not your first

Having your first date with Peter Parker would include...

  • Peter holding the door open for you and crashing right into it when it closes after you
  • getting a huge bouquet of flowers
  • Peter being so nervous that he spills everything on his lap at dinner
  • a lot of stuttering and half finished sentences
  • Peter trying his best to get you to laugh and have a nice time
  • you’d have to keep yourself together a lot of times not to laugh too much because you thought he acted cute but didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, he was already nervous enough
  • Peter almost falling off his seat and getting a lot of strange looks from the people around
  • Peter literally vanishing in the middle of the date only to appear a bit later with a very strange explanation about where he was
  • turning around only to find him standing really, really close to you
  • flirting that is so bad that it’s actually enjoyable

tokyo-ghoul-paradise  asked:

Hello Cor, sorry for bothering you. There is that song called Weekend by Delia and The Motans. It's in romanian but there are english subtitles in the video. I think it fits Touken,and I wanted to ask you if you'd like to listen to it! (sorry for my bad english)Have a nice day!😘😘😘 P.s.I love your blog!!!😍😍😍💜💙💛💚

AHHH I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the last hour since reading your ask! Thankyou so much for the rec- I love it!

I don’t know whether the English translation of the lyrics on that video is spot on or not but my favourite part of the song that screams ‘TouKen’ to me is:

I love you down to the harshest sins
But you keep me away from those

As if all the sins of their pasts, the weight of everything they’ve done and will do, all melt away while they’re together. And the part how even though they’d paid the price, Paradise was closed to the lovers in the song but it didn’t matter as long as they had each other ///// 

Requests are OPEN :D (finally)

It’s been about two years (YIKES I’M SO SORRY) since I last opened requests, and I thought maybe now was a good time to open them again (about time lmao). I’ve had writer’s block for a while, so maybe a few requests will get my creative juices flowing :D 

I’ll accept requests for:

  • KBTBB (I mostly write for this)
  • SLBP
  • SCM
  • SITS
  • MLFK
  • OTBS
  • IYAT
  • BMP

I’m okay with fics or headcanons :D The only thing I’m iffy about is cheating/netorare, but other than that, anything’s fair game.


It’s here it’s here!!!!!

Archangel Diamond, お疲れ様でした!!

friendly reminder: just because you didn’t have your first kiss or your first date or your first bf/gf in high school, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be as special when it finally does happen… take your time and live your life at your own pace and don’t feel bad for it