not when it comes to outing these two

That interview where Odette and Katie look at each other and laugh when the interviewer implies everyone would be checking out Chris Wood really makes it seem like they had already talked about how fucking ugly he is. Come on, to instantly look at each other and joke like that with someone you need to know where they stand on the subject right? Plus, both of them raising their hands at the same time? 100% sure those two have dragged Chris Wood.

Moving On

Summary: Jon and Robb meet for drinks at a bar where you sing (Modern Day AU). 

Word Count: 2,687

A/N: Here is the long awaited Jon Snow imagine, guys! Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by valyriansword

The wind stabbed at Jon’s face, cold daggers digging into his cheeks and making him grit his teeth, wrap his arms around himself tighter. Why he even convinced himself of leaving his apartment tonight was beyond him right now. But every step brought him closer to the bar until he was stepping through the door and breathing in relief at the warmth that greeted him.

Shaking off his jacket, he hung it on the coat rack and breathed warm air into his hands, rubbing them together as he approached the bar counter. His brother was already there, waiting with two pints of Jon’s favorite beer.

Jon let himself smile. “Jeyne let you out tonight?” he asked in form of greeting.

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World's Best Dad (Part 7)

Originally posted by xagaaga

Summary: The reader, Dean and Gracie head up to camp and have a fun first day and night together…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 4,700ish

Warnings: language, accidental feels 

A/N: My cheeks hurt from writing this. I hope you all know how much happy suffering I go through writing this series…

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Enemy preview

Because we all need some tae in our lives 🤷🏼‍♀️😏

It didn’t take him long to get the two of them naked and to get naked himself. He didn’t know why, but all he could hear were your moans, even when the two girls started kissing as they got down on their knees, even when they groped each other and moaned into each other’s mouth. He loved dirty girls like the two of them were, and like you were. You were maybe even dirtier than them – you let him listen to you getting fucked. You fucking wanted him, he knew it.
“Come on,” Taehyung reached for the two heads and tangled his fingers into their hair, pushing their heads closer to his cock.
The view was amazing and he couldn’t help but let out moans, one after the other, each one of them guttural and desperate. He wished he had called you just so you could listen in on this. Maybe he could take a picture, maybe that would upset you, or turn you on, depending on how dirty you were. The two girls were kissing his cock, each one of them picking a side and sticking to it. They started with kisses along his length and then they quickly turned to slow, teasing licks.
“Fuck, stop teasing me,” he moaned when he felt like it was too much. He forgot how good two mouths felt on his cock, especially after being this hard for this long. “Take it in your mouth.”
One of the girls, the one from his class, immediately listened to him and wrapped her pretty mouth around the head of his cock, while the other one moved down and started licking his balls. Taehyung had to stop himself from moaning and grunting – he had more self-control than that. He’d have to be very careful and think about something serious in order to stop himself from coming too soon. He definitely shouldn’t be thinking about you screaming out someone else’s name as someone else’s cock made you come like that.
It felt like they were sucking him for hours, taking turns at playing with his balls and sucking on his tip, licking his length, trying to deepthroat his cock, and he felt like he was about to come, so he had to stop them. He wasn’t lying to you about his rule – he had to make the girl come before he got to come, and tonight he had two girls to satisfy.
“Now, which one of you wants to go first?” Taehyung looked down at the two girls on their knees, both of them grinning, saliva smeared all over their mouths, but neither one of them seemed to care.
He picked the girl from class, just because he knew her a bit better than the other one. “Get over here.”

The Waiting Game

Based on that Tumblr prompt found here. I’m sorry. This is essentially crack. Please don’t hate me.

Tommie Oliver once thought they were a patient person. They’ve dealt with enough bullshit in their life to know when to just take a few deep breaths and bite their tongue, and only seldom do they lay they’re foot down to swing a few punches. You’ve still got to stand up for yourself some of the time, otherwise who will?

“Billy, dude, you’re cheating! Where did you learn all those combos?”

“I figured them out by myself. This one is double jump, left punch, right punch, squat, circle, circle, jump, roll, left, roll, double backflip.”

“…Okay. What comes after ‘left punch’?”

Tommie smiles at the two boys relaxing on their couch, all of their focus dedicated to the game they’re playing on Jason’s Xbox.

Well maybe they can think of a few people who would stand up for them.

Jason reaches over Billy to grab a handful of popcorn, stuffing half of it in his mouth and throwing the other half at Tommie lounging in the recliner. “Dude will you text Kimberly? She was supposed to be here like an hour ago.”

“Didn’t she say she was stopping by Krispy Kreme for a coffee? Maybe it’s busy.”

“It doesn’t take that long to get a coffee Billy.”

“Relax Jase,” Tommie says, pulling their phone out of their pocket and clicking on Kim’s contact. “I’ll text her now. No need to get your jockstrap in a twist.” This earns Tommie another shower of popcorn.

“Yo dude where ya at? Guys are gettin antsy and Jasons being momish again”

“Also if youre still at krispy kreme get me a donut”

“Billy too”

“HEY YOU GUYS!” Billy and Jason groan as Zack throws himself over the back of the couch, kicking Jason’s stomach and elbowing Billy in the thigh. Surprisingly he doesn’t spill a single drop of his soda, which is good because Tommie’s certain their mother would murder them if anyone got a stain on the couch. “What level are you guys on?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink, still casually sprawled out on both the boys’ laps. Jason shoves him off and Zack manages to hold the can upright, even as his face kisses the floor. A scuffle ensues between the two (after Zack puts his drink down) and Jason’s controller gets lost in the cushions.

Billy pauses the game and turns to Tommie. “Has you’re cousin texted you yet?”

Tommie shakes their head. “Not yet.”

“Wait, cousin?” Zack gasps from Jason’s headlock, grinning. “Is this the hot one that lives in Texas?”

“Yes, my hot, very gay, cousin from Texas,” Tommie clarifies, rolling their eyes as Zack shrugs and twists out of Jason’s hold. They settle back into the couch, Zack picking at the popcorn while Jason steals a sip from his soda. “She’s been having troubles with her family since she came out to them, but her parents finally agreed to let her come up to Angel Grove to live with me and my parents for a while. She texted me yesterday when she was at the airport but I think her flight got delayed or something. She’s supposed to text me when she lands in Arcata.”

Just then Tommie’s phone beeps.

Zack laughs. “Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.”

Tommie shakes their head. “Nah it’s just Kim.”

KimPossible: “Sorry, got caught up in somethin”

Tommie frowns a little but before they have a chance to ask where Kim actually is another message comes through from their best friend.

KimPossible: “So I think I’m bi”

Tommie’s eyes widen and their jaw drops a little. “Holy fuck!”

“What? Is it Kim?”

“Uh… yeah. Dudes, she just texted me saying she’s bi.”

Jason jumps up cheering, punching the air a few times before holding out his hand to Zack who grumbles and digs into his wallet, forking over a twenty. Tommie ignores the boys as they start to argue who technically called Kim’s sexuality first and types a message back to Kim.

“DUDE! Fur realzzz?”

“Just like all the sudden right this moment? hell yeah do it!”

“I said I thought she was a lesbian and since lesbians are into women, I was half right so technically I only owe you ten bucks.”

“Zack that’s not how this works.”

“It’s kind of how it works.”

“Actually Zack, bisexuality is being sexually attracted to both genders, female and male, while homosexuality is strictly being sexually attracted to the same sex.”

“Thank-you Billy.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Tommie’s phone beeps and everyone goes quite, leaning towards Tommie expectantly.

KimPossible: “like as in I was just with a girl and iiii”


“Zack! Language!”


Tommie shushes them and types back, “like WITH a girl or like with a girl and you looked at her and realized wow lets have sex and get married”

It takes a minute. A long, excruciating, bickering-boys filled minute, before Tommie’s phone beeps once more.

KimPossible: “like as in I PRETTY much just had sex with a girl”

For a long minute, no one says anything. They all just stare at one another with their mouths open and catching flies. And suddenly they’re all talking at once.


“She blew us off-”


“Jesus Zack, chill.”

“No! You know what, gimme the phone!”

“Wha- Zack! Hey! No stop!”






“Sorry Kimberly that was Zack. This is Billy. Tommie currently has Zack pinned to the ground.”

“Ouch. That looked painful.”

“Yo Kim its Jazon. Thank you for coming out cuz I won twenty bucks from Za”

“PLe asE”




“Fucking Zack keeps stealing my phone and running away”

“But seriously??? Dude like what!!”




“Hi Kim. It’s Billy again. Jason’s holding Zack hostage in the bathroom. Tommie’s nose is bleeding which is why I’m texting you. Just wondering where you are.”

“Uh oh”

“Zack broke down the door. Tommie’s pissed.”




“Kimberly its Jase. Dude please text back zacks gone nutzo”

“and wed all like details ;)”

“Okay it’s me again. so like whatisgoing on!! please just answere”

“dude don’t make us come over there”

“*sighs* we’ll wait”


“Alrigt done waiting what is the deal whats goinf on I s2g Kimberly”

“why are you doing this to us??”

“Did you fuck your phone into nonexistence”

“did you tumble headfirst into a black hole of bisexuality”

“and if you did can me and Zack join i”


“Well technically Zack’s pan so I gue”



“Fucking zack”


“Oh My God for Fuckks sake KIM”

“Okay you bitch its been almost an hour and we’re all dying what the hell”


“Jason 1 moree, seriously holy shit where did you GO”

“You cant just sAy that and then disappear????”

“Kim these boys are killing me pppuuuleeaseeee!!”

An hour later and they’re all lying on the living room floor. Jason’s got a bag of peas pressed against his left eye and Tommie’s got a wad of toilet paper shoved up their nose. Zack has too many battle wounds to count. He might also be unconscious but the excitement from Kim’s first message has waned and left all of them too drained to check.

“When was the last time you texted her?” Jason whines. Billy walks into the room carrying two zip-lock baggies filled with ice; one he switches out for the peas and the other he lays across Zack’s back. Both boys grumble their thanks.

“Fifteen minutes ago.” They all groan in unison but it’s cut short when Tommie’s pocket dings.

KimPossible: “46 TEXTS”

“Finally! The pillow princess has arisen!”

Tommie rolls their eyes and frantically asks said ‘princess’ where she’s been. “Zack don’t make me pin you again.”

Zack snickers. “You know I don’t think that’s as punishing as you’re hoping for m’lady.”

Another ding. Tommie reads the message before bursting into laughter. Billy asks what she said and Tommie merely holds their phone out for the others to read.

KimPossible: “I was… SHE WAS STILL HERE”

Jason groans again as Zack holds up a finger, face pressed into the carpet, huffing out something that sounds similar to “called it, that bitch”.

“Laughing now cause I was right you were still banging her omg”

KimPossible: “a black hole of bisexuality?! haha”

KimPossible: “yes”

Jason groans again, tossing his ice bag on the coffee table. “Tell her to cart her glowing arse over here so we can tell her how much we hate her right now.”

Tommie salutes him but just as they finish relaying the message, another one comes through.

Baby T: “Hey Cuz! How surprised would you be if I suddenly showed up at your doorstep in the next, say, five seconds?”

Tommie gasps. “No way!” The boys look up at them just as the doorbell rings and Tommie’s sprinting for the front door. And when they open it they squeal. “Trini!”

“Hey!” Trini drops her bag as Tommie pulls her in for a hug, rocking back and forth in place and giggling.

“What the hell dude, I thought you were gonna text me when you got in? And I thought your flight got delayed? Bitch how are you?!”

Trini scoffs, pushing Tommie away to glare at them with mock anger. “Ay, hermana, give me a second to breathe. Geez you’re almost as bad as my mother.”

Tommie winces and tries for an endearing smile. “Sorry. How did that go anyways?”

Trini shrugs, picking imaginary lint off the leather jacket that seems oddly familiar but Tommie doesn’t know why because they’ve never seen Trini wearing it before. But then Trini sighs and says, “Eh, you know how my parents are. Angry they don’t get to control me anymore, but glad I’m out of their life,” and then Tommie’s too focused on wrapping their cousin up in a tight hug.

“Well you’re here now, that’s what matters.”

Someone coughs behind them and Tommie smiles before pulling back. “Oh yeah, my friends are here. They’ve been dying to meet you.” Trini picks up her suitcase and follows Tommie through the doorway into the living room. “Trin, these are the boys: Jason, Zack, and Billy. Boys, this is my cousin Trini.”

Zack jumps up from the floor with newfound energy and vaults over the couch again, bowing before the two of them. “Enchanté mademoiselle Trini,” he says, looking up at her and winking.

Trini’s brow raises. “Yeah that ain’t gonna work on me homeboy.”

“Yes, he knows that but he’s also an idiot so you’ll have to excuse him,” Tommie sighs, shoving past Zack and nearly knocking the lanky boy off balance. “We can throw your stuff upstairs in your new room later. Right now, I wanna know how you’re doing. Why didn’t you text me when you got to Cali?”

“Well you know my flight got delayed yesterday afternoon and we didn’t board until practically three a.m. this morning, so I basically slept the entire plane ride to Arcata. And then I wanted to surprise you so I grabbed a cab and got a ride up to Angel Grove and here I am.”

“So where have you been?” Trini freezes and everyone looks over at Billy who blushes sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosy.”

Tommie smiles. “That’s okay B. Did you want to ask something?”

Billy fidgets a little in his seat before starting one of his long winded spiels. “Well a flight from Dallas, Texas to Arcata, California, is approximately 1,590 miles—or 2560 kilometers if you prefer metric—and depending on airline, departure time, and air turbulence, the flight time should have been six hours and eighteen minutes—twenty-two to twenty-five if you include actually getting off the plane. And then the ride from Arcata to Angel Grove is approximately seventy miles—one-hundred and twelve in kilometers—and then depending on traffic and the speed of the vehicle you traveled in, it would have been another hour and twenty-nine minutes to Angel Grove from Arcata airport. So combining all those times and estimating your plane left Dallas at four this morning, you should have arrived at Tommie’s house,” Billy pauses to look at his watch and mumbles a few numbers, “three hours, forty-six minutes, and thirteen seconds ago.”

Tommie glances at their cousin, confused yet intrigued. Trini laughs, an awkward sound that comes out pitchy and painful. “Smart one, isn’t he?” She clears her throat and wipes her hands on her jeans. “Well I did get here a few hours ago but I stopped downtown for some food annnd…” she drags out, peeking over at Tommie, “may have shared a coffee with someone.”

Tommie gasps. “Nuh uh! Dude you’re not here a full day and you’re already hooking up with some chick?! Fucking hell dude! Do I know her? Please tell me I don’t know her. What was her name? Ah! It better not have been Samantha Brow, that girl is super trashy. Or was it Eliza Fitzwilliam… wait is she gay? She’s gay right? Oh hell, If you say ‘Amanda Clark’ I might cut a mother-”

There’s a knock before the sound of the front door opening. “Guys?”

It’s Kim.

Tommie’s brow furrows for a second as Jason calls to Kim, watching as Trini’s face tinges red, fiddling with the leather jacket she’s wearing that Tommie knows they’ve seen before but on someone else, someone taller, with shorter hair…

The alarm bells begin to ring along with the sound of Kimberly making her way into the living room, saying, “Okay before anyone says anything, I just want to say-” And it’s like the oxygen gets sucked out of the room and everyone’s holding their breath as Kim notices the girl sitting beside Tommie. The girl currently wearing her leather jacket.

“Hi,” Trini says with a gentle smile.

And Kim laughs a little breathlessly. “H-hi.”

The moment lies on a tipping point, silence encompassing the room as everyone suddenly connects all the dots, and then…


New Girl - Seven

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

I crept out of my room at around six in the morning, a small travel bag in my hand filled with clothes, shower/bathroom necessities, and my phone and laptop chargers. “Where are you going?” I stopped with my hand on the front door’s doorknob at the sound of Harrison’s voice. I turned around and faced him, a guilty look on my face as he had caught me red-handed. His eyes shifted to the bag in my hand and his eyebrows pulled in, in confusion. “Are you okay?” I put a finger to his lips, trying to indicate I wanted him to speak in a lower voice.

“I don’t want to wake up Tom.” Harrison nodded, walking over to me and pulling me into his room, which was the farthest from all of ours, the room on the other side of the loft. He quietly shut the door and turned to me, signaling me to sit on his bed. Once we both got ourselves situated, the questions began.

“Why do you have a bag? Is it packed? I thought you weren’t moving in with Tony, didn’t you guys break-up? Jacob’s gonna kill you.”

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Fighten and Gliden

Originally posted by parkery

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader and Peter are best friends but he wished there was more between you too. Reader gets hurt one night and Peter has a way to make the reader happy.

Warning: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming but I believe everyone has seen it but you never know. Reader gets attacked, slight mention of blood.

Word Count: 2084

It’s been a couple of months since the happening of Vulture. Everyone was trying to get back in the groove of things and Aunt May was still trying to come to terms that night when she saw Peter in his suit. Peter was having a real struggle from keeping his secret identity as a secret. More and more people were finding out by the day; Aunt May, the Vulture, Ned and you.

You were Y/N L/N, Peter’s best friend since the two of you could remember. You were someone Peter could count on to always be there for him especially since day one of becoming Spider-Man. Y/N was the very first person to ever know about Peter’s alter ego, she had found out the day she walked in his room where he was working on his web shooter. Right as you had walked through his door, it had shot a web out landing right in the middle of your shirt. All you could do was look down at it like what in the world did she just walk into?

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For anon. I hope you like it.

pairings: Connor x reader

warnings: none

“Are you serious?!” You gasped as you stared at the tickets in Connor’s hand.

“Does it look like I’m fucking joking.” Connor raised his eyebrows at you and you lunged forward, ripping the tickets out of his hands.

“How did you even…”

You honestly couldn’t believe it. Somehow, Connor had purchased two tickets for the Broadway musical Newsies, your absolute favorite Disney musical. It was one of those movies that your parents had gathered your family together to watch, and you loved it. Newies was your childhood. You knew every song by heart, and when you had heard that it had come out on Broadway- you flipped out.

Connor was often the victim of your moaning and complaining. You had often told him that it was your one wish (he knew that was a lie) to see Newsies. So, one day, he pocketed all his weed money and bought you the tickets- he also had to ask his mom for some money because he didn’t have enough, and, oddly enough, she was more than happy to lend him some.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squealed as you lunged forward and brought Connor into a tight hug, which he automatically tensed at but soon relaxed into.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“So, when is it?” You asked, releasing him and brushing the hair out of your face.

“Well, if you looked at the fucking tickets, you would see that it’s on Friday.” Connor sassed and you could barely contain your squeal of excitement.

Friday, that’s two days from now, you thought and you suddenly stood up, heading towards the door.

“Bye, I have to get ready.” You called as you left Connor’s house.

“Y/N, it’s in two fucking days.”

“That’s not a lot of time!”

Finally, it was Friday and you were basically bouncing with excitement. You were wearing your favorite outfit and you brushed off nonexistent crumbs off as you exited Connor’s car. You gave Connor a smile before you grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the theater. Connor couldn’t help but smile softly at you as you babbled happily to him about the show. Your eyes held a certain sparkle that he loved to see and the smile left your face.

As soon as you entered the theater, you immediately dove into the Playbill. reading or skimming each page. Connor looked at you as a laugh escaped your lips and you smirked at him.

“This guy looked like you, but with shorter hair.” You stated, pointing to a young looking guy with short, wavy hair. Mike Faist, the name underneath read.

“No, he doesn’t.” Connor immediately denied.

“Yes, he does.”

“No, he doesn’t.”

“Yes, he- oh! The lights are dimming.” You said before entwining your fingers with his and getting comfortable.

You smiled as you swung your and Connor’s hands as you walked down the sidewalk and to Connor’s car, your head resting on his shoulder. The musical was amazing and you had ended up buying the CD. Connor, you had noticed, couldn’t stop humming the songs- he seemed to especially like Santa Fe.

Leaning up, you placed a quick kiss on his lips before smiling up at his confused face.

“Thank you.”

Connor’s eyes softened and he pulled you into another kiss, but this one was different. It held passion and the unspoken love between the two of you. Pulling away, he tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear.

“Of course.”

huffleheck  asked:

Okay but hc's for meeting Benji through Becca and he's smitten and shook and all other kind of s words

oh my god ok listen

- beca meets you through the radio station. you’d dropped by to leave your internship papers and she was the only one around.

- of course, you start spending a lot of time around her because you both work there.

- one day, she walks in with these two boys. you recognize one as jesse, who you work with, but the other one you’ve only seen on campus.

- he has this dopey smile on his face and his eyes are wide in wonder.

- you come out from the back room to greet them and the mystery boy all but freezes in his tracks when he sees you.

- jesse and beca share a look because they Notice.

- beca smiles brightly at you. “[y/n]! this is benji, he’s part of the treblemakers and jesse’s roommate!”

- benji is stumbling over his words because fuck i’ve never seen someone this cute oh my god you’re so adorable what the hell i don’t want to embarrass myself

- jesse nudges him and he snaps out of it.

- his dorky grin gets even bigger as he bows slightly and says, “i’m benji, like beca said. it’s a pleasure to meet you!!”

- jesse and beca just know how absolutely smitten (by dodie) he is with you. they think it’s adorable.

- he gets caught on his words when he’s speaking to you and he blushes so much when you even glance in his direction.

- there’s no denying that in the ten minutes he’s known you, he’s already head over heels for you.

- right before he and jesse leave, jesse nudges him and nods his head towards you, and he ends up rushing out “heyiwaswonderingificouldhaveyournumber”

- beca covers her mouth to hold in a laugh and you look up at him with a confused look on your face. “what was that, benj?”

- fuck you’ve already got a cute nickname for me

- “i just-” he clears his throat and straightens his back “i was wondering if i could have your, uh.. number.”

- you giggle because this goofball is acting likes such a dork. you nod and lean over to write your phone number on a scrap piece of paper from the front desk.

- he nearly dies on the spot when you give him the slip.

- beca and jesse consider this one of their biggest achievements.

anonymous asked:

Hi, Kalyn. I just love the way you live your life, the way you are so cool and stunning. I am 19, and I study chemistry, but prob is that I have still 7 final exams and only 4 weeks to study. I feel so unorganised, so overwhelmed, so much material and so less time, and if I don't pass them, I'll fail a year. Please, can you give me some advice and furthermore motivation to prepare that and slay it? I'd be so thankful. Kisses from Serbia <3

Okay step one, try to stop freaking out.  This does us no good when we’re facing a huge task.  This overwhelm will take over causing you to feel anxious, which will then create actions like procrastination and giving up.  BREATHE

Step two - tell yourself you’ve got this.  You’re going to come up with a plan, execute that plan accordingly, and do the best you can because that’s all you can do. —- anytime you feel yourself freaking out read this part again. 

Step three - come up with a plan.  Break down each larger tasks into smaller ones.  Example: So you have 7 exams; 
-what subjects within each exam do you need to cover
-what books do you need to read
-what notes do you need to make.  
Break these tasks down into things that take roughly 1-2 hours.  

Step four - grab a planner or use the agenda on your phone to actually plan what day and time you’re going to do each of these tasks.  This may require a few late nights but that’s okay, you know it’s only temporary.  As you schedule these things in, try to also schedule breaks (I like to break 15-20 minutes every 2 hours of doing something), also things like “off time” where you don’t study for an hour or two and exercise time (even if it’s just 30 minute walk, getting exercise during any times of stress will help clear your mind, sharpen you up and give you a sense of accomplishment and stress relief).


1. Whenever you’re about to begin a task, put your phone on airplane mode, set a phone timer for the length of time you plan to work on this task and then honker down and focus on ONLY THAT TASK.  Do not think about everything else you still have to do, only this.  Do your best at this task right here right now and forget anything else until that timer beeps. 

2. Find little things that bring a sense of joy during these tasks.  For me it’s going to a cafe, getting a decaf latte, using colourful highlighters, listening to chill music in the background, lighting candles if I’m working from home. 

3. You can only do your very best, there is nothing else you or anyone else can expect from you.  If you plan and work hard to do your best than you shouldn’t put any guilt or shame on yourself on the outcome.  Throw your standards or expectations to the wind and just try your best.  Everything in life is either a blessing or a lesson.  These few weeks may be stressful, but they are teaching you how to time manage, how to kick ass when you need to, how to get organized and how to focus.  Even if it doesn’t go the way you hope; the sun will come up, you will be okay, life will go on and it will lead you to exactly where you need to be.  Trust in that, and then get to it girl. 


You Okay, Doll?

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 683
Request@trinityjadec Yay!! Okay so I don’t know where this came from, but I’ve recently been sO obsessed with Bucky Barnes. So I was wondering if you could possibly do one where the reader is in the shower and Bucky asks if she’s in there and if he can come in. She says yes, thinking he means come into the bathroom, but he means the shower with her, so he’s surprised when she says yes. And he joins her, surprising her and making her a little self conscious since they aren’t dating, and fluffiness happens??

You’d been using Bucky’s shower for a few days now, while yours was being ripped out, the pipes replaced, then the entire thing redone. It would take a week or two. He didn’t mind, and had given you a key to his place. All he asked is that if it was after a certain time, call first. Some nights were rougher than others, so you understood.

That afternoon you’d gone hard in your workout. Harder than usual. By the time you were done, you had sweat dripping from you, stray hairs that had fallen out were stuck to your face and neck, your cheeks were red, and your muscles ached. All you wanted was the sweet relief that a hot shower would bring.   

As you moved towards Bucky’s apartment, you had your towel thrown over your shoulder. Walking from his place, to yours, in nothing but a towel didn’t bother you one bit. Unwrapping the tape from around your hands, you flexed your fingers, letting out a content sigh. While you loved the burn working out, once you were done, you hated how confined you felt in your workout gear, and how sweaty you were.

The first 5 minutes in the shower was you just standing there. Your hands were against the tiles, head under the spray of hot water, eyes closed. You could feel your muscles slowly relaxing, the heat feeling more amazing than any massage could. Rolling your shoulders, you groaned at how good it felt.

Just as you pulled your head from under the water, you heard a knock at the bathroom door. “You in there, doll?” Came Bucky’s voice.

Chuckling, you peeked around the shower curtain. “No, it’s Bruce.” You teased.

“Wow, Bruce. Your voice got way more feminine.” He joked back. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, I can’t see why not.” You shrugged and leaned your head back under the water before grabbing the shampoo. Your eyes were closed as you lathered up your hair, enjoying the scent.

The door opened, and shut, so you knew that he was in the room. Which didn’t bother you. However, you weren’t prepared for when the curtain pulled back and he stepped in behind you. You felt a pink tint cover your body. “Can I get some water?” He chuckled.

Licking your lips, you nodded. “Uh, yeah. Just let me rinse my hair…” You told him. Usually, you’d tilt you’d put your back to the water and lean your head back. With a very naked Bucky standing there, you simply put your head down under the water, running your hands through it.

Once you were satisfied, you straightened and awkwardly let him move by you. “You okay, doll?” He asked after he wet his own hair down. You were looking everywhere but at him as you put conditioner in your hair.

“Just…wasn’t expecting…this.” You blushed, motioning over him.

Bucky laughed, lathering his own hair up. “I asked if I could come in.” He reminded you.

Finally you looked at him. “I thought you meant the bathroom!” You gasped. “I didn’t think you meant IN the shower!”

He had a grin on his face. “Awe, is someone shy?” He teased.

“I’m standing naked in your shower. With a naked you.” You raised an eyebrow, finally covering your chest. His eyes on you made you feel more exposed.

Bucky held his hands up. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.” He winked before leaning his head back and quickly rinsing his dark hair. “Come here, let me wash your back.” You were snapped from your thoughts as he held up an already soapy loofah.

Biting your lip, you turned, moving your hair out of the way. “Thanks.” You said softly.

“No problem.” He told you, surprising you when he kissed the side of your neck. “Stay with me tonight?” Bucky’s voice was soft.

You looked over your shoulder at him. “What?”

It was his turn to look bashful. “Uh, I…” He chuckled. “Not like that. I meant just…stay?”

Blushing, you nodded. “I’d like that.” You agreed with a smile.

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When it comes to these two boys and how much they mean to me, I am at a loss for words. Where do I begin? How do I even start to explain just how much they have helped me and how far I have come thanks to these goofs?

What started out as one video, ended up with me becoming a fan, not just of their videos but of what they represent as individuals. For two 17 year olds to be so incredibly mature, aware of societal issues and having such humble hearts, I didn’t think it was possible to love them more than I already did. But somehow, my heart found space in it to love some more. Their laughs, their antics, their honest conversations…all of it, often makes it easy to forget that they are separated from me by a screen and that at most, I can hope to one day receive a reply from them if I ever make the effort to grab their attention. Their realness, down to earth personalities makes me believe that there is good in this world and that not everyone is washed down by materialism and the race against the clock to become society’s idea of perfect.

They have made me confident, they have through their silly pranks on each other, made me laugh on even the darkest days and through their candor, made me accept myself for who I am. 

Most importantly though, they have helped me find some of the most amazing friends I could ever imagine having. They have ingrained in me the importance of staying positive and not letting the negatives get the better of my life and without knowing it, they, through their videos have picked me up more times than I count. So, I am thankful to them, for all that they have done for me unknowingly and for finding me such amazing friends. 

I hope every day that whatever it is that has brought down these twins and whatever hurdle in life the boys are facing, they fight it and come out unscathed. They deserve all the time they need and then some more because for over three years, they have given us theirs without complaint. I am proud of them for acknowledging the importance of mental health and prioritising theirs. I just wish I could do something, anything to help put a smile and pour some strength into these two, the way they have for me. 

I love these two goofballs with all my heart and I will continue to support them, no matter what they decide, be it now or in the long run. 

Happy Tuesday everyone, here’s to our boys and everything they have done for each and every one of us, by just being them. These are some of my favourite captures from various videos and I just couldn’t pick one, so I decided on all of them because why the hell not ?!

Also, in case you didn’t know or I forgot to say it, I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY.

Paint Fight

Klaus Mikaelson X Reader Hope Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count: 369

Requested: @olivia1439

Request: if I’m not to late may I put in a Klaus and Hope imagine, Klaus was teaching you how to paint but, he had to step out to take care of some business. While he’s out Hope comes in and jokingly teases your art work so you two end up in a paint fight, letting paint go everywhere. So when Klaus comes back you two are blaming and pointing fingers at each other.

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Klaus was supposed to be teaching you how to paint but that stopped when he had a call, he walked out to take the call and Hope came in smiling she was holding something behind her back and you frowned but didn’t say anything, you continued with what Klaus had taught until you saw out of the corner of your eye that Hope was moving towards you. “What are you doing?” You asked and she just smiled.

“Nothing.” She answered and you squinted at her before turning away for a second and then quickly turned back catching her taking a paint brush out from behind her back.
“Nothing?” You asked raising an eyebrow.
“I was just going to tell you that you got something wrong.” She answered and you looked at her.
“What?” You asked.
“This!” She said as she dragged the paint brush down your face, red paint run in a line down your face and your mouth opened in shock as you jumped back, you were lucky that this was all your stuff and not Klaus’, you looked at the door and saw that he had gone off somewhere else and then looked back at Hope before splashing her with the blue paint.
“You need to stop that.” You laughed as she put a strip of paint down your arms and onto your clothes.
“What?” She asked.
“You know your lucky that I changed out of my nice clothes or you would have to get your father to replace every piece of clothing that you messed up.” You smirked and she just shrugged.
“(Y/N)! Love I-” Klaus stopped when he looked up to see you and Hope covered in paint. “I don’t know what is more extraordinary the fact that you managed to only get paint on yourselves or that you manage to look so innocent.”
“It was her!” You pointed at Hope “she started it and I finished it.”
“So grown up of you,” Klaus smirked. “Well, I have to go out so that’ll give you some time to be able to clean up.”
“Alright.” You waved and he raised an eyebrow before leaving.
“We had better start cleaning up.” You said.
“Yeah.” She nodded.

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for those who haven’t heard the saga on my facebook: there’s a house next to mine that is falling slowly inwards (like a flan in a cupboard) and about three weeks ago i noticed a little grey kit prowling around it, eating bugs and batting at the flowers.

through weeks of careful enticement, i’ve managed to lure LGK onto my own porch, and this weekend we had a breakthrough. she (at least, i believe LGK is a she, as i haven’t made out a wee meat and two veg) is now coming eagerly up to me for food and scritches. she’s begun jumping onto the living room window sill and screaming for attention. and she even tried to dart into the house and follow me into my car today.

when the Universe sends you a kitty-pwroar, you have to accept that it’s Fate. and i’m hardly gonna look a gift kitten in the mouth, especially since i already know her teeny fangs are needle-sharp, so i plan on taking LGK to the local vet within the next two days to get her de-flea-ed, vaccinated, and the bits snipped. once all of that is accomplished, the adoption is gonna be official and i’ll be unveiling her Official Name.

so stay tuned for further details, babes.

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Oh! -pulls out small piece of parchment paper with the tidal bell on it- do you happen to have this item hm? See I collect bells mhm and bells from the Johto region are my specialty! ((Ask-morningbell))

Hmmm….That bell brings back quite a few memories. Back when Ho-oh and I decided to dwell amongst the humans for a while, we landed on the beautiful  Ecruteak City. There we met a young woman, a performer, who would come to both of our towers every day to dance for us. After the disastrous fire, the town took a large blow, and many were disheartened at the destruction and loss of life. Ho-oh did her part in resurrecting them, while I did what I could to restore harmony and sing for the people a song to sooth their sorrows. During my song, the woman came out with two bells, chiming them together in harmony with my song.

Ever since then, the bells aligned with our spirits and we vowed that, anytime they were rung, we would come to her or her family’s aid. I hear she has many daughters now that challenge trainers for a right to use the bells…It is good to see the tradition goes on.

As for its precise whereabouts, I apologize but I am uncertain.But it is good to see that others are so interested in their culture. @ask-morningbell

Imagining Rosvolio children

I can’t help but imagine them having twins the first time: two beautiful babies, a boy and a girl, mocha skin, black and curly hair, green eyes (Ben’s eyes are green, aren’t they?). The boy named by her father, the girl by his mother.

I can see Ben playing with them when they’re like 3 or 4 years old, creating amazing adventures for them in their house courtyard (or garden, too) with Ros first yelling at the three of them because they always come back home dirty, but then joining them in any play they do.

Obviously Ben and Ros would have more than just two children, but I can see Ros being so happily exausted that, at finding out she’s pregnant again, she jokes with Ben saying “if they’re twins again, you better start running, Montague”. And here Ben would laugh his ass off and then kiss her.

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Cut That Out**



You and Joe had just recently told your YouTube audiences’ that you were dating. After months of being careful, cutting clips out of your vlogs and trying your hardest to be less handsy out in public, the two of you thought it was just time as many of your followers had already been speculating.

There was also the fact that Joe over vlogged and never knew when to turn the camera off. Before you had made your relationship public, Joe’s vlogs were the ones that your subscribers talked about the most. He kept some things in his vlogs, purposely, to get everybody talking. 

“I’m just testing the waters Y/N.” Joe would tell you after you had come to him showing him the tweets you had been getting. 

“I think they’re okay with it Joe. They’ve shipped us before we even properly met, remember.” You’d tell him before rolling your eyes.

But now that your relationship was public, Joe was even worse. He’d film things that were clearly only meant for the two of you which led to you yelling at him to turn the camera off and cut that bit out. After a quick chuckle, he’d turn the camera off and as he embraced you, would promise that he’d edited it out later.


It had now been a month since your relationship went public and everything was going great. Joe’s ‘accidentally filming you with not shirt on’ bit had slowed down and the comments on your latest videos and tweets weren’t just about your relationship anymore which you enjoyed. 

“Morning love.” Joe said kissing your forehead as you snuggled into his chest some more.

“It’s not morning.” You mumbled.

“Yes it is.” Joe laughed as he tried to push you away from him but you clung tightly. “And we’re meeting the boys for breakfast so get up.”

“The boys aren’t even up yet, so let me sleep for 5 more minutes.” You said letting go of him and rolling over onto your other side.

“If I let you sleep, we won’t have any time.” 

“Any time for what?” You groaned thinking you had unintentionally planned something else for the morning. 

“For this…” Joe whispered, his breath dancing across your neck. 

You rolled over on your back and was met with your boyfriend hovering over you, a smirk gracing his lips. He leaned down and quickly pecked your lips before reconnecting them for a little longer this time. You chased his lips as he pulled away, letting out a small laugh as he moved his body between your bare legs.

Neither of you had bothered to redress after last nights activities so as Joe pushed open your legs he could see how much you wanted a round 2. 

“We don’t have that long, love.” Joe said running a finger up and down the length of your thigh. 

“Then quit messing around.” You said before watching Joe lean forward, supporting his weight on his hands. 

“Gladly.” Was all he said before leaning down to capture his lips with yours as he positioned himself as your glistening hole and pushed himself in without a warning. 

You let out a moan against his lips as he snapping his hips back and forth quickly, pushing him deeper and deeper into you with much force. 

“Shit Joe!” You said as Joe moved away from your lips and pushed one of your legs up to your body so he was able to go deeper into you. 

Recently Joe had been taking more control when it came to sex and you didn’t really mind. You realized that him being a little rougher turned you on.

“Fuck me Joe.” You moaned as you threw your head against your pillows as he continued to thrust into you. 

“God Y/N” Joe growled as he struggled to calm his breathing enough to speak. 

Sweat was beginning to building on his forehead as he began quickening the pace causing you to scream out and grip the bed sheets. You tired to form words, but the only thing you let out were gasps as Joe came closer to pushing you over the edge. 

“Oh god Joe, I’m close.” You managed to get out before letting out a low moan as you arched your back into his chest. 

“Come on baby.” Joe said just before you released over him followed closely by his own release. 

“Jeez Joe.” You said as you started to slow your breathing 

“You’re going to feel that one tomorrow aren’t you?” He laughed before he rolled over in bed to grab something. 

You assumed he was grabbing his phone to see if any of the guys had gotten up yet. You let out a deep breath as you reached over to grab your own phone when you heard him start speaking.

“So Y/N is a little of breath this morning, I can’t imagine why.”

You rolled back onto your back and were met with Joe’s camera hovering over the two of you two get you both in shot. 

“Joe oh my god quit it.” You said hitting his arm before pulling the duvet over your chest, “Cut that out.” 

“You really think I’d put this online?” Joe laughed as he continued to film. 

“I don’t really know what you do, just turn it off.” 

“But I’m vlogging today!” Joe said looking over at you to see you roll out of bed and head over to the wardrobe to grab some clothes.

You shook your head at him as you made your way to the bathroom to shower, hearing his properly start his vlog just as you shut the door.


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Pairing : Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre : Angst 

Drabble Prompt : walking home late at night + “I could give you a ride, if you want.”

Word count : 553

Rain. Just perfect, the weather matched your mood. You have been dating Hoseok for 5 years now, everything seemed perfect, you truly believed you were meant to be until you found him on top of another girl in the bed you two shared. 

You were out of town due to work for about 3 weeks, at first it didn’t seem to bother him, he also had a busy schedule but you noticed he would message you less frequently after a few days. When you came back home, you wanted to surprise him, you had even bought him souvenirs from your trip but instead he was the one that surprised you. 

“Y/n!!! I thought you were coming back next week.” He said as he got off from the girl, exposing both of their naked bodies. All you could really do was blankly glare at him, the sounds of your broken heart was the only thing that confirmed that this was really happening. 

“I’ll come pick up my things tomorrow.” You finally managed to say with a lump in your throat, you turned to the door and walked away. 

“Y/n wait!” He grabbed you by your wrist but this time anger finally hit you. You jerked your hand away and swung it, slapping him across the face; the sound echoed in the halls.

“Fuck you and fuck her!!! I hate you Hoseok, you fucking bastard!!” Tears blurring your eyesight.

“Babe, please.. I’m so sorry..” He knew he deserved the slap, he didn’t try to soothe the pain on his cheek. 

“Get lost.” You walked away from him. 

The never ending, heavy rain drops were almost distracting, it was almost soothing. You walked in the rain for what felt hours, you didn’t know where to go but all you knew is that you never wanted to see him again. You didn’t care where your feet took you as long as it was far away from him. 

You heard the honks of a car and screams behind you, you recognized the voice right away.

“Babe! Where are you going?? You’re going to get sick, please come back home.” Hoseok stepped out of the car and ran to you.

“I told you to get lost. I don’t want to see you ever again.” You spat.

“Y/n.. please let me explain..” He tried wrapping his arms around your waist but you pushed him away. 

“There is nothing to explain. I don’t care about the stupid excuses you’re going to come up with. You don’t get to pull a stunt like that and expect me to crawl back to you. All these years, was it just a joke to you?”

“What? Of course not! It was a mistake and I regret it, I missed you so much I didn’t meant to hurt you.. I love you y/n, please..” 

“You’re right.. we were a mistake. Spare me with that bullshit, you don’t love me. If you did you would have never done something like that. We’re so over Hoseok, leave me alone.” You pushed past him and continue your way to your unknown destination.

“Y/n.. At least let me give you a ride, you’re going to get sick.. Y/n!!” You ignored him and kept walking, the last thing you wanted him to see was you crying your soul out for him, he wasn’t worth it. Not anymore. 

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Two characters are on babysitting duty for the day, but when working together to get something out of the closet, the door gets stuck behind them and they are locked in. Show me what you've got, Dani!


“Come on, lad, open the door,” Killian called as he tapped his hook again on the inside of Snow’s closet door. “I know you can do it, lad. Open the door.”

“Killian, give it up,” Henry sighed. He made himself as comfortable as he could in the small space, plopping down cross-legged on the floor. “He’s thirteen months old. He can’t reach the doorknob to let us out.”

Killian heaved a sigh. How in blazes had he and Henry gotten into this mess?

They were just supposed to be looking for Neal’s stuffed monkey. He’d taken to carrying around a stuffed kangaroo in recent weeks but for some reason, he’d been crying for the monkey today. Henry and Killian had double-teamed the closet in an effort to find the monkey quickly. It was a fantastic plan until Neal accidentally pushed the closet door closed, which locked Henry and Killian in.

Thankfully, Neal hadn’t left the vicinity of the closet. They could see him through the gap between the door of the closet and the floor. He was sitting on the floor, playing with the lion and still calling out every so often for the monkey. Sometimes he would get up and run to his parents’ bed but then he would run right back to the closet.

“So what do we do now?” Killian asked. He’d never been claustrophobic – his centuries on ships had left him with an appreciation of small spaces – but the closet was small and being trapped inside was not sitting well with him.

“Wait for someone to come let us out,” Henry shrugged.

That didn’t sound like much of a plan. The prince and princess wouldn’t be home until the following day and Emma wasn’t due to the apartment until after her shift at the station. “Do you happen to have your talking phone with you?”

“No such luck,” Henry sighed. “It’s sitting on Gramma’s bed. Do you have yours?”

“No.” Of course not. “Mine’s on the kitchen table.”

“Then we wait.”

And wait they did. Eventually little Neal babbled himself to sleep, curled up on the floor just outside the closet. Henry decided to take a cue from his uncle and tried to nap as well. Just when Killian was about to drift off himself, the closet door whipped open.

The ambient light flooding the little space seemed awfully bright. Killian blinked against the light to find his Swan holding a sleeping little prince in her arms, a smirk on her face.

“Mom!” Henry cried as he pushed himself to his feet.

“Do I even want to know what happened?” Emma asked, her eyebrows raised in question.

“We were looking for Neal’s monkey,” Killian started to explain. He got to his feet and stretched the kinks out of his cramped muscles. “He closed the door on us.”

“You mean this monkey?” Emma shifted Neal in her arms so the boys could see that Neal was cuddling the monkey in his sleep.

Killian and Henry looked at each other in surprise. “Where was it?” Henry asked.

“I don’t know,” Emma shrugged. “He was holding it when I found him.”

Pirate and Author shared another shocked look. The monkey had never even been in the closet in the first place!