not when i already like someone else too

pandora-of-antioch replied to your post “I already want someone else to finish writing my new fic for me so I…”

But we love you so much! I’m still in the middle of “Addicted to You” …I’ll need something to read when I’m finished…

I love you too! :D

But I am so lazy and I look at how much work I’m going to have to put into the story and I’m just like *sigh* I want to read it not write it.

Cuz like… It’s really good, yo.  lol I’m feeling like the best writer in the world right now.  I want to read my own stuff.  Where is my magic machine to translate my brainwaves into an instant book so I can just read it?

The Everything Rant

I was gonna rant about something specifically but I’ve decided fuck that everyone’s getting it. 

The Edits Rant:

Both of my blogs have already passed 420 yet I still haven’t made that 420 video that I hyped so much because all the weed jokes are either over used or take too much effort to make and I don’t know how to. Originally I was gonna wait a while til a few days passed til someone else’s 420 video died down. Now I’m too busy watching the one I did recently that I fucking can’t make it. after this I probably am. I hate it when 2 people make like the same fucking video and its even worst when u don’t realize u made the same video as someone else til like they have 800 notes and u have 200 its like at that point its too late. Then if u do catch it close enough to when it was posted u just threw away 20/10 mins of your life making the video. Also have like 2 other ideas that I have to make but I cant get that other one out my head.

The Drama Rant:

Everything at this point has blown over besides the fake leafy being exposed Now all you have to do is like wait a day and someone would’ve called someone else gay then the LGBTQ+ community is gonna be like wtf being gay isn’t a bad thing then next thing u know its on drama alert.

The Fake Leafy Rant:

Everything that I can say about it has already been said :L And if it put in my input this is all it will be

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and i don’t know who I am anymore and if the person I was was enough and fun and lively and not just a ball of negativity and sadness, but most importantly I don’t know who I am anymore and I can’t remember who I was and I feel very lackluster and unimportant and boring and unlovable and undateable and like a piece of trash person not worth talking to or befriending, all because this one person had already had his share of me in someone else and only I know what I mean in this and am I really that common and even though I’m not and he made me cry those times he what the fucked me when I suggested something genuinely me but sometimes silly like eating the lollipop before going to bed or getting two fortune cookies each time even though he was not with me i am weird and not enough and too abrasive sometimes and boring at conversation and insecure now, publicly insecure because i don’t measure up and because I love a person who wilted me and almost ripped me out of my soil. I am limp, with a pulsating headache. i want to scream and cry on his stupid face

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i feel like i've found my asriel in this life. i want to reach out to them, confirm my suspicions, that it's really them. i want to prove myself in this lifetime. show them i just wanted what's best for them. but now it's just like how i was with mom and dad back then, when i first fell. why does my heart quicken in fear when i think of you? why am i compelled to run and hide whenever i consider approaching you? you know i get the feeling you've already replaced me with someone... else, (1/2)

already. just like how you replaced me with frisk that one time, didn’t you? god, i’m too scared to ask. i’m too scared to even talk to you. -a chara with avpd (2/2)