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Can we get a well worded lengthy post on why everyone in the LGBT should outcast milo yiannopoulos?

He’s literally not worth the effort of a long post. Any idiot with a 9th grade education understands that the boundaries of free speech and common decency are two different things. This is nothing new. And he’s hardly the first mother fucker who’s managed to convince idiots into thinking that accepting free speech means accepting their bullshit, which is a fallacy. He deserves none of the attention he gets, and I hope he rots away in the dark obscure corner of the web that he crawled out of.

For Swen

Well, the word “overwhelmed” is not enough to express how I am feeling right now. Your messages on tumblr, twitter, facebook and instagram are beyond sweet and I don’t know how to react when I read that what I do inspired you or helped you somehow.

Right now, I don’t know what to say. I feel like I am abandoning all of you, and this is the reason why you deserve this post.

I want you to know that I will never forget your massive support. Right now, I remember all the things I have made in this fandom, how many good people I have met and talked, how many special things have happened to me in this fandom. I want to let you know that every single word of support you have told me are in my heart and my soul. I don’t want you think I am leaving forgetting all this, forgetting all of you because it’s not the case.

I am leaving yes, because when is enough, is enough and I don’t want to hate Emma and Regina because of all the bad apples and bad situations I have lived all this time. However to make a swanqueen or zelena fanart is hard to me because the passion I felt is gone. I am exhausted of all this and I need to leave this enviroment.

I am tired to see my inbox with hate, I am tired some people don’t respect fanartist (and that’s why a lot of them, a good ones, left) Believe it or not but we, the fanaritst, love making fanart, love sharing, love making something that doesn’t exist in the fandom.

Making fanart is not getting attention or likes or popularity. I make this because I am in love with this. I spend maybe more than hour to figure out what kind of fanart I can do to be original, because I want to give you this to all of you, because you deserve it. And it’s sad when you see that people take your ideas and make them their own ideas just because you like what I do. i am tired to get hate just because I make fanart and you like it.

I am so sorry guys and you can be sure that leaving this fandom is one of the hardest things I have lived in my life. But I want you to know that I love you so much and your words will be in my heart forever.

I also want you to say that I am not cancelling the accounts. I want you to know that I was “Misslane” before Swanqueen and I will go on being Misslane but you will see me making other stuff. And if someday you want to talk to me or say Hi, please do it. I will go on shipping swanqueen, but I won’t make fanart. I dunno if this will last forever or just I need months, I am not sure about this right now.

I am writing this post to let you know how I am feeling about this but also to tell you guys that your support you have given to me all this time is appreciated and loved and I want you to know that for you, I will go on making fanvids for this fandom. I didn’t know these videos touched so many lives and well, I owe you this, you know?

Well guys, I will miss to make fanart, yes i will do but I will see you around Swen.

love you all,

The Law Has Its Limits - talkingtothesky - Person of Interest (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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After work, Carter has a proposition for Shaw.

Well I probably should wait for @talking2thesky to post this herself and reblog BUT GUYS THIS SLICE OF AN AMAZING AU IS AMAZING!! I just couldn’t stop myself… AHHHH Go read it friends go!!

20 questions tag

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Name: Natalie (but for some reason everyone always writes it as Nathalie)
Nicknames: Nat, Talie, and Noe (I really love that nickname thanks @woderhimmelbeginnt for giving it to me~)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: I’m like 1.70 meters (5′7) but I feel like I’m 1.50 because everyone keeps calling me small -_-
Orientation: I’m a confused potato but let’s just say I’m a semi-gay :D
Ethnicity: I was born in Germany so I guess I’m German
Favorite Fruit: I love strawberries :)
Favorite Season: I am always dying in the winter and autumn so I’m just going to say spring and summer because those treat me better.
Favorite Book: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (but I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it)
Favorite Flower: …I have no knowledge about flowers so I’m just putting this gif here…

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Favorite Scent: the smell of asphalt and plants after it’s rained

Favorite Colour: I love pastels and the colour blue a lot!
Favorite Animal: the Funyarinpa
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: I am a sucker for tea - no joke, you can wake me up for a nice cup of green tea in the middle of the night
Average Sleep Hours: anywhere between six and eight (I have no clue tbh) 
Cat or dog person?: Does this answer the question?

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Favorite Fictional Character: Nathan Prescott from LiS, Luna from Zero Escape, Jinta from Anohana, Twelve from Zankyou no Terror… okay who am I kidding my favourite character is PROMPTO (oh and Noctis, and Ignis, and Gladio, did I mention Prompto? Yeah I really like Prompto)

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(Thank you Square Enix)
Number of blankets you sleep with: I am a warrior and I need no blankets (okay I sleep with one)
Dream Trip: To all of the cities I’ve wanted to see, with someone I can talk with all night and day about anything :)
Blog Created: at the very beginning of 2015 (ooh boy I was such a child back then but I guess I still am)
Number of Followers: 151 (why aren’t you guys unfollowing? I barely post at all haha) 

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Well, You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere

The Hunger Games One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Gale Hawthorne 

Warnings: illness, mentions of death

Request: “Can you do one where reader is from the Capitol and they have been living with a chronic illness (shameless self insertion) and has never left the capitol hospital and Gale meets and falls in love with them during reconstruction of Panem? Also like, if reader had little to no contact with outside world and would watch the games and associate with the tributes cause they were fighting for their life as well.” - racheltheclumsy

Word Count: 818

A/N: First Hunger Games request, hope you like it !!

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