not when you've lonely

EXO's reaction when you've been very busy with your work/study and he is lonely
Anonymous said:Hello, can you do a reaction with Exo when you have been very busy with your work or study and he is lonely?

Here you are, anonnie :3


Let me help you with your studies so you’ll finish earlier and I’ll spend some time with you.

You: But you’ve graduated from school long time ago…
X: And what? Do you really think I don’t remember anything?

Y: Okay. Then let’s start with chemistry.
X: What… What is this?

If you’re invoking Satan you need Kyungsoo’s help. Not mine.

*understands the situation* It’s okay. It’s okay. Take your time. I’ll wait until you finish.

Okay I’ll wait.

*tries to draw something*

*orders pizza*

*reads comments under MVs on YouTube*

*falls asleep*


*acts little offended leader to get your attention but fails*

Alone~ All alone~ No one needs you, Kim Junmyeon~

I’m have to work when you’re free and when I have time to spend it with you you are busy. Isn’t it such a sad reality?


Oooh~ You have no time? Okay-okay

You’ll regret it later… At night….

Y/N~ Y/N~ If you’ll continue to ignore me, I would die of loneliness~

You don’t have time for me? It’s okay - I understand… *gets sad*

*when you’ve finished and you find him sitting on a coach and starting at the wall* 
You: Chanyeol. Channie~ Yeol~ Don’t be angry at me~
C: Hehehe~ I’m not angry hehehe~ *mission completed*

Maybe I can help you?

You: Yeah~ Read this *give him random thing you grab from the pile of papers* and tell me what you think.
K: Mhmm~ Okay…

*reads attentively*

*after 2 hours of complete silence you turn back and see him*
Y: Kyungsoo~ What were you reading? *you look at the title* ‘Psychoanalysis of a group as a way to learn the essence of personality?’ OMG I think I broke him.

Stop pretending you’re studying and just admit you don’t want to spend time with me.

You: *not paying attention* Yeah-yeah-yeah…
T: What? You had to start assure me this is not true.

*tries to seduce you*

* tries to get your attention by acting cute*

*when you still don’t pay attention to him* I’m done with it! I’m going to find Sehun or Kyungsoo-hyung! And we will play games and have fun! Without you!

You love your work more than me! You always spend more time with your papers than with me!


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