not with rings but with tea and cookies

Earl Grey Shortbread - cookies for prosperity and peace

Here’s a pretty simple recipe for cookies that I make a few times a month for my salon.

1 cup butter (room temp)*
2 loose leaf earl grey tea bags
1 cup confectioners sugar
Cream ingredients together until “fluffy”
*(if using unsalted butter, add ½ tsp salt. Salted butter: no salt)
Add in 2 cups flour little by little until dough forms and fully mixed.

It may be a bit crumbly, but take the dough and press it together, but try not to overwork it.

Split into 2-3 balls and roll into tube shape in a piece of wax or parchment paper and refrigerate for about an hour until firm.

Take out a roll and slice into ½" rounds and put on prepared baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees (Fahrenheit) for about 10 minutes.

When you see a thin golden brown ring around the cookies where they sit on the sheet they’re ready.

To frost, I use confectioners sugar (start out with about ½ cup and add more as needed) and add a little Creme de Violette (Violet liqueur made by Rothman & Winter) and mix until smooth. Should be toothpaste consistency and spread on the cookies.

To clarify, the black tea helps with prosperity, and the bergamot herb has use for drawing out peaceful dispositions. Violets draw out love and happiness. Sugar for sweetening positions and thought processes, and wheat for multiplying and fortifying the other components.

So these cookies are simple to make, delicate in flavor, and make you feel fancy af.

How to make sigils a sigil is a symbol that you make that acts as like a spell and helps you achieve a goal.

  1. You have to make a sentence of your desire in capital letters.
  2. You get rid of every repeating letter.
  3. Then you simplify the letters into basic shapes.
  4. Then you design the sigil into a pattern that you like. (You should encase your sigil into a shape to keep its energies on track)
  5. The sigil is internalized/ activated.

Some quick ways to activate your sigils -sleep with it -masturbate and during climax concentrate on the sigil image. -visualize the sigil working

  1. The sigil is banished so you forget what it means. Or you can destroy the sigil.

Quick way to banish the sigil -roaring laughter (then think of something completely different) -you can also burn it and scatter the ashes

<<<<((The faster you forget the sigil, the more effective the operation)) After activation and internalization of a sigil you should not think of the symbol itself nor if it’s meaning. If the sigils image or meaning pop back into your head you must recharge and banish it again.

Some ways to use sigils

-carved into rings -amulet -sewn into cloths or on pouches -written on cigarettes -draw it on a piece of paper and carry it with you - draw it on cement with chalk -draw it on a flower pot -draw it into dough (cookie, bread, crust) -draw it in your soup or cake dough or coffee/tea

<<<<<The time it takes for a sigil to work is somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes success will be instant ; sometimes it may take months.

<<<<there are many different types of sigil making methods (the pictorial method, the mantrical spell method, the alphabet of desire ,constructing sigils with planetary cameas (magical squares), working with atavistic nostalgia ), this is just my favorite type.

I learned this information from the book Practical sigil Magic by Frater U:.D:.

Simple Little Things In Life

-clothes fresh out of the dryer
-singing in the rain
-a perfectly popped bag of popcorn
-a good hair day
-waking up before the alarm goes off
-birds chirping for the first time since winter
-dancing when nobody’s watching
-waking up early & falling back asleep
-watching the sun rise/set
-starbucks spelling your name correctly
-finding money in your pocket
-listening to a favorite song on repeat
-puppies & kittens
-being outside when the weather is /just right/
-the smell of rain on pavement
-twinkle lights
-getting retweets
-cute sweaters
-popping bubble wrap
-raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens
-scribbling out words when you mess up
-writing in pen
-the perfect drinking temperature for tea
-wearing cute little mittens
-getting into bed with fresh sheets
-singing along to the radio
-the first day of spring & not having to wear a jacket
-rainy days
-watching the snow fall
-cute dreams
-classical music
-heavy thunderstorms
-fall leaves
-walking on pavement
-your favorite t-shirt
-disney movies
-a cold shower on a hot day
-fresh flowers
-apple cinnamon candles
-handwritten letters
-receiving mail
-chipped nail polish
-on sale items
-city lights on the street after the rain
-roasting marshmallows over an open fire
-the calming pitter-patter of the rain
-not being able to put a book down
-getting a text from an old friend
-the feeling you get after a workout
-that certain bookstore smell
-the smell of old books
-buying school supplies
-warm towels
-sunlight shining through the trees
-genuinely feeling happy
-planning a party
-summer breeze
-getting enough sleep
-the feeling of sand between your toes
-waves crashing on the shore
-the sweet smell of the ocean
-proving yourself wrong
-proving others wrong
-big, warm hugs that make you feel loved
-making lists
-letting go of the past
-the word “serendipity”
-learning another language
-fresh air
-the window seat
-rereading your favorite book
-gel pens
-deep red lipstick
-hair bows
-glitter & sparkles
-flea markets
-cute lil antique shops
-pocket watches
-fine art
-poetry, tea, & over-the-knee socks
-random acts of kindness
-freshly baked cookies
-photo booths
-freshly cut grass
-happy tears
-catching up with an old friend
-seeing someone light up when they talk about their favorite thing
-sitting by a lake
-looking at the stars
-getting a pair of new shoes
-jumping on a trampoline
-elevator music
-blue eyes
-cursive writing
-when a cat sneezes
-falling asleep
-toaster waffles topped with fresh fruit
-the smell of lavender
-coffee ice cream
-bakery muffins
-walking in the woods during the summer
-apple picking
-squinting when the sun is too bright
-crossing things off your list
-saying hello
-deep city lights
-rainbow sprinkles
-old couples
-being sleepy & having messy hair
-forehead kisses
-swing dancing
-sugar cookies
-apple blossoms
-cute outfits
-aqua, light green, & purple
-mint green tea
-short stories
-iced tea with honey
-long necklaces and gold rings
-quoting your favorite movie
-hot cocoa, fuzzy pajamas, & a roaring fire in the winter
-snowball fights
-having a ton of pillows
-going out to eat

A chance to say goodbye - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : You’re a meta-human able to see ghosts, summon them etc etc…and you decide to give your Bruce a birthday gift he’ll never forget.

I had this story in my head for quite a while now, not sure how to feel about it though. I don’t know, you guys know me, I’m like : “meh” as usual…Anyway, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think please, wether you liked or not :-) …Hope you’ll like it though  :

(My masterlist blog here :


When Bruce was looking all around the World for meta-human, he found you in a small village in France’s country side, and…you intrigued him right away.

You were sitting on a bench in a small cemetery, lost in daydreams.

He felt irreversibly attracted to you. The way you seemed lost in your thoughts, the glint in your eyes as you looked at nothing in particular, your poise, even the way you breathed subjugated him, for reasons he couldn’t quite pinpoint…When you turned your head to him, feeling his presence, and your eyes locked on each other, the beating of his heart became ecstatic, uncontrollable…He had to talk to you.

Against all of his usual instinct, he approached you and sat down next to you. And the conversation just flew naturally. It was something he never experienced before. You were a total stranger, and yet, he felt like he knew you since forever.

(Y/N). That was your name. It rolled on his tongue delightfully. In the span of a few hours, you just talked about anything and everything. It was just too amazing, and for a minute, he thought maybe you were a meta-human whose powers was to control one’s emotions, because he never talked like that to anyone, including his close friends, so to a total stranger…

Turned out, your powers weren’t to control someone’s feelings, not at all. Your powers were…scarier, and you hated using them. You had a special bond with Death…You could summon zombie warriors from the ground and control them, you were able to see if someone’s life was going to end soon, and was plagued by visions of ghosts of people that still had important business to finish on Earth. You hated your powers.

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where are they now?

i. the grey-clad angels walk hand in hand, passing by rows of identical, unlit houses, in a neighbourhood that’s removed from the main city attractions. The angels hold hands and unravel their wings, spreading them wide, laughing, chatting, playfully throwing jabs at each other, happy and light and golden, because it’s only three in the morning, and no one is out to see them in their holy glory

ii. seraphim, teaching in schools and universities, glasses adorning their glowing faces, their silver hair pulled back in buns, braids and everything under the sun. they hold a laser pointer and write out bible-long mathematical equations on the green board, the chalk crumbling and smearing on their dark flesh. They have quiet voices, but burning gazes and words that hold wisdom eons older than any human could ever imagine

iii. puttos (the mistaken ones) trying so hard to make themselves known, their names forgotten, confused with the ugly ones, the cherubim, handing out leaflets on the streets full of information on what is what and what is not, their eyes big and blue and green and brown, their golden hair in coils and curls and locks. When they come back home, they drink cinnamon tea, stretch out their legs and watch cartoons on tv, wondering how could it be

iv. thrones and ophanims have weekly gossip sessions in abandoned, brown churches and beautiful, rosy cathedrals, when they are empty and echo-y and grey, of course. The thrones, the taller ones, with longer faces and lean bodies draped in many cloaks, bring cookies and aloe vera drinks, whilst the ophanims bring with them human magazines, and flick through them as they wait for everyone to gather. Once they’re there, their voices are an amalgamation of golden bells ringing, of songs and chorus. They speak in a language known only in the old heavens, the gossip of pop culture, celebrity news and recent celebrity deaths padded out by the smoothness and elongation of their angelic vowels

v. standing under red light are the dominions, the beautiful women, the haunted ones, their hair as black as the inkiest night. They shiver in the cold, their mortal flesh still mortal and too thin and just a shell, their grand wings in glamour and pinned back, aching to be let out, to be stretched out, like the angels do, because they’re different, they still have their freedom. They’ll stand there and wait until a customer comes by and swoops them away, for a few minutes, if that’s okay

vi. the principalities work in hospitals, the white, sanitised surroundings reminding them of their long-lost home. They yearn for something they once were as they trail down the sparkling halls, their uniforms donned on, hair tucked back, wings invisible. what a shame. when they have their break, they pour out of the doors and take a minute to smoke, the poison filling their lungs and calming them down, their anxious, trembling hearts. the principalities have long forgotten what it feels like to be great, but sometimes, they have dreams and flashbacks and strange déjà vu, and visions and hallucinations. many of them think they’re ill, something wrong with their brain. but they’re just visions of what once was

vii. the archangels cuddle each other in bed, the plain duvet tangled around their slim, long legs, the colour of milk and chocolate. They are open with each other, arms bared, hearts on their cheeks, fluttering eyelids and parted mouths the colour of pink summer and cherry lollipops. One kisses the other, lips like velvet, skin like silk. They text the principalities ‘when r you gonna be off shift? Come and join us’ knowing full well that they’d never come because they’re ashamed of pure love, of love that is not contained between just two

viii. the virtues are fishermen and women, gathering by the side of the turquoise rivers that are the hidden parts of cities and towns, where there is peace, glittering bright, soothing their minds. They fish for hours, chatting amongst themselves, no more than glorified, elongated small talk. Sometimes, rarely, one of them says something that makes the other’s eyes light up – light up with memories, with nostalgia and with sorrow at what once was – but those moments usually don’t come, or are swept up by the rising wind. they inspect the fish they catch, knowing their angelic touch could never really harm another being. they collect a few of their rainbows scales, the rare currency, and let the fish go back to their home, the undulating waves. When it gets really hot, they take off their clothes, but stay in their frilly, lace underwear, and swim around, letting their wings get wet and weigh them down, the most tangible evidence of their origins

ix. they are here. and they haven’t left

Tea Party For 9

Pairing: The Men of The Avengers x Steve Rogers Daughter Sarah Rogers

Warning: This is ridiculous and well I think I’m funny sorry if you don’t. Haha

When Sarah wants a tea party, she manages to get her way with Uncle Tony’s help. She doesn’t hear the word no when it comes to her uncles, not a single one is willing to tell her no, even if that means being forced into Dress Up attire and using their manners. As long as it stays between the nine of them only.

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“Are you sure about this?” You sigh leaning against the wall as you watch your daughter run from her uncle Clint who was chasing her down for of course stealing one of his French fries, her little legs going as quick as they could.

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Reita and Aoi talk about ice cream for five minutes (Radio Jack July 14)

Since these ice creams are Japanese I put pictures so u can see what they’re talking about ^^

Reita: Ring-name, “Ninininini-san.”

Aoi: yep 😒

Reita: “Since it’s gotten hot recently, tell us your favourite kind of ice cream! I like Haagen Dazs cookies and cream.”

Aoi: Oh, that stuff is expensive, isn’t it? It’s so good.

Reita: So what’s your favourite Haagen Dazs flavour?

Aoi: I like…I always get green tea – you know what I’m talking about!

Reita: Yeah, that’s the best one! 

Aoi: Even when I go to eat yakiniku…

Reita: Yep.

Aoi: And it’s vanilla or green tea,

Reita: Green tea.

Aoi: Green tea. 

Reita: Green tea. 

Aoi: I know.

Reita: It has to be green tea. 

Aoi: Yeah – wait, why?

Reita: Huh?

Aoi: Is it cause it just seems like a waste to get vanilla? 

Reita: What do you mean?

Aoi: Like, you’re really gonna go [out to eat] and get vanilla?

Reita: Oh, cause you can eat it all the time? Or like it’s too plain?

Aoi: Yeah, it’s too popular…and it’s cheap, you know? Like, the ingredients.

Reita: Ahh, maybe. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Aoi: Yeah, like why would u spend ur time and money on that.

Reita: (laughs) Okay, what about soft serve? Vanilla, 

Aoi: Ye

Reita: Chocolate,

Aoi: Ye

Reita: Or the one that’s vanilla and chocolate mixed?


(both laugh but especially Aoi)

Reita: I wonder why…..I don’t trust people who get only chocolate or only vanilla.

Aoi: Ahh but…sometimes I do just get chocolate.

Reita: Really!? I have never gotten that.

Aoi: Sometimes I just wanna be my luxurious self.

Reita: U jus wanna be urself

(Aoi laughs very high pitched)

Reita: Okay, so what ice cream do you like other than Haagen Dazs? 

Aoi: Hmmm….yeah, mostly chocolate stuff.

Reita: Like what?

Aoi: Ahh what’s it called…Pa…

Reita: Parm!

Aoi: Yeah Parm! I love that stuff.

Reita: Yeah it’s good. I like the white chocolate one. 

Aoi: Oh they have that?

Reita: Yeah, it’s all white.

Aoi: I think they probably make different flavours depending on the [time/season].

Reita: Oh really?

Aoi: Yeah

Reita: Do you know that – uh, I think it’s called Vienetta? It’s like, in a cup, and it’s kinda like a parfait, it’s kinda crunchy…

Aoi: I don’t know.

Reita: Omg it’s so good

Aoi: Oh, kinda like mille feuille?

Reita: Yeah!

Aoi: Oh! Ahhh…

Reita: It’s so good, I bought a box of them. But like, the second you buy a whole box of something you don’t eat it, you know? It’s good when you have just one…like, it’s good because you only have a little. But when you get the whole box…idk I end up not eating them.

Aoi: Oh really?

Reita: Yeah.

Aoi: Okay I’m coming over. (laughs)

Reita: I don’t have them anymore (laughs) this was a long time ago…but yeah, there’s a lot of good ice cream–

Aoi: Sorry can I drag this out a bit more?

Reita: Oh sure.

Aoi: I don’t like ice.

Reita: What, like shaved ice? 

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: So you can’t eat Garigarikun?

Aoi: Nope…

(*it looks like a normal popsicle but the texture is more like shaved ice and it’s so fucken annoying to eat bc the second u put it in ur mouth it gets all slushy and falls apart smh)

Reita: You don’t like shaved ice? 

Aoi: I do not.

Reita: Why not?

Aoi: No, why…why does everyone flock towards shaved ice?

Reita: Bunch of idiots eh 

(both laugh)

Reita: Actually, I ate some a while ago, and it was literally just ice with syrup on it.

Aoi: And it all tastes the same!

Reita: All the different colours of syrup? Yeah, I think so…we’ve been lied to

(both laugh)

Reita: But idk I feel like people don’t eat shaved ice for the taste…I think like, your body wants it (laughs) (*I guess cause it’s hot..??)

Aoi: Ah, I see…weird…

Reita: So what about Shirokuma?

Aoi: Shirokuma….no, I don’t really eat popsicles.

Reita: But it’s condensed milk it’s so good???

Aoi: Ah I guess.

Reita: What about Azuki (red bean) bar?

(Aoi starts laughing)

Reita: I know, they say it’s so hard u could kill someone with it…

Aoi: Yeah that thing could break your teeth.

Reita: And it makes you really thirsty.

Aoi: Hmm..

Reita: Hmm..

Aoi: Yeah ok let’s go to the next one

Reita: Ok

neighbor au ft. hwang minhyun

this was requested by an anon!

a/n: i don’t even know if this is neighbor-y enough l o l. i moved a lot and never talked to my neighbors. why do i feel so unsatisfied with this 

  • you moved into the house next to his around high school and honestly who talks to their neighbors anymore?
  • so you didn’t really know who lived next door until you saw minhyun leaving the front door with a uniform from the same school as you. 
  • that wasn’t really your conversation starter though. minhyun has this cold “fuck off” vibe that you really didn’t want to be near.
  • turns out he was in the class next to yours. you recognized him because he was tall and very very prince-like. also, very very popular.
  • you normally stayed after school for clubs and stuff, but you didn’t really feel like it one day and decided to walk home.
  • but that was the day, you met hwang minhyun.

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anonymous asked:

The gang when their S/O is sick

i love this aaaa and im sorry for taking so long!

-wont smoke around them
-puts on their favorite music for them!!!
-won’t hang out with the gang until s/o feels better
-always carries cough drops
-“your cough is soundin’ better every day!”
-always sending them cute letters!
-moves the garbage pail so they can easily throw out their tissues
-will totally try to find a cure for the common cold

-takes off of work to stay with them
-“my poor sick baby…”
-tells them funny stories about times he was sick
-he once sneezed and got snot in ponyboy’s hair :o
-always has spare tissues
-honestly so caring??
-“don’t thank me, doll. i know you’d do the same for me.”

-feeds them hot soup
-“i know it’s real hot, baby, but it’ll help you”
-might take a day or two off work
-an expert at taking care of sick ppl bc he’s taken care of everyone in the gang when they were sick at least once
-watches so many movies with them which is a surprise bc he’s really not a movie person
-picks up their dry cleaning????
-deep talks with them late at night
-prob tells the story of when soda got snot in pony’s hair

-a tad bit of a germophobe? but will Try His Best to help them
-wears latex gloves around them probably :P
-but there are still cheek and neck and forehead kisses. LOTS OF THEM
-always brings them food to eat after work
-makes s/o lots of tea!
-totally bakes them cookies (or at least tries)
-keeps track of how many days they’ve been sick on a lil calendar

-gives them his sister’s old stuffed animals (much to her dismay but she understands s/o is sick so she deals with it)
-gives s/o a bell to ring if they need anything
-when they ring it he goes “you rang?”
-basically a butler
-“*fake posh accent* will there be anything else?”
-“a fever ain’t gonna stop me from kissin’ my girl!

-randomly holds a tissue up to their nose and says “blow”
-checks their temperature by putting his lips to their forehead
-“that’s a bad fever, man.”
-prob greased their hair in their sleep as a lil joke hehe
-reminds them to do little things
-“make sure you eat, you hear?”
-will still kiss them bc he doesn’t care if he gets sick too

-visits them at their house every day
-thinks their sneezes are so cute!
-lets them lay their head on his shoulder
-offers to clean their house for them what a cutie
-brings them magazines to keep them entertained
-“i love takin’ care of you.”
-never leaves their side until they say it’s okay

(requests are open!)

anonymous asked:

ahhh hello i would like to read more of your tree bros headcanons!! i loved them so much!!!!


⁃ road trip back into town to visit family over the holidays = musical blasting, jamming, slushies, and bad puns (mostly from evan)
⁃ heidi telling evan that connor asked for permission to ask to marry evan
⁃ jared just going “that’s gay” before ACTUALLY congratulating them
⁃ cynthia already planning the wedding and baby names
⁃ connor getting all red when she mentions kids
⁃ when evan asks him about it later connor just says how he doesnt think he’d be a good dad and evan had to reassure him that he’d be a great dad
⁃ they talk about this for a while before realizing “wait we’re 19??? let’s stop freaking ourselves out over this”
⁃ evan helping his mom put up the christmas tree while connor sits half asleep on the couch with hot chocolate and a santa hat half hanging off of his head bc evan made everyone get up at the ass crack of dawn to do this
⁃ connor complaining about the abundance of christmas songs being played 24/7 but evan finds him singing them to himself at random moments of the day
⁃ connor getting evan!! a treehouse book!! and also a crystal lamp thing that he explains can “detox the negative ions in the air but like it’s really just bad ass looking and like you don’t even have to use it, it just looked kinda cool and whatever.”
⁃ evan loving it and never turning it off, and maybe it’s in his head but he seems to feel calmer with it on
⁃ evan making connor one of those “happy box” things for when he’s feeling down and evan is busy in class/something & gets him some poetry books to feed his “angsty reading vibe”
⁃ lots of food fights over christmas dinner
⁃ heidi tries to act mad but she’s happy to see her boys so happy
⁃ evan waking connor up before it’s even light out one day to go watch the snow fall from the back porch with their tea and cookies bc soft boys
⁃ cuddling under a blanket as they watch the sun come up and talk about their future
⁃ evan never stops twisting the ring on his finger around until connor slips his hand into evans to keep it warm
⁃ new years party at the kleinman household
⁃ evan having a great time, hanging out with alana as they catch up with schoolwork and what’s going on in their lives
⁃ he gets cut off mid sentence when a large! lanky fellow pushes through the little crowd to give him a kiss when it’s midnight
⁃ alana is totally cool with it because she totally takes a picture of this
⁃ connor just smiles and goes back to find jared after that, leaving evan kinda stunned
⁃ they’re a soft holiday couple
⁃ ugh i love them protect them

Kawaii Zodiac Aesthetics
  • Aries: Shooting stars, capsule machines, Pochacco, chiptune music, ring pops, kandi bracelets, space hoppers
  • Taurus: Bento boxes, Totoro, strawberry prints, pearlescent blush, kigurimis, frilly headbows, bell collars
  • Gemini: Decoden phone cases, bunny prints, animated emoji, Little Twin Stars, maid cafés, disney balloons, seifukus
  • Cancer: Sleepy moons, cat cafés, galaxy prints, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, chocolate bar purses, frothy milkshakes, puffy stickers
  • Leo: The nyan pose, pom-pom hair ties, Hello Kitty, nail deco, fairytale castles, mochi, animal-ear hoodies
  • Virgo: Magical girl wands, cookie prints, tamagotchis, My Melody, macarons, heart aprons, oversized jumpers
  • Libra: Tea cups, plushie backpacks, dangle charms, Purin, juice boxes, poké balls, ice cream sundaes
  • Scorpio: Lace parasols, Badtz-Maru, doll head necklaces, anime figurines, eyeball bows, panda cookies, circle lenses
  • Sagittarius: Dolly lashes, forest prints, Arpakasso, princess crépes, stripey thigh-highs, plastic ponies, antler crowns
  • Capricorn: Plaid miniskirts, jelly shoes, Rilakkuma, cupcake motifs, frilly ankle socks, vintage toys, marble soda
  • Aquarius: Bubble tea, purikura machines, lollipops, Cinnamoroll, pastel tutus, popping candy, rainbows
  • Pisces: Unicorns, seashell handbags, mermaid prints, jellyfish umbrellas, Mamegoma, peep-toe wedges, syrup dripping motifs
Down in the Shire - INFP & INTP
  • INFP2: ...I'm just saying, you lurk in weird corners of the internet.
  • INTP: Tell me about it.
  • INFP2: Do you want a cookie?
  • INTP: Do you have a cookie?
  • INFP2: ...
  • INFP2: ...*narrows eyes*
  • INFP2: ...
  • INFP2: ...
  • INTP: ...what?
  • INFP2: ...
  • INFP2: *starts shaking head and murmuring while rummaging through food stuff*
  • INFP2: I have a cookie.
  • INFP2: *emerges with 10 different packages*
  • INFP2: *spreads them out in front of INTP*
  • INFP2: I. Have. A cookie.
  • INFP2: *adds cakes and salty snacks*
  • INFP2: Do I? Have? A cookie?
  • INFP2: *puts chocolate chip cookie in INTP's hand*
  • INFP2: *puts tea cup in INTP's other hand*
  • INFP2: *starts playing relaxing music*
  • INFP2: *comes really close*
  • INFP2: *locks eyes*
  • INFP2: *whispers* Don't insult my hobbit pride.
Mod Monday: ice cream asks

Dulce de leche: an instrument you wish you could play?

Star: guitar… which I actually do play but I wish that I could do it well.
Viena: Violin!
Kitty: Violin! They sound so pretty~

Green Tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?

Kitty: Cookies and Cream!
Viena: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Birthday Bash
Star: Pistachio

It got long so click the read more! (:

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🐨 Cute Koala Stuff For $15 Or Less 🐨

As requested by @littlewings-ash​, a list of cute koala stuffs! No price limit was set, so I did $15.

Stuffies & Pillows

🎋 Canned Koala - Koala Stuffie In A Can! $14.95

🎋 11″ Koala Stuffie $12.13

🎋 5″ Koala Stuffie $9.99

🎋 11″ Kookoo the Koala Beanie Baby $9.45

🎋 8″ Koala Beanie Stuffie $6.82

🎋 Eucalyptus the Koala Beanie Baby $7.76

🎋 Mel the Koala Beanie Baby $6.28

🎋 Sleepy Koala Throw Pillow Case $6.69

🎋 Koala Security Blankie $10.99

🎋 10″ Koala Stuffie $12.99

🎋 Cute Pink Koala with Soothing Lullaby Sounds $12.40

🎋 Rectangular Plush Koala Pillow $11.89

🎋 Koala Stuffie With Inside Rattle $9.99

Toys & Games

🎋 Kawaii Pink Koala Squeeze Toy Cream Scented $9.29

🎋 Koala Storybook & Matching Stuffies $14.95

🎋 Koala YuGiOh Card $2.99

🎋 Pink Koala Hand Puppet $13.14

🎋 Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzle $14.95

Arts & Crafts

🎋 Koala Clip-On Pencil Huggers $9.99

🎋 6 Cute & Colorful Koala Erasers $8.31

🎋 Cute & Cuddly Koalas Coloring Book $6.92

🎋 Koala Sticky Notes $9.52

🎋 Plastic Koala Toy Set $5.99

🎋 RoseArt Spin & Sparkle Exotic Pet Pals Koala $7.77

For this, I think you need the original set, which is $17.40.

Kiddy Books

🎋 “Can You Cuddle Like A Koala?” Board Book $6.67

🎋 ”Why Koala Has a Stumpy Tail” Paperback $3.58

Clothing & Accessories

🎋 Koala Love T-Shirt $14.99

🎋 I Love Koalas Cute T-Shirt $14.99

🎋 Hug Me Koala T-Shirt $14.99

🎋 I Love Koala Bears Socks $5.99

🎋 Koala Face Socks $2.95

🎋 Koala Earrings $8.99

🎋 Cute Kiddy Silicone Koala Watch $12.99

🎋 Fleece Koala Hat $6.95

🎋 Tiny Koala Choker Necklace $5.99

Home Decor

🎋Koala Speakers $14.99

🎋 Koala Laptop Decal $5.99

🎋 Koala Lover Drive Street Sign Decoration $4.99

🎋 Koala Bears Salt & Pepper Shakers $12.99

🎋 Koala Toothbrush Holder $12.99

🎋 Koala Wall Canvas $14.99

🎋 K for Koala Wall Canvas $6.00

🎋 Shiny Geometric Koala Vinyl Sticker $3.89

🎋 Cute Baby Koala Vinyl Sticker $3.99

Bottles, Sippy Cups, Water Bottles, Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips & Holders, & Teethers

🎋 2 Koala Teething Rings $9.65

I honestly couldn’t find anything else for this category D: 

Other Cute Koala Stuff

🎋 Solar Powered Swinging Koalas $8.99

🎋 Australian Animals Mold (For Baking or Playdough) $7.66

🎋 Koala Cookie Cutter (For Baking or Playdough) $4.49

🎋 Plush Koala Bean Bag Keychain $5.99

🎋Koala Mug $11.80

🎋 Koala Door or Bathroom Rug $13.25

🎋 Koala Luggage Tag $8.74

🎋 Koala Bike Squeeze Horn $8.95

🎋 Koala Keychain With LED Light $8.49+

🎋 Koala Tea $10.95

🎋 Koala Strawberry-Filled Biscuts $4.99 Chocolate $4.99

🎋 Koala Drawstring Bag $13.01

All prices above are valid as of 26 August 2017 at 11.43pm. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

PB Home Sweet Home

Dollhouse Inspiraton. It’s a small house for 1 couple. I’m a plant-holic like always. Nothing much to say. I just try to show you guys every detail of this. Hope you like it. (Be patient and keep scrolling, I have A LOT of pictures <3)

Now let’s take a walk around this house. 2 stories, 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen. Don’t forget about your pool and lovely backyard.  


Living room




Size: 20x15. Value: 62,433

Download: here (MOO and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement must be ON)

CC list: wallpaper (1-2-3-4) || door & arch (1-2-3) || shutter || window (1-2-3) || picture frame (1) || shelf (1) || pool float || book (1-2-3-4-5) || plant & flower (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37-38-39-40-41-42-43-44-45-46-47-48-49-50-51-52-53-54-55-56) || fireplace || Time travel set || light (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10) || curtain (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) || side table || magazine || microwave || kitchen rack || kitchen shelf || kettle || bowl (1) || macbook || giulia heart deco || telephone || magazine 2 || tea cup & teabox || cups || plant art || pears tray || sofa and loveseat || shelf in living room || flower-clock || coffee table || pillow (1-2-3-4) || cherry bowl & picture frame || phone || desk || rabbit toy || headphone || deskchair || bookcase || dresser || folded clothes (1-2) || watercolorpainting with tilt stand, paint brush || books (choose teen-edition set) || bathtub || dining table & chair || floor (1-2) || star deco || planter || apple & cabbage crate || counter || cookie & soup || fridge, stove & cookerhood || ottoman || clio pears || art /2 || wall clock || table || tea & cake || art2 || TV || fruit basket || shopping bag || garden loveseat || mirror || sink || getas || teacup || bowl stack || milk || glass (1-2) || jar || blanket (1-2) || honey jar || hat || plate || water can ||  painting || bed || desk || shears || stone || duck || life ring ||shirt || dresser || coffee dripper || oil bottle || towel (1-2) || awning || paper holder || slipper || rug || toilet || cup || kitchen deco || terrain ||  toothbrushes || mailbox

I tried my best and spent 3 days to link all the CC; but there’re still not-found CCs and deleted CCs.

Not found: scalloped spotty wallpaper || window - bedroom&bathroom.

Deleted: plant conversion by lina-cherie (credit to mutske, Clutter-a-holic, Eversims, Aelia) || Orange Tree Conversion by BlackCatPhoenix (credit to  Shakeshaft) || pillow by dri4na (she deleted blog and I really miss her :( ) || accordion lamp converted by grilledcheese-aspiration || hanging plant, climbing plant converted by lina-cherie || art by  Simply Aimee Lorraine (like dri4na, maybe she’s no longer in Tumblr).

My love for all amazing creators (If I miss your name please don’t be mad) @mio-sims @loree-sims4 @chisimi @lina-cherie @peachandherpan @conceptdesign97sims @notegain @rachelssimstuff @veranka-s4cc @srslysims @harmonysimsblr @hvikis @maruska-geo @peacemaker-ic  @dreamteamsims  @lindseyxsims @cool-panther @sweetmint-sims4 @ohmysims404 @sim-sons @dockamorpher @monysims4 @reivan13sims @dominationkid @simmingwithabbi @daer0n  @pixelsimdreams @imadako @notdissimilar @daturaobscura @martinessimblr @tkangie @simsinwonderland @viikiitastuff @msteaqueen @dani-sims @omorfi-mera @cool-panther @martinessimblr @reticulated-splines and everyone else.

Not His Cup of Tea

so this is one of the first personalized one shots for the 100 follower special! these special one shots will be tagged ‘top hat’!

pairing: reader x flug

For someone who hardly gets the recommended eight hours of sleep, Flug despises coffee. His cup of tea is well - tea. It’s much more soothing and delicious rather than coffee’s earthy and bitter taste. 

Any free time Flug has to spare, he goes to Tia’s, an independent tea shop tucked away on a corner block. The building is a faded strawberry red, with lime green shutters. The shop is wrongly underrated, from Flug’s observations. There were usually about four customers in the shop on average each time he visits. It always smells strongly of peppermint and pastries, and it’s tiny and cosy - just the way Flug appreciates it. 

The best thing about Tia’s, was that it’s always been that way.

However on this particular day, something is different. Or rather, someone different. 

As Flug walks across the street to Tia’s, he immediately notices a teenaged boy sitting on the ground in front of the shop. He is strumming a guitar, which hilariously seems oversized in comparison to the short boy. He has a mass of curly dark hair, half of it swept across his forehead. Glasses are perched at the end of his nose, slightly irking Flug because why won’t he push them back up?

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So I went to a Yuri on Ice-themed pop up cafe yesterday run by Cos Cafe NYC yesterday afternoon. The tickets went on sale about a month ago and unsurprisingly sold out at lightning speed (I think in less than 20 minutes). While I was initially unsure about going all in my lonesome (the friend who I invited to go with me had traveling plans and couldn’t make it womp womp), I’m really glad that I still went in the end! The ticket price was $25 but I thought it was a pretty good deal since it came with: event admission, a themed dessert plate, coffee or tea, automatic entry into a fan raffle, and a postcard from our exclusive, postcard set made by the artist staff. The cafe was set up in different time blocks that lasted an hour each, and I went during the third time block in the afternoon. 

The venue, which I’ve been to before, was Hanamizuki Cafe in midtown. Conveniently the cafe is closed on Sundays, so I assumed the event organizers must have rented out the cafe for the afternoon. The organizers, Kou and Akiran, also emphasized wanted to create more of an intimate environment with the cosplay staff and guests, so each block only had 20 people at max, or four people at five separate tables. I sat at a table with a couple and another person who came alone. The Makkachin placemat was literally the cutest thing ever. One of the event artists came to each table and drew a quick requested doddle for every single person at the event which I thought was super sweet and thoughtful. After a few minutes, I got my themed dessert plate which we had to choose before the event. 

I had ordered the ‘Eros’ dessert which was a cookies-and-cream themed parfait, with creamy custard and crunchy cereal, topped with oreos, mochi, pocky, and topped off with a golden ring cookie. It was amazinggg, just divine. Like I was ready to burst into tears hahaha. I half-wondered if they hired a professional pastry chef or something because it was literally that good. The two other desserts were an ‘Agape’ one which was basically like the strawberry-flavored version of the dessert parfait with bananas, white pearls, and custard instead of chocolate, and the ‘Makkachin’ dessert, which was a chocolat parfait with crispy wafers, chocolate chips, custard, coffee sauce, and topped with a crunchy “dog bone” shortbread cookie. Each dessert plate also came with a side order of madeline cookies, and the choice between coffee or tea. 

The hour time block was set up in a round-robin fashion where the various event cosplayers would rotate and interact at each table. For most, we played like a head’s up version of YOI trivia which was super fun, but towards the end of the hour, there was the fan raffle winner who was picked (which was actually me! lol) followed by a group activity. For the group activity, basically at each table, there was a silver ring on one of the placemats and the person with the ring was then given the opportunity to make a request for the cosplayers. I was also the one with the ring and everyone screeched when they saw I had the ring (I dunno how but sometimes I have incredible luck winning things lol). Feeling a little bad, I gave the ring to the girl sitting next to me who used the single request to ask the Victor cosplayer to fake propose to her lolol. A girl at another table requested the Victor cosplayer and the Yuri K. to kabedon her which was absolutely priceless lmaooo. But my favorite single request that I witnessed was probably when a girl at another table put a cat ears hairband on the Yuri P. cosplayer pfft. Each table could also make a group request and I somehow convinced my table to have the two Yuri cosplayers (Yuri K. and Yuri P.) arm wrestle each other lmaooo. (Yuri K. won lol) 

The hour finished a lot sooner than I expected and I had to practically stuff the rest of my madelines before I left whoops. There was also a fan merchandise area where you could buy stuff at the end of the hour and I might have gotten a little overboard with getting merchandise (my favorite was probably the Makkachin crepe acrylic charm that I bought which was just adorable!) in addition to winning the fan raffle. What I won was a really nice prize pack which included the entire postcard set, a sticker set, two posters, three keychains, and what I think was a fanzine of some kind. It was my first time going to any of Cos Cafe NYC’s pop up cafes which I wholeheartedly recommend. I had a great time, it was super fun, and the organizers are definitely pros at what they do - I know they’re a fan-based group and the entire staff is run of volunteers which made this all even more impressive to me. So, I’ll definitely be on the lookout if they have any more themed pop-up cafes in the future.

The signs’s aesthetics based on my friends

( creds to who invented this i forgot who i got this idea from)

Aries: stripes, snowball fights, wild roadtrips, lightning, sunglasses, candles, victorian houses, neon lights, polaroids, hotboxing

Taurus: punk rock music, fairy lights, poems, headphones, glitter, pastel skirts, crystals, liquor, hugs, shoulder kisses, inside jokes, perfume

Gemini: sparkly hazel eyes, colored smoke, smirks, cinnamon, perfect eyebrows, secrets, whispers, silver eyeshadow

Cancer: sunsets, smiles, weird gifs, passionate ideas, angel wings, loud music, giggles, cooking, glowing streets, constellations

Leo: gold lips, perfect handwritting, watches, sunflowers, light shining through trees, tiaras, bubbles, huge smiles, rainbows, compliments, freckles

Virgo: tea, warm beds, bubblebaths, shopping, pouty faces, hickies, b&w pics, christmas cookies, sweatpants, maps

Libra: city lights, nose rings, faded images, cotton candy, bruised knuckles, vanilla cupcakes, knee socks, cats, romantic movies

Scorpio: winged eyeliner, doc martens, deep brown eyes, indie movies, red lipstick, black nail polish, stickers, disney movies

Sagittarius: roller coasters, blurred pictures, breezes, lilacs, messy buns, outer space, forests, rainy days, overplayed music, happiness

Capricorn: thick eyebrows, videogames, museums, leather jackets, platinum braids, photo booths, insipirational quotes

Aquarius: band t shirts, stars, house plants, feathers, midnight adventures, haunted houses, thunder storms

Pisces: designer clothes, doodles, sweet smiles, deep talks, bells, flowers, concepts, tatoos, vines, postcards