not when it comes to outing these two

Ok so imagine aliens coming to earth to recruit people for dangerous missions. We’re tough, we’re stubborn, we’re ridiculously durable, not to mention downright adorable.

A few months in and things are going pretty well. The humanless crew has met humans before, and they know they come in a variety of skin and eye colours. Blue, green, brown, grey. Every colour they could see, humans had it somewhere.

And then they met Rebecca.

Rebecca lookee ordinary enough at first glance. Dark brown hair, average build. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until you look at her eyes.

They’re two different colours. Upon closer inspection you find one is blue, and one is green.

Perhaps this human is dying.

So when they hire her, they’re sure to treat her extra nicely. No one dared to bring up her condition until one day Korp asked.

“Oh it’s totally normal!” Rebecca assured them with a laugh. “No reason so panic”

While her assurance was comforting, they refused to take her second part of advice.

With humans, there was always a reason to panic.

(Idk why i didn’t think of this before. I have the same eye colour as rebecca, though not as apparent as one would think)


rucas meme ♥ [1/8] quotes 

“hey jexica, my name is lucas friar! i have to choose between two girls. and i thought that i liked them both, but what i really love is that you want to ride unicorns while eating cotton candy and collecting falling stars. i think you would fit in with our group of friends but please don’t tell them i invited you.”

I know the different sizes on the SU characters comes from the different storyboarders and artists and that’s cool I’m cool with that but just imagine if it was a real-time Gem thing due to their forms being affected to changes in environment, situations (feeling in danger vs. feeling safe), and emotional stability.

Then imagine being Connie, hanging out, when suddenly Steven just goes squish and drops like a two inches right before her flippin’ eyes.

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I find the magical plants, tattoos, and paints in Mystic Coffee so cool. I can just imagine Clarke drawing with the charmed paint on Lexa’s back and all the magical effects it would have.

This is such a lovely visual I wrote a thing.

“Is it done?”

“Stop moving.”

Lexa gives an incoherent grumble and rests her chin on her arms, trying to remain still once again.

“You’ve been painting for an hour.” The words come out muffled against the bare skin of her forearms, pressed against her lips.

“Art takes time,” Clarke says distractedly after a pause, eyes crinkled in concentration as she moves her paintbrush in careful strokes along the curve of Lexa’s spine. Clarke lets out the barest of grins when Lexa shivers at the sensation.

The words Lexa says next are incoherent but Clarke just keeps working. Two more details aaaand 


Lexa’s head picks up quickly with excitement. She starts wiggling and Clarke has to move from her position sitting on the back of Lexa’s legs before the other girl tosses her off in her rush to get to a mirror.

Lexa stands and twists her head this way and that to try to see it before quickly giving up and moving to the floor length mirror hanging on the back of the door.

“Oh wow,” she says, when she finally gets a good look.

“Like it?”

“How permanent is this?”

“Not very,” Clarke says, wiping paint from her fingers on a towel and watching Lexa admire herself with a smile. “It’ll set within the next fifteen minutes probably and then disappear.”

“That’s too bad. It’s incredible.”

Clarke hums and steps behind her, watching Lexa take it in over her shoulder.

Clarke reaches out runs her finger gently over the paint, following the streaks of orange and gold over the small of Lexa’s back and tracing up into the dark blues that appear at the base of her neck.

It’s a setting sun, happening in real time. Each passing second changes the shades of colours that fade and shift beneath Clarke’s fingers. It’s ephemeral, the orange already beginning to shift to pink, but the look of awe on Lexa’s face makes it worth it.

You Belong With Me (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: yes

summary: you are Shawn’s long-time best friend and you have feelings for him that he just doesn’t seem to notice, and now he’s dating someone else.

pairing: reader x Shawn

a/n: tell me what you think! requests are open at the moment, but you can always feel free to talk to me about shawn/send blurb prompts :) 

He’s really doing this again. 

You sigh and flop back on your best friend’s bed as he’s speaking to his on-again/off-again girlfriend over the phone. Shawn asked you to come over to hang out tonight, claiming that you two “haven’t really spent time together” since he got back together with whatshername. You acted shocked when he told you this, but held in the back of your mind that it was because she always got dragged in the middle of your time with Shawn. Tonight wasn’t any different. 

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Asking For It [5/?]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, arguing, sister trouble, and basically shit gets ugly.

A/N: Let me know what you think and if you want to be tagged?

From the beginning

Your life couldn’t get more perfect, an Avenger, engaged to Steve Rogers, your life was better than you planned. That is till your twin sister shows up, shady as they come you knew better than to trust her. Mirrored features, but two completely different people. She’s stirring up trouble in your perfect life, but what happens when Buck falls hard for her and you know she’s up to no good?Can you convince him she’s bad news before he’s too far into her web?

You race from the elevator, skidding around the corner and taking off down the hallway, coming to a stop you don’t pause throwing open your old bedroom door, a little out of breath and panicked. Steve hot on your heels as you come through the door, instantly regretting your choice. You and Steve mumble, bumping into each other as you step back out of the room, closing the door. Buck had Ava up against the dresser, his shirt missing, sweat pants untied and sagging. Ava shirt discarded on the floor, sports bra pushed up.

“What a slut.” You hiss, shaking your head, your face scrunched up in disgust.

“Yeah, he is.” Steve nods, shaking his head.

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the thing abt klance that rlly gets me is that

were one of them a girl, they would be end game couple from episode one

that’s how straight couples tend to go when it comes to big media, they butt heads then end up a good pair. somehow. 

the reason it gets to me is the two ways the show could go

it could ignore that entirely and them end up being friends, frustrating the audience who knows that were they straight it would happen. or it could actually happen, come completely out of left field and be a really great thing! 

either rlly great or a huge missed opportunity basically

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Hey! I was curious, how would the sakamakis celebrate their s/o's birthday? Would they do anything special? (( Just asking cuz my birthday is soon 😊 ))

Happy early/ not so early Birthday hun!


Shu - To be honest Shu would probably want you and him to stay in bed and cuddle and do other things instead of go out. If you can get him to go out it may be to a fancy restaurant for a rare steaks and he may follow you for some light shopping, but let it be known he will pull you into the lingerie store and maybe a sex shop or two. You should have seen that coming, you should know Shu is a bigger perv than Laito. But don’t be alarmed when you find a perfectly wrapped present that he picked up on your excursion that’s not nasty related.

Reiji - He would probably do for you what he does with his brothers on their birthdays, fix their favorite meals, but with you it would just be you and him with no annoying distractions and by candlelight. Hey Reiji may be stoic and strict but don’t forget he can be romantic. He’d also want to get you both away from the mansion for a little while so you may find yourself browsing jewelry stores and the like; hey when did that really pretty black opal number end up on your vanity?

Ayato - Ayato isn’t one for romance but dammit he is one for surprises, and surprise you he shall. Of course Laito would have to help him with a gift but don’t worry it’s nothing inappropriate, just something you would like and not Ayato. He may take you to a movie or to see a game but let’s face it he’s not going to a fancy restaurant so be prepared for a picnic or a diner… choose the picnic because nighttime cuddles.

Kanato - He still thinks you should pamper him even if it is your day. You’d need to do the planning if anything is going to be done and it needs to be something you can do with Kanato. Maybe making sweets together and taking a bubble bath with lavender bubbles together? Or maybe to get away you two could go dress shopping and to a sweets shop? Just remember to have fun yourself because it’s your day sweets.

Latio - Okay we all know there will be birthday sex that’s inevitable but other than that Laito would like to keep you stress free on your special day. How does dinner and a movie sound? If that’s not up your alley then that’s okay because he’s down with whatever you wanna do. Stay home and cuddle? Sure, just don’t be surprised when the cuddling turns into something more.

Subaru - He’s not too sure on what to do on your birthday really. He may ask you what you wanna do instead of surprise you, anything he’d be up for as long as you’re happy on your day. He may take the lead though and take you into an arcade or something if you two wanna be out and about an maybe to a diner for a milkshake to share… Give him time to he’d have the perfect date planned spontaneously.

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I don't think zayn is worse off promotion-wise than niall or Louis? He had magazine interviews and radio interviews just like the other two. He bailed out of performances which isn't something u can blame on his team. I've just seen a lot of anons coming to you talking about his team sabotaging him when I just don't see it. He did red carpets and fashion, which to me is because he's not comfortable on stage by himself even tho he loves his music, so they promoted him through other venues

No. I am going to ever so vigorously put both boobs on the table here and disagree with you. Maybe you don’t want to see it as sabotage - that’s totally fine! What you’re describing though is promotion related to Zayn’s fashion projects, which brought his team a lot of money, and that got (somewhat) promoted (and a lot of that, I think, was due to contractual obligations they had to fulfill for Zigi). 

What I’m talking about is promotion for Zayn’s MUSIC.  You can’t look at how little Zayn has promoted anything in the last year and a half for MoM, ESPECIALLY in comparison to how much Niall and Louis promoted their singles in contrast, and say “Well FAE, that’s a job well done.” There’s even a direct correlation between Zayn’s lack of promotion and chart performance.

At present, Zayn has released 7 singles since last year. Only 2 of those singles managed to chart higher then 20 and stay on the charts for longer than a week, (I Don’t Wanna Live Forever & Pillowtalk).  Do you know why those singles managed to have commercial success? Because they had actual promotional campaigns behind them. 

If you have an artist that you know isn’t comfortable onstage, off the top of my head I can think of at least a half dozen other ways to promote and engage for that single that don’t involve having to perform live: Periscopes, pre-recorded acoustic live lounges, pre-recorded TV interviews, Twitter Q&As, radio interviews, Live streams, etc. To this day, Zayn still hasn’t ever done a TV interview. I am sorry, but two radio interviews are not promotion. Walking 8 times a day from a door to a car in outfits your client was paid to endorse is not promotion. Getting papped walking to the car with your beard is not promotion.  That is literally bare balls, flaccid promotional dick hanging in the wind kind of promo, I am sorry. 

An illustration of Zayn’s promo strategy.

What Zayn’s team did was focus all of their efforts into fashion and all but abandoned Zayn’s music promotionally after June. The only things that got fulfilled after that were to directly promote fashion icon!Zayn, Zigi obligations, and any merch related to that. And you know what? As a Business Hoe, I get that music is just the vehicle here and that the real money is in endorsements. I get that. But Mind of Mine was a great record that got all but abandoned. It had several singles that could have been commercially successful if they had been given any kind of promotional consideration whatsoever. 

Zayn had one of the top selling singles and albums of last year, and I just can’t help but think about what could have been if someone, somewhere, didn’t drop the ball after Pillowtalk. IDWLF brought him back to where he needed to be chartwise, but the in between did him a real disservice. 

So for me, I reserve the right to look at the promotional strategy for Zayn’s music career this last year and a half and say,  “Ok, that’s shit. That’s absolute shit.” Someone dropped the ball there, whether it be FAE or Sony (I already know Syco is absolute shit so), and that’s how Melly Sees It


You gathered the last of your belongings and shoved them in your bag, zipping it shut and walking out of the womens locker room. You sat your two bags and your jacket on a nearby table, pulling your phone of your pocket. You stood there replying to a few text when you heard a voice behind you. 

“Do you have a map? Because I’m getting lost in your eyes.” You turn around and come face to face with non other than Dean Ambrose. 

“Are you a clock? Because you’re ticking me off.” You smiled sarcastically, putting your jacket on and sliding your bag over your head. This was a regular thing between the two of you, he’d hit you with a dumb pick up line, you’d tell him you weren’t interested.  

“Sassy, I like it.” Dean smirked reaching for your suitcase. You managed to get your hands on it before he could so he ended up placing his big hands on your small one.

The two of you sat there for a moment before you decided to break the silence. 

“I should get going.” You said turning on your heels and walking towards the parking garage. You were suppose to ride to the next city with Alexa and Natalya but they were no where to be seen. 

You pulled out your phone dialing Alexa’s number, it rang a few times for her voice filled your hears. 

“Hey y/n.” Alexa beamed.

“Hey, where are you guys?” You questioned

“We’re on the road, why?” 

“Because you forgot something.” You sighed 



“Ohmygod! I’m so sorry, We thought you were riding with Becky!”

“It’s okay.” 

“It’s not okay, I feel terrible.”

“It’s fine, I’ll catch a ride with somebody else, don’t even worry about it.” You laughed hanging up.

You sat down next to your suitcase and ran your fingers through your hair, worrying about how you’re gonna get to the next city.

“Hey princess, what are you still doing here?” Dean said stopping next to you.

“I was left behind.” You laughed, rolling your eyes.

“You could always ride with me.” Dean suggested. “To be fair, you don’t really have a choice. Everybody else is pretty much gone.”

“I guess.” You said standing up and dusting your pants off. 

“You gonna let me take your luggage this time?” Dean joked referring to earlier. You laughed along with him pulling up the handle.

“By all means, be my guest.” He set you a smile before pulling both yours and his baggage to the SUV. You handed him the bag from off your shoulder and walked around to  the passengers seat. 

You got in and put your seat belt on, waiting for Dean to finish put everything in the back. 

The first 1O minutes of the car ride were quiet, neither of you really saying anything to each other. Aside from you pointing out exits or other important things and Dean telling you he knows what hes doing. Another 1O minutes had passed, the two of you started sharing stories of past wrestling matches.

“No way.” You laughed as Dean finished his story.

“Honestly, that really happened.” He laughed. 

“You’re so cute” You laughed, realizing what you said you stopped and looked out the window.

“I’m so what?” Dean smirked.

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything.”

“You said I was cute.” He teased.You scoffed at his response. 

“Shut up.” Your face now a bright shade of red. 

“I knew you liked me.” He smiled poking your side.

“I said you were cute, I never said I liked you.” 

“Well do you?” Dean asked. You had never really thought about it, Dean always flirted with you but you always ignored it.You never really thought about being in a relationship because you were so focused on you career.

Thinking about it, Dean was always the first to congratulate you on anything whether it was a promo or a match. He was always there, like your number one fan. 

“I do” You smiled. “I like you Dean Ambrose.” You looked over at the goof in the drivers seat with the biggest smile plastered on his face. 

“I hope this means you’re gonna let me take you on a date.” Ambrose said, reaching over and grabbing your hand.

“Sure.” You blushed as he ran his thumb over your knuckles. 

“I’m gonna hold that to ya.” 

“Okay.” You smiled, lightly squeezing his hand. 


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Four years ago, the Bells rang for Clara...

Four years ago today (March 30), and more than a year after she was first announced as the new companion, Jenna(-Louise) Coleman made her official, true, full-episode debut as the original Clara Oswald in “The Bells of Saint John”.

Of course by this point we’d already collectively fallen in love with her as Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks and as Clara Oswin in The Snowmen, and we’d seen “Clara Prime” for a tantalizing moment walking through a graveyard, but this was when the rubber hit the road and Clara’s amazing journey to becoming a female Doctor - and a Time Lord’s soulmate - began. And she was the 50th anniversary companion to boot; we had no idea how special she’d turn out of be, of course.

I was very impressed with how Jenna managed to create a completely new character here. She wasn’t playing a copy of the two echoes that had come before. She managed to infuse each with a distinct personality, and while we might have missed the flirty, irreverent echoes of earlier in the series, Clara Prime ended up being a very relatable, down-to-earth companion and we once again enjoyed seeing the Whoniverse through a fresh set of eyes (hmmmm…where have we heard that said lately, I wonder?). There were grumbles from some of course about putting the Doctor on a romantic trajectory so soon after River Song (much as there were when River followed in Clara’s footsteps at Christmas 2015), but it still resulted in one of the sweetest moments in the series when he sets up shop in the Maitlands’ driveway to protect her. In that moment, really, we see how the Doctor’s duty of care for Clara is already in full swing.

In some respects, Clara In Bells is almost unrecognizable from the Clara we’d see take off in her own TARDIS amazingly - incredibly - only two ½ series later in Hell Bent. This Clara doesn’t even know how the Internet works (at least not at first) and at first probably thinks the Doctor is some sort of stalker. And unlike every companion that came before, she actually played “hard to get”, establishing the idea that they’d only meet once a week rather than packing up everything and moving into the TARDIS. Although Amy and Rory, for a while at least, did the same, this was unprecedented for a companion and established her independence from the get-go. (We also can admire Jenna Coleman’s evolution as an actress as this episode was filmed only three years before she took on the role of a lifetime as Victoria.)

The episode itself continued the 50th anniversary season’s arc of revisiting themes from the show’s history, in this case being an updated version of The War Machines (a 1966 Hartnell story that also dealt with a super-computer located within a newly constructed London landmark) with another appearance by the Troughton-era villain The Great Intelligence. It was smart, and it was remarkably prescient as much of it is still not outdated (a heck of a trick considering it dealt with social media).

And, oh yeah, it introduced the world to this guy:

I remember people were calling back in 2013 for Man with Chips to have an action figure and everything and hoping for him to turn up again in later episodes. Some Clara haters even said they wanted him to be the new companion. These days we’d probably be lobbying Funko. Come to think of it, I’d probably still buy a Man with Chips Funko Pop!

And this is also the fourth anniversary of me having to continually stop myself from typing the title as “Belles of Saint John”. Damn you, St. Trinians!

so I’m leaving tomorrow and I won’t be back for a week, and I don’t really have anyone to take care of my cat, so I decided that I’d leave him in my backyard and have someone feed him every morning. i’m literally sitting here crying my eyes out because I miss him ): this will be his first night outside too. two weeks ago I let one of my cats outside because he got aggressive, and when I went out to get him he was gone, so it just doesn’t sit well with me that I might come back and he’ll be gone. and with everything else going on it just feels like everything and everyone I care about is slowly leaving me, and it’s really scary. i should be really happy that I get to see BTS in three days, but instead I’m sitting here in tears. i’m not typing this to ask for advice, it took a lot of thinking to come to his decision, I just want to let it out because I don’t really have anyone to talk to….

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Ahh when are the hanzo and mccree funko coming out?? I've been honestly waiting for them.

Previous anon about the funko, sorry I meant hanzo only lol.

I wish we knew! However, I do know that they’ll for-sure have Mercy for wave three, since they hinted as much on the official Funko Pop Twitter. I’m really hoping Hanzo is coming soon, especially because we have at least one Defense character per wave (we got Widowmaker in wave one and Mei in wave two). I mean, by process of elimination, we should get either Bastion, Junkrat, or Hanzo next wave – here’s to hoping it’s Hanzo, or maybe all three!

The Feminist Responds

“I wont even read this trainwreck because the title is literally saying that ACTUAL HUMANS who don’t want to get raped are unrealistic and entitled. If men can’t stop raping then women shouldn’t stop themselves from killing all men and getting rid of your destructive, violent asses once and for all.”

All it took was to talk about how important responsibility and smart decisions are for women and within two sentences the misandry and hatred comes spilling out uncontrollably from this feminist. At least you guys can see I’m not making this shit up when I expose the ugly truth and dirty little secrets of feminism. “But this person isn’t a feminist because misandry isn’t in the dictionary definition of being a feminist” … Well rape isn’t in the dictionary definition of being a man so let’s stop labelling rapists as men until feminism can come up with a new, more convincing diversion tactic. 

dating Jesse Quick would include...

Originally posted by theflashdaily

  • you met jesse when she and wally ran to jitters for coffee
  • you worked there and were friends with wally
  • you thought she was super cute and pulled wally aside to ask if she was single 
  • wally instantly wanted to play matchmaker
  • “it would be so fun (y/n), let me be your wingman come on you won’t regret it!”
  • you said yes mainly because you didn’t want wally to keep pestering you about letting him be your wingman
  • Jesse got a little nervous around you because she thought you were cute too
  • she blushed when she ordered her coffee
  • apparently when they left jitters jesse asked wally if you were single too
  • wally was excited to be playing cupid for you two
  • wally invited the both of you out to lunch and then mysteriously couldn’t make it
  • when jesse got the call that wally wasn’t coming she asked if maybe you wanted to reschedule so wally could join in but you without thinking you said that she was the reason you agreed to lunch
  • jesse blushed when you said that and confessed that she was excited to see you again
  • you and jesse had a great time at lunch and afterwards you asked her out on a proper date
  • when jesse told wally what happened he took all the credit
  • “I’m kind of a genius”
  • you and jesse bond quickly but then out of nowhere she tells you she has to leave
  • you try to say you could maybe do long distance but jesse refuses
  • she won’t tell you why or where she’s leaving to and you think it’s something you said
  • after she leaves you bug wally about it until he finally spills the truth
  • you learn that there are more than one earth and that jesse is from another universe
  • wally explains as best he can and you discover all about the flash
  • you never would’ve guess barry was the flash
  • you’re pretty broken up about jesse leaving but over the next few months it gets easier 
  • then suddenly one day while you’re at work she nervously walks through the door and says hi
  • you tell your coworker you’re taking your break
  • you and jesse sit down with some coffee and talk
  • you confess wally told you about earth two 
  • jesse asks if you still feel the same way about her
  • “there wasn’t a day where I didn’t think about you (y/n). you were the first person i wanted to see once we came through the portal”
  • you weren’t sure if you could just give her your heart that easy but wanted to try 

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Dating Benjamin would include...

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A/N: Sweet Benjamin :’) Credit to the owner of this GIF.

- Often showing up at your room to show you the latest book he had been reading and the two of you ending up laying on your bed whilst he reads it to you. 

- Making sure he works his hardest when training with Morgan so he knows he will be able to protect you and his brother if he had too. 

- Loving to hold your hand in public.

- Getting shy whenever someone would ask him about your relationship.

- Always coming to see you before he went out on a run. 

- Coming to see you late at night just because he wants to hold you. 

- The two of you often getting into play fights.

- Whenever you both have free time, you spend that time just being in each other’s company.

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What will happen if sankiller snap out and went on crazy mod be it because someone offended him or hurt someone he likes?

Anrez: Nah. Senkiller wouldn’t come out when some one is offending Sensy. But when it comes to HURTING Sensy, yeah you’re fucked.

And yes the two are one. 


length: 445 words

genre: suggested smut/fluff

7. I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship  + 25. Take off your shirt

Originally posted by ssonqs-archived


You playfully called out as your boyfriend woke you up, peppering your face with kisses. “Oh come on, you know you love it when I wake you up like this.” He was right, you did love him being cute and flirty in the morning, but not today. You were up late at one of his shows last night and getting up early was not gonna happen.

“Not today babe, you kept me out late last night. I’m tired. Maybe later.” Mino knew you better than that, if it didn’t happen now, then there was no way it was happening later. And he had been so busy lately that things hadn’t happened between you two in a awhile. “But babe, please? You said I gave an amazing show last night. Don’t think I deserve a little reward?” His lips brushed against your neck as his hand moved down your leg, caressing your thigh.

You sighed as you hadn’t that Mino knew the little things that would push you over the edge. No, y/n you can do this. Don’t give in. Be strong. “You do deserve a reward, and like I said, you’ll get it later. Now please, just let me sleep a little longer.”

“Fine, we can sleep longer. You’re choice.” Mino wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him. You relaxed against him, getting comfortable to hopefully fall back asleep. But as Mino shifted behind you, and you felt something else rudely poking you in the butt, you knew that wasn’t happening.

“Seriously?” You quickly turned to face him, now fully awake. “What? It’s there, I can’t do anything to fix it. Plus you didn’t want to help, so just gotta let it be.” You groaned as you hated giving into him, but now there was no way you’d get back to sleep at this point.

“Oh would you shut up. Take off your shirt.” As Mino sat up, you moved to straddle his waist. Pulling at the hem of his shirt while he just laughed. “Woah, slow down babe. I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship.” You just stared at him, not finding his jokes funny as you kept trying to pull off his shirt despite his resilience. “Mino, come on!” He waved a finger in your face as that cocky grin of his was plastered on his face.

“Nope, I’m the one wearing the pants, see.” He moved the covers to reveal his pants. To which you rolled your eyes at how dumb your boyfriend really was. “So, we go at my pace, and do this my way.”

“Oh my god you are such an idiot.”