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I don't know anything about his ex (maybe you know something), she may be very nice girl, but when a couple breaks up one of them is winner and the other loser. So I imagine her parading with a new super handsome guy (In my vision he's captain of the soccer team lol) and she thinks she won but then comes in TAYLOR SWIFT i joe is like "did you want to say something?". But seriously how girl must feel when she knows her ex dating TS and fuck her good?

I’m sure there’s no tension between joe and his exes lol but they must feel some sorta way knowing that he’s with The Taylor Swift™

Company Stan Facts

Big Three


  • Biggest question… What does the SM stand for? Stans know
  • SMTown
  • SMRookies
  • The Basement KunSol are you guys in there???
  • Probably messes up their hip joint dancing to Ring Ding Dong
  • Justice for all of F(x)
  • Variety Legends (SuJu alone proves that)
  • Usually don’t play well with YG stans
  • The cloud background is nostalgic also Shinee’s Lucifer dance practice is legendary
  • Chinese members are protected like crazy because the actual company seems to not care about them
  • Invented lawsuits and being sued (JYJ only winners there) literally has a controversies section on wiki
  • Any artist that left them is pretty much taboo for music shows
  • Brought about over half of the pioneering kpop groups just saying
  • Has successful girl groups they seem to forget about like seriously barely any dance practices, solo concerts, or fandom names for years
  • NCT are our new boys and we love them, but really what the fuck is this Neo Culture Technology system were you high when you thought of it SooMan


  • He failed when it came to Wonder Girls they should’ve stayed together
  • *whispers* JYP aka an iconic line
  • “You mean JYP or Park Jinyoung” (two different people in that context)
  • Waiting for 15&
  • Praising based gods for Every Day6
  • Stans get along with SM or YG stans
  • JYP Family aka Dad JYP and his meme children
  • Can probably dance all of Miss A’s songs not as good as Bambam though
  • Collective embarressment over JYP’s “Who’s Your Mama?” video
  • Stans are divided on whether they like the title tracks JYP produces or not
  • Wonders why 2AM hasn’t officially disbanded even though all the members work with other companies
  • Speaking of 2AM… bow down to the true Queen, Jo Kwon
  • Hardcore Twice defenders
  • Divided on whether Somi would’ve been a good addition to Twice


  • Hip Hop is life
  • The Dungeon aka why you can barely see during the dance practice videos
  • Sechskies are gods
  • Epik High are legends
  • Playful with JYP but SM…that’s a no
  • The songs have dances…but do they really?
  • Real PSY stans are in abundance
  • Had to deal with too many scandals at one time protection squads through the roof
  • Equal questioning and love over TOP’s instagram but we all got emotional when he started posting again
  • 2NE1, Minzy, and Park Bom deserved better
  • Taehyun deserved better
  • If they aren’t promoting in Korea, then they are in Japan for who knows how long
  • Support of CEO Seungri
  • Solo work rivals their own groups
  • Probably cries everytime they hear Lee Hi’s angel vocals
  • Wonders when focus will be put back onto IKon, Winner, AKMU etc oh seems it took a disbandment and enlistment
The Actual Master List

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concept: since jim and spock are used to different temperatures in their quarters, when they start living together, they settle on a compromise (not too cold for spock and not too hot for jim) - but they also start a game with betting each other “thermostat points”
one point means the winner can change the temperature by 0.1 degrees
this results in saying things like “i bet you 4 thermostat points i can climb that rock”, or “50 thermostat points say the next peaceful mission will result in a disaster as usual”

Hello, this is Cely (cowjimin) and Sana (chokemejimin)!

This comeback season we have decided to team up for a special collaborated giveaway in celebration of BTS’ amazing success, for yet another website crashing album. You could say we’re taking the album title, ’YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ quite literally. We’d also like to take this moment to thank everyone that has been with BTS (and us!!) up until now, and are hoping that everyone is as excited for this comeback as much as we are. Good luck to all ARMY that decide to join our very first collaborated giveaway and let’s make sure that we continue to support BTS forever! 


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Favorite Reads Of 2015: I wanted to present you my top 15 books but it was impossible to narrow this list down. All these books are special to me in their own way. For a full reading list click here. I hope you’ll find some new titles for your own reading list.


Read the next rules to be able to participate if your interested in the raffle °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

-Must be followers cause It be so weird to do it for someone who just rebloged with no interest in it and just did it for fun and I had to waste time on that.

-Reblog to enter (๑꒪▿꒪)*

-No nsfw no them deng “sausages or winnie the poh drawing” here

-Go nuts on the colors the more you add the more I love it ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

-Simple mecha, furries, anything CRAZY lookin is very enjoyed so ask if you wish that but not complex mecha 

1st Prize  1 Winner :

-Background of their choice if you want something complicated I’ll try my best but warning I dont have much practice with it

-Full colored character, 1 or 2 max can be in the drawing

-Can be colored in to techniques black shadow or the other one your choice

2nd Prize 1 Winner :

- Full colored character with no background 1-2C. (same technique to choose From the 1st one)

3rd Prize 1 Winner:

-Up from hip perspective 1-2 characters (Same choice from the 1st one From technique)

4th Prize 1 Winner:

-Chibis 1-2-3 characters with no background

Winners will be choosen the 15th of november, I’m also probably going to be busy with school Work, and other events (mangafeeeeest) so the drawings might take time BUT they will be done dont worry about that, the winners will be choosen randomly im literally just gonna go poking around the reblog section and find someone, blinded.  Thats all, thank you very much for 1000+ followers!! and good luck ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

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                                             “She’d felt it before,
                                              she felt it now: the pull to fall in with him,
                                              to fall into him,
                                              to lose her sense of self.”


└ And we learn how Jun tops trumps Sho~ *snickers*

Cr: VS Arashi 2hr SP 13.07.2017

Bonus: Cos I just love when they talk to each other.

Give Affleck as much backlash as La La Land, please

To all those who wrote/tweeted/spoke outrage over La La Land winning big this year, I hope an equal amount of outrage will be saved for Casey Affleck - an alleged/potential sexual harasser/abuser - denying Denzel Washington his much more deserved and historic victory. If you want to accuse a white winner of beating out a far superior African-American nominee, this is probably an equal or even better example than La La Land for sure, except its getting far fewer editorials about it so far.

And not only can you accuse the Oscars of racism for that, for almost the same amount of reasons you can find racism in La La’s wins, let’s not forget that an advocate for sexual abuse victims had to hand over that Oscar to a possible sexual abuser - which helps explain why she didn’t look too over the moon about it.

So let’s not forget the other Oscar winner that probably deserves even more backlash than the one getting most of it right now.

oh wow, this is really funny

I’d recently started typing “RM” most of the time instead of “Rap Monster” or “Namjoon” out of laziness, and then he started calling himself RM, and now he’s officially changing his name to RM 😰