not what they meant by crazy but

power rangers movie thoughts *spoilers*

-i feel so fulfilled after seeing the movie holy fuck
-i was smiling the whole time beside lile the emotional parts. Felt good to hear their names and angel grove again
-so nostalgic and at the same time such a modern amazing take on it
-why is everyone hot like gotdamn dacre montgomery is daddy couldnt stop thinking about how fucking sexy he is
-they all hot tho and wow ugh billy was on the spectrum!! wow that respresentation! They did that!
-tbh when billy was telling jason he was on the spectrum i thought he meant he was gay or something lmao but then i realized he was talking about the other spectrum
-trini being gay!?! What! Like bitch that’s dope
-lowkey thought it was kinda cute when zack kept calling her crazy girl like his lil nickname for bae
-ludi lin was also fine too! damn hot rangers fuck me up
-hes a wild child i loved zack i loved all of them
-my heart when sexy ass jason stood up for billy and bitch slapped that bully at the beginning LMFAO man “weird right!?”
-ugh and his american accent holy fuck im in love w him and when he was shirtless that sealed the deal. big heart beautiful face and body lawd yes red ranger bless me
-ugh the comedic elements were so great
-i loved the cursing like yeah it was little things like hell shit bullshit but like that still makes me a little giddy bc its the fuckin power rangers man! childs play but still a step up from the campy series
-i would hardly call it dark i guess it’s a little grittier but its just more REAL with their stories and how they go about everything. LOVED IT
-billy is the heart of this movie tbh what a sweet angel I also own one of the same shirts
-tons of cgi but like its power rangers what do u expect? At least it was pretty well done IMO
-man rita repulsa was actually kinda fucking scary lmao like straight out of a horror movie deadass but then she got her gold and was like rejuvenated and she looked bomb
-so funny how the fucking zeo crystal was at a fucking krispy kreme everytime they mentioned protecting it i geeked
-ugh i just love how it was just so fucking age appropriate and not campy and it was as realistic as it could be for power rangers
-the masturbation joke ahah when zordon asked if theyve ever morphed before and zack said “only in the shower” lmao shook this is not the campy shit we grew up with!!! I LOVE IT
-the diversity, the sexuality, the language, zacks mom being sick, kimberlys sexting fiasco, billys autism and bullies, jasons all star career down the drain, trini and her family/ sexuality etc.
-all these kids were so fuckin ready to die breaks my heart but also so realistic
-some real breakfast club shit but i loved it wow dont really remember the show being like that but maybe im wrong
-yea just checked lmao and ugh i love how they didnt start off as friends like in the show bc we really got to see their bonds develop from the start
-we didnt just jump right into everything like the show
-killing Billy I was SHOOK i cried a little and then they were all like id trade my life for you guys etc i was really feeling the love and unity and man I fucking love them!!!
-and fitz and the tantrums during the training montage. GREAT FUCKING SOUNDTRACK BBS
-wow zordon the real mvp for saving him i knew he wasnt like frfr dead but wow hell yea
-their relationships just worked on so many levels
-even if i wasnt a long time power ranger fan i wouldve loved this movie
-this movie has helped me come full circle ive waited for this for so fucking long u have no idea i grew up with the og!!! And most of the cheesy spinoffs
-it did the series and franchise justice. for me it was exactly the movie i had hoped would get made someday and it finally did and i didnt even have to wait that long i mean yea its been forever but im only 23!!! SUCH A BLESSING
-legit have always wanted to be a power ranger and after the movie i was so hype i felt like i could fight everyone rn like i had the power within me
-billy telling jason he didnt get humor like “normal people” do at the beginning and then at the end when jason made the same “weird, right?!” joke after bitch slapping rita into oblivion BILLY UNDERSTOOD IT AND IT WAS SO CUTE!!! GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OK
-great beautiful diverse characters, excellent backstory. Enough to get a feel of who they were and why they were that way
-was confused when kim and jason didnt kiss but also wasnt a big deal the romance was hardly even being developed so that trailer was bait but whatever I was gonna see it regardless
-their suits and zords!!! Fuck ya and billy calling it a megazord yes baby
-bitch slapping rita was fucking hilarious. SHE THOUGHTTT
-zordon and alpha were played well too thank the lord
-i just idk what im missing or if i covered anything all i know is that i need to see it again
-that credits scene searching for tommy oliver!!! Omfg who is gonna play him
-this movie really made me feel some type of way
-the fucking cast!!!! So phenomenal like i want to be their fucking best friends IN THE MOVIE AND IRL they mesh so well together im shook i love them so much i didnt know i could love them this much
-also i hope bulk and skull are in the sequel with tommy
-ill get back if i think of more i guess im back to my i wanna be a ranger phase bye

She’s my best friend…my soulmate…and the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine navigating this crazy life without her. I never understood what people meant when they said true love…but now I get it. I used to envy fairytales - now they envy me. 

reasons why crazy ex girlfriend is a good show
  • main cast includes a jewish woman, a hispanic man, an asian man, a plus sized woman (who’s portrayed as being able to get some when she wants to), a bisexual man (who has a whole musical number about being bisexual), and two hispanic women
  • the recurring cast also has tons lgbt and poc characters
  • the music is AMAZING
  • the main character is canonically mentally ill (she even names the diagnosis – “low self-esteem, a lack of maternal affection and a genetic predisposition for anxiety and depression”) and it’s clear it affects her life while still keeping her a sympathetic and realistic character
  • there’s little to no slut shaming – the only character that does it constantly is clearly meant to be a jerk
  • it deconstructs the “crazy ex girlfriend” stereotype, by showing what made her that way and portraying her as a decent, generally nice person, while at the same time not excusing her actions
  • it’s fucking hilarious
  • it has one of the most heartbreakingly realistic portrayals of an emotionally abusive childhood i’ve ever seen on tv with the main character’s flashbacks
  • it has an emotionally abusive relationship between a man and a woman, with the woman as the abuser, and it makes it clear that her behavior is NOT okay or excusable
  • it satirizes the Jewish American Princess stereotype while pointing out how untrue it is
  • so many musical theatre and pop music homages
  • a musical series where the actors can actually, you know, SING
  • a very realistic, nuanced portrayal of depression with the main character
  • despite it being a dark comedy, many of the episodes end on a very uplifting or at least hopeful note 
  • it was created by a woman (who also plays the main character and writes a lot of the episodes and songs)
  • seriously it’s on netflix please watch it

OK so I saw a post that was basically like “Things that YOI has done that other sports anime don’t do” and it was bothering me so I’m going to respond to some of the points on it I found weird and arguable.

“Given us a sports anime where the characters aren’t color coded based on their hair.”

Lmao I don’t even know what you’re trying to say with this because I can think of one (1) sports anime that has a crazy assortment of hair colors, and that’s Kuroko no Basuke, so if you meant Kurobas just say Kurobas. The only other one would be Free!, but Haru’s hair is black and Makoto’s hair is brown, the only weirdos are Rei and the Matsuoka siblings. So I’m going to count Free! as a no. 

Some examples of sports anime where the characters hair colors are pretty much as or more normal then the hair colors in Yuri! on Ice: 

Haikyuu!!, Oofuri, Diamond no Ace, Days!, Battery, Free!, Cheer Danshi, Yowapeda (little bit of weirdness as far as hair goes but only with a handful of characters and Minami’s hair is fire engine red and blonde and Victor’s hair is white so), Hajime no Ippo, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, Tsuritama ( I don’t know if this ‘counts’ strictly speaking but it is about fishing so), Prince of Stride, Baby Steps, Eyeshield 21, Ping Pong the Animation 

That’s SIXTEEN sports anime and those are just ones I’ve watched and are pretty familiar with. If you’re looking for anime without an aggressive amount rainbow hair colors, these should all do fine. 

“The characters don’t pull out some “special super saiyan” moves. They fall down and they visibly look tired after their performances.”

Again, if you want to say Kurobas, just say Kurobas. I think Prince of Tennis could also be an addition to this. These are the only two that come to mind that have “super saiyan” moments. If you’re talking about how “realistic” the anime is, YOI isn’y a shining, glowing example of that either. It’s been said time and time again that the routines that these skaters are doing are of a difficulty that has largely never been achieved by real skaters, and are receiving scores that are easily breaking the records of anything a real skater has ever done. 

Some examples of sports anime which are as or more realistic then Yuri!!! On Ice include: 

Oofuri, Haikyuu!!, Giant Killing, Days!, Diamond no Ace, Battery, Free!, Cheer Danshi, Yowapeda, Prince of Stride, One Outs, Baby Steps

etc. etc. there are definitely a lot more that I know less about that belong on here. That’s ten at LEAST. Don’t forget that these are yanno, TV shows, and things that are generally fairly normal in a sport will often be emphasized and dramatized for effect. 

Also as a side note, exhaustion and injury definitely like, yanno, happen in Kurobas. Like. Often. 

“A lot of the skaters are shown practicing or training on and off the rink which is great for character development.”

Literally every sports anime practically ever has SOME component of practice. Also most of the practicing we’ve seen has been montages???? 

Some examples of sports anime where practice is a particularly important element of the show: 

Haikyuu!!, Oofuri, Diamond no Ace, Days!, Cheer Danshi, Kurobas, Battery, Baby Steps

“Victor and Yuri’s relationship isn’t the entire show, but it’s still a VERY important aspect.

Sports anime where relationships are very important aspects of the show but not the entire show, as in the sport itself is still important:

Oofuri, Haikyuu!!, Cheer Danshi, Diamond no Ace, Kurobas, Days!, Yowapeda, Baby Steps, Prince of Stride 

“The female characters don’t take the backseat.”

Idk what you’re defining as taking the back seat. There are DEFINITELY a lot of female characters and they’re all amazing and awesome, but they’re not even remotely being treated as importantly as the male mc’s. We haven’t even seen any of the female figure skaters skate. The overwhelming amount of female characters, and the diversity among them, is FANTASTIC. This show is definitely a big step forward as far as women in sports anime goes. But it’s not the only sports anime with important female characters, nor in my opinion the one that does them the most justice. and completely ignoring all of the other amazing female characters other sports anime have to offer in order to make YOI look better accomplishes nothing. 

Some examples of shows with great, important, reoccurring female characters: 

Oofuri, Days!, Cheer Danshi, Kurobas, Haikyuu!!, Baby Steps, Free!, Chihayafuru, Prince of Stride 

“The coaches are also important to the characters and the viewers.”

Not even gonna talk about this one. Also I don’t get this as much because the only coaches we’re really like, very close to are Victor and Yakov. 

Examples of shows where the coaches are important to the characters and the story: Oofuri, Haikyuu!!, Days!, Cheer Danshi, Kurobas, Battery, Baby Steps, Diamond no Ace 

Keep in mind that I’m a VERY limited POV on this subject. I haven’t watched nearly as many sports anime as some people and I know I’m leaving a lot of series off the list just because I don’t have enough knowledge on them. If anyone has any that they’d like to add that you think I’ve forgotten, please feel free to let me know!

The point is, even with my limited knowledge, I can still pull out multiple examples of sports anime that counter the points that the OP was making. I’m getting really tired of these posts that are just like, blatant lies about other sports anime just to make YOI look better. YOI can stand just fine on it’s on without people comparing it to other sports anime. There’s literally no need for this and the more I see it the more frustrated I get.  

As for my own recommendations, I think everyone who likes YOI should watch Oofuri (ESPECIALLY this), Haikyuu!!, and Days! because they feel most similar in tone. Tsuritama isn’t strictly speaking a “sports anime” in the traditional sense, but I’d also recommend that because it’s just so damn cute and creative and great. Of course, I recommend everyone watch all of these anime but yanno. 

So we both sing what we both know

The “Angel of Nashville”, the “Princess of Country-Pop”, that’s what they used to call her. After personal tragedy made her retire from the limelight, however, Clarke Griffin is on her way to becoming a burned-out child star, a has-been. But now, Clarke is ready to return to the stage: With a new band, a new sound, and a new lead guitarist who drives her crazy on stage and off - and helps her write the songs she’s meant to write.

[Read it on ao3]

I’m getting a CHIN! 🤗 Can you see a difference? Let me know if you do; because sometimes I see it, but most times I don’t!

I used to read people posting about how they can’t see a difference, and I’d say “Are you crazy? Of course there’s a difference!” But now I totally get what they meant. 12 weeks. 3 months of eating clean and working out. IM PROUD OF MYSELF

HW: 96 kg
SW: 90.6kg
CW: 81 kg? (Too scared to step on the scale. Haven’t checked my weight since two weeks. Last I checked I was 81.7 kg)

I need to keep this going because my amazing personality could use a banging body 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥better keep this going.

RFA asking MC out for Valentine’s Day

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. Whoops. @mysnnyla asked for some headcanons about RFA asking MC out for Valentine’s Day. Some of the actual asking is, er…loosely interpreted. I meant to have this out by Tuesday but, again, whoops.

I absolutely adored the Valentine’s Day DLC and everyone who can should go play it! These are completely separate from that, so no DLC spoilers. ^^

Requests are open.~


  • he’s been planning this for a while
  • been dropping hints like crazy for a while too
  • but the date is approaching fast and he still hasn’t mentioned Valentine’s Day explicitly?
  • like what are you waiting for here, dude, ask already
  • finally it comes around and you’re lowkey upset
    • “Guess I am spending Valentine’s Day alone again…”
  • then your doorbell rings who in the world is coming at 8 am
  • he’s there, dressed in a white suit with a drozen red roses
  • music playing
  • then he starts to serenade you
  • you practically squeal once he’s done, but you hide it well or…not so well
    • “I was about to be really mad. Hmph.”
    • “I know. You’re so cute when you’re flustered, I couldn’t help it.”


  • okay this boy
  • it’s not Valentine’s Day
  • it’s Valentine’s week
  • he spoils you more than usual all week
  • doesn’t play LOLOL at all, he’s spending all his free time with you
  • you’re loving every second of it you just adore each other so much
  • the day before, he brings home flowers and sets up a little indoor picnic for the two of you, lit by candles
  • when you get there he’s acting super nervous
  • face gets really red
    • “MC will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with me tomorrow?”
  • you laugh, give him a kiss on the cheek how is he so cute
    • “Of course, silly. But isn’t that what we’ve been doing all week?”
  • he’s already got the whole thing planned out in his head ofc


  • Valentine’s Day is a really big day for bakeries
  • you two are pretty busy the whole week leading up to it
  • but she is not about to miss spending the evening with you
  • a few weeks before, she had brought it up, surprising you
    • “MC, what do you think about closing early on Valentine’s Day and going out somewhere nice?”
    • “Really?? I mean I’d love that, of course!”
  • you took a bit to get over your surprise but you were super happy so was she
  • ends up confessing that she’d had the reservations for you two booked for months
  • like even the person who took the reservation teased her a bit
  • but you loved it
  • she hums under her breath all day Valentine’s Day bc she is so happy to be going on an actual date with you that night


  • tbh he doesn’t even ask
  • why should he?
  • of course you’re spending Valentine’s Day with him and Elizabeth the 3rd
  • bc isn’t that what couples do? he’s pretty sure anyway
  • but until the day of he doesn’t really mention it
  • he assumes you know he hasn’t forgotten so there’s no reason to mention it
  • finally you end up asking him
    • “Jumin, do you know what day it is tomorrow?”
    • “Yes, it’s Tuesday. Why?” he’s either an idiot or a jerk at this point, no in between
  • you go to bed a little frustrated tbh
  • but when you wake up, it’s to the smell of breakfast in bed
  • then you look around and there’s flowers everywhere
  • it takes a minute for your brain to catch up
  • he kisses your forehead
    • “Strawberry pancakes, my love. Just like that first morning.”
    • “You’re quite cute when you’re confused. You should eat and put on the outfit I’ve bought you. We have quite a full day planned.”


  • as Valentine’s Day approaches, the gifts start rolling in
  • all of them made by him
  • (and all of them doubling as weapons)
  • (just in case)
  • on Valentine’s Day he installs an app on your phone when you look away
  • that takes over your screen every few hours with bad pickup lines and Valentine’s Day memes
    • “Is your name google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.”
    • “You remind me of my pinky toe. You’re small and cute and I’m probably going to bang you against the coffee table later tonight.”
    • “Baby you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.”
  • and since you’re together he’s right there every time it happens and he loves you laughing at his dumb jokes you always did just get him
  • around dinnertime, the app takes over again and you notice him start to kind of blush from the corner of your eye
    • “My hair is red, cats make Zen sneeze, my Six Oh Six, stay the night with me please?”
  • when you say yes, he takes you out to a picnic he had set up out under the stars okay the ‘picnic’ is honey buddha chips and doctor pepper but it’s the thought that counts
  • Lance: I'm in a fantastic moooood
  • Keith: What was that?
  • Lance: A great cow pun B)
  • Hunk: No Lance, I think you meant an udder-ly great cow pun.
  • Lance: That sounds weird.
  • Pidge: You're a cow-herd if you think that pun was weird.
  • Shiro: Alright enough of the bad cow puns.... I'm getting some serious deja moo
  • Keith: What!
  • Pidge: You're crazy
  • Lance: No way
  • Hunk: Whoa
  • Allura: Paladins, please.... this isn't a laughing stock.
What Yeen Means to Me

Human here, I won’t take much of your time and this is gonna be a lil sentimental so scroll down if you don’t wanna see that on your dash.

Yeen has meant a lot of things to me. Originally he was the pinnacle of my personality in D&D character making, he was the most Me character I’ve ever made.

When I decided he should helm my mtg tumblr, I had no idea people would love him so quickly. I went from around 200 to 900 followers in days, it was crazy and made me super happy that so many people found laughs and good feelings in his posts.

Through some rough times he really became my self esteem and motivation. I felt like trash a lot, but how much you all loved him made me feel like worthy trash, trash with a higher purpose. You all gave me confidence in myself when nothing else in my life was good. I had some really bad days you all turned around rull quick, and I am so grateful for that. One of my more fond memories of being in the mtg community was Flavoracle peddling the invention Painter’s Servant, I’ve always hoped I’d come across that card just for the memories.

Yeen has also helped me continue to bring people together in the mtg community. That’s something I’ve always done among friends, but things like the Pup n Bugle discord chat make me so happy. I wish work allowed me to jump on more often but I love that people are consistently talking about stuff on that thread, I don’t even care what but that even more jumped on makes me even happier.

Lastly, something Yeen has helped me discover is I both am and am not my father. This is something I have grappled with for, well, since middle school really. He can be rude and mean and I wanted to distance myself from that as much as possible. Yeen is crass, obnoxious, in many ways I am like my father, that is inescapable. But Yeen has a lot of heart, something I didn’t plan but you all have drawn from him. Yeen helped realize in myself I have become my own man for the better (this is different from when I had a finger up my butt and realized I was an adult if you want to know that story message me).

I’m nearing 2,000 followers, something I think is incredible. Im not sure what I’ll do for that but I’ll probably just improvise something and bite off something more than Yeen can chew.

I don’t think a thank you is quite right, I don’t want to thank you for following me. That’s voluntary. You aren’t doing me a service, you follow me because you enjoy all of this. Instead, I’m glad.

I’m glad you all find some light or enjoyment from Yeen. I’m glad you have come together more as a community. I’m glad for your words, and for everything we have all shared. I’m glad for this happy accident of a gnoll who wandered his way from the D&D world into MTG and made friends.

So here’s to nearly 2,000 friends.


Aiden x Reader

Requested by Anon

You screamed and the group turned to face you. You hadn’t meant to scream but you just watched your best friends massacre your pack and they’d almost turned on you.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” Aiden called as you turned and crashed into him.

“We can’t hurt her!” Ethan yelped from behind you as you squirmed and tried to escape from Aiden who was determined to calm you down despite what you’d seen them do.

“Let go of me Aiden!” you begged and his grip loosened.

“I swear, I’m not crazy!” He started to explain but you didn’t want to hear it.

“If you can’t calm her she goes the way the rest of your pack did.” A cold voice snapped and Aiden sighed as his grip tightened again and he began to mumble soothing words to you.

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You know what hurts the most? All the commenters under Arwel’s apology. Saying we are ridiculous and crazy. Because now they are validated to think this way about queer people, about different people. That our pain is funny. That our desire for representation should be ridiculed.

If Arwel didn’t know what the elephants meant, fine, I guess? I don’t know. But it’s the backlash that stings. That we are wrong and our anger at being baited by creators is misguided. That we don’t deserve anything.
Sherlock & Molly ''I love you'' scene ( without music backround )
The ''I love you'' scene from ''The Final Problem'' the last episode of season 4 of Sherlock BBC.

So, am I crazy or does anyone else hear another “I love you” during the coffin smash bit? At the end when the camera pulls away? Is that supposed to be Sherlock screaming? His subconscious? An Easter egg? A weird audio glitch?

And if it is real, is it basically undeniable proof that he meant what he said? Because neither Eurus nor Molly are listening at that stage.

It’s obviously something that is meant to be drowned out by the music, so if it’s an Easter egg, it’s REALLY well hidden.

Christmas at GOT7′s Dorm
  • Christmas time at GOT7′s dorm should be happy, Christmas decorations and the smell of delicious food.
  • but its not
  • it was pure and utter chaos 
  • it started with mom and dad Jinyoung & JB agreeing to take the kids the members out to the city to see the lights
  • Youngjae would pet every dog he would see and then say “you are so cute but not as cute as CoCo.”
  • Jackson wanting everyone’s attention but Mark is the only one that is semi paying attention to him.
  • Jinyoung is trying his hardest not to kill Yugyeom
  • JB regretting bringing everyone outside of the dorms.
  • but during the trip to the city Bambam got an idea.
  • It was just an idea that meant no harm but it did start the whole crazy chaos.
  • His idea involved around 8,000 multi colored Christmas lights. He bought them on sale.
  • Bambam got Yugyeom to help him put the lights up
  • But since they live in a dorm and not a house they can’t anything on the outside of the dorm so take a guess what they’re about to do. 
  • yup that’s right they put all 8,000 lights all inside the dorm.
  • It doesn’t sound that bad but since the dorm is small and messy it made it bad.
  • All the lights literally  went through every room of the dorm including the restroom except it stayed clear of the shower.
  • How much tape they went through hanging the lights up.
  • and poor CoCo her little area was covered with lights.
  • It was a miracle that they had the dorm to themselves
  • but the rest of the members didn’t know what the two young one were doing 
  • so when the rest of the members arrived home Youngjae was happy, Mark was indifferent about it, Jackson wished there was more lights, and Jinyoung and JB wanted to murder the two idiots.
  • It took a while to get use to.
  • Lights everywhere.
  • Since Bambam was responsible it was his job to unplug all the lights well one week while they were away in a different country for schedule he didn’t unplug it.
  • well lets just say all of GOT7 got a 2 hour lecture because the sitter for CoCo ran out of treats so they had to go into the dorm to get her “favorite treats”
    • if she eats any other treat youngjae will throw a fit and scream at the poor sitter saying they tried to kill his beloved dog.
  • and the lecture was pretty much said “electricity is expensive so stop wasting money”
  • After that JB was starting to be strict on their Christmas decorations
  • Jackson wanted to get a real tree 
  • So with a lot of begging and crying JB said that Jackson could get a real tree.
  • JB was expecting a small or normal sized tree 
  • NOPE!
  • Jackson got a 12 foot tree and poor Jackson cried a little bit when it didn’t fit in the dorm 
  • Than he started bawling his eyes when they had to cut some of it off so it could fit properly into the dorm.
  •  Since the whole dorm was covered in lights the guys didn’t know if they should buy some more lights for the tree or just use whatever they have in the dorm, taking it away for some of the rooms.
  • Bambam already heard the word lights and already went running out the door to go buy more.
  • Few days later after the whole tree incident Youngjae saw a cute recipe online for doggy Christmas cookies. They were shaped like Santa Claus!!
  • Well as CoCo’s parents Mark and Youngjae had to make the cookies for their precious little bean.
  • No one in the dorm knew what they were making it smelled okay but not amazing. Yugyeom and Jinyougn didn’t know who the cookies were for so they each ate a few.
  • Youngjae screamed because they ruined CoCo’s treat, Mark was dying of laughter
  • and that’s when Jinyoung and Yugyeom realized why CoCo was staring at them.. lets say they instantly found trashcans and threw up.
  • It wasn’t even Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day yet and this was the only the beginning of the chaos.

there will be a post for christmas eve and day later on.


Two weeks. I had already been two weeks and Steve was going crazy without you there beside him. He didn’t know know what to do! Your mission was only meant to last a few days but due to ‘complications’, SHIELD needed to keep you in the field.

“Earth to Steve.” Tony said with a click of his fingers. “I know you’re worried about your girlfriend but we kinda need your input here.”

“Sorry.” Steve mumbled. He tried to concentrate but it was hard when your seat next to him was empty.


I never fully realized what it meant to be in love until I actually fell in love. I never realized that love isn’t just a happy and wonderful and perfect feeling. I mean it totally is, but it’s also the nervousness and the uneasiness that won’t go away until they come home and the stress and the pressure to continue to be what they want. It’s so crazy, love is. But no matter how the feelings get broken down, I wouldn’t want to be in love with anyone else.


‘’It is monotonous, it is boring…because it is so boring it breeds tension. There’s a lot of tension in here. Frustration…you never get used to it. I myself only tolerate it. I have acquaintances, no friends. Every day it’s the same routine. The walls close in on you. It is like some people, though—every individual has his own program, has his own way of dealing with being incarcerated. Some can…it doesn’t affect them at all—or so they say. Me myself, I try and not let the situation deteriorate my mind to a point where I will go crazy, where I will lose a sense of reality. I always try to keep a sense of reality with me. Sometimes it feels very strange to wake up and be in that cage, in that cell, and I don’t think man was meant to be locked up in such a way.’’

— Richard Ramirez on what it’s like living on death row.

BTS REACTION - to you trying to get him to reveal what the short films/confusing music videos mean

Rap Monster

You don’t leave him alone, bugging him all the time to explain the videos. He can feel your eyes on his back and the subject coming up whenever you open your mouth. I didn’t know she could get so worked up about it. Should I tell her? Maybe a spoiler?

(He ends up making a riddle just to tease you more.)


As soon as he got home you started asking him about the teasers, desperate to understand them. He tried to be all sweet about it with cutes “Jagi, I can’t tell you yet. Don’t be mad.” But you couldn’t resist, so you said looking menacing to him “Ok, fine. But don’t think about asking anything for me either”


Every time you opened your mouth around suga lately was to comment on the teasers, completely in love with the aesthetic, but crazy to know what it all meant. Even when you tried to lure him and all you could get from him was:


You were behaving very well around him, because you were excited to hear him solo in two videos the first teaser and the MAMA one. But, on the inside, all the questions were killing you. So, when someone mentioned about it you let it surface and all your ranting left J-Hope:


Maybe I should use it as blackmail… *wonder about his power for a second* No! She might get so angry she’ll poison the food! She’s totally capable of doing that for revenge.


You were following him around all the time, crazy for an answer. He tried to calm you down many times, but it wasn’t working. So while he was trying to convince you he couldn’t tell you anything he ended up letting a little spoiler out.


“Not telling you. No. Nope. Give up. You’re going to suffer until the album is out. With everyone else” *maknae evil laugh*

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