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Yuuri and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career (and Victor)

Following my Victor and Grief post, here is a look at Yuuri’s perspective to his feelings of grief and loss surrounding his own career. Unlike Victor whose perspective we didn’t get until later episodes, Yuuri’s has been laid bare for us since episode 1. We’ve gotten the chance to hear his thoughts in specific moments and watch his evolution throughout the course of the show.

So one thing that I think will come as a surprise to absolutely no one is that he has been grieving over the loss of his career since episode 1. And added to that is that he accepted this loss by the time episode 12’s hotel scene rolled around.

Let’s take a moment to quickly review what kinds of loss Yuuri has been working through.

In the interest of not repeating a huge chunk of text that I already described at the beginning of my Victor post, I’m going to point you to it here and only describe the portions here that apply to Yuuri.

The type of loss that Yuuri works through during the show would fall under the category of Anticipatory Loss. In short, this is the anticipation of loss, regardless of whether the loss will actually come to pass or not. Victor says “I’ll get you gold at the GPF” but never actually states during the entire show that his coaching and time with Yuuri will end there. That interpretation of his words is entirely on Yuuri’s end. Yuuri then spends a lot of time convincing himself that he is going to lose Victor when there’s been no confirmation on whether that will actually happen or not.

The impact of Yuuri’s loss very clearly falls under the category of Compound Loss. It’s easy enough to see that through losing his career he feels like he is going to lose a lot more (the future tense and focus on how he feels about it are important as his loss is about something he feels he is going to lose in the future). He would be losing his role, identity, direction, and more. But most importantly he’d be losing his relationships, both with his friends/fellow skaters (Phichit for example) as well as with Victor, both before he knew him (he’d lose his chance to ever get to know him in any capacity) and after (he’d lose the relationship he had grown with him as a person and not just a skater).

As you can see, none of that really comes as a surprise because Yuuri himself has basically told us as much. So let’s get into the 5 stages and see where they play in.

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So we have here two strong female protagonists of a non-ecchi show made by the acclaimed studio KyoAni.

One of which is an all-powerful dragon with enough strength to destroy the planet and has literally taken a man down by episode 2. She also just happens to be a proud lesbian in love with the other protagonist for actual, deep and non-anime reasons.

The other protagonist is independent, lives on her own in Urban Japan (which is very hard to do, mind you) and is working in a “man’s field”, treated with equality and respect by her colleagues and is platonic friends with a male co-worker.

By Episode 2 they’ve basically adopted their own child.

But some otakus on Tumblr decide that they do not like the show because the titular shape-shifting dragon made a boob joke when asked about the form she freely chose herself.

Some communities are really hard to please.

You might be a green witch if....

- your grimoire/book of shadows is just a seed catalog.

- you start planning your garden the way an expectant parent starts planning the nursery.

- you question whether you’re a green witch or just a gardener, but you decide that they’re close enough and it doesn’t really matter.

- while other witches hoard bottles, crystals, tarot decks, etc., you just hoard seeds.

- you talk about your plants the way obnoxious parents talk about their children: “And my little one here just graduated to a bigger pot. I’m very proud.”

- and actually you do hoard bottles, too, but they’re all full of seeds.

Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D

I took some time to make some reflections on the recent discourse re: p/hamercy and g/ency, and I hope you manage to read all this. 

One of my very good friends works for a AAA game studio. She works very fucking hard, is proud of her job and is happy to be trying to enact social change from within the company (it’s a slow process). She is a real person with internet access, and when she sees otherwise intelligent people make blanket and unfair criticisms of a game - something she’s worked her fucking GUTS out on - it hurts her. She’s actually left Tumblr because of it. 

Blizzard is full of actual people. Writers are real people, like you. When you take angrily to social media and criticize “THE WRITERS OF [X]!”, you’re talking about real people with real feelings and internet access. 

Tumblr has a nasty habit of grouping writers (all people, really) into two catagories: 1) FUCKING SATAN AND EVERYTHING YOU DO SUCKS AND IS PROBLEMATIC AND HERE’S A LIST I DUG UP OF EVERYTHING YOU DID THAT’S WRONG, and 2) YOU ARE GOD AND YOU CAN DO NO WRONG AND HOW DARE ANYONE CRITICIZE YOU. This binary view of people is not helpful and will not help you communicate effectively with people and enact the change you want in the world. People are at varying stages of awareness about social issues - most of them would like to do better and are trying. Forming a combative, us vs. them FUCK YOU!!! approach when they slip up is just not helpful. It’s nasty, it paints you and your fandom in a bad light and it doesn’t help people change or become more aware of issues. In fact, it alienates people. 

Blizzard has been in a slow process of becoming more socially aware, and they are doing a great fucking job with Overwatch. 

The Blizzard crew taking care of Overwatch has been so careful to listen to us. We complained about character body types and the women being all the same, and what did they do? They gave us Zarya and Mei. We complained about Tracer’s victory pose, and what did they do? They fixed it! We said we weren’t happy about some of the characters not having VAs from the correct country, and when they introduced Ana, they made specifically sure to give us a VA from Egypt. Come on guys, the poster girl for Overwatch is a canon, identified lesbian who kissed her girlfriend in an official comic which was written by the lead writer of the game. 

Blizzard is trying to do the right thing by us. It is unfair of you to suddenly binarize them as the devil because p/hamercy is looking less and less likely to be canon. It’s unhelpful to pull receipts for everything they’ve done wrong just because you don’t like g/ency. Sure, deliver respectful feedback about the narrative choices they’re making, but why isn’t it possible to do that in a constructive, respectful way? Why are you telling me I’m “silencing” you if I ask you not to be a total asshole about the new voicelines? You do realize it’s possible to deliver feedback respectfully, even if you’re really upset and angry, right? 

Blizzard obviously wants to do better and they’re listening. Being angry and combative when there’s no need to be is counter productive. Writers are people, talk to them like people! Respect them like people! Person-to-person, most people will listen. Blizzard will definitely listen, even if they may not agree with us on this one.

Basically I’m just really disappointed in the nastiness towards Blizzard I’ve seen come out of the p/hamercy g/ency discourse. It’s so angry and combative, and it speaks about “THE WRITERS” like they’re some faceless group of for whom you feel like it’s acceptable to drop all human decency toward.

I’m even more worried when/if g/ency becomes canon that p/hamercy fans will go on a flaming spree about how Blizzard is homophobic when simply making a different narrative choice for a character isn’t innately homophobic.

I’m also worried that when Blizzard eventually slips up (because it a corp made of humans and humans make mistakes), we’ll take it as EVIDENCE THEY WERE FUCKED UP ALL ALONG SEE I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!  when they’ve been so careful to listen to us all along.

Tumblr is SO good at being an angry fucking mob whipped into a frenzy of combative negativity, angry gossip and just general nastiness. I hope we can be adults about things when/if they don’t go our way :(

i am beyond sick of looking at this so im just gonna….. leave it here….

idk i thought it’d be fun to do a sort of redraw, but use ellie’s new design instead of her old one (spoiler: it wasn’t. it was torture)

Imagine the Paladins seeing Pidge’s statues of them like

  • Shiro would be a proud Space Dad like “I like how you improvised with the materials you were given.  The proportions are correct; they’re extremely detailed.  Very impressive, Pidge.”
  • Lance would immediately hug her, “ADMIT IT, YOU MISSED ME!”  Until she bat his hands away and pried herself from his grip.
  • Keith would be all pouty because it looks exactly like him and holy shit he does have a mullet.  
    • “I don’t look like that >:(” 
    • “Actually you do”
  • And Hunk would be hurt like “You didn’t make one of me? :((”
    • “Nothing’s better than the original, Hunk.” 
  • “Awwwww -wait.  Was that a dig at the rest of us???  PIDGE????”
The moon signs as I see them.

Aries moon - very energetic, try to stay pretty active. Doesn’t always finish what they’ve started, takes a lot of naps. A bit childlike and always playing the Xbox.

Taurus moon - very stubborn, likes to pamper themselves. Loves to eat but aren’t overweight. Likes to take pictures of beautiful things, flowers, trees, or themselves.

Gemini moon - very talkative, when you try to dodge their question. They will not stop until you give them an answer. Has two groups of friends. Likes surprises.

Cancer moon - very weird, has a really pretty voice. Enjoys pretty clothing and likes dressing up. Knows a lot of people but only one or two they’ll actually talk to about things.

Leo moon - very proud, knows what they’re good at. Loves posing for pictures or taking selfies. Enjoys nice things, and are very generous with people they care about.

Virgo moon - very down to earth, grows their own vegetables. Likes to go biking, really enjoys traveling. Enjoys spending time with family and close friends.

Libra moon - very careful, loves talking. Once they start, they cannot stop. Won’t offend anyone, enjoys nature. Very good cook and loves to fish.

Scorpio moon - very secretive, doesn’t like it when everyone knows their business. Can control themselves very well, prefers to stay indoors. A bit silly sometimes and likes to have fun.

Sagittarius moon - very fun, likes the outside, doesn’t like being housebound. Needs their freedom, straightforward talkers. Has a lot of friends but only a few are very close.

Capricorn moon - very faithful, believes in higher power, higher education. Loves staying in bed all day but can have a lot of fun if they let themselves to do so.

Aquarius moon - very quirky, loves to be called quirky. Can be frustrating when given advice and does the exact opposite. Will respect your views on something as long as you respect theirs.

Pieces moon - very optimistic, can be a bit unrealistic sometimes. Loves water. Has a delicate voice. Loves animals and plants and has plants all over the place.

Mark’s dedication to everything he does is just beautiful.

The left side is a little over a year and a half ago. I was super unhealthy and very upset with the way I looked. I was actually embarrassed with the way I was. I was depressed and felt like I was going no where with my life. The right picture is 2 months ago. If this isn’t one heck of a transformation then idk what is! ❤️ I’m so proud of how far I’ve come on my weight loss journey.


this was getting saved for super lesbian animal rpg’s first trailer (which i hope to finish before christmas), BUT the trailer is going to have so much new stuff that it can’t hurt to show off one little thing ahead of time

so this is one of the enemies from the original game, the malcontent mummy! she might actually be the recurring enemy i was most proud of back in 2013. but she, like everything else, is getting a fresh coat of paint for the new version. and i’m very, very proud to see how my art’s improved in the last three years

Cole Sprouse Imagine (requested) |

anonymous asked: Cole sprouse long imagine where you guys are dating and he loves to show you off he’s always cuddly with you all fluffy 💖

Thanks for the request sweety ♥♥ This is probably gonna be up tomorrow cause it’s late here and I can’t really complete what I already wrote ♥♥♥ 

Count of words: 610

Warnings: none

A/N: This is actually part one of this request. I’ll write a part two too♥♥




Me and Cole have been dating for a while now and he’s been very proud to call me his. He was always near me when we are out, never leaving my side. He would either hold my hand or hold, well, me. He also loved to show me to the world. The truth is he was never really scared to show me to the world. He wanted  everyone to know that I’m are his.
The sun crept into our shared room us slight snores were audible. Cole’s arms were wrapped around my body, while head was buried into his chest. The sound of his heartbeat calming, filling me with joy. His light snores making me giggle silently to my self. “Well good morning to you, too,” Cole said in a ruspy voice and then giving my forehead a sloppy kiss. “Sorry! Your snores are just so cute,” I said ‘fangirling’ while Cole just laughed at my childish excitement. “I love you,” He said and gave! We have things to do,“ I said as I slipped from his grip. "Noooooo!” He whinned like a five year old giving me puppy eyes. “Nooooo!” I copied him trying to pursuade him to get up. “We are going to eat freaking breakfast and then.. Well then we’ll be weird as always,” I said walking to the kitchen, purpusly moving my hips while leaving the room. “I HATE YOU!” Cole yelled from our room as I was already down the hallway. I just giggled to my self and continiued my way.
It had already been a couple of minutes and I was making breakfast as I heard a loud thud coming from the hallway. “OUCH!” I heard Cole scream as I just laughed trying to be silent. “Wow! My girlfriend is so caring. She would never start laughing as I fall on the floor and hurt my self,” he said sarcasticly as I kept laughing. “I’m sorry. It’s just… It’s just too funny,” I said trying to stop my laughter. “Could you please stop laughing. We have more important things to do… Like not burn my pancakes,”  he said taking the spatula away from my hands and hurriedly flipping the almost burned pancake. “Saved!” He said and gave me a toothy grin as I kissed his bare chest.
The day went by as me and Cole were gooffying around our appartment until it was time for the both of us to start getting ready for some dinner we were invited to go. I was currently walking around the house in just my underwear, while brushing my teeth. Cole was doing the same while he was dancing along to one of our favorite songs. “Maybe you don’t have to rush, you can leave a toothbrush at my place…” Joe Jonas sung and Cole was moving his hips from side to side behind me, as his free hand found it’s way to my hip making me do the same. I started laughing at the faces he made while dancing, but so did he. And then we were both covered in toothpaste and unfortunatelly, saliva. It was still funny though.
We had already cleaned up and we were almost ready. I slipped in my red, short dress and right after into my black heels. Cole wore a nice black suit and a pair of black shoes. He looked fancy and hot and he couldn’t take his hands of my waist as we were walking down the stairs to get to his car. “You know you look good tonight baby girl,” he said and gave my head a kiss as he opened the door for me, like the gentleman he was.

Happy Christmas evening @tishawish~
so, uh, i actually drew two pictures for you for christmas lol. I actually drew this one first because the elementalists AU sounded so cool and interesting, but it didn’t feel very Christmas-y so i refrained from uploading this one and instead drew you another one. But both of them weren’t very christmas-y either way orz.
I am very proud on how it turned out and since it was meant for you i might as well show it to you too :)

Okay! So I’m actually really proud of how this came out!

That concept picture of Maui ripping off Tamatoa’s leg inspired me to draw him in this style. Probably one of the very few pictures I drew of him that actually came out right. At least in my opinion. :U

Anyway, I worked pretty hard on this, so I hope you all enjoy it. C:

ayyyy!! gosh, I got so many sweet comments & compliments on my Taako last time I posted that I just couldn’t resist giving all u guys More Taako. this time, in color! watercolor, that is!

it’s kinda hard to tell, but his bracelet & shirt charm are actual chunky glitter, which I felt was a very fitting touch for everybody’s favorite fashionable wizard.