not wanting to put a burden on him

With the “Scott doesn’t remember Stiles” thing, is it going to be like Scott’s a slightly different person, because he doesn’t remember growing up with someone constantly in his corner, because he doesn’t remember the little voice that says the negative things he’s aware of but doesn’t want to put into words himself, who allows him the space to be the one who dwells on the positive, on optimism. He’s a touch more jaded because he never had that balance. He’s less confident because he’s never had that presence by his side, the person who believes in him unquestioningly. He grew up at best as a nobody, at worst as a target of bullying, and had no one to commiserate with. no one to share the burden, no one to say “you still got me”. He’s more distant, pragmatic, hardened.

Or is it going to be more like Scott has and does all of these little things he has no excuse for. He’ll buy flavors of chips he’s never liked, fondly hum songs he’s always hated. He’ll take pictures of Star Wars merchandise even though he’s never seen any of the films. He’ll glance at the spare helmet he has that doesn’t fit any other members of his pack. He’ll find a t-shirt at the bottom of his drawer that’s too long and color faded, but his stomach will swoop at the idea of throwing it out. He’ll say the first part of a phrase and be confused when no one finishes the thought for him. He’ll try to give someone a high five and won’t get why they don’t follow through.

It it going to be like the space never existed, or like the space is constantly there? 

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when musashi first develops his crush on mob, the only people who know are the body improvement club. not musashi himself. because when mob is having trouble exercising, and he's a mess and has to be taken back, musashi is now a lot more loving then before. quick to suggest that him and only him take mob back "because I don't want to put a burden on you guys" ... (walks the whole way with mob in his arms, even when he can walk fine). and the club just KNOWS. they know and are waiting.....

HONESTLY HOW GOOD … musashi probably SUCKS at his own feelings he loves giving advice and analyzing the feelings of others and being nosy but on his own he’s clueless!!! he doesn’t kno how to deal with having a crush on mob bc he’s had tons of crushes that lasted a few months at most … but not such a big crush before ??
also body improvement club as best wingmen is so ideal !!! I think they’d be really level headed and super supportive even tho none of them have ever really dated anyone ever but !! the have to support their president !!!
and also I love musashi carrying mob bc musashi is so gentle and loving he probably brings extra snacks that he knows mob will like and he’s like haha!!! just happened to cook up extra !!!! here mob!!!!!!!! and the body improvement guys just .. smile

it makes the most narrative and thematic sense that rose shattered pink diamond

narrative: all these events leading up to this revelation that rose shattered pink diamond, acknowledged by both homeworld and the other crystal gems, most notably the introduction of bismuth

thematic: steven has spent most of the series in the dark about his mother, yet still trying to live up to her name as everyone around him puts these expectations on him, unconsciously or otherwise

now that we are learning she was not the person he thought she was, the burden is on him to figure out the person HE wants to be, and to reevaluate his image of his mother among other things, perhaps his decision to bubble bismuth as well (i really hope)

i don’t feel like it would make sense at this point in the narrative to end up going “ha, gotcha, plot twist: rose didn’t actually shatter pink diamond, or not by herself”

the central theme of this cartoon is steven trying to reconcile being his own gem, while living up to his mother’s name. the narrative has been carrying us to this revelation for a while and it has definitely already made an impact

i just don’t understand why people are adamant against believing that rose shattered pink diamond

(edit: also i’m definitely not disagreeing with rose shattering pink diamond. i’m only saying that steven had never believed her capable of doing that, which is why he was so devastated during that argument with bismuth, because he believed he was partly going along with what his mother would have wanted, though of course morally on his own he disagrees with shattering gems

of course the hypocrisy is not lost and i hope that we see that addressed)

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Uhm... Could you make a scenario where Oikawas s/o just gets really depressed bc she thinks she isn't good enough? Just if u don't mind..

Right when your boyfriend, Tooru, saw you walking in the hallways, he automatically knew there was something wrong. Turning your head, you saw him and instantly put on a smile because you didn’t want to burden him with your sadness.

As you were about to say something, he grabbed your wrist and started to pull you towards the gym.
“Tooru?!” you squealed in confusion
“Hush, just follow, okay?” he looked back with such a gentle smile you couldn’t help but listen. 

Entering the gym he dragged you into the equipment room.
“____-chan, whats wrong?” he said with a firm tone.
“Nothing really..” you mumbled, barely audible.
“____-chan.” you already knew he wasn’t going to stop until you fessed up. 

“I-I just don’t think I deserve anything, especially you..” you said with a quiet tone, looking at the ground. 
Tooru picked your chin up with his finger and kissed you.
His soft lips, and his warm breath, the way he lightly touched your neck, always made you feel some type of way, it was indescribable. 

“You are everything, you are the world, you are good enough, you are worth it. Please don’t forget that, _____. It hurts me inside that you fake a smile, because you feel like this.” he said voice cracking caressing your cheek.
“What did I do to deserve you?” you said while touching his hand
“Real question is, what did I do to deserve you?” he said laughing, hugging you.

Fighting Free, Chapter 12 (Read the complete chapter on AO3 or Wattpad)

“I have no idea what you’re thinking about, love, but it’s most definitely not the landscape you’re supposed to draw…” Klaus smirked, putting his hands on your shoulders in a gesture that started to feel familiar, while he looked over your shoulder at the paper that had stayed frighteningly blank for way too long. He was right, as he was pretty much always in his observations.
“If there’s something on your mind, you can burden me with it, you know that, don’t you? I’m not made of glass, I’m finding my way back more and more, and I most definitely do not need to be cuddled and kept out of everything vaguely disturbing.”

You sighed, putting your hand on one of his, gripping it, before you looked up. You couldn’t tell him what was on your mind. You had no idea how to start the conversation you didn’t want to have. Hey, I don’t think you killed your mother but I do want to know what happened might be a bit too blunt.
“There’s nothing, ok? I’m just a bit distracted. And intimidated by your skills. I barely dare to show you what I’m capable of.” You looked over to his side of the table where he had been finishing a drawing he had started working on in the art class you had indeed started to take.

“Ah, ah…”, he said, leaning over you. “I thought we made the deal I wouldn’t laugh at your stick men. That deal includes me praising your landscapes as well. Your stick men were way better than I thought they would be, so you can do this as well…” He smirked. “Here, let me help you…” He leaned over you a bit more, so you could feel his entire body pressed against your back, and he took your right hand in his.

You still had the pencil in that hand, even when you hadn’t managed to put it on paper yet.
“What the hell are you doing?”, you frowned. You were supposed to draw this, not him…

“Teaching you… “, he whispered in your ear. “You win at life, most of the time… but I know I’m the way better artist. I want to help you with this.” He chuckled, resting his chin on your head.
“And I enjoy touching you immediately, so you can’t deny me a reason to do that…” He put the pencil on the paper, starting to draw the first lines.

Read the rest of the chapter on AO3 or Wattpad  

I want him to have his own album and mixtapes not because of the petty things, not to start a cockfight with other rappers or artist, not to be judged or compared, not so that fans could shamelessly shove the album to every other fandom, not to satisfy others creeping hunger.

I want him to have his own album and mixtapes because I want him to pour his heart out. I want him to have his own way to tell the world whats on his mind. I want him to share his burden. I want him to be free. I want him to be happy while it lasts, I want him to taste the happiness before its too late. I want him put his feelings into words without getting judged or prejudiced. I want him to feel happy and proud for what he did.

I want him to be free, and nothing else.