not your average book

loving me is a bad idea
i’ll love you like nothing else
but i break everything i touch
and from the moment i set my eyes on you you’ll be cursed

really the main difference between the characterization of Sophie and Howl in the movie and Sophie and Howl in the book

is that your average ghibli protagonists are a good-hearted and naive young person who needs to learn to believe in themself and their companion who is both more worldly and more otherworldly but needs to learn to believe in others

and your average diana wynne jones protagonists are little shits. all of them. such little shits.

Mystery Doodle Art

I’m a student at the University of Arkansas and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m also a scavenger: The University shamelessly bleeds me dry with what they charge for books & materials, so if I’m simply not going to pay good money for anything that I don’t absolutely have to if I can help it.

Yesterday, I found that someone had thrown away a mostly used notebook that I decided to “harvest” for extra note paper or unused scantron forms (which the U or AR also has the gall to charge us for.) I was rifling through the pages when, naturally, I came upon the previous owner’s doodles.

Interesting, kinda cute, but they’re just your average note-book doodles right?

Huh, looks like they tried shading with a ball point pen. Yes, it CAN BE DONE, it’s just kinda hard to do REALLY WELL. Then as I kept flipping pages, things got a bit more intriguing…

Looks like this person is getting pretty good at it…

REALLY GOOD at it. But wait, there’s more…

See THAT? It’s a pretty realistic human nose. I alsways screw up noses, I can never get them quite right. But THIS, not bad.

I love how these figures just kinda naturally “flow” like they’re actually dancing.

Holy shit, someone THREW THIS AWAY?!?!?


This eye, I’d swear it’s looking right at me. And I love how the pink is so smoothly blended.

The ruffling of the dress is super cute, and those lips on the edge look so delightfully bitter. I LOVE IT!

Holy fuck, this person can REALLY blend ball-point-pen. I CAN’T DO THAT! I have no idea how to blend actual ink from ball-point-pen (and yes, they do make different colored pens) so kudos to you stranger.
But that’s not it, this is the very last sketch in the entire note-book:

Maybe a self portrait? I can only image how long it must have taken to get this far, or wether or not they had any intention of completing it. Job well done, you clearly know what you’re doing, I’m actually rather saddened by your decision to toss your own amazing work in the trash, but I’m glad I found it.

I’m glad I found your work, consider this my attempt to preserve it.

Thank you, stranger.

It’s you and me, baby {Kim Minseok}

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

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You sighed as your fingertips tapped the tabletop in a rhythmic beat, watching customers chat away with each other as they sipped at their complex coffee orders. Today was a slow one, and the autumn air outside was turning colder and sharper as the day turned to dusk.

It was safe to say that your life was perfectly boring.

You went through school with average grades, never too loud or too quiet. You’d always lived to your parents great expectations, never once stepping out of line, always playing by the rules in the book. Your appearance was even pretty average, you never stepped out of the social expectations, never dyed your hair or wore much make up. And that was it, that was you, living in a boring reality.

But that was not the fate you were supposed to live, which was why everything changed as soon as the candy floss haired man stepped through the cafe door.

He wasn’t like anyone you’d ever seen before.

His hair, as stated before, was a light shade of candy floss pink, styled perfectly and matched his milky complexion. Around his heavily lined eyes was thick framed glasses that rested upon his pierced nose. But that wasn’t the only thing that was pierced, his ears were occupied too, and the end of his eyebrow, and his lip.

Tattoos decorated his toned arms that were revealed by his short sleeved ACDC top. His jeans were black and ripped, matching his lace up army boots perfectly. He held a jacket over his shoulder, the action made his upper arms flex, revealing his strength. Just watching him was enough to make you fall six feet under.

“I’ll have a plain black coffee please.” He ordered, his voice deep.

“S-sure.” You responded, cringing at your own stammer.

You noticed his eyebrow cock upwards at the action, smirking at the way you were blushing under his intense stare.

“And a piece of you would be nice, too.” He continued, almost trying out how far his effect on you would go.

You passed him the hot drink and the rescript, cheeks flushing. “That’s 4,100 won please.”

He leant across the desk, picking himself up one of the pens before scribbling a line of numbers on the rescript, he then reached into the depths of his pockets, pulling out the correct money before sliding over to you with the rescript and the pen he’d used.

“Call me, sweetheart.” He winked before picking up his coffee and turning to walk away.

You called the number, and it brought you here.

An empty street, broken bricks surrounding you and darkness.

Minseok stood before you, a gun loaded and pressed against his thigh.

“Did you mean it, {y/n}? When you said you wanted a more exciting life? Because I can give you that and more. It’s dangerous, and you’ll be risking your life every day walking these streets. But isn’t that what you want?” He was speaking such dangerous words, but the way he spoke was so appealing and so beautiful, like he was promising you the moon and the stars.

“Of course this is what I want. I want you.” You told him, falling more and more in love. You were way over your head.

Minseok smirked, caging you between his arms.

“In that case, it’s you and me baby.”

anonymous asked:

How large do your books tend to be/how many pages on average? Do you have a genre of books that you hate/strongly dislike?

My books tend to be really long. Page number is irrelevant, since formatting can significantly change that. 

We all have our genre preferences. There are definitely genres that I usually don’t like. I’m not crazy about historical fiction, for example. But I also can’t stand genre or category elitists; people who act like a genre is beneath them simply because they don’t like it. So yeah, I may not enjoy historical fiction, but I don’t think I’m better than it, or its writers, or readers. People who pull that shit are obnoxious. 

Hyde's Height
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I hate it when Jekyll and Hyde adaptations make Hyde taller than Jekyll (animated Jekyll and Hyde movie that I saw on youtube once I'm looking at you). It clearly says in the book that Hyde is shorter than your average man, and this detail wasn't just briefly mentioned either! It is described on multiple occasions and is even minorly joked about in the book! It's a major physical trait of Hyde and for it to be skipped over as if it doesn't matter bugs me.
  • It makes me wonder if they ever read the book, or if they just read an online summary that completely forgot to include the character descriptions that Hyde is shorter than Jekyll! And this is made even worse when they make an adaptation that is faithfully following the plot of the book, but then they make Hyde 6"2! It's kinda like "We tried to make it true to the original story, but we ignored one of the most remembered traits of Hyde and made him a giant." What the heck! I guess with some adaptations that are more loosely based on the book it's okay to play around with that sort of thing (BBC's Jekyll made Hyde a tad bit taller by the character's reactions to comparing Jekyll and Hyde) but i can't get over that it bugs me.

Just Your Average Asexual by Calista Lynne

Asexuality is much more complex than a lot of people seem to believe. It is also painfully simple. Since I am a being composed of contradictions, it only makes sense that this is what I’ve come to identify as.

This complexity comes from the spectrum that exists in asexuality. I don’t remember the first time I learned about the ace community but I do recall coming to realize how many different experiences exist in asexuality. There is no “average asexual” but the lack of representation of the ace community in general- let alone the nuances that exist in it- means that not a lot of people really seem to know that.  

My goal with We Awaken was to not only provide asexual and F/F representation, but also show how different everyone’s asexuality can be. That’s why I had sensitivity readers even though I myself fall on the ace spectrum (although I’m the first to admit I’m not exactly sure where).  

The whole novel began with an idea for a sonnet I never wrote. There was a magazine that wanted works based on fairytales and I thought up a morbid poem about a woman in love with the Sandman who became addicted to sleeping pills. Somehow, the drug addiction got dropped, the Sandman turned into a woman, and they both became asexual.

Also, it stopped being a poem and I ended up with a novel. Books just write themselves on occasion.  

When I realized I was dealing with something a lot bigger than what I’d initially set out to write, I decided that We Awaken would be a novel I wish I’d had growing up. Representation is so important; we don’t want to be what we never see and I knew young people never saw asexuals, let alone asexuals with happy endings, because I lived that. In our sexed up culture it’s so easy to feel broken when you look at both genders and try to feel something akin to sexual desire and just draw blanks. I knew I was going to write at least one asexual protagonist but ace representation is so rare that even though I am a part of the community, I didn’t think myself well-informed enough to write it.  

Thankfully, I live in the age of the internet so even though I was a nobody with a brand new Tumblr, I was able to get in touch with a few other asexuals and ask them questions about their experiences. They were all so kind and answered everything, even when I started to get mildly invasive, and a lot of their anecdotes came to color the story. It was how I began to realize the spectrum of asexuality, and how it also branched out into demisexuality and aromanticism among other facets of the sexuality.

Some asexuals like kissing. Others do not. There is sex repulsion as well as sex positive asexuals. The other day I met a girl at a film shoot who described herself as an “asexual slut” and we had a delightful conversation about the pros and cons of flavored condoms. It’s all fine but it’s all there. I want young people to know that they can have what relationships they want- sexual, romantic, platonic- even if they’re asexual. No one should feel broken or like a freak just because they don’t see themselves in the media. There is no “average asexual” and I only scratch the surface in my novel, but hopefully the call for diverse books has been heard and we will start seeing more stories with characters who don’t feel sexual attraction in the future.

“This isn't your average book, it's pure gold: Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches. Explains everything you need to know about girls. If only I'd had this last year I'd have known exactly how to get rid of Lavender and I would've known how to get going with... Well Fred and George gave me a copy, and I've learned a lot. You'd be surprised, it's not all about wandwork, either.”

I can’t decide what’s funnier…Ron thinking that getting a girl means performing some complicated spell or him giving the biggest “wand” innuendo in the entire series.

about me

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Name: jay
Nickname: anything related to jill
Height: 5′1″ :’^(
Orientation: gay??? 
Ethnicity: bengali 
Favorite Fruit: mangos, apples, berries, green grapes
Favorite Season: spring and summer
Favorite Book: anything by khaled hosseini 
Favorite Flower: all flowers are my fave, but roses and tulips are super pretty
Favorite Scent(s): coffee/cafes, candles after the flames been blown out, new book smell, oils that are used for your hair??
Average Sleep Hours: 5-8
Cat or Dog Person: DOGS!!! 
Favorite Fictional Character: there are A LOT but pidge and prince zuko will always have a very special place in my heart! <3
Number of Blankets you Sleep with: 1 (2 if they’re thin) 
Ideal Vacation: i’ve been wanting to visit my relatives from my mom’s side for a while, so either toranto or the east coast. but i’ve also really been wanting to travel to france !! 
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okay, i’m rlly curious: how many books are in the average bookworm’s room? count all books in your bedroom, excluding any textbooks and/or dictionaries, and reblog with the number below! 📚

The stages of reading ToA

Prereading: your life is fairly average, enhanced by waiting for the book.

Buying the book: the hype is beginning to settle in and the fangirl is peeking out from beneath her fort of blankets in your brain.

Reading the first chapter: yay YAY


PERSASSY: hyperventilating

SOLANGELO: OMFG WHAT THE FLIP STOP READING FOR 15+ MINUTES AND SQUEAL AND FAN AND DIE or if you aren’t a solangelo fangirl you can go drink some kale and warhead mixture smoothie or something bad like that. (No hard feelings to people who dont ship it)

Keep crying over solangelo perfection.

Reading rest of the book: giddy excitement but nothing like SOLANGELO PARTS BECAUSE SOLANGELO IS THE BEST AND NOTHING ELSE COMPARES

Postreading: waiting impatiently for new solangelo fanfictions and fanarts because you’re solangelo trash and cant draw or write (or just cant be bothered to)

That’s it thats all you need to know about The Hidden Prophecy. None of the rest of the plot matters. Just SOLANGELLOOOO

Every religious argument ever

Christian: “God wrote the bible!”

Me: “But do you have any proof of that?”

Christian: “Yeah! It says so!!!”

Me: “No, what I mean is do you have any proof that it was really an all powerful sky being whom created your abhorrently average book instead of a bunch of middle eastern men only claiming there is a god who will burn and torture you for all of eternity if you don’t do as the book instructs to scare you into following their societal rules and expectations?”

Christian: “You’re out of your mind! I can’t believe this!!
You weren’t there!!!”

Me: “yes, I’M the one who’s out of my mind, coming from the one who believes a clearly unviable book that could have been written by ANYONE with no evidence whatsoever to back it up over an immense and intimidating amount of PHYSICAL scientific evidence that largely contradicts the entire platform of your entire religion.
And, by my knowledge, neither were you.”

Christian: “I’ll be praying for you!”