not very smiley in this interview


You smiled as you watched him make his way down the red carpet, being his normal smiley self as he stopped and posed for a few pictures before standing off to the side to be interviewed. You were in awe as country music artists that you had been a fan of for years made their way around you, the energy of the event was very relaxed and comforting.

“I feel very honored to be here, everyone has been so nice ta me.” Your attention was brought back to Niall as you saw him smile towards you.

“Did you come with anyone tonight?” The interviewer asked causing Niall’s cheeks to flush a bit as he locked eyes with you.

“I actually did, she’s right over there.” He gestured towards where you were standing and when the interviewer offered you a big smile and a wave you just waved in return still having the same grin on your face you’ve had since you got to the award show. “She knows a bit more about country music than I do, been havein da time of her life so far tonight.” You laughed as Niall shot you a playful wink.

“Well we are glad the two of y’all made it out here tonight, can’t wait to hear you perform later tonight.” Niall just smiled and nodded as the interview came to a close and soon the camera wasn’t focused on him so he took the opportunity to walk over to you and grab your hand.

“Did you see Reba? She looks so gorgeous.” You whispered as the two of you made your way down the carpet, Niall laughed as he gave your hand a squeeze. “Holy hell,” you almost stopped dead in your tracks as Tracy Lawrence appeared in front of you.

“Who’s dat lovey? Someone ya like I reckon?” Niall dropped your hand so he could snake an arm around your waist and pull you close to his side.

“Niall, that’s Tracy Lawrence.” Your voice was a bit high causing Niall to giggle as he placed a quick kiss to the top of your head. “He sings so many amazing songs, that song I’m always singing in the morning? That’s his!” You explained and when you looked up at Niall he had on his concentration face, you knew he was imagining you in the kitchen making coffee while singing and dancing around waiting for your bagel to finish toasting.

“Da one about painting?” You laughed and nodded your head as your attention went back to the man dressed in all black with a matching cowboy hat who had stopped on the carpet for a few photographs.

“It’s called paint me a Birmingham Niall.” You answered with an eye roll. Niall just nodded as he started leading the two of you down the carpet. You almost broke your neck trying to turn your head so you could catch a glimpse of Tracey waking towards an interviewer.

“Ya wanna meet him or jus stare like a weirdo?” Niall whispered in your ear before pulling you closer as a few photographers snapped pictures of the two of you.

“I’m not a weirdo.” You answered as you turned your head and looked up at Niall who had a big grin on his face. You placed a hand on his chest and smiled at him for a few pictures before dragging your hand down and gently pinching his side making him pull away from you with a laugh.

“Sorry darlin, jus know tha ya can meet anyone ya want. Know ya love this music.” Niall’s voice was sweet and low in your ear as he dropped his arm over your shoulder.

“Well you’re country now,” you teased causing him to roll his eyes as the two of you finally entered the venue. “and I love you.” You quickly placed a kiss to his cheek as he lead the way towards your seats.

“Dats right darlin, ya with a proper country music artist now.” You had to cover your mouth with your hand to hide your laugh as Niall used a horrible fake southern accent.

“Never again Niall James, they will kick you out.” Niall laughed as you looked around with wide eyes at who the two of you were sitting around. “Don’t embarrass me in front of Chris Stapleton.” You joked causing Niall to roll his eyes as you took the seat with your name on it.

“Don’t make me tap him on da shoulder and tell him ya dance around da house in your nightgown with a face mask on to his songs.” You felt your cheeks get hot as Niall teased you, he dropped his arm over your shoulder and laughed when he saw you getting riled up.

“You wouldn’t.” You shot at him making him just shrug and look towards the stage. You placed your hand on top of his knee and gave it a not so gentle squeeze causing him to flinch and squeal a little.

“Sorry” He mumbled to the woman sitting next to him before turning and looking at you. “I wouldn’t, love ya too much to make ya wanna kill me.” You laughed as he leaned over and placed a sweet kiss to your cheek, you watched as Chris Stapleton and his wife sat down right in front of you and when you heard Niall snicker a bit you shot him a sideways glare.

You enjoyed watching some of your favorite country songs be sung right in front of you, Niall loved looking over and watching you sing along and sway in your seat. You had no idea that you being so relaxed and enjoying yourself actually made Niall less nervous about his performance. About half way through the show Niall leaned over and told you he had to go get ready so you gave him a quick good luck kiss and a sneaky pat on the bottom before he was off backstage.

You couldn’t stop smiling as you watched him and Maren walk on stage, when they started signing you felt a sense of overwhelming pride flow through you as you noticed people around you bobbing their head along to the song. This was one of your favorites off his album and you couldn’t have been more excited that the first time it was going to be sung live as a proper duet was at one of your favorite award shows to watch. By the time it was done the whole venue was full of cheers and everyone clapped and you felt a hand on your shoulder making your attention go from the stage to the person sitting behind you.

“Your boy did good.” Your eyes went wide as Tracey Lawrence shot you a smile as he gave your shoulder a little pat. “Great song.” He added before sitting back in his seat. You just managed a smile and a nod before turning your head, you felt your face get hot and you knew you were probably blushing hard core.

When Niall made his way back to his seat in the same clothes he wore on stage You greeting him with a kiss. He was absolutely beaming, you knew he was well aware of how good his performance was. You just grabbed his hand and interlocked your fingers with his as you placed it in your lap giving it a squeeze.

“Amazing.” Was all you said, Niall just brought your interlocked hands from your lap to his lips giving the top of yours a little peck.

The two of you went on to watch the rest of the show and you even saw Niall singing along to a few of the songs he knew causing you to smile. By the end of the night you had managed to tell Niall who almost every artist that walked on stage was, only not knowing a few and he was thoroughly impressed. You went on to cheer for the winners and Niall let you rest your head on his shoulder and pout when your favorite artist didn’t win.

He would place kisses to your cheek and the top of your head when a particularly sweet song would be sung causing you to smile. You enjoyed the award show probably a little more than Niall did but you knew he still had a good time. He loved seeing you have a great time and he knew he could count on you to always be there for him even if he was just performing one song or a compete set and he loved that about you.

I recently attended Lucca Comics & Games and got Koogi’s – Killing Stalking’s author – autograph for a friend. ♥ 

  • Koogi’s pretty and sweet, but very shy. 
  • No photos or videos were allowed – voice recording was fine, but that was up to interviewers.
  • She learned how to spell “Grazie” (“Thank you” in Italian) just so that she could write that on each and every volume of ours, along with little hearts and smiley faces.
  • Sketches of Sangwoo and Bum were reserved for the first 50 people of the first signing session on the first day (I was not one of them).
  • To get an autograph, you had to get a special coupon first and then buy two Killing Stalking volumes (or one Killing Stalking volume + Ten Count), for a grand total of €18,00.
  • The event lasted 5 days, and she took 80 to 100 signs per day.
  • She wore a white mask to cover her mouth.

To see the autograph, taken with a white pen on a black background, look for @elisewinning on Instagram, I made a boomerang. :)

Don’t Ruin Her Mascara

This is the first part in my Chris Evans x Reader series that I have named “Song Lyrics For The Win.” I’ve tried to get lyrics from songs that I can then use as the titled. 

Pairing: Chris x Reader
Words: 1099
Part One title is from “Lipstick” by Runaway June.

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.


Chris’s Point Of View 

           I was just about to go into my hotel room when I saw Y/N walk out of the elevator. I was about to greet her, but then I saw the look on her face. She was upset; really upset. Her black mascara was smeared under her eyes. She had been crying. And I was not about to let someone get away with making her cry.

           “Y/N, what happened?” I hurried toward her.

           “Doesn’t matter,” she pushed by me, heading to her own hotel room.

           “It does matter,” I followed her, “What happened?”

           “Tim came to see me,” she said, turning to face me, more tears rolling down her cheeks, mascara following them, “He said he wanted to take me out. And then, while we were at the bar, he told me he had met someone else, but that he’d still like to be able to call in case she wasn’t able to fulfill his needs,” she said, scoffing.

           “Oh, Y/N,” I sighed, “I’m so sorry.”

           “I’m not a booty call,” she shook her head, wrapping her arms around herself tightly, “I’m not like that.”

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Meeting Liam @ SiriusXM

Hiiii, so I’m pretty much writing this post because I need it forever engrained in my memory and I just want to share it with everyone. I genuinely didn’t think it was possible for me to love Liam anymore than I already did, then yesterday morning happened and he exceeded every single expectation I had. 

HERE WE GO (I’ll put it beneath the cut because it’s long, but let me just say, he’s flawless in the picture)

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anonymous asked:

So if you don't believe they have broken up, what keeps you believing that? Because from watching his interviews (which I hate and will never make the mistake of watching again) he's all smiley and seems to be really into the whole cheryliam thing. How do you explain that? I'm not good with reading body language so maybe that says something different, but hes very expressive and his facial expressions seem very telling. (I don't mean to come off as rude so I hope I'm not, genuinely concerned.)

You’re not being rude anon, trust me. I guess I just believe in Ziam and Zayn and Liam as individuals in general, simple as that. They’ve done nothing in the last almost 7 years, two and a half of them I’ve been in this fandom to prove me wrong. Zayn has never been good at selling stunts, bless his heart he’s tried throughout the years but he’s just not that convincing.

Liam though. Where’s his Academy Award? He’s sold Payzer 2.0 and Sophiam to the point where Sophia is mom. Gag. He’s just selling Chiam and now Bear. That’s all he’s doing and he’s doing a pretty good job seeing people are believing him and jumping ship, literally and figuratively speaking. You want to do that? Be my guest. Just don’t be an asshole, you know. All I care about is his music and his solo material.

Zayn’s solo material was littered with zigi and zerrie mess. Plus OT4 vs. Zayn. It’s nothing new. Just a tried and true 1DHQ tactic.

All I can say and I feel like I keep repeating myself is, Liam and Zayn are fine. Things may be rocky, no relationship is simple or easy. That’s just life.

I Met Karlie ☺️

I had the opportunity to go to Karlie’s Swarovski event yesterday. ☺️

I have seen Karlie in person before on the streets in NYC but this is the first time I was able to observe her up close and to talk one on one with her. She is very engaging and a pleasure to talk to.

If you ever want to meet Karlie, this is the way to do it. Intimate events like this allow you to get close to her and to get a picture with her.

I thought I would share my thoughts. Please know that I am trying really hard not to sound like a fan girl here. I am older than Karlie and I am not someone who is impressed by celebrity.

BUT ….

Pictures honestly do not do her justice. While she looks gorgeous in photos, she is absolutely STUNNING in person. As many photos as I have seen of her, I was still awestruck by how beautiful she is.

💅 Beautiful skin

💅 So so smiley (Sunshine is a perfect description of her)

💅 Tall and sooooo lean (tiny waist)

💅 Very, very classy

💅 A girly girl

💅 Warm and engaging and makes everyone feel important

💅 Very humble with a hint of shyness to her

💅 An adorable and sweet demeanor (not pretentious or inconvenienced at all)

At the event we were able to watch her interview up close and see her engage with the interviewer. She was so articulate (despite the jokes that Taylor is the one good with words). Karlie was answering spontaneously and came off as so genuine and intelligent.

Taylor is a very, very lucky girl. I would not let Karlie out of my sight if I was her!

Below the cut are a bunch of pictures that I took … enjoy!

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i know camren is real or at least lauren had feelings for camila since you can literally see her have heart eyes when camila does adorable shit. case in point: that interview they had where camila was finishing her sandwich like a cute savage. lauren glanced at her, then had that smiley giggly face after. and for filipino cs, you know, 'may kilig' in her expression. it was so obvious. you dont have 'kilig' over just friends. she was at the very least crushing on camila for sure.

Kinilig sya sa sandwich 😂🍔


i’ve spent a lot of time watching sebastian stan interviews and i think this is currently my favorite.

featuring: a pretty and competent interviewer, sebstan looking dapper as fuck, and “the wiener soldier”.  (no, i’m not kidding, he legitimately says that.)

YOI Headcanon where Otabek & Yurio are bad at socializing

I’m not sure if this is already implied in canon, but here me out. It’s actually cute, at least in my head it sounds cute. And it doesn’t matter if they’re in a platonic friendship or a romantic relationship (so chillax and de-stress yourselves shippers! Stress is a big no-no!).

Otabek Altin

  • I must raise this question first: how did Otabek know Yuri was being stalked by his crazy cat-ear-wearing, floor-sniffing fans? How did he know that Yuri was hiding at that exactly alley to save him?
  • If you look at it, it looks like a pretty closed off street for Otabek to just coincidentally pass by and save Yuri’s ass. SO. My headcanon here is that he trailed Yuri around. Like a creeper stalker? Well, not really. But more like an awkward child who doesn’t know how to initiate friendship.
  • SO. Otabek wants to talk to Yuri - ever since he saw Yuri and JJ ‘arguing’ he looked like he wanted to say something but he didn’t. Which is weird? Because everyone there seemed to be in a social mood, and yet Otabek just left.
  • Otabek doesn’t know how to initiate friendship. But he really wants to talk to Yuri because childhood memories and he looks up to Yuri in a way for his passion for the sport. So being a socially awkward muffin, he does what he has to do: he follows Yuri around, waiting for a moment to talk to him. Then when Yuri’s in a pinch, he rides down and rescues the poor boy because what better way to initiate friendship than to rescue them, yeah?
  • BUT MORE OF THE BAD SOCIALIZING. In the flashback, clearly Otabek was more on the aggressive side - or at least his thoughts were, but he didn’t seem to display it like Yuri. He also looks scary and stoic, with those pinched brows and serious face. Not your average approachable guy and he probably does a lot of introspection and thinking because he saw the soldier in Yuri where everyone else thought he was just a fairy.
  • Even in his interviews/photoshoots, he doesn’t look very smiley and friendly. So I like to think that while he wants friends, he doesn’t know how to approach them and people who want to befriend him are intimidated by his stoic looks and resting serious face. Which is sad but -
  • That’s exactly the reason why he’s so happy when he befriended Yuri because it’s not just Yuri who gets a friend, he does, too!
  • And a guy who has bears on his Kiss and Cry can’t be all stoic. He’s just an awkward boy.

Yuri Plisetsky

  • With Yuri it’s a bit different because he’s so vocal about everything and his emotions are always so explosive whether it’s him happy or him angry or sad or whatever. Yuri also goes through lengths to comfort people - like giving Yuuri food because he knew the katsudon-loving munchkin was moping around.
  • This is the same Yuri who scared Yuuri in the bathroom stalls on year ago. It leads me to think that when Yuri willingly brings people in his circle, they are for keeps. Just like Victor, whom he follows to the beach in episode 10 because wow Yuri. That is so coincidental - taking a walk and meeting Victor just to kick him on the back. Real smooth, did you learn that from Otabek???
  • OKAY BACK TO THE HC. Yuri’s been into ice skating since ever and all he had (I assume) was his just as emotionally-constipated grandfather as his role model and that tough-ass teacher both he and Otabek shared once. Yuri doesn’t know how to properly do the friend thing, too.
  • Even if he’s more vocal than Otabek, he’s still awkward. It just seems like he has friends because all the other skaters are all up in his business - and why is that? It’s because look at Yuri. He’s pretty af and he’s a kid with bursting emotions. As I 24 year old woman with a twisted personality, I love shitting with kids like him just to see them freak out.
  • He looks a lot easier to get along with than Otabek so people approach him, but Yuri is shit at communication and screws it up. Since he’s pretty and a kid, people don’t really mind. I mean, you saw his fans. And he likes cats, it doesn’t help people like Mila or Victor post stuff about Yuri on social media that make him adorable (which he is!).
  • But point is, Yuri can’t friendship on his own. The others just became his ‘friends’ because they forced their way in (and that’s a good thing for socially awkward people, we want friends but we shit at the initiation). But even if Chris is friendly to Yuri or whoever else, you can see that Yuri seems to show preferential treatment to Yuuri, Victor, Mila and the Katsuki family.


  • These boys are bad at socializing and making friends but they really want to have friends.
  • Otabek’s scary looks makes people intimidated to approach him, even though he is a muffin inside (those bears show his true feeling inside).
  • Yuri’s pretty looks make people gravitate to them but those aren’t the people he wants, those aren’t people he thinks of as his friends. He has people he wants to be friends with, but he doesn’t know how to convey emotional things properly.
  • When they become friends, it’s like coming full circle, because they are sides of the same coin. And they’ll be really great friends - I imagine them to be platonic life partners if not romantically involved. Because they’d understand and compliment each other. (This may take them until their 20′s to understand the complexity but in the long term, they’ll be great together).

Okay. I let myself type without thought and I’m not sure if I meta’d or if I shared a headcanon. Whatever. These two just give me feels. While I sometimes ship them romantically, these two remind me so much of me and my best friend/platonic life partner (tho some people at school ship us as lesbians lol). I’m the Yuri, she’s the Otabek. xD

wgm with woozi

screw you woozi. i h8 u for making me feel emotions i can’t fathom. i am woozi trash in denial.

  • yeah you best know that he’s keeping his cool like a fucking boss before he meets you.
  • he’s actually dying inside.
  • in the interview, he’s super duper smiley with that eye smile that just……….. UUGgHHGHHH
  • he asks you a lot of questions just to get to know you better and can actually keep up a really good conversation.
  • he remembers details well and would be very aware of what you like and don’t like. so he’s really careful with the plans he has for you.
  • most of the conversations you had at first were about work but after a while, you guys talked about anything ranging from ducks to the universe.
  • he takes you to his studio and you’re pretty surprised because someone like woozi didn’t seem like the type to have a bunch of plush toys around his computer or anywhere for that matter.
  • you buy him a huge plushie he can hug while he works and he took a selfie with it once and posted it on twitter.
  • CAUSED LOTS OF RAGE like everyone was fangirling and got feels.
  • he takes a while to initiate skinship with you. even when you’re in private, there’s always a gap between you two when you’re sitting on the couch.
  • but after a while, he starts holding your hand in public just because he doesn’t want to lose you in the crowds.
  • no hugging or anything past holding hands in public tho. he can’t do that he’ll probably cringe to death.
  • he IS SO THOUGHTFUL. omg once he saw you eye a pair of shoes and and right you were about to leave, he bought them for you secretly and asked the pd-nims to hide them for him until you got home.
  • he writes really sentimental letter and asks you to read them in private because he might die of embarrassment if you read them out loud.
  • when you’re out, he buys you food a lot and you’re like “stop feeding me so much, i’ll get big!” and he’s like “i’d rather you be big than starving.” TT__TT JIHOON PLEASE.
  • he made you a song on your anniversary and sang it with vocal unit.
  • he made sure he kept eye contact with you while he sang and i am in tears.
  • he hugged you in front of vocal unit and they all cringed and teased him and jihoon just gave them a death stare and they all shut up.
  • since he’s getting better with skinship, he starts showing it around more in the house.
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch and he’ll come over and sit on the floor in front of you just so you can play with his hair or give him a massage.
  • he would rest his legs on top of you lap and fall asleep like that.
  • he vented to you once about the burden he feels to produce music better than the last time and he was on the verge of tears so you told him how he should have more faith in himself because he makes amazing tunes and that it’s okay to ask for help once in a while.
  • he made you listen to part of their new single once and it WAS AMAZING and it was only a snippet like damn jihoon you got talent.
  • he gets protective when seventeen talks about you like “no you can’t talk about them at all, you guys aren’t their husband so don’t talk at all.”
  • he gifts you a plushie from his desk, the one he thinks reminded him the most of you and is like “if you ever miss me, you’ll always have this.”
  • cringes at matching clothing so you bought matching socks so it isn’t as bad.
  • you wear them around the house a lot. 
  • you also bought matching slippers.
  • he’s a surprisingly good cook. chef woozi can you imagine.
  • on your birthday, he made you a cake with the help of seventeen members and it turned out pretty well. he also made dinner of kbbq and it was just heaven like woozi jihoon can you not give me feels!!
  • when you guys have a mission to do, he is super determined to finish them and gets really frustrated when something goes wrong.
  • you have to remind him that it’s only a game sometimes and he get really shy about getting frustrated. :3
  • he always feels the need to buy you stuff or lend you his card and it’s like jihoon no “you can’t waste your money on me just because you feel like it, you’ll be broke at the end of this hour.”
  • and he’s like “i don’t care i want you to be happy.”
  • SHIT.
  • he doesn’t show emotion at all when you have to leave the show. he keeps a straight face when you’re about to leave each other because he feels that if he shows emotion, only tears will come out.
  • he gives you the plushie he owned before the one you bought him.
  • “this guy gave me a lot of encouragement while i worked and felt down, so this is for you to gain encouragement whenever you feel down.”
  • he hugs you first and it was one of those hugs where he can’t seem to get close to you so he hugs you as tight as he can. TT__________TT
  • says that he wished he had more time to get closer with you because it seemed that you guys were just getting close to each other.
  • no time was wasted when he was with you because you made him smile almost every second of the time he was with you.
  • tells you that if you ever need someone to talk to or to just be with, he’ll always be there for you.

more wgm scenarios


COOL magazine have taken many photo shoots of boy groups, but this time, it was so out of control. We have never had such ‘thrilling’ experience before. We had simple, appropriate plans PLAN A & PLAN B, but we went with PLAN C, which was more lively and fun. 

Although we know BTS quite well, but we weren’t mentally and physically prepared for this photo shoot. During the photo shoot, we had signs such as losing our hearings and blindness. It resulted in a complete mess and everyone was laughing their heads off. It’s a bit exaggerated to say that we’re regretting but when their contagious, loud laughter was blasting around COOL’s head, COOL now fully understands that these kids’ power, is unpredicable.

The Fried Pork in Scoop says: “There’s no explanation for a foodaholic’s life.”

This time BTS came to our own photo studio, so we wanted to treat them as a host. Early in the morning, we went to a famous shop near the studio and bought many foods such as chestnuts, baked sweet potato chips, candied gourd and many fruits. It seems that it was all worth it, since BTS had to record a show until 2am, when they came to the studio in the morning, you could tell they were all really sleepy, but once they saw the foods on the table, they were all wide awake and cheering. 

All you could hear in the lounge was the sound of them peeling chestnut and munching on sweet potato chips. While COOL was explaining the schedule, they were all waving the chestnuts, saying thank you and that they’re eating well. They looked so cute with puffy cheeks like squirrels. There’s a proverb (it doesn’t exist but anyways) “there’s no end for a foodaholic”. Since COOL’s photo shoot will last the whole day, COOL’s friends worries that COOL won’t be able to have lunch so they bought takeaway from a restaurant that did northeastern chinese cuisine. 

They came and visted COOL with COOL’s favorite fried pork in scoop (super big portion) and green chili pepper with braised beef. It was still hot when the food arrived, the kids smelled it and all had stars in their eyes. COOL was handing it out saying “finish the meat and please concentrate for the photo shoot, quick quick quick!” While Jimin was eating the fried pork in scoop, he was mumbling in Chinese “lamb kebabs, lamb kebabs~!”. Our friends noticed that and went out to buy lamb kebabs. The kids kept eating non-stop and were very satisfied. They were all smiling brightly (like flowers) for each set of photos. They’re so easy to take care of, so easy!

The tapestry (on the wall) says: “do you guys hold a grudge against me”.

Photographer Xi hyung has added many props for this photo shoot. One of them was a tapestry, the color really matched well. But once the photo shoot started, the kids made a mess. We have stapled the tapestry very well on the backdrop but I think the kids had too much food and was too energetic, they were all smiling brightly for group shots and when they got put into different sets, they all turned into monkeys. They were wearing elegant clothes but once they were told to show some ‘skinship’, they all ended up grappling with each other. The first set was leader, Jin, Suga and maknae, 3 hyungs and a maknae, it was like a family photo, so harmonious and happy. 

The next set… oh no why did COOL randomly put them together. Putting J-Hope, Jimin and Kim! Tae! Hyung! together, it’s going to be a chaos. Just as expected, the composition of the frame needs someone to sit on the chair, once they saw the chair, they turned into Hercules and fought over it. COOL and the staff were all startled, it was too late to stop them, they were like a fried dough twist. When COOL suddenly shouted “enough, stop!”, the tapestry slowly fell down… down on Kim Taehyung’s head. Now the monkeys knows to look over at us. They all turned around and looked at COOL, the tapestry was still on Kim Taehyung’s head. 

COOL was very angry, had to pause the shoot and went to put up the tapestry. The kids looked embarrassed. Jimin was all smiley, wanting to help but when he saw COOL’s face, he backed out. Whereas Kim Taehyung was in a corner (in a squatting position), looking innocently and pouting at Xi hyung and COOL. Xi hyung just said: “just accept this misfortune.” COOL replied with a sneer: “you think this is the end?” Xi hyung trembled and felt a cold sweat falling down his face. 

The Interview Trans

The Impressions of BTS

Behind The Scenes PT.2


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sooo seeing those two gifsets of timmy bein awkward af on jimmy fallon made me nauseous w second hand embarrassment (sorry timmy). is the whole interview awkward? idk if i can bring myself to watch it lmao

I didn’t think he was awkward. He was very sweet and smiley and happy to be there. Although I wish it was longer Jimmy Fallon hardly let’s his guests get a word in.

Okay, I keep seeing the article of the Play UK Kingdom Hearts III interview with Tetsuya Nomura pop up on my feed, in which he definitively says that Axel and Roxas are nothing more than “the very best of friends”, and I just have a little something to say on the subject. After experiencing an inexplicable stab of disappointment the first time I saw it, I have come to the following conclusion:

I don’t fucking care.

Add a smiley face to that, because it looks a lot more intense in italics than I feel about it, because I genuinely don’t fucking care. AkuRoku has always been our baby. This is what we’re here for, right? We’re taking someone else’s world and creating our own special space out of it, whether through fanfiction, art, cosplay, RP-ing, what-have-you - it’s what we’ve always done, and what we’ll continue to do. And that makes me happy. If we cared about following canon to the letter, we’d have nothing but fics and art etc revolving purely around friendship. Which is also a cool part of the fandom, but we also want to see our faves, boy, girl, whatever, hook up and form deep emotional bonds beyond the realms of platonic, and I guess what I am trying, clumsily, to say is that we don’t need confirmation by anyone else to do that. We are the fans, and we will create of it what we want, and it’s fun, and awesome, and I love it.

So, fuck the official viewpoint.

AkuRoku for life :P