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What the signs are made of

Aries- Dragon fire, the devils laugh, silver.

Taurus- Werewolf bite, goddess essence, rain.

Gemini- Snow, an angel’s lullaby. demons trickery.

Cancer- Cupids tears, witch veins, clouds.

Leo- Wizards magic, divination, and rose quartz.

Virgo- Flower petals, dark magic, and fairy dust.

Libra- The rings around Saturn, Athena’s knowledge, and diamonds.

Scorpio- dragon bones, vampires bite, and music.

Sagittarius- A sailors compass, the stars, and a black hole in the galaxy.

Capricorn- fairy laughter, gold, and angel hair.

Aquarius- Siren tears, black panthers, and pearls,

Pisces- Mermaid scales, lucid dreams, and the high priestesses heart.

the houses studying
  • hufflepuff: come on guys, let's make a study group and see if we can work this out together!
  • ravenclaw: ok i got my highlighters, got my schedule, got my study guide - hey, is that an essay on the effects of werewolf bites on vampires welp looks like i'm gonna be researching that for the next seven hours
  • gryffindor: but hermione, why can't you do it for me?
  • slytherin: either you write all my essays or i tell mcgonagall i saw you cheating in her tests

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I mean, if nobody else has put a request in, I would like to hear more on what you would write for the werewolf au. With or without xReader. Up to you. I just like the way you talked about them in the bulleted list you made (low-key SUPER down with an overly nuzzling Anti).

On what I would write for this AU? Several things honestly. Another list for you, since I’m better at organizing ideas like this. I might even come and refer back to this later in case I’m hit with the urge to write something for this AU without prompts.

  • Wolf fights. Let’s face it, the two are very aggressive towards each other. Anti always goes for the neck, as most wolves do, but Dark tries to cripple his enemies first. Anti’s too fast, and Dark’s too cautious, so the fights mainly result in no winners, just blood spilled and new scars on the both of them.
  • Nights with Dark or Anti. Honestly, this could go with reader or without.
  • Anti’s typical nights are just stalking around for prey. He loves the idea of chasing something down and killing it, but he’s a bit more reckless. The chase is his favorite part. He also likes picking fights with Dark for the hell of it.
  • Dark’s nights are hunting out of necessity. He’s a careful hunter. But after he’s gotten what he needed, he just makes sure that nothing is in his territory that it shouldn’t be. Anti, for example.
  • Anti’s night with the reader is him begging them to go hunting with him. He loves showing his power, even if he doesn’t always catch what he runs after. It’s high energy and he likes to wind down with shows of affection. More than once he’s probably tried to bite the reader. Not like in an affectionate way, but in an instinctive way. He’s bad at controlling impulses like that.
  • Dark spends his time with the reader under soft moonlight. It’s mainly talking and just spending what he considers “quality time” with them. Walking in the forest. It’s ominous, of course, but he’s more than glad to tell you that he’ll protect you. But he’s a bit scary himself. He’s got a mouth of sharp teeth that could probably rend the flesh from your bones in an instant, so you’re sort of walking on eggshells, but you try not to let it show. He’s more controlling over his instincts.

I could write on any of these if I find the time to do so. It would be fun to go into more detail, I think!


Jeremy x Reader / Reader x Mystic Falls Group

Requested By Anon

Damon chuckled as you shrugged Stefan away from you, reaching for the bottle of bourbon in front of you and downed a good quarter of the bottle. Your brothers continued to ignore the fact that you wouldn’t survive the bite.


“Will you both go away and let me spend my last few hours in peace.” You complained.


“No.” Damon sighed and slumped down on the sofa next to you.


“If you’d told us about this earlier we could have tried to find…” Stefan started but you laughed and shook your head.

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“I can’t let you die Y/N, I know this is selfish of me, but I can’t be without you” Scott, said tears forming in his eyes as he held you in his arms. “I love you too much, please don’t hate me for this” Scott knew how you felt about becoming a werewolf, it wasn’t something you wanted to do. You wanted to lead a normal life, but now you no longer had a choice. It was either die, or be bitten by Scott and he wasn’t about to let your life end so soon. Your life was in his hands and he’d made the decision.

Albus Severus worked for years to find a cure for werewolf bites. He named his cure the Lupin Potion after his “brother’s” father, Remus Lupin. He told no one, but Hermione, Rose, and Holly. He hid his work by claiming to be working on a vaccine for Dragon Pox. He did in fact create a vaccine for Dragon Pox, but hid that he had finished. He finished in the fall of 2028. On April 17, the following year, on Teddy Lupin’s birthday, he gifted the potion to him, as a birthday present, after the potion had been submitted to the Ministry, and gone through the paperwork. On May 2nd that year it was released to the public as an anniversary of the death of Remus Lupin. 

I had already posted this but it had been on Lily. After some thought, I decided Lily would have done something else with her career really, so I changed it to Albus.

I can't lose you.

For @gooddame and @caritobear when I told the idea of the story to them they couldn’t wait to read it.


“ It’s not a trial its suicide.”

The doors to to Lucien’s penthouse burst open and Caroline Forbes is standing in front of the dying Mikaelsons and Hayley. “ And nobody wants a suicidal hybrid.”

All the Mikaelsons except for Kol who is laying on the couch sweating look at the blonde. “ Elijah, Hayley, you must be the new sister Freya I’m Caroline and Kol your alive so to speak and whoa you have a really bad super vamp bite on your neck it looks like a werewolf bite but apparently a thousand times more lethal.”

Klaus is staring at her “ Caroline.”

“ Hello Klaus.”

Hayley walks over to her “ What are you doing her Caroline this my family leave.”

Klaus glares at Hayley he puts up with the little hybrid because Elijah fancies her but nobody talks to Caroline like that. Caroline’s got this.

“ You see I was visiting my moms grave.” She looks back at Klaus “ I got your flowers by the way they were really pretty thank you.” Klaus nods and she looks back at Hayley. “ I get a call from Rebekah telling me that her family is in danger she’s hexed, her older sister is poisoned, Elijah and Kol have super vamp bites. and Klaus is going to be on trial for his sins. So if your part of the Mikaelson family why did Rebekah call me to talk to Klaus instead of letting you handle it, because you only care about one Mikaelson Elijah who cares about Katherine and has for the past five hundred years.”

Elijah sitting in a chair has a hallucination “ Katerina I will save you. You will be free and we can be together.”

Caroline smirks at Hayley knowing she was right. She goes over to Elijah and puts an hand on his arm “ Elijah Katherine isn’t here come back to us.”

Elijah looks down at the blonde “ Elena’s blonde friend from Mystic Falls.”

“ It’s actually Caroline but it’s ok I know your ill.”


Freya is sitting next to Kol when he starts hallucinating Davina, Freya tries calm him down and Caroline goes over to hold him down “ Kol it’s going to be ok. We will fix this then you can tell me all about Davina.”

Kol nods and Caroline smiles.

Freya looks up at the blonde in the few minutes she’s been here she’s managed to put Hayley in her place, bring Elijah and Kol out of their hallucinations, and shock Klaus. “ How do you know my siblings?”

“This is my future family.”

With Freya’s confused look Caroline looks over at Klaus “ Can I tell her? I know you like to keep me private.”

Klaus nods. “ Klaus loves me and tries to protect me as best he can. Which means never talking about me because if his enemies knew I existed they would hurt me to get to him. But I would never sell him out he knows that.”

Caroline turns to Klaus “ First I need to ask would you still love me if I did something incredibly impulse and crazy that could get me killed.”

Klaus looks worried and looks her over for injuries “ Of course what did you do?”

“ It’s not what I’ve done it’s what I’m about to do.”

Caroline slaps him across the face.

“ Love why did you slap me?”

“Someone needed to for getting yourself into this situation and your sibling and now me. I can’t lose you. I’ve already lost my mom I can’t lose my last love.”

Klaus pulls Caroline Into his chest “ You will never lose me Caroline I will always be there for you no matter what.”

Freya is sitting next to Kol wiping sweat off his forehead but watching her brother and Caroline and is amazed by the relationship they share its so deep and loving. She’s never seen Klaus act this way around anyone.

Freya doesn’t want to interrupt them but she has to “ Klaus I might have a solution.”


While Freya is talking to Klaus Caroline goes over and sits with Kol. “ How are you here I saw your burned body in the Gilbert’s dining room.”

Kol actually manages to let out a little laugh “ Darling you should know better it takes a lot to kill us.”

Caroline smiles down at while while wiping sweat off this forehead. “ I’m going to tell you a secret when you guys were all in Mystic Falls you were my second favorite original.”

“ I’m hurt by that second favorite but I have to say that was amazing how you slapped my brother.”

Caroline let’s out a little laugh “ Thank you. You never drew me pictures, gave me dresses or jewelry. Or fell in love with me. Don’t tell Rebekah I don’t she would be happy to hear she’s my third favorite.”

When they were in Mystic Falls Kol really never interacted with Caroline. He did once in the grill after Esther’s ball. “ If I make it out of this alive I’m buying you drink to thank you for taking care of me and for slapping Nik.”

Caroline smiles down at him “ Deal.”


Klaus taps Caroline on the shoulder “ Caroline can I talk with you?”

Caroline nods and Klaus brings her into the bedroom. “ You know how I love you and that you are the only one for me Caroline. But to protect you I need you to leave now.”

“No I’m not leaving you. Let me help you.”

Klaus looks down at her “ I couldn’t bear it if something happened to you because of me.”

Caroline reaches up and cups his cheek “ You always worry about me it’s my turn to worry about you.”

Klaus leans into her touch “ I have to go. Not only to save my siblings but to save you.”

“ They will kill you. What is Freya’s plan?”

Klaus looks at her she is worried about him. “ I have to face them and come out alive Freya will put everyone to sleep and link them to me.”

“ Kinda like what Esther did when she linked you all together to kill you.”

Klaus nods and puts a hand over hers in his cheek “ Stay here with them help Freya then help Hayley find cures for us. I know you two hate each other but maybe this is exactly what you two need to get over your hatred for each other.”

Caroline starts crying klaus wipes her tears “ I love you Klaus remember that.”

Klaus smiles down at her “ I love you too.”


As Klaus is opening the front door to leave Caroline stops him “ Klaus wait this might be the last time I see you for a while.”

Caroline leans up and kisses him.

Caroline leans her forehead on his “Are you sure I can’t go maybe kill a couple of them so there’s not that many that want you dead.”

Klaus smiles at her she’s willing to kill for him. “ No it’s to dangerous. Stay here we will see each other again. I love you Caroline remember that.”

Caroline kisses him again “ I love you too.”


Klaus enters the compound quietly and sees Rebekah next to Damon and Stefan. “ What are you two doing here?”

“Nice to see you too Klaus. We heard Barbie Klaus tell blondie that you sire line was putting you on trial and I was offended we weren’t invited seeing as we part of said sire line.”

“ Has anyone seen you?”

Both Damon and Stefan shake their heads “ Good I need you two to spread out and kill as many as you can discreetly. I’ll deal with Marcel and staying alive.”

“Why should we help you? You’ve hurt us just as much as everyone in there?”

Klaus looks over at Damon “ I’ve had plenty of opportunities to kill the both of you and I didn’t.”

Both Salvatore’s go into the crowd of vampires and Klaus turns to his sister “ Thank you sister for telling Caroline and bringing her here.”

Rebekah nods “ I know how much she means to you. I may not like her but you love her I figured you might like one last happy memory with her before we do this.”

Klaus pulls his little sister in for a hug.


Caroline is pacing in front of the window. She’s so worried about klaus. Freya looks over at the blonde he feels sad for her. Elijah comes over to her “Miss Forbes, Niklaus can do this. If my brother succeeds in one thing it’s talking people out of killing him.”

Caroline smiles at him “ Thanks Elijah. You shouldn’t be standing right now in your condition let’s get you back to the chair. ”

Caroline puts his arm around her shoulders to help him and Hayley is right in her face “ It’s time for you to leave. Nobody wants you here nobody ever wants you. Let go of Elijah.”

Caroline gets Elijah back to his chair then confronts Hayley “ I’m not leaving Rebekah called me, the Mikaelsons need my help, Klaus obviously wants me here, plus with you too busy worrying about Elijah who is having hallucinations about Katherine to even bother with Freya or Kol. So I’m staying and helping them.”

Elijah weakly says “ Caroline do you love my brother?”

Caroline looks down at him a little taken back by the question.“ Yes I do.”

Elijah smiles at her “ You will make a wonderful addition to this family sorry it has to be today when we are all dying.”

Caroline bends down in front of him and puts her hand on his arm “ Thank you Elijah for welcoming me I will help cure you and all of you.”

Hayley is angry at the situation “You never welcomed me to the family.”

Kol looks over at the “ Because you were nothing but a phase for Elijah Caroline is the real deal.”

Hayley storms over to Kol but Caroline gets in between them “Shut up Kol before she kills you quicker than the super bite.”

Hayley storms out and Freya looks over at Caroline “ Caroline i need your help can you get them over to the table.”


Klaus walks further into the compound courtyard its destroyed, furniture. paper, vampires and fire everywhere. In the corner Marcel sits on a throne. The vampires are yelling at him some even spit at him.

Damon rips out a couple hearts downstairs and throws their hearts and bodies into the house. Stefan does the same but up on the balcony.

“ Enough!”

All the vampires are quiet Klaus turns towards Marcel “ I’m disappointed in you Marcellus using my poor ill sister to negotiate deals for you hardly the work of a true leader.”

“ You want the last word take it then we can finish this.”

“You wish to put me on trial for my many grievances go on have at it but before you do I just have to say. Look at you outraged by the death of Davina and Camille. When neither were my fault. Davina defied you, you told her to stay away from my brother but she didn’t. The heart wants what it wants and Davina’s heart wanted Kol. Just like Camille’s heart wanted me not you. Your daughter and the girl you fancy wanted Mikaelsons so you rage war on me. Not very king like.“

Klaus turns towards the crowd. ” And for you lot. I killed your loved one, your harlot, your mother, got you out of the slum you were living in. But you all forget you begged me to turn you. I gave you all a new life. Before me your lives were insignificant I gave your lives meaning I made them significant. This mockery of a trail is pathetic and only here because of me. Without me you lot wouldn’t even be alive. I owe you nothing. So whatever you do to me I still win. You will always remember Klaus Mikaelson is your maker.

Marcel holds up the papa tunde blade the vampires are yelling torture him they grab Klaus bring him to Marcel on his back.

Rebekah sees Damon killing another vampire and pulls him to her and whispers in his ear “ You didn’t kill enough of them.”

“ I’m sorry but there’s one of me and thousands of them and I have to be discrete so I don’t get myself killed.”

“ Get Stefan and follow me.”

The last thing the three of them see is Marcel stabbing the papa tunde blade in Klaus and his scream of agony as the blade goes in his chest.


Rebekah brings the Salvatore’s to Lucien’s penthouse. Caroline helped both Elijah and Kol over to the table Freya is working at. “ The plan worked Nik found a way to stay alive.”

“Rebekah I need you to sit here.”

Damon and Stefan look around “ What is going on?”

Caroline is swiping the sweat off Kol and making sure Elijah is ok. “ Freya is putting them asleep and I am going to find cures for them. If Klaus found a way to stay alive where is he?”

Rebekah looks over at Caroline “ He was stabbed by the papa tunde blade. It’s a magical blade instead of sticking out of like a regular blade it goes inside you and gives that person incredible agony.” She turns to the Salvatore’s “ You two will help Caroline or I will find a way to come back and kill you Damon.”

“ Ok sexy beks i will help why don’t you ever threaten Stefan?”

“ I like Stefan better than you and Stefan knows when I ask for something I need it. Stefan and I were in love in the twenties you never completely fall out of love with someone even if one is compelled to forget the other so a part of Stefan will always love me and a part of me will always love him.”

Caroline is between Kol and Elijah, Stefan is next to Rebekah and Damon is off to the side while Freya is chanting in Latin all the Mikaelsons are holding hands. Kol is shaking and coughing and Elijah is shaking. They all fall back in their seats their spirits gone.

Caroline looks towards the Salvatore’s. “ It’s up to us to save them we have to get them out of this city. Do you know where Klaus is maybe we can take him with us put him in a coffin too.”

Damon shakes his head “ No Marcel said he was going to make Klaus his prisoner for however long he saw fit.”

Stefan lifting Rebekah to carry her to her coffin “ We have to leave Klaus here and find cures. We will save him Caroline.”

Caroline nods while she picks up Kol. Damon picks up Elijah. Caroline comes back for Freya. Once they get the originals into their coffins Caroline picks up some information Freya left her on the venom they were exposed to. “ We have a family to save.”

Tom Riddle talked about Hagrid raising werewolf cubs under his bed, which means A) he was exaggerating for effect or B) Hagrid had more than one kidnapped baby afflicted by a werewolf bite living under his bed for 29 days out of the month as regular human babies

Don't touch her

For @scarlet-fire1918 who came up with the title.


Klaus Mikaelson is throwing clothes into a bag racing around his room the call he just got still unsettling to him.

Ten minutes ago
Klaus was sketching a portrait of his beautiful Caroline when his phone rings and its Damon Salvatore. “I gave bottles of my blood to Caroline it should heal your werewolf bite.”

Damon smirks of course he gave Caroline bottles of his blood. “ Good to know but that’s not why I’m calling we have a bit of a situation.”

That puts Klaus on alert “ What did you do is Caroline ok?”

“ Look I haven’t hurt Caroline in years and I didn’t do this intentionally it’s also Stefans fault too.”

Klaus is squeezing his phone tightly hearing that Damon hurt Caroline “ You’ve hurt Caroline I’m going to kill you.”

Damon realizes what he’s said “ Oops did I say that out loud and to a person that’s completely in love with blondie. Look blondie has a Spell on her not even Bonnie can reverse it her skin is vervain. Do you know any witches who can reverse the spell?”

“ I’m going to kill you the next time I see you.”

Damon pointing out something to his hybrid frenemy. “ You say that a lot and yet I’m still standing here. If you kill me who are you going to get to spy on blondie for for you.”


Kol Mikaelson storms into his older brothers room readjusting his shirt. “ Why are you yelling? I’m trying to enjoy some alone time with Davina and you keep yelling.”

Klaus whirls around to face his younger brother “ Where’s Elijah?”

Kol pouring himself a drink “Our stuffy suit clad brother is in his office ever since Freya brought back Katherine he spends more and more time in there.”

“ Just like you except you spent it in your bedroom with a certain harvest girl.”

Kol smirks and sees the concern on his brothers face “ I know that look you only show concern for people you care about let’s see everyone you know is under this roof and safe oh wait I’m wrong there is another so how is Caroline Forbes.”

Klaus pins him to the wall Kol dropping his glass" Don’t ever say her name again if anyone knew about her she would be in danger.“

Kol pushes him back ” Relax brother it’s not like I’m running down bourbon street yelling her name at the top of my lungs. I just know you care about her a lot so what has you all panicked.“

Klaus eyes widen he wants to hit himself he didn’t get why didn’t think of this earlier he’s still adjusting to seeing Kol alive. ” Turns out I was calling the wrong brother I need you.“

Kol looks surprised usually his siblings don’t need him hence all the times he spend in his coffin. ” You need me.“

” Damon has informed me that Caroline has a spell on her body making her skin vervain. You having learned every witch magic out there you need to fix her.“

Kol looks at his brothers face he is actually worried ” What do I get if I help you?“

“What do you want?”

Kol smirks “ A promise and not one you would break so a promise you would make to sweet little Caroline that you do not dagger me.”

Klaus growls at him “ Fine pack your bags we leave in an hour also tell Freya she’s coming with us.”


Kol goes back to his room and Davina’s laying on his bed “ You have no idea how much I want to continue where we left off but I can’t.”

“What’s wrong why was Klaus yelling?”

Kol walks halfway to his closet then realizes he doesn’t have a suitcase he was always daggered when they moved so he never had to move any of his clothes. “ Nik got an unsettling phone call and needs my help and Freya’s. He never said you couldn’t come what do you say darling want to come?”

Davina walks over to him and puts her arms around his neck. “ I would love to.”


An hour later Klaus has already put his bag in his car and is yelling up for Kol and Freya to hurry up when Rebekah comes down the stairs with a bag. “ And where do you think your going little sister?”

“ Kol told me we’re going on a Mikaelson family road trip.”

Klaus yells up the stairs “ Kol!”

Elijah and Katherine come out of his office “You didn’t invite us on the road trip shame on you.”

Klaus growls at Katherine and shows his teeth to her. Katherine just smirks at him. When Elijah asked Freya to bring Katherine back Klaus was against it but Freya wants to make her siblings happy so she brought back the annoying pain in the ass doppelgänger and her and Elijah have been inseparable for months that is after Elijah had apologized about hundred times for not being their when she died, for breaking up with her and for hunting her for five hundred years.

Freya puts her bags in the car when Kol comes down the stairs and Davina is at the front door bag in hand Kol had to borrow one of Rebekah’s many suitcases that’s how she found out. “ Ready to go darling?”

Klaus looks between his younger brother and the young witch then at Rebekah, Elijah and Katerina. “ Brother when did this turn into a family affair I just need you and Freya.”

Kol leaning against the banister “ I asked Rebekah if she had a suitcase I could borrow and forgot Bekah has a big mouth.”

Kol leans out of the way to avoid the shoe Rebekah just threw at him.

Klaus rubs the bridge of his nose “ Everyone just in the car.”


Halfway there Rebekah is getting restless “ So where are we going on this road trip.”

“ To see a close friend.”

“ You don’t have any friends.” Realization hits Rebekah right in the face “ Except for one you didn’t tell me we’re going to see Caroline.”

Klaus just pushes on the gas even harder and Kol decides to answer his sister “ Yes tasty little Caroline has a spell on her body making her body vervain. Damon called Nik and Nik called Elijah but I walked in first and Nik realized he actually needs my help not Elijah’s.”

“ And Freya’s.”

“ Yes but you asked me first.”

Klaus looks back at his brother threw the rearview mirror “ Yes your help not the young ex harvest witch next to you.”

Davina raises her arms to give Klaus and anyerisum Kol catches her arms and puts down and whispers in her ear “ Not even worth it Darling.”

Freya has been watching her siblings go back and forth and she has never heard of Caroline who is apparently klaus close friend. “ Who is Caroline?”

Both Kol and Rebekah answer their sister at the same time “ An annoying girl Nik fell in love with.”

“ The love of Niks life.”


They arrive at Whitmore Klaus vamps into the campus and sees Damon waiting just inside the entrance he pins him to the wall by his throat his hybrid features on display as he compels Damon. “ You have ten seconds to tell me why you hurt Caroline and how.”

Damon hasn’t been taking vervain since the originals left so Klaus compulsion works on him. “ It was when she was human she was the perfect toy for me she was friends with both Elena and Bonnie and I needed something from Bonnie. I raped her, feed from her, compelled her, and tried to kill her multiple times.”

Klaus bites him Damon yells in pain as he feels the werewolf venom from Klaus hybrid bite enter his system. “ You deserve to wither in pain and for everything you’ve done to Caroline. ”

Klaus snaps his neck when his siblings enter. Katherine sees Damon on the ground and bends down and see the werewolf bite “ Why did you bite him?”

Klaus looking around for anyone else “ He hurt Caroline I told him I was going to kill him the next time I saw him I’m a man of my word.”

Elijah looks down at the oldest Salvatore he doesn’t particular like him but he would never kill him “ Niklaus we can’t just leave Damon here for anyone to see.”

Klaus doesn’t even glance back at the Salvatore “ Leave him it’s Halloween someone will think he’s a prop.”


A couple minutes later they finds Stefan who Klaus also pins to the wall “ Where is Caroline?”

Stefan is surprised he thought the Mikaelsons were gone for good. “ What are you doing here?”

“ As usual Klaus found out Caroline has a problem and came running to save her. And we listened to Kol.”

Stefan looks over at Rebekah “Long time Rebekah.”

“ It has been are you still hung up on Elena or are you ready for a real woman.”

Stefan smiles at him Rebekah remembering the last time they were together when she asked him the same thing. “ Elena is under a sleeping spell and human and she choose Damon we haven’t been together for years.”

Rebekah runs a finger down his face “ Call me when you can say I’m completely over her.”

Klaus growls and squeezes Stefans neck tighter Stefan makes a strangling sound. “ Bekah stop flirting, now tell me where Caroline is or you will be sharing the same fate as your brother dead on the floor with a nasty hybrid bite.”

“ Klaus you have to give Damon your blood.”

“ No he hurt Caroline and you will join him if you don’t tell me where she is.”

Stefan struggles to get out “Enzo has her, Damon is the only one with Enzo’s number.”

Klaus turns to tell Kol to rifle threw Damon’s pockets when the only sibling behind him is Freya “ Where are our siblings?”

“ Kol heard music and left Davina went with him, Rebekah went after them and Elijah and Katherine went to make sure no one was killed.”

Klaus instructs Stefan to get Damon’s phone and call Enzo while Freya gets their siblings.


The music was coming from the heaven and hell Halloween party Caroline went as a angel and her best friend/bodyguard for the night Enzo went as a devil they are also trying to stop Mary Louise and Nora from killing everyone at the party which is easier said then done. When Enzo get a text “ Gorgeous we found a solution to your problem.”

Enzo goes to touch her arm but pulls away when he remembers her skin is vervain. Caroline follows Enzo to the hallway and stops when she sees him “ Klaus.”

Klaus smiles he thinks she looks so adorable in her short white angel costume with a feather rim on the bottom and a halo on her head “ Hello love.”

Klaus walks over to her and puts his hands on upper arms he doesn’t care that her skin is burning his hands. “Besides your skin being vervain are you ok.”

Caroline tries to move she doesn’t want to hurt him” Let go I’m hurting you.“

Klaus doesn’t remove his hands ” Love you’ve already hurt me in so many ways this is nothing.“

Caroline shakes her head ” That was all emotional hurt I’m physically hurting you I’m burning you.“


“What is that awful smell?”

Klaus looks over at his siblings Davina has one hand over her nose and the other is holding Kol’s hand. “ It’s Nik’s flesh he’s touching Caroline and her skin is burning him. Who knew Nik had a burning desire.”

Klaus glares at Kol for making a joke he finally takes his hands off Caroline’s arms when he hears sizzling coming from his hands he looks down and his skin is so burned he can see his bones. Caroline gasps when she sees his hands “ I’m so sorry.”

Klaus would pull her in for a hug but he wants to keep the rest of his skin. “ It’s ok I’m going to fix you.”

Caroline shakes her head and continues to watch as Klaus hands heal “ You can’t fix me only a heretic can and they don’t want to get on Valerie’s bad side.”

“You’ve met a heretic there rare almost as rare as Nik himself.”

Klaus looks over at his brother “ Kol if your going to continue making jokes I’m sending you and Davina back to New Orleans”

“ Oh come on brother have a little fun.” At the growl Klaus makes Kol gets serious “Oh alright a heretic is a different type of hybrid you being werewolf/vampire a heretic is witch/vampire but not just any witch only a special kind of witch a siphoner who isn’t born with magic but if one touches you they can take your magic and use it as there own.”

“So figure out how to fix her.”

Kol looks at Caroline’s skin then at his brother “ That’s the thing brother I don’t know much about heretic magic because it went extinct in 1903.”

Klaus pushes his brother aside with his elbow his hands still healing. “ Freya is there a spell to fix her.”

Freya has never seen her brother like this he’s scared for her and just wants to fix her.“ I don’t know I will look we might need the witch who cast the spell.”

“ Valerie thought I was dating Stefan and her being the first woman Stefan fell in love with wanted to get me out of the picture. Please just someone fix me.”

“ The little I do know about heretic magic is they siphon all their magic they can even siphon magic from vampires the only thing they can’t siphon is a human with no magical qualities.”

“ I have a better idea where is Valerie?”

Damon waking up and holding his neck “ The boarding house Stefan gave it to them.”

“ They were going to kill everyone in town.”


Klaus throws pieces of a fence threw the Windows breaking them and knocks down the door but can’t enter the the boarding house “ Why can’t I enter.”

“ Forgot to tell you when Stefan gave the house to the heretics there was a new deed.”

Lilly and Beau come to the front door Beau giving them all aneurysms “ Freya, Davina.”

Freya and Davina start chanting in Latin.

Lily looks at her sons “ Why are you back and with friends I see you can’t get rid of my family.”

Freya and Davina have got the aneurysms to stop Caroline is next to Klaus. Klaus stares Lily right in the eye “ I don’t care about your family problems. Do you know who I am?”

Lily shakes her head. “ How unfortunate for you I am Klaus Mikaelson the original hybrid. Now if you do not fix Caroline I will kill you, your new family, your old family, plus everyone you know. Now get me Valerie.”

Lily stands her ground she thinks Klaus threats are empty.“ No. You are in no position to make demands. Now leave.”

Klaus laughs “ I’m an original show a little respect.”

Klaus reaches out to Damon and pulls him in front of his mother “ Your son is dying and I will heal him if you give me Valerie. You have no shortage of loved ones. You choose watch your son die of a hybrid bite or watch your son get his heart ripped out if you do not hand over Valerie.”

“ No I will not hand over Valerie to someone who thinks they are in titled to something. Leave this town right now.”

Klaus laughs and rips put Damon’s heart and throws him to the side. “Little sister your nail file please.”

Rebekah pulls her nail file out of her boot and gives it to Klaus who whips it at Beau slicing his head off. “ Do we have a understanding now.”

Lily bends down next to Beau and holds his body. “ How dare you kill my child.”

“ I killed two of your children to get my point across. You can’t order me I order you now get me Valerie.”

Kol and Katherine were tracking down the owner of the house..“ It’s done.”

Klaus smiles wickedly and vamps Into the house and pins Lily to the door by her throat. He tells the others to find Valerie and bring her to him. “ Now what am I going to do with you? Love did she hurt you?”

“ No she only held me hostage then let me go. Mary Louise tortured me.”

Klaus looks back at her “ When this is over your moving down to New Orleans so I can protect you.”

“I make my own decisions Klaus you don’t own me.”

“ Love in the two years I’ve been in New Orleans your mother died, you turned your humanity off and went on a little killing binge, made some questionable romantic decisions, had to evacuate the town, got kidnapped and held hostage, tortured, and have a vervain spell on you.”

“ Have you been spying on me?”

“ I have my sources.”

Lily had been watching the two go back and forth. “ You don’t love my son you’ve been stringing him along.”

Caroline looks between Klaus and Lily “ I love Stefan just maybe not in a romantic way.”


Nora and Mary Louise are walking threw the living room when the see lily. “ That’s Mary Louise.”

“ Caroline please touch her. Make sure she watches this.”

“ Klaus this is not necessary.”

Klaus vamps over to Mary Louise and rips her heart out “ You tortured someone very close to me this is for Caroline.”

He turns back to Caroline “They need to know they messed with the wrong person.”

Nora gives Klaus an aneurysm but Freya comes up behind him and gives Nora one. Klaus rips her heart out too Lily is crying watching her family die.

Rebekah and Kol come down the stairs Rebekah is dragging Valerie behind her. “ Here. Also you owe me a new nail file that one was new.”

Rebekah shoves Valerie at Klaus who squeezes her heart “ I’ve killed the rest of your family. Now you will take the spell off Caroline or I will draw out your death and make it extremely painful.”

Valerie looks over at Lily who is being burned by vervain, then at Nora, Mary Louise, and Beau’s dead bodies. Her family is dead she’s the only one left this is all her fault. “ I’ll do it.”

Klaus let’s her go and Valerie runs over to Caroline and touches her arms she siphons the spell off. “Who’s going to touch her first.”

Klaus growls at his brother. Caroline snaps Valerie’s neck “ That was weirdly satisfying.”

Klaus reaches out and touches her arms when he doesn’t feel stinging he pulls her in for a hug. Caroline wraps her arms around his waist “ I may not approve of your methods but thank you Klaus for helping me.”

Klaus leans down and kisses her forehead “I will always help you love.”


You watched as Scott pulled Liam up from the edge of the rooftop, a gashing wound on his arm where your brother bit him. You grabbed Stiles’ bat and walked to them, noticing Liam panting in pain. Before Scott could stop you, the bat landed on the back of the freshman’s head and he was out like a light.

“What did you do that for?”

“The alarm is off, police are coming, we have a dead body and 4 teenagers. And a dead body. We need to take him to the house.”

“And then what?”

“I don’t know!” 

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julie plec logic
  • caroline: *is smothered to death by a pillow and wakes up with an unquenchable thirst for blood and memories of rape and abuse*
  • caroline: *is momentarily upset, perseveres and moves on with her life*
  • caroline: *tortured by her own father*
  • caroline: *is momentarily upset, perseveres and moves on with her life*
  • caroline: *boyfriend "dies"*
  • caroline: *is momentarily upset, perseveres and moves on with her life*
  • caroline: *almost suffers a slow, painful death by werewolf bites twice*
  • caroline: *deals with it, survives, perseveres and moves on with her life*
  • caroline: *boyfriend, aka first love of her life, abandons her to go on suicide mission in new orleans*
  • caroline: *is momentarily upset, perseveres and moves on with her life*
  • caroline: *unnecessarily tortured repeatedly*
  • caroline: *survives, perseveres and moves on with her life*
  • caroline: *severely slut-shamed for sleeping with the "bad guy"*
  • caroline: *is momentarily upset, perseveres and moves on with life*
  • caroline: *mother is dying of cancer*
  • caroline: *very upset, perseveres and continues to live her life despite the odds*
  • caroline: *stefan salvatore doesn't profess his undying love after a single kiss*
  • caroline: *freaks out, flips her humanity switch, throws away all of her worldly possessions, threatens to have a pre-med student play operation with a living girl's heart unless stefan turns his humanity off too b/c hero hair can't learn to back off*