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emerald-imperial  asked:

How do you write so much so fast?? Seems like every time I blink you've put out a flawless 9k chapter of something, and I'm over here s u f f e r i n g to get to at least 4k,,, (My current theory is that you are a robot- Evidence A: You type a million words a minute. Evidence B: You fail at 'I'm not a robot' security tests). Anyway, pls teach me your ways, O Master of Fics

Haha awww thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

I’m not really sure!! I do type fast and unlike a lot of people (maybe?) I don’t do much/any planning beforehand. It’s sort of just chug and go. I also don’t have any padding for my fics (I never write ahead) and don’t have a beta. I usually type a chapter in one night (6-10k) and edit in another night and that’s it! My pace has kind of slowed down recently bc of work/school/responsibilities but the process hasn’t changed much hahaha

ALSO DON’T CALL ME OUT FOR THE ROBOT SECURITY TESTS lolololol I’m not good under pressure ok??? ok??? and as for your Evidence A:

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Let's see how you like it, since in your opinion there's no need to respect others in here and the "f-bomb" is "commonplace" now. I'm saying you are a fucking hypocrist and you can go and fuck off literally while holding the hand of your fucking hypocrist friend too. Bye. ;)

Oh fuck you’re so fucking right ! I’d fucking rather be fucking anywhere holding my fucking “hypocrist” fucking friends fucking hand than be fucking around on this fucking hellsite where fucking people like you can’t fucking go five fucking seconds without fucking sending someone dumbass fucking anons three hours after I fucking talked this whole fucking thing out with the fucking op and fucking deleted the fucking posts and fucking closed the whole fucking matter up !


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so after i finished Mockingjay Part 2 last night, while i was sitting in my seat and trying to compose myself, i listened to this girl in front of me rant about how the ending sucked, how depressing it was. she didn’t understand why Katniss didn’t become the new leader. she thought it was sad that she was exiled to Twelve to live alone.

and i just thought, wow. this is sad. because this girl doesn’t understand Katniss’ character at all. and this is the problem with the media and the general moviegoing public. they completely misunderstand Katniss because they project what they want out of a hero onto her. what they’ve come to expect of their heroes. they completely strip away her own agency, her own wishes and desires for her life, and want her to do what they want a hero to do. never mind the fact that Katniss repeats ad nauseam “i never wanted any of this.” they want someone extraordinary, not understanding just how ordinary Katniss Everdeen is, how human she is. they want their heroes flawed, but not infallible. they want epic heroic narratives where the good guys win and everything is right by the end. every other popcorn action movie will tell you that story, but that’s not this story.

that’s not Katniss’ story.

Katniss is just an ordinary girl, who does extraordinary things. and then those things eventually break her. but even after all that, all the trauma and brutality, she still goes on to live an ordinary life. that’s what she wanted.

and that’s the extraordinary part.

It’s mid-autumn festival!