not very hq but still


ushishira fluff just bc ♡ ~ twitter

I commissioned @kuikune for this amazingly (like honestly so amazing!!! help me out with another term for incredible haha) very well done work of Bokuto and Akaashi..

Thank you sooo much for this!! Im honestly so happy with it ; u ;


The weather forecast predicts a 150% chance that this blog is a very big FHQ! AU fan hello


“Nekoma has Morisuke-kun! So no sweat!… The truly good receivers are the ones that never really stand out.

Iwaoi - Movie night for @oshietooru

Iwaizumi, your crush is showing. And yes, it was Oikawa’s idea to watch a movie and it’s some Alien B-Movie…but well, Iwa-chan’s shoulder is more tempting.
Happy Iwaoi Day

The wonderful and amazing @eicinic drew these beautiful and very fashionable Boys for me and my Au . So I tried my best to color them

(design, idea  and lineart by eicinic, coloring by me)

I can’t wait for it to be cold and finally hoodie weather  (*´꒳`*)

(Happy Birthday Tsukki ilu)

anonymous asked:

(same anon who requested gifs) ahh your gifs are definitely one of the best! and thank you so much for making that post anyway, you are so attentive and kind! still really good to have those pictures because in the video the moments just pass so quickly haha! ily❤️ it is truly wonderful the way you treat people

You’re too kind for loving my grainy not very HQ little bbs. 🙈You’re welcome!! 😊so happy you still like them. I was cracking up at Scott while making these, memes could be made of his faces. lol

I ❤U too Anon, could not be more grateful for this support.