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Legally Blonde the Musical
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And now I wish to God thatThe earth would turn coldAnd my heart would forget it's made of glass

Yoooo if you ever truly wanna see the definition of fragile masculinity, go shopping at a hardware store with your guy. When he can’t find something, suggest asking for help. Watch his body language change as he says no. Then go and seek help anyway, and watch how immediately he puffs his chest and becomes silently standoffish. It’s classic, and it happens literally every day at work.

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

  • Futaba: Okay, okay, so. I think we’re gonna need to find a jewel or some shit? And that’ll let the sun reflect into a statue, and then a boss is gonna appear? Now, you kill the boss, and that’s gonna net us the back-mounted devil teeth that shoots rose, right? And that’ll let–
  • Ryuji: Whoa, whoa, time out. Why do action games have to have this shit again? Why can’t this be like… 90’s beat-em-ups!
  • Futaba: Wha… What th– Okay, okay fine, I’m gonna let you try and explain how dumb that is.
  • Ryuji: Old beat-em-ups, all that was asked upon you is to go in one direction and beat the shit out of everyone you saw; man, woman, or child. That is, until you came across the boss, who’s usually a grungy, smelly-lookin’ loser. You didn’t need to deal with traps, and obstacles, and… things! It was pure! It was innocent!
  • Futaba: Okay, well, you have a point, but… you-you’re, like, too stupid to properly convey it.
  • Ryuji: Or you're too stupid to have properly understood-ed-ed… it.

libbygirl007  asked:

Okay Dark, I didn't mean to get on your bad side. Okay so I lied about letting you in, I'm sorry. But I will soon though, whenever a deal is set or a compromise or whichever you prefer. However, I'll be keeping an eye on you in future videos whenever you make your return.

First of all, w r e t c h , I don’t cut deals. I don’t have to. Why must i possibly jeopardize something I’ve worked to attain when i can just t a k e . I won’t need to compromise anything for anyone. If i wanted your submission I’d do just that 

t a k e   y o u r   s u b m i s s i o n

I’d wither you down, manipulate you so badly, there won’t be any need for you to “set a deal” as you so connivingly said. I would break you and beat you into a submission so intense that although all the world would help you break free of me if they had the chance, you would think you’d have not a friend in the world besides me. 

h o w    d a r e   y o u   i n s u l t   m e

How dare you think I would know nothing about the psychology of the  w e a k   human mind. How dare you sit there, lying to me about letting me in when you know you never would give complete over control of yourself to anyone else, let alone me. And lastly, how dare you assume that I would EVER need your submission. 

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Just dropping by to say that I love seeing your icon on my dash! You so pretty omg 💕💕💕💕

Hi Lovely Nonny Chan! 
I think you must be mistaken. My face has the power to destroy a 1000 suns. Strike fear into the hearts of small children. The stuff that nightmares are made of. Thank the Lord for makeup! 
(P.S…. thank you… that really brought a smile to my face. While I do not agree with you, I thank you, very very much!)

sanses as shit I've said
  • Classic: lol u wanna hear me screech like a whale
  • Blue: lesbian flamingos are people too
  • Red: look if you're going to be that stupid about this, you probably have lost enough brain cells to park in the handicap spot over there instead of circling around the parking lot like a vulture.
  • Razz: there are two kind of people. the first kind tries to explain magic genitals through science. me? i just chalk it up to magic bombs making the dingle dongs
  • Lust: papyrus is a semen lord
  • Violet: always give 100% unless you're donating blood
  • Error: idiots, you gotta dissolve the body in lye. amateurs.
  • Ink: what do you mEAN I'm not tall enough to ride this ride??? listen here you little shit, if you don't let me ride this fucking waterslide I will shove this inner tube so far up your ass you'll be shitting rubber for a week
  • Fresh: bork bork is the sound of an emu
  • Geno: no hablo frencho
  • Death: you've survived how many years on this planet? you're going on tower of terror with me and that is final. capiche? now, any last words?
  • Pale: decapitate me with a chainsaw

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And I never said your brain can't handle facts, or that your age means you're too stupid to comrehend something or whatever you're implying I'm saying. I'm saying the porn industry and its flaws is a mature subject and (or any 16 year old) likely don't have the maturity to realise how nuanced it is. The arguments you are making make no sense in practice. Bad things happen. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about it. You can't prevent abusive relationships, you can only help the victim.

You are comparing abusive relationships to an entire industry that profits off of sex. You obviously can’t regulate personal relationships, but you CAN regulate business. I don’t see what about this is so hard to understand. Businesses are regulated all the time. Unions and safety precautions are common in other industries, so why the heck is the porn industry any different?

Watching Bucharest Pride on TV is so beautiful~ ❤❤

Ahhh, I wish I could go~

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You used to be cool and have a awesome content. Now you're posting shits. I've always look up to you for joji's updates. I thought you're unlike this other stan that shitpost and make up stupid theories. Turns out you're just like them too :/

Just because I made a couple of shitposts an hour or two ago doesn’t mean I’ve changed as a person or my blog has changed. I was just having a little fun. Everything else is the same as it’s always been. It’s not like I’ve stopped posting Joji updates. 

And though I’m not technically a shitposter, I’m still gonna defend the true shitposters of the fandom because I think they’re funny and I think they add a good dynamic so I don’t really appreciate you making them sound like lowly people. 

Aside from that, over the past week Tumblr’s been really dead (at least on my end) so I haven’t really been posting anything “good” (I have a few things I haven’t shared yet) but with the LA trip going on there’s bound to be a lot more updates. If by chance there’s something my blog’s been lacking lately that you (or anyone for that matter) wants to see more of I’m open to suggestions, but if this is just because I made a few shitposts earlier this doesn’t really make sense.