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Imagine being with Bucky & Steve

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Steve drank his coffee as he walked into living to see Bucky and you watching the morning news. He started toward the empty loveseat when Bucky and you started laughing and he asked what was so funny.

“The anchor woman and the meteorologist,” you explained, taking a bite of the bagel Bucky had made you. “They are always snarky to each other..”

“It’s really hilarious,” Bucky chimed in, snatching the bagel from your hands, much to your dismay.

“I mean I’m team meteorologist,” you claimed and Bucky nodded, handing back the bagel.

“Same, the anchor chick is way too passive aggressive, really rude.”


Steve laughed and settled next to you on the couch, slipping his arm around your shoulder. “You two are ridiculous.”

Bucky glared at the man and playfully pulled you from Steve’s arms into his. “You can’t be nice, you can’t share, punk.”

You laughed and held up both hands. “Come on, fellas, I got two boobs - each of you can hold on.”

Bucky looked to Steve and nodded. “Why don’t we just take this back to our bedroom?”

“I agree with, Bucky,” Steve smiled, but turned to the tv. “But after this is over.”

You glanced at Bucky and laughed. “We’re such good influences, aren’t we?”

Bucky smiled and leaned into you, pressing a kiss onto your cheek. “We sure are, doll.”


Two requests in one?? How lazy can I get?? Also, I’m very sorry about how I twisted a few things around.

Word Count: 1356

Warnings: Cussing And Lies

NOTE: 11th grade

Confused on what’s happening? Check out the #tozier twins on my blog!

Requested by @miaxmars : Can you do a Tozier Twins where like the reader is secretly dating someone and starts dropping hints? And when Richie finds out but all the Losers already knew. And if the person reader is dating was in the loser club that’d be great. Like I don’t know(cough, Stanley Uris, cough)

Requested by @aoifetriestowrite : Prompt: Bookworm gets asked on a date with someone, (you choose who) and Richie gives them The Talk™ when he/she comes to pick her up. We must half fluFF IN THIS TIME OF NEED!


You were the worst at secrets.

Everyone knew it, too. You could never keep something from someone. Especially from Richie. Besides the really personal stuff, you told him just about everything. And he did the same, from what you understood.

So why keep this from him?

Maybe you just didn’t wanna tell him. Maybe you just wanted to keep one thing to yourself. Or maybe you were afraid of his response. You didn’t really know, and at this point, you didn’t really care.

Stepping on the floor, you cringed at the squeaky sound of your bed. Richie didn’t stir, so you made your way over to the window, trying to push it open. Why was it locked…?

“(Y/N)?” Richie called, making you jump. His voice was groggy. “Bee, what’re you doing?”

You turned around slowly, not being able to look at him. What were you supposed to say? You couldn’t tell him the truth.

Not knowing what else to do, you said the first thought that slammed into your head. “I’m gonna… go meet Stanley.” Stupid.

“Stan?” He asked, giving you a funny look. “Why Stan?”

Your brain was yelling at you to think. Think think think.You were really bad at this. “Cuz, we have a date?”

God, you were stupid. Was that really the best you could do? Apparently so. Richie’s big doe eyes just got wider, making you look to the floor. You hated lying, but the truth would’ve been harder to explain.

Suddenly, Richie was glaring at nothing. “He lays another finger on you, I’ll kill him.” He kissed you on the forehead and went back to his bed, you doing the same. You didn’t get much sleep, dreading the repercussions that would come in the morning.


As soon as the sun hit the sky, you rushed out of bed. The losers were meeting at the quarry, and you had some explaining to do.

Ironically enough, this time Richie didn’t catch you. Sliding down the roof, you landed perfectly. You hopped on your bike and rode away.

The boys were already waiting at the quarry, just taking off their shirts. You couldn’t care less, having seen it one hundred times over. Eddie, however, was quite embarrassed.

“Hey guys,” you huffed, putting your hands on your knees. Running wasn’t your best quality. “I-I need your help.”

You explained what happened last night, and what you had told Richie. Stan’s face went beat red at the mention of him and Bee going on a date. Bill, on the other hand, looked less pleased by the idea.

“Where were you even going, Bee?” Eddie asked.

You dismissed the question with your hand. “That’s besides the point.” Turning back to Stanley, you gave him a sad smile. “Can you pretend to be my boyfriend or something? I know it’s really selfish of me to ask, but I just can’t tell Rich the truth. I can’t.”

Stan took a deep breath in and out. “How could anyone say ‘no’ to you?” With a grin, you gave him a huge hug, even though he was shirtless. This may have embarrassed Stan, but you really didn’t care.

Before you could say thank you, Richie’s angry voice came from behind you. “Get your dreidel spinning hands off my sister, Urine-Uris!”

In your mind, you said a little prayer for Stan. He needed it.


Richie paced back and forth across your living room floor, mumbling obscenities. After you had held him back from punching Stanley, the losers helped you perform your lie. Richie was pretty pissed that everyone had ‘known’ about it before him, but Rich knew Stan was a good guy. Not good enough for you, obviously.

But you had gone too much into detail, and had accidentally said that you and Stan had another date tonight. Richie had insisted that instead of you sneaking out, Stan would pick you up like a proper gentleman.

So here you were, smoothing out your skirt. Glancing at you, Richie picked up the bow you were wringing in your hands. He placed it in your hair and nodded to himself. Richie had been doing stuff like that for years, even though you’ve insisted time and time again that you could take care of yourself.

A loud knock came at the door. You went to go open it, but Richie looked over your shoulder. Opening the door, you found a nervous Stanley wearing a nice dress shirt.

“Hey, Stan-” you began, but Richie butted in.

“No flowers?” He asked, making Stan slowly shake his head. “Interesting. Come on in, Stanford.”

“My full name is even… alright, Rich.” Stan walked in slowly avoiding your brothers gaze.

“That’s Mr. Tozier to you.” Richie pulled you a little closer. “And before I send you off with the most precious thing in my entire existence, some ground rules: First, you can only touch her hand. That’s it. No arm, no knee, no hair. Second, no means NO. If she says no, you better fuckin’ listen.”

You glanced between the two boys. Though this wasn’t even a real date, Stan was shaking. It must of been Richie’s height; Stan only came up to Richie’s chin. That was intimidating to any guy.

“And finally,” Richie continued, “if any little hair on her little head is misplaced, I’ll shove your dick so far down your throat you’ll be throwing up sperm for a week.”

Stan gagged at the thought. You grabbed his hand and rushed out the door. “M’kay, Rich, bye!” He couldn’t get another word out.

“I’m sorry for him,” you said, “he’s impossible.”

Stan smiled softly. “I think it’s sweet. He cares a lot about you, you know. Even if he has kinda a weird way of showing it.”

You and Stan began to walk all around town, like you planned. “I guess you’re right. He’s just being dramatic.”

Before long, you two found yourself in the middle of town. The night was sweet and silent, the only sound coming from you two. You considered Stan to be one of your closer friends, and you were sure Richie saw him the same way. How could he make a big deal about this?

“So…” Stan drawled, “why did you sneak out? Was it for some crazy Bee mission?”

You sighed. If you kept deflecting this question, it would only be asked more often. And as you’ve known for years, you were a terrible liar.

“You really wanna know?” You asked, to which Stan only nodded. Taking a deep breath, you bit your cheek. Every night, I sneak out of the house, and I go to the Neibolt house.”

He blinked at you. “Why?”

You shrugged. “Sometimes I just stare at it. Sometimes I throw rocks at it. Sometimes I cry. Doesn’t matter.”

“No, no. Like, why are you there? That place gives me the heebie jeebies.”

“Because,” you said, bewildered, “I keep thinking It’s gonna come back. Like It’s gonna give us a surprise party and come a few years early.”

“‘It’? What is ‘it’, (Y/N). I legit have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Your breath hitched. He… didn’t remember? How? That entire memory was etched into your head. You could never forget a single detail. That’s exactly why you had snuck out in the first place! Because of that damned summer. You couldn’t even fathom the absolute bliss it must be to forget.

But if Stan couldn’t remember, why ruin it for him? “I, uh, had a nightmare about a clown. And I keep thinking it comes from Neibolt, haha. Weird, right?”

“Woah!” Stan exclaimed, “I’ve had the same dream! Now that’s weird.” You smiled. What a simple way to put such a traumatic experience. “You gonna tell Rich?”

“Yeah, I’ll explain the whole thing. You don’t have to pretend to be my boyfriend any longer.” And though Stan told you he didn’t mind at all, you thought he was just being polite.

As you two walked back to your house, you passed Neibolt Street. A chill went down your spine. It’d be back. And when It showed, you’d be ready.


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Soulmate!AU Mingyu

Summary: In which you feel all physical pain your soulmate feels

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  • you were not a clumsy child
  • so you almost never fell and did not develop your pain tolerance
  • ,,,,that is until your freaking soulmate bond developed
  • like wHAT
  • how was your soulmate so clumsy?
  • you were a kid when it first happened
  • a fresh lil baby who just learned how to walk
  • how vvv cute :)
  • and all of a sudden you started B A W L I N G
  • I told you guys, 0 pain tolerance
  • and your parents were A L A R M E D
  • because like,,,
  • their baby just started crying while sitting down and playing with toys? what,,,,,?
  • so they took you to the doctor
  • who observed as you stopped crying because the pain stopped
  • ,,,,but
  • you cried again because it came bACK
  • damn it Mingyu stop hurting our readers
  • the doctor just laughed
  • and your parents were kind of pissed like
  • ,,,wtf man our child is D Y I N G
  • so the doctor explained it was most likely the soulmate bond that formed because there was nothing wrong with the test results
  • and your parents were like oh thank god
  • of course you didn’t understand and was still crying but it was okay
  • they gave you a lollipop!
  • the doctor was like,,,
  • “her soulmate is probably learning how to walk”
  • and he was right
  • in Korea baby Mingyu
  • was learning how to walk and kept falling over
  • what a cutie
  • so after that your parents were less alarmed and didn’t feel the need to wrap you up in bubble wrap anymore
  • he was so clumsy!
  • so whenever a bruise appeared randomly on your body without you doing anything
  • your parents were like
  • “yep,,, it’s the soulmate”
  • Mingyu better watch out your parents had a pretty bad impression of him already
  • but he obviously would win the over who doesn’t love Mingyu?
  • your parents were fine now but you on the other hand
  • was getting vv annoyed at Mingyu
  • who always seemed to be falling or dropping or bumping into stuff
  • like you’d be taking a test and all of a sudden your knees would sting and start bleeding
  • the first time you didn’t even notice it
  • because you had finally developed your pain tolerance now
  • but like you could still kind of feel things since you felt what your soulmate felt >_>
  • jfc Mingyu develop your tolerance already you fall all the time
  • the teacher kind of just freaked out because your knees were bleeding out onto the floor
  • you were so calm about it and the teacher thought you were C R A Z Y
  • “soulmate”
  • was all you said
  • so you just took a band-aid out from your pocket and put it on
  • you never left without some first aid stuff just in case your soulmate hurt himself,,, AGAIN
  • Mingyu kind of felt bad for his soulmate :(
  • you almost never got hurt and he did ALL THE TIME
  • so he felt bad that you had to through his pain but boy oh boy was he in for a treat
  • your P E R I O D
  • holy shit that hurt!
  • like you had a pretty good immunity against the pain now but still
  • the uterus was the fucking devil
  • and while you had a heating back to cope with it,,, MINGYU DIDN’T
  • he was sleeping and all of a sudden he was up
  • with a HUGE cramp
  • and barely able to move
  • he thought you were dying lmao poor gyu and started yelling for his parents because he was worried
  • and his mom just laughed because you weren’t dying
  • and now Mingyu was confused
  • and then he was kind of horrified to find out what was happening to you
  • but hey now he felt some sort of pain once a month >_>
  • oh boy let me tell you when he started training
  • you were in for a treat
  • no not really
  • but OW
  • when he hurt his legs from dancing
  • or his body became sore from training
  • you felt. every. single. bit. of. it
  • so you made it competition almost lmao payback time
  • you went out with your friends doing stuff you weren’t good at like ice skating!
  • Oh my god
  • you fell so many times but because you were having fun it didn’t hurt
  • but Mingyu ouch
  • and the first time you went you didn’t know to where long thick socks so bring on the blisters
  • (no seriously always bring long thick socks if you don’t then wear layers of socks so it doesn’t hurt)
  • “HYUNG!!! IT HURTS!”
  • “suck it up you started it.”
  • the aftermath was painful but it was still fun!
  • and it went that way with rollerblading and a bunch of other stuff you tried
  • so now both of you guys got hurt and wow it was funny
  • because now Mingyu finally tried to be more careful
  • so you let him off the hook :)
  • fast forward a few years you were getting frustrated because,,,
  • you could FEEL his pain
  • but you still never met him :(
  • so to take your mind off of it
  • your very best friend
  • took you to LA for your birthday!
  • with a bunch of other friends because that’s expensive
  • and ya’ll parents chipped in too :D
  • how nice
  • so you go and of course first things first is AMUSEMENT PARK!
  • you loved going to them
  • :) (do you guys remember that Going Svt episode where they’re in La? Yep :D)
  • and you guys went :)
  • and guess what :)))))))))))
  • Mingyu had hurt himself recently leaving a huge bruise on his knees and calves
  • how he injured himself there is a mystery (actually it’s not DWC choreography looks hard af)
  • so you were having trouble walking so as you lost your friends
  • you bumped into a stranger wall
  • and you hit your head
  • and of course it started hurting
  • and the guy was whining but you didn’t know about what because what language was that?
  • but you look up and HOT DAMN
  • who was this handsome stranger
  • dressed like he was some successful businessman
  • or a model
  • gosh he was so incredibly good looking
  • he held his hand out to help you up
  • and you gladly took it
  • “uh,,,, sorry?”
  • he said in awkward English
  • you laughed, “It’s okay!”
  • so you try to take a step but OW
  • your knee is killing you
  • and you wince
  • and so does he
  • and he notices
  • so ya’ll go to a bench and some guy comes up to you
  • and they converse in Korean and you’re still vv confused?
  • like,,, hello? still here!
  • so the male turns to you and speaks in English
  • “he thinks you might be his soulmate could we check your knee?”
  • and at this point it’s like
  • HOLY ShIT your soulmate was hot
  • so you nod and you pull up your pants sleeve and boom
  • the huge bruise
  • and Mingyu’s like WOW
  • and he’s saying something in Korean
  • you’re still confused lmao like help?
  • Mingyu’s a bit frustrated that you can’t understand him so to get his  message across
  • ,,, he bites his fucking lip really hard
  • and you’re like ow wtf man
  • and you pinch your arm
  • Mingyu’s whining but he’s smiling
  • finally!
  • he pulls you into a big hug
  • you’re a bit awkward but you soften up because he’s your soulmate it’s fine!
  • it’s not like he’s a random person who’s not connected to you at all!
  • so you hug back and you see your friend’s come look for you
  • they’re so confused to see you
  • you just mouth
  • ‘soulmate’
  • and they understand! yay :)
  • they’re really happy for you! 
  • so they tell you to meet back later at the hotel or something and you nod
  • Mingyu let’s go and pulls out his phone using a translator to talk to you
  • it’s cute :’)
  • so you guys spend the rest of the day together in the Amusement park 
  • it’s pretty much you guys being energetic and having a blast
  • and stopping Mingyu from running into something :D lol
  • pretty much you guys are such a cute couple
  • and are going to make such an effort to bridge the language barrier
  • getting hurt a lot together because trying new things is fun but it’s okay! Because Mingyu’sa a puppy
  • and will cuddle the pain away :3

anonymous asked:

Hello! Are your requests open? If so, I’d like to request a RFA+V+Vanderwood reacting to an MC with mint/green hair and who always wears black clothes and loves cats, thank you!! 💚

Hello there! This blog wasn’t really intended to be an imagine blog but I have considered making it one in the past so I’m more than happy to answer your request. This is technically my first imagine so I’m sorry if it’s a bit rusty. I hope you like it, anon! (^-^) 


  • You helped him when he was going through what was probably the toughest point in his career with the whole Echo Girl situation and provided him with so much love and support even before you two started dating 
  • If it wasn’t already obvious enough, he already loved you so so much. 
  • So that moment when he met you for the first time at the RFA party with your sweet mint/green hair and black clothing he was e n t r a n c e d
  • He didn’t really care what you looked like because he knows for a fact there’s more to people than just their appearances and it’s what on the inside that really counts but this man openly admits that he loves his aesthetics and honey you got it. 
  • He thinks he’s aesthetic, he thinks you are aesthetic, and now you can be aesthetic together 
  • Sometimes he feels like he has to pinch himself to make sure he’s not dreaming  “How are you even real??? You’re so-” “Zen, chill.” 
  • Compares you two to Romeo and Juliet sometimes, “We’re so both lovely that it almost feels like a sin for us to be together. Our relationship almost feels forbidden.. like it could make angels cry-” “ZEN CHILL.” 
  • When it’s just the two of you, laying side by side, he absolutely loves gently running his fingers through your hair. It just makes him feel so calm. 
  • He gets surrounded by lots and lots of fangirls and reporters whenever he goes outside sometimes, even if you two are together. If you were to ever get absorbed by the waves of those several energetic and rowdy people aka getting lost in a crowd, having a not usual hair color makes his search and rescue mission for you so much easier to do since he’s able to spot you right away.
  • He’s really hesitant to take you out on his motorcycle considering the accident he was in all those years ago, he really doesn’t want the same thing to happen to you and doesn’t want to endanger your life. However, if you manage to convince him to go on a ride and take you with him, and he just so happens to wear his old black clothes from his early motorcycle days while you wear your usual everyday black clothing then- woahhhhhhh 
  • You two look like the ultimate power couple and from that day forwards Zen is absolutely gushing at the idea of you two wearing matching clothes every once in a while 
  • Together you two give off the vibe of “We be aesthetically pleasing but we certainly ain’t teasing.“ 
  • Before the RFA party when you two were first learning more about each other in the chatroom and you mentioned you adored cats, Zen was certainly like ”..Could you repeat that please? *loud sneeze noise*“ 
  • He’s okay with the idea of you liking cats and thinking that they’re cute. All he asks is to please not show him any pictures of them or bring one near him since his allergies turn him into an absolute mess. 
  • However, if it was really really important to you he’d be willing to take some medicine to help lessen the effect of his allergies so he can look at cats and be near them with you.


  • When he saw you in person for the first time, his first thought was that you looked just like this really awesome character that he liked from LOLOL. So in all honesty, his eyes certainly twinkled a bit at the first sight of you. He wouldn’t probably tell you this right away though since he says that he’s become a changed man thanks to you and has decided to not focus all of his attention on things like LOLOL. Plus he wasn’t sure how you would react to being compared to a video game character like that. He already compared you to Rika several times within the chatroom and he genuinely feels super bad if he has made you feel uncomfortable in any way. He’s really trying to be mindful and considerate of your feelings. 
  • He swears among his heart that he’s definitely changed for good and promises to you, right then and there, at the RFA party that he will never once again fall back into his bad habits. 
  • This boy wears so so so many pastels and bright colors wherever he may go. So it’s cool to him that you wear black and other dark muted hues. If asked about it, he’ll just give a cute smile and state ”They do say that opposites do attract after all!“ Keep him. 
  • Yoosung absolutely loves animals, so he was quite cheerful the moment when he had adopted Lisa the kitten. The moment when he asked you how you felt about cats and you responded back that you loved them: it felt like it was a match made in Heaven. It was absolutely perfect! 
  • He’s so happy and grateful to have you in his life and as his significant other. A simple life of you, him, and Lisa altogether. "I don’t think I have ever been this happy.. Thank you so much!”


  • Tbh, although she would never say it.. She totally considers you “goals”
  • Your mint/green hair is absolutely lovely and you have a unique fashion sense when it comes to your black clothing. 
  • You’re admirable in both appearance and personality. 
  • So she can’t help but feel kinda jealous when she compares herself to you. She can’t help but feel so… “plain." 
  • Of course, when she goes and tells you about this, you say that’s just nonsense and that you care and love her just the way she is. "Don’t change yourself Jaehee! It might sound cliche but I like you for you! So please don’t force yourself to become someone else!" 
  • ..And that right there is a perfect example of your awesome personality at work. She wonders what she did to earn someone so lovely as you because she feels like she doesn’t deserve all the love you give her. Nonetheless, she still thanks you for your kind words 
  • When it comes to cats.. well.. She’ll endure them on two conditions: 1. If you like them (she’d be willing to put up with them if you were very fond of them) and 2.  she didn’t have to babysit them. 
  • "the hAIR." 
  • "It’s okay baby, I know.. I know.." 
  • She’s okay with looking at cat photos every once and a while as long as she doesn’t have to witness them every single day. 
  • One idea you two have come up with as a form of compromise is to make Coffee art that resembles cats! You get all the cat cuteness you could ever want while Jaehee can enjoy the calming soothing remedy that is coffee. It’s a win-win!


  • SOLD
  • You two are simple souls who adore the cuteness and the magical properties of the feline species. Jumin feels so happy that he has someone who he can endlessly talk to about cats.
  • "Elizabeth let me pet her tummy today.”
  •  Jumin: *tosses whatever he was holding in his hands to the ground almost immediately* Tell me more. 
  • You got his full attention, use this power wisely. 
  • Speaking of which from the moment he first saw you, you practically had all his attention. 
  • From your lovely times in the group chats to meeting you in person, much like Zen he was very drawn to you. 
  • He thought your black clothing made you look mysterious and enchanting, “So elegant.." 
  • He’s also very fond of your mint/green hair; he’s met many different people from different countries from all different places but your hair was definitely the most alluring. Sometimes without even thinking about it, whenever you two are getting ready to sleep for the night, he’ll gently grab a strand of your hair and delicately twirl it around his index finger. The first time he did this to you, he mumbled with a slight blush "Oh. Whoops. Sorry.” He was afraid that he may have made you a bit uncomfortable with that kind of sudden gesture, the last thing he would want would be for his lovely significant other to feel weird because he did something wrong or strange. Heck, he doesn’t even know where he may have even picked up an odd gesture like that, or why his brain was suddenly making him act impulsive and go on autopilot. Of course, if you didn’t like something like that, he would definitely stop as quickly as he could once he was brought back to planet Earth. 
  • Overall, you two mix very well together due to your similar interests and the fondness you share for each other. Even if you went ahead and suddenly changed what you looked like, your interests, or anything like that: Jumin would still continue to be very drawn to you and would do all that he could in order to please his one and only love.


  • “OwO What’s this?" 
  • Secret Agent 707 EXTREME looks through the CCTV and sees a very cute person! 
  • He looks at his chest, he briefly hears the sound of his heart pounding. 
  • "Doki doki” Says his heart. 
  • “Oh no-” 
  • “OH YES” His heart chants
  • This cutie patootie just waltzes into his life through a sudden appearance in the RFA chatroom, cheering him on and playing along with his jokes despite how strange or silly they might seem. 
  • So the first time you and he are in a room alone together, he’s just gritting his teeth because the temptation to just pick you up and hold you close to his chest is just too strong for his own good. 
  • His heart says “hugs” but his mind and logic are telling him “no”. Just how can he resist how neat you look in your striking electrifying black clothing or the sweet sugar colored mint/green tint of your hair? “AGHHHHHHHHHHHH” He whines internally 
  • When the day he quits the agency finally arrives and he begins a proper relationship with you, the first thing this dork does is hug you and hold you close to him for a couple hours. 
  • On days in the far future, whenever you mention that moment to him he can’t help but feel a little embarrassed, often giving a slight awkward chuckle trying to laugh it off. “Hey remember when-” “Hahaha, oh that…” “Do you remember though- ;)” “Babe please.” 
  • Seven likes cats, you like cats too. Seven likes you, you like Seven. 
  • Commence the official 707 stamp of approval! 
  • At times whenever you may be having a random conversation or you’re on the phone either of you will carefully sneak in a quick “meow” within the conversation. Heck there was one time where Seven called you just to say “meow”, “meow?” “meow.” “meow.” “meow?” “meow.” “Meow! the whole conversation went on like this for about twenty minutes until Seven spoke up and said, “Hey you want chips for dinner?” “Sure.”
  •  If someone asked you two how your relationship was going, you both would agree in unison, heart eyes abound: “Perfect. Best relationship. 10 out 10.oh you delightful memers you


  • “Can I paint you????” 
  • That was what V wanted to say when he saw you for the first time in person, but being the gentleman he is and kinda timid he didn’t spit it out right away 
  • He elieves that inner beauty is all that really matters in a significant other, but he does like the idea of having a significant other with a hair color similar to his.
  • He often gets asked if his hair color is natural or not so having you by his side makes him feel a bit more comfortable whenever the question comes up since it reminds him that he’s not alone in that sense 
  • Your colorful hair combined with your dark contrasting clothing got him all like “ooooooooh”
  • When he was with Rika he was used to seeing her wear different shades of pastels and soft hues so it felt good to see something different for a change with you wearing black clothing instead
  • Your colorful hair combined with your dark clothing inspires him to make you his muse. If you asked him “why?” he’d probably happily go into great depth about colors and how they contrast with lights and darks. 
  • “Can I get the shorter version of that explanation?" 
  • "Oh,” V smiles with a worried look “Sorry about that.. Um.. Well, If I had to put it short.. I would say that I think you’re absolutely gorgeous.." 
  • When you tell V that you really like cats, he might not be as passionate as you or Jumin are, but he definitely likes them. Especially if the opportunity comes where he can take a photo of them or sketch them. 
  • If you two adopt a cat or a kitten, expect tons and tons of little sketches and doodles of one that particular cat. 
  • Although he thinks of you as the inspiration for most of his artistic endeavors, he does enjoy sketching animals as well and your cat would most definitely be no exception to that.


  • You’re making him feel things. Stop that. 
  • He’s usually very logic oriented so whenever he sees you he doesn’t know how to react. 
  • He actually went to SEVEN for advice. Yeah. SEVEN 
  • "Whenever you see her, what do you think?" 
  • ”..They’re really beautiful.. The way that their mint/green hair sparkles and shines whenever they step out into the sunlight.. That combined with their dark clothing… Damn, they look so badass-“ 
  • *immediately pulls out taster* 
  • Seven eventually convinced him to communicate his feelings to you in the only way Seven knows how: memes. 
  • ”[Name], I need to talk to you.“ Vanderwood walks up to you with something behind his back and a slightly flushed face. 
  • You turn towards him "Oh hey Vanderwood, what’s up-" 
  • He immediately pulls out his cellphone from out right behind him and shows you a picture that he and Seven feels will help him get across to you how he feels

He shows you THIS

  • After he showed you that, you were in really a weird place that was an odd mix of laughing, screaming, and crying all at once, so you had a really weird look on your face. 
  • "Ugh, I knew this was a terrible idea.” Vanderwood darts his eyes away, feeling pretty embarrassed that he showed you something so silly. He tries to justify his actions but the words never come out just right. 
  • Luckily, thanks to you willing to hear him out and waiting patiently to hear what he has to say, he eventually sorta.. kinda.. manages to confess just how much he likes you and how cool he thinks you are. 
  • Happily, you tell him you feel the same. Later Seven tells you throughout all the years he’s known Vanderwood that he’s never seen the man be so happy before.
  • Vanderwood isn’t a very traditional type of guy, so he’s 100% okay with you wearing all black if you two ever decided to get married. He’s fine with whatever as long as you are happy. 
  • If you guys decided to get a pet together, he’s totally cool with getting a cat since they usually tend to be quite tidy creatures and an easier type of pet to handle according to Vanderwood. “If I could handle 707 after all these years- a cat should definitely be no problem.”

anonymous asked:

Patrick's girlfriend hitting on Henry to make Pat jealous. Head cannon or image please

Since I already did a similar imagine, this one I’ll do a HC :D

  • At first Henry is very confused
  • Kind of attempts to brush it off
  • Patrick -at first- thinks it’s funny
  • Slowly he gets more and more annoyed
  • Gives you some very rough sex - but only early on
  • Henry somewhat enjoys it, but knows it’s not a good idea
  • Henry actually gets bothered enough to warn you to back off
  • When you don’t listen, he figures you’ll get what’s coming to you
  • When you don’t stop, the threats start coming from Patrick
  • He gets borderline crazy with it, also watching you around other guys
  • He goes into full stalker-mode
  • Lots of threats
  • Brings you around the guys more to test you - and to see if you’ll test him
  • Henry is over it
  • Occasionally he’ll glare at you, but knows Patrick with handle you
  • If you continue, good luck ever feeling like you’re alone again - and it likely won’t end very nicely for you.
Just Stories.

Summary: I read the words, feeling my heart sink, knowing the story wasn’t going to have a happy ending and feeling desperate for one. I didn’t love him, I didn’t love him. This was fiction. I didn’t love him. What happens when Timmy finds the fanfiction? Angst, of course. 

Notes: This started because someone said “imagine being shipped with your costar you have a crush on” in slack, and then the idea spiraled a little into this. Idk guys, I’m sleep deprived. I did one read through, so if there are mistakes my b. I do not own these characters, that would be hella wrong, ethically and morally speaking. Also, like, they’re much cooler with their freedom so. It’s all fiction, which is ironic considering how many times I wrote “it’s just stories” or something along the lines of “if this were a story” lol. But yeah. I’m totally not Timmy so this is fiction. Proceed. 


Rated T i guess idk 

AO3 link, as always 

It was a tweet that got me to this point. I don’t even know why I clicked it—maybe I was more self-destructive than I had thought, maybe I was just curious, I don’t know. I didn’t even use twitter, that was the real bitch; I went on maybe once every two or three weeks for like one minute before coming to my senses and exiting the browser. I didn’t have the app, I didn’t tweet—I hardly used it. How I even managed to see the damn tweet was beyond me. I shouldn’t have clicked it, I should have left it alone.

But it was just staring at me—lmfao does @RealChalamet know people write this shit ab him? #crazyshippers—with a link. I sigh just thinking about it; I shouldn’t have clicked it. I stare at the screen, afraid to keep reading. I should just exit out, I know I should—but I can’t physically bring myself to. The link had been to a fanfiction site, one I knew well—though I’d never admit it, fanfiction what’s that, don’t have a clue. After I had clicked on the link, I read the tags; that story said “Pining” and “Friends to Lovers,” I should not have read it. But the first line drew me in and I was genuinely curious—how did they see it happening, would it be complete bullshit? I mean, it would be at least a little—I didn’t actually have any feelings for him, so they were already at a disadvantage. At least, that was the lie I’d been telling myself for months now. I shouldn’t have read it.

It was pretty bad, I had to admit. They didn’t get my voice right at all and it was kind of comical. I think that’s what really did it, to be honest—it was easy to forget that it was supposed to be about me. But then, well. I don’t know what happened—honestly. I didn’t even finish that story, I just moved on and clicked the relationship tag—god, that was weird, we had an entire section for us—and clicked the first thing that popped up. It wasn’t like Armie and I actually wanted to be together, we didn’t have any feelings for each other—this was all fiction and it was fine. Harmless, even, I’d told myself.

It was anything but.

I should have read the tags, I should have, I don’t know, fucking read the title or something. I should have done literally anything except start reading. It took two paragraphs before Armie’s hands were in my pants and his tongue down my throat.

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what it would be like on weekly idol with the boyz! ft. stray kids! (1/2)

(slight mention of mxm, jeong sewoon, and kim samuel, and kaemin from after school club!)

a/n: hey everyone! i wanna say that this is a new series (but like not really?), it’s kind of just like a “what it would be like to _______ with ______.” kind of series. this post is super long so i split it into two. anyways, let’s begin shall we?

[ keep in mind you guys are speaking in korean, think of this as subtitles. i will mention when you start speaking in english (if this makes any sense) ]

  • quick recap from 2 weeks ago: (important information)
  • you were invited onto after school club to hang out with kaemin and your wonderful fans
  • and during the show, they asked if you would be willing to do a random dance challenge, to which you soon agreed to
  • “music cue!”
  • they surprisingly didn’t play like super popular songs and instead played rookie songs, which surprised the living daylights out of you
  • luckily being a rookie yourself and even being friends with rookie groups such as golden child, weki meki, and mxm, you knew most of the songs

Originally posted by golcha

  • you didn’t know all the songs to perfection until the boyz happen to come on,, everyone was shook at how well you danced to that
  • “woah since when was y/n a member of the boyz?”
  • after the challenge, jimin pointed out how happy you looked when the boyz came on
  • you went on about how you were a fan of the boyz since flower snack and learned the dance to boy when it first came out
  • “who’s your favorite member?”
  • “i haven’t really thought about it…” yes you have. “maybe eric?”
  • i chose my bias wrecker eric whoops hope y’all are okay with that
  • (i can do another member if you request it!)
  • your fans on the screens in the background are living for this moment
  • after after school club, all your fans end up shipping you with eric
  • end of recap, currently:
  • you were invited to weekly idol! congratulations!
  • you’re the first one to show up, and from your knowledge, the only one that’s supposed to be on today’s show
  • but that’s not the case with rookies you see
  • “welcome y/n to weekly idol!”
  • you walk onto set and introduce yourself as a solo artist that’s a “triple threat” (singing, dancing, and visual), you mention your album and talk to them for a while
  • “so y/n, you recently debuted under brand new music, making you a rookie yes?”
  • you nod, smiling
  • “wow, brand new is doing well! daehwi and woojin from wanna one debuted, mxm, and now you! how do you feel?”
  • “debuting wasn’t as scary as i thought it would be. youngmin and donghyun sunbaenim really helped out a lot! we also often hung out with sewoon and samuel! sewoon helped calm me down when i was feeling nervous and samuel helped me when it came to dancing. we often got ice cream together on off days too.”
  • “you guys seem like really good friends!” “i wish coni would get ice cream with me…”
  • you guys laugh and they continue to host
  • “since you, y/n, are a rookie, you aren’t the only one here. rookies don’t get solo episodes. this time it’s a boy group. welcome stray kids!”
  • you thought you were going to the only one on the show today bUT GUESS NOT
  • they introduce themselves, wow such visuals
  • (okay so they should have a solo weekly idol episode for all of their hard work bUT FOR THE SAKE OF THIS LETS JUST MAKE IT A ROOKIE MASHUP EPISODE OK)
  • “hello everybody, we are stray kids!”
  • everyone introduces themselves, changbin’s really extra about it 

Originally posted by hyyunjinn

  • everyone laughs,, doni and coni notice you’ve gotten significantly quieter
  • “y/n, as their sunbae, how was their introduction?”
  • how tf are you going to rate a groups introduction when you’re A SOLO ARTIST
  • “good?”
  • they all laugh, you’re just stood there embarrassed, doni and coni continue
  • “we have one final group to bring in… but i don’t think we’ve thought this through. there’s already 10 people here and we thought bringing in another 12 members was a good idea…”
  • 12 members? sevent- no, seventeen has 13 members. what group h- nO NO NO THEY DID NOT
  • “welcome everyone, the boyz!”

Originally posted by wooyoungbby

  • fu c k
  • you hope they haven’t seen your asc episode because you fangirled over the boyz
  • i mean, not fangirled, but definitely: danced to a bit of their song, mentioned you wanted to meet them, and mentioned how cute and talented eric is and how he’s your bias like a fANGIRL 
  • you realize you’re the only girl here omg, officially in silent panic
  • they introduce themselves and you do everything in your power to avoid eye contact with eric
  • doni and coni purposely brought them here after doing research about you and your obsession with the boyz. you’re not obsessed with them, but the netizens think so ;)
  • doni and coni laugh at you and everyone is confused as to why, thinking they all missed something
  • “y/n, we saw your asc episode and-”
  • you wave your hands furiously trying to get coni to stop, but they only continued
  • “heard that you’re a really big fan of the boyz! you’re welcome!”
  • you put your face in your hands, trying to cover how red your face was
  • the boyz are all giddy now
  • hyunjae whispers something to younghoon, resulting in younghoon slapping his shoulder (gasps,,)
  • “we also heard you’re especially a big fan of one of the members…”
  • they’re all desperately waiting for the answer
  • “look at their faces y/n, they desperately want to know! should we tell them?”
  • “oh god, please no.”
  • eric interrupts in english
  • “you know all we gotta do to find out is to watch your asc episode?” smirK
  • you instantly respond back in english
  • “then do that because there’s no way you’re getting an answer out of me~”
  • everyone who doesn’t speak english is confused but those who do besides you and eric (jacob, kevin, and hwall. as well as chan and felix) are all oohing (oohing?)
  • you guys end up laughing and everyone is still confused
  • back 2 korean
  • “hey! this show is in korean! what did you guys say?”
  • you guys translate what you two had just said and everyone laughs
  • younghoon is slightly jealous eric got to talk to you before he did (gASPS)
  • doni and coni continue hosting
  • the boyz show off their dance first and promote the first.

Originally posted by 01boyz

  • then stray kids, they do their Grr perf. and promote mixtape.

Originally posted by grrr-binnie

  • then yOU
  • and you’re 10x as nervous because you’re dancing alone
  • you look over at stray kids
  • chan discreetly says “fighting!”
  • you smile at him, that boosting your confidence
  • “music cue!" 
  • you start dancing and the boys are mesmerized and also surprised
  • they thought the dance would be simple and girly
  • but here you were, doing the exact opposite of that
  • stray kids and the boyz r hella impressed boi
  • they all clap, and you’re glad you didn’t make any mistakes
  • you promote your own album, and then the segments start
  • throughout the rest of the show, you and q become really good friends
  • he’s really nice and sweet !! cute dimples too
  • you and chan also become really good friends because you guys are teamed up together for a segment and get along great
  • also he’s leader and i mean,,, so are you? you’re solo so you manage yourself so that counts??
  • what i’m trying to say is that you both have leader qualities lmao
  • at the end of the show, you eventually end up winning the prize of korean beef but since its too much for one person, you decide to give it to stray kids as a congratulatory gift for their hard work on stray kids (the show)
  • the boyz are in awe because of how kind you are
  • the show ends and you all return to your dressing rooms backstage
  • you keep your door open because you don’t plan on changing, but rather just going home and resting before another day of work
  • you pack up and thank the hosts and staff for a wonderful experience
    you make your way to stray kids room, full of laughter
  • you guys talk for a while, and leave with some of the member’s numbers in your phone, you didn’t ask for them though
  • you were planning to say goodbye to the boyz as well but on your way to their room, you heard jae and kevins voice

part 1 (this is it!) / part 2 (coming out tomorrow, 1/18)

a/n: alright, part 2 coming out tomorrow (well today but in the morning, so more like a few hours) lmao. its like 2 am and yes i have everything pre-written but i won’t post until tomorrow because i still have to edit and add more to part 2. if there are any mistakes, please do tell! anyways, i hope you liked it! (well, like it so far.)

requests are open! / masterlist!


Pairing: Castiel x Reader 

Prompt (Request) : Castiel x reader where she had a crush on him when he was human and they meet again once he has his grace back and he tells her he likes her too

Word Count: 1837

Warnings: Mentions of Alcohol and drinking, explicit language, Sadness, then Fluff

A/N: What better way to start my Supernatural writing than a Cas request?? To the lovely Anon who requested this, Thank you! I am sick so this may not be as good as you deserve, but I hope you enjoy! Also if you are on the perm tag list, I did not put you hear in case yall do not like supernatural since I mostly wrote marvel :) 

Originally posted by subcas

“I’m telling you Y/N, that man in the booth has been staring at you for the past ten minutes!” Your best friend spoke in a hushed tone to you, turning her head to peek over her right shoulder. 

Your head tilted back, allowing the iced whiskey in the small glass cup to flow through your semi open lips. You face quickly contorted in discomfort from the burn the beverage gave you as it slid down your throat, but once you allowed yourself to relax, you began to enjoy the warm sensation that the alcohol produced. 

You sighed as you held the now empty cup with the tips of your fingers. You swirled the glass in small circles before placing it on the bar table gently. You turned you head to your left, now meeting eyes with your best friend who looked at you, eyes wide with expectancy. 

“And I’m telling you Karen, I don’t care.” You stated, motioning for the bartender to get you both more whiskey. 

“But he’s cute!” She whined, her body bouncing slightly like that of a spoiled child. 

“Everyone is always cute to you after the third cup of whiskey, Karen.” 

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OITNB Season 6 Very Early Predictions Part 1

Don’t you just love when one of your favorite shows goes on hiatus but the closer you get to the premiere of the next season BTS photos and sneak peaks begin to drop and all the fans slowly start to come out of hibernation?

Anyway here are some very early predictions

Based on what I’ve seen so far I’m guessing it’s going to be a whole new ball game and nothing like what we’re used to at Litchfield. I’m imagining some much harsher environments. From what it looks like, no more open bunks, looks like we might get actual prison cells this time around. And with a new and harsher environment we will most likely get some really bad ass prisoners. This ain’t Litchfield anymore people.

Alex will be off the radar for a couple of episodes due to being down in medical  for her broken arm. She and Piper are going to be reunited early on in the season for sure, I’m going to say between episode 3 or 4. They’ll be in the same cell block (hopefully the same prison cell). Because of her face being on television this will open up a whole new set of problems for her. Alex will be in the limelight, probably dealing with the good and bad popularity from the other prisoners also with the media (which she will hate). I’m still convinced that eventually Kubra will show his face possibly by the very end of the season if not the middle of it.

Piper is going to find her way into some trouble because…it’s Piper. With Alex being her new priority though Protective!Piper will be in full effect and I think we’re going to see a brand new, more selfless Piper. Something along the lines of if it was decided that Alex had to get sent away to get better treatment or just be somewhere safer Piper wouldn’t try to jeopardize it and would just let her go.

Nicky is one of the characters that I’m most fearful for at this point. My gut is telling me she might be one of the ones we lose and it will be because of Red. Not saying it will be Red’s fault, but from what I’ve red Kate mentioned something about her getting into it with one of the badder inmates at this new prison. What does that have to do with Nicky? Well if it gets bad maybe Nicky will come to her “mom’s” defense. One of Red’s daughter’s already suffered a broken arm (don’t kid yourself Alex is her daughter now) trying to save her. Red very well might end up losing Nicky. Another reason why I think we might end up losing her is because (and I hate saying this) I don’t think she and Lorna are going to be end game as much as I would like them to be. In the end I believe though Nicky loves Lorna, she has officially decided to let her go and even went out of her way to knock some sense into Vinnie. And from what I gather between Vinnie and Lorna I do think they really love each other. If something does happen to Nicky I think Lorna would most likely end up naming her kid after her.

Between Alex and Piper and Nicky and Lorna I firmly believe we are not going to get a happy ending from both couples. And if we do one relationship is and the other isn’t. If I’m being completely honest Alex and Piper’s relationship might end on somewhat of a happy note while Nicky and Lorna’s will end probably bittersweet or in tragedy. I don’t think we’re going to get a completely happy ending from either one of these couples. Maybe we’ll get something that’s satisfactory but not completely happily ever after.

anonymous asked:

Ok i gotta ask cause it's driving me crazy...when you started losing weight were there times when you just couldnt picture yourself skinny? I lost 2kg and i dont feel anything and i wonder how the hell would my body look like if i ever get to my GW ( 19 kilos more to go) i just i have been chubby for so long i just cannot even imagine it to to be possible to be skinny. You feel me?

oh for sure, i still struggle to picture what my body will look like when i get to my goal weights. like how will it look when i lose all the extra fat? what really is my body shape/type?

i still don’t picture myself as skinny even though i’ve been told that i am, and that’s terrifying to think about. 

anonymous asked:

my worst nightmare is when i accidentally imagine being 28 and a housewife making some bullshit meal with kale and some white dude appears behind me who's supposed to be my husband and says "what's cooking good looking" and when i tell him he gives a fake interested nod and starts complaining about how "work/traffic has been so crazy" but all of a sudden 1 of my 2 obnoxious sons falls on the hardwood floor and starts screaming because he spilled his juice

This is so vivid, Anonymous Lesbian, and what a massive mood it is. How about this: It’s a Sunday morning and neither you nor your partner have work. You make pancakes while your partner fries bacon. You plate up and bring the food to the wicker dining set you have on the front porch, draped by climbing vines and hanging pots with mounding petunias. While you wait for your partner to bring the coffee, you fill the hummingbird feeder. You eat together in the sunny, 80 degree weather and talk about how the two of you should drive out to the lake again because last time it rained and while sitting it out under the pitched trunk of the car like a makeshift tent was nice, you really want to swim and see if you can touch a fish

halloween masterlist

Originally posted by highshin

trick or treat my ghoulish friends

i hope you enjoy my project that no one asked for and have a good october ( and halloween! )

the trick or treat categories have been mixed so pick wisely ;)

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Imagine...Overhearing Dean

Originally posted by ijensenackles

Pairing: Dean x reader

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anonymous asked:

Can I follow that up with your favorite shiro screenshots? 😉

i just want to say up front that shiro is 1. the most beautiful human ever animated 2. once you start imagining his hair floof is a tiny radish man attached to his head, you can’t come back. with that in mind…

takashi “i’m the only one with my helmet off so i can dry my hair floof” shirogane:

takashi “i’ve forgotten what it’s like to be pleasantly surprised” shirogane:

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Bruise [ IX ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by loverkoreanasian

Red was the color that painted your skin through the sleepless night alone. Your eyes grew red from the endless stream of frustrated tears that dripped down your temples. Your cheeks changed hue from rawness, the sleeves of your sweater scratching away at them until they near bled. Your phone battery drained to zero, red painting the icon when you stared at it, debating calling him so his voice could fade your consciousness. Your lips drew too much blood to the surface when you bit down on them to stop another sigh from slipping out, desperate for it to all stop. Desperate for everything to be a dream you could wake up from rather than something you had to deal with when the sun rose back up into the sky.

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Knight in Shining Armor (Steve Harrington x Female Reader)

Requested by: @cometoceantrenches ( Okie since you take requests, is it okay if you write smth with our boi Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other?? im sorry if its long af, you just write rlly well *ugly cries*)

Summary: While waiting for the Snow Ball to end, Steve and you catch up at a local cafe where they recount the events of the demo-dogs, and then conversation becomes personal.

Word Count: 3013

Warnings: fluffy af and some smooches. Also get’s a bit emotional towards the end. lets also assume he’s always ooc to me

Note: if there is another gif that kills me it’s also this one!  I kind of just a little went overboard and it’s pretty long but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Enjoy!!!

My Other Works…

Minor Spoilers of Season 2!!

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

“Do I look okay?” your sister Jen asked for the 100th time from the backseat of your mother’s car. You rolled your eyes, not even bothering to look at her.

“You look great, Jen,” you replied.

“You didn’t even look!” she cried.

For perhaps the third time you spun yourself around to take a look at your sister who was all dolled up and ready for the Snow ball.

“You look beautiful, now stop asking and stop touching your hair,” you slapped her hand away lightly, she flinched and grumbled. You knew she had a crush on one of the boys there, she just wouldn’t tell you who it was. But by how nervous she was, and how she was acting, you knew what was bothering her.

“Hey…whoever this boy you’re crushing over…he’s gonna think you’re the most beautiful girl in the room okay? And he’s going to ask you to dance,” you said, fixing her hair for her. Jen blushed.

“And if he doesn’t?”

You scoffed, “Then he’s a damn idiot, and you’re too good for him,” Jen let out a laugh. Your mother glanced at you two before pulling up in front of the school, behind another car who was dropping off their kid.

Unfortunately for you, your mother had wanted you to stick around the parking lot all night and wait for the Snow ball to end. Also, it was really, really cold out there. But, you didn’t want your mom to worry over Jen all night, so you agreed to stay. You would find something to do, even if that included freezing to death.

Death. Hah. That word honestly didn’t even faze you that much anymore, not after what had occurred in the past month. Images of alien like dog creatures Dustin had called ‘Demo-dogs’ flashed through your mind, especially of the one he called ‘Dart’ who nearly chewed your face off. And then there was that girl with the slicked back hair who everyone seemed to recognize except for you and Steve. Apparently, she had superpowers and helped close the gate and saved the world or something. You honestly didn’t know what to believe, or even do with all this newfound information.

You guessed life would just go on eventually, and somehow you’d manage to live past it.

You stood next to your sister, both of you waving good-bye to your mother, who yelled, “Have a good time and be safe!” before driving off and out of the drop-off zone. Jen sighed, flattening down her light pink dress.

“Are you really going to stay out here all night?” Jen asked as you both walked towards the entrance, you shrugged.

“It’ll be fun- staying out here all by myself in the freezing cold in order to avoid my past middle school teachers trying to catch up with me,” Jen laughed, stopping in front of the entrance and turning to face you.

“Are you sure I look okay, (y/n)?”

You glared slightly at her, pretty sure she’s just taking in the compliments, but you just smiled and held a thumbs up. Jen was about to speak before her eyes caught something behind you. Her cheeks suddenly turned the same color as her dress. You raised a brow, and turned around, seeing who had made her all flustered.

“Dustin?” you asked, the younger boy was surprised to see you here, but not as surprised as you when you saw how much his hair looked super familiar.

“What are you doing here, (y/n)?” he asked, you tore your eyes from his hair and pointed behind you.

“Just dropping off Jen-” but when you turned around, she was gone and already in the gym. You blinked, huffing slightly as you realized that Dustin was the boy she was so keen on. You laughed lightly, thinking that it was the cutest thing ever.

Your mind went back to Dustin’s hairstyle the moment you looked back at him.

“Okay- tell me right now…is Steve your role model or something?” You asked, jokingly. Dustin gave you an annoyed look before you chuckled, “You look great kiddo, now go in there and for the love of god find Jen and ask her to dance,” you winked. Dustin furrowed his eyebrows.

“Wait- what? really?”

You clicked your tongue before your eyes went to the car Dustin had gotten out of. Your jaw dropped when you instantly recognized it as Steve’s. Dustin noticed your excitement and gave a smug smile.

“He’s staying because he saw you and is hoping you’ll go over there to talk or something,” he said nonchalantly, you side-glanced Dustin, seeing him look at the car and wave. You can just feel Steve’s glare on the kid. You merely laughed it off.

“Don’t you have a ball to attend, kid?” you asked, Dustin cursed softly and walked into the entrance, muttering something about asking Jen to dance, a cheeky grin on his face. You shook your head, crossing your arms against your chest before turning and starting to walk over to Steve’s car.

You leaned down to his open window, a toothy grin and asked, “Is that you Steve? My knight in shining armor?” Steve smiled at the sight of you, and waved your comment off.

“Yeah, the one and only,” he responded, knowing you were referring to when he saved you from losing your face to some demo-dog, “Are you going to head home?”

You shook your head.

“Gotta stay here until it ends and make sure Jen is still alive after or something,” you shrugged, Steve laughed.

“Oh no- that’s not okay,” he said, “As your knight in shining armor, I’m going to save you from freezing to death…” he reached over and opened the car door, his other hand still resting on the wheel. You put your hand over your heart.

“Wow…what a gentlemen,” you commented as you climbed into his car, Steve shrugged, eyes still resting on you. You didn’t notice the way he stared at you, like Dustin had noticed when Steve pulled up and saw you.

“That’s what I am, didn’t you know?”

You just hummed, hugging your arms closer to you. Steve noticed, eying your shivering form before an idea popped in his mind.

“Wanna go get a warm drink or something?” he asked, you tilted your head in thought.

“Warm drink? You mean like coffee?” you asked, a playful glint in your eyes.Steve stared at you for a moment, before realizing how stupid he must sound.

“I said that…” he muttered. You snickered, but nodded.

“Yeah, I could go for a warm drink…” Steve cracked a smile, eyes still lingering on yours before starting his car. When he looked away as he began to drive out of the parking lot, you looked at the side of his face, thinking you saw a shade of pink on his cheeks…but it was too dark.

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sure, it’s seen better days but that doesn’t mean it won’t have better days again. and just because life isn’t want you want it to be right now it doesn’t mean you should tear it down. i started thinking about all the things i wanna do and have, that i’m not doing or having. and now everyone in this neighbourhood seems to have given up imagining what a better life might look like. but if we can admit to ourselves what we want is out there somewhere, well… maybe we can fight for it. and if we can do that, we’re half way to getting it. that’s the thing about people in this town. things can seem hopeless when suddenly someone gives the rest of us inspiration. because the first step to a new beginning is imagining that one is even possible. 

anonymous asked:

Do you take fic prompts? If so, then I'd love to see a take on the "Werewolf pretends to be a large dog to get attention or food from an unsuspecting human", except the other person is also a werewolf and can tell right away. If not, then feel free to ignore this ask. :)

I’m not sure this is what you were looking for when you sent this prompt, but I had a lot of fun writing it! (On AO3)

Stiles likes walking home from work. He feels more connected to the world when he can smell and hear it all around him, with no doors or walls in the way.

He usually cuts through the park at the edge of the preserve, because it always has a sort of happy, warm feel to it. It gives him a sense of contentment every time. As he comes over the hill he can see that it’s pretty empty today: a woman is pushing her stroller along the path through the middle, an older lady is sitting on one of the benches knitting, and there’s a guy petting a rather large dog by the volleyball court.

Except that when the man gives a final pat and turns to go, Stiles freezes for a step, skin prickling in surprise, because it’s another werewolf.

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