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beyoncé may be a well known artist but she’s still very underrated? most people don’t give her the credit she deserves? she’s the hardest working member of her team, she’s persistent and restless - she doesn’t stop rehearsing and practicing until everything is close to perfection and close to her own goals, which, let me say, are grand and exceptionally meticulous. the music that she makes combined with the visuals that she gives make a kind of art someone else has yet to master, but they wont. every album she puts out is revolutionary and changes music in some way. beyoncé isn’t just a singer: she’s so much than just that and it’s heartbreaking to know that she doesn’t get all the credit she deserves because she’s a black woman.


okay so about the dandongs and reposting thing, first of all I think it’s a main rule of any fandom that art should never be reposted without permission or credit and this incident was a very very unfortunate one. dandongs is an amazing artist and is very well known in the phandom but if you didn’t know, she deleted because her art was reposted and put in the tag without permission and d&p saw it. I understand that she wants to take a break and we all support her but on to the matter of the person who reposted it. first of all it was bad enough that she reposted without permission but the second thing is that she tagged it where there is a high chance that d&p would see the nsfw art done by dandongs and they did. there was a reason why dandongs didn’t tag her own art in the first place.

BUT this is the important part, the phandom has truly crossed the line here. the person who reposted has apologised multiple times and explained that she was not thinking clearly yet, she is still receiving DEATH THREATS. it’s not just one or two but multiple. even dandongs who has moved to hahhafml, has addressed this situation. I think the phandom needs to take a step back and look at itself for once and realise that d&p are fully capable ADULTS and Phil knew what he was doing when he added the nsfw art into the video. despite the person not asking for permission she does not deserve to have her ask box full of death threats. I honestly think that we need to take a good look at ourselves and realise that she is an actual human being who made an honest mistake and she realises it and even though dandongs has deleted, please do not send her anymore death threats or hate and understand that d&p, dandongs and the person who reposted are all human beings with their own personal lives and actual human feelings bottom line is DONT EVER EVER repost someone’s art

Fanboy Michael

You were a very well known artist. You have been on a huge world tour lately and it has been rumored that Michael Clifford is a huge fan. You knew who that was, I mean who didn’t know who it was. He is from the band 5 Seconds of Summer and you happened to enjoy their music. All of those rumors came true when you were watching a interview of the boys and they were asked about their celebrity crushes. Michael automatically said you, “y/n of course, I mean she’s really hot right now and everyone seems to enjoy her music as well as myself.” he smirks a bit and points at the screen, “y/n if you’re watching this I’m single.” and the interviewer backs him up with some snide comment mocking what he just said. All of the boys scoff at him and laugh. You decide to drop it at first to try to keep fans on both sides calm. Honestly though, how could you pass up Mikey? You get in contact with Michael and you both talk for awhile, you guys meet up and that’s when fangirl Mikey really shows out. He tries to keep himself calm to try not to freak you out. You giggle at him all night because of his awkward stares and questions. You both hit it off pretty well though. You continue to talk and send each other memes and such. The fans in both fandoms seemed to love you two together. Everything seemed to be going well between the both of you and you really liked him. You both continue to talk and then start to date and you live happily together, even if you’re apart on tours.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Ryan Ross was at the Maroon 5 Halloween party because Mickey Madden, bassist of Maroon 5, is friends with him. James Valentine, guitarist of Maroon 5, is also a mutual friend of Ryan Ross because he played in LA-based band JJAMZ (now PHASES) with Z-Berg, who is also friends with Ryan. Brendon Urie was probably at the same party because LA is a very popular place and he is becoming an increasingly more known artist. The Maroon 5 Halloween party was a very large party with a large number of people invited, so it's really not that crazy they were both there. Adam Levine does not ship Ryden. Adam Levine most likely does not even know what Ryden is.

Today we can celebrate Regoyos’s 158th ;-) birthday, a perfect occasion to put the spotlight on a lesser known, but very interesting artist.
Darío de Regoyos y Valdés was born on 1 November 1857 in Ribadesella, Spain of all places. During the 1880’s Regoyos travelled intensively in Europe, and even lived intermittently in Brussels where he met people like Théo Van Rysselberghe, James Ensor and the symbolist Fernand Khnopff and became one of the eleven co-founders of an important avant-garde group, called “Les XX”. That group organised influential exhibitions in Brussels giving a platform to themselves and people like Caillebotte, Cassatt, Cézanne, Gauguin, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Redon, Seurat, Signac, Sisley, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh and many more.
Regoyos went on to become one of the renewers of Spanish painting.

This ‘Winter Landscape by Night, Haarlem’ is a view of a canal in Haarlem (Netherlands) in January 1886.

Darío de Regoyos y Valdés, Paisaje nocturno nevado. Haarlem (Winter Landscape by Night, Haarlem), 1886. Oil on canvas, 87 x 119 cm. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

NEW DIRECTION 1D’s Liam Payne reinvents himself as grime star to work with Stormzy collaborator on solo material

Boyband pin-up is embracing his love of edgier sounds as he leaves cheesy ballads in the past

The SUN UK, 9 August 2016

ONE Direction fans need to brace themselves for LIAM PAYNE’s solo material, because it may have a very unexpected sound.The artist otherwise known as Big Payno has swapped the 1D pop factory for the world of grime music.

I’ve learned that Liam has been in mammoth late-night recording sessions with garage producer KRUNCHIE.

Liam’s new collaborator, real name Anthony Bamgboye, has previously helped craft explicit hardcore rap tracks with MOBO winners STORMZY and KREPT AND KONANalongside producing partner ZDot.

He’s also worked his magic on songs by RITA ORA, JESS GLYNNE and TIMBALAND.

A source said: “Liam wants to make it clear that he’s not just about cheesy ballads. He’s a serious musician with many different strengths.

“Krunchie has inspired Liam by teaching him more about a new area of music and hopes one of their tracks will be his debut solo single.”

But Directioners can breathe a sigh of relief, as I’m assured this is just one of many new styles Liam is exploring.

A friend said: “Liam has always supported up and coming UK talent but he isn’t going down the grime route with the album.

“He’s got sessions booked in with all the top producers in the US over the next few months.”

Liam has shown off his love of hip hop before.

He released a snippet of his own rap track on Instagram in January and his vocals appeared on a leaked WIZ KHALIFA and JUICY J track in April.

And to think ZAYN MALIK thought he was the edgy one.