not very often but sometimes

Keith is a complicated character. He operates a little differently than the other paladins. He’s not the only one with a difficult family history, but his centers around the way that he is. He’s hotheaded for a reason, and he’s very talented without a lot of ways or things that he can use to express that. His naïveté mixed with his sheer will to make things happen for himself means his hotheadedness may be viewed as a defense mechanism. He comes from an obviously difficult and mysterious past that pushes him to be great. He’s really complex and fun.“(…)

"Keith thinks with his heart often, and sometimes his heart is very fiery, and I think that leads him to brash decisions. Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re wrong.”(…)

“The direction that he’s headed in right now is exciting, to see him face his fear [of leading]… Maybe he didn’t get to see the clearest example of what it takes to be a leader, or maybe he did get to and he thinks that it’s a terrifying thing for him. In that way, that trip is always fun to play.  It’s just nice to be that cranky, brooding kid for a while that gets shoved into a leadership position.


Steven Yeun [Keith’s voice actor] 


Top 10 Most Uncomfortable Physics Facts

While physics can show us amazing things about our universe, it doesn’t always agree with how we think things should work. Sometimes, physics can be very counter-intuitive, and often unsettling. So, here’s my list of physics facts that can be a bit unnerving.

10: Weight doesn’t matter

If it wasn’t for air resistance, everything would fall at exactly the same speed. If you let go of a hammer and a feather from the same height at the same time on the Moon, they would hit the ground simultaneously. 

9: Gyroscopic precession

It doesn’t matter how much you know about physics; gyroscopes are weird. The way they seem to defy gravity makes you rethink everything you know about physics, despite being fairly simple toys. Still, it’s all just Newton’s laws of motion.

8: Neutrinos and dark matter

We like to think that we can interact with most of the world around us, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Neutrinos and dark matter are passing through your body right now, as if you weren’t even there. The fact that 65 billion neutrinos pass through each square centimeter of your body every second is weird enough, who knows what we’ll learn about dark matter.

7: Photons are particles

Light travels like a wave, but can only interact like a particle. It can interfere and have a frequency, but it can only take and give energy in discrete quantities. It behaves like nothing else in our macroscopic world, and can be very difficult to imagine.

6: Electrons are waves

We’ve established how photons act like waves and particles, but surely massive particles act normally. Nope! Even electrons have wave-like properties. In fact, everything acts like a wave! Except these waves come in discrete quantities, which we’ll call particles. This won’t get confusing.

5: E=mc^2

Einstein’s most famous contribution to physics states that matter is simply another form of energy, which has very profound consequences. A wound-up Jack-in-a-box would weigh ever so slightly more than a released Jack-in-a-box, due to the potential energy stored within.

4: Time is relative

The core of special relativity states that time passes differently for different observers. If you took a trip to Alpha Centauri at 99% the speed of light, everyone on Earth would see the trip take 4.4 years, while you would only experience 7.5 months. Time travel is real!

3: The (not so empty) vacuum

Something can be created from nothing, as long as it goes right back to being nothing quickly. In seemingly empty space, particles pop in and out of existence all the time as a result of the uncertainty principle. Not to mention, space is inflating at an accelerated rate due to “dark energy”. To the vacuum, the law of conservation of energy is more of a suggestion.

2: c is the fastest speed

Another important point in special relativity is that nothing could ever go faster than light. This doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, but the math doesn’t lie. To even get something with mass to travel at the speed of light would require infinite energy. Even if you somehow get around this, there are just too many mathematical problems with superluminal travel. Like it or not, the universe has a speed limit.

1: The cat is dead and alive

How could it not be this? The nature of quantum mechanics allows for objects to take on two seemingly contradictory states in a ‘superposition’. An electron can be in two places at once, or in a more extreme example, a cat can be both dead and alive. Of course, this weird property goes away once someone makes an observation. It’s as if there are tiny physics trolls messing with nature whenever we’re not looking.

Of course, there’s plenty more unsettling physics facts, like the space-bending nature of general relativity, or the “spooky action at a distance” that is quantum entanglement, but these are my top 10. I’d like to hear any unsettling physics facts you think I’ve missed, though!

Life Before The Internet

Many people born after 1990 don’t remember a world before Internet. Here are a few things you may not realize about life in those days:

  • Phone numbers had to be looked up in a giant book.
  • Clowns weren’t considered scary. This is just the result of an early meme.
  • There were no llamas. The llama is a result of special global internet-coordinated breeding programs.
  • If you wanted to move something from one computer to another, you had to put it on a disk, which only held 0.2 MB maximum.
  • There were no unique television stations, all TV came through as a single broadcast, and there was no choice of what to watch at any time.
  • Most movies did not have sound. The few that did had to sync up the audio from a record player, and it often went out of sync very quickly, leading to sometimes hilarious results.
  • There were no phone poles, these are exclusive to the internet. The invention of the internet and the subsequent installation of these poles and wires gave birds a new place to rest, allowing them to migrate farther than ever before. Prior to 1990, birds could only migrate a few blocks.
  • Lightning wasn’t deadly, nor did it produce thunder. Only with the air electrified from so much internet did lightning gain deadly strength and become audible from afar. Back in the 80s, playwright Samuel Beckett spoke of lightning as causing a gentle tingling sensation. Many people would stand out in the rain just to feel it.
  • Cars didn’t have wheels. The wheel is a fairly recent invention, which could only come into being with science advanced by the worldwide web. Cars before wheels were odd contraptions which did not move, yet people still spent hours and hours sitting in them, expecting to get somewhere in the hope that one day, the wheel would be invented. Many people still practice sitting motionless in their car for hours and hours, mostly in Los Angeles.
  • We didn’t have snot. Nobody knows if the internet caused us to secrete mucus, but there are no records of it prior to the invention of internet.
Your sign & temper explained by the weather


Aries: Wildfires - Like wildfires, Aries are always ready to ignite and do so easily. When ignited, there’s no telling when they will calm down. Their rage can last for quite some time especially if they were betrayed or hurt by a friend or lover. Also, like wildfires, an Aries’ anger can be intensified by the Air Signs because using their wit they can justify and aid in any and all revenge plans, especially Gemini. Likewise, the water signs will attempt to calm you down or eventually, put you out if you take it too far.

Taurus: Tsunami - Tsunamis are the most deadly when it comes to severe weather conditions, but they aren’t really to blame. See, it’s disruptions in the ocean, on the sea floor, etc. that get them riled up. Taurus, you’re the same way. Your anger doesn’t show itself often because it takes time to build. But when it does show itself, it can do some serious damage. You are set off by things you can’t control, people, and STUPIDITY.

Gemini: Lightening - Witnessing you arguing, is like watching lightening flit across the sky. There is not a point you don’t touch on. You have a readily prepared argument for anyone who opposes you. Your first argument works 99% of the time, but if for some reason it doesn’t, you have 10 other arguments and can spit them out at rapid fire. You are VICIOUS! But you don’t hold grudges. Like lightening, you strike once and leave, but your words always leave permanent bruises on the ego. 

Cancer: Hurricane - All Cancers are insane, and we are no different when faced with an argument. Like hurricanes, we have levels. But I have to be honest, if we are really (finally) entering into an argument, we’re at a level 5.  A hurricane is rain, thunder, lightening, winds, etc. and a Cancer has just as many methods ready to inflict damage. When we want to fight, we will come at you verbally, physically, and mentally just like a hurricane. You’ll feel the effects afterwards. And to be clear, we aren’t like lightening; we strike more than once. So if we’ve fought once with you, we could probably go again. 

Leo: Thunder - When you’re in a fight you want everyone to know about it. You are LOUD, you tell all your friends and anyone who will listen why they should be on your side, and your temper flairs out of nowhere. You love to bring up past fights, mistakes, and insecurities. It takes only one incident for you to boil over, and you will refuse to stop fighting until someone has apologized… to you. Someone always has to apologize to you. Then, things can go back to the way they were. Like Cancer, you too have a tendency to fight with the same people more than once. 

Virgo: Floods - I would never say a Virgo is irrational. You just like things to be in a particular way, but you never fly off the handle. It’s not your style. So, if you are fighting, it’s because there are too many things out of order. THE DAM HAS BROKEN. EVACUATE. When a Virgo has finally snapped from all the dysfunction around them, they have really had it. There is no reasoning. They are out of patience. You need to just get away from them or you can drown in their critical, harsh words that will remind you of every mistake you’ve ever made. 

Libra: Hail - Like hail, it’s weird when a Libra is mad. You almost don’t even know if they are actually mad. Sure, they’re acting slightly more colder and are shooting you dirty looks, but to look at them, they seem alright. When you look at hail, like an aggravated Libra, it just looks weird, but not dangerous. However, have hail hit you in the face and you will quickly realized that it CAN and WILL hurt you. Like Virgoes, Libras just needs some time to calm down. DON’T force them into a confrontation. Leave them alone, and it will all pass over.

Scorpio: Tornado - I hope none of you are shocked at my choice of weather. You are crazy, but when you’re angry, you become the definition of insanity. There is no calming you down. You don’t freak out often, but when you do, you need to run your course. Like a tornado, you take down everyone and everything in your path and can devastate an entire population. The damage you inflict stays awhile because you (purposefully) make it difficult for people to cleanup after you. You need your destruction to last. 

Sagittarius: Volcano - Like volcanoes, you don’t erupt very often or easily. You’re easygoing and tend to let things slide (sometimes when you shouldn’t), but when you’re finally at your boiling point, you erupt without warning. Sometimes, you even try to hide your anger, but it is inevitable. The good news is that you don’t erupt for too long and aren’t partial to grudges. 

Capricorn: Earthquake - I like to think of Capricorns as some of the most stable people on the planet, especially as you get older. (Everyone is kind of a mess when they’re young, so ignore that). In order for you to lose your temper and lose control, something must be seriously wrong. Most times, I think your set off by the same things that set Taurus off, people and stupidity, and Virgoes, disorder. Basically, disruption of your master plan or, even worse, anything that gets in the way of your ambitions, will have you shaking and freaking out to the point where you will most likely further disrupt what is going on around you. Eventually, you will calm down and fix everything like a true Capricorn, but sometimes those you have fought with are permanently forgotten. YOU DO HOLD GRUDGES. 

Aquarius: Blizzard - An Aquarius’ anger is chilling, biting, cold. They aren’t going to strike at you in the middle of the night (that’s Scorpio). I think the most you’ll get from them is a calculated, callous remark that is only about the situation. They will normally never attack you for childish things like looks, (Gemini and Cancer will) or for things you’ve done wrong in the past (Leo and Capricorn will). They will only mention the situation and that is enough for them. They don’t need to make a big show out of their anger. In fact, that would be counterproductive because they are most likely going to disappear and never talk to you again anyway.

Pisces: Straight-line Winds - These winds are the natural partners of hurricanes. Actually during a hurricane, most of the damage comes from these winds; we just blame it on the hurricane. Your anger is silent. You will manipulate the situation to make it seem as if you aren’t involved, are completely innocent, and will get someone to fight your battles for you. Your anger is underhanded and sneaky, but you’re not a natural fighter. In my experience, it’s always Cancers and Leos who are willing to fight for you and on your behalf. Be careful, sometimes it is better to look like the bad guy, than to blame your mess on someone else.

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The kind of friends they are

Aries: They make good friends, durable and loyal, even if they get upset or get angry easily.

Taurus: Sometimes a bit too individualistic, but still there if you need them.

Gemini: Cool, friendly, funny, engaging, but not always present for serious things.

Cancer: Soft, nice, but with a tendency to be overbooked, even for you.

Leo: The perfect mate to party until the end of the night, a little less to help you put away after.

Virgo: If you respect them, they will be the best friend in the world, otherwise they can be infernal.

Libra: Often very busy, sometimes for unnecessary things, but once with you they stay with you.

Scorpio: fabulous friends who always pay attention to you. They can also be your best enemies.

Sagittarius: Someone always happy and positive, a little immature, they will make you laugh or make you crazy.

Capricorn: The quiet buddies, who get fucked a bit but not too much, just what it takes to be cool.

Aquarius: They make great friends but their sharp opinions can sometimes cause tension.

Pisces: The kind to repair your computer if it caught a virus, always there to give you a hand.

”They couldn’t keep me company as humans, so they kept me company as animals.”
  • Remus says this devoid of emotion, but he remembers
  • So, of course, in first year, October, when Remus disappeared for the first full moon, all the Marauders are very, very curious.
  • Because Remus was a very quiet boy, and no one talks to him really very much. But the moment he disappeared, the three boys are intrigued.
  • James, really, is very concerned. “But, Sirius, what if he got lost in the castle and is rotting in a cupboard somewhere?” (They know he gets out of bed at night to explore. He really is better at it than them. They were caught twice, and he has never been caught and it really is unfair. “He’s wasting his talents on the library,” Sirius says often.”)
  • Sirius is very intrigued and plain nosy sometimes. “James, it’s a quest! We have to find him!”
  • Peter is very excited at the sound of a mystery. “What do you think is going on?” he asks enthusiastically. The enthusiasm is why James and Sirius like this new friend. Although not as clever, his enthusiasm is often effective.
  • When Remus comes back, they are even more concerned about his sick mother.
  • But then they realize this a flimsy excuse when Remus’ “sick” mother comes to greet him at the platform, her arms wide open.
  • They are now very perplexed.
  • When the new term begins, they become the Four Marauders when Remus comes to the rescue in a story involving a tractor (a muggle convention Peter had snuck into school somehow), Dorothy Townsend’s knickers, a dozen nifflers, chocolate syrup, Slytherins covered in bobtuber pus and a couple of Hufflepuffs hanging from the Quidditch goalposts (”That was not part of the plan, Sirius!”)
  • There were also Ravenclaws wandering around in talking in Iambic Pentameter, which had also not been the plan. 
  • In fact, nothing had been the plan, and Remus had saved the whole school from turning into a giant Ferris wheel (which had also not been the plan).
  • “I wonder where we went wrong,” James questions later. “You flicked your wrist too much, this is how it’s done,” Remus shows them. Ever since then he is a Marauder.
  • Now it is much easier to track his differences, and much harder for Remus to lie. One month, his Aunt dies, then his rabbit dies. He does not explain the bruises and cuts very well. The Marauders try to trust him because friends trust each other.
  • However, when his Dead Aunt Delia comes to pick him up at the station, they realize something must be done.They research, research and research. 
  • When they come back to term, they are still clueless. Lily finds them huddled together discussing Remus and snorts.“What is it, Evans?” James says rudely. 
  • “How have you till not figured it out?” she laughs at them, but also terrified for Remus because James and Sirius are from the wizarding world and may have its prejudices.
  • One night in November, Remus is gone again and Sirius can’t sleep. The other Marauders can’t either. They realize because the curtains are open and its full moon and light goes off in Sirius’ head.But he doesn’t tell anyone because what if James and Peter hurt Remus?
  • He goes to Lily the next day while Remus is in the hospital. She begs him not to tell anyone, and Sirius swear that he won’t because he cares more than she’ll ever know. (Did he even know it then?)
  • But he remembers the Marauders made a pact to share secrets, not keep them. He realizes James is his best mate, who doesn’t see him as a Black, so why should Remus be a monster?
  • They confront him after he comes back. He is terrified. But instead of silver darts, they chuck golden-wrapped Honeydukes at him. Instead of the slurs, he hears praise for his strength. Instead of the scent of fear, he smells friendship and warmth.
  • James and Sirius are determined they can solve any problems.
  • In January, after an odd incident involving Mrs. Norris drinking Polyjuice potion and running around as Lucius Malfoy starkers paired with one of Hagrid’s giant pumpkins turning into a carriage (one of Remus’ muggle books, honestly muggles were the oddest) they run into an abandoned Transfiguration classroom.
  • They find books about Animagi, and so the adventure starts. 
  • They do not tell Remus until they are ready. 
  • And when they are, they make the bond to be the strongest friends.
  •  But, as Remus utters this sentence, he realizes that the strongest of bonds can be broken, and Sirius realizes that sometimes and old friend’s enthusiasm might be for the wrong reasons.
  • And as Remus utters these words, unwavering, not showing any emotion to Harry, surveying the three remaining, broken fragments of a once-legendary group, he remembers.
  • Because he knows that they don’t know all the jokes, the laughter, the naive hope behind this simple utterance. 
  • Because now they do not have hope, the greatest luxury, anymore.
  • But he hopes hope lives on in the splitting image of James and the bright green eyes in front of him.
crystal gems + gem kisses
  • pearl curled up in garnet’s lap, quietly holding her palms to her lips, making sure to switch hands every now and then so ruby and sapphire get equal amounts of love
  • amethyst giving garnet a high five and a quick smooch after a successful mission (and then jumping up to smooch her lips too, for good measure)
  • mystery girl kissing pearl’s gem as just an automatic nice-to-see-you forehead thing and both are very surprised and pleased by the reaction it gets
  • peridot lying on lapis’s back while they watch tv together, with her lips near the gem but without enough courage to actually kiss it (and lapis can’t see her, but she can easily tell how bad peridot is blushing)
  • greg blowing raspberries on steven’s stomach when he’s little and finding that his gem is extra ticklish
  • the height difference making it more natural for pearl to kiss amethyst’s forehead and amethyst pearl’s chest, but sometimes they lie down in a pile of pillows in amethyst’s room and curve around each other in a way that makes it work
  • amethyst kissing peridot’s gem very often (sometimes in greeting, sometimes to surprise her, sometimes to make her laugh, sometimes just because she just loves her so much) and peridot having the same squealy stunned reaction every time
  • pearl getting lots of casual pecks from garnet just because her gem’s so easily accessible
  • steven’s shirt riding up a little while he and connie are cuddling on the couch, she lightly kisses his gem on a whim and he suddenly starts giggling so hard they both end up on the floor
  • amethyst sneaking up behind lapis to kiss her gem and then running away cackling before lapis can retaliate
  • peridot finally mustering up the nerve to get lapis too after amethyst’s example
  • lapis chasing them down, followed by some very menacing-looking waves, and managing to get them each in a water hand; both peridot and amethyst legitimately fearing for their lives before she pulls them down and attacks them with rapid-fire kisses (first on their gems, then all over their faces)
  • pearl kissing steven’s gem once when he’s a baby, just to see what would happen, just to see if maybe…no, he just laughs a little bit, she frowns, and she decides to never do that again.
  • (she does do it again, when he’s older, he jumps into her arms under the guise of a game of steven tag and then plants a little smooch on her gem and she can’t help but lift him up and return the gesture. he laughs a lot this time, and she smiles.)

Feel free to add more!!

Burnout Measure

You can use this measure to track how you’re doing this semester. If you start to get burned out, take a break! 

Rate these items using the scale below:

    1                 2              3             4               5            6               7
never    almost never  rarely   sometimes   often   very often   always

1. Tired
2. Disappointed with people
3. Hopeless
4. Trapped
5. Helpless
6. Depressed
7. Physically weak/Sickly
8. Worthless/Like a failure
9. Difficulties sleeping
10. Telling yourself, “I’ve had it”

Scoring: Add your responses to the 10 items and divide by 10.


  • >2.4 - you’re doing just fine 
  • 2.5 to 3.4 - if you keep pushing you may get burnout
  • 3.5 to 4.4 - you’re burned out, take a break 
  • 4.5 to 5.4 - very serious burnout, reduce commitment and increase self-care right now  
  • 5.5 - seek immediate professional help

Malach-Pines, A. (2005). The Burnout Measure, Short Version. International Journal Of Stress Management, 12(1), 78-88. doi:10.1037/1072-5245.12.1.78

I do wonder sometimes — often — very often — what that something really is which seems to exist between us — Am I what you feel? — I know you are what I feel you are.
—  Alfred Stieglitz, from a letter to Georgia O’Keeffe featured in My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz: Volume One, 1915-1933

anonymous asked:

Sorry English isn't my first language and it's confusing to me still. I mean like what do you think of Mars in each house placements - I think .. like Mars in the 1st, Mars in the 2nd. What are your thoughts on each placement? Lol sorry I suck

Ohh it’s ok!! 

Mars in the 1st - I think these individuals can come across somewhat aggressive since planets in the first tend to show up in the personality. This placement reminds me a bit of someone who is an army commander or general. They can also be very enthusiastic and take things head-on

Mars in the 2nd - these people hate being rushed. They like to take their time and are not usually quick spenders. They are very hard workers and like material security

Mars in the 3rd - these individuals can be very blunt in speech and can sometimes curse more often than others (especially if Mars is in Aries in the 3rd). They don’t think before they speak sometimes so that may be a bit troublesome. However these people are great with hands-on work and get the job done.

Mars in the 4th - if you have this placement, you are likely very defensive/protective over your family and will do what it takes to keep them safe, unless another planet or aspect is involved. You are likely very emotional but tend to shy away from being open about your feelings.

Mars in the 5th - very outgoing and fun nature. These people can be very flirtatious and very fun to be around. These people are very creative and may have an interest in playing multiple sports. Love and romance is very important to these people as well. It can be likely your first child is male or masculine, has a strong Mars or have Aries placements.

Mars in the 6th - the “workaholic” placement. Natives with this placement sometimes consume themselves with their work and it can be a bit overwhelming. They like to get the job done quickly but don’t leave anything left undone. Very organized and tend to be perfectionists.

Mars in the 7th - one of the more difficult Mars placements since in any relationship, there is usually conflict and this native is not new to fighting with people. People with this placement can also be attracted to people with an aggressive nature or someone with an Aries prominence. They like to be the dominant in any relationship.

Mars in the 8th - a very deep, passionate and sexual individual who will need transformation some point in his or her life. These natives sometimes have trouble sharing with others and need to learn to share their resources. These natives may be possessive, but they can see through anyone’s facade.

Mars in the 9th - the lover of philosophy. These people connect with their beliefs quite strongly. This placement reminds me of people in the martial arts. These people love a good debate and have no problem arguing until they win. They love to travel and learn about various cultures.

Mars in the 10th - very passionate about success and their career. They strive to succeed and accomplish every one of their goals. People with this placement may come across as a bit cold due to their serious nature. They are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve long-term goals.

Mars in the 11th - these people work well with others and are willing to help others achieve their goals. It is likely you have a large social circle and communicate with enthusiasm. People with this placement may be idealistic at times and do what you can to make the world a better place.

Mars in the 12th - quite a difficult place for Mars since more often than not, expression and anger is kept behind the scenes for these individuals. Being in the spotlight is not your forte and your confidence may be low. It is more rare to see these natives get angry about something, but when they do get angry, it’s a shocking sight to see.

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in honour of how dismissed nicky hemmick is, do you have any headcanons about him?

headcanons?? about my son?? Yes :^) (sorry this took so long asdfghjkl)

- definitely locks himself in the bedroom and just calls Erik when the twins (or even the other foxes) get to be too much, like when aaron makes an unnecessarily cruel comment or when andrew gives him a certain murderous look or when kevin someone dishes out too much “constructive” criticism at practice
- will actually drink those kale smoothies with Kevin if Kevin makes him one
- we’ve heard of therapy dogs for just about everyone else, but I’m just gonna throw this out there: Nicky with a therapy dog because he gets really depressed sometimes and Bee thought it would be good for him to have someone to take care of who will love him expressively and unconditionally
- he’s seen every movie known to man and he’s that one friend that understands any reference you could possibly make,, good to have around, 10/10 quality human
- sings along at the top of his lungs to the songs he likes and he’s… Actually pretty good? very nice voice, but often sings badly on purpose just to annoy Aaron
- likes to hang out with the upperclassmen now that Andrew isn’t totally against them:
- he calls Dan “mama” and she always rolls her eyes but she kinda likes it tbh
- let’s Allison put nail polish and eye liner on him but “none of that cover up shit, I’m proud of my ONE freckle thanks”
- discusses the bible with Renee tbh, like not very often but sometimes he’ll see her reading and ask about something and they’ll end up talking for hours
- Nicky: “Matt do you think pigeons have feelings”
Matt: “Nicky it’s 3 in the- oh my god… do they??”
- got into a fist fight with an opposing backliner because he was insulting Dan
- was really drunk once and talked shit about Aaron TO Aaron because he thought he was Andrew
- is secretly trying to learn french and russian

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How can i tell that my spirit companions and our conversations are real and not just my imagination? Im not that good at discernment and i guess im just worried that im wasting my time and talking to an empty vessel.

Hello, Anon!

Honestly, this is a very valid fear for any spirit worker. To be skeptical isn’t a bad thing, however- it’s in my opinion that this is one way we kind of keep ourselves grounded and open to discernment. I would personally raise an eyebrow and question anyone that has never, ever questioned the validity of their interactions and experiences.

Discernment is a skill like any other, Anon. It is something that- like any other ability- must be nurtured and developed. There are many ways to help improve your discernment, and I know that Mod Wolfe and myself are personally fond of @thetwistedrope‘s tag for discernment. Some posts include:

I’ll also be honest with you, Anon. I personally suffer from a mix of depression and anxiety. Sometimes this includes intrusive thoughts, and heavy mental chatter.

However, as I have developed my skills in discernment, I have been able to learn to separate my personal noise from the voices of the spirits I work with. Different voices, even different language patterns I don’t normally speak with, are all additional identifiers for me. The more you practice and bond with your companion(s), the better developed that bond will be, and you will be able to more easily communicate with them.

Remember that vocal and mental conversation aren’t the only ways you can ask for communication. Ask for signs. Ask for manifestations. One way I get confirmation from my companions is to ask for a certain sign X amount of times within a certain time period, such as “Red Flowers, at least three times, within three days.”

The ways that spirits around us communicate is often very different from what we’d expect. Sometimes it’s not literal, or vocal.

I remember when I met Socks, I asked for “Socks” as their sign (which eventually became their namesake). Hilariously, Dobby the House Elf flooded my dash and peoples’ mouths. “Master gave Dobby a Sock!” Socks himself likes to be a little roundabout, poke fun, and make me laugh. I confirmed these other things asking for more literal signs, too.

So go easy on yourself. Remember, you are trying to communicate with beings that are on literal separate planes of existence. Let your companion(s) know of your doubts and fears. Ask for those signs. I assure you, they will most likely understand.

If you have gone through all these steps and still have your doubts about the validity of your companion’s existence (such as not receiving signs or other forms of communication), try reaching out to the original conjurer, assuming your companion was matched to you via a companion shop. If they are not available, try reaching out to an unbiased third party- and perhaps not one that runs a shop, in the case that they might try to invalidate your companion or usurp your business. Just a thought.

I know you have your doubts, Anon, but remember that it is OKAY and HEALTHY. You aren’t alone. ♥ Hope this helps.

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Theatre technicians, overlooked and fearless magicians of blackout, set, backstage, are people you want on your side. They fade into the background, often, their work done out of the dazzling lights, but they work hard, and they don’t take kindly to not being acknowledged.

(It’s hard to tell when technicians go missing sometimes. The changelings are often very similar to the human they replace.)

Make allies of the costume shop—most costumes have at least some hand-stitching, and if you’re polite and friendly, they’ll make sure to knot their thread with three loops around a needle, and to tie it off in three neat motions. The costumers believe in threes, and their ability to ward off the Gentry. It’s not steel or iron or salt, nothing so powerful. It’s a little more insurance, a knot to tie you to earth.

Mostly, they do it automatically. Technicians are a practical and time-starved lot, and no one wants to frantically re-fit a costume at the last minute. But don’t push them. Go too far, and the threes will stop being a priority for their clever hands. They can’t and won’t make sure that you’re taken. But they can stop helping to protect you.

Among technicians, it’s carpenters and props people who are Taken the most often. Both groups are a special kind of strange, and they work with their hands to bring beauty out of nothing. Give a carpenter two pieces of plywood, some two by four and a mission, and they’ll overcomplicate it to impossibility and pull it off anyway. Props people are the kind who look at scattered scraps and trash, and see what could be, not what is. Swords of cardboard, fine chocolates of clay, embossed leather armor from foam. Illusion, for a props person, is king, and it’s no wonder the Gentry find them fascinating.

(Props has sent people onstage with bona fide magical objects, lost to the prop room years ago. It’s the ruthlessness in them, the mercenary way of taking whatever works.)

Electricians are safest, the ones who are closest to the technology of it all, who spend hours on high, calling information back and forth in a code unintelligible to the uninitiated. They chatter, and they clamp and tighten and connect and swear, and suddenly there is light, and color, and glitter. The Gentry are amazed, but do not understand. What you do not understand is best left alone.

(Still, some electricians go missing. Maybe they sing, or they see, or they’re thoughtlessly kind or cruel—no one is safe, here. This is the theater, liminal, filled with Gentry even on a good day, and being safe is so often at odds with doing things fast that it’s not unheard of for electricians to climb precariously, thank thoughtlessly, or strip off iron jewelry.)

Designers bargain most often, sometimes thoughtless and sometimes with clever words and clever research and a clever friend who knows contract law. Sometimes it’s for inspiration, which often goes badly—those are desperate people, and the Gentry are not kind to the desperate. Sometimes it’s for persuasiveness, or money, or, most precious of all, time.

(I need more time, is the motto of the department, the guiding light of a program always living under a deadline. Give me more time.)

Elsewhere University’s stage managers, the ones who make leaving stick, are good. Really good. Flexible, punctual, smart, good with names and at ironclad paperwork. They’re capable of corralling even the most difficult personalities with charming words and a refusal to back down, and that makes them valuable. But they never break old habits, of opening night gifts made from rowan, and closing night gifts of iron and silver, and they’re deeply superstitious.

(The fines, for touching props that don’t belong to you, are a serious business when an EU alum is stage managing.)

The few who learn to weld and build with steel from the metalworking students are safest, with steel shavings scattered in their clothes and hair, on their skin. They’re still not safe. All too often, they’re carpenters too, and it just takes one day, when the steel has finally washed away, and the rings have been yanked off to avoid losing a finger, or they ask, criminally careless, for help building or learning or understanding.

A good handful of technicians go missing every year. Most of them will make it back, better, or at least stranger, than before.

After a semester or two of working in the theatre shop, or a show or three, most technicians will go to Cat Eyes. Most of them, by the time they graduate, have a distinctly odd pair of safety glasses, never far from them. Theatre is about syncretism, about everything working, and if you can’t see it all, if you can’t see if the costume really matches the actor’s skin tone, or if the light is unflattering on half the ensemble, you can’t make it right.

With those glasses on, it’s never about seeing anyone. It’s about looking at costumes, light, paint, props. Nothing else matters.

(Technicians remember the most about The Play when it’s performed. The costume shop remembers the way the fabrics slipped through their fingers, bright and silken and gorgeous. The carpenters remember building, the lumber straight and clean and lovely. Tech is a blur, and no one remembers who stage managed, but it’s better than other shows. You don’t think about it in the moment—it’s just another six-to-ten tech, and you bring your coffee and your bagel and don’t think about the paper your history professor wants tomorrow. After, though. After, you realize it was The Play. Some few students can’t bear to give that seamless beauty up. The department faculty has to come from somewhere.)

A last word of advice: When the show is on, always be polite to whoever you meet backstage. You never know who they really are—Gentry, ghost, short-tempered technician who will spend two hours unpicking every single three-loop knot in every one of your costumes—and if you say the wrong thing, you’ll regret it. And pay attention to the show. Actors have gotten lost before, the crossovers stretching on forever, lost eternally in the moment right before their entrance.


Negative Moon Sign Traits

This is obviously about the moon signs but you can check your sun and Mercury signs too because there are a few traits that work for all three. Also check your dominant sign (or the sign you identify with the most).

Aries: They can be unbelievably selfish. They may take it as a personal offense when they don’t get what they want. They reject and resent criticism, and can’t stand to be told what to do. They repress their emotions and might try to look cool and collected, only to unexpectedly lose control of their anger at the most trivial things. They want to do things their own way. They refuse to take responsibility for their flaws or accountability for their mistakes; their defense is to blame others. They can be pitifully immature, especially when arguing, and are often very petty and sometimes violent.

Taurus: They are extremely stubborn and refuse to give up on conflicts they don’t believe they’ve won. They want to prove their point and they want to prove it effectively, and since Taurus are so driven as a Fixed sign, they will continue to press the issue relentlessly. They are stuck in their ways; they want to do things the way they know and the way they believe works best with little room for development or suggestions. They are excessively conservative, both in their lack of progressive thinking and their tendency to be overly humble. They are easily stressed by unpredictability and very resistant to change – sometimes even the positive kind.

Gemini: They are prone to excessive worrying and nervousness, and may come across as uptight because of it. They are the moodiest moon sign and endure rapidly fluctuating emotions which they often have a difficult time expressing, so it is confusing to the people around them – it is also confusing to themselves, and they may not always know what’s going on inside. They are exceptionally restless individuals due to their combination of curiosity and susceptibility to boredom. They find it strenuous to settle down, and thus lack the ability to relax most of the time.

Cancer: They are often quite wrapped up in themselves. Their great potential for empathy is not commonly exercised to its full extent as natives of this placement are usually too caught in their own emotions to think about that of the people around them – in part, that is due to the intensity of their feelings, but it is also because they can be rather selfish. They are very manipulative. They hold onto their memories so tightly that they cannot let things go and continue to feel hurt about things that should no longer matter. They often feel taken for granted. They find it difficult to confront others, and are often especially self-pitying or prone to playing the martyr.

Leo: They want to be liked and seek approval from others. They may rely too much on validation of their identity and emotions. They need a lot of attention and they are easily offended by a lack of it or by negative feedback. They are very perceptive to how others view them and may be deeply affected by negative opinions/criticism from people they care about. They are very sensitive but they dislike it/don’t want to admit it so they sometimes try to be cold. They can be very self-centered and might fail to see someone else’s side of the story. Oftentimes, their main priority is feeling justified.

Virgo: They are the easiest moon sign to annoy. The tiniest thing can ruin their day, and they take their irritation out on other people with their sharp tongue or sour attitude. They get unreasonably upset when they don’t get their way. They either have their heart set on things too soon and are frequently disappointed or they refuse to get their hopes up and are thus rarely excited about much – no healthy medium. They are mercilessly critical of and extremely quick to blame themselves. They find it excruciatingly difficult to forgive their own mistakes, and maybe even that of other people.

Libra: They have a habit of lying or pretending to be/feel something false either to protect themselves, to avoid something, or to keep up a facade. They may seem fake for this reason. They often put the wants and needs of other people before their own to the point of being cruel to themselves. They are afraid of causing chaos or disharmony so they internalize their negative emotions, bury their discomfort, and try to forgive people who don’t deserve it. They give too many chances. They are overly concerned with being in the right, so they constantly question their own intentions and morals.

Scorpio: They have extreme trust issues and frequently disregard the privacy of others, as their suspicion urges them to intrude on the person in question. They must know as much as possible about everyone else but they refuse to open themselves up, and are usually too secretive for their own good. They have a tendency to isolate themselves. They have obsessive or addictive personalities, and the worst part is that they are constantly at risk because they seek out self-destruction, whether consciously or not. They need emotional drama and may hurt others or cause issues on purpose to get it.

Sagittarius: Their need for personal freedom is so potent and distinct that they might actively avoid any person or situation in which there is the possibility of feeling caged. They have a tendency to disappear without warning because they desire to know, to experience, to go. They are particularly restless people. They can be very blunt and insensitive, and often blind to their own wrongs because they want so badly to be right. They can justify anything they do if they think hard enough, and frequently do. They are extremely indignant. They can’t stand to feel controlled, and they have a tendency to overreact.

Capricorn: They have a hard time taking risks and would prefer to stick to the security of what is already tried and true. They seek safety in routine and tradition. They bury their emotions and always try to seem calm, cool, and collected, but usually just end up looking cold and indifferent. They can’t allow themselves to loosen up because they’re excessively concerned with rules and order, especially when it comes to themselves, because they are critical of themselves and won’t tolerate their own failures or shortcomings. They can be very controlling, because like to have power over others.

Aquarius: They are so set on being objective, intellectual individuals that they forget about (or more commonly, obsessively bury) their feelings. They see emotion as a weakness and therefore go out of their way to avoid it. They want to be different from other people and might build their identity upon the need for originality rather than their true selves; alternatively, they might be too afraid to stand out, so they go against their nature and follow society’s patterns, which is detrimental to them. They often play devil’s advocate. They have a habit of isolating themselves and detaching from their interpersonal life or dynamics because they want too badly to be independent.

Pisces: They often lack the ability to say “no” and may let others use them. They excessively sacrifice their own needs for that of their loved ones, and find it hard to stand up for themselves. They frequently feel used and walked on but fail to recognize that that is a by-product of allowing people to take advantage of them. They might lack self-control. They easily get lost in their own worlds and lose track of reality. They are extremely sensitive and take everything too personally; the other side of their admirable empathy is a tendency to get genuinely hurt over the misfortunes of others.

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headcanon - lafeyette night routines with you?

  • so he typically he doesn’t go to bed before you do- he wants to make sure that you go to sleep at a reasonable time so he stays up as long as you do so if you aren’t getting a blink of sleep than he isn’t getting any sleep either 
  • he makes a habit of showering at night time usually and you should recommend showering before him because he showers for a very long time and takes up practically all of the hot water
    • maybe shower with him? it would save water,,,
  • after showering, he usually just lounges around on the bed, wearing his glasses and reading a book or some sort and maybe humming a song
    • if you go to bed at a decent time, he will most likely stay up later reading until he gets so tired that the words are all fuzzy but if ask him, he will go to sleep
  • he is also big into having tea or some kind of hot drink before he goes to bed
  • he has no particular opinion on whether he likes cuddling or not so it really just depends on you
    • if you like cuddling, he will 100% want to be the big spoon and he will just rest his head on your shoulder and just kiss your neck gently and he sometimes sleep talks- not very often actually but when he does, it’s usually in french and it’s hard to understand since his voice is full of sleep
    • if you don’t like cuddling, no problem! he just kisses your cheek and says goodnight. he gives you a lot of space to move around in the bed since he sleeps right on the edge but since he has long legs, he typically takes up a lot of space with his legs, like one by him and one all away across the bed by you
  • lafayette also snores but it’s really really softly and if he snores loudly ever , he instantly wakes up because he scares himself when he doe
    • he is a really light sleeper so if something makes the slightest bump in the night, he is up and ready to fight 

vampire cae mk.II

(( aka: this is what happens when i look up at my shelf for art inspiration ))

soul eater typing styles
  • maka: she lets her phone autocorrect most things, and while she's a fan of proper punctuation, she doesn't really bother to capitalize things unless she does it for Emphasis. when her syntax is perfect, however, you know she's pissed.
  • soul: this boy must hate holding a phone. he shortens all his words, abbreviates a bunch, and is generally extremely inconsistent w/ his style. most people think he's crytyping because he doesnt bother to correct typos. uses the word "prolly" a lot.
  • black*star: this kid will hurl every fucking emoji at you dont even test him. the 100 and laugh-crying emojis are his favorite. caps lock is his best friend. you'll never want to read the phrase "MAD GAINS" again after talking to him.
  • tsubaki: generally, a warm and welcoming typing style! she loves to use exclamation points and typed emoticons, such as ":0" and ":)". sometimes she shortens words, but not very often. replies very late.
  • death the kid: proper syntax, also he doesn't understand shortened abbreviations one bit. what does LOL mean? google is his best friend.
  • liz: cattiest damn typing style ever. she loves the word "binch" and over-uses the side-eye emoji. she wont capitalize even if her life depended on it and often doesnt really use punctuation.
  • patti: XD i maed u a cookie but i eated it O.o
  • (no but seriously. she puts up this typing shtick sometimes to rile people up, sometimes because it's fun. she can be pretty damn intelligent with her typing if you let her, though.)

normally for eid salah my family goes to a mosque nearby but this time, in the interest of time (prayer at the mosque is an hour earlier), we went to the park in our neighbourhood where they hold prayers, and

there’s just something really powerful and moving about praying eid salah in the open at 9 am on a friday morning alongside hundreds of fellow muslims, all in full view and hearing of a busy street in downtown toronto