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From my earliest years, the first thing that I saw was suffering. And if I couldn’t rebel when I was a child, it was only because I was an unaware being then. But the sorrows of my grandparents and parents were recorded in my memory during those years of unawareness. How many times did I see our mother cry because she couldn’t give us the bread that we asked for! And yet our father worked without resting for a minute. Why couldn’t we eat the bread that we needed if our father worked so hard? That was the first question whose answer I found in social injustice. And, since that same injustice exists today, thirty years later, I don’t see why, now that I’m conscious of this, that I should stop fighting to abolish it.
—  Buenaventura Durruti

Yo look. After this whole business with Shiro is resolved, I want something to happen to Lance. Like, he gets separated from them all for like, several weeks. Or he decides to quit. Whatever happens, the rest for the team doesn’t know where he is or if he’s okay. And I want them to just. Not function well. Without Lance there, the rest of Team Voltron just doesn’t work together as well as with Lance. It’s not even the fact that they’re down a Lion, since Allura or Coran could technically pilot the Blue Lion, but just that they’re missing Lance. Fighting the Galra is just that much more difficult without Lance and they’re forced to struggle their way through battles in between looking for him. Meanwhile Lance himself is off on his own adventure and maybe starts to think that it doesn’t really matter to the rest of the team that he’s gone or that maybe they don’t really miss him all that much - not because they haven’t found him yet but just because y'know anxiety - and so he doesn’t make super much of an effort to get back to the rest of them or whatever. But then Team Voltron DOES find him because they’ve been looking so hard when they’re not in the middle of fighting the Galra and like everyone is absolutely overjoyed to find Lance again and as soon as he’s back things just start to go right in battles and they win more easily and idk I just really want a big important arc where the focus is on Lance and his character development and the end of the arc is Lance realizing that he’s actually really important to Team Voltron even if he maybe doesn’t have some skill as obvious as the others because there’s a reason he was chosen to be a Paladin and by gosh he’s gonna be a good one

“From my earliest years, the first thing that I saw was suffering. And if I couldn’t rebel when I was a child, it was only because I was an unaware being then. But the sorrows of my grandparents and parents were recorded in my memory during those years of unawareness. How many times did I see our mother cry because she couldn’t give us the bread that we asked for! And yet our father worked without resting for a minute. Why couldn’t we eat the bread that we needed if our father worked so hard? That was the first question whose answer I found in social injustice. And, since that same injustice exists today, thirty years later, I don’t see why, now that I’m conscious of this, that I should stop fighting to abolish it.”
— Buenaventura Durruti

Relax - Sirius Black

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She thought it was extremely stupid. And it was. How the Wizarding World invented potions that completely healed broken bones within hours and antidotes that could heal the deadliest of poisons, yet, it never seemed to have crossed someone’s mind that a simple potions for a fever would have been useful. So Y/N was forced to rely solely on some Muggle medicine, which was taking a painfully long time to dull her headache. To make matters worse, Madame Pomfrey seemed to have also fallen ill, meaning that she would have to take care of herself.

Y/N buried herself under the huge pile of blankets, shivering slightly as she keeps burning up from her fever. A pile of homework was staring accusingly at her from her desk. Feeling guilty, the Ravenclaw decided that there was no way she could get any rest without being reassured that her work was done. But the moment she sat down at her desk and got out her quill the door of her dorm abruptly opened, revealing her black haired boyfriend.

The Gryffindor stood in the door way, slightly leaning against the door frame, an amused twinkle pronounced in his piercing eyes. The sun shone directly on him, as if it was a spot light, and she could see the outline of his biceps against his white dress shirt. He looked like an incarnation of a god and she wondered how she managed to catch his fancy. Especially now that she was in an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants on, her face red, her hair up in an ‘I really just don’t care anymore’ bun and her under eye circles standing out more than usual.

“How did you manage to answer the eagle?” She inquired, her head tilting slightly to accentuate her confusion. “And once you did that, how did you get up here? The stairs turn into a slide when it detects a boy trying to climb up.” Y/N eyes her boyfriend suspiciously making Sirius let out a laugh, his head thrown back and he began to make his way towards her.

“It’s like you have no faith in me, love. You don’t reckon I’m smart enough to answer a simple riddle? ” He chuckled out, earning a glare from the witch. “Well, you’re right. I got Moony to do it for me.”

“That doesn’t explain the stairs.”

“I, uh, learned a few charms here and there. It does the same thing in the Gryffindor dorm.” He answered scratching his neck in an awkward manner. She let out an entertained smile.

“Did you learn it to show off to some girl?” She teased him, her arms crossed. When he made no move to answer her question, she let out a laugh.

“Merlin, you did! And I reckon it didn’t work then.”

“That would depend on you.” The infamous Black flirty smile was once again playing on his pink lips. He leaned over the desk so that there were barely any space between their lips. Y/N felt her cheeks burning up even more from their close proximity.

He slightly leaned away from her, and she could feel her heart calming down. Even after 6 months of dating, Sirius was still giving her butterflies in her stomach and sending her heart racing.

The smile fell from his face and a concerned expression was placed on his face. His eyes scanning her face.

“How are you feeling by the way? I didn’t see you at breakfast and found out from one of your friends that you were running a fever. And how many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t work when you’re sick?” His brows furrowed as his voice rises, the worry mixing with the slight annoyance.

Sirius has always been one of those boyfriends that are overprotective. He was always making sure that she was alright and constantly taken care of. It was one of her favorite things about him. The fact that he cared so much.

And she hated worrying him. But the few times that she did, it was nearly always because of school, exactly like now. Y/N hated the look on his face when he caught her overworking herself. She hated how his eyes lost their mischievous gleam. She hated how the corners of his mouth immediately turned down.

So it was only natural that her heart would break as she saw that look on his sharp features.

“M’sorry, love. Didn’t mean to upset you, I just wanted to catch up on some work.” Those words left her lips in a hushed tone, barely audible. She looked around the room, avoiding his gaze.

Sirius bent down so that they were now on the same level. His left hand came up to cup her face, forcing her to look at him, while his right hands gently rest on her knee.

“Merlin, you’re burning up, princess.” The Gryffindor mumbled, once he felt the temperature of his girlfriend. “I’m just worried about you. You have to learn to relax.”

“Well, the only time that that happens is when we cuddle.” She muttered out quietly, still feeling ashamed.

Sirius smiled, chuckling at his petite girlfriend. Even when her face was red, her hair messy, and her silhouette covered, he couldn’t help but think that she was still one of the most beautiful people he has ever met. And it was in that moment, in her dorm when the sunlight was delicately hitting her face, bringing out her best features that he realized he was truly in love with her.

So he leaned in, capturing her lips between his. Not caring that she was, or that he might also get sick from it. He just wanted to be in that moment with her.  When they pulled back, her face flushed, recovering from the surprise.

“Merlin, I love you.” He whispered out lovingly, while caressing her cheeks. “Even if you’re so damn stubborn. Now come on, let’s go cuddle.”

If you’re a character actor, you don’t need to wait for the next leading role. But if you are a leading man you have to wait for the next part. Sometimes that means long periods without work. I’ve been so lucky with parts. They talk about actors resting. The only time I have ever rested in my 77 years as an actor has been when I’ve wanted to. Lucky, lucky, lucky.
—  Peter Vaughan, who passed away 6 December 2016.

It’s just something - something Verrocchio said to me once. He said, 

Legality simply can’t be moral compass. You can’t condemn anything as morally wrong just because it’s illegal. When I worked at my last restaurant, it sure as hell wasn’t moral or good in any way that most days I showed up and was forced to immediately take my break before even starting, and then work the rest of a long shift without a break. But it’s not illegal. I can be at Walmart, look down at some kid, and go “hey kid. Fuck off you piece of shit.” That’s so fucked up to do. But it’s not illegal. Hell im also pretty sure it’s not illegal to leave a pile of human shit on your neighbors doorstep. But you yourself would be a piece of shit for doing it wouldn’t you?
So you can’t let the law decide your moral standards. You can’t just say oh a thing is illegal it must be monstrous. You know what else is illegal? A teenager taking naked pictures of themselves even if they never ever share them with anyone. That’s possession of child pornography even when you’re the child and you took it. There’s children on the sex offender registry list because someone sent them a nude photo they didn’t want and they got caught with it.
So enough. Stop making morality so black and white and stop letting the law decide what’s moral for you.


Word Count: 1,819
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Akashi X Reader!Girlfriend
Summary: Akashi receives a package a day after a call.
NOTE: This was a request that was sent in a while back in my box. It’s not a freelance piece and you’ll understand why i didn’t do the usual q+ans post.

Since he started to take over his father’s business, Akashi had lost all his free time to it. He spent his mornings reading invoices; lunches checking his emails; and dinners alone in the dark, where only a sliver of light reached his spectacles as he massaged the bridge of his nose. The only thing that kept him from screaming at his frustration was his frequent lashes at those beneath him and the messages he got from you.

Akashi never felt as thankful as he did each day when he got a text message or a voice mail from you. You made him keep his sanity as he worked for days without rest; kept him grounded. There was never a day where he thought you were annoying, because to him you were his beloved, and nothing would ever change that.

Looking away from his screen for a second, he felt himself captivated by the picture he kept near another pile of folders. Holding the picture frame in his hand, he brushed the glass lovingly. There you were standing near him; a picture of the two of you from university. Your hair fixed in the usual hairstyle; your lips slightly open; eyes surprised. He chuckled quietly—Akashi had taken his hand away from your waist and let his fingers find yours before intertwining them.

You weren’t the type to show your affections outside, but being the man he is, he took advantage of it. He loved the way you looked when he took you by surprise. Loved the deer like characteristic of it and how your cheeks would turn into a pastel pink; the redness that would form right after you realized what happened.

He counted to himself quietly; realizing something. The warmth he felt receded as he was hit with the realization that he had not seen that for nearly four months. Four. Months.

Akashi felt his grasp around the frame loosen for a second. It hit his table, wobbling a bit before standing still.

Akashi had let you be alone for four months. He left you only memories of him and fading pictures of him in your life. As of right now, what was left of him in your life?

Before he could even pick up the phone to call you, he heard the familiar vibrate of his phone. Usually keeping it on silent, it only moved when he had mail. Typing in the passcode quickly, he turned on his phone, and tapped to his logs; dialing his voice mail to hear what was left for him.

‘Morning Seijuro!’ He smiled automatically. ‘I hope you had breakfast today, you didn’t forget again right?’ Murmuring a small no to himself, he listened on. ‘Seijuro I know you’re probably beating yourself over not seeing me for the past few months, but I did tell you it was fine. But…’

He heard you pause for a second as you took a shallow breath. That was quite odd. Akashi furrowed his eyebrows. ‘…Sorry I just got distracted, nothing that needs worrying.’

Did that meant he did need to worry? ‘As I was saying, can we go on a date this Thursday?’

What an odd day he thought and when he heard you say the very words himself, he chuckled.

‘I didn’t want to bother you, but I really…really…miss you. I don’t want to seem like I’m asking for much, but I can’t help it because I love you— ‘.  He narrowed his eyes as he heard loud noises suddenly appear in the background, cutting you off as you hung up. This didn’t sound like your home; it didn’t sound like anything recognizable from it.

Feeling himself move on his own, he stopped the voice mail and moved his hand around his phone quickly. Typing in your number and calling you. Why did you sound anxious? Why did those sounds seem familiar? Why was his heart pounding?

Hearing the call hit voice mail, he sighed loudly. Taking a quick look at the clock, he saw it was two. “Afternoon, Love. The date doesn’t bother me at all. There was no need to sound sad over such a little request that I myself would also have asked for. I’ll pick you up on Thursday at your home around six—about two days from now. See you soon.”

Gently placing the phone on his desk, Akashi couldn’t help but feel oddly nervous over your words. Something was wrong, but what was it? If something was up, you would tell him right? Shaking his head, he pressed a hand against his forehead. Perhaps this anxiety was over the thought of seeing you again after such a long time. Nervousness—yes it was because he was nervous he told himself.

Letting himself forget his sudden rush of emotions, he took a second glance at the phone again before getting back to work. Turning on his computer, he viewed the articles he needed to take care of; erasing the uneasiness he felt with the sense of relief that he was going to hold you once again.

But he wasn’t going to he soon realized.

His office was a mess as papers laid crumpled on the ground around him. All the invoices, the letters, the reports—meaningless in comparison to what was in the package he received. Akashi couldn’t breathe as he saw everything he ever gave you in a perfect array inside a cardboard box.

The dried roses he gave you on the first date had lost its essence; the sweetness that lingered before had faded. The ribbon he helped you wear laid still with the help of the weight of the promise ring he placed on your delicate hand a while ago. The photos you took together; neatly kept with a rubber band. Everything he had gifted you; everything that was sent to compensate for the smile he was given…it was all sent back.

Shakily reaching inside of it, he took out the small envelope inside. The scrawl of his name on the front; a little heart sticker holding it closed; he tore it open.

Unfolding the letter inside, he felt himself gulp. “Don’t tell me you’re leaving me for someone else _____….”

Dear Seijuro,

He read, his eyes slowly taking in your words.

If you’re reading this, I must’ve screwed up right? Haha, I didn’t mean to, I swear!
I wanted to say something that I didn’t have the courage to say a few months back. Something I didn’t get a chance to even bring up.
You see I was diagnosed with Ischemic Heart disease—Coronary Artery Disease to be more I guess specific.  My blood vessels narrowed suddenly during the end of our final year in university, but it was suppose to be fixable. 
It wasn’t.
It seemed that something like mine were far too complicated for any doctor to fix. So there it began my little downfall you can call it. But you were there for me without even knowing it and I felt even more anger towards myself.
I was grateful that you loved me, but I hated that I was making you love me, the me who was healthy. I hated that I couldn’t find the courage in myself to tell you to stop loving me, because that would ease your pain. But, being the selfish person I am, I let you love me. I took advantage of your love when really I was fixing you into the spot of feeling the most pain; probably even more pain than what I’m feeling right now.
But I guess not all great things can last right? Some part of me was glad you got caught up in your work to not notice because then I would see you less and then I could feel at ease that that was my punishment for being too greedy. 
So I endured it, the time lost from being with you got traded it for time spent in the hospital. The memories I had with you let me feel the bit of strength I kept losing. The voice mails I was able to send made me rest assure that I was helping you a bit even if I didn’t.
Seijuro…thank you for letting me love you and for letting me feel the warmth I was losing. Thank you for giving me something worth fighting for even if I wasn’t able to see your gaze again. Thank you for letting me be selfish for once.

His eyes blurred as he couldn’t read on. Akashi tried to make sense of everything as he desperately clung to your letter. Blindly, he ran his hand along each word and felt each deep scrawl in the lined paper. What were you doing when you were writing this? Were you in pain? Were you alone?

Akashi grew cold. Were you alone? He asked himself again. He felt all the air leave his lungs as he tried to stop himself from falling.

He let you be alone. He let you take the guilt. He let you suffer. Alone—all alone. Why were you thanking him when he was the selfish one for prioritizing his work over the love of his life? Why were you saying you were the selfish one?

“I’m the selfish one you idiot.” He whispered as he looked at the pile of photos. “I’M THE SELFISH ONE!”

Letting go of the letter, Akashi grabbed his head and held it hard. He ran his nails painfully down his scalp as tears fell down. It dampened his carpet; made it turn into a deeper shade of red.

It hit him all so suddenly as he began to mourn you. The familiar noises from the voice mail before were only familiar because he remembered the ones he heard from his mother’s bedside years back. The pause was because of your difficulty breathing as your heart couldn’t properly move the carbon dioxide away from your lungs. The sudden request was because you wanted to see him one last time.

Akashi wailed loudly as he realized what he lost. He couldn’t control himself as his heart screamed at the fact that he would never see your smile again. Felt himself break as he realized he would never see you ever again. He tried to wipe the constant trail of tears that continued to fall from his eyes. How could he have been so blind?

Clutching his chest, he crouched over the letter; protecting it as if it was truly you. It hurt all over. His world had come crashing down in this standstill of time—all that he worked for; believed in; all of it was lost.

But there was one thing that was eating away the little composure he had left as Akashi heard a door open from behind him.

He didn’t say ‘I love you’ in the voice mail he left for you.

Admin Nanacchi’s Note:
So if you guys are reading this after this quite brutal angst that i totally did not mean to write, i just wanted to say thank you guys for giving me nearly 1.5k of followers ;; ~ ;;. I was afraid that since my semi-hiatus there would be a lack of love for my small little writing haven. (but yay for my short reading week.
I don’t know why i feel so attached to this angst almost, but I do know a few things.
1) As much as i enjoy writing fluff and happiness I live to write something sad and idk why. This ask was randomly chosen and I got an idea instantly.
2) My friend whom I still love and care for passed away from this disease. I didn’t remember the name of it, but when I was searching for a ‘death sentencing disease’ it popped up and you don’t know how hard it was to write the letter after. A while back when this blog first started a friend had to post on my behalf to say i was not writing for a day because of a mishap. That mishap was that my friend’s tumblr had been q’d to send me and some other friends letters written by him. They were dated 3 years forward aka 3 years was last year in the summer when my friend knew we all grew up without him. 3 years where i finally reached his age and there’s not a day where I don’t read the letter over and over again. 
And why is this usually optimistic fanfic writer telling people who possible don’t care about this? well i guess this touched me a lot and i dont want to lose the fading existence that is my friend. That’s all.

Thanks for reading.

Tale of Gency (Chapter 1)

Laboratory of Love

A soft yawn came from the otherwise empty room, one which was quickly stifled by the slender hand of its origin. Angela had been working for hours once again, feeling so close to yet another breakthrough and yet all so far. For hours she’s been focused on the prototype in front of her, meticulously working on it without a single moment of rest. Analyzing, tweaking, experimenting, being disappointed, and repeating the process all over again. She was no stranger to such process of course, every scientist was very well aware of the tiresome path to success. She’s been at this for days of course, each day with the same determination and optimism, and each day without any new success. It should not be this difficult, and yet she could not finish it. Perhaps it was due to all the thoughts that continuously cycled through her head, distracting her from her work. Or quite possibly, perhaps it was the deadline that was all too soon approaching. In fact, this wasn’t simply just another improved medicine or antibiotic, this was more special than that. This project had not only a significant place in her heart, but also carried an important deadline as well. While she rather disliked being rushed in her work, it was in fact by her own wish that she had set this deadline. Though it really was frustrating her now, considering that the deadline was actually to be the day that is so soon coming. After all, it was Genji’s birthday.

While Angela knew that the awkward cyborg may be a bit too shy for any bolder surprises from her, she figured that he would greatly appreciate this one at the very least. He had already managed to sneak into the base one day and coincidentally overheard their plans to throw a surprise party, hence completely ruining it and persistently insisted on not doing such a thing for him. His selfless and sweet nature was a charm that made her heart throb with happiness; it was also sometimes a bit bothersome as she felt that he rejected certain things because he didn’t consider himself worthy of them. Of course he was courteous and polite about it all, however it doesn’t change the fact that he still thought of himself as less than what everyone else sees him to be. As such, they had managed to make yet another event this time, under the guise of a date for him and her.

While Angela had been a bit hesitant to have them so directly bring up their relationship in that manner, she did feel as though it was a good time to finally take him out to something nice. As such, she reluctantly agreed to let them deal with the location and other details of the date itself. With the help of Lena, she had managed to find a lovely dress for the occasion, crafted just for her size. She had insisted on simply buying a premade dress but her protests fell on the deaf ears of the nimble girl that flitted around the shop looking at fabric and pouted at her in an attempt for a chance to personally take down her measurements. Angela had finally relented and simply used the measurements she had taken for her Valkyrie suit, seeing as she had stay in practically the same fit physique, much to Lena’s disappointment at her lost opportunity. However, all these events had taken up much of her time, leaving so little for her own personal project.

As the new serum, fizzed out once more, its contents not dissolving and reacting in the way she had wanted them to, Angela let out a loud sigh and leaned back into her chair, looking up at the ceiling deep in thought. These thoughts were interrupted by a soft and polite set of knocks on the door. She blinked in surprise and looked at the door before a soft smile appeared on her lips. She pulled herself out of her chair and opened the door, saying at the same time, “You know you don’t have to ask permission every time you want to enter my lab, Genji.” Ah, if only she could gather the courage to say the same about her personal room.

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Created By TheNumbersWoman

Shabby Chic True Shabby Bakery

Created for: The Sims 4
Old fashioned bakery items for your Sims to have a quaint establishment. This set is meant to work with The EP GET TO WORK, however the only things that are not base game are the cash register and the display case. The rest will work without the EP. There is one extra color option.

RIGHT I’m getting a drink and something to eat because there is no way NO WAY IN HELL I’m going to do the rest of this school work without a break

Bro’s cooking tonight, gonna be better than what I can make- spaghetti and instant noodles are my limit when it comes to cooking and even then I put the wrong seasonings in the spaghetti (@greyapis can attest to that)

Weigh In Wednesday

Lost 3.6lbs this past week! CW: 233.8lbs!

I am honestly blown away. I haven’t lost that much in one week before so that’s pretty cool. I lost my Super Bowl weight and then some!!

What did I do differently? I got scheduled to work without too many days of rest in between (magically without getting any overtime, hmm) so I’ve been walking a bit more. Strangely, I haven’t been in the gym in a few days because of work. Night shift messes with me.

But yes! Very happy. Almost 10lbs down. Can’t wait to get there!!

To: AgustD, Suga and Yoongi

For someone who has been working hard ever since debut without any rest, you would expect him to take a break, at least on the day he was born to celebrate. Yet he did not do that at all, instead, Yoongi made it a point to prepare something to thank his fans on his birthday, a representation of his gratitude from him to them.

In 2014, he prepared a small snack packs and drinks for 300 fans, even going to writing a unique message for each of the 300 packs, and an extra 50 more during his rest time. That just went to show the selflessness that Yoongi had.

In 2015, he came up with a new present, of handwritten cards, polaroids and transportation cards charged with money in a vintage envelope. All of those were charged at his own expense and not once did complain about having to use his own money for his own fans. He did it all of his own accord.

Because underneath his cold exterior known as Suga, laid a caring and grateful Yoongi that everyone knew of. It was no lie that he was a nice person and it did not take much for someone to know that.

Maybe he did go overboard at times while teasing his members but they knew that he did not mean to offend anyone. As his brothers, they never too it to heart since they were family.

Before debut, Yoongi, also known as AgustD was a ruthless rapper who was capable of spitting fire despite his pale complexion or slightly shorter height. Despite all that, he made it up with his rapping skills and composing talents.

He knew that accepting the offer to be an idol rapper was going to be a long road and the consequences of being looked down upon from his underground rapper friends were not something anyone could withstand.

But that was not going to deter him from choosing what he thought was right. So what if people looked down on him? Did it matter if he wasn’t known as AgustD anymore? Suga was not a part of him, just like how Suga is as of now.

Yoongi knew that harboring hate towards such immature people would bring nothing but damage to himself and his confidence so he threw that aside. He had came from Daegu to Namsadong and finally to where he was right now, wherever now is, to prove that he had what it takes to be recognized.

Young Yoongi was sure that he was able to withstand anything, he was afraid of nothing. Looking back, he could only thank his younger self for making that decision. Nonetheless, his love for music never left but grew. His life now revolved solely around music and without it, he would be nothing but an empty shell.

Teenage Yoongi had to deal with all of the criticism thrown his way, objections from his family pushed down upon him.

“Don’t go overboard. If you act like a know-it-all thinking you’re going to make music, you’ll destroy your home.”

Those words meant nothing to him for the only thing that kept him going at that point in time was his interest and passion for hip hop and music.

Yes, things may have changed along the way. The hip hop group BigHit initially intended to debut became a 7-member boy group but he was given the freedom of producing the songs that he wanted, even having a fellow member to share his woes with so who was he to complain anymore?

Just like what he said in Nevermind, “if it seems like you’re going to crash, step harder.” That was exactly what he did because he honored his word. Regardless of being recognized as AgustD, Suga or Yoongi, he was who he is. He stayed true to himself and followed his passion. Something not everyone was capable of. Are you able to do the same yourselves with your own life?

A Happy Birthday to Bangtan’s very own Suga aka Min Yoongi! I hope that all of you will like this. With this, I will start on the requests soon! I’m really sorry for being so slow ;; Do continue supporting us and let’s wait for Admin N and Admin K to return,shall we? Till then, take care, stay happy and healthy! : ) 



         💝 for a plationic kiss.

As so often, after returning from the surface, Atticus seemed tired. The kind of tired that sleep did not help against. And the kind that seemed to make his father rather clingy. Being around Shaun as much as possible, holding his hand, hugging him, putting his chin on his shoulder to watch him work.

At first, it had been weird for Shaun, not used to all that affection, but he slowly had gotten used to it, so now he could keep working without freezing whenever Atti decided to rest on him like a too large cat.

Atticus’ head on Shaun’s shoulder, watching his hands typing and writing for a while before he let out a long and maybe a bit too dramatic sigh. 

Shaun chuckled softly and shook his head.

          “Really, if you want attention you should go see your fiance…” he hummed, but he still turned his head to place a soft kiss on his father’s cheek.

          “There, now stop whining, I need to get this done today…”