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Favorite Reads Of 2015: I wanted to present you my top 15 books but it was impossible to narrow this list down. All these books are special to me in their own way. For a full reading list click here. I hope you’ll find some new titles for your own reading list.

hello lovlies! I have (almost) reached 3k (omfg) and I wanted to give back to all of you amazing people who follow me!! <3


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hsau thoughts
  • first things first: obvious Lucy Lane and Lena Luthor are the two that are there to win
  • yes, you heard me, they are there to win high school
  • like, they both have amazing siblings and a hardass parent so they are both under a lot of pressure to be amazing and also trying to be good enough to break out from under that shadow
  • so they both run for class president every year and each election it alternates between who wins and the other gets vp and they’re both trying to get the best grades (tho Winn has always been top of the class in computer science) and they’re taking languages and leading clubs and it’s intense
  • basically they are over achievers and they have a somewhat friendly (sometimes pretty nasty) competition going about who can be the best at everything
  • they try to out do each other at every turn
  • and there’s no clear winner cause whenever one of them does something great the other isn’t far behind
  • the rest of the grade (school?) is either horrified or living as they watch this play out
  • srsly its either “holy shit this is scary literally the worst thing ive ever seen” or “lena is going for captain of the volleyball team and lucy’s going for cross country captain are they both gonna get it? place your bets here!”
  • but yeah that is happening
  • then Kara gets adopted by the Danvers family and Alex is a senior (a grade above Kara) 
  • and it’s two weeks into September its Monday and Kara’s starting a new school and its one of Lucy and Lena’s more hostile days and “umm, Alex, why are those two girls yelling at each other in the courtyard?”
  • Kara’s just trying to make it through her first day at a new school and its going pretty well she made friends with the boy Winn who agreed to show her around
  • then later Kara has third period AP English bc Kara’s actually really good at writing and English even though its her second language
  • so both Lucy and Lena are in that class with her and they both go over to say hi at different points but they’re both looking at her the same way: like they want to go down on her in the bathroom 
  • and Kara’s just trying to get through her first day at a new school
  • she’s really trying guys
  • but she talks to them both for a bit and they’re actually really great and also holy shit Lena and Lucy are really hot
  • anyway que a very intense slow burn love triangle that probably ends with poly bc poly’s the best and Kara has a lot of love
Giveaway for Followers!

Hello it’s Kei from @brr-chuck and @backpackchan! The year is coming to an end and I wanted to do a giveaway with some SEVENTEEN goodies to thank all my followers that were with me until now! I just want to say thank you and give you guys a little something special c: The giveaway is open worldwide! I will ship to anywhere around the world, you just have to wait for your prize to arrive!

1 Love & Letter Repackaged Special Limited Edition
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1 SEVENTEEN x IZE Photobook
1 Going Seventeen Make the Seventeen

And that’s it for right now! Maybe if something else comes up I’ll add it c:

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distraught mino trying to guess what jei was eating
Darcyland Madness 2017 Bracket
Sheet1 1, Soulmates, Cuddling, 1 1, Soulmates, Oblivious Dating, 8 8, Powered! Darcy, Oblivious Dating, 8 4, Vampire/ Werewolf/ Mermaid, Mutual Pining, 4 4, Vampire/ Werewolf/ Mermaid, Mutual Pining, 4 5, Reincarnation, Proposal, 5 AU Bracket, Fluff Bracket 3, Coffee Shop, Fake Relation...

Hey guys!  I will be closing the Gen Match-ups (x) tonight when they finish up their 48 hours to vote. If you haven’t voted there yet, be sure to do so!  I’ve linked the bracket so you can see the winners of all the other Round One match-ups.  There were some great upsets and some cool new match-ups for Round 2.

Not very many people reblogged with fic recs, but that’s okay!  I will put out a list of the recs we did get tomorrow so you can check them out.  (This is also a chance for those Gen recs to happen!)

Here’s the schedule for Round 2:

Thursday: AU

Friday: Smut

Saturday: Fluff

Sunday: Gen

All polls will be open for 48 hours again, which means everything will be closed as of Monday night.  Starting with Round 3, we will have mixed bracket voting!

Also, thanks to everyone that is participating!  I’m having a lot of fun, and I hope you are too!

  • <p> <b>before:</b> seventeen, red velvet,exo ,mamamoo, bangtan boys, ikon, winner, monsta x, vixx, got7, romeo, g.friend, one punch......<p/><b>there was:</b> mblaq,b2st,big bang, shinee, super junior, girls generation, jyj, tvsq, shinhwa, infinite, block b, fx , brown eyed girls, 2ne1 , 2pm<p/></p>

Marrish AU for deputysbanshee:

Lydia bets that Jordan can’t beat her in a fight, but she knows he can, she just wanted a reason to invite him out for coffee.


3rd Play testing:

Finally got back to play testing the game (yay). 1st time I had them play with the non-cut cards (the folding ones) and I didn’t grab another person to help judge. The game ended with no clear winner as I couldn’t judge both players at once (and both players kept falling over). 2nd time I got them to use the cut cards which allowed them to pick and chose which upper and lower body pose they wanted to combine. Both players seemed to enjoy this (epsically with some of the weirder poses). I also grabbed another student to help judge however one player kind of fell over so one was a “clear winner” (in other words no clear win either).

From today’s play testing some interesting suggestions came up:

1) They jumped to the conclusion that the two different card styles (retro 80′s and vaporware) were meant as two separate decks for each player. Not gonna lie I was taken back by this idea (was not expecting it at all) and we ran with it for the testing. This idea isn’t to bad as it allows both players to have the same opportunity at choosing upper/lower body cards as both have a copy of each one. I’ve decided that it’s a good idea to roll with and it allows me to play around with both styles.

2) Since both games didn’t have a clear winner (or clear win conditions) the players suggested that I should take away the concept of winning and make the game focus on being a bonding activity/play experience to help break the awkwardness of meeting new people. I was surprised as this is what I as thinking about making the scope of the project: “a game to help with social awkwardness/loneliness by creating a silly environment”. I feel like their suggestion of removing the winning aspect and making it into a play experience is a really interesting idea though I don’t know how well it works as a stand alone experience (like why would people try playing with these if there’s no objective? how would I write rules? etc). I’ll need to look at other similar games and experiences and use those as reference to decided on what will work better/more likely.

Conker fight!

When I was a kid we’d go down to the horse chestnut tree woods and we’d collect the chestnuts up in our bags and bring them home, where our dad would drill holes in them and attach them to strings.

Then we’d bring them to school and have conker fights, where you smash your conker against the other person’s till one breaks! The winner has their conker intact.

We had fun