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Shiro, Lance, and Team Dynamics

So this post got me thinking. I don’t think it’s totally off the mark, but I’m not sure if Shiro possibly not being their Shiro is the revelation Lance is actually having. That said, I do still think there is something important going on there so I’m gonna roll this out.

I think we need to put our Kuron!theories on the back-burner for a minute, assume no one on the team realizes this yet, and try to evaluate this from their perspective. Even though I definitely think something is off with Shiro, I think we also need to remember this is a children’s cartoon – and if it took these characters half an episode to realize something wasn’t quite right with Coran in Ep4 despite his suddenly speaking with a totally different accent – I think it is very presumptuous to assume the characters in-series are picking up on these very subtle differences we as viewers are noticing with Shiro. Especially since not one of them has voiced any concern over Shiro’s behavior.

What I want to focus on instead is that with Keith out of the equation the team dynamic has gone all screwy, and in a way very different from when Shiro was missing.

Here is the exact dialog exchange in S4:E6, before the gravity field traps them:

Shiro: “Stay alert.”

Lance: “I say we get out of here. Pidge, plot a course for our escape.”

Shiro: “Hold on. We should find out what these things are first.”

What I want to note here is that Lance isn’t waiting for the go-ahead from Shiro. He’s making a decision on his own and acting on it. Lance is giving Pidge an order. An order that Shiro completely disregards and overrides without acknowledgement.

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M: Valkyon! i’m sorry, i’m really sorry…

V: Where is he? I want to see him! LANCE!

M: Valkyon, it’s too late, there is nothing left of him…

V: No! Lance…no, that’s not…no…

G: (He collapsed to the ground and Miiko looked at him (?). I have never seen Valkyon in such state, i’m shaken.)

???: Valkyon, hold yourself together (?)

(Valkyon punched the poor young man and attacked him.)

V: Where is my brother ?! Answer me!

G:(He held the man firmly and seemed ready to give him an another punch.)


M: He is dead! DEAD! This boy just found what was left from him… Valkyon, i’m really sorry.

Sometimes I really love my generation because I was at a documentary showing tonight and the class song for the main subject’s graduation was “Hey Now” from the Lizzie McGuire Movie and literally everyone in the room started singing along with them and it was fantastic.

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The most favorable interpretation about "Gorgeous" is that it's about the closet. Because if it's not, it's about wanting to cheat — with the lyrical mastery of a 12 year old.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good way to put it lmao.

A couple lyrics that stood out to me were - “You make me so happy, it turns back to sad / There’s nothing I hate more than what I can’t have” 

Also the word gorgeous is an interesting choice if the song is meant to be about a guy. 


I’m fucking crying my eyes out right now over how amazing perfect my goddess is in her Halloween outfit. Nana is too adorable in general for my already bursting heart and then they throw me a witch Nana????? 

 Bandai are trying to kill me with these recent Nanas and I’m all for it