not yogscast related


(Norwegian stuff, yaaaaassss XD)

Flux Buddies and Lomadia as characters from the Norwegian Christmas show
“Christmas in the Blue Mountain”.
In Norway we have “Blånisser”, that directly translates to Bluesanta, they live in a mountain and can only go out in the “Blue hour”. That they make happen with some weird blue potions they have to pour at a rock. And they also make the clear blue Christmas night sky…. Norway is weird I know XD
But they have a really cool design, and I wanted to draw some more Yogscast Christmas related stuff !
I have drawn Nano and Lalna as just some random characters from it, but I drew Lomadia as their Queen “Dronning Fjellrose”
(Directly translates to Queen Mountain Rose )
 CLICK HERE  To see a video from the show where they are all singing and stuff >w<

Gonna draw more stuff like this during December :D