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 "That’s just how it is, and how it’ll always be,“ the shadow retorts. Nano’s scream for Lalna’s attention falls flat. "You’ll always be a copy. A mistake. Everyone’s only around you because they pity you." 

Lalna sniffs, his voice muffled by sobs. "You’re,” he chokes. “You’re not–”

  And there it was.


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(Norwegian stuff, yaaaaassss XD)

Flux Buddies and Lomadia as characters from the Norwegian Christmas show
“Christmas in the Blue Mountain”.
In Norway we have “Blånisser”, that directly translates to Bluesanta, they live in a mountain and can only go out in the “Blue hour”. That they make happen with some weird blue potions they have to pour at a rock. And they also make the clear blue Christmas night sky…. Norway is weird I know XD
But they have a really cool design, and I wanted to draw some more Yogscast Christmas related stuff !
I have drawn Nano and Lalna as just some random characters from it, but I drew Lomadia as their Queen “Dronning Fjellrose”
(Directly translates to Queen Mountain Rose )
 CLICK HERE  To see a video from the show where they are all singing and stuff >w<

Gonna draw more stuff like this during December :D

so-totally-not-rose  asked:

First off, hello! I L O V E your Lab Buddies comic! It's amazing! Second . . . Oh I need a really good question here . . . Ooo! What was your inspiration for the aforementioned comic? Or have you answered a question like that already? Heh . . .

Thank you very much, I am glad you are enjoying it! :D
I’ve answered questions kind of like this one but it gives me a good excuse to ramble somewhat off topic so I’ll do just that!

The obvious answer to what was my inspiration was the Yogscast series my comics are based on; Flux Buddies and YogLabs with some Blackrock Chronicles mixed in. 

Read more for an actual explanation on my reasoning and making of the comic.

Amusingly one of the reasons for making the comic was at the time there wasn’t any ongoing Yogs-Comic series. All the ones I knew of had stopped or updates had been like… once a month at best. E.g. Shadow of Israphel: Rebirth had stopped and Yoglands updates where becoming few and far between. There wasn’t really any fanfictions that where my taste, most of them had the characters act out-of-character.

(If you guys can recommend any more Yogcast based comics or fanfictions/comics, I’ll happily give them a read! I recommend The End by Entomancy, it is a fantastic 8 chapter time-capsule of what fans thought of the characters of the Tekkit universe at the time. Lalna was considered by fans to be basically a major villain back then! Seen as a true mad scientist alone in his castle.)

One day I literally just went “You know what? If no one else is going to make something, I might as well make something.” However I didn’t want to make something then drop it halfway through like so many other series I have read (even non-Yogscast related ones). So I sat down and started writing down some ideas. Googled up a shit ton of tutorials and tips on how to write a story and how to make a comic (I already knew most of it, but it’s really nice to get that reassurance that what you are doing is correct.).

What is important for doing something as long running as a comic is the familiarity and complexity of the things you are drawing. You’re going to lose motivation really quickly if it takes you an hour just to get the character’s head done. I also used the little design rule of only using a max of three colours on each character (plus black/white) and have most character’s have their own signature effects so they can be identified easily. E.g. Lalnable’s red dialog and blood splatter aura or my favorite, Xephos’s techy blue dialog with a dark overbearing blue aura. More subtle ones would be Lalna’s radioactive green in his dialog when he’s shouting and Nano’s fluxy purple when she’s frightened or angry.

Once I made a self contained story and art style (and I wrote an ending!), I got my friend @procket​ and a few others to have a look at it. They thought it was alright so I set about making the comic. I made quite a few story board pages and said to myself I’d make three whole pages then see if I have the motivation to do more. So I posted the three pages, and here we are today!

Hey, that was pretty long winded and I went off topic white a bit… Have an original sketch I found for the first page of the comic. It was originally going to start at the party that Lalna and Nano ended up losing their tickets for. I kind of remember Nano was still new to the city of Server and it was her first time meeting Rythian and Lalna explaining he was late because all his good clothes got destroyed in a lab fire. Heh.

moving on!

yup so, cornerstone has ended a few weeks ago, as we all know. but what is going to happen regarding to drawings i make? will there be another series of drawings?? sit tight because i have stuff planned out and a lot to say!

lets start with something really cool

(got this baby signed at mcm last month, which was amazing =D)

you know whats even cooler? the fact that this book full of ugly sketches is now filled to the very last page. every week, 5-7 drawings for the run of almost 6 months, that is quite something. i finished it all when i was sketching for week 21, and wowee, ive thumbed through everything and there has been A LOT of drawing!

ive already made a seperate post thanking everyone, but i will do it again. without the fabulous content and without all of your support and feedback, i might have given up after week 2. so thank you, once again <3

as for what is going to happen to my drawings, there is news. cool news.

i am currently working on a new yogscast AU! its gonna be heartbreaking, its gonna be great, but its also gonna be a lot of work. i am creating a backlog so i dont run out of stuff to post the next couple of weeks, so hold on to your trousers for a little longer. im gonna aim for a full release! of course ill also keep drawing yogscast related things, so if youre here for that, youre in luck lmao

i think that was it? anyway, thanks again and as always, feel free to drop a comment/suggestion/ask and whatnot =3