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The Letter

Part 3:

They knew this day was coming but they all hoped it wouldn’t be so soon.

Keith had taken it upon himself to give the letter to each of the paladins.

Watching as his friends slowly crumbled reading through the tear stained paper was horrible.

The worst part though was when he became numb to the words written by his lost love.

The numbness stayed as they all stood in front of Lance’s room, empty for two months now.

They all knew they had to clear it out and take his few possessions back to Earth, if they couldn’t take his body home, they would give his family something to bury.

It was surprisingly Hunk who took the first step inside.

He was a mess, not eating barley sleeping ever since they lost Lance. He blamed himself but then again they all did.

Once they started it took a painfully short amount of time to box up the remainders of Lances life in space.

Soon all that was left was his jacket laying on the bed where he had tossed it before that final mission.

No one wanted to move it.

It all seemed so final, so real.

A part of them all expected Lance to just walk in and second and make a joke about them all being in his room.

But he never came.

Lance would never come home, to the castle or to Earth.

“Lets… lets do this.” Keith choked out picking up the jacket with shaking hands his heart skipping a beat.

It smelled like the ocean and garlic…

It smelled like Lance.

Keith wanted to bury his face in the scent and just hold on to what he had lost.

He managed not to cry as Shiro took it off him and lead the way out of the castle and onto the beach they had heard about so many times they knew the way by heart.

The way up a little sandy path to a wooden house with a treehouse in an apple tree in the front yard.

The house filled with noise and laughter that would soon end.

“Children go inside.” A woman so painfully familiar yet new spotted them.

Her eyes were Lance’s and they had no doubt in their minds that this woman was his mother.

“Mrs McClain… my names Takashi Shirogane… I knew your son.”

Her eyes widened filling with tears as she heard how her son died a hero.

How his death united a universe against a common enemy and saved them all.

She took the jacket and hugged it close like she could bring her baby back if she wished for it hard enough.

A crinkling noise caught her attention and she pulled a folded up note from the pocket.

It was a hastily written note filled with mistakes and crossing outs. It was clearly a first draft… but the message was still there.

‘Hey mama,

I’m guessing if your reading this I never made it home. I’m sorry I’m so so sorry I couldn’t be there.

I hate that me being gone will hurt you, I hate even more that you may never know what happened to me, you may think I just ran away and didn’t love you enough to come home.

I need you mama I love you and I wanted to come home. God I wanted to come home so badly.

But I have a job to do, but once that’s done’

She was sobbing now falling to ground screaming.

Lance died before he got to finish.

His mother would never know what he had to say to her.

But I’m way he said what mattered.

He said he loved her.

Hunk pulled her into a hug letting her cry on his shoulder.

“We loved loved your son… I loved Lance. I’m sorry we failed him. I’m sorry we didn’t love him enough to bring him home.” Keith whispered tears falling down his cheeks looking out at the ocean wishing he could of watched the steadily setting Sun with Lance.

That they could of had a future together.

But they never would.

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17 or 25 please write me a sickfic if possible whomever you want

I did Holsom bc no one ever prompts me for them, I hope that’s okay! edit: I forgot to mention that I did number 17 lmao

“Raaaaaaaaans,” Holster calls from their bedroom. Ransom tries valiantly not to roll his eyes.

“Yes, Holster?” He calls out, unable to head back there since he’s putting some water on for tea.

“Will you come here?”

It’s said more softly this time, like he got tired of yelling, and Ransom tries to hurry up the process to go check on him. Holster doesn’t get sick often, but when he does, it hits him hard. He’s on day two of his fever, and he’s added a sinus headache to the mix of aches and pains. Ransom feels bad for him, but he’s such a drama queen that he wants to punch him as much as he wants to kiss him. He finally gets the kettle going and grabs a fresh ice pack before heading back into the bedroom.

Holster is wrapped up in their comforter on the bed, shivering even as his hair is plastered to his forehead with sweat. He had rolled himself so that his head is at the end of the bed, facing the door as he yelled for his boyfriend, and Ransom rolls his eyes at the theatrics.

“What’s up, Holtzy?” Ransom asks, and is answered by a groan.

He leans against the doorframe in silence, and Holster peeks open an eye.

“You’re not going to come over here?” Holster asks.

“Yeah, when you stop being so dramatic and just ask me for what you want,” Ransom answers fondly.

“Remember when you used to care about me?” Holster whines, sticking a clammy hand out of the blanket and making grabby hands at Ransom.

Ransom laughs and pushes off of the doorway, sitting next to Holster to pet his hair and hold his hand. He gets Holster to release his ice pack and switches it out for the new one, before reaching over him to grab their thermometer. He taps it against Holster’s lips to get him to open up, and swipes a comforting thumb over his cheek as he waits for it to finish. It reads 99.7 degrees when it’s done, still high, but lower than the 102 that he had gotten up to yesterday.

“Your fever is coming down,” Ransom says.

“That’s good,” Holster slurs, eyes fluttering at the feel of Ransom’s fingers carding through his hair.

“Do you still want your tea, or do you wanna go back to sleep?”

“If I say sleep, will you stay with me?” Holster says, and Ransom’s heart squeezes.

“Of course. And if you say tea, I’ll prepare it for you and bring it right back.”

Holster is silent for a moment, and Ransom thinks he’s fallen asleep until he whispers a soft “tea.” Ransom smooths his hair back, and leans down to kiss him on his forehead. He heads to the kitchen and makes quick work of the tea, putting it in a thermos so that it stays hot on the off chance that Holster falls asleep. On his way back to the room, he makes a detour to the bathroom to wet a washcloth with cold water, and grab some aspirin for Holster’s aches and pains. When he gets back to their bedroom, Holster is blinking up at him, forcing himself to stay awake.

“You’re sick, bro. If your body wants sleep, go to sleep,” Ransom tutts at him, setting down his items on the bedside table and keeping only the washcloth.

He wipes it gently on Holster’s forehead and leaves it there, hoping to bring the fever down even more. Holster lifts his head up and Ransom tucks himself under him so that Holster’s head is resting comfortably in his lap.

“I wanted you in here first,” Holster mumbles before promptly falling asleep.

The position is awkward, with them still on the end of the bed and Ransom forced to sit up with nothing supporting his back, but it’s the first time Holster’s gotten to sleep in hours and Ransom loves him too much to move him. He grabs the remote and settles in.


Poe Dameron x Fem!reader

Words : 1111

Summary you and poe have been best friends since the two of you were kids, and now even when you joined the resistance you couldn’t be seperated. When Leia sends the two of you on a mission, it seems faith throws the two a favor as hidden feelings come to light over the course of a raging snowstorm

Part 1

When morning came, both you and Poe were a tangled mess. Poe’s head was resting on top of yours while yours was pressed against his chest. His arms were still tightly wrapped around you, making sure you couldn’t slip away and fall out of the small bed. His own back was pressed against the wall behind him as Poe blinked groggily, still trying to wake up.

The pressure of you against him send a wave of pleasure through him, and in a way he couldn’t understand it. The two of you had always been close, getting in fights together, drinking together, kriff the two of you even argued about the same things most of the time that others would think you were the same person.

But he never thought of the two of you actually being together after that fateful day back when they were teenagers, just barely old enough to drink.

The two of you were out to celebrate your birthday and some of your friends had dragged you to a bar. Poe had been with a couple of his own friends, having a drink himself while you were having fun with your friends.

But as the night dragged on and on, more drinks were supplied and you had been completely waisted around midnight. He remembered how you stumbled towards him, one of the biggest smiles on your face as you slung an arm over his shoulder. Your words were slurred as you started to tell an embarassing story involving the two of you and your neighbour’s cat.

After that Poe decided you had enough and walked you home. It was already cold, winter approaching on Yavin IV as the two of you stumbled through the street. Poe was glad he opted to stay sober that evening, only slightly tipsy.

You were a shivering mess beside your best friend, but you were still laughing at nothing in particulary until Poe held his jacket for you out.

You had taken it without a second thought, putting it on and walking closer to the curly haired boy beside you.

When the two of you finally reached your home, you had stopped giggle but the world was still a bit hazy as you stopped in front if your door.

You tried to give Poe his jacket back, but when you tries to get it off it became stuck. Your arm was in a strange position stuck in the sleeve as you started laughing and Poe soon followed, soft chuckles escaping his lips.

He walked closer to you as he tried to free you, tugging at the rough material of his jacket until your arm finally sprang free.

The moment it did, something shifted inside Poe as he suddenly took notice of the close proximity. Poe had always seen you a his friend, but it was like seeing you in a total different light. He suddebly noticed how you had changed from this little kid to a beautiful young woman. Baby fat had thinned out, giving you a sharp jawline while curves had devolped. You looked perfect and he was sure he wasn’t the only one who started to notice the change in your appearancd.

He felt breathless for a moment as he started in your eyes. He hadn’t been thinking clearly, that had always been his excuse. He didn’t know what he was doing. But then it felt like the perfect thing to do.

He had grabbed your face in his hands and brought you closer to him. Your mouths met and in a way he felt completely at home with your lips on his and no worries in the world.

The next day, he came to visit you, only to find out you hadn’t remered at thing. Poe had seen that as a sign, you two weren’t meant to be.


It felt like that moment again for Poe. Like he was seeing you for the first time. The way the light hit your face in a way that made your skin glow or how cute you looked when you slept beside him at the moment, hair sprawled over you face, mouth slightly agabe and your head resting against his chest

You slowly blinked, opening yours eyes to meet Poe’s gaze on you. But there was something different about him, there was a glint in his eyes that you couldn’t really place.

“Hey.” You whispered softly, a small smile on you face as you looked at him. His hair more disheveled than normal, his eyes drooped but fully focused in you.

“Hey.” His voice was still a but hoarse as he greeted you softly. Slowy he reached out to you with his hand, gently tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

Your eyes were focused on his, and you could feel your heart hammering in your chest so loudly you feared Poe might as well be hearing it.

“Can I tell you something?” He whispered, his eyes flickering between your eyes and your lips.

“Of course.” You smiled gently, shifting slightly so you could look better at the pilot in front of you.


The two of you sprung apart startled as the door of the guestroom was slammed open and Tylek rushed inside, eyes wide and frightful. The look he gave the two of you was easily translated as the two of you rushed out of bed, the moment the two if you had vanishinh in thin air.

First Order.

The idea that they were already on you was terryfying to say the least. How did they find you so soon, especially with the snow storm raging on.

Your stuff was easily gathered before you had to bid Tylek a rushed goodbye. You and Poe were running towards you X-Wings, breathing ragged, and while you might not have been fully awake minutes ago, now was a complete different story as adrenaline coursed through your veins.

Withing minutes the two of you were up in space again, dodging the tie fighters chasing you and shooting them down. Your heart was still hammering in your ribcage but if you were honest, you weren’t sure if it was because of the run in with the First Order or the unspoken words of Poe that morning. What did he want to say? Why was he looking at you like that?

You shook the thoughts away when you heard him over the comn seconds later. “Everything alright there (Y/N) ?”

“Everything is perfect. Let’s get home.”

And so the two of you did, with new and old feelings rising to the surface and one thing was for sure. Some things were about to change.


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Rough Day

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Harry was not one to cry over things. He was very good at keeping his composure when things got sticky. Whether it be crazy stories written about him in the media or something rude a fan might have said to him while he was out, Harry never broke down.

During the year and a bit you had been dating Harry, you’d only seen him cry once. When Gemma had fallen pregnant with her first baby with Michal, everyone was so happy, but when the news had come out that his sister had miscarried, all the happiness was sucked out of everyone in the family. Harry had never cried so hard in his life and you felt horrible.

If anything ever happened to the two of you, Harry always tried to keep it together for the both of you.

Harry was always good a being strong when things went downhill, but somehow that day he crumbled.

“Come on, Harry! For god sake get in the pool!” you laughed as you waded around and splashed in the water of the pool in the backyard of the apartment.

“Alright, alright. I’m coming.” Harry groaned as he got up from the chair, setting his sunglasses down by his drink.

Harry walked over to the edge of the pool and dipped his toe into the water before turning around and walking away.

“Hey! Where are you- Harry!” you squealed as Harry suddenly turn around and jumped cannonball style into the pool, soaking you completely.

Harry resurfaced taking a gulp of air and shaking his head, flinging water everywhere. As he pushed it out of his face and wiped his eyes, he caught you standing there staring at him with your mouth gaped wide open.

Harry let out a high pitched laugh at the sight of you.

“You soaked me!” you laughed.

“You’re in a pool love, you’re supposed to get wet.” he smirked.

Harry swam over toward you and grabbed you by the waist, your legs instantly wrapping around his as he carried you around the pool.

“It’s a nice day, innit?” he smiled looking around.

“It is, yeah. Good day for relaxing in the pool.” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Maybe later, we can have a quickie upstairs? ‘Ve been wanting a little action today.” he smirked as you two drifted around the pool.

“We’ll see, mister. Last night should’ve done you for a little bit though.”

“Yeah, but I woke up with a little bit of morning wood and it wasn’t fun takin’ care of it on my own.” he groaned.

Suddenly, Harry’s phone began to ring.

“I’d better go get that. Probably niall wanting to know if we’re coming to his party tomorrow night.

Harry sat you down in the pool and swam to the side and hoisting himself up and out of the pool. He grabbed his phone and a towel and stepped just inside the house.


All Harry could hear on the other side was sniffling and a sob every now and then.

“Hello?” Harry pressed.


“Mrs. Y/L/N?”

“Are you busy?” your mother cried.

“N-no ma’am. What’s wrong?”

“I need you to do me a favor.” she sniffled.

“Oh, well, yes ma’am. What can I do?”

“Y/F/N… he’s passed away… his cancer was just too much.” she sobbed.

Harry could have sworn his heart stopped for a second. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t swallow, nothing. Harry was in utter disbelief. He knew your father had been struggling with his cancer but somehow he had never thought about preparing himself for such news like this.

As your mother continued to sob on the other end of the phone, a speechless Harry looked out the window watching you float and swim around in the pool. So content and happy. And all of that was about to be ruined. By him.

“Harry, I need for you to tell her. Please. I can’t stand to do it myself.”

“Yes,” Harry rasped, “yes ma’am… I’ll tell her.”

“Thank you, dear.”

“You’re welcome, and I am terribly, terribly sorry for your loss.” he whispered.

Without a word, Harry ended the call. He felt numb. He felt like everything around him had gone blank. He didn’t even know how he was going to tell you. He had no idea what he was even supposed to say. How was he supposed to tell his girlfriend that her father had just succumbed to cancer. The strongest man she knew was no longer in her life, and Harry knew he would never be able to fill such giant shoes. He would never be able to take the place of a father.

He could remember the day he had met your parents like it was yesterday. He was nervous.

“Bug, I don’t think I can do this.”

“Now you know how I felt that day i met your family.”

“What if he hates me?”


“Your dad,”

“Harry he won’t hate you. He might seem a bit scary at first but I promise you he’s a very kind, tender hearted man. You’ll get along just fine.”

“Harry?” your voice snapped Harry out of his thoughts. “Are you okay? You look a bit pale, Handsome.”

“I- I’m fine, Bug.” he rasped, trying to seem as convincing as possible.

“You look like your going to be sick, Harry. Let me get you some wa-”

“Can we talk?” he interrupted.

“Yes?” you breathed, a bit of confusion in your tone.

Doing what was about to be done was not easy. No one ever deserved to have their heart shattered into a million pieces like what was about to happen.

You felt your heart pound against your chest as Harry sat you down on the pool chair across from him. A tense silence fell between the two of you before Harry spoke.

“I got a call from your mum, that was her earlier.” he said directing his gaze anywhere but to yours as he breathed deeply.

“How is she? How’s Dad?” you asked.

Harry began to feel a knot swell in his throat. Hearing you ask about your father made him want crawl under a rock and never come out.

“She… um..” he began with a shaky voice, stopping and starting again to try to contain himself.


“She what, Harry. Spit it out,” you giggled.

“Y-your dad… he-” Harry looked up trying to keep his tears at bay.

“He passed away, baby.” he whispered, keeping his head down.

Your heart stopped. You felt as if you might pass out. This couldn’t be true. There’s no way.

You rose from your seat, holding onto your towel you had wrapped around your body. You didn’t know what to say or how to feel. You just felt numb.

Harry stood up with you, reaching out to grab you.

“Baby, I’m so sor-”

“No!” you screamed, “Don’t you touch me! Don’t you dare touch me!”

“Baby, please lis-”

“Get away from me!”

Giant, hot, tears began to fall down your cheeks. You were angry. But why? Were you mad at Harry? Were you mad at your father for leaving you without a goodbye? Were you mad at yourself?

Harry attempted to step toward you, but you pressed your hands to his bare chest pushing him hard repeatedly. With an angry grunt you punched him in the chest as you screamed through your tears.

You took off running into the house as Harry just stood there staring blankly into nothing. He couldn’t process the news himself. He knew you would react this way.

After a few minutes of crying to himself, he gather his emotions and walked into the house and up the stairs to the bedroom where he knew you were.

He could hear you sobbing uncontrollably through the door.

“Bug… please open the door.” He rasped.

“Go away! I hate you!” You shouted.

He knew you didn’t mean it, but still the words pricked his heart just a little.

“C’mon, petal. Open the door. I’ll hold you and everything will be okay.” He mumbled, knowing the last part was a lie. But he could at least try to make it okay.

You gave in and unlocked the door. You had changed into your pajamas and one of Harry’s old jumpers that had now been covered in endless tears.

Harry stepped inside and shut the door, placing a kiss to your forehead. He pulled you into his chest and rocked back and forth on his heels, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“He’s g-gone.” You sobbed into his chest.

“No he’s not, baby.” Harry cooed.

“He didn’t even say goodbye. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

Harry felt the tears well back up in his eyes. He couldn’t stand seeing you this way. This broken. It was unbearable.

Harry picked you up and carried you to the bed, gently laying you down and climbing up next to you as he continued to hold you.

“He’s still with you baby. In your heart. He knows you loved him deeply,” Harry whispered.

“He won’t get to see me get married or… or have kids Harry. He won’t be here to walk me down the aisle one day!”

Harry’s heart stung. Every girl grows up dreaming about the day she gets married to the man of her dreams. She dreams about walking down that aisle with her father to give her away. She dreams about having babies and watching her father dote over them more that he ever doted over her and she wouldn’t even care.

“I know things are going to be different baby, but he’s in a better place now, and I promise you he is looking down at you smiling because he is so, so proud of the you woman you’ve become and the example that you are to so many you women and girls all over the place.” Harry smiled through his tears, looking down at you.

“I love you, and I’m sorry for shoving you and punching you, and telling you I hated you.” you mumbled. Harry chuckled softly.

“It’s alright baby. I promise I am never leaving your side. You’re my whole world. I love you so, so much. It’s just a rough day baby. Time will heal us all soon. We will all miss him deeply, but I know for a fact he is so so proud of his little girl. I know I am.”

“I’m so lucky to have you,” you whispered.

“I’m lucky to have you too, my love.”

Nine times that will come

1. There will come a time when Antarctica gets back its forests. They will be delivered by seabirds, seeded deep in ice-carved cracks and growing outwards, growing stranger, knitting themselves together with iceproof vines as the earth moves and the weather warms. By and by they will fill with things that were once penguins. When the time comes for the continent to return the favour to the rest of the world, it will do so with innumerable varieties of things that were once penguins.

2. There will come a time when that tide you were so worried about goes out and beneath it are only purple shells, all the way to the foggy horizon; that and pools darting with tiny fishes.

3. There will come a morning when the sun rises and rises and carries on rising and rising and rising until it is a pinprick in a dark sky; an exceedingly long morning, certainly long enough to run the thing through an orbital mechanics routine or two and get an idea of the level of bother the planet is in. But be sure some ridiculous action cock in a spacesuit will put us back somehow; this is the way of things.

4. Three time-like dimensions will walk into a bar; that is, from the point of view of our time-like dimension. The bar will be at the centre of the universe that has no centre and everyone will get a choice as to which direction they head off in, time-wise; those who choose to head off in dimensions other than the original appearing to the remaining patrons as if they have immovably frozen in place. For ever after (our ever after, at least) those people will be used as tables. In one of the other timelines this joke will have a punchline.

5. As was foretold in the 1950s, one day the deserts will bloom though atomic power. They will grow the great dry trees of the far future, and their blooms will crumble into dust at a touch; but there will be little there to touch them except bats and hurricanes, so they will usually last the whole Winter long. Plenty of time during the Summer’s dust for the roots to mine for uranium again.

6. Grass will grow over your cities, but no worry, no worry; from above they will seem like lumpy hills, and sheep will wander the bridges between building-tops, and office workers will share jokes about having to usher goats out from the window-cleaning platforms and through the building and back onto the slopes above. Up in the centre of the city where the skyscrapers are biggest they will be topped with ice, and mountain-birds will dangle dead rats at the windows of CEOs. One way to stay humble on the thousandth floor. And if not there is always to option to live above and just seal the canyons up. No worry, no worry.

7. There will come a time when nothing can be lost except to entropy the unimaginable thief. Or at least when all things that are lost will know where they are and in time they will be found, but maybe not by the person who lost them. And there will come a time too when the things that are lost gather together and join up their tiny brains and use them to make petty crimes.

8. That time too when there are no dolphins left only dolphin ghosts, roaming through the air in packs as they used to in the water. They are hard to see but there is a certain quality to the air when it is full of dolphin ghosts, a sort of clamminess, and you can hear their tiny chirrups like distant birds. Of course they too swim through the ghosts of every dead dinosaur, as do we all.

9. And finally that time when we will mistake snow for drifting ash and then for industrial foam and then for bleached bees and then for shredded paper and then for the degeneration of our eyes; but after all that, amazingly, unexpectedly, it will still be snow.

stray kids as your best friend (hyung line)

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  • never knows when to stop taking care of you
  • still sees you as a little kid in his eyes 
  • like an older brother figure ! 
  • always wants to treat you out when you two eat i need me a best friend like chan
  • when you text him, he will answer so fast- you wonder if he’s on his phone 24/7
  • will come running to you whenever you need him or want to meet up 
  • likes to have jam out sessions with you, whether it’s you two playing instruments or listening to songs 
  • surprises you with food all the time when he comes over
  • probably knows more about you than your significant partner whoops


  • will still give you lots of hugs 
  • more of a protective best friend 
  • doesn’t like it when you are out late or when he can’t find you when you two are out 
  • gets sulky when you don’t pay attention to him 
  • will never forget a special day like your birthday because he will have it written down everywhere 
  • always quadruple texts you i do this all this time whoops
  • when you are sad, you best bet he will come next to you and share a blanket with you and listen to all you have to say 
  • i still see him as someone who will never be afraid to fight someone that hurt you 


  • he’s a quieter best friend 
  • but it’s a comfortable silence 
  • when you are sad, he will show up to your house with a bunch of ice cream and a comforting smile
  • the type to not talk to you for a week because he is planning on surprising you
  • your personal photographer- probably better than some actual photographers
  • you can call this one at any time and he will be available for you 
  • you two go shopping a lot, and he always wants to have matching items with you because he thinks it’s cute 
  • always wants to travel around the world with you 


  • dark my ass- he is the softest best friend you will ever have
  • likes to have fun and so you two go outside often
  • probably takes bites of all your food too and gives you a cheesy grin smh actually changbin you can take my food anyday
  • sends you memes or cute pictures and videos of dogs- there is no in between 
  • hypes you up whenever you are doing anything
  • holds your hand whenever you are scared too because he will most likely be scared as well 
  • favorite thing to do is to eat late night snacks with you 
  • will never trade you for anything in this world because you mean so much to him 

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trans boy bichie for a writing/hc thing? could be a fully fledged writing or just hcs whatever you prefer to do

YEAH totally!!  i love two (2) trans boys ( @rainbowuris cont of trans losers club au as well !)

  • it’s a sleepover friday and nearing 2am when richie comes out to bill as trans in a sudden blurt hidden under bill’s beds covers that he doesn’t feel like a girl, and he feels… “well… like a boy.”
  • richie’s quietly babbling, and bill can tell he’s worried sick with what bill is gonna say because richie always gets this way when he says something that he’s nervous about - it was the same way when he told bill that he was going to have to get braces, and the same way when he told bill in middle school that he had a crush on their friend stan - never mind the way that bill’s entire face burned with jealousy -
  • the problem is that bill’s never been good at starting sentences, especially when he’s about to say something that it’s so important for richie to hear, and something bill too is nervous about getting out himself.

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As promised, I’m gonna stumble my way through this! :) I want to thank each and every one of my followers for the support I’ve been shown, and I can’t think of any better way to do that, so here goes. 

How I’ve been led to believe this works: 
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4. The two winners will get a sketch of their character of choice from yours truly within, hopefully, a week. ^-^
///As an aside, though my account is Attack on Titan themed, I don’t mind accepting requests for just about any other fandom I’m familiar with. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, though, I promise.   

For anyone unfamiliar with my doodles, here’s a down and quick compilation:

And I think that’s about it! Haha. 

Thanks again for the support, guys. I really do appreciate it so much. <3

Blue Skies,

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Harry making Draco edge himself for the writing meme *digs a hole and hides in shame 😳*

Hi perverted nonnie!  LOLOL.  This fic all takes place in one setting and one night, so I had to jump forward a little bit. ;) NSFW. (Also, it did not contain itself to a couple of lines.)

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A series of sketches I did for the In Plain Sight puzzle au cause why not (couldn’t find my sketchbook, so I used an old notebook to draw)

My favorite is the ones with Bakura, especially with him naked. I told @celepom that Bakura is the kinda neighbor that would walk out naked on the balcony to freak out Yugi, just to piss off Atemu. And it worked.

(if you can’t read my handwriting, Bakura is said ‘Come on, Mutou. The human wang is a beautiful thing!’ whoops i spelled yugis last name wrong on my drawing)

Yugi’s disguise for public appearances makes him look like the fusion of Mokuba and Kaiba. And if you’re wondering what is up with Atemu’s hair when he first met Yugi, he had serious bedhead, worse than Yugi’s, which makes it kinda hard to tell what his hair actually looks like (it was, like, two in the morning when he decided to sneak out to chase a cat, like he cares how he looks, he’s five).

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What would Aspen do if she caught her dads doing the stick in the hole routine? (She probably used to it and just walk out with the “this is what I experience daily basis”face lol)


SURPRISINGLY. Sinner is shy when it comes to ‘being watched’ by little eyes.
(they get a cat at some point too before Aspen, and even with just the kitty watching, he just. cant.)

SO. The two of them wait until Aspen is FOR SURE asleep. And they are alert AS FUCK.

BUT. If she ever DID happen to walk in on them, she’d probably just stand in the doorway for a minute and then be like, “Ummm…”

Pancakes with sprinkles? ~ Tree Bros

Hey, cool. Another fic for @softmushie‘s Cotton Candy and Hunters AU. Sorry in advanced for the horribly written ending. I just got stuck and let my fingers type whatever. But other than that, please enjoy!

WC: 2,452

Warning: Self harm, Blood, Suicide mentioned/attempted, Swearing, I think Jared comes up at one point? 

Part one

Part two


Also, major shoutout to @helplesshansen who helped me work through my ideas! She is an amazing writer and you should go check out her work!

“Nope! Go fish!”

Evan groaned and flopped back on Connor’s bed. “Connor, for the last fucking time. We’re not playing go fish, we’re playing euchre,” the emo boy explained to his friend.

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It/Stranger Things Wheeler Twins AU

-Mike and Richie are twins and when it comes to looks nobody can tell the difference between the two, not even Nancy

-but the two have vastly different personalities allowing people easily to easily tell Mike and Richie alike

-Richie is a sarcastic little shit and often mages fun of Mike and his friends for playing Dungeons and Dragons

-while calling them nerds Dustin tells him if they’re nerds then he’s a loser because he doesn’t hang out with anybody

-Richie takes offense to this but it isn’t wrong. That is until Eddie Kaspbrak moves next door and the two become friends, local losers Bill Denbrough and Stanley Uris joining their group

-when strange things begin happening around town Richie notices his twin acting different after Will disappears

-the losers club begin to investigate the weird events after Bill’s little brother, Georgie goes missing

-while Mike and friends are with Eleven the Losers Club meet Beverly, Mike and Ben the two groups team up with the other group after finding out about It

-Eleven knows about It and the portal to the upside down it crawled out of, having seen it before in her dreams

-the corn disappears and the groups figure that’s the end of it, until the portal in the lab opens again and some of the monsters escape from their world

-including Pennywise the Dancing Clown

I Still Love You- Masterlist

Summary: You loved Dean Winchester with all your heart, and that’s what caused it to break so easily. You were blind from all the signs that were there, and when you finally found out the truth, you left and didn’t look back. But what happens when the brothers walk back into your life?
Pairing: Dean x reader

I Still Love You:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five- Coming soon

Chapter Six- Coming soon

Chapter Seven- Coming soon

*Chapters 8-10?*

Series Tags under cut

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Second Chance Sanctuary

It had been two months since Kyungsoo had come to live with them. The space in the house was officially nonexistent, and Suho was getting irritable as he confronted Y/N in their room. 

“I think Kyungsoo is comfortable enough now to sleep in the room with Lay and Xiumin.”

She sighed. “He likes sleeping in here. He’s still a baby.”

“He is not! At this point, he’s going through puberty. Come on Y/N, he should be in his own space.” Suho sat down on the bed. “The space that we are out of. When are we going to be talking to your parents?”  

She sighed heavily, sitting down next to Suho. “Next month, we go to Busan next month and I need everyone on their best behavior.” 

“Best behavior?” Suho pointed out the door, to the loud noises currently going on downstairs.

A loud crash brings her to the balcony to see what was happening. Lay had dropped the cookie jar, and now Chen was yelling at Lay for being so clumsy. Xiumin started yelling at Chen for yelling at Lay, while Baekhyun and Chanyeol were fighting over the remote even though Kyungsoo was watching television. 

She rubbed her forehead. “We should really try to get them on their best behavior. I’m not so worried about Xiumin and Chen.” 

“Unless he’s with Chanyeol and Baekhyun. We should just split them up.” Suho got up and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Your children are terrible.” 

Playfully pushing him, Y/N smiles. “They’re your children too.” 

“I don’t remember asking for them.” He taps her nose and watches her face relax. “ I like seeing you carefree. This needs to be dealt with quickly.”

“You’re telling me.” Walking down the stairs, Y/N didn’t see a piece of the cookie jar still on the floor and stepped on it. Wincing, she nearly crashes to the ground before Suho catches her from behind. 

“Are you alright?” A look of concern on Suho’s face as Y/N leans her head to look at him. 

“Yea, pretty sure I’m bleeding.” Looking back at Suho again, she smiles. “I think I can get up.” 

“OOhhhhhhhh.” Looking over at the couch, Xiumin was wiggling his eyebrows at them, while Chen made kissy faces.

“Hush up you two.” Y/N felt her cheeks getting warm. “One of you please sweep the floor?” 

“I’ll carry you.” Suho offers, his arms under her legs he carries Y/N to the kitchen setting her on the counter. 

“I could have walked.” Watching as he cleaned the bottom of her foot. She winced from the pain, biting her bottom lip. “Thank you though.” 

“No problem. Someone has to take care of you, while you’re taking care of everyone else.” Wrapping her foot in a bandage, he stands up smiling. “A kiss for the boo-boo.” Getting close, Suho presses his lips against Y/N’s cheek. 

He felt his ears get warm, twitching on his head as he moved her from the counter to a chair. 

“That was my cheek, not my foot.” Y/N offers as she brushes the area his lips touched. 

Suho winks. “I know.” Leaving the kitchen, he walks past Xiumin who saw the whole exchange. 

“That was quite bold of you.” The feline grins. 

“I regret everything,” Suho says hurriedly as he rushes past him embarrassed. 

“I’m going to buy some groceries and a new cookie jar.” Y/N announced the next morning. “Who wants to come with?” 

“I will!” Lay says running from the kitchen, another cookie in his mouth. 

“Me too.” Baekhyun jumps from his spot near Chanyeol on the couch. 

“Our show!” Chanyeol whines as he watches Baekhyun put on his shoes. 

“Just tell me what happens. I like going outside.” Baekhyun holds Y/N hand as she opens the door. 

“Are you fine here Kyungsoo?” Y/N looks at the moody feline. He had been irritable late, watching everyone with a slightly judging look but her. 

“I’ll stay.” He got up quickly, coming over to whisper in her ear. 

“Are you sure?” Y/N looked down at him smiling. He was still a little shorter than her, but he was growing quickly, in no time he’d be taller than her, just like the rest of them. 

“Yes.” He seemed embarrassed. Rubbing his cheeks, he walked away back to the recliner, wrapping the blanket around him once more. 

“Ok, well we’re gone. Xiumin? When Suho comes out the shower let him know where I went.” She said as she closed the door. 

In the store, she let them walk around and grab a few things. She had saved her own money and usually shopped on the days where the grocery store had sales going on. 

“Can I pick a cereal? Or two? Please? By myself?” Baekhyun tugged at her shirt as he whined. 

“Only two, Baek.” She rubbed his ears as he ran off. 

“Lay, you can go…” He was already walking down an aisle, and she let him, thinking he was going to grab the cheese, he had forgotten. 

Truth be told, Lay had doubled back because he had seen a teddy bear and wanted to give it to Kyungsoo. Suho had told him that Kyungsoo had hormones, and that meant that he was going think everyone was annoying. It was hard for Kyungsoo now, and so everyone had to just be nice to him. He was becoming a big boy. Lay thought that he deserved a present, and Y/N had the money to buy it. As he stood deciding what color Kyungsoo would like, he listened as two teenagers talked behind him. 

“Remember that dance studio, it’s like two streets over?” The blonde male spoke. 

“My girlfriend used to go there. I think it got shut down, the owner went under.” The brown haired male spoke again, still looking at the candy selection. 

“Really? Some people have been hearing music come from there. You know the rumor was the owner was in trouble with the mafia. Left everything, even his hybrid.” 

The brown haired male balked. “Not that hybrid. He wouldn’t have. It was so good at dancing, helped him with his classes.” 

“Then why are the lights on upstairs?” The blonde finally picked a box of chocolates. 

“Whatever, maybe it’s a new owner.” Selecting a box of his own, the two males turned around and startled a bit noticing that Lay had been listening to them. 

“Can I help you?” One of them asked, looking at each other and then Lay. 

“Yes.” Lay smiled. “Which bear should I get for Kyungsoo? Brown or white?” 

The blonde laughed. “I dunno man, whatever color…Kyungsoo likes best.” 

“He likes black.” Lay offered. 

“Brown then.” The other male spoke. “Closer to black.” 

With that, the two walked off leaving Lay to put the white bear back. Finding Y/N once more, Lay put the bear into the cart earning an eyebrow raise from her. 

“What’s this?” She asked, picking up the bear looking at the price tag. 

“For Kyungsoo. He needs a present because he’s having a hard time turning into a big boy.” Y/N laughed and gave Lay a kiss on the cheek, putting the bear into the cart. 

“I’m going to have to talk to Suho about how he explains things to you.” Taking a piece of candy out of Baekhyun’s hands, they shuffled through the line and out of the store. 

Getting into the car, Lay held the bear and looked up at Y/N. “I think we have someone to help. He is in a dance studio near here.” 

“Someone, to help?” Baekhyun’s butt wiggled in his seat. “I want to go, I can help. I’ll help really good. Chanyeol can come too, he’s tall and he can reach things. Maybe he’ll have to reach up and help this new hybrid down.” 

“Is he stuck?” Lay was worried, looking from Baekhyun to Y/N. 

Y/N put her face in her hands shaking her head. “No.”

“Maybe!” Baekhyun overtalked her. “This is why we need Chanyeol.” 

“Let’s go home and get Chanyeol!” Lay nearly meowed as he clutched the bear harder. 

“He’s not stuck, guys. It’s fine. Let’s go home, do some googling and get back to everyone else. Then we can decide what to do with this new person ok?” 

Here’s where this ends, I’m pretty sure you all know who is coming next! 

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What would like adoptive parents to read / understand better before welcoming a new placement?

First off, know that we’re adopting our first two foster placements.

Here’s my advice from that perspective:

the emotional rollercoaster is quite a ride; to make sure to get some support in place for all of the difficult feels.

Also, that you’ve gonna be pushed to limits with all of the out of your control red tape.

Lastly, a piece of advice I’d gotten that I need to pass on: don’t take any of it personal when it comes to bio family stuff.

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hi!! i’m a HUGE fan of your writing, and i was actually wondering if you could write a gwuncan au about gwen coming out to him as bisexual for the first time, i don’t ship them romantically at ALL but i do enjoy the two as friends. also i LOVE your headcanons btw, you’re literally such an amazing writer lol

Wow, thank you! That’s super nice of you to say - and I really appreciate that! <3 

Gwen sat on the rickety picnic bench and drummed her nails impatiently against her leg. Picking this place to meet Duncan at had probably been a bad idea - this particular park was notorious for drug deals and other various sleazy exchanges - but Gwen wasn’t too bothered by that. Not when she had more important things occupying her mind, anyways. 

She didn’t know why she was so nervous - actually, scratch that, she knew perfectly well why she was so jittery and antsy and just couldn’t seem to sit still. Maybe it was the splintery bench she had elected to sit on, but more than likely it was the fact that she had texted Duncan to meet her here for the sole purpose of telling him something that had been weighing heavily on her heart and mind for a very long time. She wasn’t too worried about him judging her - he was too lazy to be judgmental - but, still, he would be the first person to know she was bisexual, and that in and of itself was a little nerve-wracking.

Gwen hadn’t wanted to tell her family - not immediately, anyways. Her mom was busy with work and being involved in her little brother’s schooling (to his chagrin), and her brother was too busy trying to figure out how to spend more time playing video games. She was sure they’d both be supportive - especially her mom - but it simply wasn’t something she was ready to tell them. She knew she would have to eventually - that was a given - but she’d do it on her own time. 

If there was one thing Gwen valued, it was authenticity - and just keeping to her own personal code of being true to herself by telling someone (one of her closest friends, as a matter of fact) was enough to make her feel somewhat reassured about the whole thing.

Not that there was anything to need reassurance about, she reminded herself as she sat on the bench and squinted at the rustbucket currently pulling into the park parking lot (with an ornamental skull on the hood, naturally). She was who she was, and anyone who doubted or judged that could go right ahead and fu-

“Hey, gothy.” Duncan interrupted her reverie when he came strolling towards her, twirling his key ring around on one finger. 

“How original,” Gwen deadpanned, forcing her fragmented thoughts aside to retaliate with a smirk of her own. 

“You want a smoke?”

“You bet.”

Duncan slipped his pack out of his pants pocket, jimmied a few out, and passed one to her. They lit up together, and Duncan took a seat next to her, with his legs sprawled out in front of him. “So, what’s up? Hate to say this, but you better make it quick - I’m on my way to a thing and Courtney’s gonna get pissed if I’m late.”

Gwen took a deep puff - exhaled - watched as the smoke fanned out. Even though she knew how Duncan was, she was growing more and more apprehensive by the second - had this been a good idea? Was she really sure she wanted to tell him? But before she could let those doubts dissuade her, she turned to him, took another hit, and said bluntly, without any warning whatsoever, “I’m bi.”

Duncan’s expression didn’t change - he simply turned his head to look at her, cigarette of his own hanging loosely between his fingers. “That’s cool.”

That…was it? Gwen wasn’t entirely sure what she had expected - but, in a way, his complete and utter casualness about the whole thing was a bit of relief. She smiled, slumped against the picnic table, and exhaled another flume of smoke. “Well, uh…I guess.”

“How’s your mom feel about it?”

“Haven’t told her yet.” Gwen shrugged. “Haven’t told anyone, actually. Except for you.”

“That makes me feel awfully special,” Duncan said, and Gwen made as if to playfully slug him in the shoulder - now wasn’t a time for his crappy jokes - but he just smiled. A genuine smile - a rarity. “No, but, for real. Good for you, Gwen. You’re kick-ass.”

“I know.” Gwen grinned at him, but the softness in her eyes thanked him for that. That was one of the best things about Duncan - he rolled with the punches, genuinely and authentically, and pretty much everything that came out of his mouth was his genuine opinion. She appreciated that - and the fact that there was no need for any mushy verbal sap. One grateful look and a dip of Duncan’s head was all it took.

“Alright, you should probably get going. Don’t want Courtney to rip your eyebrow piercing off or anything.”

Duncan rolled his eyes. “As if I’d let her do that.” At Gwen’s look, he snorted and shook his head. “Willingly, anyways. Alright. Hey, if you need me, you got my number.”

It was the first time he’d said anything remotely sentimental - in his own weird way - and Gwen nodded, watching as he got up and stretched. “Hey, Duncan?” He looked back at her and grunted. “…Thanks.”

He shrugged. “Nothin’ to thank me for. Actually, you could treat me to that new horror flick comin’ out -”

Gwen snorted. “Yeah, right. I’m just as broke as you. Hit me up when I have money, and maybe it’ll be a different story.”

Duncan snickered. “Alright, cool. I’ll hold you to that, though. ‘Later.” He tipped her a two-fingered salute before marching away back to his rustbucket of a car.

Gwen watched him go, feeling as if an enormous weight had been lifted off of her shoulders - for all of his annoyances and aggravations, Duncan could be a pretty damn great friend, when he tried - that much she could begrudgingly admit. 

Just Come On (2)

series: Just Come On REBOOT

taglist: @michaels-hands @downtown-kid @the–real-wombat


pairing: all Stranger Things characters x Reader


summary: Billy Hargrove is a Dragon, but when the time comes, the Party is in need of a Dragon.


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Dragon’s Lair

chapter 2


“I just, I don’t get any of this!” Mike paced the floor. “Why are we trusting them anyway?”

“Mike,” El gave him a look. “They are my brother/sister.” Mike whined and she narrowed her eyes, he sighed and gave up.

He continued to pace and El resumed flipping through files. Hopper rolled his eyes at the two’s bickering and as he looked back down, his flipping stopped.

“I don’t think-”

“I found it.”

Mike quickly sat down beside him, a little too close, and Hopper elbowed him back.


He opened up the file and was surprised. It was mostly in Spanish. He read the headlines, mysterious screaming from a lab in Santa Rosa, disappearances of young adults and children, it was all here.

“Holy shit,” Mike cussed. Hopper gave him a look before turning back to read the files to the best of his abilities. “Where is it at? Hawkins?” He asked.

“No,” Hopper paused. “Santa Rosa.”

“Where’s that?” Mike could barely read a passage. Maybe that Spanish class would have been worth the extra credit.


El furrowed her brows, “California?”

“That’s where Max came from,” Mike said. El visibly scowled at the sound of Max’s name, but who was she to judge? Max was beginning to grow on her. “Do you think she can tell us about it?”




“What? Why not?” Mike watched as Max crossed her arms. “All you need to do is ask your parents!”

“One, he’s not my dad, two, my mom wouldn’t tell me anything about California! She hates thinking about, okay? It’s final, I’m not doing it,” Max’s blood boiled just thinking about it.

“What if we ask your brother, Billy?” Hopper asked. Max’s eyes widened.

“No. No, no, no! Hell no! We are not asking Billy!” Lucas threw his hands in the air. “He tried to kill me!”

“Lucas, we really need this right now,” Dustin pleaded. “Just this once, Max, alright? Hopper can ask, it’ll scare Billy into telling us. We really need to know if this is real.”

Max pursed her lips in thought and before Lucas could confirm their disagreement, Max sighed.

“Alright, fine.”

Lucas gave her a look. Was she really ready to face Billy again? He’d acted less violent and didn’t question her, but it was still scary.

“Thanks, Max!” Dustin quickly exited the living room to run into his room, where Will watched over 009. Lucas watched Max stare at her hands as the others grabbed their coats.

He’d never seen her so anxious, so scared. Max looked up and smiled to cover her nervousness, fiddling with the sleeves of her hoodie.

Lucas sat beside her, “If Billy tries to even touch you, we’ll kick his ass.” Max laughed. “I’m serious. No mullet-having dirt bag is gonna mess with a member of the Party.”

“Oh, I’m a member of the Party now, huh?” Max nudged his side. Lucas hummed, trying not to laugh. “Did you run this by Mike before you proposed this?”

“He’s not the only decision maker,” Lucas grinned. Max pushed his shoulder jokingly and he faked hurt. Dustin glanced out from his room and never had he felt more hurt.

Max was supposed to like him. Max was supposed to like him, not Lucas. Why couldn’t he just be happy for his friends? Happy that they’re together and love each other? Maybe that was his future, to get thrown to the side, to be a bounce back, to be alone.

He took a deep breath.

“If you guys aren’t going to go with Hopper, I’d appreciate your assistance over here!” He said. Max and Lucas quickly responded and dismissed each other, Lucas going with Dustin while Max went with Hopper.

“So what do you need help with?” Lucas asked. Dustin stared at him with narrowed eyes, seething almost. “Dustin?”

“Uh, food. They’re hungry,” Dustin quickly responded.

“Oh, cool. Okay,” Lucas glanced at Will and 009, the two staring at each other in an awkward silence. “I’ll be right back then…?”

He left the room and felt Dustin’s envious eyes boring into his head like bullets as he did. Lucas shuddered it off and began searching the kitchen for something edible and quick.

“Hey, Dustin! Where’s the um, the crackers?”

“Bottom cabinet beside the fridge!”

“Found it!” Lucas shouted, kneeling down to pile up animal crackers and canned soups, even some pudding. So that’s where he stashed his stolen pudding? Weird. As he came back into the room, he read off what he’d gotten.

“Got some animal crackers, pudding, and uh, microwave soup, I think,” Lucas dumped it onto Dustin’s bed. Yeah, it looked like soup. Tomato, maybe, and then chicken noodle. Thank God Sonia liked Campbell’s.

“Soup?” 009’s head shot up from behind the bed, her eyes directed towards Lucas. Their eyes caught the shine of the canned soup and they widened, snatching up the soup. They started biting the metal top, trying to open it with their to-the-nub bitten nails.

“They like soup, I guess?” Lucas shrugged. Will sat up and watched 009 try to open up the can aggressively.

“Open. Open, open, open. Open!” 009 banged the side of the can onto the floor and Will slowly took it from them, their fingers grazing each other’s closely. Will felt tingly, warm, almost like people in a movie would feel when they see their true love, it ws confusing.

“Here,” Will held the can in his lap, putting his thumbnail under the tab to successfully peel off the top. He handed the soup can back and the two stared at each other before 009 took it and practically started inhaling it.

Will watched, awkwardly and almost disgustedly. That’s when 009 noticed his staring, stopping their feast to hold out the rest to Will.

“Oh, no, no, it’s okay. I’m not hungry,” Will said. 009 nodded and stared down at the tin can, furrowing their eyebrows until the soup began to boil. They looked back up and smiled, holding it out. “Oh, um…”

Dustin’s eyes widened. So that was their power, heating up things? Maybe it was the ability to manipulate liquids? Who knows. All he cared about was when they met, they were out in the cold.

That’s why they were there, why they were weak and knocked out in a single hit, they were dying. If they were dying, then what was happening now? Were they being revived? What was this?

009 grabbed Will’s hands and placed them around the can, forcing him to bring it up to his lips.


Will obliged. Lucas and Dustin couldn’t help themselves from laughing. Will was always too nice to say no, never one to be mean, which was sometimes not a good thing.

009 finally left him alone to grab more food. They grabbed crackers and hid them in the jacket Dustin had given them, stashing them for a reason no one knew. They noticed Dustin and Lucas still there and immediately stood up.

They held out their hands, two packets of animal crackers held out for the two. Dustin accepted it, though Lucas was reluctant. After all, even after El, he was still cautious.



“Billy, what do you know about Santa Rosa?” Hopper stood at the doorframe of Billy’s room, watching as he checked himself out in the mirror, a lit cigarette between his lips.

“Santa Rosa? Why do you want to know?” Billy stood up straight and walked over to Hopper, leaning on the door to seem laid-back yet intimidating, but Hopper was much taller.

“Just tell him, Billy,” Max crossed her arms. El stepped forward, her eyes narrowed at the cocky boy.

“Tell us.”

Billy knew what had happened with this girl. She’d slam his door shut everytime she was over and Lucas was around, she had some sort of weird ability, it was disturbing and for once, scary.

“Alright. Santa Rosa. It was a city, a big one, I’ve been there. Tons of hot chicks, stunning views of their–”

“Hargrove, don’t test me,” Hopper knocked his fist down right beside his hand, almost threateningly. After many run-ins with the authorities, he wasn’t scared, but boy was he scared of El.

“The lab was closed down the year we left, something about the half of it being burnt down or something. Dad said it was some kind of miscalculation,” Billy flicked the ashes off his cigarette. “That all you need?”

“Yeah. That’s all I need,” Hopper gave one last threateningly close hit before walking away, the two girls in tow. As they neared the door, Mike sat at the porch.

“Did you get what we need?” Mike raised his head. El nodded and he smiled, grabbing her hand to walk to the car together. “When we get back to Dustin’s–”

“We’re not going to Dustin’s,” Hopper said. The others gave him a look. “We need to talk to one of the lab workers again.”

“I think we might be getting somewhere.”