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Faithfully (Bucky Rockstar AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, OC Ava Barnes, Steve, Clint, Tony, Wanda.

Summary: Being on the road with your rockstar husband had it’s challenges. What if you found out he was unfaithful? (Avengers AU)

Warnings: babies, pregnancy, possible cheating, tiny bit of language, sex mentions, drinking, nudity, bit of angst, mostly fluff. 

Word Count: 3k (including lyrics)

Song Inspiration: Faithfully by Journey

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A/N: Oof. This idea struck me like lightning. I’ve been working on another fic but felt a little stuck. This one flowed out of me in the space of a few hours. I freaking love Journey and this story! I’ve sacrificed quite a bit of sleep to finish, so I hope it was worth it!! Please let me know your thoughts! Love you guys!! :)



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Brushing your fingertip over perfect round cheeks while marveling at gorgeous long lashes and her tiny pout, you fell in love all over again. This little person had your heart. Well. A good portion of it. Speaking of your heart…

You heard rustling in the next “room” followed by the partition sliding aside. Bucky stumbled out of the bedroom, rubbing a hand over his face. His chin-length hair stuck out in ten different directions and he was clad in only a pair of boxers.

“Morning, handsome,” you greeted him with an amused smile.

He let out a groan, “What time is it?”

“Almost noon.”

“And…where are we?”

You chuckled, “Somewhere in the midwest, I think. St. Louis, maybe?”

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With You {Part 4}

Mark x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: Fluff/ Angst
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 “Do you really need all of that Y/N” your friend asked as she watched you toss a jar of peanut butter into your already full basket, “I thought it was just us two tonight.”

 “It is,” you walked down the aisle of the grocery store searching for oreos, for some reason you thought the pairing of the two would go well together. It was Friday night and Mark was studying, so you decided to have a girl’s night in.  You checked your cell phone to see if there were any messages from Mark. Since exams had started for him you two had barely talked, let alone have seen each other. Nothing. You knew he was busy but it didn’t stop the fact that you missed him so much.

 Turning the corner towards the freezer section you grabbed a tub of your favorite chocolate ice cream and placed it into the basket along with the bags of chips, oreos and peanut butter. Lately, you’ve been eating anything that you could sink your teeth into “Oh! You know what else would be good? If we got some sushi or maybe east indian! I have a big craving for some deep fried tuna rolls and butter chicken.” Your mouth watered.

 You friend gawked at you, “Jesus Y/N, it’s like your pregnant or something.”

 You laughed as you walked toward the tills, “I’m definitely no-“ you paused, Your face turned pale and your hands went ice cold. You were late, and not just by a few days but by a few weeks. How could you not have noticed? You looked at your friend, “We need to get one more thing,” your voice was shaky as you walked towards the pharmacy aisle.  

 Back at your place, your friend gnawed on her nails anxiously as she paced your room. You walked in shutting the door behind you, the color still gone from your face as you braced your back against the door.

 “Well?” She asked nervously.

 Your head spun and you tried to force the words out of your mouth, “I’m pregnant.” Saying it out loud made it all too real.

 She walked over to you and hugged you, “Everything will be okay, you have Mark, you have both of your families and you have me.” she rubbed your shoulders to try and comfort you.

 “Mark and I are going to have a baby,” You thought to yourself. You two had always discussed your future.  Move in together, marriage, travel the world and have kids, you never expected that the order would get mixed up. You placed your hand on your belly, it didn’t matter the order, as long as you were with Mark everything would be okay, everything would work out. A happy tear rolled down your cheek as you glanced down at your belly. A jolt of excitement hit you, tomorrow when you saw Mark you were going to tell him. He’s going to be a father.

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Trouble (Tattoo Artist!Jungkook)

Plot: 088: “I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint.” + 098: “I think we should have another.” with tattoo artist!Jungkook

Word Count: 687

A/N: so the link to the original tattoo artist!kook post is right here and since this does involve father!kook, all of the father related posts are here, as always it’s not required to read any of the mentioned posts but they’re just there in case you’re curious about them or wanna have a backstory for this post

Your children had always looked up to their father, from the smallest ways to the biggest. They liked to copy his small mannerisms, sitting with their legs apart, adding in a slight slouch. They would laugh whenever he did, even if they didn’t know what he was laughing at but purely because they wanted to be in on whatever their father was laughing at this time. They rarely left his side except for when he had to go to work but even then they would visit him during his free time. They would “help” him doodle new tattoo designs, both of them sat on his lap as he could only smile at them. As mischievous as they were, they loved him and wanted to be like him as much as they could.

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By the age of 12 
a girl knows not to play with dolls anymore.
She knows to put playthings down,
and maybe pick up a book,
and maybe pick up several
dreams in the process.
By the age of 12 
a girl knows what make up is 
but she may not know how to put it on.
Eyeliner poses the risk of going
blind in one eye. 
Mascara means black
blotches on your eyelids.  
Foundation is a whole heap of
“this is not my skin tone.”

By the age of 12 
a girl knows how to put a bra on (hopefully). 
She knows the annoyances of puberty.
“Crap, hair grows there?”
“I gotta do what every month?”
“You have got to be kidding. I just shaved my legs last week.”

By the age of 12
a girl knows to keep quiet
when a man twice her age
stares at her hungrily.
A girl knows to ignore men on the street
that look at her like a piece of meat
and call her sexy.
There is nothing sexy about
getting used to saying
“there was this man who…”
and saying it over and over and over again
in a million different situations. 
Where “I’ll get over it”
becomes a sad reconciliation
for fear.

I know of a girl who ended up in hospital
for rejecting a man’s advances,
a girl, who had the strength to say “no,”
a girl, who had the courage
to stand up for herself,
a girl, who instead of teaching others to not be victims of sexual harassment,
taught other girls to keep their heads down.   

Because hearing her story
made me afraid of lingering stares.  
Hearing her story
told me to smile when it suited me to.
Because every girl from the age of 12 
knows that walking down the
street is always a risk.
How do I tell her that I was voiceless?
How do I tell her that I was voiceless
when I stand up and speak
to keep me breathing;  
That my no sounded like a yes,
that my stop sounded like a yes,  
that my paralysed body curled upon the floor looked like a yes.

When ghost hands come at you in the dark,
tell your dreams to stop smelling
like a funeral pyre;
a little death for the soul ripped out of you.
Tell your heart to stop flinching
every time someone comes out to hold you.
Tell your body
it is still yours.
Tell love
is it safe to stay.

I know the price of a two letter word;
It is paid with bruises.
It is paid with “she must’ve asked for it.”
It is paid with “maybe it was what she was wearing.”

I’ll tell you what I was wearing,
my pride,
my, I don’t have to be treated like a piece of meat, 
my, I don’t have to keep taking any of this anymore.

I’ll tell you what she was wearing. 
Her little black dress reading,
don’t teach your daughters to be frail and helpless.
Her t-shirt and jeans reading,
don’t teach your daughters to be victims and tell them it was their fault.
Her hospital gown of, I wonder what we teach our sons.

I wonder what we teach our sons.

chaos-starter-pack  asked:

Can you please do a preference with what they do when them and their toddler have some alone time? Thanks! I love your blog!! XXXX

Charles: When he quite literally forces you to go off and do something for yourself instead of running after your toddler all day he loves spending time with little David. Charles loves it most when he has to give a lecture or is working on a lesson plan and has David sitting on his lap watching his daddy do things.

Erik: Erik is one of the most overprotective fathers ever. Can you blame him? When you’re out he has constant eyes on little Amelia and never lets her out of his sight. So, his favorite thing is nap time with her because she will pass out in his arms and he just holds her the whole time.

Raven: You never pictured Raven as the doting mother type. After finding out about Kurt you really never figured her for the motherly type at all but when you are gone all she does is hold Victoria and play with her. She loves taking her outside to let her get fresh air in the garden.

Hank: He is always amazed by your toddler’s fascination with bubbles. Their favorite activity will be to sit somewhere like the play room or in his lab and Hank will blow bubbles while Henry laughs like crazy and swats at them with his tiny toddler fist. Hank doesn't understand why Henry loves it so much, but then again he doesn't realize he will spend hours doing it to watch Henry laugh and smile.

Jean: If there is anything Jean loves it’s taking your daughter out for the day. Mommy gets her rest and gets the chance to get her tings done baby free while Mama will take little Hope out shopping with her or out doing anything really. She loves being wit her and loves taking her shopping. She comes home with a dozen outfits to add to Hope’s closet.

Scott: Scott was never one for the water but when your son expressed interest well it became their favorite thing to do. When you were off on a girls’ day or spending some time getting work done he took little Michael swimming all day ignoring your protests but listening to the pleading for the use of sunscreen. 

Storm: Ororo loves both of your daughters so during her alone time with Amila and Nyla she loves to dress them in matching outfits like they are real twins and take them out with her. She will never say it out loud but she adores mommy-daughters matching outfits. 

Kurt: It was hard for Kurt to take Josef out since they were both blue. He no longer cared what people called him but it affected him down to the core to hear what they called his son. When you left him alone with Josef he loved sitting with him and playing with his toys or watching cartoons. They never went out in public without you.

Peter: Daniel was just as much of a trouble maker as Peter was so when Peter was able to sneak your toddler away, which was easy with you needing rest all the time since you were expecting baby number two, you could usually hear stories about them causing tons of trouble. Most of it involving fingerpaint.

Warren: It didn’t matter how much you begged. It didn’t matter how much you argued. The second Warren had ahold of your son Little Warren, or Four as he called him, the two were in the air flying. Warren never flew very fast or did anything crazy but you could hear your son giggling with sheer delight as Warren soared higher and higher. You feared the worst once Four learned how to use his own tiny wings.

Jubilee: Jhullian was a true Mommy’s boy and her favorite thing t do with him was let him go through her sewing kits and fabrics. He would often dress himself in them so he could look like Mommy. Jubilee loved how much your son was like her already.

Alex: Lord knows Alex doted on your daughter. Amanda was spoiled rotten and Alex, when they got daddy-daughter time, would take her anywhere. Their favorite thing to do was play dress up with Mommy and Daddy’s clothes. This usually resulted in a big mess for someone to clean up.

Sean: Sean enjoyed spending quality time with your son Conner. Their thing was destroying the house. You knew every time you left you would come home to a disaster decorated by your husband and toddler.

Rogue: Marie never thought she would be a parent but lord knows she took on the role. She carried little Evelyn around with her all the time and most enjoyed taking her to the park to play with the other kids both human and mutant. Evelyn also loved quality time with Mommy.

Pyro: John wasn’t a music lover but your daughter seemed to be one. When he got alone time with Phoebe he brought out a pair of Bongo drums and let her go to town on them. He spent hours sitting and laughing with her while she hit them and you come home to one hell of a sight.

Oh Darling, Don’t You Ever Grow Up

Your little hands wrapped around my finger, and it’s so quiet in the world tonight

The only sound in the room was the heart monitor standing next to your bed in the pale hospital room. In the bed you lay sleeping peaceful after a long day.

Across the room sat Niall in an uncomfortable hospital chair, but he didn’t mind because there in his arms lay his sleeping daughter, Evelyn, not even two hours old. She was tiny, only weighing a mere five pounds, but she was beautiful. She had her mother’s nose, but she had Niall’s wonderous crystal blue eyes. 

Niall sat there in the quiet room rocking his daughter, captivated by the moment he knew he’d only get to experience once. 

You two had tried so hard for so long to have a child. Nearly three years of trying with no luck, you almost gave up. That was until you came home from a monthly doctor appointment with news that would change yours and Niall’s lives forever. You guys sat on the kitchen floor for hours crying with joy in each other’s arms. You couldn’t believe that your souls would be coming together to create a new life.

Niall couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful child in front of his exhausted eyes. A life created by him and the love of his life. His heart burst knowing that his world was whole now. Never was there a happier man, he truly believed. 

During the entire pregnancy, Niall couldn’t stop talking about everything he would do with his daughter during the eighteen years he had with her for sure. Teacher her how to ride a bike, play football, play guitar, scare away her boyfriends, and most importantly, watch her grow into a beautiful woman who would be loved the same way Niall loved her mother. 

But in this moment, he wished it could stay this simple. He didn’t mind if this moment lasted forever and she never grew up as her tiny hand curled around his pinky finger. 

You’re in the car on the way to the movies, and you’re mortified your mama’s dropping you off

“Mum, won’t you please let me take the tube to the cinema?” Your fourteen year old skinny-jean-clad daughter begged.

“No Evy. I’m dropping you off, and that is the end of the discussion,” You firmly replied while loading the dishwasher. 

“Why are you so overprotective? I’m a teenager! I can handle things on my own! Stop acting like you want me to never grow up!” She argued back.

“Evelyn Marie Horan, I only want to protect you. There are pervy men who are always watching beautiful girls like you. Now drop it or you are not going to the movies,” You say turning to the beautiful teenage girl that you swore was just learning to walk yesterday. She had beautiful light brunette hair that went to shoulder blades, freckles that accented her Irish ethnicity, but best of all, she had those piercing blue eyes that were a spitting image of Niall’s, the ones you fell for nearly twenty years ago.

“Ugh you are so controlling! Sometimes I wish I was never born!” She yelled stalking out of the kitchen room brushing passed her father who had just witnessed everything from the door frame. A few short seconds late you heard stomping up the stairs and a loud slamming door. 

Your face immediately dropped and you felt your eyes well with tears. You know she didn’t mean it, but you couldn’t help the sinking feeling in your heart when those words stabbed your ears. You and Niall had tried so long, and her birth was the best moment of your entire life. Everything you ever wanted was there in that tiny human. 

Niall’s face dropped and he took you in his arms. “She didn’t mean it, love. She’s a teenager with an attitude. You know she loves you so much and she knows she’s our entire world.”

You shook yourself from his grip and wiped your eyes with the back of your hand. “I know. She is my world, and I could never live with myself if something happened to her on the tube. I know she’s growing up, but she’s my baby.”

“I know, babe. I’ll go talk to her,” Niall replied softly before taking your face in his hands and placing a sweet kiss on your lips before leaving the kitchen.


“Evy, baby, can I come in?” Niall asked softly knocking on the door to her bedroom. Although Evelyn loved her parents fiercely, no one could deny she was a daddy’s girl. She could never say no to him. 

“Yes,” she replied shortly. 

Turning the door knob, Niall entered the room taking in the walls for a moment. He remembered nearly fifteen years ago, painting the same walls that were now recently painted beige pink with Harry and Liam as soon as you found out you were having a girl. Where did the time go? He thought to himself. He swore it was yesterday when the doctor pointed to the proof that you were carrying Evelyn.

Evelyn sat curled up in a ball facing the wall opposite the side of her father, and felt a dip in the bed and strong arms take her into them.

“You know Evy, your mum and I tried for nearly four years before you were born. Each and every time, we were more crushed than the last. We almost gave up home, but I’ll never forget the day your mum came running into the flat screaming hysterically in tears. I nearly had a heart attack. I thought something was terribly wrong that is until she jumped on top of me telling me the news. You were our miracle Evelyn. When your mum was pregnant with you, she wouldn’t let anyone touch her stomach besides me, and she barely left the house because she never wanted to risk losing you, and it’s still that way now. You’re our baby, and we only want to protect you. Of course we want you to grow up, but you’ll always be our baby.”

“I’m so horrible. Mum probably hates me now,” she cried. Her anger had now faded into a regrettable sadness. 

“Your mum could never hate you. You are her whole world. We love you so much, but you should go apologize to her.”

“Of course. Thanks daddy,” she said wiping her tears and hugging her father. He kissed the top of her head before watching her exit the room. He admired his beautiful baby girl who was growing up way too fast for him to handle.

Here I am in my new apartment, in a big city, they just dropped me off, it’s so much colder that I thought it would be so I tuck myself in and turn my nightlight on

“Well that was the last of the boxes. Everything is unpacked…finally!” you said placing your hands on your hips tiredly. You and Niall couldn’t believe it, but today was the day you two helped your only daughter, your whole world, move into her own apartment half way around the world. She had just graduated from the University of Manchester that spring where she soon after accepted a job in New York City at the UN Headquarters, something that had always been a dream of hers. It boggled you and Niall because both of you were never into politics, but you both were so proud of her. She grew into a beautiful and intelligent, but most importantly, a compassionate woman. “And we are right on schedule. Our flight back to London leaves in approximately two and a half hours, Ni.”

Niall looked around the apartment, taking it in for a minute. It wasn’t a penthouse or anything extraordinary, but it would do for now. He was so proud of his little girl for chasing her dreams and accomplishing them. He found her drive so remarkable. “Well, I guess we better get going soon then, huh?” He replied to his wife of nearly 27 years.

Evelyn would never let them know, but she secretly wanted them to stay. How was she going to live without them? Sure she had friends in the city. It wasn’t her first time there, not even her hundredth time, seeing as she had been there so many times with her father for concerts, awards, promotional, but it suddenly felt brand new to her.

You took your baby girl, who was now a good few inches taller than you, into your arms one last time before heading home. “My baby girl… I’m so proud of you. I can only wait to see the amazing things that come your way. You’ve worked so hard for everything you’ve earned, and you’re going to change the world. I love you so much,” you said choking on your worlds before pulling away to wipe your eyes.

“I love you too, Mum. Thank you for everything,” she said.

“Oh it was no big deal helping you move in my love.”

“I mean for everything, Mum. For everything these past 23 years. I couldn’t have done it without you. You have never given up on me.”

“I would do it all over again if I had to. I wouldn’t change anything,” you said giving her one last smile before Niall made his way to hug his Evy one last time before letting her embark on a whole new journey.

“You were in my ams at the start of your mum and my world, and now you’re in my arms at the start of your world. It feels like yesterday I was rocking you in the hospital chair, and now I have to give you to the world” Niall said more proud than anything. “I love you baby girl,” He said holding back subtle tears that you and Evelyn could both sense.

“Love you too, daddy! Don’t worry, I’m only an ocean away,” you joked trying to lighten the mood. 

And Evelyn watched her parents walk down the hallway until they were out of sight. 

This was it. She was on her own now.


Evelyn rolled around in bed. The city skyscrapers lit up her room and now took place of the night light she had for the past 23 years in her room back at her childhood home. She sat up, restless. Looking out admiring the city lights for a moment, she then looked at the clock on her night stand next to her bed. 2:37am. She got out of bed and walked to the desk in the corner of the room. Opening her laptop, the bright screen blinded her for a mere second, and a ringing filled the room. Shortly after, the kitchen cabinets she had opened and closed for nearly half a century came into view on the screen. 

“Evy!” You shouted in excitement. “Your father is making blueberry pancakes, and well…this is a disaster. He was never good at baking…” you said laughing covered in flour. 

Evelyn couldn’t help but smile. Her heart warmed at the sight. It always amazed her how you two had been together for over half of your lives, but you still acted as in love with each other as the first day you met. Every night she hoped and prayed that she would find a guy who loved her half as much as Niall loved you.

“NI, get over here! Evy is on the phone!”

“I’m coming’! Hold on. I’ve got flour in me eye!” Earning an eye roll from both you and Evelyn. 

“HI Evy! I miss you baby girl!” Niall said waving to the phone camera, “Wait…isn’t it nearly 3am in New York?

“Oh wait… yes it is. Why are you calling so late, Ev?” You asked. 

Evelyn looked down at her lap as if she was almost ashamed. 

“It’s okay Evy, you can tell us.”

Her lip trembled and her eyes watered with tears causing yours and Niall’s hearts to break right in front of her.

“I miss you guys so much. I need you guys. I don’t want to grow up. I wish I’d never grown up. It could still be simple and I could stay little.” She pouted.

“Awh Evy, baby girl, please don’t cry. You’re breaking my heart…” You begged.

“I know. I know. I’m sorry, mum…I just can’t help it.”

“It’s okay to be homesick Evy. I was homesick the first time the lads and I left for tour. But you learn that there is so much in this world to explore, and you use what you’ve learned at home to help you grow as a person. This world is big and beautiful and dying to be loved. You’ll love it. Just remember you’re stronger than you know, and we’re only an ocean away. We love you so much Evy. Remember, you’re our miracle. Now get some sleep before your mum and I  burn these pancakes,” Niall said.

He was so good with her, and that was something you always admired about him. Whatever it was, he could always reach out to her. 

“We love you Evy!” You said once last time before blowing a kiss.

“Love you too mum and dad. See you soon,” she said before hanging up and shutting her laptop. 

She looked out the window and saw the skyscrapers and knew changing the world was her destiny. Because of her parents strength and support…she finally grew up. 

Today Trompe-la-mort was like “I understand that the name ‘Valjean’ comes from ‘Jean,’ but why should the name ‘Jean Valjean’ go beyond one generation? Your name is Jean Valjean, fine, but then why name your son Jean and your daughter Jeanne?” and I was like “They couldn’t afford any other names”

Chris Motionless Imagine

Can you do a chris motionless fluffy imagine where Y/N and Chris have a two year old daughter and the daughter Like curses and hits Y/n when she has been told not too or something.. and then chris punishes her and the daughter throws a temper tantrum then when she is done They all have a talk and they hug it out like a family. ?? :3 thanks.

Your daughter tugs on your jeans, attempting to grab your attention. “Story time,” she whines, hugging your leg.

You sigh and cross your arms over your chest. “Sweety, Mommy’s busy,” you murmur, staring at the instructions in your lap. The font is too small and nothing makes sense, it’s hard enough to decipher without a small child demanding a story from you.

“Please?” she asks, pouting a bit. You rub your temples and look at the jumble of parts sitting in a pile at your feet. “Ask Daddy,” you say. You scowl at Chris sitting on the couch apparently lost in whatever he’s doing on his phone. Your daughter whimpers and you stand, scooping her up. You set her on the couch next to Chris.

“Let’s play a game,” you say with a wide smile, bending over slightly to look into your daughter’s eyes. She nods with a giggle. “It’s called The Quiet Game and all you have to do is sit quietly until I say you can speak,” you say. Chris scoffs. “That’s a lame game. It’s not like anyone wins something if they win or something.”

“Fine. You speak, a zombie pops up and eats your brains. If you keep quiet I will read you three stories,” you hiss, still smiling while mentally choking Chris. Your daughter nods and holds a finger up to her lips. “Shhhh.” You return to your work.

You’re wondering why you even wanted a model plane when you feel familiar tiny hands on your leg. You shake your leg a bit, trying to focus on attaching a wing that doesn’t even look like a wing. You pick up the instructions and sigh, glancing at Chris and silently asking him for help. Of course his eyes are glued to his phone. You feel a sharp pain in your leg and throw down the illegible instructions, managing to give yourself a paper cut.

“Double fuck,” you snap, sticking your finger into your mouth. “Watch it,” Chris warns. You ignore him, a sudden shock of pain distracting you. “Fu… Did you just bite me?!” you demand, glaring down at your daughter. She shakes her head and pouts. “What does fuck mean?” she asks innocently. “Don’t say that,” you say, seeing a wet spot on your jeans.

“Fuck,” she says, grinning mischievously. “Stop,” you say as Chris looks up. “Story?” she asks. “No,” you answer firmly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she sings. “Okay, that’s enough,” Chris says, picking her up suddenly.

You watch him place her down on the floor, facing the corner. “You are officially on a time out for saying a bad word,” he says in the most monotonous way possible.

You count down the seconds until she starts screaming. Three… two… one… silence? She looks at Chris expectantly for a moment and you hold your breath. She starts with the fake tears and shrieks as she kicks her feet, getting herself worked up. This goes on for a while until she sees the look on Chris’s face. “Are you done?” he asks, oddly calm.

She hesitates. “No!” she sobs. Chris stares at her blankly. She walks over to him slowly, whimpering a bit. “Why are you crying?” Chris asks as he lifts her onto his lap. She shrugs and buries her face in his chest.

“Did you bite Mommy?” he asks, wiping away her tears. She shakes her head. “I saw you bite Mommy,” he says, lifting her chin. “We don’t bite people,” he says softly. “We don’t bite people,” she repeats him, her lip quivering. “What do you say to Mommy now?” he asks. She mumbles something that you can’t hear.

You move closer to them, sitting beside Chris. “What was that?” Chris asks, looking at you. Your daughter turns and smiles shyly. “I’m sorry, Mommy,” she whispers. “Hug?” you ask, opening your arms. She grins and jumps into your arms, squeezing you as hard as she can. You peck her forehead and smile a bit. “Apology accepted,” you murmur into her hair.

“No more biting people, especially Mommy, okay?” you say. “And no more bad words,” Chris adds. “No biting and no bad words,” your daughter says. Chris grins and pecks her cheek, throwing an arm around you. He stands suddenly. “Now we are all going to help Mommy build a model plane because Mommy sucks at building stuff,” he says.

Twenty minutes later he throws the instructions and a bag of tiny parts away. You smirk and point at the horribly put together model plane. “Now who sucks at building stuff, Chris?”

Ok yeah, but imagine Jean and Marco have a daughter, and one day she brings home her boyfriend to meet them. Then when they leave the boyfriend is all like “Your dad Jean terrifies me” and the daughter just looks at him pitifully and says “Oh hun” because Jean’s not the dad he should be afraid of.

imagine your otp based on things that happened to me at work: black friday edition
  • “your store has called mine 6 different times asking the same question and you’re the last one who called and i’m trying to not scream into the phone”
  • “my work brought in food and i grabbed a sandwich from the break room before heading onto the floor and now you’ve been following me around, asking where i got it”
  • “i keep hearing about these new expensive hoverboards we have in stock and we just got 20 more in and i’m the one who has to get past the crowd to set them out and you help clear a path for me”
  • “i’m pushing a cart full of clothes and i cant see over it so i bumped into you and now you’re pissed”
  • “your daughter is trying to climb up the jean shelf even though you keep setting her back on the ground and i’m trying not to laugh”
  • “i was talking to my coworker about the x files and you overheard and now we’re in a conversation about aliens”
  • “i got in 30 minutes early so i go to sit in the break room and you’re a new hire sitting in there too and holy shit you’re cute, i wasn’t trained for this”
  • “we’re both working 10 hour shifts and i found you asleep in the women’s fitting room”
  • “i walked by the toy’s section and looked over to see you stuck in the middle of a group of women yelling at each other over elsa dolls”
  • “you keep setting off the singing christmas ornaments in the back and i’m about to lose my mind”
A excerpt of conversation between me and my friend Jean-Loutre, in the metro.
  • /Context : The conversation started 15 minutes before that and during the whole time the lady who was sitting in front of us wouldn't stop laughing. Me and Jean-Loutre were sharing onion rings and I was drinking Bubble Tea. Have a nice reading. /
  • Me: Hey man, I just got an idea.
  • Jean-Loutre: what
  • Me: Put this onion ring on your head
  • Jean-Loutre: Why? I want to eat it, it's delicious.
  • Me: Trust me, I know what I'm doing, I trust the song. Put the ring on your head
  • Jean-Loutre: What song?
  • Me: Eeeeeh you know the one that goes "and if you like then you should put a ring on it" or something?
  • Jean-Loutre: That explains nothing
  • Me: well I like you so I'm trying to put an onion ring on you. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE
  • Jean-Loutre: no
  • Me: How dare you not trust the song... Are you trying to escape from my affection?
  • Jean-Loutre: Sorry but I like onion rings too much to lose them to your weirdness
  • Me: I'm not weird
  • Jean-Loutre: You're drinking Bubble Tea it's fucking weird
  • Me: ... Okay I'll give you that
  • Me: Seriously who got that idea tho
  • Jean-Loutre: Well obviously this drink has too much sugar in it.
  • Me: Okay now... Time to name my children
  • Jean-Loutre: ...I guess by children you mean food.
  • Me: Food is exactly like children. Except you eat it.
  • Jean-Loutre: Infantile family cannibalism. Sounds nice.
  • Me: Except my name isn't Hannibal.
  • Me: ... So, I think I'm gonna name the Bubble Tea "Jean Jacques de La Compostelle". He's gonna be a pilgrim. And then I'm going to eat him.
  • Jean-Loutre: Oh God poor child
  • Me: And then, Onion Rings is going to be... mmmh. What would be a nice name for a girl?
  • Me: Oh, I know! Onion Rings.
  • Jean-Loutre: Adrien don't call your future daughter that
  • Me: ... It'll give her a nice tragic backstory.
  • Jean-Loutre: And then she'll kill you because you gave her a crappy name.
  • Me: Dead parents: totally tragic!
  • Jean-Loutre: Yeah, and evil: she killed you. She's going to be a villain. And a really lame villain, because her name is Onion Rings.
  • Me: Shit, you're right. I fucked up. I'll call her hotchick2020. That's a cool name
  • Jean-Loutre: This is why you can't have nice things
  • Jean-Loutre: Anyway, here is my stop. See you tomorrow.
  • Me: Don't forget not to think about disgusting things before you go to sleep! You don't want to have creepy nightmares, now, do you?
  • Jean-Loutre: NO
  • Jean-Loutre: *while running* FUCK YOU
  • Me: *laughs and turns head to see the lady in front of me*
  • Lady: *still laughing, notices I'm looking at her* oh sorry, I can't help it. You guys were just too funny. This is THE most surrealist conversation I've ever had to witness. It's like you were from a play written by Ionesco!
  • Me: I'll gladly take that as a compliment.
  • Lady: Good, because it is.
  • Me: *about to leave because it's my stop now*
  • Lady: Oh, and before you go?
  • Me: Yes?
  • Lady: You and your buddy made my metro trip really awesome. Thanks.
You fight and leave with the kids - Louis

A/N: I know that this is an odd time to be posting, but after moving I finally found some time to write and so thought I would post it straight away.

The last of the lot, find the rests of the boys here;

Liam  Harry  Zayn  Niall

And now


“Louis it’s like you’re not even here anymore, even when you’re not on tour, you still don’t want to be with the kids and I” you ranted at Louis in frustration. “Well if I’m such a failure of a husband, why don’t you just fuck off” Louis said harshly, blue eyes clouded with anger. “Maybe I will” you yelled, face red, turning to run from the room.

“Louis, we’re leaving” you said pointedly from the door to Louis’s music room, the harshness from the fight still left over in your tone. There was no reaction from the man, music blaring through the speakers, clearly blocking your voice. “Louis dammit, we’re leaving” you yelled louder, finally gaining his attention, as he turned to glare in your direction. The glare was quick to dissipate though when he noticed your 3 year old son in your arms and 5 year old daughter clutching your jean leg, her backpack strapped to her back. “Where are you going?” Louis demanded, “you can’t just disappear with our children” he added, tone becoming much more gentle when he noticed your daughter’s eyes widen, withdrawing slightly from the room. “Louis,” you started, working to maintain an even tone, “I’m taking your early advice, it’s not fair on them and you know that. I am taking them to stay with my mum and when we can figure out how to have a proper conversation without yelling, call me.” “Fine” Louis said, his stubbornness shining through. You nodded stoically, “say goodbye to daddy” you told both your children. They looked up at you with wide innocent eyes and then looked to Louis, “bye-bye daddy” your 3 year old said, not quite understanding. But your daughter looked cautiously between the two of you before Louis opened his arms and she ran across the room to throw herself into his arms, “bye daddy.” “Bye princess I’ll see you soon” Louis promised in a soft voice, reluctantly letting her go to follow you out the door.

A few days had passed since you had left and still you hadn’t received a call from Louis. You were beginning to think that perhaps he didn’t want the 3 of you back and had given up on your relationship all together. On the forth night you were woken by the  loud ringing of your phone through the dark room, glancing at the clock to see that it was 1am before you answered the call from your husband. “Louis it’s 1am in the morning this not what I meant by call me” you told him, voice thick with sleep. “I know Y/N but I had to talk to you now” Louis began to ramble, “I know I should have called the second you left and I wanted to,  but you know how stubborn I am and I know you probably thought I didn’t care anymore. But I do, I care so much, you left and every thought that consumed my mind was you and the kids, I couldn’t sleep, please come home so we can talk properly. I’m ready to be the man you need me to be again.” You smiled, Louis sounded like himself again and you immediately got out of bed and pulled on a coat, “I’m on my way” You told Louis hearing his sigh of relief through the phone.

A/N: Hi, sorry I know it’s not my best work but it really was hard to try and come up with another scenario for this. But I tried and I hope you liked it :) Thanks for reading. 

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#28 - Your Child's First Day Of School

Liam: “There’s my little princess!” Liam grins as Anna skips into the kitchen, dressed in a soft pink frock, white tights and shiny black shoes, soft, curly hair bouncing on her shoulders, “Don’t you look gorgeous?”

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, look at my fingernails!” She holds out one hand which you had lightly painted with a thin coat of silver polish the night before, “Mummy said I could paint my nails for school.”

“Just once, Anna.” You correct. Liam looks up at you, raising one eyebrow, “She asked, Li. It’s her first day of school.”

Liam’s about to reply when you hear the sound of a car honking outside. Since both Liam and you have to work, Niall is giving Anna a ride to her first day of school, “Bye, Mummy!” She skips out of the door, rainbow backpack bouncing along with her. You sigh, your eyes filling up with tears. Liam stands up and wraps one arm around your waist.

“She’s grown up so fast, hasn’t she?” He whispers into your hair.

Niall“Okay, James. Here we are!” You and Niall both smile down at your son while he grips both of your hands tightly, “James?”

“Mummy, Daddy, I’m scared.” He whispers. Instinctively, both of you crouch down to meet his blue eyes, which, sure enough, are full of terror. He’s shaking in his little white trainers, jeans and Thomas The Tank Engine sweatshirt, “What if the people don’t like me?”

“They’ll love you!” Niall protests, “You’re my little man!”

“But I’m only four, Dad. Isn’t everyone else so much bigger than me?” James frowns, looking disbelieving.

“No, James…” You smile, reassuringly, “You’ll be in a class with a lot of other four year olds as well, and you get to play outside and paint and draw and have a lovely time, James! It’s like your playdates with Darcy, but with more people!”

“Promise?” James holds out one tiny pinky. Both you and Niall link your pinkies with his.

“Pinky promise.” You say in unison.

Louis: “Okay, Bella, now what are we not going to do?” Louis repeats, sitting on the front step in front of your daughter. You were stood in the doorway, watching the adorable scene fondly.

“Bite.” Bella mumbles.

“And?” Louis prompts.

“Scratch.” Bella continues, glancing down at her stubby nails, “Daddy, you’ve told me this already.”

Bella didn’t mean to, but she was quite an aggressive child and liked to get her way. Sometimes, at playdates, you’d get phone calls that she’d bitten another child or scratched them and had to go collect her. She looked like quite a sweet child, with her green eyes and brown curls, but she was as feisty as her father and didn’t have the same control.

“Okay, lovely. You look gorgeous.” He kisses her forehead and adjusts her mint-green dress. Bella smiles, “I wish I could come to drop you, but Mummy will be there. Okay?”

“Okay, Daddy. I love you.” She kisses his cheek and bounds out of the door, giggling furiously. Louis presses a quick kiss to your lips and you follow Bella, closing the door behind you.

Zayn: “Dad…” Your daughter, Melody, tugs on Zayn’s jeans nervously just as the three of you are about to get into the car, “What if they make fun of me like the kids at playgroup?”

Melody, even at such a young age, had been bullied in her playgroup before because of her ethnicity. She had Zayn’s skin and eyes, making her look quite exotic in comparison to some of the girls that had been picking on her. Melody was quite withdrawn and kept to herself a lot of the time.

“They won’t, Melody.” Zayn assures her, “Because there are fifty people there, love, and everyone will look different. You’ll find lovely friends and have a great time.”

“But the girls at playgroup said I’m ugly.” Her eyes fill with tears and her lower lip trembles, “I don’t think I want to go. Please don’t make me go.”

“Melody, you’re as beautiful as Mummy, okay?” Zayn strokes her hair and brushes the crumbs from breakfast off of her red t-shirt and blue jeans, “Don’t let those silly girls make you feel bad. Now, let’s go.” Melody looks at you for conformation, and you grin at her. She sits down in the car and even returns your smile, despite her nervousness.

Harry: “Spencer?” Harry calls, “C'mon! We have to go!”

You hear your son’s giggle and both of you roll your eyes. Spencer was hiding somewhere, treating this whole situation like a game, “Come and find me, Daddy!”

“Spencer, you’re going to be late.” You sigh and you hear Harry entering Spencer’s bedroom, which appears to be empty, “Come on!”

You open up your bedroom door and check under your bed, which only has a lost pair of socks and a pair of jeans, but no Spencer. You start to get exasperated. Spencer has this never ending spirit of fun and doesn’t ever want to stop playing, which you do appreciate but wish he could keep it better under control.

“Got you!” You hear Harry’s voice echoing down the hallway as he tucks Spencer under his arm, who is laughing hysterically. The two of the march down the stairs, both laughing, while you stand and watch the scene, smiling to yourself.

Bring on the Change We Wish to See!

A history professor and I had a conversation in 1982 about how his sons would have it “so much harder” to break out of gender stereotypes in the coming decades than the baby girl I had just delivered. Fresh on the heels of the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment, I rolled my eyes and sputtered, “Yeah, right….”

He pressed further, insisting something like this: You will be able to dress your daughter in a dress one day, and jeans the next. But after his christening or baptism, a boy in a dress will not be accepted by society for a long, long time. Pink will remain a risky choice for sons while daughters will own the rainbow.

Putting aside the New Wave reign of pink button-down men’s shirts and the emergence of Utilikilts, in hindsight my professor was sadly correct.

Being young and idealistic I countered, “But isn’t the family the first ‘society’ our kids will know? If we as parents don’t start the change, who will?” I swore to him that if I were so blessed to have a son, I wouldn’t raise him to be afraid of a color. (He’s not.)

In three-plus decades of parenting our two offspring my husband and I did all we could, first at home and then with the people we chose as friends. Family was harder, but we buffered that by having frank conversations and establishing firm house rules for visitors.

Our kids had rainbow wardrobes and chose their own outfits from toddlerhood We had a costume bag full of feather boas and silk ties and aprons and coveralls to which we assigned no gender. If a visiting child or grandparent tried to “correct” an attire choice along gender lines we stepped in with another view. One day Dina would be in her daddy’s old sport coat and tie, while Hunter sported a flowing scarf and my old heels. And the next they’d play standard mommy daddy. It was all good.

As the kids grew, we (well mostly I) pushed schools and churches and youth groups to face down gender stereotypes, and sometimes we won. Other times we walked away.

Even so….

Both our offspring suffered for living outside society’s expectations. It made for meaningful conversations at home, and they saw us go to battle for them. But the older they got, they increasingly endured harassment in silence. They had learned that our family was weird – in a good way, but nonetheless. And they realized that the adults around them – us included – tended to make the bullying worse rather than better.

I decided to start this blog because I am finished with the unproductive “how?” and “why?” and the finger pointing of “who?” I am looking for specific actions that shed light on “what’s next?” That’s why my next post will salute Target stores for eliminating gender-based toy aisles.

Help me hunt for stories that shine the light on ways that people and organizations are changing the harmful and/or unnecessary ways that society uses gender and the binary model to divide people and perpetuate stereotyping.

Get on board! No more waiting for “society” to fix this. Please send your examples my way via message ( or using #ungenderfy.