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Hey..I don't know if you would listen but hear me out. An au where from inside out Riley moved to San fransokyo rather than san Francisco. Like she got in big hero 6 while her emotions deal with the situation( and lol meeting Tadashi and developing a crush on him....)

(all the “dream boyfriends” in riley’s mind suddenly start to wear baseball caps and cardigans. everyone in her mind just kind of. face palm. joy is ecstatic though bc tadashi is great! sadness meanwhile is like “but he’s older than us by a lot” and disgust is also like “but he’s older than us by a LOT” but they let the crush stay so long as its minor and innocent)

I feel like Riley would not be part of the team, but more so an outsider who knows them. Perhaps Hiro and Tadashi and Aunt Cass are her neighbors, and she met them when Aunt Cass brought over some baked goods as a “welcome to San Fransokyo!” gift. She goes to the showcase simply because Aunt Cass invites her and her parents to, to see some of the great work of the people who go to SFIT and to also get a tour of the area of San Fran around the institute. 

When the fire happens, I’m sure all her emotions just go nuts. Fear takes control then, trying to get them to run away, but then Riley notices Hiro - a familiar face in her new unknown city - and the emotions all get worried and fearful for him. So Riley goes over to him, helps him stand up, and then she hears from Hiro where Tadashi is.

But if Riley’s emotions went quiet in horror at that, I can hardly imagine what was happening in Hiro’s mind as is emotions reacted to the explosion that had just knocked them all back and had also taken their brother away.

Riley helps Hiro though in the weeks after, by being a friend not too much younger than he is, and by understanding that sometimes its okay to be sad and he shouldn’t bottle it all up (unless he wants to end up holding it all inside like she had, not letting herself be sad, and almost running away from home because she didnt understand how to cope)

- Megamod

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what kind of clothing styles would you wear if your parents were really strict on showing skin?? my dad really hates crop tops and mini shorts.. but its really hot here and i dont know what to wear that's okay :(

I used to have the same issue, but lately my mum has been telling my dad that our generation is a lot more showy with skin and the clothing I wear isn’t all that revealing anyway. But here are my suggestions:

  • Chiffon Shorts { x / x / x / x } - Plain coloured ones look really nice and they’re not usually too revealing. They’re quite loose and flow nicely along your hips and thigh too. I think they’re great for hot days where there are slight breezes. I’d match them with a somewhat fitting top to give yourself some shape. I think they look nice with loose-cropped tops like these { x / x / x } (not too cropped)
  • Patterned elastic/thin-cotton shorts { x / x / x / x } - Tribal/Floral printed shorts are really popular lately and the plain sport shorts with trimmed or contrast hems are too. Either types, they’re quite elastic around the waist and a majority of them are made either from a polyester-swimwear material or just thin cotton. They might look a bit revealing because their designed to have a small side cut on the thighs but overall from the front and behind they’re ok. I think plain tops look the best with them. I usually tuck in my top at the front then las the back out loose. It looks really casual and simple.
  • Loose button blouses { x / x / x } - they match well with anything and give a more girly and classy look. You can tuck in the top or leave it out and I love long sleeve ones that you can roll up. I prefer candy coloured/plain styles. Blouses that are see through - wear a thin singlet underneath (honestly, I think a tight-fitting one is best, idk why) - and it shouldn’t be too hot. You can match them nicely with shorts or skirts. I’d pretty black bottoms with the front tucked in only at the centre for a hi-low look! Another style with blouses (the 3rd x link) is the tied ones that look gorgeous for the beach or a tropical adventure. I prefer button up blouses because they’re looser and give you more flexibility. 
  • Cotton/Polyester Tops - anything thin is best for hot days. It doesn’t mean see-through, but just anything loose that lets air flow throughout your body easily. For tops that are see-through, wearing a bra-let or strappy crop tops underneath look cute. 
  • Skater/Pleated Skirts { x / x / x / x } - You can look either sporty or girly with these styles. These skirts usually sit on your waist nicely. Always look for ones that have a small elastic waist band for comfort and have a nice a-line flow to them. For a more girly look, matching with a blouse is really cute, and tie it at the waist like I mentioned before. For a sporty look, match it with a cropped tee like this one 
  • AVOID DENIM. Personally I think wearing denim on hot days is a hassle - unless it’s really loose-thin denim, I’d avoid it. For me, they absorb a lot of heat and make it hard to move comfortably around. 

This is basically how I dress for warmer days. My dad and I are at agreement with it lol It’s a pretty basic list but it’s really easy to mix and match. I hope I was of help!

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It upsets me so much when people state it as fact that Harry buys certain clothes and stuff for Louis. The shirt last night, that one Alexander McQueen backpack, anytime he wears anything remotely expensive or nice obviously Harry bought it for him because we all know Louis is cheap and has no fashion sense. Louis makes the most money in the band he doesn't need Harry to buy him anything. He also has nice style better than Harry's in my opinion but since its not flashy its dismissed.

Louis has great fashion sense!!! It’s so sad that it’s always dismissed. :(

When someone you can’t stand becomes good friends with someone else you can’t stand and you’re like “yes… Converge. Attract more of your kind. Form a guild. Make yourself easily identifiable. Wear matching jackets or something so I can spot you from long distances yasss”

My EDI cosplay at SDCC!  I’m really happy that everything came together and looked so great! Time to dominate organic scum that was a joke

credit: suit - hairpiece - omniblade/visor - carnifex - photo

my cosplay page - prints shop

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i have been crying over queenfo's post for literally hours off and on. i was already struggling but now it is even worse because some people in her ask box said they would fight white converts if they saw them in their clothes?!?! i didnt know this was the ummah when i came to islam

ITS NOT THE UMMAH wallahi we are supposed to be family. Please dont let anyone push you away. If you find a dress or an outfit that makes you love yourself, that makes you feel better about yourself THEN YOU WEAR IT!!!!!! Im a convert and I wear desi clothes lmao i have so many friends that cheer me on and are like MASHALLAH YOU LOOK SO GREAT! if you dont have friends who say that then here i am to cheer you on!!!!! People are brainwashed over culture and if its more important to them that youre wearing a certain cultures clothes rather than you being a non muslim they have issues my friend.

  • Thank you soooooo much @connorfranta and @troyesivan for being so kind and inspirational. It was so insane to meet two of the people I look up to most in the world. I hope you have a great time at #lollapalooza!!!

hello hello hello!! its been a really long time since ive done a review so i’ll be doing a double review today :-)

the first product that was sent to me was this long dress shirt from and you can purchase the product here

service&shipping ♡♡♡♡♡/5

came in expected time which was 1 ½ weeks - 2 weeks so no problems there!

sizing&material ♡♡♡♡♡/5

i ordered this in a large and it fits perfectly! i usually wear a medium and and was worried if it was gonna fit loosely the way i wanted to but i think its a perfect in between of fitted and oversized. the material is really thin so it’s great for spring/summer. the length is a little disappointing, im 5′6 and i do still have to wear shorts with it but it does go a little past my butt, but i still really like the look of it and wear it pretty often.

overall ♡♡♡♡/5

this is a really great piece that you can dress up or dress down, wear on its own or layered as a thin jacket for the summer time. i’m very impressed with this piece!

the next product that was sent to me was this grid skirt from sheinside/shein. sheinside has recently changed their url/brand name to SheIn! it’s still the same exact site, just with a name change :-) and if you type in it will redirect you to as well.

service&shipping ♡♡♡♡♡/5

came in expected time which was 1 ½ weeks - 2 weeks so no problems there!

sizing&material ♡♡/5

i ordered this in a large and it fits a slightly more snug than i would like it to fit. i’m a 27 in jeans or a medium in skirts and shorts. also the length is really concerning, it’s extremely short on me and when i wear it high waisted (which is the only way i can wear it due to the snug fit) it barely covers my butt and as i mentioned before im 5′6. also due to the tight fit, i’m unable to wear shorts underneath the skirt because it’s a bit tight and there would be awkward, prominent wrinkles showing underneath the skirt if i did. i’m not exactly sure if i can wear this out which is a shame because it’s such a cute trendy piece :-(

overall ♡♡♡/5

really sad that i cant wear this piece. i think if it fit properly i’d be wearing it super often :-( i’d say definitely check the measurements on the site before purchasing. if one of the sizes fit i say go for it! cause its super cute and trendy at the moment

thank you for reading and again you can purchase the items here and here!


Imagine that the BloodClan cats all had a great understanding of fashion and like judged each other majorly over what type of collar they were wearing 

“Pumpkin orange, its the middle of winter Ice!”

“God she’s so bland, all she wears are gray ones, plus do you see that latch, sooooo last season!”


all my OTP has to do, etc

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Ooh ooh instead of concerts that are 6 hrs long, they should do multiple concerts in a city but each night features music only from a particular album/albums. So Night 1 is maybe UAN/TMH (though really, TMH should probably be a night on its own), Night 2 is MM/Four, and then Night 3 is the 5th album. I remember Weezer did a tour awhile back where 1 night it was like the Blue Album and the other night it was Pinkerton, and I thought that was awesome b/c I only wanted to hear Pinkerton stuff.

and somebody clear my schedule!

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omg so i'm looking at your wishlist and i have just one question: why do you have a wizard hat on there? idk it made me smile that's really great!!! i should add it on mine, too

i was looking for the whole entire Standard Wizard Get Up w a blue starry robe but i could only find the hat. i need it so i can wear it all the time so i could do weird stuff in it and no one will be surprised theyll just be like “thats a wizard going through the garbage right now, i guess that makes sense” its the perfect alibi  


Everyone, please help me in stopping this user from reposting people art without credit. Heres a link to their google plus account. [X]

They reposted my yellow diamond comic without credit. (which I put credit in on the comments and said that they can repost my art only if they source it)

Their page is full of reposted and edited pictures. I wasn’t going to say anything hoping that some words I said got through to them, but the last photo of what they just said changed my mind. 

Here you can see already many of their reposted art. (those girls do not wear glasses or hats or anything)

Im absolutely disgusted that they think artists should be GREATFUL that they steal their art. Art we work so hard on. Its so gross.

Report them or yell at them or find the original artists and let them know their art has been stolen. Whatever you can do would be fantastic.

Valentine Tanks on the Assembly Line par Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
Via Flickr :
Valentine Tanks on the Assembly Line in the Tank Shop, Elswick Works, Newcastle upon Tyne, 28 September 1942 (TWAM ref. DX1529/1). ‘Workshop of the World’ is a phrase often used to describe Britain’s manufacturing dominance during the Nineteenth Century. It’s also a very apt description for the Elswick Works and Scotswood Works of Vickers Armstrong and its predecessor companies. These great factories, situated in Newcastle along the banks of the River Tyne, employed hundreds of thousands of men and women and built a huge variety of products for customers around the globe. The Elswick Works was established by William George Armstrong (later Lord Armstrong) in 1847 to manufacture hydraulic cranes. From these relatively humble beginnings the company diversified into many fields including shipbuilding, armaments and locomotives. By 1953 the Elswick Works covered 70 acres and extended over a mile along the River Tyne. This set of images, mostly taken from our Vickers Armstrong collection, includes fascinating views of the factories at Elswick and Scotswood, the products they produced and the people that worked there. By preserving these archives we can ensure that their legacy lives on. (Copyright) We’re happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Please cite ‘Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ when reusing. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions and commercial use of the original physical version apply though; if you’re unsure please email

More Photography here.

Asking for a favor

Please take a moment to read this post. 

I believe in giving back to the community, of offering a helping hand to those that need it. Every year I’ve run the Chicago Marathon, I’ve run for charity; its a great way to help those programs that reach out to those in need. This year, I am running for “Girls on the Run”.

In the past, I’ve raised over $5,500 over the last two marathons. This year I’d like to hit a goal of $2,000. To help ensure this goal is met, I have rewards for donors!

  • If you donate any amount, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee, beer, or soft drink
  • If I achieve $1,500 in donations, I will wear a rainbow colored tutu for the marathon.
  • If the $2,000 goal is reached, I will shave the mustache. That’s right, I am willing to be clean-shaven for the marathon.
  • The added bonus to reaching the $2,000 goal include seeing my aerodynamic face, me in a tutu, and satisfaction in knowing you’re helping young women develop needed life skills. 
  • For my Tumblr supporters, if I hit the $2,000 mark, in addition to all the things above, I will also wear a picture of Middle and one of Melanie (that one hurt to even type!)

Please join me in assisting this wonderful afterschool program in helping numerous girls discover they can do far more than they think they are capable of. They discover their strengths and confidence through running and completing their first 5K. This program possibly could have helped my niece, Middle, from being so gullible. It certainly could have helped the crazy cat-lady (*COUGH*MelanieTris*COUGH*

Click here to donate

As you find time, please donate, reblog this, tell your friends, tell strangers about my fundraising. 

Many thanks-