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Company Stan Facts

Big Three


  • Biggest question… What does the SM stand for? Stans know
  • SMTown
  • SMRookies
  • The Basement KunSol are you guys in there???
  • Probably messes up their hip joint dancing to Ring Ding Dong
  • Justice for all of F(x)
  • Variety Legends (SuJu alone proves that)
  • Usually don’t play well with YG stans
  • The cloud background is nostalgic also Shinee’s Lucifer dance practice is legendary
  • Chinese members are protected like crazy because the actual company seems to not care about them
  • Invented lawsuits and being sued (JYJ only winners there) literally has a controversies section on wiki
  • Any artist that left them is pretty much taboo for music shows
  • Brought about over half of the pioneering kpop groups just saying
  • Has successful girl groups they seem to forget about like seriously barely any dance practices, solo concerts, or fandom names for years
  • NCT are our new boys and we love them, but really what the fuck is this Neo Culture Technology system were you high when you thought of it SooMan


  • He failed when it came to Wonder Girls they should’ve stayed together
  • *whispers* JYP aka an iconic line
  • “You mean JYP or Park Jinyoung” (two different people in that context)
  • Waiting for 15&
  • Praising based gods for Every Day6
  • Stans get along with SM or YG stans
  • JYP Family aka Dad JYP and his meme children
  • Can probably dance all of Miss A’s songs not as good as Bambam though
  • Collective embarressment over JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama?” video
  • Stans are divided on whether they like the title tracks JYP produces or not
  • Wonders why 2AM hasn’t officially disbanded even though all the members work with other companies
  • Speaking of 2AM… bow down to the true Queen, Jo Kwon
  • Hardcore Twice defenders
  • Divided on whether Somi would’ve been a good addition to Twice


  • Hip Hop is life
  • The Dungeon aka why you can barely see during the dance practice videos
  • Sechskies are gods
  • Epik High are legends
  • Playful with JYP but SM…that’s a no
  • The songs have dances…but do they really?
  • Real PSY stans are in abundance
  • Had to deal with too many scandals at one time protection squads through the roof
  • Equal questioning and love over TOP’s instagram but we all got emotional when he started posting again
  • 2NE1, Minzy, and Park Bom deserved better
  • Taehyun deserved better
  • If they aren’t promoting in Korea, then they are in Japan for who knows how long
  • Support of CEO Seungri
  • Solo work rivals their own groups
  • Probably cries everytime they hear Lee Hi’s angel vocals
  • Wonders when focus will be put back onto IKon, Winner, AKMU etc oh seems it took a disbandment and enlistment
The Actual Master List

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Hello, this is Cely (cowjimin) and Sana (chokemejimin)!

This comeback season we have decided to team up for a special collaborated giveaway in celebration of BTS’ amazing success, for yet another website crashing album. You could say we’re taking the album title, ’YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ quite literally. We’d also like to take this moment to thank everyone that has been with BTS (and us!!) up until now, and are hoping that everyone is as excited for this comeback as much as we are. Good luck to all ARMY that decide to join our very first collaborated giveaway and let’s make sure that we continue to support BTS forever! 


  • BTS: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE LEFT and RIGHT (unsealed, no photocard, with folded poster and special standee)


  • There will be TWO WINNERS. (first winner will pick which version they want and second winner will receive the other one)
  • Re-blogs and likes count. (re-blog as much as you want, but please DO NOT spam your followers)
  •  MUST BE FOLLOWING @cowjimin and @chokemejimin to win.
  • Must be 18+ or have parents permission.
  • Absolutely NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS.
  • The winner will be chosen using Random.ORG.
  • Please remember to keep your message or ask box open.
  • DO NOT delete any of this text.
  • Open internationally.
  • This giveaway will end March 9th at 5pm EST



                                             “She’d felt it before,
                                              she felt it now: the pull to fall in with him,
                                              to fall into him,
                                              to lose her sense of self.”


Favorite Reads Of 2015: I wanted to present you my top 15 books but it was impossible to narrow this list down. All these books are special to me in their own way. For a full reading list click here. I hope you’ll find some new titles for your own reading list.

Give Affleck as much backlash as La La Land, please

To all those who wrote/tweeted/spoke outrage over La La Land winning big this year, I hope an equal amount of outrage will be saved for Casey Affleck - an alleged/potential sexual harasser/abuser - denying Denzel Washington his much more deserved and historic victory. If you want to accuse a white winner of beating out a far superior African-American nominee, this is probably an equal or even better example than La La Land for sure, except its getting far fewer editorials about it so far.

And not only can you accuse the Oscars of racism for that, for almost the same amount of reasons you can find racism in La La’s wins, let’s not forget that an advocate for sexual abuse victims had to hand over that Oscar to a possible sexual abuser - which helps explain why she didn’t look too over the moon about it.

So let’s not forget the other Oscar winner that probably deserves even more backlash than the one getting most of it right now.

Moments I have witnessed intense KnB fans in Japan

Upon request here’s my post of personal experiences I’ve seen or been in that show how Japanese KnB (mainly Akashi) fans are that you probably won’t see too often back in your home country. 
*If you are one of these fans, I’m not saying stop doing it or you shouldn’t do it, but just be responsible and don’t neglect other priorities and don’t inconvenience others…and be reasonable. Also these are things I’m not used to seeing so for me it’s quite eyebrow-raising. Thanks. 

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anonymous asked:

So since we got White, how would you describe your Blue Diamond's personality?

Being the youngest of the Diamonds, Blue Diamond is kind of…. spoiled by them? If she has a problem, they fix it for her. If they found an interesting specimen from a planet, they’d gift it to her.

She’d like to make decisions on her own but she’s really uncertain about a lot of things, especially since all three other Diamonds are so much older than her and she looks up to them. 

Things changed when they began gem production and Blue realized the gems they made listened to her and would do anything she wanted. They looked up to her and adored her and worshiped her. While the other diamond adored her, she’d never quite felt as though they respected her authority.

She rewarded these new gems with trinkets and Pearls and spires and weapons  and arenas because that’s all she knew. She’d pick some favorites and keep them close to her. Gems began to compete to be in her favor. She loved this. Her gems were quick to improve themselves for her and she felt they were better than White’s gems who seemed so authoritarian or Yellow’s gems who seemed so temperamental and all those in between that were just a mess.

During all this the other Diamonds were busy going from planet to planet, searching… She had more than enough time to mingle with her own favorite gems. She’d listen to their praise and a few ideas and she began to value them as actual gems. Not equals, but gems all the same.

This conflicted with Pink, Yellow and White’s ideals that these creations of theirs were just means to an end. Especially White, who would never see them as anything more than objects.

Blue had just been so young when they began creating gems. Clearly, to the other Diamonds, she was just being silly. She was getting way too attached to her toys. Was there any real harm in that, though? They let her have her fun.

Pink and Yellow would visit her while she mingled and give her light lectures about her behavior with the gems she created. If she ever got too close to one over a few centuries, White would have that gem taken away. Blue would be sad and Pink and Yellow would keep her company and try to understand why Blue was so upset. It’d happen so often that soon Yellow and Pink began to notice the quirks Blue’s gems would have. The way one Agate would ruffle another’s hair. How they’d huddle around and whisper to one another, giggling as if sharing a private joke.

When Pink and Yellow would go back to their own gems they’d notice those quirks with their gems as well. It was strange and familiar because didn’t the Diamonds do that to each other? Surely their little creations weren’t really like them. They’d go back to Blue and ask her questions and Blue realized this was a chance for the other Diamonds to listen to her about something. Anything.

Eventually she gets Pink and Yellow to her level and they begin to consider building things for their gems. Keep them safe from the elements on planets they had been created on. There was just so many though and there were so many planets to go back to… Gems they had left behind because they hadn’t cared.

White, to keep her Diamonds happy, halted their original plans and organized their gems to go back to planets and select a few to actively colonize, though she’d never understand why the other Diamonds wanted this.

Blue is just so pleased and this is the most active she’s been in anything and she’s building up that confidence. Every decision she makes about her gems is her own. The other Diamonds seem to be slowly warming up to her holding as much authority as them. Sometimes she even calls them out on some mischief and its fun.

Her gems have even more to compete with now. They fight for her favor and she encourages it so much. She’ll reward the winners, the best gems she has. The others ones are ignored or shunned. She’s busier now. She doesn’t have time for all of them.

Then Earth.

A Diamond got too close to her gems. Her job.

It all backfires. 


There’s rebellion and the rebellion is small but powerful. Blue’s old, favorite gems turned on her. Tired of being treated like nothing as soon as they lost favor. Using her own gifts against Blue and the other Diamonds. Arenas they had trained in. Spires where weapons had been developed. Pearls who had gone undercover.

A Diamond was lost. Yellow fled after a few centuries and White stays at her side, watching over everything she does.

Blue Diamond lost confidence in any of her decisions relating to her gems. She instead sits back and rules from a distance, focused only on using her planet’s resources to their full potential, not daring to mingle with her court again.

Peter Quill Catch-Up

No surprises to many of you here, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 was incredible and we’ve decided to include Peter Quill in all upcoming marvel preferences! Now that there’s two whole movies we feel like we’ve got a grip on his character now and can accurately do this.

That said, here’s Peter Quill’s answers for all of our previous preferences!


Where they like to kiss you: Your neck, especially when the two of you are slow dancing. His head will have already fallen to your shoulder and feeling your gasp and goosebumps when his lips trail up the crook is better than a home run. It also eggs him on, however, leading to leaving darker marks and the gentle scraping of his teeth that threatens to cut your knees out from under you.

Their Kinks: Arguments. He often pops a boner while you’re bickering and you have to try and reroute the conversation, though admittedly he often beds you anyway. But seeing you all riled up and spitfiring gets him going even if he’s disagreeing, and you tend to agree to disagree a few orgasms later.

How they wake you up: When he’s trying to sneak out of your room and leave you sleeping, inevitably he’ll stub his toe or hit his head on a lamp and it’s his anguished cry that so lovingly rouses you. You give him a dumb forgiving grin which he sheepishly reciprocates.

Your Lingerie: Saving the galaxy means a lot of spontaneous action on his part, so it’s no surprise Star-lord has a short attention span. Your remedy is to pull out every bell and whistle for your bedroom garments, from sparkling gold to flashing light rigs, anything to keep him fascinated and focused on pulling it off of your waiting form.

How they turn you on: Lord he was born a ramblin’ man and loves to ramble about things he cares about. Music, you, new piloting techniques, anything he’s passionate about and you love to watch that passion manifest in his sparkling eyes and grinning lips. It’s all accidental for the most part and you can’t help that you want to straddle him ten minutes into a conversation about his favorite Terran customs.

How they are in bed: It’s a loving competition, constantly trying to one up each other. “Oh, you think you can last another round? Bring it on,” he’ll taunt as you’re both breathlessly satisfied but gunning for more. Winner is the one who can elicit the best sounds from the other and loser has to buy the pizza for the inevitable hunger afterwards.

How they sleep: Insert tornado. His body is one massive whirlwind that you are frankly surprised does not carry you off to Oz in your sleep. What starts off as his hands lovingly playing with your hair and a leg tossed over yours turns into him yanking your locks and twisting your knee by 2am and it’s all you can do to not sock him right back.

Where they like to be kissed: Whenever he’s snuggled into your chest or you find yourself standing a few stairs above him, he loves to lean into you and have you press a kiss to his hair. It’s comforting, it feels good, and it gives him a chance to occasionally prank you with nasty-tasting hair gel.

Boobs or Butt Guy: He may have been kidnapped from Terra and not learned all the proper teenage Earth customs, but a man’s innate fascination with boobs cannot be suppressed. He loves yours, every lump and soft curve, be it playing with them or resting on them while the two of you share headphones for the nightly round of Fleetwood Mac.

Sex Music: Shuffle is the name of the game because if he selects one of his favorites, he may find himself too caught up in the familiar melody and trills instead of where his body needs him to be. He’ll even let you plug in your own music to make sure you’re enjoying the moment, though it’s right back to Awesome Mix Vol. 3 for the cuddle sesh afterwards.

Favorite Unique Position: Peter is a completely mobile unit, ravishing you on every available surface and moving from furniture to furniture during the act. It’s fun, keeps things fresh, and gives new opportunities for different positions. You find what works and what doesn’t all in one round and then rediscover those things just an hour later on another level of the Milano.

Karaoke Night: As the first person to claim the mic, he can sing along to just about any song played. His performance is as much to make himself feel as it is to loosen the atmosphere whether you’re returning from a particularly hard mission or preparing to go on one. His infectious smile can always be counted on to liven up any gathering.

Favorite Pet Name: He’s often caught crooning Four Tops to you with “sugarpie honeybunch” always coupled with “you know that I love you!” It’s a long nickname and takes forever to get through over phone calls but you know that he means every word every time.

Drunk Guardian: Though it can be difficult to differentiate between his drunken state and the every day one, the telltale taste on his tongue when he kisses you with every word says otherwise. You’re used to him being touchy and slouching on you almost constantly but with alcohol he tends to give you his whole body weight to try and handle, which can occasionally be too much. Drax is glad to help support him as you go fetch water to stave off too bad of a hangover.

Where they like to get it on: Under the soft sparkling stars of planets of which neither of you know the name. He’ll fly you out in the Milano just one jump away to have privacy and an enticing new view, though he prefers to map out the same familiar patterns of your skin night after night.

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The Bet- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: The Bet
Request: Just in case I was right about my mobile.. I would like a story about the following: neck kisses with Peter Pan. You can take the story however you would like. Just please, make it happy. Em and Elizabeth, you guys do amazing work.
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
AN: Warnings for a bit of smutty actions and language!

“You won’t be able to last a day.” Peter smiled to his girlfriend Y/N.
“Yea I can! Just watch me.” Y/N responded.
“Then it’s on!” Peter exclaimed.
They had started a bet- whom ever kissed the other one on the lips first loses.
Winner gets what ever they want!
“I’m going to win, jackass.” Y/N said walking out their tent.
“What ever you say love!” Peter called to her.

That night, Y/N was cleaning up the camp from dinner from earlier that night.
Her back was turned, and suddenly she felt her hair being moved behind her back to expose her neck.
Kisses were being planted down her neck, and she knew it was Peter.
“You won’t be able to seduce me into kissing you by kissing me neck.” Y/N giggled.
“I know you.” Peter responded, “Neck kisses are your weakness.”
He kept kissing her neck, Y/N enjoying it but then realizing that she had enough.
She turned around quickly, “I’m not giving in that easily.”
Y/N walked into their tent, Peter left to clean up the rest of the things from dinner.
“We’ll see about that.” Peter smirked.

When Peter walked into their tent, Y/N seemed to be asleep.
He stripped down, and got beside her to get some sleep himself.
Before he knew it, he felt lips on his neck.
“Seriously?” he chuckled.
Y/N giggled as she kissed her neck, down to his back, and up to his neck again.
“Just turn around and face me if you want more.” she said seductively.
Peter hoped up out of the bed, “I’m going to sleep outside.”
“So you won’t be tempted?” Y/N asked.
“Exactly.” he responded.

For two days, Y/N and Peter relentlessly continued on with their bet.
“This is getting tiring.” Y/N confessed.
“Then just kiss me.” Peter smirked.
“I can’t I want to win.” Y/N laughed.
Peter pinned her against a nearby tree, “But so do I.”
He started to kiss her neck harshly, Y/N wanting nothing but to kiss him back as hard as she could.
“Oh fuck this.” she said, finally pulling Peter up to kiss his lips.
Peter pulled away, “I win. I knew those neck kisses would work.”
“What do you want as your prize?” Y/N asked mockingly.
“Hmm.” Peter said, “I want you.”
He lifted her up bridal style, and carried her back to their tent.
“The best prize a man could have.” he smirked a he laid her on his bed, “One hell of a gorgeous woman.”

much love!