not worth losing

Find someone....
  • Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they miss you.
  • Someone who knows you aren’t perfect but treats you as if you’re.
  • Someone who’s bigger fear is losing you.
  • One who gives their heart completely.
  • Someone who says I love you and means it.
  • Last but not least find someone who wakes you up everyday and falls for you all over again.

I bet that neoliberal bitch who y’all couldn’t stop bitching about all year doesn’t seem so fucking bad now. Honestly though, fuck everyone who spent this entire election dragging their feet and shitting on her, labeling her just another “white feminist,” despite the fact that she spent the entire election making a genuine effort to listen to her critics and be as inclusive as possible. I’m not just mad at the conservative baby boomers though, I’m mad as hell at the millennials who’s complacency and stupidity allowed an atmosphere of disaffected apathy among liberals to hand the election to the most dangerous and under qualified man to ever run. Maybe growing up under an Obama administration made y’all forget how fragile progress can be, but I genuinely hope that the satisfaction y’all got from being “woke” and tearing Clinton apart for a mother fucking year and a half was worth it. I hope it was worth LGBT people losing their civil rights, I hope it was worth people of color no longer feeling safe in their own homes, I hope it was worth the millions of Latinos who’s families will be destroyed, I hope it was worth women losing their ability to make their own reproductive health decisions, I hope it was worth the destruction of Obama’s legacy, I hope it was worth the lives of the tens of thousands of children who will now be slaughtered in Syria, I hope its worth the lives of all the Muslims who will be targeted by Trump’s administration and will become the national scapegoat the next time there’s a terrorist attack, I hope it was worth losing the chance for a living wage, I hope it was worth destroying the environment and a real chance of combating climate change, and I really really really hope it was worth proving the simple fact that, for women, preparation, experience, and dedication doesn’t mean shit because if you aren’t perfect then you’re just a bitch. 

Blaming this on the older white generation is bullshit. The call-out culture we’ve created that fucking loves constantly pulling receipts on women in the public eye and labels anyone who’s done something problematic in the past as garbage, regardless of if they’re trying to do better or not, is just as much to blame for Donald Trump as the bigots who are today celebrating his victory. This generation always acts like they’re so perfect and anything that goes wrong is the fault of the Baby Boomers, but we fucked up this year, we fucked up bad, and if we really think we are so much better than the Baby Boomers then maybe we should prove that by doing what Baby Boomers have never been able to do - be introspective, identify where we need improvement, and fucking fix it. Because if we keep allowing social progress to be derailed by the zealots who only care about social discourse insofar as they are allowed to use it as a means to attack and belittle others then we are truly fucked and every movement we think we’ve started will be dead in the water. 

Oh yeah and I hope third party voters die in literally the worst way. 


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*nudges the fact that Mickey wasn’t going let Ian go a second time in your general direction*

[plus it’s national coming out day, so this felt appropriate .]

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absolutely nothing is sexier than someone who can face temptation and have the maturity to say “this isn’t worth losing what I have”

Let me make one thing perfectly clear; If you decide to love me and you want us to be together I have to be your number one priority.
If I feel like I can’t rely on you, or if I think other people are more important to you than I am - I’m gone.
I’m not being a ‘princess’… I’m not demanding to be doted on and fussed over - all I’m asking for is the same level of love and commitment that I’d give to you.
Because when I love - I love hard. With me it’s 100% all the way…. You’re my one, my everything, my be-all and end-all… If you’re lucky enough to be the guy I love the sun pretty much rises and sets because of you.
But I’m not putting my heart on the line if you’re not going to give me everything you’ve got…. it’s as simple as that.
I promise you I’m worth it - but you have to choose me and only me…. Otherwise, you’ll lose me.

From this: I’m depressed, I can’t breathe, I can’t move, I don’t want to talk, I’m shameless, I’m hopeless, I want to die, I’m scared, everybody hates me, I want to run, I’m alone, are we ever gonna be better than this?

Into this: I don’t care, I hate people, why should I even try?, why are you depressed all the time?, whatever, I’ll probably kill you, wanna fight?, who cares?, I don’t need anyone, we’re never gonna be better.

But at the same time: stay strong, keep fighting, it’s worth it, don’t lose hope, people love you, they need you, don’t give up, be happy, you’re not alone, don’t run away from that, it’s gonna be better.

Outlander | vii. Sanctuary

i. O Come, O Come Emmanuel / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Bonnie Rideout, Maggie Sansone, Al Petteway | ii. Cumha na cloinne (Lament for the Children) – Laura Risk | iii. Hallelujah: Multifare – Cappella Gregoriana | iv.  Firethief – Karine Polwart | v. Adagio for Strings (Barber) – David Zinman, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra | vi. You Will Be My Strength – Emily Cole | vii. Only Time (cover) – Michael Schulte | viii. Love and Glory – Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

You fill my mind all the time. Your thoughts, your words; they consume me. And as I’m laying in bed at night, still and unable to fall asleep, the only thing keeping me awake is you. And the only thing that’s worth losing sleep over, is the thought of you thinking the same things and feeling the same way about me.
—  Sadly, I may never know if you ever felt the same way though//
A reminder of your value

An affirmation I thought of today, for everyone suffering under this terrible result. If you know someone who needs this, please pass it on. 

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