not when nate's just as lost as she is

Here’s Legend’s Strip Poker headcanons.. because why not?

Len is the slippery bitch with that “oh I just have SO MANY LAYERS to take off” for Strip Poker
Mick is scarily ready and okay with stripping, and honestly? He doesn’t even wear much. There’s a good chance he’ll end up in his underwear a lot.
Sara just doesn’t care. She lost the round? Bam, she’s shirtless, fine. Canary don’t give a shit. 
Ray is weirdly calm the entire time (until Len catches him counting cards and when he stops, he’s quickly down to his underwear
“You dirty bastard” Len says with a smirk “You’re counting cards.”
“What? No I’m not!” Sara glares at him
“I don’t!” he looks pleadingly at Mick, Mick laughs
“You got caught, Boy Scout, give it up.”)
Nate’s just fucking weirdly lucky, but yet for some reason no one questions it. Stop fucking winning, Nate. 
No one lets Jax play.
Martin doesn’t want to play.
Rip gets sucked into this during the 5th game because “Why not” and Sara called him a chicken ‘pleaded’. 
Amaya decides after watching the first game to join because “This’ll be fun” and she wins the first game she played and all she took off was the fucking totem.
Sara gets up after Game 3 to ‘go to the bathroom’ and comes back and has a shit ton of hidden knives and jewelry shit on her after Amaya’s necklace gab and Len’s layers gab. Because if they’re gonna be little shits, she’s joining in on the fun.
Finally, Nate gets caught sleeveing cards when he has to take his jacket off(that he specifically put on to sleeve cards) because he drops the one he was moving discreetly to somewhere else. (”So it WASN’T luck!” Ray antagonizes. 
“Oh shut up, you were counting cards.”
“You both cheat more than Len and Mick do.” Sara says incredulously.
“Do not!” They shout ask Sara, Amaya, Len, and Mick all smirk. Because ironically, it’s totally and completely true. 
Unless there’s money on the table. That’s a whole other story.)

Sorry I put too much thought into Strip Poker. (Something I never thought I’d say.)

The Contest-Part 2

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Gen are divorced.  NO HATE please !

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I smiled at him.  “Hi Tom.  I’m Y/N.  Are guys doing this contest thing too?”

Jared shook his head.  “Nope.  They hired me for the day to run lines with people.  Want to give it a try?”

“So your an actor?” I asked.  He was certainly easy on the eyes. 

“I’m trying to be.  You?”

I laughed out loud at that.  “I am so not an actor!  I only came to support my friend.  I don’t even watch this stupid show, yet here I am.  I’m a nurse actually.”

“Really? I’m sure that’s much harder than this.  But in a way it involves acting if you think about it.  You have to act calm and act like you know what to do at all times even if your scared to death and you don’t.

“That’s true.  I never thought of it that way before.  Can I just have a second to read through this?” I asked, looking up at him.  He was pretty cute  I noticed. I was often taller than a lot of men, but he was actually taller than me.

“Sure.” He sat down in the chair and pulled out his phone while I read the lines. It was a pretty emotional scene. I wondered where Nikki was and whether she had to do this too. I took a deep breath and stood up.

“Okay, I’m ready.” I was actually getting into this.

“Do you have any questions about the scene before we start?” He asked.

“Nope. I think I’m good.” I replied.

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I love that Hardison’s very obvious feelings for Parker are accompanied by unwavering patience.

Like, I think back to him referring to Parker’s “sexiness” to Nate in the SECOND EPISODE of the series and how he says “just between us”, like he’s not going to shower her with adoration and sweet nothings at almost every turn between them, I think about how he tells her that he likes how she turned out when she’s crying her eyes out, broken, knowing she’s different and weird and possibly even a lost cause at this point, I think about how from the moment he met her, he was already interested and how her quirks - while sometimes frustrating - never pushed/scared him away, I think about how he spends three seasons being a major leg and arm and lung in her growing support system and when she finally DOES tell him that she’s been having “feelings [for pretzels]”, he just smiles even though his heart is probably in his throat at this overwhelming progress they’ve made and he sits down and tells her kindly, lovingly, that they’re there when she’s ready to have them.

He will always be there when she is ready for him.

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If you're up for angst, companions react to find Sole sitting in Shaun's old room, trying to stifle their crying as they listen to the 'Hi Honey' holotape on repeat. :D

So, I’m sorry for my *super* long hiatus! I’m back now, and finished with school so I have more time to write stuff! I wanted to try out a different format for once, but I doubt I’ll be sticking with it. Anyway, hope you enjoy :D 

The sobs floating down the hall were too loud to miss. Maybe Sole wanted their space, but she/he couldn’t ignore it any longer. Hesitantly, she/he made hers/his way down the hall, nearing the source of the crying: what used to be Shaun’s room. Peering in, she/he saw Sole sitting on the floor with their back to her/him. The faint sounds of a man/woman talking and an infant giggling could be heard over the sounds of Sole crying. She/he knew what they were crying over, Sole had mentioned the holotape before.

“I–I miss them so much…” Sole breathed out between sobs, sensing the presence of somebody behind them.

“I know you do,” she/he began,

(Cait) “But at least they’re not in this shite hole of a world,”

(Codsworth) “I miss Sir/Mum as well. At least we have each other, Sole,” 

(Curie) “When I lost Dr.Collins I was distraught. But, people do say that time heals all wounds,” 

(Danse) “But you’re not alone. You always have me and the rest of the Brotherhood Of Steel to fall back on,” 

(Deacon) “We’re going to make those Institute bastards pay. For Nate/Nora and Shaun. Just watch,” 

(Hancock) “Try to remember that they’re in a better place. A place where they don’t have to fight everyday just to breathe,” 

(Nick) “I know how it feels, kid. I remember when Nick lost Jenny. The pain he felt was unimaginable… Hang in there, we’ll get through it together,” 

(MacCready) “I’m really not good at you know- talking… But I’m always here if you need to get something off your chest,”

(Piper)  “God, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, Blue. If I lost Nat…. Sorry, not helping,” 

(Preston) “I know I can never replace them, but you still have me… And the rest of the Minutemen,” 

(Strong) “Don’t cry human. Don’t be weak. Strong miss fallen brothers too. But lost brothers make Strong want to fight,” 

(X6-88) “But you need to move on. You have a whole empire depending on you,” 


The contrast between these two men, especially with regards to their relationship with Parker, has always been striking to me.

Archie loved Parker, that much is clear. But he also looked at a lost, traumatized child, and saw the chance to build a monument to his own ego, a way for his legend to live on after age took him out of the game. Archie’s mentorship may have been the most kindness a wild, destructive 12-year-old orphan had ever known, and to an extent it may have been Parker’s salvation, but it was also so much less than what she needed and deserved. Archie may have succeeded into turning Parker into his perfect thief, but when he was done she was just as lost as she’d ever been.

When Nate meets Parker, he sees both the brilliant thief and the wounded girl, and maybe at the very beginning  he only cares about the thief, but as the crew becomes a team and they all stop pretending that they’re only there for the job, you can see Parker getting under everyone’s skin. She crashes into their lives and personal spaces, touch-starved and clueless about boundaries, and nobody, not even emotionally constipated Nate, can resist her for long. Due to said emotional constipation, we don’t really get to see how deeply he has come to care for her until The Inside Job, when Parker is in very real and urgent danger and Nate and the team are caught unprepared.

I loved every emotional beat of that episode: how Hardison is the one Parker calls when she realizes how badly trapped she is, how Eliot tries and completely fails to disguise  his worry with exasperation, and how Sophie is the first person to speak out in support of Parker’s desire to do the right thing despite the risk. But some of the richest interactions for me are between Archie and Nate, with their layers of rivalry and resentment.  Archie Leach declares himself Parker’s father, calls her his legacy, and Nate, still smarting from the sight of the dark, mostly empty warehouse that Parker lives in and the thought that she took on a job without telling them, lashes out at him. “Parker was broken,” Nate all but flings the words at Archie, with the unspoken accusation that he had taken advantage of a vulnerable girl for his own ego hanging heavy in the air. In return, Archie bitterly blames Nate for ruining Parker, his masterpiece, who had just declared her allegiance to a new code, one that puts the common good above self-preservation and went against everything Archie taught her. Both of them care deeply for Parker, both of them are willing to die for her, but only Nate Ford respects her enough to let her determine the kind of person she wants to be.

(SIDE NOTE: It’s interesting how Archie’s encounter with this group of people who call themselves Parker’s team and act like her family, when he thought that she couldn’t fit in anywhere, makes him question the boundaries he put in their relationship. I’ll never get over the look of shock on Parker’s face when Archie acknowledges her as his daughter in front of his real family in The Last Dam Job.)

In the final episode, we find out that at some point Nate had chosen Parker to take his place, and a rewatch of the series shows beautifully subtle clues that lead to this revelation. There is an essential difference, however, between Archie’s mentorship and Nate’s. Parker as Nate’s successor is not Nate 2.0, nor is she expected to be. She hasn’t been honed in Nate’s image, she was chosen specifically because she was distinctly, wonderfully herself. Her unique perspective, different as it was from Nate’s, was something to be celebrated, not changed. Parker isn’t Nate’s legacy, she’s his heir. A legacy speaks to the worth of the one who leaves it, an heir speaks to the worth of the heir herself. Nate may never have called Parker his daughter, but he left her no doubt that she was part of his family, and the one he trusts to lead it after he’s gone.

Give Into Me

I was currently helping my parents load up their car as they were leaving for the week. After putting the last bag in the trunk, and my dad closing it, they turned to look at me.

“bye sweetie.” my mom said pulling me into a hug.

“bye mom.”

“be safe, you know we’re only one call away, and you also know your brother’s number if you need anything.” 

My brother was older, 22 to be exact, and he was cool as fuck. He moved out when he was 18, got a place with a friend of his. I went over to see him all the time, he even had a drawer full of my stuff at his place, and my parents saw him as ‘responsible older brother’ so I could call him if I needed.

“I know. Now, get going you two.” I said, ushering my parents to the car.

“okay okay, jeez, it’s like you’re trying to get rid of us.” my dad laughed, buckling up in the drivers seat.

“me? never.” I smiled innocently.

“right.” my mother laughed as my dad started the car.

“love you sweetie.”

“love you too.”


“Okay seriously Kendall, I’m not wearing this.” I laughed, staring at myself in the mirror in disbelief.

“why not, you look hot.”

“I look like something you’d find on the corner.” 

“those are called prostitutes, and they don’t just work the corner, some work from the allies.” she laughed, looking at me in the mirror of my make up desk.

Since my parents were gone for the week, and Kendall was my best friend, she was gonna stay here a lot, in my brothers old room. And we decided to throw a party tonight, drinks provided by my brother, who said he’d only come if he could bring some friends.

“Kendall, I’m serious.” 

“fine.” she huffed, finishing up her mascara. “go find a different outfit, but make sure it looks good, I’m gonna get you laid tonight.”

“oh please, ever since Jake and I broke up, half the guys think I’m a bitch.”

“no, it’s not your fault you caught Jake cheating on you.”

“whatever. I know he’s gonna be here tonight.”

“really? did you invite him?”

“no, but I invited Tyler, and you know that they’re best friends.”

“whatever, we’ll just find you someone else tonight.”

I rolled my eyes as I walked out of my closet from changing into my new outfit.

“oh damn girl.” Kendall laughed, grabbing my wrist and pushing me down on the seat at the make up table. 

She loved when we decided to do anything, to do my hair and makeup. And I mean, I was lazy as hell, so I wasn’t complaining.

When we were finally ready there were people already showing up.

We walked downstairs to find my brother, John, walking in with his roommate, Nate.

“sup guys.” I spoke, following them into the kitchen.

“damn Audrey.” Nate spoke, looking me up and down, and causing John to turn around and look at me.

“the fuck. where’s your clothes.” John asked, as he started putting beer in coolers, and red cups out.

“John come on, I’m 19.”

“that doesn’t mean you can go around dressing like that.”

“you’re not gonna say shit about Kendall’s outfit though?” I raised my brow at him.

“she’s not my baby sister.”

“but she is your girlfriend.”

“and she looks hot as fuck.” John spoke, standing up, and Kendall walking over to him and kissing him on the lips.

As much as I hated to admit it, they were cute as hell together. They’ve been together 4 years now, and as much as the disgusted me, they were the definition of ‘relationship goals.’ 

“John baby, let it go, she looks good.”


After that the four of us stood around and talked, and pregamed. John said Dillon was on his way over with all his shit, so we’d have music in no time, and he said a few of his friends would be by later.


Three hours later the party was in full swing. People were flooding from inside out back where the pool is. People were dancing, making out against the fence, already passed out drunk and even playing drinking games, which is what I was currently doing. Me and Nate against John and Kendall.

“John, I swear if you miss this we’re not having sex for like a week.” Kendall giggled.

“Oh baby, you and I both know you couldn’t last that long without it.” he laughed, wrapping his free arm around her, grabbing her ass and pulling her into him before throwing the ball.

We were in the middle of playing beer pong, and Nate and I had 2 cups left to make, and John and Kendall only had one.

“John!” Kendall laughed, hitting his chest as he missed the cup, it becoming Nate and I’s turn.

Nate missed the first one and I laughed. I’m pretty sure he’s made like 1 cup this whole entire game.

“Remind me next time to pick a better partner.” I laughed, bumping into him playfully. 

The thing with me is, when I start drinking, I get flirty. Usually just with Nate. We’ve been so close being as he is John’s best friend, and I practically grew up with him. He was also the guy I lost my everything too. He took me to prom his junior year, and that night we all got drunk and it just sorta happened. 

“remind me to pick a partner that’s a little less distracting.” he whispered in my ear, giving me chills.

I shook it off and sunk the cup, leaving it one cup to one cup, the rules being both people have to make it in the last cup.

Kendall was drunk, so her ball actually hit me and fell down my shirt. I laughed and reached for it and when I grabbed it I saw Nate practically staring at me with his eyes gouged out of his head. I laughed while John threw his and hit the rim of the cup before falling out.

I went first this time, throwing mine and making it with ease. Then I turned to Nate.

“Nate, please, you have to make this.”

“alright alright, I just need a kiss for good luck.” he smiled, his cute little dimples showing. I laughed and rolled my eyes before standing on my tippy toes and kissing his cheek.

“alright. I got this.” he muttered to himself before throwing his ball and making it in the cup as well.

Jumping up and cheering, I threw my arms around him, embracing him in a hug. I’ve been playing these games since I was 16, so I was pretty good at it and rarely ever lost, not once have I lost to my brother, and I was keeping that title. I like to rub it in his face.

“you guys were lucky.” John spoke.

“mhmm, whatever. you just suck.” I teased.

“whatever. Nate man, you wanna smoke one?” John asked, pulling a blunt out of his pocket.

“yeah man, I’ll meet you in the garage. I gotta take a piss.”

Kendall and I decided to go get more drinks, heading into the kitchen. Kendall was in the middle of making one when she looked up and her eyes popped out of her head. 

I went to look at what she was looking at but instead she shoved me, causing me to bump into someone behind me. I was shocked when their arms wrapped around me, catching me from falling, cause when we came in here, there were only two other people in the kitchen.

I turned around to face whoever caught me, ready to apologize for Kendall’s stupidity, but any words I had on the tip of my tongue I swallowed back down when I met his gorgeous brown eyes, which I so quickly got lost in.

We just stared at each other, and I felt as if no one else was in the room. That was until Kendall coughed, breaking my trance.

“I’m so sorry" I spoke quickly, taking a bit of a step back, but the strangers hand never leaving my side.

“It’s okay. No worries.” he smiled, and I felt myself get weak in the knees. His voice. His smile. How. How could a few simple physical characteristics be so perfect.

“I’m gonna go find my boyfriend.” Kendall announced, before coming up behind me and ‘whispering’ “get it girl.” before walking off.

I internally groaned. Of course she would embarrass me like that. She always tried to play wingman when she was drunk, but she was awful at it. Above me though, the stranger was chuckling.

“I’m so sorry about her. She’s obviously had a bit to many.” I laughed.

“it’s alright. It happens to the best of us.” he laughed. “I’m Jack by the way. Jack Gilinsky.”

“Audrey.” I smiled.

Jack and I stood in the kitchen and talked a bit more, over a few drinks, and before long, Jack was buzzed and I was drunk.

“so do you know Nate or John?” Jack asked after I got us two drinks, finding a seat on the counter top next to Jack.

“yeah.” I laughed.

“oh. You’re like, dating one of them?” he asked, and I couldn’t help but spit out a bit of my beer before swallowing the rest, causing Jack to look at me sideways.

“not normally the response I get.” he chuckled, bringing the bottle to his lips.

“I’m sorry. It’s just, I’ve never been asked if I’m dating my brother or my best friend before.” I let out a little giggle, this time Jack was the one who spit out a bit of his beer.

“shit. You’re John’s sister?” he looked at me wide eyed.



“what?” I asked.

“It’s just…nothing, never mind.”

“no!” I laughed, hitting his playfully. “you can’t just start to say something and not finish.” 

“It’s nothing. really.”

“no. you have to. my house, my rules.”

“damn” he laughed, “I just, John never said his sister was this hot.”

I blushed, and looked to see Jack biting his lip.

“John never told me his friends were this hot either.”

“oh really?” Jack asked, turning to look at me.

“mhmmm. I’m a bit disappointed in him. He’s been keeping secrets from me, his favorite little sister.” I muttered, as Jack stood in between my legs now.

“you’re his only sister.” Jack laughed.

“don’t ruin this for me.”

“okay okay, I’ll make it up to you.” he smiled, his hands resting on my hips.

“oh yeah? how do you propose you’re gonna do that?” I asked, as our faces were dangerously close now.

“we can have a secret of our own.” he whispered out, and despite it being so loud in the house with the music playing, I could hear him clear as day.

“and what might that be?” I ask in a low voice, our lips ghosting over each others before Jack leans in the rest of the way, connecting them. I link my arms around the back of his neck, pulling him closer to me as his tongue slips in my mouth.

Those cheesy romance films, that talk about the sparks you’re supposed to feel when you kiss someone. Well, I never quite believed in that until now. It was like electricity running through my body, and I loved the feeling.

Breaking the kiss, we rested our foreheads against one another’s. Looking into each other’s eyes, he had a smile on his face, and I couldn’t fight the one coming onto mine.

“you felt it too right?” he muttered.

“yeah.” I whispered out.

After that, Jack and I spent most of the night together, just hanging out and talking, until we found Kendall and John, who were with Nate, Dillon and another guy I didn’t know.

Jack went to talk to the blonde guy and I walked over to Nate, who threw his arms around me.

“sup lil mama.”

“I wanna do shots.” I whined into his chest, causing Nate to look down at me.

“yo, Skate, gonna introduce me to your girl?” the blonde laughed, and Nate and I looked at each other before everyone started laughing.

“what’s so funny man?”

“Johnson, this is Audrey, John’s sister.” Nate laughed.

“oh fuck, man I didn’t know.”

“not a lot of people do.” I smiled, and looked at Jack, who was smiling at me.

“I’m Jack. Jack Johnson, but you can call me Johnson.”

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled, before turning and looking at everyone. “who wants shots?” and everyone cheered, so we made our way back into the kitchen.

I searched through the cupboards while everyone got cups ready. Finding everything I needed for a kamikaze, I mixed the liquids together, and poured them in everyone’s glasses.

“cheers” we all clinked our glasses before downing the shots.

After a few more rounds we were all either trashed, drunk or buzzed.

We all went outside and sat on the porch talking, drinking beer now, and passing around a blunt.

Kendall and Swazz were probably the biggest potheads I know, and then Nate. They could smoke all day long, and half the time they do. Me on the other hand, I liked my alcohol, so when it came to me, I passed it to Jack, who took a few hits and then passed it.

“oh G, better make sure you don’t smell like weed tomorrow.” Johnson laughed.

“oh right, you gotta babysit tomorrow don’t you.” Nate chuckled.

Jack just laughed and shook his head before bringing the bottle up to his lips, taking a long gulp and then looking at me. He nodded his head inside before getting up and telling everyone he was gonna go to the restroom. I waited a minute, until I finished my beer before getting up to go get another one.

Walking into the kitchen I was immediately wrapped up in Jack’s arms. I laughed as he spun me around, before he set me down and cupped my face, looking down at me.

“can I help you?” I giggled.

“let’s do some more shots.”

And we did. And that’s the last thing I remember from that night.

just us two - luke hemmings (part 8)

Luke knew that parenthood was never going to be easy when his girlfriend left him standing in the delivery ward with their baby clasped in his hands. his 5 year old daughter striking up a feud with the son of a coldly beautiful single mum was not a complication he had anticipated though. nor was falling in love with her.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 

The following weeks passed in a blur of happiness unlike any other in Luke’s life, the closest he could think of was when he had first met Luna’s mother. But even that was different to what he felt for Y/N. With Luna’s mother it had always been shaking palms and ragged breaths, heart pounding, stomach clenching love. With Y/N it was easy, it was soft sighs and tender kisses and an infinite calm whenever she was in his arms.

‘I never thought it could be this easy.’ Y/N hummed contentedly, leaning her head against Luke’s shoulder as they stood side by side watching Luna and Sampson play in the early morning light in the garden.

‘Exactly what I was thinking.’ Luke mumbled against Y/N’s skin as he pressed a lazy kiss to her cheek. 'There’s gotta be a catch somewhere.’ as soon as Luke said the words he regretted them as he knew Y/N’s mind had wondered to Nate, he could tell from the stiffening of her shoulder pressed against him.

'I think we’re doing pretty well considering the catch.’ she said, casting her eyes up to Luke in search of reassurance.

'Well if this is pretty well, I can’t wait to see what perfect is like.’ Luke grinned, catching Y/N’s face in his hands and kissing her slowly.

'Where did the Hemmings go that loved nothing more than to irritate me and didn’t have a single romantic bone in his body?’ Y/N laughed as she pulled away.

'Oh well I had to make sure you could put up with that Hemmings before I made you fall helplessly and completely in love with me.’ Luke explained matter of factly, wrapping his arms around Y/N’s waist as she leaned back into his chest.

'And why did you wait so long for that part huh Romeo?’ Y/N teased.

'Because it was way too rewarding getting a reaction out of you.’ Luke chuckled, protesting as Y/N smacked his arm.

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Dresden Files RPG Highlights

-Hope and Abe find a skeleton in a wardrobe. Hope’s immediate response was “Wow! Talk about skeletons in your closet!”

- Nate taking all his considerable discipline not to go into a tirade over a Georgian officer treating him like an idiot.

-“So one brother’s bones, another one’s paste, and the third lost his head.”

- Hope playing the autism/retarded card and not having to roll deception because people just immediately believe her

- Abe punching himself in the face in the climactic fight and immediately whining about it to Hope when the action’s done

-Tracking warlocks with a fappin sock

-Aaron’s player nearly killing Abe’s with a bad Southern accent


- Aaron and Nate getting shirtless in front of a decapitated corpse

- Silas milling around eating chicken while everyone else worked

- Hope punching open a wardrobe and it blowing up while taking no damage from the trap

- Nate going through an old lady’s diary and discovering he punched out a hundred year old lady.

- Abe finding a Kemmler book and not touching it with his hand bc of instinct

- Ghost: “Who put a fire bomb in my house?" 


Nate: “It hasn’t gone off yet we’re fine.”

- Abe: “Hey what do we do with this necromancy book?" 

Nate: "Burn it. Burn it so fast.”

-Silas pulling a sword from his sleeve

-”HOW DO WE FIX THIS?!” “With chalk”

-Nate inadvertently turning one of the warlocks into jelly by messing up his ritual

-Aaron’s player having to be reminded that Aaron can mimic people

-Abe and Aaron’s players forgetting which twin they play

- Abe sending Lucy a photo of him flipping off a Confederate flag

- DM: “Alright, deep breath…”

Hope’s player: “I don’t need to take a deep breath”

DM: “I meant for me.”

Beach Day ~N.M.~*

Summary: you got a new bikini and guys are checking you out and Nate gets possessive.

Warnings: sex

Requested: yes.

Note: I’m like almost done with all my request so request more.

I do imagines, fake text, fake Instagrams, fake twitters, heck I even do fake snapchats. Or you can just ask me random stuff about me cause I’m a pretty cool person I guess


I was on tour with my boyfriend Nate Maloley and his friends. We had stopped in Florida and had a free day.

“What are we gonna do babe?” Nate asks sitting on the couch like a normal person, where as I was hanging in some strange position.

“Beach? Then we can go walk around eat some dinner with everyone and get ready for tomorrow.” I say springing up.

“Okay. Go get ready, I’ll make us food to take” he says as we go our separate ways.

I put on my new bikini that I bought at our last stop. I wasn’t the most confident person but my friend Stassie, Sams girlfriend, told me I looked super hot in it. The bottoms showed a bit of my ass and came kind of high on my hips. The top was round and pushed my boobs up. It was strapless which was good so I could tan. I threw on a dress that was like a cover up but was super cute and comfy. I put on my flip flops and left my hair down. I got my sunglasses and walked around to the mini kitchen area we had.

Nate was packing drinks in a cooler.

“Babe go put on your swimming trunks. I’ll finish up.” I say moving to where he was previously standing. I pack more snacks and some alcohol.

Nate comes out in his slides, trunks and a tshirt.

We head out to the beach that’s property of our hotel. We get down and find an empty space.

I take off my cover up and ask Nate to rub sunscreen on my back and legs.

“Y/N this swimsuit is new isn’t it?” Nate says and I hear him gulp.

“Yeah me and stassie bought some stuff last stop.” I say turning my head to look at him. His eyes were glued on my ass.

“Nathan” I sing at him.

“Oh I’m sorry” he says shaking his head and laying down on the towel.

We laid there and cooked for almost an hour. We got up and decided to go into the water. We were just talking when Nate said he forgot to call someone or something. I watched him get out of the water, grab his phone and walk to the port thing where you wash off. I decide to get out and grab some food. I put on my sun hat and glasses and pull out a sandwhich.

I was sitting drinking Smirnoff when two boys came up. They’re ball had fallen near my towel. I stood up to get. I tossed it to them but they stayed.

“Thanks for our ball” one with blonde hair said.

“Oh it’s no problem.” I say fixing my hair behind me so it could dry properly.

“What’s your name?” The other one with green eyes says.

“I’m y/n. You?”

“I’m Cole and this is Dylan” the blonde one says.

“Can we buy you a drink from the bar” Dylan days pointing to the tiki hut.

“Oh no thanks. I have my own in my cooler. My boyfriend is a picky drinker so we had to pack special stuff” I say dropping the hint about Nate.

“Boyfriend huh? I don’t see him” Cole says.

“Oh he just went to make a call to the venue I think because of the show we have tomorrow.”

“Show? You guys have a show?” They ask. I look around trying to find Nate but not succeeding.

“Yeah. He’s a rapper and I sing and sometimes rap.” I say turning around to get a better look for Nate. I turn back around and the boys are just staring at my boobs.

“Well it was nice meeting you guys” I say going back to my towel.

“How about we sit with you so you’re not alone.” Dylan says following me.

“No it’s cool my boyfriend should be back any moment and I just wanna tan” I say praying Nate would show up.

“Anybody who looks that sexy in a swimsuit deserves a little company” Cole says.

“Maybe you can find some company in my bed” Dylan says smirking.


“Or she’ll find company in her boyfriend” I hear Nate say from behind me. I turn around to see Nate staring at the boys.

“Nate thank god. I was-”

“Pack up our shit babe” Nate said still not looking at me. I listen to him and shake out our towels and put the drinks away.

“You think it’s cool to stare at my girl like that. Y'all have about 1 second to back the fuck outta my space before I knock y'all the fuck out.” Nate says stepping closer to them.

“Whatever dude. She was gonna come back with me anyway. I know how to actually show her a good time” Dylan says

“Yeah bro. Back you’re wanna be rapping ass up” I shot my head up at them as I was zipping the cooler. I was listening to the convo but knew Nate could handle it.

Usually Nate had a pretty good temper, but he lost it when you talked about what he loved most, me, music and family.

I hurry to put on my cover up and walk over to the boys.

“Okay babe lets leave. They’re just mad they can’t have me like you do.” I say glaring at the boys and grab Nates bicep. Has it gotten bigger? Not the point right now.

Nate looks at me, kissed my head and turns around. I let him go so I can pick up the cooler. Nate turns around and shoots a look at the boys.

“I ain’t a wannabe rapper. I’m about my shit. But you wouldn’t know that cause you’re to lame to get in my show fuckboys.” Nate says taking the cooler from me and wraps his arm around hips extremely close to my ass. I smile at him making the boys jealous. Then I feel a smack on my ass from Nate. I look at him and flip him off smiling. He wasn’t smiling though.

He didn’t speak all the way up to the room. As soon as we got inside he slammed me against the wall. He attacked my neck with his lips.

I moaned his name.

“You think you’re cute flirting with little fuckboys. What were you trying to do y/n. Huh? Trying to make me jealous? Is that it you want me jealous so when we come back to the room I’ll fuck you deep and hard.” During his speech he ripped my dress off and his hand found its way to my clit.

“N-no Nate that’s, that’s not what I was doing babe. Swear” I say trying to make a sentence.

“Do you know how hard it is to see your sexy ass girlfriend in the sexiest bikini possible talking to two little boys that couldn’t fuck her right if they tried. It’s harder than my dick is right now” Nate says pushing his hips toward me.

It was getting harder for me to focus due to how fast Nate was rubbing me.

“Fuck Nate keep going” I say placing my hand on his wrist. He immediately stopped. I glared at him as he picked me up and placed me on the bed.

“I want you to scream my name so loud the people on every floor can hear you.” Nate say taking my swimsuit off.

“Fuck it, I can wait any longer.” Nate says as me teases me entrance with his tip.

He slowly pushes into me, causing me to push my head further into the pillows.

He thrusts into me at a deep rhythmic pace at first. Until I claw at his back begging him to go faster.

Before I know it I was screaming Nate’s name at the top of my lungs. We came at the same time and he rode out our highs.

He slowly pulled out of me and laid beside me. I got up and put in a pair of underwear and Nate’s t-shirt. I tossed him a pair of boxers and a hair tie.

I went into the kitchen to make us some food, when I heard a knock on the door. I figured it was one of the boys so I didn’t fix my appearance.

I opened the door but the person had already started talking.

“Could y'all be quieter me and my-” It was Dylan. He stopped as soon as he saw me.

“Who is it babe?” Nate says walking up behind me. Nate wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder. I was feeling weaker so I put most my weight on him.

“Oh wassup man. Can I help you?” Nate says. I could hear the smirk in his voice. I was biting my lip trying to hold in my laughter.

“Oh um I was wondering if you could keep it down next time. The girls in our room can’t focus.” He says scratching the back of his neck.

“It’s not our fault you can’t fuck em right, have a great vacation though Daniel” I say fake smiling at him.

“It’s Dylan” he says quietly as I shut the door in his face.

I turn around and look at Nate.

“Well I think we did our job fairly well” I say wrapping my arms around his neck, messing with the hairs on the nape of his neck.

“I think so” Nate says grabbing my ass and pulling up so my legs are wrapped around him. He holds me like a child and carries me to the couch.

The boys came over and said they heard me in their rooms and we all laughed at the whole events of the day.

“Is that my shirt?”-Jswazz

Part 2

Tonight was the final game in the basketball championship, and of course you and John were in a dumb fight. It started when you brought up life after highschool. He started fidgeting and tried to change the subject. “John, why do you not wanna talk about this? What’s going on?”,you asked. “Nothing, why do we have to talk about this right now”,he said turning onto another road. “When you win tonight, things will change”,you said looking out the window. “Nothing is going to change baby, I got us”,he said chuckling and squeezing your leg. You gave him a soft smile and looked out the window again. You arrived at school and walked into the locker room area. “Good luck, kick some ass”,you said kissing his cheek. “I love you”,he said. “Forever”,you said. You walked into where the girls were and you began to stretch. 

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the basketball state championship. Tonights game is between the Monarchs vs the Jaguars, but before we start the game our let’s give a big welcome to our cheerleaders”, the speaker announced. You walked out to the very front and waited for the music to begin. You started the routine and lets just say you were killing it.

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The big finally was about to come up, the big flip. You looked over at your best friend and she nodded making you feel better. You stepped up and then the girls lifted you into a extension. You both perfectly did a successful flip and landed in the basket. You did the final pose and notice John’s huge smile. 

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The crowd started cheering and you ran to the sideline holding the run through banner. You looked over and saw John and Nate talking. Nate was pretty much getting on to John about something. “Here they are the Monarches!”,the speaker shouted. The boys then ran out and started the first half of the game. Throughout the whole game, you knew John wasn’t playing his best. The scouts in the stands were looking very confused and don’t ask about Couch Dunham. The first quarter ended and the score was 21-28. We were winning but John wasn’t impressing the scouts. You ran over to him and bent down in front of him on the bench. “Baby, what’s wrong. What are you thinking about”,you asked him lifting his head. “Look, theres something you need to know”,he said. “Tell me”,you said looking into his soft eyes. “The reason I don’t want to talk about our future is-”. “Hey pom poms, you’ve got to go perform again”,Nate said looking you up and down in your uniform. “You’re distusting”,you scoffed and walked toward the squad. You got into position and winked at John. He looked down and didn’t smile and blow you a kiss. Something was seriously bothering him. 

The routine began and you couldn’t focus on it at all. You started worrying and overthinking now, the thing you were best at. You tried to shake all your thoughts out and focus. You kept looking at John on the bench instead of counting your steps. You went to be lifted, when they went to extend you you tried to flip out. You didn’t stick your landing and landed on your back knocking the air out of you.

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Everyone started crowding you, Mrs.Tammy ran out on to the floor. John pushed everyone out of the way. He picked you up and went over to the bleachers. He held you in his arms while Tammy check everything out. Once she got to your ankle you cringed in pain. She took your shoe off and noticed your ankle was turning purple fast.

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“Is it broken”,you asked wincing in pain. “You need to call your parents and get to a doctor if you still want to continue cheering”,Tammy said handing you your bag. John picked you up and started walking out of the gym. “John, what are you doing? You need to get back to your game”,you said looking up at him. He didn’t say anything, he just kept walking. “Dude, what the fuck are you doing? Remember the fucking game?”,Nate said from the gym doors. John placed you in the passenger seat and got his phone out. “Hey Mrs. y/l/n, you need to meet us at the hospital she landed on the ankle and we need to get x-rays”,John said speeding on to the highway. “We’re like 10 minutes away. Okay meet you there, bye”,he said hanging up the phone. “John, you need to get back to your game. Your throwing away everything you’ve been working for”,you said. “I’m not throwing anything away”,he said. You pulled into the hospital and you saw your mom. You sat in the X-ray room with John while your mom filled out paperwork. “So what were you saying at the game”,you said killing the silence. “Well umm, I have some good news”,he said monotoned. “You don’t sound very happy”,you said. “Baby, I love you. But an opportunity came up”,he said putting his hand on your leg. “Like a scholarship or job opportunity”,you said confused. “Yea a job, I’m gonna go work for Nate”,he said. “Why was that bothering you”,you giggled. “Listen, the job is going to work for him on his Tours and music label. I’d have to leave and live with him in Cali”,he said. “So, when were you planning to tell me”,you said finally taking in the news. “Nate told me tonight is was 100%”,he said. “Did you even think about ‘us’ at all”,you asked with tears forming. “John, I love you fuck it i’m in love with you. Did you even think about me or our future. You told me you wanted to get married in a couple of years”,you said finally letting the tears falling. “Do you want to come with me”,he said quietly. “You know I can’t do that, not with my mom like this. She just lost my dad and she’s having to work double just to put a roof over our heads. I can’t leave her here, i’ve got to help her. I just applied for my second job just to pay for college classes”,you said shaking your head. “This is a chance for me to get into the music industry. I’ll come back for you. We can be together, i’ll come home every chance I get”,he said kissing you. “Please don’t leave me”,you said crying. “Do you want to me go for my dreams and finally be happy”,he said raising his voice. “Of course I do! Thats what I care about most”,you said getting angry. “Then why can’t you just be happy for me and support me”,he said. “I support you through everything, even this. But I am going to be so heartbroken when you find someone better and forget what loving me is like”,you say looking into his eyes. 

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You heard a knock at the door and the doctor came in the show you the x-rays. “Well, you have a lateral malleolus fracture. You’re not done with cheer but you’re done for the season”,he said. “Bye bye scholarship”,you said laughing sarcastically. “It’s alright honey you’re so smart you’ll get into college don’t worry”,mom said and smiled. “Yea but this is my senior year and this was my chance”,you said. You smiled at her and got your cast on. They gave you crutches and you began heading toward the parking lot. You opened the door to John’s truck and got your bag. You then went to your mom’s car and opened the door and got in. “Honey, don’t you want to go hangout with John at the after party since the Monarchs won”,she said clapping and hugging John. “I just want to sleep and not wake up”,you said in a hushed tone. “John, you can come hangout at the house with us. Tonight is scary movie and popcorn night”,mom said opening her door. “He’s fine, he has more important things to do”,you said to your mom. Your mom scrunched her eyebrows in confusion and looked at you. “Maybe another time John, thank you for bringing her here”,you mom said. “No problem have a good night”,he said. “Goodnight Baby, I love you”,he said. You just sat there and waited for your mom to start the car. “What is your problem, you always wanna hangout with him. And you always say forever”,she said. “He’s leaving and told me tonight. He wanted me to come but we know that’s not an option”,you said looking out of the window. “I’m sorry honey”,she said. “Me too”.

You got home and crutched upstairs and took off your makeup and changed. You unpacked your cheer bag and put it all away since you were done for the rest of the season. You noticed something white in the bag. You pulled it out and noticed John put his shirt than smelt like his cologne. You eyes began to tear and you became sad at the fact you were about to loose him. 

Some people might think you’re being selfish on how your acting. That you’re not letting him live his dream and you’re being controlling. Yea thats true but if he was the only thing that made you happy and get out of bed, would you want him to leave too? John found me when I saw a sad girl, he brought me to light and filled me with it. And now all that darkness is going to come back into my life. 

You put on the shirt and a pair of spandex and gently got into bed, propping your leg with a pillow. The smell brought back tears to the first day in Chem class to your first date to the formals to your first time making love to him comforting you about your dad. He always wore this cologne and it meant so much to you. You finally fell asleep with hot cheeks and a stuffy nose.

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You kept hearing this ringing in your dream. It kept ringing and ringing. You finally wokeup and realized it was the doorbell. “Mom, can you get that please”,you shouted. No answer. You checked the time and noticed it was 8:30, she probably went in for a early morning shift. You got your crutches and went down the small hallway and opened the door. You were shocked by who it was. “Nate? What are you doing here?”,you asked. “Look John is rethinking everything now. He really wants this and now he’s thinking about staying for you or some shit. So if you want him to be happy then tell him he needs to go”,he said. “He really wants this?”,you asked. “Of course he does”,he said. “Okay, i’ll convinced him”,you say regretting it. “Thank lil ma, you legs sure do look good”,Nate said looking you up and down. “Bye Maloley”,you said shutting your door.

You called John and he said he would be over any minute. You brushed your fingers threw your hair and tried to look presentable. You heard a knock at the door and you opened it. “Hey, come in”,you said smiling. He walked in and kissed your cheek. “So i was thinking and I think you should go for it”,you said breathing out. “W-What?”,he said shocked. “If this is what you want, I should support you. Your happiness is everything to me baby”,you said kissing his cheek. “I-is that my shirt ma?”,he asked. “Oh yea, it was in my cheer bag. Guess you threw it in there yesterday at the game. You can have it back”,you said. “No,no keep it please. You look so good in it”,he said wrapping his arms around you. “And the cast is super sexy”,he said making you laugh. “So you’re okay with this? What made you have a change in heart?”,he said pulling you into his lap. “Nate came by and told me it was your dream. I should’ve listened and supported you from the beginning. I’m sorry”,you said playing with his hair. “Nate? Why the fuck was he here?”,John said furrowing his eyebrows. “He told me that you were going to stay for me and that I was pretty much ruining your dreams”,you said running your nails throughout his hair. “You’re not baby”,he said kissing you. “So when do you leave”,you said resting your head on his chest. “Week after graduation”,he said. You felt tears forming in your eyes and realized you were about to loose the light again. “I’ll come visit every chance I get, I promise baby”,he said kissing your head. “I know you will”,you said lifting your head to kiss him. “Don’t cry, this is not goodbye. I love you”,he said. “Forever”,you said wiping your eyes.


Anonymous :Can you do a Nate maloley one where Nate and y/n are together and y/n is a bartender and Nate is okay with it until one night he and the guys and they see her working and all these guys are flirting and getting to close to comfort for Nate and he gets into a fight and wants her to quit or he gets her fired?

Me : Hope you like it babes! Sorry for the wait, I haven’t had access to a computer for a long time hahaha anyway enjoy! 

When requesting you may ask for specific features such as race, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, name etc.


  1. H/B/F/N - Her best friend’s name.
  2. M/B/F/N -My best friend’s name.

Nate’s POV

We pulled into the parking of lot of a nightclub where Y/N worked. There was a whole group of us including Tez, John, Sammy, Johnson, Skeez, Corey and I. They invited some groupies and their own friends, except for Sammy since he was going out with Stass. I wanted to surprise Y/N since she was always working and I never gotten much of a chance to see her.

We got instant access into the building and into VIP. I pulled out the stash of weed I had in my duffle bag and gave some paper and tubes with weed in it to the people around me. I rolled up my own blunt and took and puff, blowing perfect O’s into the circle and inhaling them back it. 

I looked over to the bar section and saw Y/N dancing lightly as she mixed drink and did her magic. Most boyfriends would have a problem with having their girlfriends working at a bar or club. I didn’t, she needed a way to stay financially stable during the summer when she wasn’t in school.  She didn’t want help from me or her parents even though we both volunteer to help countless times; she was very stubborn but I loved her and I still do so much so I looked to past it.

She smiled lightly at the man who was talking to her but rolled her eyes when she turned around to prepare his drink. That’s my girl, I thought. She looked like she was getting annoyed but she kept the smile on her face not saying much to him. The guy was trying too hard to get her attention and his dumb ass didn’t understand that she didn’t want to engage with him. It took my all to not march down and tell him to back off or there would be trouble. Once he downed his drink he got off the stool gave Y/N a wink which by the way made him look like he was having a seizure. Y/N laughed at him when he walked away and began talking to one of her colleagues, both of them laughing their asses off.

A groupie came up to me, trying to slip her knee between my legs to obviously rub my dick. Unfortunately for her I already had someone do that for me and I didn’t need to pay her. “Come on Skate,” she purred in my ear as she proceeded to straddle me. “I want to give you the time of your life,” she nibbled on my ear. I frowned and moved my head away from her.

“I have a girlfriend and she’s here, if she sees you she’ll rip you apart so I suggest you get your flat ass off me and suck someone else’s dick.” She gasped and quickly got off me glancing at her behind and touching it. She glared at me and quickly made her way to the next guy. I took another drag from the blunt I had in my mouth smiling when ’Rolling’ came on as the DJ noticed us and gave our group a shout out. We all yelled and hollered when the sing came on, the club becoming instantly hype.

I looked over at the bar and didn’t see Y/N anywhere. Instead I saw her approaching the VIP section, a smirk plastered on her face, hands behind her back. Her heeled leather boots gave her an extra reason for her hips to move sexily as she walked. 

“Welcome Sound Nightclub! I hope you are all enjoying your experience here. Courtesy of the owner of Sound Nightclub he has given you several bottles of Ace Of Spades for free! Please feel free to ask for something at our bar which is located to your right. Have a pleasant night.” She smirked and let her colleagues hand out the drinks and talked into her walkie talkie. Once they were done they immediately went back to their previous position except for her. One of her perfectly shaped eyebrows cocked upwards as she slightly tilted her head before she spoke “I didn’t think I’d ever expect to see you guys here, quite unusual don’t you think?” She side eyed me while she kept her focus on the rest of them. 

“Your boyfriend wanted us to come here, we compiled or else the nigga would’ve went crazy!” Tez explained throwing crazy hands gestures while I sent him daggers with my eyes. Everyone laughed including her. She waved her hair back, over her shoulders and smiled “anyway you guys have a goodnight, I’ll be somewhere in the crowd.” She waved while she walked off and untied her apron walking toward the door that said ‘Staff’ in big bold letters.  After that she disappeared. 

“Damn Skate, your girl is so fine! Where’d you find her?” Skeez asked, sending me a smirk he was about to say something when a groupie pulled him off the couch and pulled him towards the dance floor. Johnson nudged me and pointed towards the dance floor my eyes fell on Y/N. She was gracefully moving her body to the beat of the song. Her hand running through her hair and she smiled to herself unknown to the fact that I was looking at her in desire and in total love. I looked at her surroundings; men were staring at her with hungry eyes, stripping her with their eyes. I put one more swig of my beer and put my blunt down. I walked towards the glass elevator, entered and pressed ground floor. I lightly pushed away the girl that was trying to feel me up when I exited the see through elevator.

I walked towards the crowd pushed through as much as I could until I reached her. She was dancing with one of her female colleagues, grinding and twerking on her. I definitely wasn’t jealous, ok maybe I was a little but it was turning me on. A group of men and a few women crowded around them, hollered and yelled to continue. I then realised H/B/F/N was who her colleague was so I lost every speck of jealousy and laughed. H/B/F/N moved away and danced with the first guy that caught her and fell into his trance like the drunk idiot she is. I rolled my eyes and chuckled a bit and caught Y/N dancing with some man, except she obviously wasn’t feeling it. She squirmed in his arms trying to get away. He whispered something into her ear and rolled hips into her thigh. I saw her gag and squirmed even harder. 

I marched towards them and pulled him off her. I punched him in the face and felt someone tug on the bottom of my shirt. I turned around and saw Y/N shouting and her eyes pleading me to stop. Her eyes flicked towards the staff door her manager walking out. I mouthed ‘I’m sorry but I have to’, to her and dragged the guy to the entrance of the building. I could hear her screaming voice pleading me to stop. She was afraid that I would kill him and that she would lose her job. I pounded his face with my fist until I saw blood oozing out of his nose. Someone pulled me off him and started screaming at me.

“Dude, what the fuck? What the hell happened?” John screamed in face. I told him what happened and looked over at Y/N who was crying into Johnson’s chest, while Johnson disgustingly sneered at the man on the ground. Someone suddenly emerged from the door with 3 bodyguards. It only took one look to recognize it was the owner and the manager.  

Y/N wiped her face and looked up and began talking, “I can explain.” She began explaining the story word for word not adding nor leaving one piece out of the situation. Everyone could know she was nervous, she really didn’t want to lose her job. “Y/N, we’re going to have a talk with you tomorrow, whenever this group of people come there’s always trouble.” Her manager spoke, while the owner shook his head. 

Her facial expressions changed so many times. I felt so bad this was her job and she loved it, she loved her friends, her boss, meeting new people and talking to total idiots she loved it but she was constantly ogled by horny men that just wanted to fuck her, it was disgusting but she had to continue because she was too stubborn to take advice and now I was going to take care of her, after all it’ll be my fault if she loses the job; I really don’t like when people especially weird, sex craving men touch my baby. 

She burst into tears and hugged herself while her bosses looked at her in total disappointment. “Look guys, it was my fault, I’ll try and comfort her and just tell her its for the best if she quits but you really took it hard on her, she loves this job and honestly this is not the best environment for her but I’ll try my best to tell her it’s just for her good.” I sadly smiled at my girlfriend who being swayed back and forth by Johnson. They both agreed and let us go our separate ways and told us that they would take care of the guy and call paramedics.

I drove her to her apartment and decided I would just stay with her for the night. She ignored me for the whole ride, she sat in the backseat and just stared out the window. Once she arrived, we took the elevator in silence and entered her home. She sat on the couch immediately. “What the hell is wrong with you? Why the hell would you do that to me? Those people were like family to me and now I’ve practically lost them except M/B/F/N. Nate I really dont know what was going through your head. You could’ve just left it that when you took him off me, you make everything so damn extra, I can’t fucking keep up.” She continued to yell at me with tears streaming down her face. “Nothing to say, huh?” I gulped and looked up and sat beside her pulling her into my arms, placing my hand on her head and put her head on my shoulders.

“You know you are so strong, no girl would have the courage to say that to me, you’re something else”, I gave a small laugh. “Babe I’m so sorry and I did it because I love you. That place is not a good place the environment isn’t good for you. If you haven’t noticed there’s these weird ass guys that would do anything for one fuck and literally think about how you would look naked. They try to get your attention by sweet talking you and you obviously don’t like it and it sucks because I’m not always there to fuckin’ beat these guys up and I do it because I love you and I want to be the only one for you and I want you to be the only one for me. And if you don’t quit I’ll make you quit, I’ll support you, I’ll pay your bills, your rent, I’ll buy your food, I’ll give you money to buy clothes, makeup, all sorts of things you need baby I’ll provide that shit and no matter how much you disagree I’ll do it no matter what.” She looked up at me her eyes showing trust and love, she lifted up her pinky finger, “promise?” “I promise with all my heart.” We pinky promised with a kiss and ended up watching TV for the rest of the night.

palisadesucks  asked:

my sole Natalie has her home base in Sanctuary, where Preston stays when he's not at the Castle. She eventually had Nate's body moved and buried behind their old house, with a tree planted on top of it and a pew facing it. She sits in front of it his grave when she gets back from missions and just talks to him about her day. Preston will sit with her often, and when she's gone he tends to Nate's grave, watering the flowers and keeping weeds away. He promises Nate he'll to keep her safe for him

AAAAAAAWWWWWW this is very bittersweet………I mean I had Nate “burried” in the backyard of Tracie’s Sanctuary house but after later events I think they would’ve tossed him in the river.

Still Preston was faced with so much loss, he lost his friends, his mentor Ezra and he understands the pain. Especially knowing that he couldn’t give them a proper burial at Quincy before the gunners burned their bodies. So he will probably be very gentle and understanding and help her tend to the grave because that’s the least either one of them can do. This is very nice, but also very very sad, thank you for sharing it :’)

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: well,im fine I just need a moment im alright right here on the floor well, im fine I just need a moment to cry and when I think about the ways that you never waste your breath to say you love me how you always held your lost loves above me as you kept your other hand on the do
It’s okay baby- Derek Luh Imagine

Requested By Anon: “Could you write an imagine where the girl is like scared to let Derek in because of previous bad things but he tells her it’s okay and you can do what you want with the rest lol”

(btw if you feel unconformable by the mention of rape and sex don’t read this lol) 

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I was at kathy’shouse when I got a text from Nate saying ; ‘hey do you want to hang at the pool today? You can bring your friend if you want’ I didn’t know what to answer, see I like his best friend Derek and he likes me too only, I just had a bad history with my ex like he hit me and always come home drunk and just yell at me and worse stuff, since then I don’t really let guys in that fast anymore. 'Kathy’ 'yeah’ 'Nate just texted me asking if we wanted to hang at the pool what should I say?’ I said, Kathy knows I like Derek and knows that I really don’t want to go, 'Just say okay is that so hard’ she said smirking 'you know Derek is probably going to be there’ She continued. 'yeah that’s why I don’t want to go’ I said ’ I know’ she said 'Why won’t you just let him date you , I mean at least tell him way happened with your ex maybe he’ll understand, the boy is lost right now’ 'okay maybe we should just go and I’ll tell him’ I said 'That’s my girl’ Kathy said winking

 -time skip to Nate’s- 

'Hey guys’ me and Kathy said when Nate and Derek opened the door 'hey y/n’ Derek said smirking, I just rolled my eyes. We walked to the pool when I stopped Derek 'Derek can we talk’ I asked ‘yeh sure what’s up babe’ he said as we walked to Nate’s room. ‘listen I really like you too and everything but I need you to know why I kinda don’t let guys in easily’ I said Derek nodded gesturing me to go on ‘I never told anyone but Kathy but uhm I had a bad past with my ex and everything like he hit me en come home drunk and had sex with me when I didn’t want to’ I stopped ‘Y/N are you seriously telling me that he raped you?!’ he yelled ‘yes but he’s not a threat anymore or something but y’know that’s why I don’t let guys in my life that fast’ I said, a tear leaving my eye ‘y/n I would NEVER do that to you. I love you babe it’s okay’ he said pulling me into a hug and kissing my head. ‘so.. will you be mine’ ‘of course derek!’ I said ‘let’s go to the pool now’ derek said and we walked back to the pool.

a/n: I hope you liked it :) haven’t wrote since forever!

Nick Valentine X Mia, my (first) sole survivor. So I was on the middle of writing this fic when I saw someone post this prompt. Well, I decided it was the perfect way to go with it. In a way. 


 Sole Survivor x Nick Valentine, mid-main quest (after finding Kellogg), a few days after finishing Nick’s personal quest. So, some spoilers I guess. I know @zombies-apocalypse wanted to see any NickxMia fics I post so, here. ;P 


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Cricket. by TrueKnot

I’m just a regular sort of guy. I grew up in a small, midwest town. Where doesn’t really matter — they’re all the same. Now I live in the city, and I couldn’t be more content with my life. I mean sure, I’ve got my problems. My boss is an asshole, and Dave keeps taking my yogurt out of the fridge in the breakroom. But I’m seeing a nice girl. She’s at least an eight. A ten under the covers. I make enough money to do what I want on the weekends, and to take Molly out once in a while.

It’s a good life.

Wasn’t always good. We were dirt poor when I was growing up. Not ‘diggin in a trash heap’ poor, but welfare poor. Mama got food stamps and daddy sold some of ‘em to go to the bar. But we ate. We had clean clothes, and shoes on our feet — and a roof over our heads, which is more than some have.

But we were poor, and it was a little town. The thing about small towns is they’re old. Old people. Old money. Old families and old houses.

Even the nice places in the center of town had their mice and roaches. Flies in the summertime like you’ve never seen. And crickets.

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Father, Father (Nate Maloley)

not requested | word count: 2,600+ words | masterlist

“Damn…” I sighed as I stared at the home-pregnancy test I bought earlier this week. “What am I going to do?” I mumbled, thoughts racing rapidly as I thought about my boyfriend’s reaction.

As soon as I heard steps coming up the stairs, I threw the test back in the box it came in, then shoved it in the brown paper bag I received from the store clerk and shoved it to the bottom of the trash bin next to the toilet. I made sure it wasn’t noticeable with the rest of the things in there.

“Baby girl?” I hear my boyfriend, Nate, call out. “You here?” He asked before checking our bedroom.

“In here!” I called out from the bathroom and soon enough he appears with a black t-shirt under his blue flannel. He leaned his shoulder against the door frame and I smiled at him.

“You ready to go to the airport?” He asked, walking up to me and slipping his hands around my waist. “My parents are excited to see you again,” he smiled and it made me forget about the results to the test.

“Yes, I am. Let’s go, we don’t want to miss our flight.” I tell him, pulling him out the door.

Our suitcases were already packed in the backseat of our car and we hurried off to the airport.

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sam drake thoughts


as you know i’ve been very conflicted about sam and i just decided right now this very second in time (mark it in your diaries) that i like him? i think.

just a warning, this isn’t going to be articulate at all. HAHAHA GOOD LUCK.

when we see him and nate as wee babs, he’s already being kind of selfish. he wants to go and break into a house to find their mom’s stuff and i KNOW that the story wouldn’t have turned out the same, but he could have easily gone on his own and as a result not gotten nate into trouble but he feels guilty. he feels guilty that he’s planning to leave nate behind for a year so he wants to include nate in this little adventure to break into the house. he’s being totally self indulgent in my opinion. he could have gone alone, gotten the journals and come back and given them to nate in safety but we all know that didn’t happen. he put nate at risk to meet his own needs.

i just think a lot of people view sam with some very rose tinted glasses and can only see the protective side he has towards nate and they totally ignore all the shit things he does from the get go, but how protective is he really being if he’s committing crimes and dragging his kid brother along for the ride? as an older sibling myself with a sister who is much MUCH younger than me, i would never ever put her in danger like that no matter what had happened in our lives. or i like to think i wouldn’t at least. and this is where sam’s development stops in comparison to nate’s. right there in the flashback. sam never moves on from the obsession with his mom’s research and is constantly using his brother card with nate to try and find the treasure. they’re in and out of jail, they hang around with shady people and ultimately have done a lot of shit things to try and get what they want. 

and I GET IT. i get why sam has this need. he was considerably older than nate when they went into care, he probably had more time with their mom and obviously felt immense betrayal from their father for dumping them there. sam needed something to cling on to while he was stuck in an orphanage not only looking out for himself, but for his kid brother too and when he found his mom’s journal, a cartoon lightbulb popped above his head. he found what he needed, the connection to his mom and something that could give him purpose and he’d stop at nothing to get it.

and then sam “dies” and nate moves on… sort of. nate puts sam out of his head, never mentions him again (and i still fucking hate that i really do) and sets out on his own, finding his own people to make a family with and learning by the end of drake’s deception that it’s not worth the risk to the people around him. as far as the audience were concerned, he was done. he’d grown up and figured out what was really important. sure, he was getting a little bored with his job and life, but he STILL didn’t want to put the people he cares about through any of the shit he’s put them through before. he’s matured.

and we all know sam never managed that and how could he? he was in jail for 13 years, alone, wondering about his brother, obsessing over the treasure with nothing else to do. even though we don’t know it yet, he gets out and spends 2 years with rafe searching for it before he even tries to get in touch with nate and i personally think that this is why i didn’t like him for the longest time. those 2 years he could’ve contacted nate but didn’t… 

and then we meet him again and it’s like he’s stuck in time. nate is okay, nate is safe and happy and sam is just like “hi!!! long time no see little bro, help me with a thing???” and sam must know, he MUST know that nate is trying to keep out of that life or sam would have just straight up asked him to help him instead of making up the whole alcazar lie. he knew nate wouldn’t want to help him unless there was a noose around sam’s neck and that sort of mirrors the flashback chapters. sam selfishly wants his brother’s help/company and is willing to use emotional manipulation to get what he wants, not giving a shit who he hurts in the process or what the consequences might be.

then everything happens, blah blah we know he’s an asshole now but in the chapters where we see him again after the flashback we know that he’s just nate but years later. he wants the same things nate did but hasn’t had the opportunity to grow or mature and nate says it himself - that sam’s obsessed and at that stage is when i stopped hating him and just had an immense amount of sadness for him. his life up until that point had been totally miserable, he’d had no father figures like sully, no understanding, patient significant other like elena and no epic adventures to make him realize that its not the treasure or the lost cities that really fulfill you, its the people. he really had just been alone since the day he got shot. i think elena realizes this too which is why she makes the decision to go after sam. she’s seen it all before and she knows that he’s not necessarily a bad person, he’s just lost like nate was.

after they find the treasure sam states that he still feels empty and that really got to me. obsessing over something for that long and to have it just end had to have fucked him up a lot. where does he even go from there?

and in retrospect im glad he went with sully. i said it before but nate turned out the way he is because of sully right? sully knows when to quit. sully knows when to screw people over and when not to. sully has a GIANT mustache heart and adopts puppies and kittens stray children but is also a badass and sneaky as fuck and probably what sam needs right now? he can’t go home with nate and elena, he’s not at that stage yet and he’d get bored. 


Sam Drake - an evil home-wrecking asshole who doesn’t care about anyone?? nah. 

Sam Drake - an emotionally manipulative, emotionally stunted selfish douche waffle but is kind of okay?? yes. of course.

in conclusion:

he an okay guy.


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Snapshots of Nathan Ford

A series of scenes from the Nate’s life, as seen by Sophie. Written for Mastermind Monday in Character Appreciation Week on Tumblr because no is better at appreciating Nate than Sophie.

The first time Sophie Devereaux met Nathan Ford she shot him in the shoulder and he shot her in the back. Even for an experienced Grifter, this was an inauspicious beginning.

The next time he didn’t mention it. Admittedly it had been two years but still she found absolutely infuriating. The man had bloody shot her. True, she shot him too, but a gentleman should at least apologize.

“Fancy running into you here,” Nate said with a smile, stepping up beside her.

“Oh, it’s you.” she said, perhaps not as icily as it should have been when greeting someone who shot her. “Sophie Deveraux, art aficionado.”

“Nathan Ford, art insurance investigator. I’m sure it’s a coincidence, you being here, three days before the auction.”

“There’s an art auction coming up?” She didn’t bother putting any effort whatsoever in her denial.

“Like I said, I’m sure it’s a coincidence and you will be taking the next flight out of town.”

“You really aren’t going to address the gunfire from last time?” she asked.

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