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peachiebeans  asked:

Oh my god, Izzy I aDORE your Voltron HCs so mUCH— I find myself rereading them often when I need a giggle omg. Keep doing what u do u radiant garden flower..... u succulent peach...... u beautiful dominos two for one deal...... 👌😩🌻🌻🌻

honestly that’s,,, the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me

  • [literally anything happens] “houston we have a problem”
    • *coran voice* “who’s houston?? i’m coran???”
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat” also allura: wakes up, insults someone’s ears, tries to break their arm
  • if coran finds a gray hair on his head he’ll shapeshift it back to orange
  • hunk: “well panicking didn’t solve the problem so i guess i’m out of ideas”
  • keith swears that sometimes in battle he can faintly hear lance going “pew pew pew” every time he shoots a robot
  • keith: [about to do that shit] shiro: “ke-” lance: “keith
    • keith: “…fine >:(” shiro: ?????
    • how long does it take shiro to realize that lance is also keith’s voice of reason now
  • pidge: “this plan will require using lance’s greatest strength.” lance: “what? my hair? my eyes?” pidge: “your obnoxious personality”

patton is definitely the kind of parent thats a little too enthusiastic about his child’s interests

like as soon as he virgil reveals a new band he’s into you, you bet patton will listen to all of their songs and make References to them

which makes me really interested in virgil revealing he likes the purple. im just imagining patton IMMEDIATELY buying purple paint, purple headphones, purple posters and just purple everything and giving them to a bewildered virgil.