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oof this is kinda outta nowhere, but a fun headcanon i have is when tord first came to the uk he spoke very little english, and his english was still pretty broken by the time he entered highschool, so anytime he tried to insult tom it was just.... a mess (you know that vine with the guy yelling "shut the hell your mouth"? yeah that) and tom died laughing but would never, ever correct him



My housemates and I went to see IT at the cinema last night and I was sure that even though I wasn’t super scared while watching the movie I’d end up having nightmares.

Instead I dreamt about 1990 and 2017 IT meeting at a cafe in Paris, flirting and ending up married. I suppose my subconsciousness just thought they were cute?

Either way, it’s still a good and very pretty movie, so I’d definitely recommend it.

but it’s like-
the night throbs in my veins sometimes
and i don’t know what to do with this energy?
it isn’t my heart, no, not that, not anything known,
but it flows like blood would and i want to leap out of the window-
i want to meet the stars / i want to tell them that the night
isn’t the darkest place that i’ve been but even when i’m there
somehow starlight still guides me.

l.s. | it flows like blood would © 2017

Heya everyone! Sorry for being so silent! I’ve been working super hard on the video and I’m almost done! I’ve gotten so much support and love in such a short time recently so I rushed to get it finished but unfortunately, it’s only a wip for that reason! I had a full video planned but I wanted to get half of it out to celebrate the followers milestone and save the rest of the video for the next one so that I can fully work on it! Thank you so much for 8000+ followers! I hope you’re all excited and again, I’m really happy you’re all here <3



Alright, it was pretty cute.

What’s really funny is that it seems that the same people screaming that “humans are naturally herbivores!!” are the same ones screaming “dogs are actually omnivores!!”

That’s not how evolution works, you ass backward baboons.

Dogs have only been “dogs” for the past couple thousand years. Domestication of them is actually quite recent relative to geological history. Up until a few thousand years ago, dogs were still wolves. They are still pretty much very genetically identical to wolves in the same way humans are very close to chimpanzees.

It takes MILLIONS of years for a species to convert diets like that. Dogs didn’t instantly become “omnivores” the second they were domesticated. It took a our primate ancestors millions of years to adapt to omnivory before becoming hominids. This stuff does not happen overnight.

Dogs are descendent from the wolves who were able to survive off the food scraps the humans left behind, even the plant matter. Surviving is NOT thriving. They got minimal nutrition in order to stave off starvation. It’s not meant for long term diets. They lived longer than the wolves who could not get nutrients from the scraps and had more puppies, which led to more dogs being able to handle plant matter scraps. They didn’t suddenly become omnivores and started thriving off plant matter.

Modern dogs are OPPORTUNISTIC CARNIVORES. They are meat eaters who can eat plant matter and get SOME nutrition from it. It is a survival tactic. NOT a dietary need.

Dogs are not true omnivores. Dogs will “survive” on vegan diets but will NOT THRIVE. Anemia, pancreatic issues, digestive issues, severe peridontal disease from all that starch, and diabetes is what a “vegan” dog can expect.

鶴さんの恩返し~愛が深い彼~ (Tsuru-san no ongaeshi 〜Ai ga fukai kare〜)

Rabbit Candy has announced the continuation of their Otona no Meruhen series! This time, however, their fairy tales will be pulled from Japanese folklore rather than Western folklore (thus the 和 appended onto the series name).   

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

One day, you rescue a crane ensnared in a trap.

That night, a beautiful man comes to your humble abode, where you live alone. The beauty turns out to be the crane that you helped in the afternoon, and has apparently come to express his gratitude, stating his desire to return the favor.

Even though you are naturally in disbelief, you realize that the crane man is still nursing the injury he sustained to his leg, and can’t go home alone by himself…

And thus, being kind and compassionate, you agree to temporarily harbor him at your home until he recovers, but…

CV: 切木Lee (Shingaki Tarusuke)

Release Date: October 18th, 2017.

The Griffin has this amazing new ability to DIVE and I’ve wanted this from a video game flying mount since I started playing games as a kid. I want this animation/mechanic to apply to all flyers in ark now, especially the wyvern.

Because honestly? It’s beautiful.

My feelings on Gotham 3x20