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Thanks for the reccommendation, that AU sounds so cool! I was only thinking about this because, well... it's not hard, is it? It's not a hard concept to grasp, and it's far from impossible to achieve. Enji is loaded, he's recieved some of the finest education his country has to offer, and he's a fucking HERO, and yet he's absolutely villanous; it's so outrageous and sad. He could've easily had such a genuinely good life, yet he chose to spit on that and ruin five other innocent lives instead.

I think that’s why his personality in canon has such an impact; Enji’s a terrible person not because of circumstance, but because that’s just the person he is. That’s how he reacts to adversity, or to the knowledge that there are some things he can’t overcome. there’s no reason why he should be the way he is, he just is.

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Thirsty Iida anon yet again~! Your headcanons give me LIFE. I have a feeling that Iida would totally brag about his SO anytime, but would he brag subtly about their sex life to his closest friends? (Perhaps when he's a little drunk?) I don't think he'd be graphic or nasty, just enough to make them say "You sure are lucky, man".

YES! He would probably use a lot of hand gestures that might make it a little bit suggestive but he would never actually say the words.

Also, he would definitely cry at the end of each of those sessions over how great his s/o is. 


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