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ignitingthesky  asked:

So for yall, is the cultural context of manifesting your code different from showing the soul? Does the soul lore apply?

* there wasn’t a whole lot of actual ‘soul lore‘ built into the game, at least not from what i’ve gathered hearing the guys upstairs talk. that said, manifesting one’s code is a pretty private thing because you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at it. personality traits, habits, predispositions, what kind of modifiers they might have installed…

* everything, really. it’d be like if everything about who you are were written out on a whiteboard for everyone to see and read at a glance. so, yeah, definitely not something you do in front of just anyone. not that there’s a lot of call to do so in the day to day.

What you see is not t̴he͏ ͘sąm͢e per͡s̶o͠n ͡as ̛m̢e..̧.

Ḿ̼y͈̠͈͙ ̮l̖̰̱̰̤̰̗͢i͎̟͇͎f̙͚̺̩͔̗͓́ḛ͓̹͍͓̻̤́'̣s̤̠͈̙̻͞ ͎̲͉̗̪̼a͉͓ ͉̞̦̩̝̕L̳̜͓̺͓͠I̶͙͖͎̯̫̻ͅE͕̱̫̦̭̥ͅ 

Had this idea since jack played the rick and morty VR game and people were making Anti theories on the double meaning of “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” 

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So....miss eclipse, what is it you're looking for in a male exactly?

“You fuckers don’t give up easily, huh? 

Fuck off! There’s no contest for this, I’d be the one to lose! Nobody fucking wants to be around me all the time. They’ll tolerate the good but the bad is too much from me. There’s nothing to be found in other people…”