not wrong

  • Someone riding a horse: Oh yes, we have a voluntary and cooperative bond. It shows how much we love each other. Plus riding is the epitome of freedom!
  • Horse covered in leather straps with a metal bar in their mouth and a 30 pound saddle with a 100+ pound human on their back: *stares into the camera like they're on the Office*

we all want to think that zoro got that scar over his eye because he had some badass battle or something but honestly he probably got it because he walked into a tree branch during the 4 weeks it took for him to find mihawk for a training session at the front of the castle

Poison? I am poison you say? Yes, I am. I am the most deadliest poison to ever exist. I am what assassins drip into the teas of world leaders. I am the venom a viper injects into a beast. I am potent enough to kill any man. I am strong enough to lull any god to an endless sleep. I am a force of nature that wreaks havoc to any fool who dares stand in my way. You were smart to run away from me. A weak being like you couldn’t stand in my aura. My mere existence would dissolve you into dust. What? You thought you’d break me by denying me my humanity? My dear sweet thing, thank you. You reminded me that I am anything but human. To be human is to be weak. To be me is to be a force greater than life itself.

  • Tumblr: We're celebrating pride month!!! We're so supportive of all lgbt+ identities look we even have a bunch a flags scrolling on the symbol wow aren't we great?
  • Tumblr: *puts lgbt+ content as "sensitive"*

been growing out my hair for 3+ years but this is it, i made an appointment at a nicer hair salon for this afternoon and i am going back to the Bisexual Bob

pray for me. and also my stylist


Get Out is one of the best horror films of the modern era, and it’s from a first-time director who made his name as a sketch comedian!! But, you know how the motto goes… no movie is without sin… so… here we go…

but really when will people stop trying to push robert into making a decision about this instead of sitting him down and talking it through with him? helping him decide what he wants? cos truthfully i don’t think robert knows what he wants - and maybe a proper conversation would help aaron get his thoughts and worries off his chest too?

Bad news

guys, I have died. look:

upon discovering that there’s a person behind Sansa in the Godswoods, I’m afraid he’s not the only person behind her.

we see a big guy facing the Weirwood tree, with…..a sword! I’m pretty sure it’s a sword and we can see its hilt in the dude’s right hand, because that object is slightly moving in the trailer. also my depth perception tells me that this object is on the same level as the man, which means it must be an object he’s holding.

and why would he hold a sword? well. I think, there’s a person kneeling in front of that guy (right behind Sansa’s back) and I think this person is Petyr, getting executed right there.

also would explain her expression. troubled, nervous, yet determined at the same time. and the words we heard from Petyr: “Don’t fight in the North. Or the South. Fight every battle. Everywhere. Always. In your mind.” sound like his last piece of advise to Sansa. the way he says it, the words he chose, the dramatic pauses he makes. it sounds like goodbye to me.

and then we have this second, where she considers if she’s really made the right decision, this last grain of doubt.

but ultimately she walks on. looking sad as hell. maybe close to tears. RIP :(