and a quiet ‘thank you’ as you took your bag from him. “So,” Newt started, opening the carriage doors, “shall we?” He asked, opening the doors for you. You took a deep breath, something you always did when visiting a new place. You used the time in that breath to clear your mind and relax yourself as you stepped into the new and unknown.

“We shall.” You said, stepping out of the carriage.


“Newt! Over here!” A voice shouted from the crowd of people at the train station. You looked around, quite pointlessly you realised as you didn’t know what the person looked like. Suddenly a woman was flinging herself onto Newt and enveloping him in a hug. You watched, stunned at how close Newt was to this woman. You suddenly realised, your heart dropping, that you and Newt had never hugged. Not even a friendly hug. You plastered a fake smile onto your face as the woman stepped back from Newt. She was beautiful. She had lustrous black hair, stunningly blue eyes, high cheek bones and angled features. She was also quite tall, you noticed, as you had to look up at her to meet her eyes.

“Y/N, this is Emilia. Emilia, this is Y/N.” Newt introduced you.

“Lovely to meet you.” She said politely, holding her hand out for you to shake. Though you could’ve sworn Newt told you she was Austrian, she spoke with a slight British accent.

“Likewise.” You said and shook her hand. “You have an impeccable English accent, are you part British?” You asked.

“Oh no. I’ve never been there actually. I just learnt English from a native speaker and I may have picked up the accent.” She said, shrugging.

“Emilia was the one who helped me rescue my Graphorns. Without her, Graphorns may well have been extinct.” He said, smiling at her, gratitude and admiration in his eyes. Had Newt ever looked at you like that?

“Oh please, Newt, I barely did anything.” She said, giggling. So she was smart, resourceful, modest, polite, beautiful and bilingual. You could feel your self esteem plummeting as the three of you walked through the station to her car. What were you compared to her? Just someone Newt kept around to do his paperwork?

No, you reminded yourself. You two were friends, close friends. Best friends? You didn’t know anymore, it was always somewhat blurry. You were pulled away from your thoughts as you felt Newt brush his knuckles against yours. You quickly looked up at him, your face already heating up from the light contact. He looked down at you worriedly, you must have been frowning unconsciously. You gave him a small smile and nodded your head slightly, you didn’t want to worry him. He smiled at you and brushed your knuckles again. The moment was gone too soon though and you felt yourself missing even the softest of touches he gave you.


It was feeding time for Newt’s creatures and you were waiting for him in the little cabin in his suitcase. You had come straight down after dinner, you didn’t think anyone really noticed that you had left anyway. All throughout dinner Emilia was talking to Newt, not letting you slip a word in. You were sure it wasn’t on purpose but you couldn’t help but feel unwanted. You just sat there as her and Newt exchanged stories and memories. You hated seeing how comfortable Newt was with her, he was talkative and was less shy and you felt your whole being clench in sadness as you stared down at your plate. Newt had of course tried to include you in the conversation but his attempts proved useless as you found you couldn’t relate to their stories. When Newt brought up plans on capturing the famously evasive Nogtail you hoped you would be able to contribute more but found yourself in silence again as she and Newt shared ideas.

You had restrained your tears as you stepped down into what was your home for so many months and spent time with the creatures you loved so much, braiding Dougal’s fur, playing a coin game with the Niffler and running around after the Mooncalves. But now it was feeding time, a time where it was just you, Newt and your beasts. Both you and Newt always made sure you’d be there to talk and feed the animals and just be in each other’s company without any other obligations. You were hoping Newt would come, even with Emilia. Apparently not.

You slowly climbed up the steps of the cabin and quietly lifted the lid of the case slightly so you could peer out of it. Newt and Emilia were still talking and laughing and looking at each other and breaking your heart. You slowly moved back down the steps and grabbed the buckets of food you had to distribute. You weren’t going to cry, you refused to. You were friends, nothing more. They were friends, maybe more. You wanted Newt to be happy, even if that meant your heart shattering, your stomach clenching, your eyes watering.

You slowly made your rounds, giving each creature some food and love until you finally reached the last enclosure, the Nundu. Arguably one of the most dangerous beasts and very rare. You had no idea how Newt had managed to capture the Nundu and get it trust him. Not only was he brave but kind too, something that animals could usually tell. You could just trust him. You threw the Nundu a slab of meat and watched the beautiful beast devour it swiftly.

You sat down on the soft grass as it walked over to you and flopped itself down, resting it’s head on your lap. It wasn’t often that the Nundu would be calm and relaxed around others but he could tell when someone was feeling bad and would try to make the person feel better if he was close to them. It was always an honour when the great beast allowed you to come near enough to it to stroke it calmly. You finally relaxed, loosening all your muscles and letting your face fall, all your sadness clear on your face. There was no one for you to hide it from in that moment and that is maybe what prompted you to unravel.

You let your sobs escape your lips and tears fall down your face. You scolded yourself for being so upset over a boy which just made you cry harder. You felt your entire being contract painfully in heartache. It wasn’t just about Emilia anymore, if it wasn’t her it would be the next girl. You knew it would never be you because he would never look at you like that. You would forever be held back by the boundaries of friendship, you would never know what it would be like to be close enough to him to share breath, close enough to count his many freckles, close enough to feel his whole body against yours. You would never know that feeling. You shut your eyes as tight as you could. The Nundu whimpered in sadness for you as it nuzzled closer.

You suddenly heard Newt’s voice say your name softly. You shook your head, trying to rid your mind of his kind voice. You heard the Nundu growl protectively and a quick shuffle of feet. The weight of the Nundu lifted off your lap. Your eyes snapped open to find the animal standing between you and Newt. You quickly wiped your tears away, trying to be inconspicuous. You stood up and placed your hand on the creature as it released another growl at Newt surprisingly.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s just your mummy.” You said to it. It didn’t stand down but it did let Newt come closer.

“Y/N,” Newt started, rushing towards you, “are you alright? Are you hurt?” He asked frantically, looking your body up and down and cradling your face to look into your eyes. You brushed him off and stepped back, surprising him slightly.

“I’m fine.” You mumbled, not meeting his eyes.

“Y/N, you’re not fine, you-“

“I’m fine.” You said, cutting him off. You didn’t know why you were being so aggressive. It was just easier you guess. It was better than crying in front of him.

“Y/N, please, talk to me.” He begged. You stayed silent as you stepped closer to the Nundu and began tracing it’s leopard like spots. You hoped your silence would prompt him to go away and let you cry in peace. “Is this about Emilia?” He asked quietly. Your gaze snapped to his in surprise. “Do you not like her?” He asked. You shook your head lightly, turning back to the Nundu who’s eyes were still fixed on Newt. “Then what is it?” He asked desperately. You took a shaky breath.

“I - I’m just used to - to being your girl.” You whispered. You heard him walk closer to you.

“What do you mean?” He asked quietly. You turned to face him and laughed, trying to put some humour in it but not really succeeding.

“It’s so silly. It’s nothing really.” You said lightheartedly. “I just -“ you sighed, your eyes watering “I just don’t like watching how you are around her. And it really is stupid because I know it’s selfish and I know you don’t belong to me and that you won’t ever feel anything more than friendship towards me. And honestly I don’t blame you. I just want you to be happy and if that means me not being with you then -“ You were cut off by Newt enveloping you in a hug. Your first hug with him. You were too shocked to do anything. He had never had much physical contact with you before and you found you loved how you fit against him. You hugged him back, releasing a shaky breath, not knowing why he was hugging you.

“Please don’t finish that sentence.” He whispered into you hair. You were surprised at how much pain and emotion was in his voice. “I -” he hesitated “adore you.” Those weren’t exactly the three words you were hoping he’d say but you were relieved. So relieved that you could stay in his life. So relieved that you let out another sob, it was a confusing sob, a mix of happiness and sadness and jealousy.

“I love you.” You whispered against his chest. You felt him tense against you and you suddenly regretted saying that. You wanted to take it back but you couldn’t. Newt stepped back from you and looked right into your eyes. You couldn’t quite tell what he was feeling in his spring green eyes. He looked more shocked than anything, disbelieving actually. Suddenly he broke into the happiest grin you had ever seen on him.

“You love me.” He repeated giddily, a light blush gracing his features. You had made Newt Scamander, the beautiful, strange, caring man you loved, blush and you couldn’t be happier about it.

“I love you.”

“You love me.”

“I love you.” You said again, smiling uncontrollably.

“I love you too.” He said. Your eyes widened and you could’ve sworn your heart screamed in joy.

“You love me.” You repeated.

“I love you.”

“You love me.”

“I love you so much.” He said and enveloped you in another hug. You started crying tears of joy. You felt the Nundu brush up against you and Newt. You laughed and Newt grinned happily and brushed his hand against the soft fur of the beast.

“Don’t worry, we love you too.” You reassured the creature. You turned back to Newt as he brushed some stray tears from your face with his thumb and leaned his forehead on yours. You didn’t think you could be any happier.


Welp, there it is. Sorry that it isn’t so great. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Ugh I really don’t like this

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. \ (•◡•) /

Artemi Panarin #4

Requested by @sweet-s-killer:  Helloooo girl! How are you doing? Can you do another panarin imagine about his first nhl fight? the next time i will ask you for another player, promise hahaha

*Hiii!! I’m really good. I hope 2017 is treating you well so far. Don’t worry about the Artemi requests, I like writing them. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 796

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One of the disadvantages of staying home and watching the game through the tv broadcast is not having an eye, at all times, on your boyfriend. When you’re watching in the arena, you can have your sights trained on Artemi every second he’s on the ice, as compared to when you’re watching the game on tv, you only have eyes on the person who has the puck.

That’s why you were shocked when commotion outside of the frame happened. It took the camera guy a few seconds before zooming in on your boyfriend dropping gloves and fighting Scottie Upshall. Artemi is not the biggest guy out there but you know he can hold his own. He boxes and does jiu jitsu on his off days so you know he packs a punch but knowing that didn’t stop you from calling out a silent prayer for him the moment the camera panned to his fighting form.

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If I wanted to start watching dragon Ball. How would you advise I do so. Like list or order.

If you want the 90s KID EXPERIENCE. I suggest the TOONAMI DUB 

meaning Ocean for Saiyan and Namek and then Funimation for the Rest. You get badass music and superman goku 


but before that watch DragonBall the OG 

You can SKIP GT!!

And for Super Heres what you can do to get caught up relatively fast!

Then afterwards you can watch Kai if you want to OR IF YOU WANT A BETTER VERSION OF KAI just watch Team Four Star :P hehe

So sorry fellow dragonites for disappearing this last week. Lots of personal stuff came up, which if you read my last post, you would know.
But I’m back now! First, very late happy birthday to both @cowgirl326 and @saracorinnelikesthis !
Also, we got a release date yesterday! Which means the RTTE 30 day challenge hosted by the lovely @snowprincess-artist started yesterday as well! I will be sharing the daily challenges as well and am hoping to have some time to make some art for it as well.
Remember! I am still looking for more art to share, so if you know of an artist or would like your own art shared, just let me know!

No More Secrets | Joe Sugg (request)

Request: Can I get a imagine where your with Joe visiting brighten and your on the beach with Alfie and Zoe and no viewers know your dating Joe but Zoe accidentally cause you guys on her vlog and didn’t see it when she was editing so the viewers found out that way. 

 Today you and your boyfriend Joe, were off to go visit Zoe and Alfie, Joe’s sister and brother in law (according to Wikipedia) in Brighton. You both though it would be a great weekend getaway from the city life of London and you could also film some videos for all of your guys channels. You were currently on the train on your way there, you leaning your head on Joe’s shoulder when he spoke up.

“I think we should make our relationship public” Joe mumbled, it seemed as if he wasn’t sure himself.

“I don’t know” is all you said, pretending to be half asleep. Both you and him didn’t say much more for the whole train ride to Brighton.

~Time Skip~

 It was already lunch time by the time you arrived at the Zalfie household so you and Zoe were preparing lunch whilst the boys were setting the table. You hadn’t spoken much since arriving there and apparently it was very noticeable.

“Y/n…are you alright? You seem a bit off” Zoe asks whilst taking some plates out of the cupboard

“Yeah yeah I’m fine nothing to worry about..” you trail off knowing Zoe would know you were lying

“Oh come on y/n, I know you better than anyone does, spill” she continues

“Okay fine…Joe asked me if I wanted to make our relationship public”

“Ahh y/n… and I’m guessing you’re not sure yet?” Zoe asks

“Exactly” you admit

“But haven’t you seen how many fan accounts there are just to ship you two? or how many edits there’s on Instagram of your vlogs and collabs? Everyone fricking loves you together. But I do know how it is so just take your time there’s no need to rush things” Zoe reassures you

“Thank you, but I think its about time we go eat lunch”

“I’ll go get the boys” Zoe responds and quickly leaves the kitchen to go find Joe and Alfie who were now in the garden playing with Nala.

~Another Time Skip~

It was now the afternoon and you, Joe, Alfie and Zoe were at the beach enjoying the view. Alfie was taking pictures for his Snapchat and Zoe was vlogging, talking to the viewers about how much fun you were having and what you had planned for the evening. You and Joe were sat on your phones waiting for them to finish what they were doing when Joe spoken up once again.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks you, noticing you were very quiet

“What you said on the train”

“I thought you were sleeping” he joked grinning at you. “So…what do you think then?”

“I really don’t know, I feel like I might not be ready yet. I’m sorry just give me another week to think about it”

“You know you can have as much time as you want right? No one is rushing us” Joe said grabbing your hand and lifting you up from the bench you were both sat on to give you a kiss.

“I promised I’ll be quick you won’t have to wait for too l-”

“Ahh stop with the PDA you two” Alfie cuts you off, teasing you

“Oh you better be” Joe whispers to you before giving you one last kiss.

“Guys don’t you think we should head back its getting pretty dark” Zoe says whilst closing her vlogging camera

“Hopefully she didn’t vlog anything she wasn’t supposed to” you think to yourself while walking to their car.

~The following day~

 It was now Sunday afternoon and all 4 of you were sat on Zoe’s and Alfie’s living room, them uploading their vlogs and you and Joe processing your main channel videos. You were going to eat dinner and then afterwards Joe and you were going to head back to London. Joe was now the only one who’s video was still processing and Zoe and Alfie were now in the kitchen making dinner for all of you. You were sat on the living room floor petting Nala when all of a sudden both yours and Joe’s phones started blowing up with notifications from Twitter.

You both immediately look at each other although you could tell Joe had no clue what was going but you did have something in mind. Both of you stop what you were previously doing and pick up your phones from the coffee table, checking Twitter. 

Once you were on the app you soon realized your suspicious were actually right and Zoe had accidently vlogged you and Joe kissing at the beach and forgot to edit it out. Your twitter notifications were full of screenshots of Zoe’s vlog and viewers tweeting you both things like “Omg is that y/n and Joe in the back of Zoë’s newest vlog kissing?” or “How cute are Joe and y/n in Zoe’s newest vlog? You can seen them kissing in the back!”

Both you and Joe look up from your phones, Joe giving you an apologizing look

“I’m sorry…” Joe mumbled

“Joe there’s nothing to apologize about” you say giving him a reassuring smile and earning a confused look from him.

“But- “ he goes on but you cut him off

“Its fine! Its not exactly how I wanted everyone to find out but its out there now, we cant really do anything about it besides, I’m happy we wont have to lie to the viewers anymore” you chuckle and quickly realize Zoe and Alfie were now entering the living room holding a couple of plates and silverware each.

“What are you two talking about?” Alfie asks you while setting some plates on the coffee table and sitting down.

“Well… Zoe kinda outed us in her newest vlog” you say, looking over at Joe

“Omg what?! Guys I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to!!” Zoe says looking very worried

“Its fine we already discussed it with Joe there is nothing to worry about”

“But I’m sure its not how you wanted to tell them” 

“Its not but now we don’t have to lie to them and keep secrets” you say

“Guys I know Zoe just outed you and all but don’t you have a train to catch in 15 minutes?” Alfie reminds you. You all glance at each other and with that you all quickly get up and get ready to rush to the train station, hoping you will make it there in time.