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They Call Me New Thang

Reader x Hyungwon ft. Wonho
Genre: what even is this
Summary: Hyungwon is a bit snoopy.

A/N: this is just…. Idek im sorry if its bad I just… I dont know…. ignore the fact that you live in the dorm with them.

You and your boyfriend were sitting on the couch, enjoying a lazy day off. You were both on your phones, headphones plugged in, scrolling through social media. Suddenly,  a text from Hyungwon’s band member Wonho popped up in your screen.
[ Hey I really need your help]
He was supposed to be at the store, buying some food for the dorm.
[What is it?]
[idk what to buy]
You sighed, knowing exactly what was wrong [Get out of the noodle isle]
[I never even got there yet]
[Wonho. Leave. The. Ramen.]

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