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‘What would they play?’ Life is Strange Ver.

Wowzers im actually capable of continuing a series. Here’s a lil extra:

edit: ^^^^dw thats not jefferson guys sorry if samuel looks like him :’D he’d play a much more fucked up game ofc…

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-Gintama ver

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We went to an Idina Menzel concert tonight, held at an outdoor pavilion-style venue, and the hope was that the on-and-off rain of the day would, y’know: remain off. Which did not turn out to be the case. For the two hours leading up to showtime, the rain came and it went, and we found that our seats–though technically in the pavilion area–were just far back enough not to be protected from the open sky. 

But, y’know, Idina fucking Menzel. What, are you just gonna walk away? ‘Course not. So the show begins, and she’s kicking ass and beating drums, and the clouds are pissing a bit. All well and good…until the sky decides to just open the fuck up and dump down on us, buckets of cold August rainwater. I’m sopping wet. My wife is sopping wet. There are hopeful umbrellas, not doing much good. People are leaving.

And Idina just cuts herself off to start ushering people down to the better seats, the ones kept relatively dry and infinitely closer to the stage. My wife and I look at each other, shrug, make our way down a bit. Then a bit more. And a bit more.

I spent that show ten rows from the stage, with a perfect view of this incredible performer and her badass band, and I gotta tell you guys: if ever there was a time for the kind of emotional, passionate, hilarious show Idina puts on, it’s now. Few things banish the kind of existential horror I’ve been feeling all year like watching her sit cross-legged onstage, singing “No Day But Today.” She is a powerhouse, and on top of her talent, she is kind. Consistently checking up on the audience, making sure we were okay, making sure the closer seats were filled by people who were drenched and shivering. The woman is a motherfucking legend, and if you ever get the chance to see her live, jump on it. It is well worth whatever Mother Nature decides to pitch your way.

(Honestly, her cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” alone is worth the price of admission. She is totally incredible.)

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"Wow," he thought, "I wonder if that's the exact same shade of pink as Rose's..."

What are you people trying to do to me ????

The Doctor wasn’t really sure how he’d ended up in this department store. Rose had mentioned something about buying a gift for her Mum’s birthday, and he’d pointed out that she had already bought her half the trinkets on Macoposium Eight, but apparently Jackie wanted a specific scarf from this specific shop in London, so here they were.

Or rather, here he was; Rose had wandered off, leaving him in the men’s section all by himself, and wait, had that been a hint? Was she trying to get him to buy himself more clothes? Pffft. He didn’t need anything else. He had this foxy suit, and a selection of blue shirts, and an extensive variety of floral ties - what else could he possibly require?

He glanced to his left, and saw that he was standing by the men’s boxer-briefs display.

Oh, was she suggesting he -

His brow furrowed in thought, and he picked up a pack of dark blue pants. They were nice enough, but the Doctor tended to make do with white cotton briefs. Maybe Rose had spotted them in the laundry room. Maybe she didn’t like them all that much. He peered closer at the selection before him. Maybe, he thought, Rose Tyler preferred her men in stuff like this.

Not that he was her man. Or her anything. Friend, he was her friend, of course, best mate, even, but -

Did best mates go underwear shopping with one another?

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The Drunk History of Fall Out Boy Put through 8 layers of Google Translate before being translated back into English.

However, in the summer of 2001, when Joe meets Patrick, seems to be “Yes, I know that music.” As for Patrick, “Yes, I know more about the music.”

“I mean, impossible..Do do? Since the start of the band” Patrick “Yeah, it’s great.” So it was like, ‘Yo, this is a list that is not music store. “
They met in the home of Patrick. When Patrick was wearing pants and socks and hats. Patrick played drums fucking reason, Pete reasons. And they began to play with, uh, asobase covered by another group, "worth the price.”
The Misfits Green Day whore and she was like the Ramones and shit. Joe Pitt, “he played the team will play a few tricks of the fall of the child. He said it was necessary to” change sucked.
Well, Pete and Patrick “Hey, drugs, we need a drummer, cock.” A “as
Drums and Patrick, who is a singer. Patrick was like. "I am the voice of the soul” A “There is unanimous, wait, I said something like,” Hey, look at YeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeAAAAAHHHHhaaaHHHEEaaH! “
I was like, 'Oh my God, it sounds like a soul. ” As soon as I hung up the song and was like, “where TONIIIIiIIIIIiiiiIIIIiiiiiiiiGHT child?”
The “Hello, this is a perfect sex” Fall Out Boy, it was.
And spent the night of his life, noting that a former girlfriend. Night and former girlfriend, everyone wants.
“He called me in the evening, and the company.”
The former girlfriend. He called the former girlfriend the night. It is known that the consumption of the company, that’s true, it’s not a problem.
Pete talks about Patrick and Joe said, “Hey, Hey Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck dooooooope will be armed!” It’s like
To the plate he was called to take him to the grave. They do this without a drummer, three or four positions. 4. The fourth drummer, and this man was, or something like Papa Roach, what, Josh Block Andy Hurley that “there is vanilla, while Tutu received were similar. Praying in the grave. Fuck the record.”
And no, was killed, and it was as if “Pshhh, Bigidalilililililila”. Giraffe “fun fur game, language, click” sound to fuck her own success, killing women.
Damn tattoo, it will be what the heck?
These people know what’s going on, “that it has signed, with the support arms.
"I have a tent, even those that are hard to hell if I sign, I will.” And it was like,
Pete “I like dooooooope hell with this problem, a man called to do in the grave, it is called cork oak forests that would be a good whore.”
The “Sugar Patrick, it must be true for housing should maintain the artistic, so the album’s three songs called Memories [burp] below $ 20 nosebleed”
And it’s one, two, three, three, two, one, three, four, and if there was Dopukuso graphics -5,6,7,8,9,10 crap on this board in 1001 to 4 m Records- 10 million recorded in the lower part Sales of cork trees and 15 million albums!
Brendon Urie is set and nothing to do. “He goooooooooood” Pete said Patrick, it was like “I can do what I want, damn it!”
And Joe, it was like, 'Yeah, it does not matter, a good man. “ Andy was like, 'Cool, yes. ”
And Pete is a man who is beautiful, a lot of time, people are nice, and I want to change that. I fucking want to live “a good man. I’m all right, I want every child to be considered.”
Shut up!
Well, shit.
Pete, my God, I’m very worried that the fuel “is”. Then I saw a picture of a penis, OH, not bad, “it was.”
And that’s not a bad bite, which have to be realistic.
Rolling Stone, there is a question before the Fall Out Boy. In fact, the Fall Out Boy created immediately after a problem with us, annoyed that are like, “If you prick!” This “good scare Blood Rolling Stone cover boy shit yo, let’s go one kilometer from the previous year, I know that a woman is a prostitute involved every continent.” A “as
However, to play a second time, it is not. It seems that "Damn it, we are all part of the continent, it was.” He is really a man. It should not be hit as Pete? “” Oh, as a continent is not armed. “A” as hell! “
Thus, the production of the cork oak, kissing and fabulous 3-4 years. Because it is so large, people go home to get it.
Well, the Fall Out Boy
Patrick, as we know, 'Hey, we’re on top of Cork and many trees, these documents will give you a name. ”
Pitt, who wanted to “Folie Du scene two years.”
“2 madness.”
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Fall Out Boy was like, “Hey, if you need a break.” This means that Pete was like, 'Man, you need to go to break. “ Patrick, I need my time to the music. "UHUHUHUHUH.”
The Joe “Well, I need to find a bit 'of the same metal, it takes time to find the man in the art of organic fertilizer. ”
Andy. “I will play some fucking metal band”
As this was: “. Well, this celebration was a great year for two or three years, and 3:30 over three years Bakkukuso We are a man, you must return to virtue”
You stole my beer, what the hell?
“I’m not going to pay for everything for me.”
“Yes, here is the man who paid for.”
“We are Kusodopu that legal shit, I would go armed heights. What fucking sky curtain record. Put famous rock 'n’ roll-saving.”
Thus, two lonely people, Phoenix Light Em Up was with me, if you just “how” You work with a man stood up and saw Kusoavuriru Lavigne. “
He’s been hell on his shirt, throws? Oh my God.
Pete, you’re going to panic, "he, like Pilot! 20, and a nightclub.”
And this bloody story of a pair of all matters.And

My Experiment with Pay-What-You-Want Print Comics

Last week, I was a special guest at AlleyCon, a small English Language nerd-culture convention in Gwangju (South Korea’s 6th largest city.) I’ve sold at a number of Korean conventions, to varying degrees of success, but I was excited for this one. I’m a nobody in the Korean teen comic crowd but English-speaking nerds? Those are my people! Surely I could interest a few of them in my wares.

But there were only 200 attendees! I’d been to cons with thousands of people where I sold only 3 books, so I was scared of another long, awkward day at a card table not selling anything.

I was more interested in sharing my work than leaving rich anyway, so at the very last minute I decided— what the heck. I would try something new. A name-your-price table. I’d had great success online, but when selling real-world objects that cost money to produce, it’s risky business! I was just excited to meet some fellow foreign nerds in Korea and show them my comics, so I went forward with the plan.

I put a bunch of books in my table and decided to see what the market thought they were worth. Would they be more generous than me? Or would I end up losing my shirt after everyone grabbed up my books for less than it cost to print them?

I found out when I arrived that I wasn’t alone in taking on the experiment…

External image
photo by Waygook Photography I was just across from a pay-what-you-want Banana Bread table. (run by Kiki!) And a few floors below a guy who does pay-what-you-want iPhone repair. Good company to be in.

First of all:

Holy shoot. Everyone at AlleyCon was so amazing. It turns out I wasn’t introducing them to my work- it seems I taught at least 75% of the people there learned how to read Korean with my weird Hangeul comic. I had so many people come up and say such nice things and make me feel like a celebrity and holy shoot that was one of the best days of my life.

It feels kind of crass summing the whole thing up in terms of dollar amounts, but everyone there seemed to enjoy my ultra-nerdy numbers-filled talk about being an independent artist, so I’m sure they’d enjoy this super-ultra-nerdy breakdown of they money that I made there in the building.

So how did I do?

I sold $200 worth of comics (at cover price.) I made $300.

That’s 150% of what I would have charged.

External image
Even better, that’s $1.50 per attendee at the con, including the ones that bought tickets and didn’t show up. 300 bucks might not seem like a lot of money, but that’s like making 2.76 million at San Diego Comic Con.

How to people decide what to pay?

It really did seem to work as it was supposed to. People paid according to the value the book gave them.

External image
The most expensive book at my table, Aki Alliance— which I normally sell for 4 bucks, was the least-earning book. It usually went for around a dollar or two. That’s because it’s translated into Korean, so wasn’t worth a whole lot to an English-Speaking audience.
External image
The cheapest book at my table, Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes— which I usually sell for 2 bucks, was the highest-earning book at the table by a WIDE margin. People were paying 5, 10, 15 bucks for that sucker, and getting doubles for their friends. That’s because most visitors had come to my table to thank me for making that very book. They’d already read it, but the purchase was often treated as a sort of tip for helping them adapt into Korean life. The little card-sized minibooks, that I usually sell in 3-packs for 2 bucks got almost no buyers. Likely because people felt awkward paying less than a dollar while I was looking at them, and didn’t want to spend more than a dollar on something that tiny. The most generous sales happened right after my panel on how to be an independent international artist. Once again, it seemed to be as a ‘thank you’ for the (hopefully useful) information I’d given them. People were also more generous when asking to buy books at the after-party or at the hostel the next morning.

Did guilt have something to do with it?

Yes, but not as much as I’d expected it to. I made it a point not to take anyone’s money myself, but rather have them throw it into a big red bucket while I made eye contact and pretended like I didn’t peek. People were still generous!

People were even generous when I was nowhere to be seen! Occasionally, when I had a panel to run or an event to get to, I would leave my table unattended with a sign that said just to throw money in the bucket and I would always come back to find it full of more money.

External image
What did I learn from this? I think what I learned is that every convention is different.

This was MY CON. Many were already familiar with my work, so they placed value in getting it directly from the creator. They are all trying to adapt to Korea, so they place value in a comic that teaches them to read Korean. It was almost entirely attended by college educated adults working as teachers. Therefore they place value in education. Many told me they were stationed in small rural towns. Therefore they had money to spend on geeky things that weren’t available where they lived, and placed value in having geeky things come to them. The convention was largely gaming-focused, so people were familiar with pay-what-you-want projects like The Humble Bundle, so they placed value in seeing it experimented with.

I think the real test would be to try it at, say, Busan Comic World. The reason my cover prices are so low is because that’s where I usually sell them. Those attendees seem to be in their early teens, without jobs or money of their own, from a culture without tipping (service workers are simply paid a higher wage by their employer) and that has no idea who in the heck I am except that weird foreigner who’s always there. They come to the show to get fun, cheaply priced merch from their favorite fandoms. They usually buy bookmarks or stickers, so they’re used to spending less than a dollar. So my weird unfamiliar comics don’t have as much value. If I let people name their price there I would likely end up with a lot more coins than bills. (though I’ll totally give it a try.)

There have been a lot of think-pieces lately about ‘what’s killing cons’ and I have to say that— nothing’s killing cons. There are smazing conventions everywhere, from major cities, to small towns. Each one has its own culture. Some focus on fandom, some on indie creators, some on gaming, some on anime, some on cosplay, some on tv and movies.

Everyone goes to conventions for different reasons and it’s totally cool if noticing you exist doesn’t even factor in at all. People spend buttloads of money to attend cons and no one gets to tell them what they have to care about. If you don’t do well, maybe it’s because you aren’t offering something those people put value in. Maybe your approach needs tweaking, or maybe it’s not the con for you!

Look at the con, the culture, the people who are there and the things they place value in and if what you have to offer doesn’t fit into that equation, try another con! Who knew the most best con I’d ever go to would be a tiny Gwangju, South Korea con that just one year ago consisted of 60 people playing board games in a bar.

(if anyone from AlleyCon is reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me feel like a star! And if Kiki is reading this, let us know how your banana bread experiment worked out!)



and its a big one, for me at least :)

both of these collections in the first image showed up in my house and both of them made me SO happy.

 JESSICA JONES: AVENGER trade paperback!! after hearing the new jessica jones trades were flying off the shelves i pitched another jessica trade filled with all the short stories and one shots and avengers stories we’ve done since the character entered the mainstream marvel universe.  did you know i did a jessica short with @joequesada? did you want a printed version of the free netflix one shot we did last year?  the short we did for the marvel anniversary special? it is ALL here.  

 SECRET WARS TOO trade!! and to discover that the Wha-huh humor one shot we did years ago leads off this marvel humor collection made me SO happy.  @brevoortformspring and i worked so hard on that. including co writing my favorite part: What if the Internet existed in 1960? 1970? also, stupid humor pieces from BKV, Mark Millar and so many others. it is packed with dozens of ridiculous nonsense from creators from all over the world making fun of ourselves better than any of you ever will :-)

GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #11 CW2- worth the price for the cover alone!! another big chapter as the guardians head towards Earth and the chaos of Civil War. beautiful work by everyone involved @valerioschiti

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN PREM HC VOL 02 WAR MACHINES-  another gorgeous book. @mikedeodatojr rhodey and Tony team up for a kick ass adventure plus. everything in the story spills out into the Ironman books all next year.

SPIDER-MAN #7 CW2- oh boy, poor miles. civil war 2 is about to slap him right in the face and Jessica Jones is following his every move

Private Dancing

“Good show tonight, everyone. See you tomorrow!”

Nodding his agreement, Dean Winchester zipped up his duffel bag and headed out to the bar. Lucie was on duty tonight and the lady was always kind enough to give him a beer or a shot of whiskey with some water on the house if he stayed.

The Blue Carbuncle Club wasn’t your average strip joint. They catered to all and both male and female clients, and Dean was part of their elite dancing group. Pole was his specialty, giving his grace and flexibility. It was set in the foyer of an old hotel, making the space wide and expansive, also opulent. The owners had kept the theme, and merely expanded upon it. The cover was high but worth the price, and the clients also could apply for a special membership.

The young man who had been watching him earlier caught his eye, enjoying his drink quietly at the bar.  The elder Winchester was unsure of his intent, but he knew that the man had been watching him all evening.

“So; first time here?” he offered.