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The Rubber Room 5

Ohm felt his body giving up on him.. It was weak. It hurt. 

“Ryan you okay?” 

Ohm looks up from where he had been sitting. Jon was standing there. Ohm looked like a wreck he had bandages wrapped around his hand and he was bruised.. He was covered in cuts and his face was so blank. 

“I’m fine.” Ohm smiles and Jon shakes his head. “Who the fuck did this to you..?”

After he got patched up by the nurse. Brian beat the absolute shit out of him. Ohm didn’t blame him.. He. Wasn’t himself. Ohm just sighs.

“I.. did.”

Jon knew that was a lie but he just sits by Ohm and hugs him. “I l-..” 

Before Jon could finish his sentence Ohm stands up and walks away. “I care about you but I.. Was drugged.”

“so that is what yesterday was to you. Fuck you too.”

Ohm was left alone as his brain screamed at him. Tortured him. The thoughts he could easily block out with Luke. They were back and louder than ever. “Jon.. I.. Love Luke… I..” 

“Its not like I loved you Ryan so just leave it.” Ohm looks up at him and Jon’s eyes were watering. “You’re not the first.” Ohm holds his head as the voices scream at him. 

End it. Kill yourself. Kill Brian. Kill that man. End it. End it. END IT.


Jon was taken off guard when Ohm suddenly screamed. “You hear them too?”

Ohm shakes his head and for some reason he was crying.. “Hey Ryan its okay!” Ohm hugs Jon and he wishes he could just move on from Luke. Let himself be happy with someone else but he wasn’t going to be here forever. Right?

“I’ll help you get the fuck out of this place and back to Luke. Someone needs to have a fucking happy ending in this place.”

Ohm actually smiles. “You’d do that for me?”

“I’d do anything for you Ryan..”

Why did he have to hurt him like this? Why was he so selfish? Always thinking of himself and no one else. Thinking of the man he loves and his own happiness. Brian walks over. “Hey love birds~ Ow that looks like it hurts Ryan..” 

Ohm’s blood runs cold and he goes still. His brain even shut up for a second and he starts shaking. Jon caught on. 

“You were the one that did that weren’t you?” 

Brian just pouts as he shrugs. Then he shakes his head, “IT WAS HIM! I SWEAR! I didn’t do it! I told him to stop.” Jon laughs as he smacks Brian. 

“Next time I kill you.”

Brian runs off. Ohm looks up at Jon and he sighs. “You should of been nicer to him.”

“Eh he had it coming. You’re not the first.”

Ohm laughs lightly and he looks at his hand. “I wish it killed me.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Actually I do..” 

Jon slaps Ohm making him blink. As he puts a hand on the place that stung. Ohm wishes he would just die. He wants it so bad. “Ryan please. Think about Luke.”

He is right. Ohm smiles. “Jon. Why do you care about me?”

Jon laughs at that as he grabs some food. “I care about anyone that I know is worth it. Like you. You are a great guy. Really loyal.. I know the guy drugged you.. I.. Just wanted it to be real you know? I.. Miss Evan.”

Ohm knew exactly how that felt. “And.. I miss Luke.” 

“Do you have any escape plans?”

“Yeah one.” 

Ohm takes out a knife and stabs it into the table. “Who the fuck are you going to kill.”

“The guy that runs this place.”

“Keep talking.”

Luke was in the living room as he packed a bag. He had bought a ton of ammunition and some machine guns. This would get the job done fast. He had to get Ohm out of there fast. 

Luke cocked a gun after he loaded it. “I’m coming baby.”

Luke puts the bag over his shoulder and he walks down the street. He walks straight up to those gates and just as he was about to push them open. 

“Do you really think that is a good idea?” He knew that voice. He turns around and sees the man that works there. “Guns.. Really?” 

Then Luke was knocked out and dragged through the gates and to the Asylum. “Now lets go to plan b of keeping your fucking boyfriend in my asylum.” 

Ohm hears knocking at his door which causes him to groan as he sits up, “WHAT?”

Then that man walks in. “I got a surprise~” Ohms body freezes in its spot.. Oh shit. No. Then he is dragged out of the room. “RYAN!” Jon screams as he tries to grab him and Ohm grabbed for him too then. the door closed to another room. 

“R-.. Ryan.?”

Ohms eyes go wide as he slowly looks up. Luke..?

Luke was there tied to a chair. His hair was a mess… His body was covered in bruises and he was severely injured.. “Luke oh my god..” Ohm runs up to Luke and hugs him crying. Luke wishes he could hold him in his arms and tell him it was okay. He was stuck. To that. Damn. Chair

Then Ohm screams as he is dragged away from Luke. “Hey it would suck if something bad happened to the person you loves right?” That question was aimed at both of them.. 

“Stop trying to break out. I am not a fucking idiot.”

Then Luke screams as a knife is jabbed into his shoulder. Ohm screams as he takes out the knife he had and he stabbed the man that was holding him. The man was caught off guard and tries to run but then Ohm pins him against the wall. “You. Stay. Right. Fucking. There.” 

The guy actually looked scared. Ohm was done with this shit. Luke was crying as the other guy took the knife out and slowly came up behind Ohm. 


Then Ohm drops his knife. “RYAN NO!”

“Too bad.. I wanted to keep you around.. Just another problem gone from this world.” 

Ohm felt himself slowly collapse to his knees as he holds the are that hurt. Then his hands were covered in blood. “RYAN!” He heard another voice and standing there was Jon. 

“YOU!” Luke screams. “Oh shit you must be Luke.”

“You fucked my boyfriend.”


How did he? The man looks out the door and sees everyone that worked there unconscious. “What I am good at what I do?”

The man tries to run for it but Jon took him out first. “THAT’S FOR EVERY FUCKING TIME YOU BEAT THE SHIT OUT ME. OR RYAN.”

Ohm falls on his back and then.. Everything is like in slow motion.. It was like that scene in a movie when all hell breaks loose and unfitting music plays in the background. 

Ohm feels his vision slowly going black. Maybe he was waking up from a bad dream. he accept the blackness. 


My Top 10 Fav Characters (Updated Yet Again)

Whelp, I had to let go a lot of characters this go around in favor of different ones. Ah my flippant heart…

10. Obi (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)

9. Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)

8. Sync the Tempest (Tales of the Abyss)

7. Kaede Kayano (Assassination Classroom)

6. Masato Hijirikawa (Uta no Prince-sama)

5. Kija (Akatsuki no Yona)

4. Laphicet (Tales of Berseria)

3. Asuma Mutsumi (Kiss Him Not Me)

2. Makoto Niijima (Persona 5)

1. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Such a flippant heart I have… well except for the number one spot XD


The plan involved some more frames, but since it took me forever just for these three, well.

Vilkas and #39

“She doesn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’”.
For @this-is-sandpit-turtle-182

Vilkas was peeved, no, scratch that, he was beyond peeved. This day couldn’t get any worse, this morning he had woken up to find out that Farkas and Aela had left on a mission leaving Vilkas to try and make friends with the new whelp. (which may or may not had been planned.) What made it worse was that when he had decided to train out behind Jorrvaskr his favorite great sword had been broken. And now Kodlak was sending him on a mission with the newest and most annoying whelp yet….(y/n). She was smart, outgoing, and loved to talk… Just like him.
And he hated it.
And now he was alone with the said female, on the road… And she had decided to talk. It was probably to him. But he was not paying attention. The constant sound of her voice in the background becoming white noise as he smelt something….
“The turn should be just ahead past these old ruins. Maybe we could-“ but was stopped abruptly to having Vilkas roughly lay a finger on her lips.
She frowned deeply. “What? You can lecture me a whole hour about how much better is a great sword compared to a regular sword but I can’t tell you where we are going?!”
“Shut UP Damn it! You’re so annoying!” he said sharply again turning to give her a harsh glare. Y/n went red in the face and turned to look away hiding something in her eyes.. Turning silent. Vilkas sighed in relief and walked still ignoring her. And ignoring the pang in his chest at the hurt in her eye. But the tension was quickly broken as an arrow sprang forward and hit him in the leg. He yelped and growled pulling it out and sprang forward seeing the whelp already 50 meters ahead slicing down the bandit archer with a dagger. Turning she blocked a burly bandit with her forearm and kicked him back… Vilkas swallowed the lump forming in his throat. But there was no time to waste. He quickly joined her. Striking the bandit chief a crossed the neck as he raised a bagger to stab her in the back. He huffed and lowered his sword, seeing that y/n had made quick work of the other three. He grunted sitting down. “Guess we can make camp here.” he said, albeit shamefully. He had been wrong about her. She was strong and well, not a whelp. And she hadn’t a scratch on her. He grunted holding the wound and flinched as he felt y/n wrap a cloth around it tightly. He winced and sheepishly looked up at her. Her face was blank as she fiddled with the cloth. Tying it tightly to stop the bleeding. She said nothing, which wasn’t normal… “(y/n)” he said as she turned away. She looked at him. Eyes darting away as she turned to fiddle with her boot buckle. “What is it Vilkas?” she asked quietly. Vilkas swallowed and his mouth went dry….he didn’t like apologising…ever. “I’m…….sorry…. I was wrong about you.” he said and looked down frowning. Cheeks flaming with shame. She was silent. And when he dared to look up. He was surprised to see a warm smile on her face. She chuckled at his reaction and said. “It’s ok Vilkas…. Your voice is annoying too.” He chuckled as well, a smile on his face and a faint feeling in his chest as they talked through the night.

I may be a Prince, but you’re my King (royalty AU)

((continued from here  ))

Once again, Craig decided to show just how gracious of a ruler he is and chose to ignore the quip from Leo. He tossed his boots by the door, a relieved sigh escaping his lips as he did so. Moving over to Leo, he gave him a sharp sideways glance as he quipped a reply.

Need and want, are two completely different things, whelp. Just because you don’t have the luxury of having someone to escort you to bed, doesn’t mean should go without such niceties.” He shrugged off his daily wear, rolling his shoulders and stretching his back as he did. He pulled one arm up and over his head, tugging it back down with his other arm in an attempt to stretch out a knot in his shoulder blade. Gods, he should hire a masseuse. Come to think of it, why hasn’t he yet?

“Whelp, remind me tomorrow to hire someone who can work these knots out of my back. It’s a terrible burden to have to do it myself.” He sighed, grabbing the Pajamas off the bed, making his way to the bathroom to put them on. Like hell he was ever getting naked in front of a lowly whelp like Leo. Probably.


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Translator like you are the real MVPs i mean what are we gonna without you 😭 Thanks for translating Akatsuki No Yona and Kamisama! One of my faves tbh. Hope you can check out Tsubaki - Chou Lonely Planet. So goooood. 👌

Asdfgjkl thank you for your message! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

I’ve been meaning to check out Tsubaki Lonely Planet for a while now, especially since I enjoyed Hirunaka no Ryuusei so much! I’ll definitely pick it up eventually, but I have an eternally long list of other stuff I have to finish before I pick anything new up lol. I’m currently reading 2 Japanese novels, 3 english novels, two visual novels, and I recently bought the first volume of Joou no Hana and I haven’t even started it yet, whelp!! (Also the new Harvest Moon game just came out in Europe and I have sold my soul to this game.)

What if...

Hannibal infects Will with the Wendigo-Virus, which brings hunger for meat and blood. Will, unknowing of his condition, slowly descends into madness, his dogs don’t want to get near him and he finds himself in the guidance of his psychiatrist, which suggest to go on a hunting trip together in the woods, far from any civilization. And Hannibal can see how Will tastes the warm flesh of a stag after he shot it, first licking the blood of the wound as if it would help still his appetite. And Hannibal is proud to see that he isn’t the only one with an appetite for meat.

Unrelated ch14- Nate Maloley

“Max come on you can’t be late to your own party” you hasten rushing out the door heading to the park to join the guys setting up for Max’s 4th birthday party. You had managed to bribe them into helping with the promise of pizza and cake. You’d think it would take more than that to convince grown men but nope, food always works.

Parking your car you survey the area smiling to yourself at how well things were coming along. The guys had hung the bulk of the decorations. You balance the cake on your palm and an obscene amount of balloons in the other as you make your way over to the table. “Sam the bouncy castle looks great!” you shout laying the cake down on the picnic table under the pavilion. “I didn’t do too badly if I do say so myself” he jokes brushing the imaginary dirt off his shoulder warranting an eye roll. “Have you heard from Nate yet?” you ask tying the balloons to trees to guide the guests to the location. “No he was supposed to call me when he lands” he replies knitting his eyebrows in confusion. Sam pulls out his phone checking the time “Shit-take mushrooms” he trails off catching himself under your glare. “I somehow missed his call” he notes rubbing his forehead. “I swear you’re the only person who doesn’t feel their phone vibrate but refuses to use the ringer” you reply shaking your head.

“Baby why don’t you go jump in the castle. It looks super fun.” You suggest to Max pointing at the blue and red house. “Mommy where’s Dad?” he inquires “Did he tell you he was going to be here?” you ask bending down to his level “Yes” Max nods excitedly “So then go play and I’ll tell you when he’s here” you instruct turning him around and pushing him towards the castle. “Okayy” he sings running to the castle and climbing in. “Sam multitask, go call Nate and watch my baby, I need to finish these goodie bags”

As the children begin to filter into the area you play hostess making sure that the parents have something to drink and encouraging mingling amongst themselves. You had delegated tasks to the boys. Sam was on bouncy castle duty, John was supposed to be setting up the piñata but seems a little more interested in a single mom, and Jack and Gilinsky were handling coloring corner.

“Guess who?” you’re blinded by a pair of hands covering your eyes. You cross your arms and press you lips together annoyed at the invasion into your person space. “Daddy” you hear Max call and immediately your demeanor shifts to a more playful vibe.  “If you’re not Nathan we’re going to have a problem” you sass smiling “No need to get violent Queen” Nate whispers in your ear. You turn and see Max clinging to Nate’s legs. “Someone kind of ruined the surprise” Nate chuckles “No I didn’t” Max pouts lifting his arms up to Nate. He picks up Max then reaches out his free arm to you pulling you into the hug as well. Inhaling deeply you rest your head on his chest reality sinking in. He’s only going to be here for a few hours. Having him away was one thing but now that you have him in your arms the thought of having him go again played with your emotions on more levels than one.

“It’s good to be missed” Nate laughs his chest vibrating against your cheek. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” you say unconvincingly adjusting your clothes.  Max wiggles in Nate’s grasp itching to get back to his party. “Go little man go have fun” Nate says setting him down barely in time.

“I can’t believe you’re here” you say hugging him yet again “Whelp I’m nothing if not a man of my word” hey says bowing. “Oh how I miss being able to count on you” you sigh touching your ponytail.  “Queen you know I’m always here for you” he confirms holding you by your shoulders “I know but you here for me isn’t the same as you… here for me you know?” you say gripping his shoulders lightly. Nate picks up your hand placing a kiss in your palm “I know I know”

“Okay enough go get Swazz and set up the piñata” you laugh pushing him away lightly “What you’re putting me to work?” he says faking shock. “Yes now go since I know I can count on you” you wink.

You watch as he smugly interrupts John’s flirting and picks up the piñata heading over to a cluster of trees. You hadn’t realized how much you had missed him or maybe you had and that’s why you distracted yourself with a perfectly timed Will.

Ah yes Will, the relationship if you could even call it that was still in the beginning stages where your brain was on new information overload, both of you trying to learn as much as possible about the other. 

You go around the picnic table placing silverware and plates out for the cake thinking about Will and how different he was from Nate. Their professional lives could not have been more different but they both shared a laid back personality that you found comforting. And although Will adored your relationship with Max it was clear being around kids didn’t come naturally despite his exposure. And it’s this thought that crosses your mind when you find him walking across the park heading straight for you with a birthday gift in his hand.

Yesterday you had offhandedly told him about the details of Max’s party and invited him as more of a joke than anything else. Call it being nice, not wanting to be rude by excluding him but you never thought he attend. Shit

Your heart began to pound at the mere thought of the two meeting. For Nate to be such a great guy he’s petty as fuck when it comes to your relationships with other guys. Throwing on a smile you walk up to meet Will halfway embracing him in a casual side-hug, much different than the warm embrace you shared with Nate. “Hi Will. I’m surprised to see you here” you say candidly. “I know I wasn’t formally invited but I wanted to drop off a gift for Max” he says.  “That’s extremely sweet of you” taking the gift out of his hand you walk over placing it on a pile with the others. You feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and have a sense that you’re being watched, or maybe it’s just your guilty conscience. You try to ignore the feeling but when you make eye contact with Nate you know there’s no turning back now.

You almost die when you see him making his way towards you and Will. Your palms get clammy and you can feel the sweat threatening to form along your hairline.  Now would be a great time to perform a disappearing act.

“Queen the piñata is already to go” Nate says opening up a bottle of water out of the cooler. “Awesome. Can you round up the kids?” you ask Nate. He completely ignores your question staring Will up and down looking generally unimpressed. The tension between the three of you is thick and uncomfortably hot. “Er- hmm” Will coughs adding to the situation snapping you out of your awkward daze.

“Right sorry, Will this is Nate, Nate Will” Will offers Nate his hand for a shake at the same moment Nate extends his fist for a pound. Seriously this is some straight out of a movie shit right now. Just get it together, you think.

“I’ve heard a lot about you” Will says confidently. Has he? You didn’t think you brought up Nate that often and yet his words seem genuine it didn’t appear to be a power move.

Nate looks to you with raised eyebrows silently saying “You told him about me did you now?”

“Shame I can’t say the same, but uhh yeah thanks for coming to my son’s party.” he says pointing over his shoulder at Max, “Nice meeting you.” Nate finishes making a show of the hug he gives you before walking off.

Oh my God. I’m going to kill him. I’m going to kill him and get away with it too, that little shit. Nate knew he delivered a crushing blow to whatever confidence Will had left and the look on Will’s face was between pissed and embarrassed.

On your dates you left the story about Max pretty vague and only ever talked about him as your son with Nate. His whole life story wasn’t any of Will’s business at this point and the inner workings of your relationship with Nate were enough to confuse even you.

Will sticks his hands in his pockets as he patiently waits for your attention as you try to regroup from your inward meltdown. “So that’s Nate huh? Didn’t realize you two were still a thing” he replies coolly pointing in Nate’s direction “We’re not, I promise, it’s not like that between us” you try to assure him “Does he know that?” Will asks in a questioning tone. “Either way I simply came to drop off the present. You look lovely by the way” he shrugs not giving you a chance to respond and just like that he’s gone heading away from the party and back the way he came.

You rub you face with both hands quickly trying to get back your party vibe.

“Okay kiddos who’s ready for the piñata?” you shout joining John and Nate by the pinata.

“Trust me Queen if he can’t handle that he’s not the guy for you”

Chapter 15?


You have offered hope that if one keeps trying, even if the consequences are grave, that some day things will be better.