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“Okay, so I think I’ve figured it out,” you said, looking at the screen on your laptop, “It’s not an isolated incident, it goes back years, but it’s happened before. Exactly the same.”

You were expecting a reply, maybe a question, but you got nothing in response.

“Dean?” you asked, turning to face him when you got no answer again.

He was lying on your bed, one arm cuddling the pillow under his head.

You smiled, closing your laptop and turning the bedside lamp on before you switched off the main light in the room.

It’d been a long day of driving, and it’d obviously taken more out of him than he was letting on.

You gently got on the bed beside him, smiling contentedly as the arm around his pillow wrapped around you without him waking up.

One incident every fifteen years, this case could wait a few hours.

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You read my take on Captain Swan and what happens when they get ‘close’  here x and how Captain Swan’s love can create cause flowers to bloom in the UnderWorld here x .    Now check out what happens when Emma tries to control her magic so they blow the lights in Storybrooke and she shares her power with Killian.  Special thanks to @duathadun for helping with gifs and proofing and to @laschatzi for proofing.  Couldn’t have done it without you girls. 

Tagging @fleurreads as she was curious about my Killian/Emma against the door….

                                        Killian’s Mussed Hair

Monday mornings were always tough.  Not only did she have to get up earlier than usual but also leave the little nest that she fit into perfectly between Killian and her pillows.  Snug and warm and having the most incredible dream, this morning the thought of getting up was especially difficult.  In her dream Killian was running his hands up and down her body while kissing her neck, and pulling her tightly against him.  “Swan,” a kiss landed on her right shoulder, “Swan”, another kiss landed just under her right ear, while his hand stroked along her waist, moving across her breast to her chin and turning her head toward his mouth. “Emma love”, a kiss landed on her lips. “Emma love” a bit louder followed by another kiss.  “Wake up love, time for work.”  said her pirate lover.  

Emma groaned and rolled over on her back, reaching up with her left hand to run along his scruff.  “Good morning.  What an amazing way to wake up.”  

“Hmmm”, Killian leaned into her for another kiss.  “Do we have time for…?”

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