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When I reapproached Newt’s character,  I was terribly nervous.  Mainly because I knew that with the movie coming out there would have been lots of people playing the same character as me and  –  having prior experiences with other fandoms  –  I was afraid to be left out.  Instead,  I’ve found and met some of the most incredible, sweet, talented and welcoming people I could ever see on my dashboard!  You’re all amazing,  and I’m so happy to be part of a fandom that is literally  goals.  It’s rare to find a community of people that will soon make you feel comfortable and accepted,  and that’s what you all guys do,  so keep on the good work!  love you all  ❤

Also,  since the followers are the same as here,  i’d like to thank you for the 100+ followers on Gabrielle and the 150+ on Pickett!  My two other trash children are so happy that you love them.

Now,  have a follow forever uwù


@fugitivis / @unexpectedways / @barestbcnes :  Heather, you know how much I love you.  You’re great and whenever we plot something on any of our blogs it turns out to pain and angst,  but it’s alright because we’re in it together.  We also have our occasional fluff,  which is also good.  You’re an amazing writer and person and I’m so glad I have met you and I can only wish you the best,  always.  And you people  –  if you don’t follow this incredible cinnamon roll,  do it now or you’ll miss out!

@loathedlineage / @banefulbloodstream :  there are brilliant people on this site,  and you’re certainly one of those!  Amelia is such a rounded,  well-structured character that she could be canon and I’d fully accept her.  You’re a wonderful writer and I truly enjoy your humour.  Plus,  your other blogs are also incredibly well-written,  so I’m in complete owe.  You deserve all the happiness of this universe!


I apologize if I miss somebody out,  but the fandom is growing continuously and I’m not caught up with the follows :’c  Just know that if you’re playing this cinnamon roll too pure for this world that is Newt Scamander,  you’re incredible and I love you!

@beastadvocate ; @mgzy ; @briefcased ; @creaturecase ; @ofnifflersandbowtruckles ; @tofindthemall ; @themagicaluniverse ; @amagizoologist ; @fondofbeasts ; @mcgizoologist ; @nxwtscxmxndxr ; @creaturekeeper ; @findsbeasts ; @magiccaretaker ; @mummyshere

RAD PEOPLE THAT BRIGHT MY DASH  ❪ aka all the people I follow, because they are all amazing ❫

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Like or Reblog if you post
  • Tokyo Ghoul (Bonus points if you play Tokyo Ghoul: Carnaval)
  • Steven Universe
  • Undertale
  • Gravity Falls
  • Homestuck
  • Aesthetic post (Bonus points if they are of space or the woods)
  • Hamilton
  • Ava’s Demon
  • Over The Garden Wall
  • Animals (Bonus points if they are: Birds, Dogs, and Cats)
  • Corgis (Yes, they get their own bullet point)
  • RWBY
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Panic! at the Disco
  • Overwatch
  • Game Grumps
  • Studio Ghibli 
  • Welcome To Hell
  • Life is Strange
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Fallout 
  • Fire Emblem (Bonus points if you post about the older Fire Emblem games, but current ones doesn’t harm)
  • Telltale Games
  • Cowboy Bebop

Not limited by the ones I listed. My dashboard has seen better days; I will check your blog and most likely follow you. 

the doctors on tumblr
  • one: reblogs lots of memes and tags susan in all of them
  • two: doesn't have a blog but looks over jamie's shoulder whenever he uses the site
  • three: uses it to document the daily goings-on at UNIT
  • four: shitposts. nothing but shitposts.
  • five: only follows their companions and makes sure to like all of their posts
  • six: lots of selfies and cats. aesthetic posts sometimes
  • seven: "welcome to my twisted mind"
  • eight: forgot their password
  • nine: reads their dashboard on a regular basis but never actually makes any posts
  • ten: tv show gifs. would definitely be a superwholock were it not for the paradoxical implications
  • eleven: hits post limit literally every day
  • twelve: unintelligible ramblings that sound vaguely serious
yahoo adding tumblr adverts...

Go to your “settings” (the little gear-shaped icon),

click “account” on the left-hand side

near the bottom should be a rounded rectangle that says “ignored users”

click the “ignored users” box and it brings up a dialog line that says: 
“Enter the URL or username of a tumblelog to ignore”

enter the ones you want to ignore, one at a time. 


[ those are the only ones that have hit me so far. ]

- - -

You’re welcome.

I was going to wait for my next milestone but I’m just not that patient. Basically I want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck around; I’m not gonna lie and say that things are looking good right now. My muse here has been somewhat dry so I’m barley around but thank you to those who have bared with me through this difficult time. I won’t bother to burden everyone with as to why because I don’t think it’s really important at this point but I think it’s been like almost two years & a half since I have been roleplaying Gale here; I’ve made some friends, met some amazing writers who make my dashboard something welcoming to come on to. Now I don’t really like ranking these kind of things in categories because I want everyone to be on an equal level. If you don’t make it on here please don’t be discouraged because I do love every one of you, it’s just I can be really forgetful with who I follow.  Anyhow down below are the people I stalk, roleplay with and admire: 

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Wow! The fancy green “Photographers on tumblr” tag…
I’m truly flattered and surprised. Thank You tumblr staff!!!

I’m long overdue for a proper “Thank You” post and this isn’t it… :)
We answered the “Call of the Mountains” and recently returned from a short trip to the Kootenays in British Columbia. I’m still busy sorting and filing the images we took… In the meantime, a big “Thank You” to all who are following my tumblr and welcome to all the new faces and names I am seeing on my dashboard.

~ Coast to Coast ~ Shades of Black & White ~ Abstractions ~


My name is Leah (lei-uh) and I’m a high school senior planning to major in web/graphic design and (possibly) minor in english. I literally joined this community a day ago, and I feel extremely welcomed.I need a whole lot more blogs to follow since my dashboard is a bit dry. So if you could like/reblog this if you are a studyblr, I’ll follow you! My content will be mainly focused on AP Psychology , Ethnic studies, Photography 2, Yearbook 2, and News writing.