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Ex: I tried writing a longer version of an imagine I did earlier. Hope yo guys like it! Warnings: like two curse words. 

Summary: You have been helping Roman after Letha’s death. 

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The past couple of months have been bad. Well, bad was an understatement. It had been hell. Letha’s death was the start of it all. After her death, Roman was devastated. You tried your best to comfort him. It didn’t help when his mother revealed his was the father of Letha’s baby and the baby was alive. It really didn’t help when Roman turned into a flesh-eating monster and killed his mother. So, it really had been hell.

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Beast Keeper

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Jeon Jungkook works for a company that specializes in magic pests control. While on duty he has to take care of pests invading the home of his high school crush. (Not really a wizard!au)

Word count: 4879

A/N: Halloween is back! And so are my Halloween inspired oneshots. This year I decided to experiment a bit with more ‘magic’ or ‘supernatural’ concepts. I’ll be posting the stories in random order, here you have the second one!

If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote this year you can find them here:

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

Jungkook had been working for a magical-pests controlling company since he was in high school. His dream was to become a fantastic beasts trainer or keeper, but since he wasn’t from a wealthy family, he needed to find a way to earn money on the side.  

There were perks when it came to his job, mainly that it allowed him to be in permanent contact with magical creatures, even if they were the smallest or the most unwanted ones; he loved them all. He occasionally got a hold of bigger beasts, like dragons and hippogriffs when he got a call to take care of pests that were infecting the magic zoo or magical preservation centers.  Most of the times however, he was called to take care of “smaller” problems in magical households.

That morning, he had been called to take care of a very specific type of flying pest that was infecting a terrarium at one of those fancy, rich houses: Glimblerts, a common threat for serpent keepers. As the parasite of a parasite, Glimblerts grow from the excrement of diseased serpentine, rare beasts like the Fiery-scaled or Amazonian basilisks, when they aren’t disposed of properly. They grow and reproduce at a very fast pace, morphing from almost microscopic maggots to full formed Glimblerts in a matter of minutes. A full-grown Glimblert will range from 5 to 10 centimeters in length, covered in often green, gray or cobalt scales (often mimicking the serpent they were living off of), though they aren’t poisonous creatures, they are highly aggressive and can cause serious damage if one isn’t wearing the appropriate gear.

When he arrived at the front gate, he couldn’t help but feel completely intimidated. The front gate was almost three meters tall, a bronze gate decorated with multi-colored stones. It looked slightly rustic, but not any less luxurious. The house was located on a street he had often walked past by, and he often found himself wondering what kind of people lived in such houses and what kind of life they led. He knew the girl he fancied back in school used to live in one of those houses, and as a young, naïve teenager, one of his pastimes on his way back from school was to try to figure out which one it was. He never did.

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Imagine Jonathan Crane saving you

Pairing: Jonathan Crane x reader

A/N: We’re back! And it’s my number one boy’s birthday! A few days ago I promised I would write something for today, so here we are (this story is slightly based on a creepy story I heard on a video a long time ago, If I ever encounter it again I’ll tag it). I’m planning on writing again, because fuck depression! I’ll work on some things some people asked for and then we’ll officially open requests. Again, if you find any grammar mistakes or feel like I forgot to include a warning please let me know at my main blog @regipumpkin. Thank you for reading!

Warnings: Cursing, assault attempt.

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I feel my heart crack into a million pieces. As blood spills on the floor, I stare at my own reflection in the mirror. A ghost without a heart. Tears roll down my cheek. But I feel no pain.
Hair messed up, thin as air.
“You belong in hell.”
“Give up.” The voices whispered.
My thoughts became blank. And surprisingly I nodded my head in agreement.
I got the rope. I tied it to the ceiling.
And with great sorrow, guilt and despair, I kneeled down and talked to You.
I told You how I’ve failed again.
I told You how the chains of darkness seem stronger than Your love. I told You how I feel my love for You isn’t enough. I will never be good enough.
“But Jesus please forgive me. I would rather be a door keeper in Your house than dwell on the tents of wickedness. Oh God….if I kill myself,” I break out into sobs.
“If I kill myself…that would be the last disappointment. I wouldn’t have to sin over and over again.”
I closed my eyes and remembered how Jesus bled and died for me. And how I keep throwing that gift away by sinning.
“God, I love You. I want to love You more. I want to know what it TRULY means to love You.”

“Then stay.”

William Karlsson - Why me

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Can you please write a William Karlsson imagine of how he’s at a quiet lounge bar with his friends & all these girls are coming up to him throwing their bodies at him but he notices y/n from the corner of his eye and sees her reading alone and he goes up to her and starts talking to her and asks her out on a date and she says yes but while they’re on the date she asks him why her and he says cuz he’s so used to fake women and he wants to be with a real beautiful and smart woman can it be cute.

Author’s Note: I love William Karlsson and books so this might have gotten out of hands. Enjoy! -Julianne P.S. I made it so he was still with the blue jackets.

You always said you needed you find new friends. It wasn’t that you didn’t love your friends you had now, it was just you didn’t like being dragged to a clue every week. You were not a clue kind of gal, you were more of a let’s do something fun or let’s stay in eat pizza and watch crappy movies all night long.

“Come on Y/N! One more drink won’t hurt, ya.” Susie said holding two glasses in her hands. You could tell she was wasted already, but you couldn’t just leave. After all you were the DD.

“Hey, look at that hot dude on the dance floor. I think he’s looking at you.” You lied.

“Where!?” Susie asked dropping her drink onto the floor. “Ohh he is hot. I’m going to dance.” She giggled walking away.

Score. You thought, before going back to your book. That’s when you heard a loud scream. Looking up you saw a short blonde guy walk in with what looked like a football team behind him. By the way the girls in the club acted you knew they were something big. It wasn’t until they got closer that you saw it was the team of the Blue Jackets. You were a fan of hockey but not one that got crazy when seeing a player in person. I mean they were just people, who played hockey for a living. You shook your head as you watched them sit across the room from you, watching the girls one by one sit in each one’s lap. Some seemed to like it and some like the blonde boy not not it. You laughed before going back to your book.

William’s P.O.V.

I saw her right as we sat down. She looked over, but just kept reading. I couldn’t help but watch her. Almost every girl in this clue has came over to our table, yet she hasn’t moved. She just keeps flipping the pages of her book. Even when her friends come over to talk to her she don’t look up.  

“Um, could you get up please. I need to use the bathroom.” I asked the girl who has been sitting on my lap since I got in here. She wasn’t happy with me. She kept throwing herself at me, but I wasn’t impressed.

“Fine. It’s not like you were doing anything anyways.” She huffs before walking over to Zach. He smiled as he saw her big boobs. I couldn’t help but shake my head.

I made my way over towards the book girl, but as I got closer I realized that I was nervous. I took a deep breath before walking all the way to her table.

“Hey.” I said as I watched her still reading.

“268.” She said looking up.

“What?” I asked growing more and more nervous.

“I’m on page 268. I’m assume you came over her to talk to me and I don’t want to miss my place.” She said simply.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What are you reading?” I smiled sitting down across from her. She looked caught off guard, which made me like her more for some reason. Then, she smiled.

“The book thief. I’ve actually it’s the second time I’ve read it, but it’s one of my favorite books.” She smiled.

“Oh, I’ve read that book. It was hard not to like it.” I said leaning on the table.

“You read a lot?” She asks sitting back.

“I do actually. Right now I’m reading The Bell Jar.”

“What are your thoughts so far?”

“I like it. It’s weird and sad but it’s different. It’s like reading someone’s head. Something magical about it.” I said.

She smiled. For the next two hours we talked about books. It was nice to talk to a girl who wasn’t trying to get in my pants.

“What are you doing on Friday night?” I asked.

“Knowing my friends, most like a new club.” She huffed.

“Would you like to go to dinner with me, then?” I asked feeling nervous again.

“Sure.” She smiled before writing her number on a piece of paper.

I smiled as I got up that paper in my hand. “Oh, 268.” I said.

“Huh?” She said looking confused.

“You’re on page 268.” I smiled before walking away.


Your P.O.V

The date went nice. William, was a big gentlemen, pulling your chair out, holding the doors for you. Now you two were standing outside of your door. He wanted to walk you up, making sure you got in safe.

“I had a great night.” You said as you pulled your key out of your bag.

“Good, because, I thought so too.” He smiled. “Would you like to get lunch tomorrow?” He said looking nervous.

“I would like that.” You smiled unlocking your door.

William smiled before placing a small kiss to your cheek. He said goodnight before stepping of the steps.

“Why me?” You asked. You saw him turn with a smile on his face.

“Because you were real.” He said.


“I saw you look up when we walked in. All the girls in the clue come over and threw themselves all over the team, but you…you looked, smiled and kept reading. You didn’t come over and try to get in my pants. You didn’t treat me any different. You saw me as William Karlsson the boy from Sweden Not William Karlsson hockey player from the NHL.” He smiled.

You couldn’t help but smile as he read off his reasons.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You smiled.

“See you tomorrow.” He smiled. “Oh, and bring that book you wanted me to read tomorrow too.”

Boy, was he a keeper. You thought as you walked into your house.


Through space and Time (Part one)

There has always been four of you, however when Sam left for Stanford you went with him, leaving Dean and Katie to continue hunting. “Where will you go?” Sam asks you once the two of you are far enough away from the motel.

“London… I want to stay out of this life for as long as possible.” You reply. “I already have my passport and everything.” Sam looks a little surprised but doesn’t say anything about it.

Instead he says: “Promise me that you will look after yourself and please text me when you get there.”

“Of course Sammy.” Before the two of you go your separate ways, your older brother pulls you into a hug and kisses your forehead. As you’re walking you look over your shoulder once watching Sam’s receding form. The song Separate Ways by Journey gets stuck in your head as you head to the airport.

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Worlds apart. Part 1.

Hello guys how is everyone? I’m so sorry I’ve not written a fic in so long but life gets a hold of you and there’s no such thing as free time. I wrote this fic well over a year ago and hated it and (still do) but @kneekeyta very kindly offered to beta this for me which she has, thanks hun I appreciate it :) so I thought I’d post part 1 of 18 and I’m going to be honest I’m not sure if I’ll post the rest as I’m not confident in my stories anymore, I feel like they are trash but we’ll see what happens.

A little about this fic. Rae is 16 and Finn is 18 and not through choice they are living together, be warned though they really don’t like each other… first, in fact you might not like Finn at all buttttttt if I do post the rest please stick with it because it is Finn and you’re not going to hate him forever lol Anyway I hope you don’t hate this too much :/                                                          

P.s Sorry if I’ve forgotten to add you to my tag list or I’ve tagged you if you didn’t want to be. I really can’t remember my tag list but I tried my best but please let me know if you want to be added or taken off :)

                                               Worlds apart 1.

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Hello, I’m a fallen soldier

Please don’t mistake me as a hero

I’m dead among the living

I walk these roads unforgiving

For a mere second or two I’ve got my grip

One puff later and oops it slips

Now I’m falling down a cliff

Did that happen twice?!

What kind of shit is this!?!?

Oh well I’ll just pretend it never happened

Surely no chance I’d become trapped inn

Aapppppedddd innnnnn

Ppppppppppppeeeeeedddddd innmmmmnnn

THREE TIMES!? Ive surely lost it

Can’t I make some sort of change to stop it

This loop just goes on and on

Burning bridges that don’t even exist

Finally see the way to resist

Just have to turn myself on over

So I may live this life moment by moment

Play by play, but watch it closely this time there’s no replay

Into the Depths [V/Taehyung] pt. 1

Genre: mafia!bts, Taehyung x reader, angst, violence

Characters: V/Taehyung, reader (you), Jungkook, Suga/Yoongi, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope/Hoseok, Rap Monster/Namjoon

Part: 1/ ??

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |

Summary: Your family was just competition and he knew that, but maybe he could keep a souvenir from this competition.

You always knew there was something off about your family. Yes, you had grown up in luxury but the way your family got that luxury was always a mystery to you. Neither of your parents ever worked, you always had to dress like you were doing to a funeral, and you had to constantly meet these really intimidating men. You were put through many self-defense classes and even sharp shooting classes. Everyone always kept secrets from you, your entire life. Even when your parents just up and disappeared. From the day your parents disappeared, you and your brothers have been very secluded from the world. You started getting home-schooled and lost all your friend from school. Everything was a mystery until you decided to randomly show up early from one of your little shopping days.

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Two wrongs make a right

Requested by anon

Jooheon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1051

Summer was finally here.

Your best friend Jooheon and his bandmates were on hiatus for the break, and it was finally the perfect opportunity for you all to hang out and enjoy the warm weather together. Wonho and Minhyuk hadn’t stopped talking about beach volleyball the entire weekend before, and after much protest, you gave into their wishes. Although you weren’t the biggest fan of open water, or beaches for that matter, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself when thinking about all the fun the boys would be having. They deserved to relax and play, at least for the day.

You breathed out a big puff of air and adjusted a couple strands of hair in the rearview mirror of your car before hopping out and joining up with the members on the beach.

“Y/N!” Jooheon beamed, waving his hands around frivolously as you approached. You laughed a bit, sprawling yourself on the sand next to him as you watched Shownu and Changkyun go head-to-head in volleyball, rather aggressively for that matter.

“He’s really trying to prove himself, huh?” You snorted, sweeping your bangs out off your face gently as the sea breeze blew them around.

“As always.” Hyungwon mumbled under his breath, head propped up against Minhyuk’s leg to watch the whole ordeal.

“Hey, where’s your swimsuit?” Jooheon quirked an eyebrow, tugging lightly on your t-shirt as he adjusted onto his stomach.

“Oh, guess I forgot to bring one.” You laughed it off casually, seeing Minhyuk and Hyungwon exchange looks out of the corner of your eye.

“Jooheon would’ve killed to see it.” Wonho teased loudly, approaching everyone with a smug smile on his face and dripping water everywhere. God, how come that kid always shows up like this? You scoffed in your mind and continued watching Shownu dominate Changhyun, with Kihyun cheering him on all the while.

After a bit, with the sun beating down, you started to heat up a little too much and went to grab a water from the ice cooler Kihyun had suggested to bring along. He was always one step ahead of things. You returned with a content grin to your small group of friends, only to be hoisted over Shownu’s shoulder before you even had the opportunity to sit down.

“W-What the hell are you doing?!” You yelped, kicking your legs around as you grew closer and closer to the ocean. Fear stirred inside your stomach, and you gritted your teeth as you were hauled near the shore. Wonho was effectively holding your legs so you wouldn’t kick Shownu in the face, and Hyungwon was teamed up with Minhyuk to film the whole scene. You let out an ear piercing scream as you were dumped into the water, clothes on and all. To make matters worse, you were sure you felt Jooheon’s hand wrapped around your wrist and slowly dragging you farther from the shore. You resurfaced quickly, soaked and coughing up water violently as you gasped for air. Your lungs were burning so furiously that they felt like they were lit on fire. Jooheon was the first to react, pulling you tightly against him and wading slowly back to the sand.

“Did we scare you? Are you okay? Does it hurt?” He pressured, pushing wet hair away from your face as he carried you far away from the ocean. At this point you couldn’t tell if your eyes were watering from fear or from the salt water. Kihyun and Changkyun reacted quickly, with Kihyun scolding the two boys videoing, and Changkyun bringing a big mass of towels for you to dry off with.

“You guys are seriously not funny at all.” You spluttered, not even comprehending how close the proximity of you and Jooheon was, with you practically on his lap.

The six other boys bowed deeply, apologizing profusely, and even offering to be your house keepers for the next month. Shownu and Wonho promised to cook for you and buy all your meals for a week, feeling a bit more sorry than the rest of the members because of their direct involvement.

“Who’s idea was this?” You fumed, now huddled in a towel on the sand and shivering lightly. Six pairs of eyes shifted to Jooheon and his own shifted down.


Jooheon apologized quickly, trying to brush off the situation with a joke, but you just rolled your eyes in response.

“C’mon, y/n… Look.” He grinned, instantly switching to aegyo mode and making a heart with his pointer finger and thumb. ‘This brat thinks his dimples are really going to make up for almost killing me?’ You thought inwardly, casting him a dark look. True to his nature, Jooheon continued to do all the aegyo he knew how to, dancing to his own songs cutely, and even doing his raps with those doe eyes and a high pitched voice. Nothing was phasing you. You had seen it all before, and god damn it if you forgave him that easily. It was only when Minhyuk has somehow managed to get his hands on a squid and began sneaking up behind Jooheon when you almost lost it. He must have picked it up from one of the street food stands on the boardwalk nearby.

As soon as Jooheon felt his wet t-shirt being pulled away from his skin, he knew something was wrong. It was only when he felt tentacles sliding against his bare back that he knew how doomed he was, and let out a scream most likely a few octaves higher than yours a few minutes earlier. You almost choked on your laughter, having to hold your stomach as you watched Jooheon demand someone get the squid off his back angrily, flailing his arms and legs around desperately. After a few minutes of torture, Shownu snagged the squid away and Jooheon was finally freed from his personal hell. ‘Karma’, you smirked.

“You forgive me then?” Jooheon perked up as he quickly recalled the previous moments in his mind, though trying to forget the feeling of slime suctioning against his skin.

“I guess so.” You giggled, scrunching your nose up as Jooheon slyly landed a peck on your cheek.

“You smell like squid.”


A/N : Hey guys! I hope you like this imagine. This imagine is based on a bollywood movie so yeah… hope you enjoy it.

And if anybody is interested in watching the trailer of the movie it is above. Movie’s name is ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’


As you enter your house you’re greeted by your house keeper. “Miss you’ve got a parcel.” She says and hands you a box. As you open it you see a basket full of chocolates and other sweets with a card. A wedding invitation card of your best friend. You smile at yourself and keep the card in the basket and ask your housekeeper, Mrs. Smith to keep it somewhere nicely.

You go in your room and change into some comfortable clothes. You were a doctor at a very big hospital and the job was tiring. 'Sometimes the smallest of the things trigger memories so strange and so beautiful that they leave us speechless. Memories are a beautiful thing. The small pices of our past. They are always safe in our memories. Memories are like chocolate boxes… once you open you can’t stop at one.’ You thought looking through your year book pictures and smiling to yourself. But one particular picture and name catches your attention. Harry Styles.

* 8 years ago *

You were at a store shopping your groceries and weren’t paying much attention when you suddenly bumped into someone. “Ouch” the other person said. You hit your head with each other really hard so you start rubbing it. “Hey, look I..I’m sorry.” You say. “No. It’s oka- Y/N!” You look up to see your high school friend or more of an aquainstance Sarah. “Hey Sarah!” You say softly. “Hey girl whats up?” She says. “I’m good. Nothing great.” You say quietly. You weren’t the one to be social. You were the nerd of the school. “So how’s life? What are ya up to?” She asks. “Uh… Life is good and I uh… I’m studying medicine.” you say. “Oh…. the scholar Y/N. I remember you always being the straight A student. Okay. Now I have to go. Harry, I and Addy are going to a hikking trip to Tryfan, Snowdonia. You remember them right? Addy Fox and Harry. Harry Styles?” She asks. You nod. “Okay. Bye. Nice to meet you.” She says. “Same. Bye.” And she leaves. As you walk forward you see something on the ground. You pick it up and see a tours and travels catalouge. You read it  and came to know it belongs to Sarah but she is already gone. You keep it with you deciding to give it to her afterwards.

As you reach you apartment you set all the groceries in their place and go to your room to study. After some time of studing and making notes you remember something. You quickly open your laptop and search about the tours and travels. Thinking, some days off studying wouldn’t hurt and anyway you had summer holidays.

* Morning *

You quickly took your rucksack and day pack and called a taxi and went to the train station. You were gonna travel there through train. You already talked to the volunteer of the hikking and already got a seat but you still were confused where to go. You saw a guy taking videos and thought to ask him for some help. You tapped on his shoulder and he turned around. You recognize him. He was Harry. Same curly hair and same green eyes. It was hard to forget him. “I’m sorry I’m late but..-"He cut you in between. "You.” He said. You smiled thinking he remembered you. “Amber right?. We met at Kate’s party.” “No.” You say. “Ahh…. Jennifer. Nina’s cousin.” He says. “No. Hillworth Academy. Same batch.” You say annoyed. “Oh…. Y/N. The Scholar Y/N. How can I forget these glasses!” He says and hugs you.

“Long time man. How are you?” Harry asked. “Very late. Where’s Patrick?” You say trying to pick your luggage. “Patrick…” he says looking around and then again looks at you. “Wait.. you’re coming with us?” Harry asks you amused. “Yes. Why?” You ask smiling slightly. He smirks and says, “You know this is a trek, right?” “So?” You ask. “You’ll have to climb mountains, sleep in tents. There’ll be bears too.” He says in a teasing way. “I know what a trek is!” You say annoyed. He just shrugs and starts walking towards the train. “My bags!” You shout. “I’m not a porter.” Harry says. “Ask me nicely.” He says. “Please help me Harry” you say and he picks your luggage and keeps it in the train. The train was about to leave but your legs weren’t able to move. You just stood there. Zooned out. “Do I need to carry you also?” Harry asks jokingly. You just look at him without saying anything. “Hey nerd. What are you calculating? Let’s go!” Harry says. The train was about to leave and the doors were about to get closed. Harry ran towards you. “Y/N. What will your books do without you in the trek?” He jokes. “I’ve never been anywhere else alone before.” You tell him. “Then come now! Trust me… nothing will happen. It’ll be fun. Come on.” He says looking in your eyes. “Okay” you murmur nodding. And you both run inside before the doors close.

“Are you stalking me?” Asked Sarah as you settle in front of her in the train. “N…no” you say slightly shaking your head. “ Oh Shut up Sarah. Sarah fantasizes about all the girls in the world stalking her.” Addy said. 'Smack’. Sarah slapped Addy on his cheek making you gasp. “I’m going to kill you.” Addy says and the start hitting eachother playfully. “Remember Sarah! We used to toss coins to sit behind Y/N!” Addy says. “And who ever won was guaranteed to pass their exams!” He exclaims. “Hey Y/N. Here eat!” Addy says passing you some sandwiches. “Come on eat!!” He says and you take one.

“Hey guys..” you hear someone say. You looked up to see a tall fake blonde with extremely short clothes. “Got a knife?” She asks innocently. “Yes! Definitely! One second.” Addy says searching for a knife. “Sorry we don’t have.” Sarah says fake smiling.“Should’ve brought bananas…” she says and turns around only to bump into Harry. “I have… knife.” He says and gives her a pocket knife. But just as she was about to take it he pull it away. “What do i get in return?” He asks of course flirting. “What do you want?” She asks innocently yet seductively looking up at him. “Umm… your name.” He says. “Lara.” She says. “Harry.” He says. “Hi.. I’m addy.” Addy says. “Hi..” she squeals. “Are you guys going to the trip too?” Lara asks. “If that’s where you’ll be, then where else would we go?” Harry says flirting. She twirls her hair. “And what will this fruit do for you, darling? Come let’s have lunch.” Harry says. “Yeah… we’ve got ham and cheese sandwiches.” Addy adds.  “Are you sure?” She asks flirty. “Oh we’re very sure. Sharing is caring..” Addy says. “Okay! I’ll go get my friends.” “Brit!! Kate!!” She squeals and goes. “Yes!! She’s got friends!” Addy exclaims happily. “How dare you offer my sandwiches?” Sarah asks angrily. “What now?” Addy asks confused. “Sharing is caring…” Sarah says mokingly to Addy. “You should be happy Sarah! There’s three of them. One for Harry, one for me and one for youuuu…” Addy sings. She again hits him playfully.

Everyone were sitting together. Sarah listening to songs, you studying, Harry flirting with Lara and Addy flirting with Britt. “Ladies and mate… let’s get the party started.” Addy says and removes small alcohol bottles from his bag. “Now let’s play my favourite game it’s called I never!” Lara says. “Hey! That’s my favourite too. Same pinch baby.” Harry says pinching lara’s cheeks. “Come on… everyone let’s take a drink and then start. Y/N!” Addy says offering you a drink. “No, you guys play..” you say. “Now that you’re here you have to play. Here!” Harry says giving you a red cup. “Actually I don’t drink alcohol.” You say. “WHAT?!” Everyone says shocked. You look down embarrassed. You look down embarrassed. “Would the bottles not topple if there was intoxication in the liquor?” Harry asks. “Meaning?” You ask. “Nothing. Here. Take this Appy (a/n: appy is an apple juice in India. Idk if it’s some where else or not. Picture above.) Today we’ll make you happy on Appy!” Harry says and everyone chuckles. “Okay! Now everyone knows the rules of the game right? Like.. I’ll say a thing that I’ve never done and everyone who has done it has to take a sip from their drink.” Lara says. “Okay! I’ll start. I’ve never been in love.” Kate says. Brit takes a sip of her drink. “Everyday!” Addy says and takes a sip. Lara takes a sip and looks at Harry. “Harry? You’ve never been in love?” She asks. “No..” he says. “What..?” Lara say disappointed. “But i think it’s about to change…” he says making Lara blush. “Oh please! Harry only loves himself!” Sarah says. “Y/N?” “No.” You say and shake your head. “Okay… I’ve never… watched porn.” Sarah says. “Everyday.” Addy says. Everyone drinks except you. “But Y/N You’re a biology student! Even then you haven’t seen?” Addy jokes. You shake your head no. “I’ve never been arrested.” Lara says. “Drunk driving.” Addy says. “Beating up a security.” Sarah says. “Rave party.” Brit says. “I was there too!” Kate says. “Peeing on the sidewalk.” Harry says. Everyone looks at you. You look down embarrassed and shake your head no. “I’ve never been kissed.” Brit says. “Oh! We can change that right now!” Addy says but Harry pushes him back. Everyone drinks except you. “I’m going to sleep guys… Goodnight.” You say getting up. “Aye not yet! It’s your turn.” Addy says. “No…please.” You say. “Okay… I’ve never hit on a friends mom.” Addy says. “That’s because he hits on their dads!” Harry says. You go and sleep.



Do you guys like it? Should I post a second part?


My @madmaxsecretsanta Gift for @bassfanimation​!

Sherlock Crossover AU! :D Which works surprisingly well…

I was tempted to do Max as Molly here cuz we’re both Sherlollians, but I felt John fit Max here a teensy bit better if only for his military background, supposed leg problems and short sidekick height fashion sense. It also made for a quicker read. And of course, Sherlock!Furiosa, who would be hella in a belstaff coat. The bromance is strong with these two.

More food for thought:

- Miss Giddy as Mrs. Hudson! (Or Keeper of the Seeds if only cuz I find it hilarious for her to go around saying “not your house keeper!”)

- Valkyrie as Irene Adler

- The Ace as Inspector Lestrade

- Nux as Bill Wiggins

- Slit as Anderson (lol what a loser)

- Toast as Sally Donovan (I think their feisty personalities match)

- Angharad as Mycroft Holmes

- Joe as either Moriarty or Magnussun

- Maybe even Jessie Rockatansky as Mary Watson?

- Cheedo might be cute as Molly…

ALTHOUGH I think it could also be easily Max Hooper. In terms of personality I do feel that Max relates to Molly on a slightly socially awkward and stutter not-good-with-words way but would do anything for Furiosa and would totally keep a personal blog of his Dog. AND because deep DEEP down we are Sherlolly Trash–


I couldn’t resist.


laziestgirlintheworld  asked:

Can you do a headcannon were your El Despy's house keeper?

Travelling for work meant that he had no time to clean his own house so he hired you to come in twice a week and keep the place tidy.
You wouldn’t see him often, once a month maybe but you’d often leave some of the cakes and things you’d bake and the tub would always be empty when you picked it up.
There have been several incidents when you’ve had to chase out whichever woman he had brought home the night before, and every time you wanted to tell at him for it because it wasn’t in your job description.
He was injured one night at work and that meant he was home all the time, it also meant more work for you. Your hours were upped to coming in every second day and you would even cook some of his meals.
Because he was injured he would whine about how he couldn’t have sex because he couldn’t go out for the night to the clubs and such. Eventually after weeks of his whining you shut him up by stripping in front of him before sitting down on his lap. Honestly you don’t know why he didn’t go out, it was is arm that was busted not his dick. But you didn’t complain, ever since then he had hired you full time as a live in house keeper, and the sex was fantastic.

(Duff hitting you in front of Slash)

((I’m thinking of writing a sequel to this, let me know if you agree??))

Living with your boyfriend wasn’t exactly what you had expected it to be. Duff was hardly ever home and when he was home, he usually had Slash accompanying him. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Slash but you also valued some alone time with your boyfriend. Today happened to be yet another day where you were a third wheel in your own relationship.

In the hour Duff was home he and Slash managed to completely destroy your living room shortly after you had finished tidying everything up around the house. You were fed up with always having to pick up after Duff; you didn’t understand how he could make such a mess in the small time increments he was home. Unable to stand the mess any longer, you began to vacuum in the middle of the boys playing their instruments. “Baby, what the fuck are you doing?!”

Turning off the vacuum you faced Duff who was now standing with an irate look plastered on his face. “I’m just doing my daily duties, picking up after you and your shit Duff!”

Duff slammed down his bass down on the couch and started mocking how you were standing, arms crossed with a hip popped out to the side. “Well, maybe you can go do your girlfriend duties somewhere else, Y/N, can’t you see we’re fucking busy here?”

“Dude…” Slash sat up on the couch putting a cigarette in between his lips, as he stared at his friend in disbelief.

Duff shot Slash a look over his shoulder as he mumbled “That’s all she’s good for anyway” Picking up his glass, he walked towards you oblivious that you just heard his previous comment. He stumbled as he attempted to put his arm around your waist, you slightly pushed him away.

“That’s all I’m good for? I’m so glad I could be your house keeper with benefits, I can’t believe I fell for your shit Duff.” In the moment Duff regained his balance, you lost yours as his hand made contact with your face. The impact of the blow was so strong it knocked you off your feet, landing on your behind you scooted back as far as you could.

Slash hurried to your side, linking his arms under your armpits to help you up off the floor. As Slash got you to your feet you had to lean on him for balance, you looked over at Duff who seemed to have sobered up from the fact he had took out his girlfriend. “Oh my god baby, fuck, I’m so sorry!”

Duff tried approaching you, but Slash stepped in front of you and put his hand on Duff’s chest. “No, dude you don’t deserve to see her right now. You don’t deserve her either; I’m getting her out of here until you can get your shit together.”

Slash guarded you as you packed up a bag to leave the house a few days and gather your thoughts. Throwing as many things into a bag as you could, you asked Slash to grab you some ice considering your face felt like a freight train had smashed into it. When he came back into the room he handed you the bag and sat down on the bed. “Is he still here? I don’t know if I can see him right now, especially if I’m leaving without him coming with me.”

“I think he went to the bar, but if he is here just ignore him. C’mon lets get you out of here, wanna go stay with me or one of your friends?” Slash grabbed your bag and tightly wrapped his arm around your shoulders, as he led you out of the room you saw Duff slouched against the wall in the bathroom. You got loose from Slash’s grip to stand in the doorway to the bathroom.

“Can you give us a minute?” The sound of your voice startled Duff as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

Slash shook his head of curls in disapproval. “No way, Y/N, I’m not letting you out of my sight after what he did earlier.” You huffed and plopped down next to Duff on the floor, making sure he had full view of the bruise he had given you.

“Duff, I’m leaving and I don’t know when or if I’ll come back. This was the last strike for me, it’s hard to be your girlfriend when you’re never home and when you are home I never get time with just you. I’m always cleaning up after you, or making sure on the nights you do come home that you fall asleep at least on the couch. This isn’t a relationship, Duff; I’m more of like your maid. You hitting me just made me realize I have thinking to do.” You looked over at Duff who threw his hands up in the air as if he had been defeated.

“I’m gonna work on myself, baby, I promise. Please believe me; I’m going to change for you! Just please don’t leave me, I don’t think I’ll be able to take that…” Duff threw his head into his hands as he began to cry again like you had found him.

Slash came and put his hand on your shoulder while keeping his eyes on Duff. “Hey, Y/N, we gotta go now. Duff I’ll see you in a little bit, we have to talk but not while she’s here.”

“I’m sorry Y/N… I’m so fuckin’ sorry baby.” Slash pulled you away as you both had to turn away from Duff’s sobs as he continued to mumble sorry under his breath.

Taemin imagine

You unlocked the door to SHINee’s dorm and stepped inside. Everyday for the past 8 months, you had been coming over in the mornings to cook and clean their dorm as you had been appointed their personal house keeper by your company, SM Entertainment. At first, you had been reluctant as you were not comfortable being in a house of 5 fully grown boys. However, you easily gave in and took the job as you discovered that the boys weren’t stuck up snobs and actually made good friends with them.

You took a deep breath as you thought of what to cook for their breakfast. You decided on omelette rice and began cooking, humming happily to yourself and bustling around the kitchen. In the midst of cooking, you felt arms wrapping themselves around your waist and a head resting itself on your shoulder. You beamed widely and said, “Morning, Taemin-ah, I’m cooking omelette rice today.”

“Mmmm, yummy! Your cooking will forever be number one for me,” Taemin said in response and remained in his place behind you. Aside from being their personal housekeeper, you and Taemin had also been dating for 5 months and you had never been happier. At first, he and you were very distant and awkward around each other. However, after a few months and a little help from the members, the two of you quickly became closer and eventually, a couple.

After you had finished cooking, Taemin finally unwrapped his arms from around your waist and helped you to set up the table. There were many things you like about your boyfriend, however, the one thing that stood out the most was the fact that he was always taking care of you and protecting you, claiming that he ‘finally had someone to take care of’. Every morning when you came over to their dorm, Taemin would wake up first before his hyungs to help you in the kitchen and tidy the living room. It was routine. However, the hardest part came later; waking up the hyungs. SHINee, with the exception of Taemin and Key, were heavy sleepers. They literally slept like logs and nothing in the world could wake them up except for food and the both of you had trouble waking them all up every morning. Once the both of you had finished setting up the table which had 6 steaming hot plates of omelette rice, 3 plates of toast, a bowl of maple syrup and 6 cups of orange juice, you went to wake up the members.

“YAH! BABOS, WAKE UP!! WE HAVE FOOD!” Taemin shouted at the top of his lungs and you smacked him on the head and chided him for calling his hyungs babos. He pouted at you and you playfully rolled your eyes. Taemin rolled onto Jonghyuns bed and jumped around on it wildly like a monkey,”JONGHYUN HYUNG!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! _____ MADE OMELETTE RICE!!” Because of all the nuisance, Jonghyun groaned and hugged Taemins leg, causing him to trip and fall onto the bed. Sensing that he had accomplished this, he proceeded to hug your boyfriend so he couldn’t move. You laughed at the homo-ness of it all and went to wake Key up, seeing as he was the easiest to wake, “Key oppa, wake up. I’ve cooked you omelette rice today.”

Key groaned but got up anyway and walked zombie-style to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Next, you went to Onew and shook him, rougher than with Key as you knew he was the hardest to wake up among all of SHINee,” Onew oppa, wake up! Wake up!!” You heard giggles coming from the back and turned to see Jonghyun cuddling with your boyfriend while the both of them were laughing at your failing attempts to wake up their leader. You shook your head, those two were more lovey than you and Taemin! “Taemin, come here and help me with your hyung!” You called to him but he just smiled cheekily at you and stayed at his position with Jonghyun.

“GAH!” You shrieked as you felt Onew pulling you into his sleepy embrace, treating you as his pillow. Immediately, Taemin dropped all his cheeriness and stalked over to where you were imprisoned in Onews arms. He roughly pushed away Onews arms and pulled you away from him, steering you into the kitchen and sitting down at your usual place where you sat to eat breakfast with them every morning. Taemin kissed your cheek and asked you to sit there while he went to complete the near-impossible task. Staring at his retreating back,
you smiled quietly to yourself. You loved the way he took care of you, it actually made you feel special and loved.

While waiting, you leaned a cheek into your palm and drummed your fingers on the table. Suddenly, you heard a thump and, startled, you looked up to see Taemin dragging Onew who was still half-asleep by his arms and plonking him on the chair furthest away from you. He looked at you and gave you and angelic smile while you just raised an eyebrow. He shrugged his shoulder and went back into the room. Within the next few minutes, Jonghyun, Minho, Key and Taemin were all seated at the table, ready to eat the food that was already laid down in front of them. “I swear, waking you all up is the hardest to do around here, hands down!” You exclaimed in frustration and huffed. All of them looked at you mischievously and began digging into their food.

Once they were all done with their meal, they placed their dishes in the sink and went off to get dressed for the day. They had to tour around Japan to promote their new album, which means you wouldn’t be able to see Taemin until 2 months later. You frowned at the thought while washing the dishes and your boyfriend, who had stayed with you to help you dry the dishes, saw this. He tweaked your button nose and asked,” Aww why does my _____ have a frown on her face?”

You pouted and said,”I just realised I wouldn’t be able to see you for 2 months. We never get to see each other nowadays. Only in the mornings!”

He frowned too,” I know, I can’t help it. But I promise I will try to spend more time with you once this is over.”

You pouted again but nodded. It was his job and you understood but you missed him so much it actually hurts. You heard him putting down the plates gently and soon, you felt his arms around your waist again. You sighed in content and swayed side to side with him, hearing him hum the song ‘I believe in love’ by IU and feeling his head resting against yours. You didn’t know how long the both of you stood there, contentedly wrapped in each others warm and loving embrace.

Suddenly, you heard chuckles behind you and you stepped out of Taemins embrace, blushing and embarrassed that you had been caught in a private moment by the members. Taemin coughed awkwardly and went to get ready. Despite being close to the members, you and Taemin just weren’t ready to fully show off your relationship to everyone else and you had always kept your PDA level to its lowest. You walked past the grinning oppas and seated yourself on the couch, waiting for Taemin and making small conversations with the members.

Once your boyfriend was ready, they had to leave for the airport and you were reluctant to let him go as you wouldn’t be able to see him for a full 2 months. The members left to wait for him downstairs to give the both of you a private moment. Once they were out of sight, Taemin embraced you tightly and kissed the top of your head. He took a necklace out of his pocket and placed it around your neck, “Happy 5th anniversary! I know its in 2 weeks but I wouldn’t be here.. ”

You jumped at him and threw your arms around his neck. You felt his arms around your waist and felt him smile into your hair “Bye ____. I’ll miss you and I’ll think of you everyday.” You pulled away from the embrace and felt his lips on yours. Electric shocks flew throughout you whole body and you smiled into the kiss. It had been a while since you both kissed because you weren’t comfortable in front of the members and you felt a swell in your heart; your love for him was growing bigger. You pulled away from him and took his hand, leading him downstairs where his members were waiting for him.

“I love you,” you whispered just as the van doors closed and watched as his eyes grew wide open in shock. When the van began to drive away, you saw him mouthing the same words back to you and he gave you a heart shaped sign. You laughed and shook your head at his silliness; it was both cute and endearing. You can’t wait for the day when Taemin would come back from Japan so the both of you could spend time together. These 2 months would fly by very fast, you were very sure.

Your Keeper

J stumbles back into the house with Alastor in his arms, wings torn and bloody; arms and legs clawed. He’s breathing heavily and sets the dog down as gently as he can. He has ice on his paws and a slash on his right side. Nyx limps in with a similar wound; along with a gash in her head. Rudra does not appear in the doorway. Ares flies in and barely makes it to the desk before falling to the ground.

“I’m so sorry.” He says to him, choking back his tears. The dog whines when he tries to get up, stretching the cut. J shushed the dog gently, stroking his head. “It’s ok, darling. Ease, Ally.” He says gently. The dog continues to whine quietly as J got up to close the door. As he locked the door, he just couldn’t find the strength to stand. His legs gave out from under him and he stumbled, falling to the ground. He groaned and burst into tears when his wings hit the floor. It felt like someone had ripped them right off his back; feathers littering the ground. Everything burned. Everything hurt.

And he was no closer to finding his Dark.