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The series of interviews conducted by Dr. George Henry with lesbians in the ‘30s illustrates a contentment in the lives of many of these women that would have frazzled the censors had that picture been reflected in the media. Many of his interviewees were self-actualized individuals, living to their full potential in mutually productive relationships. They say things such as:

I’m doing the work [as an editor] I always wanted to do and I’m very, very happy. I’m very much in love with the girl too. We click… She has had the most influence for good in my life.”  — 20-year old white woman

If I were born again I would like to be just as I am. I’m perfectly satisfied being a girl and being as I am. I’ve never had any regrets.”  —  26-year-old black woman

Our relationship is just as sweet now [after eleven years] as in the beginning.”  — 29-year-old white woman

Since we have been living together our lives are fuller and happier. We create things together and we are devoted to our [adopted] baby.”  —  30-year-old white woman

I have a great confidence in the future. I think I’m going to be a very well-known artist… Homosexuality hasn’t interfered with my work. It has made it what it is.”  —  30-year-old white woman

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America, pg. 112 by Lillian Faderman


Some facts about The Beatles’ Girls by goddamnthebeatles

Cynthia Powell

  • Born 10 September 1939, died 1 April 2015
  • Dated John Lennon since 1958 and was married to him during 1962 until 1968
  • Mother of Julian Lennon
  • Cyn met John at Liverpool College Of Art, people used to say she was too good for him, George Harrison used to idolize her at the time
  • She found John and Yoko sleeping together in her own house, divocing from him immidiately after
  • Her dream job was being an Art teacher, which she accomplished for a few years
  • Paul McCartney looked after her and Julian during her entire life, being a loyal friend
  • She wrote the book “John” in which she talks about her and Julian’s relationship with John

Jane Asher

  • Born 5 April 1946
  • Dated Paul McCartney during 1963 until 1968
  • She came from a rich, high class family from London
  • Successful actress in her early years, later on she became a writer and a famous baker
  • Jane was the main inspiration for many Beatles’ songs, like “And I Love Her”, “Honey Pie”, “I’m Looking Through You” and many others
  • Paul wanted her to quit her acting career 
  • Jane and Paul broke up definitely when she reportedly found him in bed with Francie Shwartz

Patricia (Pattie) Boyd

  • Born 17 March 1944
  • Dated George Harrison since 1964, meeting him in the set of “A Hard Day’s Night” and was married to him since 1966 until 1977
  • She was a famous model since the late 50s, getting even more acknowledge in the 60s and 70s, later on in her life she became a photographer
  • One of the main reasons why The Beatles went to India in 1968 was through her interest in eastern mysticism
  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a crush on her
  • Inspiring muse of “Something” and many other Beatles and George’s songs 
  • Later on she married anotther famous musician, Eric Clapton
  • Pattie wrote the book “Pattie Boyd: Wonderful Tonight” in which she talks about her life, her childhood, her abusive stepfather and her troubled relationship with Harrison and Clapton

Maureen Cox

  • Born 4 August 1946 and died 30 December 1994 from leucemia
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1965 until 1975
  • Part of the first Beatles’ fans, she used to watch the boys playing at the Cavern Club in the early 60s, at that time she kissed Paul McCartney as part of a dare with a friend
  • Maureen left school at 16 years old to become a hair dresser, her dream job
  • She’s the mother of Ringo’s children Zak, Jason and Lee
  • Maureen had an affair with George, leaving both Ringo and Pattie in dismal

Yoko Ono

  • Born 18 February 1933
  • Married to John Lennon since 1969 until 1980 
  • Mother of Sean Lennon
  • As a child during the WWII, lived in a concentration camp for awhile
  • It is said that Yoko met John at an art gallery where she had an exhibition, although Cynthia’s book reclaims it, assuring she used to send John letters and staying at Keenwood’s gate waiting for him
  • She’s a very well known and respected plastic artist, peace and feminist activist, she also was a musician, being part of the Plastic Ono Band and recording albums with her husband John
  • Yoko introduced Lennon to many new ideologies/phylosophies, she was also a great influence of his actions, there’s a great discussion wherever their relationship was abusive or not
  • Inspiring muse of many of John’s song, being “Woman” the most famous one
  • Yoko was present the day John was murdered

Linda McCartney

  • Born September 24 1941 and died April 17 1998, from a long battle against breast cancer
  • She was married to Paul McCartney since 1969 until 1998
  • Linda met Paul at a bar in London, before that she took pictures of him and the other 3 beatles at the Sgt. Pepper album premiere
  • Mother of Heather, Mary, Stella and James
  • Famous photographer of the 60s, keeping up her work in a more domestic way in her late life, she was also a animal rights activist and a musician, being part of the band Wings and recording albums until the late 90s with her husband Paul 
  • Linda was a Beatles’ fan, she saw the boys playing at the Shea Stadium in 1965, John Lennon was her favorite Beatle
  • She was the source of strength for Paul when The Beatles ended
  • Linda was the first woman to have a photograph featured on the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine
  • She published several books of her photographs: Linda’s Pictures, Sun Prints, Sixties: Portrait of an Era, Roadworks and more

Olivia Harrison

  • Born 18 May 1948 in Mexico
  • Married to George Harrison since 1978 until 2001
  • Mother of Dhani Harrison
  • She met George through the telephone, she was a secretary at Dark House Records, they used to talk for hours before meeting personally
  • Olivia bravely protected George from being stabbed when a assailant broke into their house
  • She took several important roles on books, documentares, concerts and others regarding George after his death

Barbara Bach 

  • Born August 27 1947
  • Married to Ringo Starr since 1981 until nowadays
  • She met Ringo in the set of “Caveman" 
  • She was also a Beatle’s fan and watched the boys at the Shea Stadium in 1965
  • Barbara is a very famous actress and model of the 70s and 80s, mostly well known for being a bond girl
  • She struggled through years of Ringo’s dependency on acohol
  • Nowadays she’s a philanthropist along with Ringo, both run the Lotus Foundation dedicated to charity
BTS - Reaction to An MC Talking Bad About Their Non-Idol GF While at An Award Show

As requested. :)


“I suggest you stop while you are ahead.” You were admiring your handsome man on stage when the MC suggested he forgo your relationship for another one with an idol. “Y/N is amazing. No one could make me want to leave her.” The words were stern and to the point. His expression cold. Your heart ached at the situation he was in.


“What about making this more than a collaboration?” The MC laughed while the audience played along with some cheers. Yoongi had done a song with a well known female artist; a very ‘stunning woman’ according to the man on stage with him right now. “Of course not, I already found my partner.” He said it with a snarky tone. He even scratched behind his ear which was his way of saying “I love you” when on camera, a signal that you devised recently. A feeling of warmth spread through you from his actions.


Hoseok was so visibly shocked by the MC’s words. “I came here for an award. Not for a stranger to suggest I leave the love of my life.” He was so upset that the boys had to walk him off the stage. You reassured him when he joined you again. “Don’t worry Hobi, words don’t hurt me.”


“You cannot be serious.” He gave an annoyed laugh. “My lady is the finest woman in the world. I would rather be sitting with her right now than talk to you.” You wanted to wrap your arms around Joon’s neck and tell him how much you loved him.


“Oh, are you talking about my Y/N? Say one more thing about her and I will walk off this stage right now.” You could see how tense he was from your seat in the crowd. You just wanted him to know you were fine.  As he sat down next to you again you laced your fingers with his and rubbed the back of his hand.


The MC who Tae was presenting with had been talking about a girl group that had recently been recognized for their physical attractiveness. “Some of us have the chance to date beautiful women but decide against it.” First Tae thought the MC was joking. But as soon as he realized he was being 100% serious, his attitude took over. “You don’t want to test me. Keep Y/N out of your mouth. Just present the award and be done.”


He was immediately ready to fight for your honor after the MC commented on your ‘ordinary’ looks and lower status. “No one says anything about Y/N.” He went from his relaxed stance to one where his muscles were very prominent. The boys had to remind him that this was a live broadcast even thought they were bothered by the comment as well. He held you tightly when he returned to you, making sure everyone knew you were his.


when a band/artist that you love isnt very well known but suddenly become super famous anD NOw YOURE COnfUSED BEcAUSE youRE HAPPY FOR THEm BUT YOU AlSO HatE IT BECaUSE THEYRE NO LoNGeR YOUr LITTLE SECRET

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Episode 89! Big drama, quick action, shit not sorted out!

Such quick action, actually, I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a long time, and recap a whole episode at once. BUCKLE UP!

Malik is being a total unreasonable emotionally-abusive foolish SHITHEAD right now. I am so disappointed in him. He stops Rishid from WINNING to tell him he has to take the massive risk of playing the Fake Ra card because Malik just sort of wants him to and, to make him do it, he dangles the one thing Rishid will carve his own face off for…

This is a LOW BLOW you lying little shit, go sit in the corner and sort your shit out.

Shortly thereafter:

“I am so aroused right now.”

This ridiculous Monster swap, trading Mr Scorpion for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Actually The Avatar Of A God, turns out to be even more pointless than you might expect:

ICBINTAOAG has the same ATK as Mr Scorpion did! It inherits the ATK of the Monsters sacrified to summon it (Mr Scorpion counted as three Monsters bc it had eaten three Monsters. Yes, I think that’s bullshit too, but on the scale of the bullshittitude perpetrated this episode, it barely registers.)

Malik is delighted.

I think it proves you’re a manipulative little dillweed, but hey, it’s nice to know Malik’s ravings support my theory that Rishid was some kind of nephew or something.

Meanwhile, in her room, Isis divines what is about to happen and mentally warns Rishid that he’s about to mistake. “Mentally” here meaning “in her own head”, not “telepathically”, sadly.

Well maybe show the hell up next time instead of sitting in your room by yourself watching through your haunted jewellery. Then you could have warned him for real and maybe he would have listened! Like seriously, Isis, sort your shit out.

But she isn’t there and Rishid calls his attack and Malik’s Duel Disk FREAKS THE FUCK OUT

Yes, incredibly, just like EVERY OTHER TIME THEY USED A FAKE RA CARD, they have angered the actual real God known as Ra who makes their displeasure known through the age-old tried-and-true Zeus-favoured method of Precision Lightning Headshots.


… Awkward.

Seems a bit harsh to ALSO lightning Jounouchi, but in Ra’s defense, Jounouchi didn’t get hit until he approached Rishid.

Everyone freezes in shock, except Honda, who runs forward to climb onto the dueling platform (but does immediately stop when Isono asks him to, even though, for all he knows, his friend is dead or dying…)

(Yami’s ADORABLE shocked face distracted me for a while, but try to tear your eyes away to appreciate Otogi’s horror-blah too!)

Tournament Organiser, Tournament Sponsor Company CEO, and yet somehow also Competitor, Seto Kaiba, tells everyone not to worry!

… this STRONGLY implies that there IS a fatal level though. It is a CARD GAME DEVICE, Seto. Sort your SHIT out.

Isono wants to end the duel and disqualify both competitors for “being unconscious during the duel”, which does seem a little harsh but on the other hand has the massive benefit of freeing the unconscious duelists up for some highly necessary medical attention, but Kaiba Walking-Health-And-Safety-Disaster Seto has a better idea!

Literally, let’s stand here for five more minutes and see if either of them get better or die. These two people just got HIT BY FUCKIN LIGHTNING, this is NOT a suitable tie-breaker. It’s a goddamn CARD GAME, the secondary win-lose criteria should NEVER BE “well let’s see if the electrocution sends either of them into cardiac arrest”. SORT YOUR SHIT OUT, SETO.

… HOW does he EVER get insurance to cover ANYTHING??

The Nerd Herd start yelling at Jounouchi to wake up.

Except Yami who stares in consternation elsewhere? Apparently at Rishid? Maybe he’s in denial about Jounouchi potentially being seriously hurt?

Isis has another worry than merely losing a brother to godly-lightning-attack…

And Rishid is the one who keeps the other!Malik at bay, so if he’s killed in a tragic card-game accident…

This is where things kind of fall apart for me, suspense-wise. Like I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be rooting for Jounouchi, and I certainly don’t want him to die or anything, but Rishid’s reasons for needing to get up and carry on are SO much better??? This isn’t Duelist Kingdom, where Jounouchi needed the prize money to save his sister’s eyesight. He’s literally in this tournament because he likes this dumb card game and it seemed like fun. He wants to do well and duel Yugi/Yami, but #spoileralert he ends up doing that after the tournament is over and that’s fine, so it’s totally not necessary for him to win here. He wants to get back up and continue the duel … so that he can duel his friend at some point. 

Rishid wants to get back up and continue the duel because he knows he’s the only one standing between Malik and the violent alternate-personality waiting to break free and use Malik’s body, and he’s haunted by memories of Malik’s descent into darkness after being tortured by his own father as a child, which Rishid couldn’t save him from.

Jounouchi’s electrocution-vision?

He literally dreams he dozed off in class, then falls over his desk and has a little chat with his friends.

He does have a sweet moment where he acknowledges that he no longer wants to be that rash, aggressive guy who gets into fist fights all the time, because…

He feels, in the dream, heavy and tired and asks for his friends to help him up…


So friendship wins out over family and duty and Jounouchi stands up while Rishid falls. This fits with the “friendship heck yeah” theme of the series, but … idk. They explicitly framed this as “who is more determined to win this duel” and it reeeeeeally seems like it would be Mr If I Don’t Win My Precious Younger Brother Will Lose His Mind Maybe Forever and not Mr It’d Be Real Nice To Duel Yugi I Guess.

Anyway, it happens and Jounouchi’s up, but kinda dazed and not sure where he is.


And Kaiba’s characteriscally-but-forgetfully derisive

oh my sweet precious fleeting grip on sanity it was yoUR GODDAMN IDIOT IDEA. YOU. YOUUUUUUUU. SHIT. SORT. NOW. PLEASE.

Speaking of fleeting grips on sanity, Jounouchi and Yami go to help Rishid but he’s like “lol don’t mind me, it’s Malik you gotta watch out for cause he’s about to flip the fuck out Disassociative Identity Disorder style”

And they’re like, legit, “Gasp! Namu is Malik?? The only other person on the blimp???” #sortyourshitout

And Malik FINALLY - cause you know he rehearses this in the mirror right? right. - gets to be all like “YES, IT IS I, MALIK! AHAHA”

But then tragically, like 67 seconds later, he becomes the very Malik they have not been fighting this whole time but instead becomes the Malik they will henceforth be fighting…

Who is very dismissive of The Artist Formerly Known As This Very Malik.

~Eight out of ten occult spirits prefer the darkness to other leading brands of eyeliner~

Venus in the tenth house - Miss Cosmic Universe

“Style is the answer to everything.
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it
To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art” -
Charles Bukowski

The tenth house is a favorable position for beautiful Venus. The individual is well received by people and scatters a petal dewdrop residue, like his warmth and charm is just so inviting and pleasant. There tends to be a great love for humanity and the need to leave a lasting image in the changing world. He forms good relationships in business and has a tremendous way with people. His charisma and acute sense of foretelling opportunities mean he can ascend in any professional field. Venus is concerned with appearances, so it is possible the individual always seeks to be well dressed and dapper. Maybe he is known for his eye for design and style. He may also use his attractive image to charm his way to the top.

There are great ideals for society, and maybe dreams of utopia. No matter what, he always believes that fundamentally people are decent and good human nature will prevail. The need for recognition will be high, and he attains great delight in receiving compliments and being widely acknowledged. The tenth house relates to the public image and reputation, profession, public life, and our success story. Venus is very artistic and exquisite. Maybe the individual is well known for his creativity or image, like his artwork, dancing, acting, or youtube clips. Despite the individual’s open hearted and disarming public profile, he may still remain a very quiet and mysterious character. He is capable of seeming relateable from a million miles away. There may also be a bit of a facade. Maybe he wears a mask amongst people because he is afraid his true self will be rejected.

The tenth house concerns the dominant parent. Because Venus is tranquil, one of the parents is likely gentle, popular, and somewhat of a socialite. There tends to be amorous relationships with both parents. Maybe the mother could have high expectations for her daughter’s appearance. The tenth house Venus person is one you could find standing encircled by a crowd of admiring onlookers while he sips champagne and bedazzles. He approaches his professional responsibilities with great pride and puts his heart into his endeavors. There are a lot of dreams to be accomplished and a sense of notoriety that can be developed. While he may not always be concerned with fame, there will be a tremendous need to diffuse a divine and pleasing image to the world. There is captivation and the breath of love, a Venus majesty crowned with midheaven jewels.


plummetationzigzags  asked:

Is Marguerite de Bressieux's gravesite known? That marker looks amazing

I don’t think so - the inscription and depiction of her grave is just artistic interpretation. Very very little is known about her. Literally all I could find on her is one page (which I linked to) in one book. I can’t verify almost anything about the story myself, but I could verify other stories covered in that book. Take that for what it’s worth.

While her source material is incredibly brief, it actually isn’t the shortest one I’ve covered. That honor either goes to Tirgatao (who has one paragraph) or Nitocris (who has less than that if I recall correctly).


so i kinda have this headcanon/au type thing where a few of the objects have music jams and play songs. the other objects come to watch them. they usually do it at night and sit around a campfire.

ok so tissues can play guitar. he’s still learning how, but despite being sick 24/7, he has an amazing singing voice. its hard for him to sing, but he pulls through. he really loves all kinds of music.

fan can sing ok, but he’s better at playing ukulele. he saw some emo group that has ukeleles (like twenty one pilots) so he decided to find lessons on youtube, bc hes a huge fanboy. he really likes those indie bands that are really popular and he thinks they’re “"real music”“

lightbulb has a random pair of bongo drums, and she thinks they’re really fun. sometimes she can’t keep rhythm though, and ppl get mad when she drums randomly, and they have to calm her down. she can also sing and rap some pretty LIT rhymes. her music taste is really random and she likes a variety of things.

paintbrush actually likes to sing, but they’re pretty nervous about singing in front of people, but lightbulb always encourages them to join the music group, and painty ends up enjoying themself a lot. paintbrush likes older music.

marshmallow really loves singing, but can also play recorder. its the only instrument she can play bc she learned in elementary school. apple gave it to her as a gift :3 she can play pretty well. marshmallow really likes upbeat pop music and love songs and always writes really gay songs for apple

apple loves to play the triangle, even though she doesn’t know what triangle means. she occasionally sings, but she plays the triangle more. she found it lying around hotel oj.
soap can play guitar and sing. she has been doing music since she was a little kid, so she’s pretty good. apple still likes kids music and only knows the kidzbop versions of songs.

mepad can sing extremely well. he’s actually a slightly well known musical artist. his singing voice is very soft and gentle. he usually sings calming songs and is good at backup vocals as well.

soap has been doing music since she was five years old. she’s really good at playing guitar. she and microphone really like the beatles and usually do songs by them. soap practices guitar and singing a lot, and she’s very perfectionistic about it.

microphone plays bass guitar, and she sings pretty well too. sometimes she sings too loud so people sometimes get mad about that. when she sings, she’s very good at projecting her voice, and people choose to follow along with her if they don’t know a song.

sometimes mephone and toilet sing as well. they on,y come occasionally though.
the other contestants come as well, but they usually just watch.

so ther you have it!! my inanimate insanity music au

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Cause this is pissing me off:

stop trying to destroy Villainous/Villanos because of one storyboarder, and stop saying that they created the show

Lemonflowertea was a very popular artist once on tumblr, known for their edgy offensive humor and fucked up stories and art. A lot of the fucked up shit they did was when they themselves were a teenager, and while incredibly gross, isn’t the legal definition of pedophilia. At it’s least offensive, it was teenage edgeliness to the extreme (think any story you read in dA featuring rape and sexual assault as plot devices and Mary Sue tragic back stories). At it’s worst, it was legitimate porn drawn by a minor of characters who were minors. Idk about American or Mexican law on the matter, but I do believe that is illegal.
Yes, they were fucked up, and that is fucked up.
But they aren’t the creator of the show, and I have a feeling they definitely weren’t showing people who were hiring them their blog when it was titled with the word “faggot”
As for the scam, that’s more complicated, and honestly nothing compared to this above

But they aren’t the creator of the mini series. It’s bad that they’re there, but they aren’t the one who made it. They are simply boarding the art and will probably only be there for a while, because storyboarders are often rotated and shifted out.

The creator is a nice man, who most likely isn’t controlling who’s the ones assigned to his team. Or even if he is, I doubt he knows. Just cause they seem like they’re both on tumblr, doesn’t mean he’s done digging like that.

Villanos is not the creation of a bad person. And honestly, the reaction to a story boarder and not a creator being the issue for this show is striking to me, because another show, Clarence, wasn’t called for boycott when its creator sexually assaulted a coworker. He /was/ immediately fired of course, but why is that show more likable than this one, when it was tainted from day one by that creator?
If you really want think that the storyboarder is what’s ruined the show for you, that’s fine. Don’t watch, that’s fine. If you think you have to call up Cartoon Network and ask why they’re employed there after those actions, that’s fine. Hell, even get them /fired/ if you think it has to happen, that’s fine. But don’t tear down the work of a multitude individuals because one person is the spawn of Satan unless you know they’re willing to let it slide

Amazing Black Female Superheroes... In no particular order. Although all the characters are fictional, I'd like to see more of these ladies on the big screen.

This list contains some of the overlooked black female superheroes from various comics. Although this may not be very relevant to some, I hope it provides some sort of entertainment at the least. You would probably be surprise to find the both Marvel & DC Comics have written some AMAZING black characters from all over the universe (both fantasy worlds and real places) into their story lines. 

These women include (but aren’t limited to): 

a Jamaican born superhero

a couple of ladies born in Africa

a lady from the Bayou

a cripple lady that wasn’t here for the bullshit, nor limitations

an orphan, officer, attorney, a siren…. you just gotta read it to see what I mean. Anyway, hope you enjoy! 

FIRST THING FIRST…. My absolute favorite female character in all of DC Comics….  VIXEN/Mari Jiwe McCabe 

A female super-hero from Africa who adopts the abilities of animals. Using her Tantu Totem, she can channel the powers of the animal kingdom by tapping into the morphogenetic field. She has been a member of the Birds of Prey, Checkmate, the Justice League, Suicide Squad and the Ultramarine Corps. Vixen was created by Gerry Conwayand Bob Oksner, first appearing in Action Comics #521. (1981) 

In ancient Africa, there was a legend that the warrior Tantu asked Anansi the Spider to create a totem that would give the wearer all of the powers of the animal kingdom, if they would use the power to protect the innocent. It is possible that the “Anansi” who Tantu met, may have been a member of the alien race who gave Buddy Baker the ability to tap the Morphogenetic Field. Mari’s Tantu totem may tap into that same field. Tantu used the totem to become Africa’s first legendary hero. The totem was later passed down to Tantu’s descendants until it reached the McCabes.

Growing up in a small African village, Mari Jiwe McCabe heard the legend of the “Tantu Totem” from her parents. She was the daughter of Reverend Richard Jiwe, the village priest, who was her sole caretaker, as poachers, lead by a man named Kwesi, killed her mother years ago. Reverend Jiwe himself was killed by his half-brother (Mari’s uncle) General Maksai. Makasai wanted the Tantu Totem, which had been in Reverend Jiwe’s possession.

Now orphaned, she fled to America. She set up an identity for herself as Mari McCabe and used her beauty to become a well-known fashion model in New York City. She used her newfound wealth to travel the world. On a trip back to Africa, she came across her uncle, and stole back the Tantu Totem, using its power to become the Vixen.

Jill Carlyle (Crimson Avenger)

A criminal attorney who purchased the pistols of the original Crimson Avenger at a pawn shop to use upon someone she deemed guilty of a crime that she failed to convict him of. Once she dispatched him she became enslaved to the weapons, becoming their vessel, so to speak. An ever-bleeding and painful bullet wound manifested in the center of her chest as a chilling emblem of the new Crimson Avenger. Instead of a mask she wears a crimson blindfold over her eyes in tribute to Lady Justice. She apparently has the powers of teleportation and ethereal intangibility. She also gains the memories and skills of the individual she is currently “avenging”. Whether these skills become permanent or are merely temporary is unknown. It is to be assumed that Lee Travis’s skills have automatically been transferred to Jill, the current “wielder”.

She appears in 25 issues (JSA)

Storm/Ororo Munroe

After her parents were murdered in the rubble of a plane crash, Ororo Munro began life as a thief with a severe case of claustrophobia, until she was worshiped as a goddess in a tribe in Africa. After Professor Charles Xavier recruited her for his X-Men, Ororo matured to the point of leading them, fighting for the peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans most of her life. She’s been the object of many powerful men’s obsession including Black Panther, Arkon the Imperion, Dracula, and Dr. Doom. Splitting leadership with Cyclops, Ororo eventually formed the splinter group, X-Treme X-Men, while searching for the future-telling Destiny's diaries. After receiving government sanction for her team, becoming the X-Treme Sanctions Executive, Storm eventually came to be Queen of Wakanda for a time, by way of marrying the Black Panther, but her marriage ended during the Avengers vs X-Men conflict. With her mutant power to manipulate the forces that govern weather, enabling her to summon wind, rain, sleet, snow, and even lightning at will, Storm is the powerful Headmistress of the Jean Grey School and remains a stalwart veteran X-Man.

Thunder/Anissa Pierce

The daughter of Black Lighting, Anissa was told she couldn’t pursue the family business until she graduated college. On the day she did she took on the name Thunder and soon joined Roy and Dick’s team. Thunder’s abilities came into question she was forced to prove herself when the team was reporting to Batman. Thunder was in a relationship with fellow Outsider Grace Choi. Unfortunately was injured during the events following Batman’s death and is in a coma.

Ladyhawk/Regina and Rosetta Morgan 

These twins that began their crime fighting career in a very unlikely way. Their father, Mr. Morgan, is a upper level criminal/mobster that was encountering resistance from the super hero of the streets, Falcon; Sam Wilson that would grow to become a heated rivalry. This would be the ember that would start the wildfire known as Ladyhawk. Mr. Morgan would finally find success and end the battling between himself and Falcon when he killed Falcon. His daughters were witnessed the act and decided then that they had to do something. Before they could though, their parents would divorce and the girls would be separated. One would stay with their father and the other would leave with their mother. This would only hinder then slightly as they would shortly regroup and join forces creating the costumed crime fighter known as Ladyhawk. They trained regularly and became very skilled martial artists and mastered many different weapons. They even created shurikens shaped like falcons in remembrance of the fallen hero. On top of that they based their costume design on one of Falcon’s very first costumes.

Once done they started their war on crime. During their time fighting crime they even joined the team the New Warriors. The quite almost as soon as they joined, finding that they we better fit as solo warriors. As a rule they never went on field together. They wanted the public to believe that it was only one girl, not too. That also meant that if one was no longer able to preform as Ladyhawk, the other would take over. Even though they had a plan set in the event that this happened they never thought it would happen. During a heated battle Rosetta was badly injured, nearly dieing. She would be paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. This would change the situation a bit. Regina then took over full-time duties and Ladyhawk, while Rosetta stuck to her computer knowledge to aid her sister any way she could. Shortly after the incident they found that the attack on Rosetta originated from their father Mr. Morgan. It was then that they focused their rage on their father and his downfall.


A dark-skinned Amazon warrior and ally to Wonder Woman. Originally she was depicted as a long-lost twin toPrincess Diana, but in Post-Crisis continuity she is a subject of Antiope. In addition to her Amazon strength and fighting prowess, she can open dimensional portals and turn enemies to stone with her gaze. Nu’Bia (1999) was later re-imagined as an Amazonian warrior with 3,000 years of combat experience providing her expertise in both hand-to-hand combat as well as with hand-held weapons. As an Amazonian warrior she also possesses immortality, superhuman strength, durability, stamina, agility and enhanced intellect.

Nubia was created by Robert Kanigher and Don Heck, first appearing in Wonder Woman #204. (1973) 

Fatality/Yrra Cynril
Fatality’s home=-world was destroyed thanks to Green Lantern John Stewart causing her to go on a bloody rampage of revenge against the corps. She later joined the Sinestro Corps and was then recruited into the Star Sapphire Corps. The influence of the Star Sapphire helped Fatality get over the death of her planet and forgive John Stewart and let her move on. Since the start of the new 52 Fatality has been appearing monthly in the New Guardians as the representative of the Star Sapphires but has since been replaced by Carol Ferris. Fatality is one of few black female supervillains and has the strength of a true warrior. She is also one of the main Star Sapphires appearing in the comics.

Jet/Celia Windward

The only known female Jamaican-born female superhero, was living in Great Britain when guardians of the universe (creators of the Green Lantern) decided to recruit and empower 10 earthlings to be their successors as the “new guardians.”

Under the name Jet, she received the power to absorb and use electromagnetic waves.

Jet has the ability to fly, create blasts of heat and force, and generate an electromagnetic pulse; move and manipulate metal with magnetic fields; fire blasts of electricity; and see in other frequencies of the spectrum besides visible light, such as ultraviolet and infrared.

When manifesting her powers, her hair appears to be on fire though she has no fire-related abilities. MORE FIRE! 

Frenzy/Joanna Cargill

She started off as a mercenary known as “Frenzy.” During a mission, Frenzy came head-to-head with the mutant Gambit, and she developed a love-hate relationship with him. She soon joined forces with three other individuals and formed the Alliance of Evil under Apocalypse’s leadership. She stayed with the group and served in several missions, putting her up against the mutant group X-Factor. Her first order from Apocalypse was to capture Rusty Collins and recruit him into their group. Her plan was foiled by X-Factor, and after a heated battle, she fled from feeling overwhelmed. Using a mutant with the ability to enhance others’ powers, Frenzy’s strength and durability made her a difficult foe for the super-heroes, but she was eventually defeated after the death of her power-heightening accomplice.

Silhoette Chord

Silhouette’s father Andrew Chord was a member of a team that found a well-spring of raw, primal energy called the “Well of All Things.” Chord and other members an American recon patrol decided to breed a superior race.

Through the selective breeding, Silhouette was given the ability to teleport herself over short distances on Earth by traveling through the Darkforce dimension. She can “melt” into any shadow or area of darkness, and then reemerge on Earth through another shadow or area of darkness.

She can also open small portals anywhere shadows existed and use them to attack distant enemies by extending her crutches through them.

After her legs were crippled due to injuries inflicted by gunfire, Silhouette received a special pair of combat-capable crutches and leg braces. The crutches included both a hidden electric tazer that can emit charges to stun an adversary, and a slim anesthetic needle injector that delivers paralytic chemicals. The crutches are also equipped with “smoke gas” and metal firing pellets.

Silhouette also has enhanced speed, strength, agility, and sensory perception. She is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and capable martial artist, and master of an unspecified martial art..

She was not letting those crutches stop her from being great. AT ALL! 

Misty Knight/Mercedes “Misty" Knight

My favorite costume on the list… she was always fly… she is highly skilled in martial arts and is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant, with police combat training. She also has near-perfect aim with firearms, and possesses superb detective skills. Her bionic arm is superhumanly strong, and she can punch a target with incredible force, or crush objects as tough as steel in her vise-like grip. However, since the rest of her body is not cybernetically enhanced, she cannot lift objects heavier than her back, shoulders, and legs can physically support. Her arm’s advantages as a weapon are limited to kinetic crushing and impact forces.

Monica Rambeau/Captain Marvel/Spectrum 

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She enlisted into her local police department and quickly rose through the ranks, positioning herself as lieutenant of its Harbor division. While off-duty, she helped a scientist track down an international dictator, who wanted to use a powerful energy machine to take over the United States. After thwarting his plans, she attempted to destroy the machine and was bombarded by extra-dimensional energy. As a result, she gained the ability to turn into any form of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum and discharge it.

Monica Rambeau was created by Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. Her first comic appearance was in the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (1982).

There are a couple more I would love to add, but I have been compiling this for over an hour. -_-


A Sad Day For The Karyukai

Questions and speculations have been running rampant for a week now, but the very sad truth is finally out:

Kimichō (君蝶) of Yoshinoya (由の家) in Tokyo has left the profession

Her reason for leaving was, very sadly, harassment by the known con artist Fiona Graham. In the past I’ve written about Ms. Graham and her unscrupulous tactics and have spoken out in defense of Kimichō. This is all the more reason for Ms. Graham to be outed from Japan so that her reign of terror can end and that no more innocent people can be hurt by her.

jay park x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Jay Park (AOMG) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I still have two night shifts to do and my brain is mildly blegh right now, plus I’m watching Shrek which we all know is what you need playing in the background when you write. Hopefully it still turned out alright. c:

Summary: “Can I get a Jay Park scenario? where u are a very known artist in the state and you happen to know his mother,and you’re very close until one day she finally takes you out to meet her son and you find out that it’s jay and you just kiss each other and u are so happy, but she felt disappointed that no one of u told her cuz she took you as a daughter and he is her son.., after that you consol her and he sees how how amazing you are and he just says in front of everyone that he loves u fluff pls♡♡” - leyarren

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get some air

Originally posted by jonginization

Title: get some air

Pairing: Kim Jongin/Reader

Genre: “We Got Married”!AU

Summary: As he steps inside his workplace, he notices how the dark clouds and bright sky fell over her features and made her look simple but cute. At that moment, he realizes that he needed to talk to her and that he needed to use the excuse of ‘getting some air’ more often. 

Relationships were mostly precious, leading to stories that will be remembered in the middle of the road when one is having a runaway, hands on the steering wheel and hair flowing with the wind. If she said that relationships weren’t important for her, then she would be lying. The feeling of someone’s fingers wrapped around yours, lips over the others and laughter resounding around the place was something she craved for, almost like everyone else, for a long time she had thought that it would come her way as she waited, but as she gets older she wonders if the clock just stopped suddenly and she’s still waiting or if she was going to end up all alone without much thought. It’s like love has ended without even starting, as if she created a character in her head that was more like a prince than anything else but it didn’t get written. Her fairytale was long forgotten and there wasn’t anything she could do, she could only cross her arms and watch romantic movies to stop the beating of her heart.

She thought that princes stopped existing when she turned an adult, but she felt like it could be true as she looked at the man that was in front of the camera. His blondish hair was in bangs over his forehead, wearing a sweater and skinny jeans to create an effortless look as he smiled softly at the celebrity in front of him, holding hands with her for the mere script that was written as she recorded the two of them. Kim Jongin, a very well known artist that created everything with his hard work and she was only a camera girl, waiting for someone like him, with a smile that could light up the entire world, if not the universe. He was a prince, a very casual one that was good at dancing, but one nonetheless.

And it was absolutely her fault, much more when she accepted to work with a show called ‘we got married’. If she wanted to be so far away from love, then she wouldn’t have accepted it, but she couldn’t help but feel her heart racing when she sees how Jongin treats the artist in front of him. Obviously, there weren’t feelings involved –or at least, not that the staff knew, but she felt like it was such a beautiful way to display love. It was all acting, but it looked effortlessly beautiful in a precise way.

She bites her bottom lip as she looks at him, noticing that after the recordings he liked to have something to eat, probably starving from the amount of work he had done. His eyes settle upon hers as he stops looking at his phone and immediately he sends a smile her way. It had been a few times since the two of them had talked, but it was mostly based on work and how he was supposed to act in front of the camera. He immediately gives her a bright smile, making her look down at her food with a shy smile before she cleared her throat.

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