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Through space and Time (Part one)

There has always been four of you, however when Sam left for Stanford you went with him, leaving Dean and Katie to continue hunting. “Where will you go?” Sam asks you once the two of you are far enough away from the motel.

“London… I want to stay out of this life for as long as possible.” You reply. “I already have my passport and everything.” Sam looks a little surprised but doesn’t say anything about it.

Instead he says: “Promise me that you will look after yourself and please text me when you get there.”

“Of course Sammy.” Before the two of you go your separate ways, your older brother pulls you into a hug and kisses your forehead. As you’re walking you look over your shoulder once watching Sam’s receding form. The song Separate Ways by Journey gets stuck in your head as you head to the airport.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
When you arrive in London and text Sam, you grab a newspaper looking for some place to stay. You find somewhere that is relatively cheap- but there is a slight issue. You don’t have the money to hail a cab and you don’t know London very well so you’re hesitant to go on the tube. For you the best option is walking, despite the fact that it is starting to rain. All you have to protect you from the elements is your second-hand leather jacket. It repels water fine but it isn’t the warmest thing in the world.

By the time you get to 221b Baker street you are drenched head to toe with freezing rain water. You knock on the door, to keep your mind off the cold for a little bit you open up your locket and look at the picture within. The picture is of you and your siblings just goofing around. You look up from your family’s smiling faces when you hear someone ask if they could help you. After a quick explanation, you’re allowed inside.

The landlady introduces herself as Mrs. Hudson. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Hudson, I’m Y/N Winchester.” You answer with a kind smile. Mrs. Hudson then leads you upstairs where two men are lounging around in the front room. The shorter of the two look up from what he is doing and notices how wet your clothes are and how you’re still shivering.

“Here, take this.” He says as he hands you a blanket. “I’m John and that’s Sherlock.” John gestures to the other man sitting across from him.

“Thanks.” You answer as you drape the blanket over your shoulders. “I’m Y/N.”

“How do you feel about the violin?” Sherlock asks, not even bothering to look away from what he is doing.

“I don’t really have a preference. Why do you ask?” You answer. Sherlock gets out of his chair and stalks over to the fireplace before replying.

“I play the violin when I think.”

“Oh…” Your phone starts to ring, you fish it out of your pocket and look at the caller ID- it’s your older sister, Katie. “Hello?” You ask when you pick up.

“Hey. What in the world happened? I’m gone for three weeks and when I come back you and Sam are gone… and neither dad nor Dean will tell me what happened.” Katie says from the other line. You sigh.

“A huge fight broke out between the four of us, which resulted in Sam and I leaving. Sammy went to California…”  You trail off.

“Where did you go?”

“The other side of the world.”

“Do I even want to know how that worked out?” You rub the nape of your neck.

“It’s all sorts of complicated.” Katie lets out an exasperated sigh. She then says that Dean just came back from a supply run and that she’ll call you back. “Talk to you later then sis.”

“Later (Nickname.)” With that your sister hangs up. You sigh and set your phone down on the coffee table. You pull the blanket tighter around your shoulders trying to retain warmth without a lot of luck.

“Aren’t you going to get out of those clothes?” John asks concerned.

“I would if everything else wasn’t wet.” You reply. John grabs a cane, and gets out of the chair. He limps away leaving you in confusion. When he comes back he tosses a change of clothes at you.

“Put those on for now, the toilet is down the hall to left.”

24 hours after you move in with John and Sherlock, John warns you about Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, and how he would offer you money to spy on Sherlock. “I suggest you say no, no matter how much he offers.” John tells you.

“Who would actually spy on someone for money?” You ask in response. “No matter how tempting it is.”

“Believe it or not, a lot of people do.”

A few hours after talking to John sure enough Mycroft takes you to a remote location and offers you a decent sum of money- enough to get you through a full year of school and then some. “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t think that I would be a very good informant. I’ve never been able to keep a secret… knowing my luck I might let something slip and then I wouldn’t have any place to stay. I can’t afford anywhere else.” You explain, stretching the truth a bit.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“Where’d you go?” Sherlock asks when you get back to Baker Street.

“Some out of the way warehouse to talk to your brother.” You answer.

“Did he offer you money to spy on me?”

“Yes. I didn’t take it though.”

“Pity we could’ve split the fee.” You don’t respond. Instead you head to your room and grab your laptop and walk back out and sit down at the table. You open the computer and turn it on, it’s going to take a while to boot. Like everything else you own; your laptop had another owner- and that previous owner (aka Sam) forgot to mention that he used up almost all of the memory.

You groan in annoyance when you get an error message. “Computer problems?” John asks.

“Unfortunately. I don’t know what my brother did to it, nor do I know how to fix it.”

“If you really need to use a computer, I can lend you mine… all I ask is that you don’t go snooping through my files and personal documents.”

“Thank you John. Why would I go through your information?”

“I’m not sure but I was just letting you know.” You lightly laugh. The two of you chat for a little bit, getting to know each other a little better. You find out that he used to be an army doctor.

“Well that explains why you threw a dry change of clothes at me yesterday.” John chuckles in response as a man walks up the stairs. John notices him first however Sherlock is the first one to speak.

“Where?” He asks.

“Brixton, Lauriston Gardens.” The new arrival replies.

“What’s new about this one? You wouldn’t have come to get me if there wasn’t something different.”

“You know how they never leave notes?”


“This one did. Will you come?”

“Who’s on forensics?”

“It’s Anderson.” Sherlock grimaces. Apparently your new room mate has a very strong dislike for this Anderson person.

“Anderson won’t work with me.” Sherlock comments.

“Well, he won’t be your assistant.” The other man (whom you’re pretty sure is a cop) counters.

“I need an assistant.” Sherlock puts a heavy emphasis on the word need. A part of you wonders what Sherlock does for a living. On the other hand the other part of you wonders when your computer will finally decide to cooperate with you.

“Will you come?” The cop impatiently asks.

“Not in a police car. I’ll be right behind.” A look of relief speeds across the cop’s face as he mutters his thanks as he takes his leave. Sherlock then jumps with excitement. “Brilliant! Yes! Ah, four serial suicides, and now a note! Oh, it’s Christmas!” You arch an eyebrow not saying a word. Sherlock grabs his coat and his scarf. “Mrs. Hudson, I’ll be late. Might need some food.”

“I’m your landlady dear, not your house keeper.” Mrs. Hudson answers, Sherlock doesn’t seem to hear her because he’s already out the door.

“What was that about?” You inquire slightly puzzled.

“I have no idea.” John answers as he sits down in the arm chair that he has claimed as his. He leans his cane against the chair and picks up a newspaper. Mrs. Hudson tells John that she would make a cup of tea for him, she also tells him to rest his leg. “Damn my leg!” He shouts, startling you and Mrs. Hudson. “Sorry, I’m so sorry. It’s just sometimes this bloody thing…” he then hits his leg with his cane.

“I understand, dear; I’ve got a hip.” John says something about tea and Mrs. Hudson replies with: “Just this once, dear. I’m not your housekeeper.” When the ex-military doctor asks about biscuits Mrs. Hudson almost yells “Not your house keeper!”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
While Sherlock and John are gone you borrow John’s laptop and sign into your Skype account. You notice that both Sam and Katie are online. You then set up a conference video call with them. Katie answers first and a few seconds later Sam joins in. “Hey, it’s my two favorite girls.” Sam jokes. Katie giggles while you just roll your eyes.

“Whatever weirdo.” You reply.

“Look who’s talking.”

“Sammy!” Both you and Katie exclaim at the same time. Sam then throws his head back laughing and clapping his hands. A small smile creeps onto your face.

“How’s the other side of the world sis?” Katie asks.

“So far I like it.” You answer. “I found a place to stay that the rent isn’t too bad.”

“That’s good.” Sam comments.

“Yeah… got some interesting roommates though.” As the words leave your mouth you notice Sherlock coming up the stairs with a pink suitcase in hand, you look at him with a confused look on your face. “Uh, Sherlock why does it look like you went dumpster diving?”

“I was looking for this.” Your roommate answers gesturing to the suitcase in his hand.

“You went dumpster diving for a suitcase?” Sam sounds like he is choking on something. You return your attention to the screen. “You okay there Sam?”

“Water went down the wrong tube.” Your brother answers. Sherlock dramatically flops down on the couch while you’re talking to your brother and sister.

“You know that could break the couch right?” You ask Sherlock not looking away from your screen. Sherlock scoffs.

“Hey Y/N, I have to log off, Dean just got back.” Katie says.

“And I should start heading to class.” Sam adds in. Your heart drops slightly but you put on a fake smile.

“Okay, I guess I’ll talk to you later then.” You, and your siblings close out the chat. You then log out of your Skype then close the window and put John’s laptop back where you found it.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
John seems a little panicked after he finds out he just texted a murderer. Two seconds later John receive a call from a withheld number. “A few hours after his last victim, and now he receives a text that can only be from her. If somebody had just found that phone they’d ignore a text like that, but the murderer…” Sherlock says dramatically shutting the case. “Would panic.”

“Have you talked to the police?” John asks.

“Four people are dead. There isn’t time to talk to the police.”

“So why are you talking to us?” Sherlock looks a child who lost their favorite toy.

“Mrs. Hudson took my skull.”

“So we’re basically filling in for your skull?” Sherlock just shrugs as he puts on his coat he then says that you and John can watch TV or tag along with him.

“You want us to come with you?” You ask mildly surprised.

“I like company when I go out, and I think better when I talk aloud. The skull just attracts attention, so…” Sherlock trails off.

“What the hell I have nothing better to do.” You answer getting out of your chair. John seems hesitant, but he curses when you and Sherlock basically race each other down the stairs. He catches up with the two of you outside. “So where are we going exactly Sherlock?” You ask.

“Northumberland Street’s a five-minute walk from here.” Sherlock explains.

“You think that he is stupid enough to go there?” John asks.

“No – I think he’s brilliant enough. I love the brilliant ones. They’re always so desperate to get caught.” Sherlock counters.

“Do you think he messed up on purpose then?” You ask. Sherlock throws you a slightly impressed look.

“It is a possibility, but then again he might’ve made an amateur mistake.”

“You’ve lost me.” John says. “Why are the brilliant killers so eager to get caught?”

“Appreciation! Applause! At long last the spotlight. That’s the frailty of genius, John: it needs an audience.”

“The the more newspapers about these murders the more audience the killer receives. The more audience the more murders… right Sherlock?” Sherlock once again looks slightly impressed, not many people can keep up with his train of thought.

“Exactly right Y/N.” Sherlock pauses for a second. “This is his hunting ground, right here in the heart of the city. Now that we know his victims were abducted, that changes everything. Because all of his victims disappeared from busy streets, crowded places, but nobody saw them go.” He throws his hands up thinking. “Think! Who do we trust, even though we don’t know them? Who passes unnoticed wherever they go? Who hunts in the middle of a crowd?”

“Don’t know.” John states. “Who?”

“Haven’t the faintest. Hungry?”

“More like starving.” You say throwing your two cents in. Sherlock airily chuckles as he leads you and John to a small Italian place. The waiter clearly knows the consulting detective.

“Thank you Billy.” Sherlock says as he takes off his coat and sits down at a table just as the waiter removes the reserved sign. “Twenty-two Northumberland Street. Keep your eyes on it.” He advises.

“Think the killer is just going to waltz up to the door and ring the doorbell?” You ask. “I don’t think anyone besides my brother, Dean, would be that cocky.” Sherlock only shrugs as the owner walks over to the table with three menus.

“Sherlock.” He says with a smile, Sherlock shakes the owner’s hand. “Anything on the menu, whatever you want, free. On the house, for you and for your friends.”

“Thank you…” you meekly say. “Can I ask why it’s on the house?”

“This man got me off a murder charge.”
“This is Angelo.” Sherlock says, as you and John shake Angelo’s hand. “Three years ago I successfully proved to Lestrade at the time of a particularly vicious triple murder that Angelo was in a completely different part of town, house-breaking.”

“He cleared my name.”

“I cleared it a bit.” Sherlock huffs. Angelo says a few other things before taking his leave. “You may as well eat. We might have a long wait.”

You don’t order a lot, figuring that Sherlock might want to leave at any second. Sherlock stares out the window, watching. “Sherlock how come your brother calls himself your arch-enemy?” You ask breaking the silence between the three of you.

“Yours don’t?” Sherlock asks mildly surprised.


“Sounds a bit dull.”

“For you maybe. For me; well let’s just say that over the years my family has made a lot of enemies, because of that I could only trust my family.” You bitterly answer.

“What about friends?” John asks. You stand up and throw him a harsh look.

“Never. Had. One.” You coldly retort as you then leave the restaurant and head back to Baker Street.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
When the cops show up, you meet Lestrade, Anderson and Donovan. You’re not the biggest fan of Anderson nor Donovan, you like Lestrade to a point.

Sherlock storms up the stares and glares at Lestrade. “What are you doing?” He demands.

“Well, I knew you’d find the case. I’m not stupid.” Lestrade retorts.

“You can’t just break into my flat.”

“And you can’t withhold evidence. And I didn’t break into your flat.”

“Well, what do you call this then?” Lestrade puts on an innocent face before answering.

“It’s a drugs bust.” When John sarcastically asks if Sherlock was a junkie, you see the hurt in Sherlock’s face telling you that he was a junkie at some point in his life. Sherlock then tells John to shut up. He then returns his attention to Lestrade.

“I’m not your sniffer dog.” He states.

“No, Anderson‘s my sniffer dog.” Sherlock looks ready to kill someone. He actually singles out Anderson.

“Anderson, what are you doing here on a drugs bust?”

“Oh, I volunteered.” Anderson answers, venom dripping from his voice.

“They all did. They’re not strictly speaking on the drugs squad, but they’re very keen.” Lestrade points out. Donovan then walks out of the kitchen holding a container of eyeballs.

“Are these human eyes?” She asks.

“Put those back!” Sherlock exclaims.

“They were in the microwave!”

“It’s an experiment.” Lestrade tells everyone to keep looking or Sherlock could actually help them. The conversation that is going on between them isn’t really friendly. “I AM CLEAN!” Sherlock practically yellls. He actually shows Lestrade his nicotine patch.

“So let’s work together. We’ve found Rachel.” Lestrade says pulling down his sleeve.

“Who is she?”

“Jennifer Wilson’s only daughter.” That seems to throw Sherlock through a loop. He starts muttering about why would the victim write her daughter’s name.

“Never mind that. We found the case.” Anderson harshly points out. According to someone, the murderer has the case, and we found it in the hands of our favourite psychopath.“

“I’m not a psychopath, Anderson. I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.” Sherlock deadpans. “You need to bring Rachel in. You need to question her. I need to question her.”

“She’s dead.”

“Excellent!!” You and John share a worried look. “How, when and why? Is there a connection? There has to be.”

“Well, I doubt it, since she’s been dead for fourteen years. Technically she was never alive. Rachel was Jennifer Wilson’s stillborn daughter, fourteen years ago.” Sherlock looks all confused and slightly disappointed. He then starts muttering again.

“Why would she think of her daughter in her last moments? Yup – sociopath; I’m seeing it now.” Anderson states. You ball your hand up into a fist he just hit a nerve.

When you were three and a half when your mom just got off the phone with your dad asking him to come and get you; your dad and your siblings were a little slow- you watched in horror as your mom got mauled to death by a hellhound. Her last words to you were- I love you and I’ll think about you always.

“She didn’t think about her daughter. She scratched her name on the floor with her fingernails. She was dying. It took effort. It would have hurt.” Sherlock points out.

“You said that the victims all took the poison themselves, that he makes them take it. Well, maybe he … I don’t know, talks to them? Maybe he used the death of her daughter somehow.” John mentions.

“Yeah, but that was ages ago. Why would she still be upset?”

“Sherlock…” You say, your voice shaking slightly. You were still shaken from Anderson’s comment. “When someone loses a person they love, it’s hard. I mean when my mom was killed it took me almost two years for me to cope, I’m still not over it.”

“Yeah… now if you were dying if you’d been murdered: in your very last few seconds what would you say?”

“Please, God, let me live.” John answers.

“I would say the same thing.” You add in.

“Oh, use your imagination!” Sherlock scolds.

“We don’t have to.” Sherlock looks at you and John and sees the pain behind your eyes… he then realises that both of you have been on death’s door step before.

“Yeah, but if you were clever, really clever… Jennifer Wilson running all those lovers: she was clever.” Sherlock says continuing his train of thought. He also starts to pace. “She’s trying to tell us something.” Mrs. Hudson walks up the stairs.

“Isn’t the doorbell working? Your taxi’s here, Sherlock.” She says.

“I didn’t order a taxi. Go away.”

“Oh, dear. They’re making such a mess. What are they looking for?”

“It’s a drugs bust, Mrs Hudson.” John answers. Poor Mrs. Hudson looks panicked.

“But they’re just for my hip. They’re herbal soothers.”

Sherlock suddenly shouts: “Shut up, everybody, shut up! Don’t move, don’t speak, don’t breathe. I’m trying to think. Anderson, face the other way. You’re putting me off.”

“What? My face is?!” Anderson asks in surprise. You hide a smile.

“Everybody quiet and still. Anderson, turn your back.” Lestrade pipes up.

“Oh for God’s sake!”

“Your back, now, please!” Anderson reluctantly turns his back and Sherlock starts talking to himself. Then there was Mrs. Hudson talking causing the consulting detective to yell at her.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
Sherlock disappears somewhere. You roll your eyes. He was worse then your dad when it comes to these things. John convinces you to come with him to find Sherlock. What John doesn’t know is that you have your gun on you (apparently you hid it incredibly well that the airport x-ray machine didn’t find it.) Now unbeknownst to you John also has a gun on him. That is a little awkward when the two of you pull out your guns and shoot at the same time. Each bullet gets dangerously close to the cabbie/killer’s heart.

“When and where did you learn how to shoot?!” John asks as the two of you get out of the building, so the police wouldn’t be too suspicious.

“I’ve been using firearms for a very long time. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.”

“Ah.” You have to laugh at Sherlock and his strange relationship with a blanket.

“Why have I got this blanket? They keep putting this blanket on me.” You overhear Sherlock tell Lestrade.

“Yeah, it’s for shock.” Lestrade answers.

“I’m not in shock.”

“Yeah, but some of the guys want to take photographs.”

“So, the shooter or shooters. No sign?”

“Cleared off before we got here.” Lestrade starts going on a little bit before he shrugs while saying: “Got nothing to go on.”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“Okay, give me.” Sherlock lowers his voice so you can’t hear what is being said.

“Actually you know what ignore me.” Sherlock says loud enough you can hear the conversation again.

“Sorry?” Lestrade replies.

“Ignore all of that. It’s just the, er, the shock talking.” Sherlock then starts to walk over to you and John.

“Where’re you going?”

“I just need to talk about the-the rent.”

“But I’ve still got questions!”

“Oh, what now? I’m in shock! Look, I’ve got a blanket!” You start laughing at that comment.


“And I just caught you a serial killer… more or less.” When Sherlock walks over to you and John he says in a very soft voice “Nice shot.”

The three of you start talking and walking away from the crime scene, John notices Mycroft and points him out to Sherlock. That was an interesting conversation to say in the least. When you get back to 221b Baker Street you create a group chat with Sam and Katie.

‘You wouldn’t believe the day I just had.’ You send.

‘What happened (nickname)?’ Sam asks in response.

‘Please tell me that you didn’t get hurt.’ Katie adds in. You lightly chuckle to yourself.

‘I’m not hurt. However I did help Sherlock (one of my roommates) catch a serial killer… might’ve shot said serial killer though.’

‘Okay start at the beginning- I want to know the whole story.’

'As do I.’ With that you then start telling your brother and sister about your day.
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Thanks Katie for letting me basically turn you into a character.

Into the Depths [V/Taehyung] pt. 1

Genre: mafia!bts, Taehyung x reader, angst, violence

Characters: V/Taehyung, reader (you), Jungkook, Suga/Yoongi, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope/Hoseok, Rap Monster/Namjoon

Part: 1/ ??

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |

Summary: Your family was just competition and he knew that, but maybe he could keep a souvenir from this competition.

You always knew there was something off about your family. Yes, you had grown up in luxury but the way your family got that luxury was always a mystery to you. Neither of your parents ever worked, you always had to dress like you were doing to a funeral, and you had to constantly meet these really intimidating men. You were put through many self-defense classes and even sharp shooting classes. Everyone always kept secrets from you, your entire life. Even when your parents just up and disappeared. From the day your parents disappeared, you and your brothers have been very secluded from the world. You started getting home-schooled and lost all your friend from school. Everything was a mystery until you decided to randomly show up early from one of your little shopping days.

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Two wrongs make a right

Requested by anon

Jooheon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1051

Summer was finally here.

Your best friend Jooheon and his bandmates were on hiatus for the break, and it was finally the perfect opportunity for you all to hang out and enjoy the warm weather together. Wonho and Minhyuk hadn’t stopped talking about beach volleyball the entire weekend before, and after much protest, you gave into their wishes. Although you weren’t the biggest fan of open water, or beaches for that matter, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself when thinking about all the fun the boys would be having. They deserved to relax and play, at least for the day.

You breathed out a big puff of air and adjusted a couple strands of hair in the rearview mirror of your car before hopping out and joining up with the members on the beach.

“Y/N!” Jooheon beamed, waving his hands around frivolously as you approached. You laughed a bit, sprawling yourself on the sand next to him as you watched Shownu and Changkyun go head-to-head in volleyball, rather aggressively for that matter.

“He’s really trying to prove himself, huh?” You snorted, sweeping your bangs out off your face gently as the sea breeze blew them around.

“As always.” Hyungwon mumbled under his breath, head propped up against Minhyuk’s leg to watch the whole ordeal.

“Hey, where’s your swimsuit?” Jooheon quirked an eyebrow, tugging lightly on your t-shirt as he adjusted onto his stomach.

“Oh, guess I forgot to bring one.” You laughed it off casually, seeing Minhyuk and Hyungwon exchange looks out of the corner of your eye.

“Jooheon would’ve killed to see it.” Wonho teased loudly, approaching everyone with a smug smile on his face and dripping water everywhere. God, how come that kid always shows up like this? You scoffed in your mind and continued watching Shownu dominate Changhyun, with Kihyun cheering him on all the while.

After a bit, with the sun beating down, you started to heat up a little too much and went to grab a water from the ice cooler Kihyun had suggested to bring along. He was always one step ahead of things. You returned with a content grin to your small group of friends, only to be hoisted over Shownu’s shoulder before you even had the opportunity to sit down.

“W-What the hell are you doing?!” You yelped, kicking your legs around as you grew closer and closer to the ocean. Fear stirred inside your stomach, and you gritted your teeth as you were hauled near the shore. Wonho was effectively holding your legs so you wouldn’t kick Shownu in the face, and Hyungwon was teamed up with Minhyuk to film the whole scene. You let out an ear piercing scream as you were dumped into the water, clothes on and all. To make matters worse, you were sure you felt Jooheon’s hand wrapped around your wrist and slowly dragging you farther from the shore. You resurfaced quickly, soaked and coughing up water violently as you gasped for air. Your lungs were burning so furiously that they felt like they were lit on fire. Jooheon was the first to react, pulling you tightly against him and wading slowly back to the sand.

“Did we scare you? Are you okay? Does it hurt?” He pressured, pushing wet hair away from your face as he carried you far away from the ocean. At this point you couldn’t tell if your eyes were watering from fear or from the salt water. Kihyun and Changkyun reacted quickly, with Kihyun scolding the two boys videoing, and Changkyun bringing a big mass of towels for you to dry off with.

“You guys are seriously not funny at all.” You spluttered, not even comprehending how close the proximity of you and Jooheon was, with you practically on his lap.

The six other boys bowed deeply, apologizing profusely, and even offering to be your house keepers for the next month. Shownu and Wonho promised to cook for you and buy all your meals for a week, feeling a bit more sorry than the rest of the members because of their direct involvement.

“Who’s idea was this?” You fumed, now huddled in a towel on the sand and shivering lightly. Six pairs of eyes shifted to Jooheon and his own shifted down.


Jooheon apologized quickly, trying to brush off the situation with a joke, but you just rolled your eyes in response.

“C’mon, y/n… Look.” He grinned, instantly switching to aegyo mode and making a heart with his pointer finger and thumb. ‘This brat thinks his dimples are really going to make up for almost killing me?’ You thought inwardly, casting him a dark look. True to his nature, Jooheon continued to do all the aegyo he knew how to, dancing to his own songs cutely, and even doing his raps with those doe eyes and a high pitched voice. Nothing was phasing you. You had seen it all before, and god damn it if you forgave him that easily. It was only when Minhyuk has somehow managed to get his hands on a squid and began sneaking up behind Jooheon when you almost lost it. He must have picked it up from one of the street food stands on the boardwalk nearby.

As soon as Jooheon felt his wet t-shirt being pulled away from his skin, he knew something was wrong. It was only when he felt tentacles sliding against his bare back that he knew how doomed he was, and let out a scream most likely a few octaves higher than yours a few minutes earlier. You almost choked on your laughter, having to hold your stomach as you watched Jooheon demand someone get the squid off his back angrily, flailing his arms and legs around desperately. After a few minutes of torture, Shownu snagged the squid away and Jooheon was finally freed from his personal hell. ‘Karma’, you smirked.

“You forgive me then?” Jooheon perked up as he quickly recalled the previous moments in his mind, though trying to forget the feeling of slime suctioning against his skin.

“I guess so.” You giggled, scrunching your nose up as Jooheon slyly landed a peck on your cheek.

“You smell like squid.”


My @madmaxsecretsanta Gift for @bassfanimation​!

Sherlock Crossover AU! :D Which works surprisingly well…

I was tempted to do Max as Molly here cuz we’re both Sherlollians, but I felt John fit Max here a teensy bit better if only for his military background, supposed leg problems and short sidekick height fashion sense. It also made for a quicker read. And of course, Sherlock!Furiosa, who would be hella in a belstaff coat. The bromance is strong with these two.

More food for thought:

- Miss Giddy as Mrs. Hudson! (Or Keeper of the Seeds if only cuz I find it hilarious for her to go around saying “not your house keeper!”)

- Valkyrie as Irene Adler

- The Ace as Inspector Lestrade

- Nux as Bill Wiggins

- Slit as Anderson (lol what a loser)

- Toast as Sally Donovan (I think their feisty personalities match)

- Angharad as Mycroft Holmes

- Joe as either Moriarty or Magnussun

- Maybe even Jessie Rockatansky as Mary Watson?

- Cheedo might be cute as Molly…

ALTHOUGH I think it could also be easily Max Hooper. In terms of personality I do feel that Max relates to Molly on a slightly socially awkward and stutter not-good-with-words way but would do anything for Furiosa and would totally keep a personal blog of his Dog. AND because deep DEEP down we are Sherlolly Trash–


I couldn’t resist.


(Duff hitting you in front of Slash)

((I’m thinking of writing a sequel to this, let me know if you agree??))

Living with your boyfriend wasn’t exactly what you had expected it to be. Duff was hardly ever home and when he was home, he usually had Slash accompanying him. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Slash but you also valued some alone time with your boyfriend. Today happened to be yet another day where you were a third wheel in your own relationship.

In the hour Duff was home he and Slash managed to completely destroy your living room shortly after you had finished tidying everything up around the house. You were fed up with always having to pick up after Duff; you didn’t understand how he could make such a mess in the small time increments he was home. Unable to stand the mess any longer, you began to vacuum in the middle of the boys playing their instruments. “Baby, what the fuck are you doing?!”

Turning off the vacuum you faced Duff who was now standing with an irate look plastered on his face. “I’m just doing my daily duties, picking up after you and your shit Duff!”

Duff slammed down his bass down on the couch and started mocking how you were standing, arms crossed with a hip popped out to the side. “Well, maybe you can go do your girlfriend duties somewhere else, Y/N, can’t you see we’re fucking busy here?”

“Dude…” Slash sat up on the couch putting a cigarette in between his lips, as he stared at his friend in disbelief.

Duff shot Slash a look over his shoulder as he mumbled “That’s all she’s good for anyway” Picking up his glass, he walked towards you oblivious that you just heard his previous comment. He stumbled as he attempted to put his arm around your waist, you slightly pushed him away.

“That’s all I’m good for? I’m so glad I could be your house keeper with benefits, I can’t believe I fell for your shit Duff.” In the moment Duff regained his balance, you lost yours as his hand made contact with your face. The impact of the blow was so strong it knocked you off your feet, landing on your behind you scooted back as far as you could.

Slash hurried to your side, linking his arms under your armpits to help you up off the floor. As Slash got you to your feet you had to lean on him for balance, you looked over at Duff who seemed to have sobered up from the fact he had took out his girlfriend. “Oh my god baby, fuck, I’m so sorry!”

Duff tried approaching you, but Slash stepped in front of you and put his hand on Duff’s chest. “No, dude you don’t deserve to see her right now. You don’t deserve her either; I’m getting her out of here until you can get your shit together.”

Slash guarded you as you packed up a bag to leave the house a few days and gather your thoughts. Throwing as many things into a bag as you could, you asked Slash to grab you some ice considering your face felt like a freight train had smashed into it. When he came back into the room he handed you the bag and sat down on the bed. “Is he still here? I don’t know if I can see him right now, especially if I’m leaving without him coming with me.”

“I think he went to the bar, but if he is here just ignore him. C’mon lets get you out of here, wanna go stay with me or one of your friends?” Slash grabbed your bag and tightly wrapped his arm around your shoulders, as he led you out of the room you saw Duff slouched against the wall in the bathroom. You got loose from Slash’s grip to stand in the doorway to the bathroom.

“Can you give us a minute?” The sound of your voice startled Duff as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

Slash shook his head of curls in disapproval. “No way, Y/N, I’m not letting you out of my sight after what he did earlier.” You huffed and plopped down next to Duff on the floor, making sure he had full view of the bruise he had given you.

“Duff, I’m leaving and I don’t know when or if I’ll come back. This was the last strike for me, it’s hard to be your girlfriend when you’re never home and when you are home I never get time with just you. I’m always cleaning up after you, or making sure on the nights you do come home that you fall asleep at least on the couch. This isn’t a relationship, Duff; I’m more of like your maid. You hitting me just made me realize I have thinking to do.” You looked over at Duff who threw his hands up in the air as if he had been defeated.

“I’m gonna work on myself, baby, I promise. Please believe me; I’m going to change for you! Just please don’t leave me, I don’t think I’ll be able to take that…” Duff threw his head into his hands as he began to cry again like you had found him.

Slash came and put his hand on your shoulder while keeping his eyes on Duff. “Hey, Y/N, we gotta go now. Duff I’ll see you in a little bit, we have to talk but not while she’s here.”

“I’m sorry Y/N… I’m so fuckin’ sorry baby.” Slash pulled you away as you both had to turn away from Duff’s sobs as he continued to mumble sorry under his breath.

Derek Hale Imagine

Derek Hale Baby Imagine 

I exhaled deeply; today was not my day. I woke up for work late, Im getting sick. I didnt want to wake Derek but for the love of god he has got to do something about running in the forrest all night and then climbing into bed. I gagged when I woke up this morning, plus I spilt coffee down my shirt. I got a run in my panty hose. I groaned and sat at my desk. I blocked out the world and began to work.

I was half way through with my lunch when i felt extremely tired. I sighed and got more soda hoping it would keep me awake. I researched some ways to stay awake and finally was able to stay awake until 4. I had one more hour before I could go home. I yawned as my boss walked past. “Hey, y/n you okay? you look pretty tired” I nodded looking up at him. “Im so tired and I have no idea why” I said with a frown, “I went to bed at like 930 last night and woke up at 7 this morning.” He shrugged and leaned against my cubbie wall, “well if you want, you can go ahead and go home. Your reports are finished for the day” I smiled sadly at him, “Thank you sir, Ill see you tomorrow” he nodded and smiled “why dont you take some vacation time and catch up on everything at home, like sleep. Ill email you your work and you can just work from home for a while” I grinned and hugged him “Thanks Max, I really appreicate it” I whispered in his ear.

I got home and opened the door gasping. The loft was wrecked, dirty clothes everywhere, it smelt like wet dog and dirty gym clothes. There was take out boxes sitting out and the sink was filled with dirty dishes. I looked around and went into our room. It was wrecked to, the bed wasnt made, dirty clothes on the freshly cleaned bedding. I walked out in the living room and sudden just let out the loudest blood curdling scream I could. I could hear the pack laughing as they got out of the evelator. When they came into the loft they all stopped, Derek smiled at me. “Hey honey” he said walking toward me, “GET IT CLEANED! NOW!!!” I screamed turning red. “I’m not your maid. Im not your little house keeper. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF AND THESE…….THESE MUTTS!” I glared and walked into our room slamming the door, I grabbed all the dirty clothes and threw them into the living room. “AND WASH YOUR OWN DAMN CLOTHES!” I ran a hot bubble bath and locked myself in the bathroom. I relaxed alittle but still felt like crap. I felt bad for snapping at Derek and the pack like that.

I heard a noise and Derek, using his claws unlocked the bathroom door and came in closing it again. “We got the loft cleaned back up” he said alittle harshly. I stared at the water, “Im sorry I snapped, Im just not feeling the best and the loft was dirty and it smells and I feel sick” I groaned leaning against the tub. He sat on the toilet and nodded “you work yourself alot, you need to rest” I nodded looking at him “Max gave me some vacation time to get rested up. If i still feel sick tomorrow I think im going to go see Deaton” I played with the bubbles in the bath as Derek squated next to the tub. “hey, youre probably just over worked” he kissing my temple and left.

I finally got out of the tub and got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom and noticed the bedding was washed and cleaned, the bed remade and our room looked like new. I walked out into the living room and noticed it was spotless as well. I looked at the pack who were sitting and reading. I rolled my eyes “Im sorry for calling you mutts, I havent been feeling well and I’m tired. The house was trashed and I took it out on all of you. Im sorry” I felt Derek hug my waist from behind and we sat on the couch.

I woke up the next morning gagging again and ran to the bathroom throwing up. I groaned feeling the warm hand holding my hair and rubbing my back. I finally finished throwing up and I leaned back into his chest and groaned. “oh god, my stomach hurts” I coughed and slowly stood with his help, I brushed my teeth and put on sweats and a t-shirt. “Im taking you to Deaton, come on” I held onto Derek as we made our way to his four runner he lifted me up sitting me inside. I laid my head back against the seat and closed my eyes. I knew derek was speeding down the street in seconds and he even called Scott and told him to get Deaton to the vet clinic.

Derek skidded to a stop in the parking lot and grabbed me taking me inside through the back door. “Shes sick and can barely keep her eyes open.” Derek rambled as he laid me on a table. “Both of you out. Ill look her over” Deaton said as he pushed them out and shut the door. Derek growled and Deaton shook his head walking away. About an hour later Deaton came back out to see Derek and Scott sitting in the waiting room. “heres the deal, you need to watch her closely, shes got about 7-8 months to go, Shes going to need constant care and food, Shes going to need lots of energy. Derek looked at Scott worried and looked at Deaton, "Whats killing her?!” Deaton furrowed his eyebrows and then smiled and shook his head. “follow me, he opened the door leading them into the back room.

I laid on the table with my shirt lifted, Deaton came back over and moved the wand over my stomach and he pointed to the screen, "You see this, this bean looking spot? Thats the baby Derek” he said smiling at him. I tried to contain my smile but I couldnt, I grinned looking at Derek as tears ran down my temples. “Im pregnant” I said barely above a whisper. Derek stood there speechless, he didnt smile or grin, he just stared at the screen with this almost horrid expression. “Derek?” I mumbled Deaton nodded to Scott who took Derek by the arm and pulled him out of the room. I looked at Deaton as he printed the picture out for me. “Ill drive you home okay?” he said as he helped me off the table. I nodded wiping my eyes.

When I arrived home, the rest of the pack was sitting in the living room. I looked at all of them and sighed sitting on the couch. “Im pregnant, and Derek kinda freaked out” I looked at them, they all looked at each other and smiled. “Thats amazing! Congrats! He will come around Im sure!” Isaac said smiling. Peter rolled his eyes, “great more family members, at least its with someone I can stand” he smiled and kissed my head. I laughed alittle and went into the kitchen to cook dinner. I felt happier, though, I was still extremely tired, I wanted to wait for Derek to get home. After dinner i cleaned up the place as the pack headed to bed I sat on the couch with a book and began reading. I soon fell asleep on the couch.

I felt something around me and I woke up starting to panic. “Shh shh, its okay, I got you” I heard Derek mumbled, I looked up at him, he was dirty, like hed been fighting. “What happened?” I reached up rubbing his cheek. He bent down as he lowered me on the bed and kissed me. “I’m fine, I love you, and Im very excited for this little to get here” he rubbed my belly grinning. “Its just going to take some time to get used to having a baby around.” he smiled. I grinned and wiped the tears from my cheeks. “I’m so happy” I laughed some with more tears pouring out. “Dont cry” he mumbled curling up to me wiping my tears. “I’ll be back.”

About ten minutes later he came out in a pair of sweats and curled up with me in bed. I grinned kissing him “you smell much much better” he chuckled a deep chuckle and kissed my forehead. “I hope we have a boy and he looks like you"I said quietly, he grinned."Its a girl if you really wanna know” he smirked and tapped his nose. “I can smell it” I pushed his chest some, “I hope you are wrong” I grinned as he looked at me. “Tomorrow Im gonna start on the nursery” I smiled drifting to sleep.

느낌 So Young (Zico X You)

I’ve spent the past week listening to basically one song and that is Zico’s, Ugly Duck’s and Crush’s song 느낌 So Young. Which is a remix of Gaeko’s song Rhythm Is Life. Honestly if you haven’t heard this song you really should.

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(God he ruins me)

This honestly wasn’t something you wanted to do but it paid a lot and you would get free housing. How could you say no?

“Zico this is your new house keeper.” His manager said. Zico looked you up and down then shoved a piece of paper in your face. “These are the time that I won’t be here. Which basically means these are the times you are allowed to come out of your room.”

He then grabbed his coat and left. “I’m really sorry about him.” You just smiled at his manager. “Nah don’t worry about.” You looked around the messy apartment. “I’ll start cleaning this place up now.” The manager left saying thank and told you to call him if you ever needed anything.

You were currently doing the dishes. “How can one person have all these dishes. What Instead of cleaning them does he just buy new ones.” Also the amount of laundry you had to do was insane. This man had more clothing than you. I understand that he’s rich and all but damn.

What you hated the most of all was that Zico is honestly your favorite Korean rapper and seeing that he’s really just an arrogant asshole kinda hurts.

You followed the schedule exactly how he had it. The one thing you did that wasn’t on the schedule was you made him breakfast every morning. In the beginning he wouldn’t even touch the food you made him, but eventually he started to eat.

He always left at 9 in the morning and would be back around 11ish. Which luckily for you meant that you could crawl up on his couch and watch TV or dance around in your pajamas the whole day.It’s not like he even bothers to come to the house once he leaves.

You got off the couch to put your popcorn bowl in the sink. You were wearing nothing but an over sized T-shirt and your underwear. When you checked the time, you noticed it was only 10. ‘I still have a lot of time left.’

You plugged in your headphones, pressed shuffled and started washing the dishes. The song that started playing was an old favorite of yours by Zico called Feel So Young.

Your singing and the music being really loud caused you not to hear the sound of the front door both opening and closing.

The first thing Zico noticed when he walked in was the blankets scattered all over the couch and the TV actually turned on. Zico has lived in this all apartment for a least a year now and has never once turned that TV on.

The next thing he noticed was the sound of your voice echoing through the house. You were singing one of his older songs he made with his friends Ugly Duck and Crush. It bought a smile to his face..

He walked into the kitchen completely surprised to see wearing basically nothing. Truthfully the only reason why he acted like an ass was because you’re beautiful. He knew if he ever had to spend time around you he would be a complete mess. Which is the only reason why he even made that stupid schedule in the first place.

Completely amused with your singing he sat down at the kitchen table and just watched you sing. You must’ve really loved the song, you ended up replying it 4 times. You didn’t even notice he was on the room till you turned around after you finished.

“Oh god Zico.” You almost yelled as you pulled your headphones out. “You scared the living shit out of me.” He watched as your eyes got wide. “Ah I’ll just get my stuff and go to my room.” You walked over to the couch and leaned over to pick up your blankets and pillows.

“Actually Y/N.” Zico started. “Sit down and watch TV with me. I don’t feel like being alone right now.” You gave him a strange look at first before you sat down on the couch. “Okay sure.”

Zico owned a big couch but of course out of all the spots to sit at he sat directly next to you. “What are we watching?” He said taking some of your blanket so now it was covering the both of you.

“Um honestly I don’t know. I think a new movie started when I was doing the dishes.” You said. This was the first time you’ve ever had a decent conversation with Zico and it honestly felt nice. Being alone in this big house must of been pretty lonely for him.

Of course the movie that came on was a horror movie. You hated horror movies with a passion, you would of changed it but you didn’t want to look like a scared little girl in front of Zico so you just toughed it out.

“Do you not like horror movies?” He asked halfway through the film. He’s seen you jump at least 10 times now.

“It’s not that I don’t like them…” You said going deeper into the blanket. “It’s just some horror movies freak me out. Only some and this happens to be one of them”

He wrapped one of his arms around your waist and pulled you close to him. “Here this way you won’t be scared.” You gave him a look and went back to the movie.

You honestly didn’t want to admit it but he actually made you feel more at ease. Now when you got scared you would just hide your face in his shoulder.

You were too focused on the movie to notice that Zico kept staring at you. He was watching the way your expressions would change, there was something about your scared face he found amusing.

“Y/N” He whispered into your ear. You quickly turned your head, only then noticing exactly how close you were to him. You back up a little “Yes?”

“I want to apologize for how I acted when I first met you.”

“Yeah about that, why did you act like a dick in the beginning.”

“Well… I guess I was just nervous.” He wasn’t looking at you anymore.

“Nervous?” You said confused. You started poking him so he would look at you.

“My manager showed me your photo before you came over and I knew if I was around you too much I would end up making a fool of myself.”

You started to giggle. “God that is so cute.” He used his shoulder to bump yours. “Don’t tease me.”

“Too bad, I already am.” You bumped his shoulder back. It ended up starting a war until he bumped you a little too hard and he ended up falling on top of you.

The blanket that was covering the both of you fell on the floor. Zico looked down at you, noticing your shirt bunched up showing your bright red underwear.

“Zico?” You called out to him. He quickly brought his head up to look at you. “Sorry, I just…” His face was completely red.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down to you, kissing him gently. At first he was a little shocked, after he registered what was happening he started roughly kissing you back.

His arms were underneath you, pulling your body closer against his. He then lifted you up so you were sitting on his lap. He gently bit your bottom lip causing you to make a noise he was quite pleased with. You could feel his lips curl into a smile. Deciding you wanted to have your fun, you bit his bottom lip and when he opened his mouth you stuck your tongue in.

The movie was over by the time you finished your make-out session with him. It was now way past 11 o'clock. He pressed his forehead against yours. Both of you were panting, completely out of breath. You’ve kissed many times before but nothing like that. Staring into your eyes he placed a soft kiss on your lips and lacing his fingers with yours, pulling you towards his room.

You both laid down in his bed. He covered the both of you with his blanket and snuggled closer to your body. “Your bed is a lot better than mine.” You said breaking the silence. He just laughed and pulled you closer to him. “Then you can just sleep here with me from now on.” After placing a light kiss against your neck you both fell asleep.

Dirty Laundry

Summery: Dean’s experiencing feelings towards you as of late, a laundry day and you in less clothes than normal give the perfect opportunity for Dean to express how he’s feeling.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: implied smut at the end! Swearing. Major make out scene! (at the end)

Word count: 2046

Dean wasn’t one to feel jealous, if he liked a girl he’d ask her out, if she rejected him, then some other dude could have better luck. No biggie. But this? This was a biggie.

Dean watched the man you were talking to carefully, eyes narrowed and grip tight on his knees. You both were on a case and had to talk to this man, Don Summers. Who knew Don Summers could have such game.

Stupid Don Summers.

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Imagine #52 Just your house cleaner

PS: Here is the part one of the requested imagine. I like writing it, tell me if I should continue the story. Enjoy!


Today was the day you finally got a job and started working. It wasn’t the best job you could get, but you needed money, after coming in Spain to get your life the way you want it. you needed money, no matter what you had to do.

You have an apartment just for yourself, it’s small. There are just two rooms, the bathroom and the living room where the kitchen is and you sleep on a sofa that makes a bed. It’s not much, but it is yours and you like it.

“Here is the address. Remember everything I said?” The man who got you the job said.

“Yes. Smile, be kind, the client is always right and never talk back.” You repeated his rules.

“Good, you’ll be fine.” He smiled and you walked out of the office.

You were a bit nervous, because you weren’t good in Spanish, since you were from Brazil and you were scared you might not understand everything the client will want. You got yourself a taxi and he drove you to the address your director gave you.

When you finally arrived, you were speechless. The house was enormous; there were many cars, a pool and a big garden. You knew you would work for someone who had enough money to get a maid, but you didn’t imagine the person to be this rich.

You knocked on the door and after a while, someone opened the door.

“Hello” said a young boy, who looked familiar. He had a darker skin and his smile was amazing, making you smile back.

“Hello. I was called as a house keeper.” You said shyly.

“Neymar! It’s a girl; she said she is your house keeper?” The person shouted in the back so Neymar could hear him.

As you heard him say Neymar, you got even more nervous. You knew who he was, your entire country admired him, and the entire world knows who he is. You were a fan of football so it didn’t take you long to remember that the person in front of you was Rafinha, another famous footballer.

Why? Why him? Couldn’t it be just a rich woman, getting everything she wants and making do everything? Why a boy, why Neymar.” You thought to yourself.

“Let her in, I’m coming there now.” You heard someone, probably Neymar.

Rafinha smiled at you and let you inside, “Sorry, he was just taking a shower. I’m his friend, Rafinha.”

“It’s okay. I know who you are, I’m (y/n)” You said as you two shake hands.

“You like football?” He asked surprised at the fact that you knew who he was.
“I do.” You said in Portuguese making him even more impressed.

“Hey, sorry I was just taking a shower; I didn’t know you would come today.” Neymar said as he walked to you and shake his hand, “Neymar.” He smiled.

“I’m (y/n)” You answered smiling and stating in his beautiful eyes, you were nervous because you knew he was good looking, you were a big fan of his, but it wasn’t the time to freak out about it.

“She speaks Portuguese,” Rafinha said to Neymar who looked at me surprised, “You do?”

“I came from Brazil.”

“Oh this explains how you know me!” Rafinha smiled.

“What about me? You know who I am?” Neymar asked laughing.

“Of course.” You nodded, “Well, where can I change?” You asked Neymar as he walked you to a guest’s room where you could leave your stuff and change in the dress that you had to wear being his maid.

As you looked at yourself, the dress didn’t look that bad, but it was not really what you loved to wear. You were not proud of your body, and the thought of walking around the house of a guy in a dress scared you.

“Where should I start” You asked walking to Neymar who just greeted Rafinha who went home.

Neymar turned around and you could see his eyes checking you out from the bottom to the top, “Well, um… You could make me something to eat, I’m starving actually.” He smiled and walked you in the kitchen.

His kitchen was bigger than your entire apartment, which made you feel poor even though you really were poor.

As you started cooking, he went in the living room and you heard the TV playing. After a while, he walked back to you and rested on the counter with his hands looking at you cooking.

“So you are from Brazil, what made you come here?” He asked with a smile that distracted you so you immediately looked back down continuing your job.

“Um well, you know it’s not easy for everyone in Brazil with money, so I came to find a job here and try to live my life the way I want.”

“You must be strong, to just come alone in a country without everything” He said with compassion, as if he admired you for your decision.

“Well sometimes you just have to accept whatever comes with it” You smiled, but thinking about it made you cry. You left your family and friends in Brazil, you were alone in this journey. You looked at him forcing a smile but you felt a tear falling down on your cheek.

Before you could wipe it Neymar moved closer with his hand and you could feel hi gentle touch as he wiped your tear away with his thumb.

“Sorry.” You smiled embarrassed looking down avoiding his face.

“It’s okay, I’m happy you came here.” He smiled and you noticed he winked at you and walked back to the living room, leaving you to finish cooking.

He made you blush and smile to yourself. You didn’t regret getting him as your client anymore. After some time you finally finished and called him to come eat.

“Oh, it looks delicious!” He said as he sit at the table looking at everything you made for him. You were a good cook; your friends always told you that.

“Bon appetit” You said as you moved away and made your way to the living room to start cleaning around, but he stopped you.

“Come here, keep me company,” He said as he made his first bite.

“But I have to clean your house sir.”

“Please, call me Neymar. I hate eating alone, c’mon sit.” He smiled and showed you to sit next to him.

A he was eating you two talked about your family, then his then he told you about missing his son and his trainings here in Barcelona. It was nice talking to him; he made you feel much more relaxed.

When he finished eating, you walked away and started cleaning the kitchen and the dishes. He walked on his sofa and started playing FIFA. You were cleaning for almost 40 minutes because there was many dishes and when you walked in the living room, you noticed Neymar fell asleep on the sofa.

You smiled, he was cute and you decided to get a blanket he had there and cover him with it. You smiled again and walked away deciding it would be better to clean somewhere else where you wouldn’t make much rumor to wake him up.

After some time you heard someone behind you while, you were on the ground cleaning his bathroom “Thank you for covering me”  

You looked around and noticed Neymar leaning on the wall.

“I’m just doing my job.” You said as you continued cleaning the floor.

“Well, you are doing it perfectly.” He smiled and walked away. He made you smile to yourself again which made you get mad at yourself.

“Stop it, don’t get everything in your head! He is famous, he can get every girl he wants, you are nothing to him (y/n), and you are poor, so stop overthinking everything!” You said to yourself getting mad at yourself.

As you finished and it was already getting late you walked to him sitting on the sofa watching a football match.

“I think my work is finished for today. Do you need me for anything else?” you asked standing on the side of the sofa.

“Well, there would be something you could do for me.” He smiled at you and tapped the sofa with his hand, “Watch the game with me.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.” You said confused at his request.

“Oh, c’mon. I want you to, so you have to.” He winked at you and you walked to the sofa sitting next to him.

The game was between Arsenal and Manchester City. He didn’t say who is he rooting for, but he was just commenting each player, telling you what are their positive skills and where they should get better. Then he also told you where is he trying to improve with his playing.

You impressed him as he noticed how good you understand football rules and names of the players. You were proud of this and sometimes you two got in a small argument if he didn’t think it the same way as you did, but at the end you both laughed about it.

When the game finished you stood up and walked in the room to change yourself and take your stuff.

“I’m leaving now Neymar.” You said as you stood in front of the door while he was doing something in the kitchen.

“Wait” You heard him as he ran to the door.

“Here, take this.” He said as he gave you a bag with some food and leftovers of what you cooked for him.

“Wow, I’m not starving in poverty you know?” You said as he made you feel embarrassed for doing this. It also hurt you a little.

“Oh, I know. I just thought you would be too tired to cook again.” He said smiling.

“Thanks. Goodnight.” You said quietly as you walked outside of his house.

He was kind, but the fact that he saw you like you were this poor girly who lives alone, trying to get enough money to live her life normally made you upset. You realized how much different your life’s were, he had everything he wanted while you were just a girl getting food from rich people who felt pity for you. 

Preference 40: Your dating the bad guy

Calum: Vampire

How you got yourself stuck loving a bad boy vampire killer who really knows? All you knew is that Calum was not exactly the good guy, and has done enough horrible deeds to earn him is title as the villain. Even though you knew about everything that Calum has done it didn’t change how you felt about him, because as much as he’s bad Calum has treated you better than anyone else that you had been with. “Calum would you ever stop killing, I mean you could live off of animals. Why do you choose to kill people?” you asked as you two were sitting across from each other at both the dining table. All of sudden Calum was sitting in the chair next to you, “Darling, I choose to be this way. Nothing ever going to change that.” he said with a sparkle in his eye. “Do you ever think of starting a family with me Calum? We have been together for four years,” you said taking a bite of your meal not being phased by his antics and he sighs knowing you are serious,  “Yes love, I have and when the time comes I will change… don’t worry.” he responded taking a sip from his cup. “Pinky promise.” you said taking out your pinky to him and Calum’s face softens. “Pinky promise.” He says kissing your hand.

Ashton: Conqueror

They always say the good girls always fall for the bad guys, and in your case they were right. You didn’t know why you found the fact that Ashton was trying to conquer the Earth was a turn on. “Something must be wrong with me.” you said as Ashton was practicing his ‘be scared of me’ face. “Why?” he asked you as he stared hard into the mirror. “Because I find your killing face actually pretty cute.” you answered making Ashton chuckle at the fact that anyone could find him ‘cute’. “Are you ready to be queen of the world?” he asked as he starts walking away from the mirror. “I mean I don’t want be called that, but I’m perfectly fine just being by your side.” you said walking besides Ashton as he makes his way into the hallway. “Well soon this planet will be mine. Are you ready to be my side through the good and bad?” he asks you as he looks at one of the paper an assistant gives him as he telling Ashton what country already gave in. “Do you mean bad and bad?” you asked laughing at your own puns of Ashton. “Ha. Ha. Just be good for me okay. I will be home by Friday, I have somethings to take care of in Paris.” he says kissing you quickly. “Okay bye, be safe, and don’t get into any trouble!” again you thought and laughed at your puns once more. You look at all the house keepers, and assistants, “Tough crowd.” you said going back into your mansion.

Luke: Dark Soul

The only sound that fill the hallways was you crying trying to get out of the ropes they tied you in, “Please don’t do this!” you cried out for the third time, but what they didn’t know that you weren’t actually scared for you, but for them, “Just let me go! Please!” you screamed then that’s when the lights started flickering in the hallways of the High School. As they say opposites attract, and that’s what you and Luke had. You are this bubble, bright, and sarcastic person while Luke was this serious, strange, and dark soul, but his weakness was you. You brought out playful lovable Luke. “Don’t cry Princess.” Luke says you look up to see him for the first time in about a week. “Luke! Please reason with them-,” but before you could finish they started coming out of the classrooms and hallways with their weapons and guns creating noisy chaos. You cried but you couldn’t hear yourself for what felt like minutes until there was silence all at once. All you heard were footsteps walking your way and somebody was standing in front of with converse. Luke bends down to untie you, “Let’s go home.” he says smiling then taking you down and carrying you through the hallway with no dead bodies. “Are you okay?” he asked looking concerned. You realized that if you wanted to be with him you’re going to have to be strong through stuff like this. “I just can’t believe they used me as bait, and they call themselves the good guys,” you said looking up at him. Luke then smiles as he puts you down, “Come on let’s get something to eat.” he says kissing your head.

Michael: Vampire Slayer

“Ready to kill some vampires?” your boyfriend Michael asked when you open door. “No, especially when I’m only out here to take out the trash.” you said as you push Michael aside to get to your trash can. “Come on it’s in your blood to kill vampire.” he says following close behind you. It’s true you come from a long line of vampire slayers, and Michael was supposed to be your recruiter. At first he pretended to be the new kid, and later became your boyfriend. It wasn’t until you almost got killed by a vampire, and Michael saved you is when he told you who he was, and what you were. You were furious and told Michael it was over even though both of you didn’t want it to be. “You don’t understand.” you said turning back to him crossing your arms. “Some of them don’t even kill humans, and you guys still kill them… it makes you even worse than the ones that do.” you said shaking your head going around Michael to go back into your house. Michael then grabs your wrist stopping you, “Look I understand where you are coming from. I will talk to the council, but you got to promise me to at least train.” he says letting go of your wrist. You look back at him, “Fine I will,” you said smiling putting your arms around him into a hug. “,and thank you.” you said then go back into your house and as you look through the peep whole to see Michael standing there with the steak still in his hand smiling.

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The signs in Sherlock

Aries: Mary Watson

Taurus: Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade

Gemini: Philip Anderson

Cancer: John Watson

Leo: Charles Augustus Magnussen

Virgo: Mrs Hudson

Libra: Irene Adler

Scorpio: Jim Moriarty

Sagittarius: Mycroft Holmes

Capricorn: Sgt Sally Donovan

Aquarius: Sherlock Holmes

Pisces: Molly Hooper