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so i’m waiting for isak’s last picture to be with Even and then tag this account. and all of us are like wtf??!??! even doesnt have an account. BUT THEN HE DOES BITCHES. and we get to see a season’s worth of random pictures with Isak and the bro squad and artsy shit that Even does. AND WE SEE IT BECAUSE ITS HIS SECRET INSTA

Straight White Boy Problem #993

bro…BRO…sometimes ANTHONY frustrates me so much I hate when he gets drunk and then roasts me for being bad with girls like…that’s not cool…ive told him to stop several times and he isn’t respecting me…is he even respecting my self-worth, bro? Like, bro, haha don’t you know when to like stop, bro? Not to psychoanalyze him bro but I’m pretty sure anthony struggled to fit in on his high school football team so he just acts like a dick so he can get the attention that he wants. Just like Justin when he plays the new Migos album out of his jeep

The bigger your biceps get, the smaller your mind becomes. It was a sacrifice you didn’t think twice about making back when you were a scrawny nerd who would have done anything to get bigger. So, when you were given the opportunity, you gladly agreed to give up small pieces of your intelligence in order to make your muscles grow. You had intelligence to spare, you figured. And you’d know when to stop. All you wanted was just a little bit of muscle, you had told yourself.

But having muscle, getting bigger and bigger every day… Watching the muscle grow and expand right in front of your eyes… You had no idea that it would feel so good. And the more of your intelligence that you gave up, the less you cared about studying and learning and passing your classes in school… It just seemed so much easier to let it all go and just keep getting bigger….

Now you’ve got the biggest biceps of anyone you know… Sure, you can hardly string a proper sentence together any more… But those biceps, bro… It was all worth it, wasn’t it?

Sans: “what? photos of my lil bro? of course i have some! they’re amazing!”

* Sans went to his desk, and came back with some photos of a very small Papyrus.

Sans:  “ look at these three photos! i think this is from when he was seven… he cried so much when his ice scream fell to the floor, the ice scream lady freaked out and had to give him another one! and it was for free! look at that proud smile… that day, he learnt that he could get things he wanted if he yelled loud enough. valuable life lesson, yup.”

Sans: “and here? i think this one is from when he was eight or s’m’thing. he didnt even want to get separated from that bunny… where did he get it anyway? he was such a cute kid, amirite? ‘kept saying it was his “battle companion”. don’t ask me where that bunny is now, i have no idea…”

Sans: “this hot shot was from when he was ten. he was in that hyperactive period where he wanted to do everything at once. colorful… too colorful for my liking, but whatevs. as long as he didn’t break the house it was fine with me. thank god, he calmed down the year after…”

Sans: “this one is priceless. paps was trying to do magic all morning, and when he finally managed to do one spell, that dog stole it. papyrus was really mad for the rest of the day cause he was never able to caught it.”

Straight White Boy Problem #436

Not going to lie high socks are REALLY nerdy. Like those white high socks that the math team, my grandpa, and Napoleon Dynamite wear. But if they are nike then you get a pass because you are probably pretty cool. If they are under Armour then I’m going to have to consult with my bros to see if you are even worth our time

AX Summary...

So! I’m back from Anime expo!! I went the second and third day, and it was so fun! My feet are totally dead but totally worth it so yeah!! My bro @the-shark-lord went too!!


I saw some hella cool cosplays!! Please let me know if your face in in any of them!!



I also got this really huge aizawa pin from the funimation booth, yes.

I bought a pokemon mystery box! I tried to load the unboxing video, but it didn’t work…

I got 2 cups, a beanie, a pokeball stress toy, some cards, and erasers! I’m salty that I didn’t get a plush….

Test Art

Tested out Marvy Uchida alcohol pens!! They are really nice

I also tested Wacom tablets! It’s ok… The problem is that its so sensitive so my hand kept making marks and it was annoying…

Also squish

I also drew on that wall that they let people draw on

Oh yeah my bro drew stuff too

People I ran into

Met up with @shiny-1urantis!! He’s a cool dude, go follow him!

I also met @bechnokid at the pokemon cosplay gathering, and she was dressed as Grimsley! Glad to see you again! :)

Read more for pokemon cosplay gathering pics!

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#11) Scarlet \ Gold

Compromising w ur gf who is most comfortable when impervious to most physical forms of attack.

Hello my name is Pellimort and I draw very common ships, such as Samus and Daisy.