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Now that I see you

Inspired by this song.

He catches his eye across the hall and pauses. Something is different. There’s no venom, no glee, no… anything. He looks deflated, resigned, as though just sitting there is too much of an effort.

He didn’t know if he’d come back. The halls that once felt so secure are now haunted by the residue of the battle, the constant reminder of their losses. He dreams about it. Every night. Fellow classmates sinking to the ground left and right, the snake-like face twisted in a scornful sneer, the fire that nearly killed them both.

Dragging himself out of bed gets harder every day. It just seems so… pointless.

But then he catches his eye again and it’s like the whole world around them evaporates until it’s just the two of them. He knows, doesn’t he? He understands. He’s suffering, too.

But too much has been said and done. He can’t just ignore everything that went down between them in the last seven years. There’s still too much anger, too much humiliation… too much regret.

But more than once he feels his eyes on him while they’re sitting in their newly shared common room. He clutches his quill, forces himself to keep his eyes on the parchment… and fails. Their eyes connect and it’s as though a million unspoken things are laid bare between them.

He breaks the moment first, averting his eyes, too overwhelmed by all the emotions battling in his chest.

Someone’s walking past him, leaving the common room. It’s him. His muscles clench. He shouldn’t go after him. He doesn’t even know what to say. But it’s like an invisible force is pulling him out of his chair.

He spots him immediately. He’s standing with his back against the wall, just outside the common room. His face is unreadable. But then he opens his mouth and murmurs an apology. It’s uncomfortable. It’s awkward. He doesn’t look like he’s expecting a reply, but he mumbles one anyway. He apologises as well.

The teachers keep bringing up what happened, encourage everyone to talk about it. It only makes him want to scream. His hands are still balled into fists as he leaves the classroom. Then, he feels a hand on his shoulder. It’s brief, a fleeting gesture, but his shoulder still feels warm hours later, his skin still tingling from his touch.

He sees him in the library, watches him as he stares at one page for almost an hour. He deliberates leaving him alone but he just can’t help himself. He sits down beside him, takes his book and starts reading it to him.

He wanders the corridors at night, desperately trying to distract himself. It’s not working. Then he finds him, sitting on the stairs leading to the Entrance Hall. He doesn’t even seem surprised when he sits down next to him. Everything is quiet. Until he hears a sob beside him. He’s covering his face with his hands, his shoulders shaking uncontrollably. He hesitates, only for a moment, before he shifts closer and carefully puts an arm around him. There are tears forming in his eyes as well and for once, he’s not ashamed of them.

He has to hide his smile when he hears him call out his name and falls into step beside him on the way to the next class. Their hands brush against each other and neither of them shies away from the touch. He is a little surprised, however, when they walk around the lake and warm fingers curl around his. Not by accident.

He tries to mask his uncertainty with a frown as he moves closer to him on the sofa in the common room. Heat blooms on his cheeks as his fingers make contact with warm skin. Even more so when a blanket is thrown over his legs and his hand is delicately caressed beneath it.

He still feels lonely at night, helpless and forlorn. But there’s something new, slowly blossoming inside him. It gives him hope.

He catches his eye across the hall and smiles. Yes, something is different.

Fictober Day 23: “This is not new, it only feels like it.”

Rating: Teen and up

Fandom: Overwatch

Characters: Hanzo Shimada, Genji Shimada

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and drinking

Notes: Part four of “Try harder, next time.” [Part 1] | [Part 2] | [Part 3]

Words: 1668

“You were quiet tonight.”

Hanzo looks to his left as Genji sits next to him, legs dangling off the cliff’s edge in a mirror to him. He offers Genji the sake gourd, and Genji takes it, has a sip before handing it back.

“You seemed to enjoy it, though.”

Hanzo cannot help but smile, the evening was enjoyable if he is being honest. It was after a successful mission, made even better with the fact they managed to protect the American consul general from an attack by Talon. The team went out for drinks like they always do, it was Hanzo’s first time out with them, and he spent that time doing exactly what he and Jesse discussed weeks ago: sitting in a booth, drinking scotch, judging the others for switching to beer, laughing when they hijacked the jukebox and started an impromptu karaoke session, and slinking into another booth when they came back clearly intoxicated. He understands now why Jesse does not drink very much on these nights, not only is he avoiding the hangover the following morning, but the team is so inebriated it is like minding toddlers, and someone has to keep an eye on them.

Jesse offered to continue the night, once they were back on base, sharing a bottle of bourbon. He said he was going to drink it anyway and did not mind the company, and Hanzo almost said yes, before that voice in his head told him he should not get close. Hanzo politely refused and came out here, for the fresh air, to drink alone, and hopefully put that voice back in its box, lock it up tight and hopefully never hear it again.

He has been with Overwatch for over four months now, and so far, no one has shown any inkling of turning on him.

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some Sero headcanons bc why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

•took gymnastics right up until he started at UA

  • so he’s a parkour master, even without his quirk

•does yoga

•his room is the perfect spot to chill out when you’re stressed

•listens to dad music

  • also, enya? dude’s zen as FUCK

•crooked teeth but his family can’t afford to fix em yet

•has four younger siblings

  • a little brother (13)
  • three little sisters (9, 4 and ~a year)

•dad has a glue quirk

  • (mom’s is probably something to do with paper idk yet)

•all the Sero’s are obscenely tall

  • Little brother is already a bit taller than Ochako at 5’3”
  • Papa Sero is 6’5”
  • Mama Sero is 5’11”

•Mama and Papa Sero are pretty open about sexuality, and supportive of their bi son

  • Mama Sero pretty much adopts Kaminari but that’s related more to my hc that Kam has a shitty family situation so we won’t go there

•Decently good singer, but mostly saves it for car rides and karaoke

•absolutely garbage at dancing tho (bless his heart)

•w33d boi (post-canon obvs)

•probably a vegetarian

Did a bit of writing the other day about a real life experience… Enjoy!


I straightened, the tip of my jacket sleeve finding its way into my palm, tugging ever so gently. The smell of coffee beans filled my nostrils, the occasional grinding catching my attention. Two gray haired ladies to my right laughed and shook their heads, political phrases being thrown around as though they were vocabulary-fueled billionaires. The guitar strumming from the man at the front center of the room caught my attention once again, his voice coming out smooth as honey - the perfect kind of sound for this atmosphere. His foot tapped rhythm directly beside his tip jar, causing it to vibrate slightly with each movement. Gray haired lady number 2 scoffed, sipping her drink before continuing on in the great political-themed debate that seemed to be occurring between her and her friend. Key clicking sounded from behind me as a man typed furiously on his laptop as though he were typing to save his very own life. I shifted, eyes turning to the massive glass panels at the front of the shop. He still hadn’t arrived. I sighed. The blender went off, a barista hastily making a drink for the man and child scouting out books near the counter. Clicking. Laughing. “Dad, look at this!” Strumming. Mixing. Sipping. “That will be $5.25.” Still not here. “Yes, but if the national budget gets lifted back to its original position-“ Blending. Tuning. Clicking. “Would you like a drink holder?” Pages turning. Laughing. “No, I’m fine, thank you.” My fingers began to tap lightly. Clicking. Laughter. Coffee grinding. Bottle opening. “Have a nice day!” I shifted again, pulling on the opposite sleeve now. “Dad! Look!” Sipping. Clicking. “I just don’t get it! Why can’t our government just allow-“ Blending. Stairs creaking. Laughter. Chair scooting. Clicking. “$3.75, sir.” Singing. Strumming. Clicking. Noise, noise, noise. A bell dinged. I looked up. All sound stopped, not literally, of course, but figuratively - my mind becoming incapable of focusing on anything other than the tall, dark haired boy walking through the entrance. A smile crawled its way onto my face, a breath of relief leaving my lips. I stood, greeting him. He returned a smile and lead the way to a table on the landing above all the noise. Serenity washed over me. The noise was weak here, just a faint whisper trying to climb its way up the walls, only to be stopped abruptly as it reaches the balcony, having no choice but to return to its origin. I took in a breath. He was here too. That could contribute to my calmness in some great way unbeknownst to me. Maybe it was his voice. Maybe it was the way he was so easy to talk to. Or maybe it was his eyes - the deep, brown, bright orbs that I could never seem to forget. Not the way that they got wider when he said certain words, not the way that they crinkled in the corners when he laughed, not the way that they would turn a different color in the sunlight - a hazel-green color to be exact. No. Not a single detail could be clouded within my mind, not a single detail could ever be forgotten. I was snapped out of my thoughts with the scooting of his chair. “I’m getting a drink. Coming?” “Of course!” We laughed and he followed me down the stair case we had traveled up a short time ago. I smiled as he ordered, this unbreakable happiness clouding every inch of my body. I knew at that moment why he had caused me that feeling of serenity. It wasn’t his hair or voice or body or personality or laugh or even his eyes - it was just him. All of him. Every single piece put together. That was the amazing thing about him. He was just always himself. And he was perfect that way.


Feel free to leave feedback! First writing I’ve ever posted! Thank you for reading!!!

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Writing prompt: Finn and Rey clearing the air in her actions with Kylo in tlj/the Rose kiss.

Rey slumps back into the cockpit chair, exhausted. She didn’t know that just talking to people could be so tiring. After one introduction too many she slipped into the cockpit for some peace and quiet. She’s happy to have met so many people, all of them very kind, but she needs some time to herself to digest everything that’s happened. Everything that she’s done

Chewie tells her to keep an eye on things and leaves, probably sensing her need to be alone. She closes her eyes and listens to the calming hum of the Falcon. Her mind replays the past day, unable to stop herself from ruminating on her actions. 

She was a fool to go to Kylo, to think he would change. He had been playing her all along and she had fallen for it, alone and desperate for someone to reach out to. She wasn’t like this before, she thought. Before she was guarded, loathe to let someone in. But then she met BB-8, and Finn, and Han, and Chewie, and Leia. And she thought that perhaps the world was more full of people you could trust. 


She jolts up from her seat and knocks her knee on a panel.

“Are you ok?” Finn rushes to her side, kneeling beside her.

“Yeah.” Rey says, a small smile blooming on her face. I missed you, she thinks, afraid to say it out loud. They hadn’t been a chance for them to talk since they reunited. And finally she feels the incessant buzzing of her thoughts quiet for a moment, just to appreciate Finn’s beautiful eyes.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s ok.” She replies, “I was just thinking.” 

Finn gets up and drops into the other seat. Rey already misses his closeness.

“About what?” He asks, his face open and curious. Rey had forgotten how intently he listens. She bites her lip. Part of her is afraid to tell him, but she knows she has to.

“I tried to turn Kylo Ren.” She blurts out. Finn eyebrows rise. He obviously wasn’t expecting her to say that. Neither was she, really. He frowns, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“Okay, why?”

And isn’t that the question. Why. Why had she done it. She looks down at her hands unable to keep Finn’s gaze.

“I don’t know. I suppose I thought that… that he was like me.” She’s ashamed to say it out loud, but that’s the root of it isn’t it. “That he just needed someone to make him feel less alone.” 

She looks up at Finn. She needs for him to understand, even if he can’t forgive her. His eyes are sympathetic, his mouth a small frown. She’s suddenly reminded of when he made his own confession to her, mere days ago. Was his heart hammering like this as he emptied his heart out to her? But what she’s done is so much worse.

“I thought that I could get through to him. But I was wrong. I was so wrong. He was using me. And I fell for it. I was an idiot. I should have known better.“

Finn is silent for a while. Rey looks out into space, wishing that things could go back to the way they were, but she knows she’s the one to blame for this.

“Alright.” Finn finally says. Rey looks back at him in surprise.

“What?” She doesn’t know what this means.

“Alright.” He repeats. “You tried to turn Kylo Ren, it didn’t work. That’s that.”

“Really, just like that? He almost killed you!” Rey feels like she needs to be upset on Finn’s behalf.

“Look, I don’t understand it, but you must have had your reasons. I don’t know what they were, but I trust you.”

Those three little words have Rey’s heart soaring. She can’t ever break this, she thinks to herself. This beautiful thing that Finn has given her. 

“I trust you too.” She replies quietly. And it feels like she’s saying a lot more in that one small sentence.

“Rose kissed me.” Finn says abruptly. It takes a moment for the words to process in Rey’s mind and then her heart is falling. She’s too late. Before she can say anything Finn continues.

“No, it’s not like that! I mean I don’t know what it’s like actually. It kinda came out of nowhere, and I think it might have only been because I almost rammed myself into the First Order’s laser cannon.”

“YOU WHAT?” Rey interrupts his rambling. Finn falls silent, his face growing somber. 

“I.. I was trying to stop the First Order… by sacrificing myself. Rose stopped me.” He says.

Rey’s whole goes sideways at the thought. Finn dead. Finn dead trying to stop the First Order. No. She can’t even think about it because it’s so wrong.

“I’m glad that she did.” She says. She reaches out for his hand. She needs the contact after the thought of losing him. It’s warm and soft and sends tingles through her. “I don’t want to lose you.”

Finn squeezes her hand.

“Me neither.” He replies. But they both know they’re in a war now, and it’s far too easy to lose people, far too easy to lose yourself.

Rey doesn’t know what else to say. She doesn’t know what she and Finn are going to do. But for now, she’s content to hold his hand, the Falcon humming softly behind them.

[yes, Chewie immediately goes to find Finn after Rey shows up in the cockpit, dragging him out of a conversation with Poe and then guarding the cockpit door so his favourite kids can finally get some alone time]

UM so I feel bad, but I also really like how this turned out :T

Magnus’s first day as the new General of “The Hellhole of Genesis” AKA Edom’s police force, does not go so well.  The Rogues and Sublevel dwellers in that district be nasty.  The title of General/Commissioner are interchangeable under Genesis’s Unity gov’t ever since Unity swallowed up the law enforcement during the coup, just fyi

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[01:25am] walking by han river with jeno in moonlight,, holding hands and quietly talking about future together,, where you will live, how many kids you will have and him smiling all the time because you are really the only one amd love of his life

Oh wow ;;; that’s rlly soft and deep :’)))

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Imma make a request! Can I request resident pirate gay, Logan?

@holdyourbreathfornow yes, yes you can :3

*gayness intensifies*


i had an idea yesterday and if i can’t write i can at least draw it 

6 Different Antis

As we know, Anti is the embodiment of Jack’s greatest fears, right?

What if this is true of all the other egos as well? What if Anti appears differently to each ego- Jack included- based on their individual fears? 

…with some similarities, of course. Every time we’ve seen Anti- whether it’s in Say Goodbye, Detention, Dark Silence, anything- he’s had traits that let us identify him instantly. The staticky, electronic white noise. The unstable form shown in glitches. The low video resolution whenever he appears. The grin coupled with black eyes. The gauges in his ears and black clothes. The RGB-and-black color scheme. 

We’re most familiar with how Anti appears to Jack: 

The green tint, the slit neck, the knife…. He embodies several fears that Jack has openly stated he has: 

  • having his throat cut/ being stabbed
  • glitching figures
  • something looming in the background over him while he’s unaware 
  • distorted voices, high-pitched giggling

..and others that I’m probably forgetting.

But he changes drastically after DDLC, the last time we see “Green Anti” (excluding ONW, as we had seen those clips previously in other videos). The next time we see him is from Chase’s perspective at the end of Dark Silence:

No knives. No slit neck. No voice or giggling, even. But, there’re several new things instead:

  • new form of glitches, much more rapid with trailing effects that give an other-worldly feel (could just be Robin experimenting with new effects, however)
  • the single blindingly bright eye; we can never see both eyes clearly until the end when we see they’re pitch black 
  • we hear kids crying, and whispers repeating lines such as “it’s all your fault,” “close the door,” etc (instead of hearing manic laughing as usual)
  • mainly red-and-black color scheme, as opposed to the green-and-black scheme from before

Something else that stood out to me between Green Anti vs. Red Anti is that we never hear the latter one speak during Dark Silence. We hear voices, yes, but there’s nothing really indicating that Red Anti is the one speaking aloud. On the other hand, Green Anti is constantly whispering or laughing (even though Jack usually can’t hear it), and specializes in giving long-ass monologues to us in the community. Red Anti just strides directly up to Chase silently and with purpose. He doesn’t stand there and laugh at Chase or taunt him, as Green Anti seems likely to do. It’s possible that he projected audio hallucinations of kids’ screaming as well as the whispers into Chase’s mind, but we never actually see/hear Red Anti speak. 

Now we don’t actually know that much about Chase just yet, since he’s only canonically been in a handful of videos. But we do know that he cares deeply about his kids, he relies on alcohol to cope with possible depression/suicidal thoughts, and he feels responsible for his and Stacy’s divorce. But Red Anti seems to embody traits to target these as well as some potential fears:

  • fear of losing kids - screaming and crying children in background, Chase’s distressed response of calling out for them (“Where are they?!”)
  • fear of abandonment/ never being forgiven - whispers saying “it’s all your fault”
  • alcoholism - wavering room, seeing multiple Antis at times, inability to focus on what’s being seen
  • fear of helplessness/ hesitation - whispers telling Chase to “close the door” and essentially give up on his kids, “What do you want from me?!”

…now here’s what I think is the worst part.

We’ve seen Anti take on two different forms, one for Jack, one for Chase. If he truly does appear differently to each of the egos, that means that Anti can and will take on at least 4 other forms- one for JJ, one for Jackieboy Man, one for Marvin, and one for Dr. Schneeplestein. And we don’t really know enough about these egos yet to know how Anti will target them. 

Seán wants us to take Anti more seriously… and I’m starting to see why. 

We haven’t even seen half of what Anti’s capable of. And there’s no way for us to know for certain what’s in store for us regarding the other egos yet.

@lum1natrix​ (thank u for screaming with me about it lol) @fear-is-nameless @kasper-the-ghost @rogue-of-broken-time @archivefullofyoutubers @turquoisemagpie @jacksoopticboop


isnt he supposed to be a dog person

Me: Wants to be a professional author. Fully accepts that not everyone will love what I write no matter how good of a writer I become. Thrives under kind constructive criticism.

Also me: Hears one single person say anything negative about my story even though a hundred other people refuted it and has to spend three hours talking self out of quitting writing forever.


Full view please! 

I’ve been enjoying @cheetaglow‘s fic Seafoam Scales so much guys… it’s so good! It inspired me to draw some cute tododeku merms. Honestly thoughts of pirate kiri and merm Baku have been haunting me for days. I can’t wait to draw them next. 

The original author’s designs are beautiful by the way, I super encourage you all to check their art out and read their fic!!!! It’s kiribaku, but todo and Deku are in an established relationship. It good.

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For whoever pairing the prompt?? Hmm, Keith and Kinkade being rivals for the attention and love of a oblivious Lance

God, idk what i did but I sure let myself go with this. Also, don’t get me wrong, I love freaking Kinkade. Bless that man.

It’s stupid. It’s so childish.

It’s -

Keith gapes in disbelief and outrage when Kinkade steals the last of the pudding from the cafeteria’s and, with that hidden smug smile that apparently no one fucking sees ever but Keith, he makes his way to Lance.

Red Paladin Lance. Voltron’s Lance.

Keith’s Lance.

Oh, it’s on.

For the third time this week.

Keith’s a little unsure on how this entire thing developed, honestly. Being fair, it had been a rough couple of weeks since their fight with the strange robobeast that looked like a spider.

But he made it through, his entire team and planet made it through. He’s alive, his friends and family are alive and with him. Really, it was hard to put him in a bad mood.

Until, obviously, someone (Kinkade) seemed to pay too much attention to a certain paladin (Lance).

Keith didn’t even waste his own spit by denying anything. He cared. A lot. He cared a lot that someone was freaking hitting on the guy he liked.

Come on, man, Keith was even planning on confessing!


Someday during this century.

Or the next life.

But now he really was planning on doing something about since, apparently, he was going to lose his man! So, yeah, Keith wouldn’t have it. He wouldn’t have this fairly cool as shit pilot guy steal his man.

And he knows. Keith knows that Kinkade knows he knows.

It’s a mess, Keith knows.

It’s in the way Kinkade keeps sending him these…looks. He once brought it up with Shiro and the other man limited himself to arch an eyebrow at him and say ‘that’s his face, Keith.’

Yes, he knows that’s his face, Shiro. Such a helpful older brother figure.

But it wasn’t only the looks! It was on those lips too; the way they would curve on the edge once everyone’s attention was somewhere else but Keith would see it. He would see that smug sneaky shit-eating grin on the dark-skinned man and then said man would proceed by throwing his arm over Lance’s shoulders.

Wow. Wow, just - there’s no respect in this damn planet anymore.

Never fucking mind Keith saved it a few months ago with his team. No, please, go ahead and steal his crush.

“Keith, you’re, uh, almost to the point of being able to cook an egg on your skin, buddy,” Hunk whispers behind him, shyly poking him on the shoulder. “And not to be pushy but you gotta move, the line behind is us getting restless.”

Keith doesn’t answer. He just keeps staring at the far corner of the cafeteria where Lance sits with Romelle and Allura. He stares at the way his crush laughs freely, pressing a hand over his chest to calm himself down with little success.

It’s beyond endearing, something so enchantingly Lance that Keith just wants to frame the moment.

Until fucking Kinkade slides himself next to Lance and, with a proud grin, presents the last pudding on the cafeteria to the brunet.

God, it’s sickening that Lance’s sweet smile it’s now on Kinkade.

Kinkade. Not Keith. Kinkade.

Keith’s going to be sick.

“Oh, shoot,” he hears Hunk whispers behind him and Keith doesn’t understand his sudden quietness until he sees his own plastic tray broken in half.

“Huh,” Keith mumbles with a confused frown before he shrugs and passes the tray to Hunk. “Here, I will be back.”

“Um, where are you going?” Hunk asks carefully, eyeing his friend and then the tray on his hands with a nervous look.

Keith huffs as he shoves his hands on his pockets, face turning darker when he feels no money on them. “To buy more pudding. And borrow Shiro’s money from his sock-bank.”

Hunk, bless his soul, doesn’t even question him. “Okay, it’s under his underwear drawer.”

“I know.”

“And Lance likes the white pudding; get that and you will be on the lead, buddy.”

That’s why Hunk is Keith’s favorite.

In the Syren episode we see that Max tells Kim off for being late and seems very unimpressed later on when Kim is messing around in flooded Paris, similar to in the Timebreaker episode when Max appeared annoyed at Kim being a goofball. However, Max is also the only one to be visibly concerned/distressed when Kim got kidnapped by Syren, even calling out after him, suggesting that he is in fact mildly tsundere about his feelings for Kim. In this essay I will