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Moffat: We don’t know if Sherlock is gay or straight because they never talk about that kind of stuff in the show

ASIP: The restaurant scene (”Do you have a boyfriend?”)

ASIB: Literally everything with Irene like seriously that episode is entirely about repressed emotions (not to mention John counts the number of texts Sherlock receives from Irene and is extremely jealous of her)

HLV: John is jealous of Janine, Sherlock hates Magnussen because he “prays on people’s secrets”, Sherlock restarts his heart for John, John’s wife is an assassin and everything gets super emotional, “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name”

TAB: The whole thing takes place in Sherlock’s gay ass mind, “correct me, doctor”, the shed scene (which I’m willing to bet Moffat wrote), we find out that Sherlock couldn’t say goodbye to John without practically overdosing himself on drugs

TLD: Sherlock gives up everything for John, we find out that both characters were suicidal before they met each other, Mrs Hudson confirms that Sherlock is emotional, “the man we both love”, “posh boy”, John is jealous of Irene again, the hug

TFP: Sherlock and John move back into 221B and start raising a child together

Moffat: Sherlock and John never talk about their emotions or anything so I guess we’ll just never know, sorry guys

hi i’d like to confess that i was almost late for work today bc i was reading the new chapter of “until my feet bleed and my heart aches” when i was supposed to be getting ready


Libraries are simultaneously very inspiring and extremely discouraging. Because if i do all the work and end up on those shelves, whose to say it would ever be picked up?
Then again, is it not worth it to do it for the satisfaction of knowing someone might? There was no reason for me to rent the book i did, it was one of thousands but i still checked it out. I could love it, or return it without much of an impression. The potential for either is exciting, but also scary. Its so easy to be lost and voiceless, but if even one reads it then thats not really voiceless is it? Perhaps just quiet, but not silent.

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Do you really care about your fans? Or are they a means to an end for you to be popular?

what kind of a fucking question is this buddy?

if my fans cared about me they’d respect my wishes when I say not to repost

and most of them do! and if you were involved at all you would know how much i care about them. fan involvement is a two way street and is integral to my creative process in some cases.

entitled fans who use MY AND MY FRIEND’S ART as their means to an end to be popular are not worth keeping around. do you really care about the arists behind the things you love to share? the fuck is your deal

tell your pals to make tumblrs and twitters to RELBOG AND RETWEET source content. its not difficult

@extilia ok first the idea that fat ppl can’t be healthy is a fatphobic myth and i want u to completely erase that entire concept from ur mind. yes, there are unhealthy fat ppl, i am one, so now i’m going to tell u that health doesn’t have anything to do with worth

wanting hunk to be muscular and buff rather than fat says a lot about what you think of fat people and whether or not we’re deserving of representation, and it’s kind of shitty to take away what little even kind of good representation we have

My goal for today was to do something worth blogging about.

I woke up still feeling sick, so not sure that will happen.

Luckily we have tomorrow off, so if I rest today I could still get stuff done tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. I want to live in a way worth writing about.

A week in vet school

I’ve been on my emergency rotation all week and man was it rough. I just did some calculations of how many hours i spent doing vet stuff this week and the numbers are scary. 

  • 52 hours on emergency (40 spent in the clinic, the rest were on call)
  • 22 hours in classes including my rounds meetings for emergency
  • 2 hours in lab
  • 1 Exam that I had to pull an all nighter for because I was not prepared because we had 2 exams last week

This was by far the hardest week of vet school i’ve had and I know it’s a glimpse of clinics. Gimmie all the work hours in the world and i’m okay with it just don’t make me take exams and sit in class too.

For everyone who asks me how they can figure out if they want to be a vet, if being a vet isn’t worth doing this then maybe explore other options. This may have been the worst week for me so far but this is what the schedule is probably going to be like for the entire final year. I may regret vet school at the moment because i’m cranky from not sleeping but I got some work done this week, gained some awesome experience, and helped save some lives. I’m sure in 2 months when i’m on break i’ll appreciate this rotation a bit more.

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For what it's worth "why do you guys always come to me for callouts" and "if I don't know the user and am not involved don't involve me" are hardly rude sentiments, the other anon needs to chill out.

yeah but if i sound mildly agitated people take it as a threat and call me aggressive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hey, so sorry I haven’t posted sooner but I just want you all to know I’m okay, my family is okay, the country is okay, and we’re just trying to cope with the fallout of becoming international news thanks to Trump watching FOX news and deciding to drag us into his propaganda speech.

My twitter account is still reeling though - it hasn’t seen this much action since the SH days (if even then), and yes I do plan on milking this for all it’s worth: do you know how rarely we’re relevant?? It’s like, the occasional Winter Olympics and whenever we host ESC and that’s it. :p 

Define success on your own terms. Achieve it by your own rules & build a life you’re proud to live.
Interesting Tidbits from the Director’s Commentary for “Kubo and the Two Strings”

1. Kubo’s eye is indeed missing. It’s gone.

2. The monkey netsuke is a family heirloom.

3. Sariatu is holding her power in reserve for the day she’ll have to protect Kubo. That’s why her health and mental state are continuously deteriorating. 

4. Kameyo is Kubo’s one friend in town. His one friend. 

5. Kubo’s hair is actual human hair combined with silicone.

6. Puppets sweat. The silicone’s oils seep out of the surface under the heat of the lights. They have to be patted down occasionally.

7. Kubo was born in the Beetle Clan Castle.

8. When the Moon King attacked Hanzo’s fortress, he was aided not only by the Sisters, but also by his own army.

9. The Moon Beast’s design is supposed to be evocative of the constellations in the sky.

10. Confirmed: The villagers do indeed love Kubo.

11. The little images that appear in the margins of the end credits are meant to make it feel as if Kubo’s story is an old myth.

12. “Kubo is meant to be something of an Orpheus figure – a boy gifted with divine music who could coax rocks and trees to dance with the beauty of his work.”

Stop waiting for Fridays, and stop waiting for someone to fall in love with you. All of these things will happen, but in the mean time, enjoy RIGHT NOW.