not wanting to put a burden on him

I would absolutely love to see Viktor cry in this scene in ep 12- something like how Yuuri was crying in episode 7. Maybe he thinks Yuuri is actually wanting to break up with him for real because Yuuri hasn’t explained ‘let’s end this’ very well (I’m 99% sure it’s just retiring and student/coach talk based on preview) and Viktor just starts crying because he’s so shocked, he doesn’t want Yuuri to leave him.
Or maybe he feels like Yuuri just doesn’t want him around anymore and is burdened by him and Viktor just breaks down because he’s got so many feelings he’s been holding in for too long- he’s lost his love of skating and feels like his image is all he is worth to people.

I just think it would be really healthy to see him cry, he seems like he has a lot of pent up emotions and puts on a happy facade. Crying would probably make him feel better.

Even happy tears are good hahaha. Like Yuuri says that he doesn’t want Viktor to be his coach anymore but he says he wants Viktor to ‘stay by my side’ and Viktor just breaks down because he’s so happy, his love overwhelms him. Them crying happy tears together would warm my soul.

Anything is good!

What if Clarke started making that list right at that moment because Bellamy was asleep? because she knew if he were awake, he would insist on being part of the process with her. He would insist on taking part of the burden of taking more lives.

But Clarke didn’t want to put this burden on him– not this one, not after everything he’s endured. So she waited until he was asleep. And then she took out that piece of paper and wrote 98 names, 98 more names than she could bear to write, by herself. All so that Bellamy wouldn’t have to.

Drunk Joker x Drunk Reader -  “Double the trouble”

You and the Joker don’t drink very often, but when you do you have to take turns. One always has to watch the other to make sure things are not going…south. And if it happens that you both go down in flames and glory, the burden to keep an eye on both will fall on Frost. He so loves it…Yeap.   T___T

You just had one drink and stopped, J had about 6 and you cut him off because he’s already drunk. You tried to put him to sleep fast so he won’t bother you because you want to watch scary movies all night. You lured him in bed and right now you are uncomfortable as hell. Why? Because he loves to spoon with you, arms crossed on your boobs, holding them tight like his life depends on them. That is the only way he would sleep when he’s drunk. And you can’t wait to get away from the uncomfortable position. You try to take one hand away and he’s nuzzling in your hair, mumbling:

Dammit, first attempt failed. After 5 minutes, you try again, even slower this time, careful not to wake him up. It worked, but you know he might wake up if he doesn’t feel you. You make a run for the kitchen, grab two personal size watermelons and rush back to the master bedroom. You place them in between his arms and cross them on top of the fruits. He smiles in his sleep and squeezes them to his chest, happy. Have fun with your melons, Mister J. Mine are coming with me.

You snap a pic on your phone and send it to Frost downstairs:

“Ain’t he cute, Frosty?”

Jonny gets the picture, snorts and starts laughing, not really associating the word cute and Joker in the same sentence.

You go to the living room and start watching “Lights out.”

10 minutes into the movie and you hear J’s steps dragging on the granite floor.

“Princess? Where are you?” he whines, rubbing his eyes.

Crap, no!!!!! Why is he awake?!

You sigh:

“Over here, baby.” The Joker comes and sits by you on the couch, having a hard time concentrating. After 6 drinks, you bet ‘cha.

“Y/N, why are there watermelons in our bed?” he sulks, sniffling.

“I have no idea, handsome,” you innocently reply, trying to distract him.” Let’s get you back to bed, hmm?” you muster the brightest smile you can, trying to convince him.

“No, I want strawberries,” J pulls back on the couch when you try to lift him.

Great!!! Just go back to sleep dude.

“OK, I’ll go get you some.” You know you have to, otherwise he won’t shut up.

“I’m coming with you,” he gets up and grabs the hem of your t-shirt, following your steps. You roll your eyes: Make up your mind.

“You don’t have to.”

“No, I’m coming, you might leave me again.”

So needy when he’s drunk.

He drags a chair on the way to the sink, not letting go of your t-shirt and resting his head on your hip while you wash the strawberries.

“Done, let’s go back.”

He doesn’t say anything, he follows you back on the couch like a puppy, finally letting go of your t-shirt when you sit down again.

“What are we watching, Pumpkin?”

“A scary movie, baby.”

“Feed me,” he demands and you close your eyes, exasperated. Why won’t you go back to sleep?!

“Kaayyy, here,” you keep on giving him one fruit at a time, thrilled at least he’s quiet so you can continue the movie. After a while, you look over to him to see why he’s not eating the last strawberry. He’s dosing off. Yes!!!! Thank you God!

You try to lift your butt off the couch so you can place the bowl on the glass table in front of the TV. Wrong move.

“Where are you going?” he complains, grabbing your t-shirt and pulling you back on the couch, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Nowhere…” you grumble, disappointed. He shifts so he can place his head on your knees.

“What are we watching, Pumpkin?”

You roll your eyes again.

“A scary movie, baby.”

“Gimme that black marker,” he suddenly signals towards it. You reach your hand and grab it from the chair.

“What are you doing with it, J ?”

“Stuff,” he shortly answers. You give him what he asked for and he starts drawing on his left arm. Since he’s preoccupied with something, you can pay attention to the movie again. After about 15 minutes, he shoves his arm in your face:

“This is my next tattoo,” he proudly states with a wide smirk.

“Would you look at that, it looks great, baby: I love my wife. And who might that be?!” you inquire, pretending to be puzzled while you slowly take your wedding ring off behind your back and hide it in your pocket.

He lifts his head up for a few seconds.

“Well, you, who else?”

“We’re not married,” you try to contain your laughter. Man, at least you can tease him to the maximum, this way it’s fun for you.
“Wh-whaaa’? Why not?!” he frowns, looking you in the eyes from your lap.

You caress his green hair, biting your lip so you look serious.

“You asked and I said no.”

“What??!!! But why???!!!  I’m such a catch! ” J is stunned and you are so entertained.

“Meehhh,” you lift your shoulders with an indifferent expression on your face.

His mouth opens with indignation:

“This is soooo not cool, Doll; I’m the Joker, I am a catch and you have to marry me.”

“Maybe,” you answer, absent minded, really wanting to continue your movie.

He takes your hands and kisses them both.

“Marry meeeeeeee, marry me, marry meeeeeeee, marry meeeeeeeeeee,” he keeps on begin over and over again, annoying the crap out of you.

“FINE!!!” you shout so he will be quiet again.

“I win,” he smiles to himself, victorious. He abruptly gets up, getting down on his knees in front of you. He’s rubbing his eyes again. Please just go to sleep.

“I’m horny, Princess,” he blurs out, crawling in between your legs. “Let’s go, take care of my needs!”

“I’m watching a movie, J.”
“I-I-I, I- I don’t care,” he stammers, so amazed you dare telling him no. “I am more important. I want you, NOW! Get naked!” he impatiently pulls down on your skirt.

You sigh. Of course you want him too, but it would be nice to finish this movie.

“Hey, Jaaayyy,”you seductively whisper, taking his hands in yours and placing them on your thighs. “We’ll have some wild sex, but first let’s drink some more, hmmmm?” you try to convince him, hoping that after a few more drinks he’ll be out cold.

“Really, you’ll drink with me?” he licks his lips, trying to keep his head straight.

“Oh, yeah, baby, then we’ll…(you kiss him) have (kiss) so much (kiss) fun (kiss).”

“All right,” he grins, anticipating the crazy night you promised him. His blue eyes sparkle with content.

You bring the whiskey over and plan just to take a few sips, this way you don’t get plastered.

“Come on, Y/N, drink”, he keeps on urging you and you have to.

Shit, you got drunk too.

***Frost wonders if everything is OK, he knows his boss is drunk and you are supervising him. He decides to check up on you and see if you might need help; J can be a handful when he’s inebriated. The elevator’s doors open up and he steps in the penthouse. Why is it so dark?! He turns on the light and the first thing he sees is you making out with the Joker in the middle of the living room.

You let out a surprised scream and hide behind J who is protectively holding you now with both hands behind his back.

“Oh my God, Frosty, don’t look, we’re naked!” you shout, embarrassed, slurring your words. Mister J is just shirtless, your t-shirt is lifted and you short skirt is pulled down low on your hips, but that’s it.

“Ummm, you’re not naked,” he points out but you don’t believe him. You slowly reach your hands from behind J and cover his nipples with your fingers.

“Don’t look, Frosty, this is so embarrassing,” you almost start crying, upset.

J looks down at your palms covering his nipples, his green hair falling on his face:

“Thank you, Princess.”

“You’re not naked, believe, me, ok?” Jonny tries to reason with you again.

“Are you saying my girl’s a liar?” the Joker snaps, growling at his henchman.

God dammit, Frost thinks, panicked, taking a deep breath. The emergency response team (which is you) is down. Now it’s up to the crisis task force (which is him) to take over. Frost needs to babysit you two now and make sure you don’t burn down the penthouse or worse. He’s seen it all.

“I will just go and make some very strong coffee, OK?” he nods his head, trying to stay positive.

None of you answer; you still hide behind J, convinced you’re naked, but finally take your hands down, uncovering his nipples. The Joker gives him a dirty, mean look.

Frost goes in the kitchen and brews coffee, knowing it might help a bit. Anything he can do to make his task easier.

He comes back to the living room and doesn’t see you two. Oh, no!

Jonny starts looking for you around the penthouse, checking the bedrooms first. When he gets to the master bedroom, his hand stops on the handle when he hears you:
“God, J, It doesn’t fit in anymore,” you whimper.

J grunts:

“But it always fits, Baby Doll. Here, hold it better.”

“”I’m telling you it doesn’t go innnn,” you whine.

J grunts some more.

“Dammmmiiitttt, it’s always more fun when it goes in,” you complain, exasperated.

“I know, Pumpkin, Daddy will make it slide in, hold on.”

Fuck no, Frost gulps, someone please shoot me now. Not fatally, but maybe just in the leg or arm so I can be out of commission for a while.

He finally decides to knock on the door:

“Sir…Ummm, you all right in there?”

“Frosttyyyyyy, come innnnnnnnn,” you whine.

He takes a deep breath, then another one and another one. He opens the door with only one eye open. What a relief: you and J try to put together the Christmas tree. It’s July.

“What are you guys doing? Coffee is ready,” Jonny announces, thrilled it’s not what he imagined.

“Stupid tree!!!!!!!!” you shout, pushing it and it falls down. You are getting mad and keep on stomping it.” Stupid, ugly, tree! I hate you!!!!!!!!”

Great, her temper is starting to kick in, Frost sighs. The Joker claps, content at your outburst.

“That’s right, nobody screws with my girl!!!! Except me!”

You both look at each other for a few seconds before starting laughing like crazy.

“Wanna screw me, Mister J?” you close your eyes, thinking you’re winking, trying to regain your balance.

“Daddy always wants to screw you,” he purrs and walks towards you with a devilish smile on his face.

Shit! Frost gets alarmed.

“Boss, coffee is ready, waiting for you guys in the living room. I saw you paused a movie on TV, were you guys watching something?” he tries this strategy, hoping it will work.

“Oh, my movie!!” you snap your fingers, yanking the Joker away when he was trying to kiss you.

“Oh, yeah, that scary movie,” he agrees, forgetting what he was trying to do. Thank God you two have the attention span of a dead snail when you’re drunk.

You head back to the living room, holding the Joker’s arm with one hand and Frost with the other.

“Ok, you boys sit here. Frost, get in the middle of us.”
“But why, Doll? I wanna sit by you,” J whines again, hurt you don’t want to sit by him.

“Frost is fluffier; we can use him as a pillow! Duh!” you tell J, amazed he didn’t get the point.

“Oh, I see,” J smiles, leaning on Frost.

“I’m not fluffy, I’m husky,” Jonny mumbles to himself, unhappy he gets to sit in between you.

You lean on Frost too.

“See, baby? Told you he’s soft, I always know better.”

“U-hum,” J agrees, watching the movie now.

Frost takes a few deep breaths, resigned. At least you’re behaving. After a few minutes:

“Itsy bitsy spideeeerrrrr…” J walks his fingers over Frost’s tummy, getting over to you and trying to tickle you. You scream and laugh, hitting Jonny like it’s his fault.

I really need a raise, he puffs, slowly blinking, hoping you’ll both fall asleep soon since you didn’t want to drink any coffee.

After you calm down, The Joker feels his hair getting pulled. You reached your arm behind Frost and did it, snickering.

“Hey!!” J gets startled.

“It was Frost!” you point your finger at him.

“Keep your hands at home, man!” J elbows him so hard Frost loses his breath for a sec.

You giggle with your face in Frost’s shoulder and he’s considering calling Batsy at this point.

“You guys want another drink?” he tries his last ace in the sleeve.

“Oh, yeah, good idea!” you shout, bouncing up and down the couch, impatient.

He brings you both two glasses full of alcohol, sits back down and waits.

It takes more than one hour but finally he looks left and right and you are both asleep.

Thank you, he lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, grateful. Now he can finally watch this damn movie he wanted to see anyway. He starts from the beginning and he’s so exhausted he passes out half way through.

Too bad there is nobody to take a picture and frame it.

All three sleeping on the couch: you put your leg over Frost’s lap so you can touch J, and you are also holding his hand over Frost’s chest, both resting your heads on his shoulders. Batsy would love this for Christmas.


Genderqueer!Joker headcanons because I need to plan for a fic

- the genderqueer flag is literally J’s favourite colours and when he finds this out he’s fucking ecstatic

- J uses he/him pronouns but sometimes he prefers they/them and somehow Damian always knows what ones to use without the clown saying anything

- Bruce always knew J ignored the gender binary (I mean he is the one who pays for all of the clowns make up) but he was heartbroken at how scared J was when he came out. Bruce 100% wanted his clown to know he’s loved and even helped him dye his hair 1/3 white and 1/3 purple for a pride parade

- (J was scared of coming out because he know Bruce already puts up with so much of his shit and he didn’t want his gender to be another burden)

- J grows his hair out a little until it’s just above his shoulders. Bruce fucking loves it. The clown lets Stephanie braid his hair a lot (Dick helps sometimes too)

- joker is a clothes stealer and nine times out of ten when he’s missing he’s later found in one of the bedrooms wearing one of Bruce’s giant jumpers and a skirt that Babs lost at least a month ago

- eventually people take the hint and start buying J dresses and skirts for Christmas as well fancy suits and ties (Bruce buys him jumpers too but the clown still insists on wearing his batsy’s clothes)

- J’s lucky in that he doesn’t often get dysphoric but when he does, it’s like all hell breaks loose. Clothing and makeup stores get robbed for every last item and the manor’s master bathroom becomes a mess of makeup products and smashed mirrors (Bruce always manages to calm his clown down with hot cocoa and a movie night - at which J always ends up crying because his boyfriend is so accepting)

So I'm an idiot

Do you know how long it took me to finally understand why Even stopped talking to Isak after the locker room scene and then went back to Sonja? And then came back outta nowhere later when Isak asked him too? I didn’t understand why he just went back to her just to drop her again for Isak? And then I finally realized that he took a deep breath after Isak said the line about mentally ill people having no place in his life, and then kissed Isak with so much tenderness. Rewatching the scene for the 4th time finally made it dawn on me that he was trying to help Isak as well as protect himself. In his mind all he could think was how could he put Isak through that again? How could he cause the pain for him that his mom caused? So he went back to Sonja. His safe place because he knew she’d take care of him when he needed it. He didn’t know if Isak would do that and didn’t want to burden him with the task in the first place. And then Isak gave him the ultimatum to either drop Sonja or Isak would drop him. And you know what? Even couldn’t stand for that. He couldn’t lose Isak. So he put himself at risk, opened himself up to be completely crushed by this beautiful boy he is so in love with when he inevitably found out the truth. And he chose Isak. For better or worse, he chose Isak. He wanted that small piece of happiness even if he was convinced it would go down in flames as soon as he found out about him. That little bit of time in between was enough to bring Even back to him, enough for Even to risk getting his heart broken for the boy he felt so much for. Because a piece of Isak was better than no Isak at all.

Cuddling with Victon

A/N: I want to cuddle all of them


  • He’s so large, his body would just engulf yours
  • You would feel so safe honestly
  • He’d listen to you talking about your worries and then give you great advice
  • He would hold your hand and play with your fingers
  • “I’m so tired.”
  • “Me too, we’re tired together. Tired couple.”
  • He would love to hold you in his arms
  • And kiss your cheek all the time
  • When he’s not holding you, he just has his arm around you
  • And he lets you rest your head on him
  • He’ll then put his own head on yours
  • Sometimes he rants to you about his struggles and burdens as a leader
  • But you always calm him down and tell him he’s doing a great job
  • Because he is

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  • A cuddler full of affection
  • So many ‘I love you’s
  • He would want you to lie on top of him
  • And rest your head on his chest
  • You would feel his calm heartbeat and it would be so soothing
  • He’s probably going to play with you hair
  • “Do you want something to eat?”
  • “No, I’m too comfortable.”
  • “Y/N, I can feel your stomach rumbling.”
  • “Ssshhh, comfy.”
  • If you fall asleep on him, he doesn’t have the heart to wake you
  • Ergo he’s stuck until you wake up
  • But when you do, he still gives you the most loving look

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Heo Chan

  • The type to wrap himself around you like a koala
  • He loves it when you do the same to him
  • Cuddles are full of smiles
  • And nose or eskimo kisses
  • He can’t stop telling you how cute you are
  • Especially if you’re in casual clothes like pyjamas or sweatpants
  • Tickle fights
  • “You’re too adorable.”
  • “Chan that’s the fourth time you’ve said that.”
  • “But you areee.”
  • He just cannot stop smiling when he gets to be close to you
  • He just loves hugs and kisses so much
  • He’s slightly needy for cuddles, but it’s just cute

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  • The quiet and intimate type of cuddling
  • He would love it if you let him lie on top of you
  • And if you stroke his hair
  • And his back
  • Cuddling is his healing time
  • If you talk to him, you will probably get one worded answers back
  • He’s just in a trance of comfort
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Mhm, never better.”
  • Likes it if you play with the rings on his fingers
  • And if you kiss the top of his head
  • He loves how safe cuddle-times make him feel
  • If you have snacks and a movie it becomes heaven for him

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  • So much hand holding
  • If you stand up to leave he is still holding your hand
  • “Don’t leave meeee.”
  • “Hanse, I need to go to the bathroom.”
  • He’ll be whining until you come back
  • And then complain about how much he missed you
  • Even though you were gone for literally three minutes
  • Kisses your temple a lot
  • And nuzzles your neck
  • Don’t watch scary movies with him
  • Unless you want him to clutch onto you and hide behind you
  • He’s a fragile little bean, please take care of him
  • He’ll hug you really hard from time to time

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  • Here’s another engulfer
  • Unless you’re like two meters tall, being the big spoon won’t work for you
  • That’s okay because he’s really good at spooning you
  • He’ll hide his face in your neck and pull you close
  • Any space between the two of you will be gone
  • He’ll brush his hands against your stomach
  • And tell you about his day, followed by asking about yours
  • Wants to make you feel loved and appreciated
  • Might turn you around to kiss you softly
  • Or just to look into your eyes
  • “You’re so important to me, I love you so much.”

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  • Sweet and lovely
  • A lil bit touchy, but in the most innocent way
  • He just wants to find the best cuddling position
  • Which always fails and you end up lying on top of each other in the most awkward way
  • You’re still happy though
  • Feeding each other popcorn if you’re watching TV
  • And failing
  • Which always results in laughing fits
  • Lots of playful teasing
  • “You’re so lame.”
  • “Well, you’re even worse for dating someone who is lame.”
  • “Touché.”

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the only problem i had with the psychologist was he told jackson he is a burden to others like… why would u say that to someone esp jackson he takes everything to heart and always tries to put others first i dont want him to ever think he’s a burden :(

I’m rewatching 3x05...

“People die when you’re in charge…you made a deal with Lexa, who left us in Mount Weather to die, and forced us to kill everyone who helped us. People who trusted me.”–Hakeldama, 3x05

The way I saw things, Bellamy never really blamed Clarke for this. After all, he gave her forgiveness. He went looking for her even when she made it clear she wanted to leave, because he knew she was in danger. I always saw this moment as his moment of pure anger, when, like Clarke said about her mom in season 1, he wanted to make her feel it. He lashes out. I think Clarke hurt him so bad by leaving that when she comes back and starts acting like nothing changed, he says whatever he can say so that maybe just maybe she will feel what he felt. Maybe she’ll feel the heartbreak and the anger and the betrayal that she put him through by leaving him alone with the burden of what they did together

In fact, as soon as Clarke starts crying, he softens. His face changes, and he cries. But it’s not an angry tear. It’s almost guilty. I think he finally hit home, and she truly did realize that in trying to heal herself, she broke Bellamy.

This scene is so heart-wrenching because even though Bellamy probably already knows how this will end, that he has to lock her up because maybe in his mind, that’s the only way he knows how to get her to stay. But the way I saw it, he let himself hold her for a moment. He didn’t have to do that. Come on, let’s be honest. In 3x11, Nevermore, he lifts her up with one arm. He could have easily handcuffed her without a blink. He let himself open up to her, touch her, before going through with that decision because he probably thought she was going to hate him for it. But he was willing to go through with it because, “Believe it or not, I’m doing this for your own good.” Their relationship is just my all time favorite. Even with so many obstacles in their way, you can always see how much these two love and support each other.

“That was an answer Sinbad would never think off”
The way he adressed himself….it really isn’t Sin….right?

Putting that aside, isn’t it sad Sin never knew of this concept? He always dealed with everything alone, he didn’t let anyone know, even tho Ja’far, Masrur and the others made efforts to help him always. He never really relied on them in an emotional level. He took the role of the king, the head of the family (like his dad), the savior, the one who protects and never let anyone share his burden. Even tho Ja’far made it clear to him that they were in that mess together, Sin never wanted to share his pain with him.

Which reminds me of Ja’far’s expression when Aladdin said this:

That’s probably something Ja’far has been telling Sin always, …but Sin could never do it. He never knew how to do it.

I wonder if he can fix things at this point…

Btw bless Sense-scans for the fast translation

I’m still shook, so I gotta keep talking about this episode. DID YOU SEE HOW LUKAS SAW HIS DAD GET ANGRY AND BEFORE THE MAN EVEN MOVED HIS HEAD WAS BOWED. like you want to tell me this kid doesn’t get beat probably pretty regularly at some point just for probably not telling his dad something. Like okay this is a larger scale thing, but Bo is easier to break a bottle or whatever it is he broke out of anger than understand what Lukas is facing. He’s quicker to dismiss this situation as a burden on him than his son suffering. He made Lukas lunch, try to dress it up- probably because he hasn’t hit Lukas in a while, but then he goes and put’s it in Lukas’ head that if he Mithat than it’s all over.

Not only that but I think Lukas genuinely was triggered by seeing mithat at first. There is just the faintest resemblance (maybe it’s the hair) that pulled at Lukas- you saw it the way he startles at the image, how he backs down, get’s scared. At what was he lying (and maybe lying to himself) and at what point was he just terrified and ready to just accept that MAYBE the killer is dead. MAYBE he wasn’t out there. I just… I have so much to say about Lukas, there’s so much that he has done wrong but I can understand and see why he did it, I sympathize for him. but this episode just had me so heartbroken for him. Like he’s just scared and hurting. 

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can i request some angsty akaashi headcanons pls?

- He has a lot of bottled up emotions. Since everyone always looks up to him as the “mom”, he feels obliged to take care of everyone else’s problems before his own. He doesn’t want to burden anyone and wants to be seen as someone his friends and teammates can look up to as someone stable, so he doesn’t share his own problems with anyone else.

- When he’s upset, it’s very hard to tell. Although, Bokuto has learned the patterns of Akaashi’s personality. When Akaashi’s upset, he talks much less than he normally does, and probably won’t speak at all unless the person trying to converse with him is a teacher or another superior. He’ll put his earbuds in and just sit there, and if anyone tries to reach out to him, he has the tendency to be very, very snappy, much more than usual.

- Sometimes, he feels as if he isn’t good enough to be setting for one of the best aces in the nation, and it gets him down.

- He fears the Spring, because after it passes, he’ll be the only one left, besides Wataru. Bokuto promises he’ll keep in touch, and Akaashi doesn’t doubt that, but calling someone other than Bokuto, “Ace”, is not something he wants to endure. That, and he doesn’t believe he’d be as good of a captain as Bokuto. He wouldn’t admit it, but he really looks up to him, and doesn’t believe he’d be as powerful and awe inspiring as Bokuto is.

- In fact, there’s nothing he dreads more than Bokuto leaving. Of course, he’s had friends in the past, but Bokuto was the first real friend he’s ever had, and although they will keep in touch, he still fears that their relationship will never be the same after he leaves. Akaashi’s even considered applying to the same college Bokuto is going to go to, but he knows he’s not scholarship worthy as far as volleyball goes, and he fears his intelligence just won’t cut it.

- When he was thirteen years old, his mom got in a car crash during a rainstorm and almost died. Because of it, he’s now absolutely petrified of thunder and lightning (Although cars don’t really phase him). It sends him into a state of panic, and the only one who can help him out of it is his mother herself.

- He was called pretty boy a lot as a kid, and although it used to bother him, he’s learned to take that as a compliment.

- When he cries, he doesn’t make any expressions. He just sits there, blank faced as tears run down his face. It takes a lot to make Akaashi cry, and he only ever does out of extreme grief or anger.

- He refuses to let out his anger. So, he usually keeps all his negative emotions bottled up deep down inside of him until the bottle is filled to the top and he has no other choice but to let it out somehow, usually by crying.

Nygma in Oswald’s Portrait

Oswald put Ed in his portrait not because he is vain, but because a portrait like that is SUPPOSED to be a snapshot of leadership and power and an example to the future that THIS person was POWERFUL and they shouldered the burden of leadership ALONE…

…and Oswald was like, “But I want to share the limelight with Ed, and I couldn’t be doing this all without him anyway, so can you do that?  Here, I have a good pic you can use, the lighting is perfect and you see how cute he is in this one?  Yes, this is the one.  Frame him over my shoulder because he’s like a little angel to me.”

Ok so Levi’s phone number ends up on a stall of the boys’ bathroom. (Hanji put it there. No one knows how she got in there. Or how she gets into anything really.) She put it there advertising that they’d be willing to listen to your problems. Eren’s had a shitty day of a shitty week of a shitty year. His mom recently died and his father ignores him. He doesn’t want to unnecessarily burden his friends with his problems anymore, so this random phone number is the perfect opportunity. He shoots the person a text. At first he asks the person if it’s all legit, if they’re really doing this service. And of course Levi is confused af and tells Eren to go away. So Eren gets mad, thinking he’s been tricked, and accidentally rants to Levi about how sucky his life is. And Levi feels…sorry. He knows what’s it like to lose a mother and to have a crappy father. He actually gives Eren some sound advice and for the first time in a while, Eren feels like he can breathe. It accidentally becomes a thing. Whenever Eren is feeling down, he shoots Levi a text. Levi doesn’t always respond but that’s okay. Eren’s already figured out that Levi is a man of few words. OK BUT HERE’S WHERE IT GETS FUN. SO. LITTLE DO THEY KNOW, BUT THEY’RE ACTUALLY EACH OTHERS CHEMISTRY PARTNERS. This whole time they’ve been talking on the phone, it’s been completely anonymous. For chemistry they’ve been communicating through email, not text, so they never would’ve gotten each others numbers except for the bathroom stall. And they completely fall for each other. And they’re confused. Because they accidentally have fallen for the boys behind the phone and their chem partner and they’re sO CONFUSED. BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY LIKE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE BUT IT’S NOT. So. One day. Eren texts Levi as usual about his problems. BUt this time he texts him about the guy he’s crushing on in his chem class. And Levi starts to realize that he’s talking about hIM. And hes just like”…..Eren?” And EREN FREAKS THE FUCK OUT BECUASE HOW DID HE KNOW O SHITE . And Levi confesses his identity and they admit how much they like each other and oh god my heart hurts someone write the thing in its entirety cause this will take thousands of words and multiple chapters


That’s all he has to say after putting her through all this.

I realize the show likes to play him off for laughs, but goddamn if this guy isn’t one huge asshole. He racks up a bunch of debt and then abandons his daughter so he can go make Classicaloids. 

How long did Kanae have to live in that mansion by herself? How long has she been the one shouldering the burden of maintaining her grandmother’s home, and trying to scrounge up enough money to pay the bills? She’s what, 17 years old? There’s only so much she can do.

I mean for fuck’s sake, she broke down at the sight of some rent money when Liszt paid her for the first time. Someone her age shouldn’t have to deal with all this.

It’s obvious her dad will be redeemed at the end because ~he did it all for Kanae~ but it’s stupid and he really doesn’t deserve it tbh.

I got a new student today who doesn’t speak a word of English, only mandarin chinese and it is so? fucking? stressful?

If Only (Lin x Reader)

So this is my first time writing… Feedback would be greatly appreciated if anyone bothers to read this :)

Warnings: sad (sorry)

Words: 943

Whenever people had a problem, they came to you. You were just that person.

But when things got bad, you were scared to confide in anyone. You couldn’t bear to burden anyone with your problems, even though in awhile you wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.

You were sick, and there was nothing that could be done. All you wanted to do was spend more time with Lin. Lin, the only person you wanted to be with for the rest of your life. You loved him immeasurably, and nothing could ever change that. You looked at him like he put the stars in the sky, and you were so proud of him you couldn’t put it into words.

Lin was the kind of person to get very nervous whenever you got so much as a common cold. He cared about you more than you would ever know, and he hated seeing you sick. You didn’t know how you could possibly tell him that in a short time, he wouldn’t be able to hold you, kiss you…

You were brought out of your thoughts by Phillipa putting her hand on top of yours.

“Y/N? You okay?” She asked, a concerned look spreading across her face. You squeezed her hand, as if that would stop the tears from forming in your eyes.

“How can I do this to him? How can I tell him that one day he’ll have to live without me?” You replied, your voice breaking at the end of the sentence. A few tears spilled over, and you quickly wiped them away, as though maybe she wouldn’t notice. She noticed though, tears forming in her own eyes as well. You knew this hurt her, trying to talk her friend through a goodbye, knowing that one day you would have to tell her the very same words.

“You have to. It might seem impossible, and honestly it probably is. But he deserves to know. He’ll take a break from work, spend more time for you. It’s better this way.” She said squeezing your hand one more time before standing up from the booth. You were in a small café, and the only thing keeping you both from letting your emotions show was the bustle of people spread out around you. She hugged you tightly, before exchanging goodbyes.

You watched her leave, pulling your knees up under your chin and stirring your coffee that had gone cold. You stayed like this for hours, before the waitress informed you that they were closing. Leaving a big tip under the bill for taking up the table for so long, you gathered your things and quietly slipped outside. The cool air rushed past your face, blowing your hair back as you took your time walking back to the apartment you and Lin shared. You weren’t ready to do this, you didn’t want to do this.

Would he leave you? Would he stop loving you once he knew you’d be gone so soon?

You brushed away the thoughts as you approached the door. You took a few deep breaths, trying to steady yourself before facing Lin. You opened the door, only to be met by the sound of the television and Lin’s pen racing against one of his many tattered notebooks. He looked up when he heard you, immediately dropping everything to pull you into a tight hug, placing a gentle kiss on the top of your head.

“I’ve been waiting for you! I was thinking we could make pizza tonight, considering we’ve been eating out a lot and it would be something fun for both of us to…” He trailed off when he noticed you weren’t really paying attention.

“Is everything okay, Y/N?” He asked, concerned. He took his hand in yours as you both sat down on the couch.

This was it. You had to tell him.

“I need to tell you something.” You said, the lump in your throat causing your voice to come out shakier than expected. Worry flashed across his eyes. His mind immediately went to the thought that he did something wrong.

“Don’t worry, it’s not you.” You said, a light smile playing across your lips, as if you read his mind. He relaxed, but only slightly.

“What is it?” He asked, looking into your eyes, desperate to know. You took a breath.

“I’m sick.”

Lin had noticed, he couldn’t lie about it. Your face becoming thinner, the bags under your eyes. You started falling asleep earlier and getting up later. Not eating as much. He brushed it off as overworking yourself at first, but then it continued, and he couldn’t help but wonder.

“How bad is it?” He whispered, not daring to raise his voice.

“They’re giving me three months.” You said, tears falling down your face faster than you could stop them.

In that moment, Lin’s world came crashing down. Y/N, the love of his life, the only person who truly understood him. The person who supported him through everything, who dragged him outside to look at the stars and always started snowball fights. In three months, the world would have one less beautiful face in it.

He was brought out of his thoughts by you wiping the tears off of his face. He grabbed your hand, pulling you in close. Wrapping his arms tightly around you as though he might be able to keep you safe from everything. You sat in silence, Lin’s tears landing in your hair, your tears staining Lin’s shirt.

You listened to his heartbeat, cherishing every moment you were with him. If only things were different… If only you could stay.

Can we just appreciate how strong Lee Taeyong is for a sec?? Ngl I really look up to him because of all the crap he went through and how well he handled it. Like remember when he said he wanted to use his past mistakes to help teach the other members? Or when asked if he wanted to say anything during a radio interview he used that time to apologise to his parents for the son he was (referring to his past scandals tHAT WERENT EVEN TRUE). Idk just knowing the fact that Taeyong was just a kid just innocently selling stuff to people and then literally being haunted by it because people from his past wanted to put him down just really upsets me because he did absolutely nothing wrong and ended up accomplishing his dream only to be attacked for something old classmates made up and antis cherry picked. Idk he just amazes me with everything he does but the fact that he took on this giant burden and suffered in silence for so long is really something. likE CAN WE JUST REMEMBER THE MOST PRECIOUS MOMENT IN HISTORY AKA the time Jisung said he wanted to be like Taeyong when he grew up. LIKE?? ADFGJK Idk I just really love and respect Taeyong and I’m glad that the truth has finally come out and he’s now surrounded by amazing and supportive people o k

Hold Me

Words: 2,068

Fandom: Dragon Age

Characters: Galen Lavellan & Dorian Pavus

Description: A moment of comfort after the destruction of Haven.

AO3 Link: Here

Mentions @bxtgrl‘s Aya Lavellan.

Most under the cut.

He sat away from the main group – away from the warmth and light of the fire. He watched his sister sit down by the fire. She had asked him if he was alright, but he’d asked her for some time alone. They could check up on each other and comfort each other later. He didn’t want to talk right now. He knew how he felt. He knew what he thought of himself, of the situation. But voicing those thoughts… Putting them to words for his sister to hear. His thoughts and feelings were already a burden for him. He didn’t want them to weigh her down.

He doubted she thought he was happy. Who could be happy after that? But he didn’t think she deserved to know how self-deprecating his thoughts were. She would try to comfort him, focus on him instead of herself. He wasn’t blind. He knew she would put him before herself, given the opportunity. It was the same way he would ignore any pain of his own in order to sooth her. He didn’t know how to not lean on someone else. He didn’t know how to support himself. Perhaps the fault for that lay at his clan’s feet for always making sure someone was there for him. Perhaps they coddled him and sheltered him more than he had realized.

Or perhaps he had missed some part of growing up. The stage where independence kicked in. What was the stage where you learned how to rely on yourself? Maybe he had skipped that one.

Now seemed like a good time to try to stand on his own two feet, so to speak. To see if he could swim or if he would sink. So far he felt like he was sinking. It didn’t help that he couldn’t actually swim. Though figuratively swimming and actual swimming were two different things and one didn’t seem to affect the other.

Galen shivered, curling in on himself in an attempt to stay warm. He felt something dropped over him and felt the soft hold of a blanket. He wrapped it around himself like a cloak, with part of it pulled up on his head like a hood. He looked over to see Dorian sit down next to him, draped with his own blanket.

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Today I have off till 6:30pm

It’s the first time in ages I have been alone with my thoughts I lost it in the supermarket . H saw me I didn’t see her she asked if I wanted to talk I said no she asked if I saw M I said yes , She asked about that I said retraumatization , emotional abuse , non consensual as I dissociate , she put her arms around me and I shake violently my whole body , she tells me I’m not there , she says she won’t leave and asks me about my grocery list , jobs , she asks if I’m seeing M again , I calm down , she asked if I’m still seeing him I said I’m too scared too leave , she said there are ways / organisations etc if it gets bad.
I feel like a burden , I thank her and make a joke thanking her for the mini therapy session.
I just want to disappear

headcanon that sodapop was the only guy sandy had ever been with. and when she found out she was pregnant she was just so scared, she knew her parents would send her away to live with some relative. and she thought of all the hardships the curtis family had gone through in such a short period of time. and she thought of the emotional and financial burden that a baby would put on all of them. she knew they couldnt make it, and she was so young and had so much growing to do still and she knew deep down that she had to do that on her own. so she lied, and she told sodapop the baby wasnt his because she wanted him to hate her instead of himself for not being able to give them the life they always dreamed about