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i was feeling a lil angsty T<T


“it would be so much fun.”[x]



“Idioooooooot!! Why did we have to go all this way just for you to say that?!”

“So I could show you that Whale Island is also yours! heheheh!”

“Hey, you’re not the only one who owns this island…”



“Vision? Are you okay?”

anonymous asked:

Could I request a fluffy scenario of Lance and his s/o taking a couple's bath (but we'll keep it PG cause I know you aren't fully comfortable with NSFW <3)

Anonymous said to imagines-for-voltron: So how about Lance flirting with the reader but getting caught off guard when she flips it on him and flirts back? He gets all flustered because wow?? this pretty girl??? is flirting with me???? Maybe there’s a kiss in there somewhere?

“Do you remember when I first met you?” Lance asked, adjusting himself in the soapy water.

You cocked an eyebrow “Yes,”

“I can’t believe how forward I was. Ya know, thinking back on it,” Lance said honestly.

“Compared to what? Know?” You asked, letting out a snort, moving your foot out of the hot water and resting it on the edge of the white tub.

“Pffft. No regrets,” Lance replied, flicking some of the water at you.

You squealed at this and tried to duck under the water. Lance laughed and moved above you, bringing you up above the warm surface.

“Remember? I had just used some line on you?” He asked and you grinned at him.

“Yup! And then…” You said, trailing off and glancing at his lips.

“You flirted back at me…” Lance said teasingly, adjusting his grip on the sides of the tubs so he was closer to your face.

“And I kissed you,” You giggled as Lance placed a soft kiss on your lips.