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How They React When You Bring Them Home for Thanksgiving


(I know these preferences are super short, but this is just me trying it out for the first time. If I decide to keep doing these, I promise they will be a lot longer.)

Damon Salvatore: He’s very polite and confident and knows exactly how to win over your family. He uses his sense of humor to charm all of your family into liking him. Also, he is very open with your relationship, and doesn’t mind that your family is exposed to some minor PDA.

Stefan Salvatore: He’s very polite and relatively quiet. He really wants to make sure your family likes him. He shows some affections towards you during the night, but tries to limit it because your family is watching.

Alaric Saltzman: He’s very polite, but also comes off somewhat awkward because of how nervous he is. His clumsiness comes out towards the beginning. However, as the night progresses, he gets more comfortable and eases into his normal self.

Elijah Mikaelson: He’s very formal when meeting your family. He wanted to ensure that everyone likes him and immediately knows how to charm them. You’re probably more nervous than he is about him meeting your family, so throughout the night he makes small gestures (squeezing your hand, winking, etc.) to show that everything is going well.

Enzo St. John: He’s secretly nervous about meeting everyone, because he wants them to like him, but he does not show it. He’s polite and utilizes his sense of humor to get people to like him.

Klaus Mikaelson: He’s polite and appears very confident, but secretly he’s nervous about what your family will think of him. He does whatever he can to make everyone like him and make sure everyone can see how happy you two are together.

Kai Parker: He doesn’t care what your family thinks, but he cares that you are happy so he tries his best to please everyone. He occasionally makes strange/inappropate comments, but after you give him a stern look, he immediately fixes his attitude. He actually finds it entertaining being among your family in such a normal environment.

Kol Mikaelson: He knows you’re nervous about him meeting your family and he does not help ease your mind. He’s very polite and knows exactly what he’s doing, but he’ll occasionally say/do something bad just to make you kind of nervous.

Matt Donovan: He’s somewhat nervous, but he does everything perfect. He’s exactly the kind of guy you’re supposed to bring home and he shows that. He’s very polite and knows just how to get on your family’s good side.

Tyler Lockwood: He’s confident that the dinner will go fine, but the moment he gets there, the nerves set in. He’s polite, but occasionally comes off awkward because he overthinks something. He just wants to make sure that your family likes him and thinks he’s good for you.

Guardian Angel (1/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3.297

Summary: Life had always had a way of putting Bucky on one rollercoaster after the other, and when Bucky finds himself being a guardian angel, he realizes Hydra might have been a piece of cake in comparison. 

Warning(s): language, all fun!

A/N: *insert gif of Mushu going “I liiiiive”* Hellloooo my lovelies. So I’m back from the dead, and this time I brought a multichapter fic with me! Apologies if the first chapter isn’t all that, but I promise this is a fun one, fluff all the way! I hope you enjoy, as always feedback is greatly appreciated and once again, you have no idea just how much I love you all! <3 

Bucky Barnes had never in his life imagined he’d reach being a century old. Not looking a day over thirty while in reality being a hundred, well that wasn’t exactly what he had imagined either. But most of his life had turned out far different than he had imagined. He hadn't’ imagined falling off a moving train, then be kidnapped by Hydra, wiped of everything he knew and used as a weapon for their agendas. But there was a saying that went along the lines with “Life is never what you want it to be.” And Bucky’s life? Well, his life had a tendency to always throw him out for a loop whenever he felt like he had it all figured out.

An example of this was when he had finally accepted he was just a weapon, Steve showed up, when he had finally hidden in Bucharest, he was framed for a bombing of the UN headquarters. When that had been said and done, and he had finally found peace in Wakanda, a war had broken loose from a different galaxy to ours. So life had its way of disturbing Bucky’s peace of heart.  

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this is the first time it’s ever happened to me in my life (I don’t know if this makes me cold hearted or self centered or whatever) but I’m listening to my roommate’s genuine laugh (not at my joke) across the room while I’m peeling potatoes and I can’t stop smiling! I love her! I love her happiness. I’m very lucky to have a best friend like her.

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I'm so so glad you liked the feral Hanzo pics. That's one of my favorite parts of the fic, imagining how absolutely AWFUL Hanzo looks after his blackout paired with his paranoid actions and McCree is just fucking watching that shit from across the street, having to figure out what to tell Genji since Genji is freaked out and worried and HE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT TO BE. Whatever McCree must've thought Hanzo ran off to do, I'm sure he wasn't prepared for the haunting, blister covered sad-ass reality


I’m so happy that you’re looking at it from McCree's POV, because holy moly, imagine poor Jesse’s reaction to TWO MURDERERS COMING RIGHT AT HIM no wait now they’re just one murderer OKAY JUST ONE MURDERER–owwie, what the hell–OW OW OW GETTING CARRIED GETTING CARRIED AND HE DOES NOT CARE HOW MUCH IT–wait where’d he go?

*after twelve hours*

Where the fuck did he go?

*after thirty-six hours*

Where the fuck–

*after sixty hours*

Well, fuck.

*Hanzo staggers out into the open*


And all the while he’s having to report back to an increasingly agitated Genji who’s about three minutes from sprinting all the way there if he has to, but he won’t because he has no idea what will and won’t spook his brother and make the situation worse, and when McCree has to tell him what Hanzo looks like–well. Genji had to rely on more than one exercise, mantra, and katra to keep himself articulate.

Plus, you know, when McCree sees Hanzo, he can’t help but think of Genji and wonder where those burns came from the whole time they’re in the car, and even after Hanzo explains what happened to Angela, McCree still doesn’t know if he believes it. Hanzo’s a secretive guy, after all.

BUT ANYWAY, thank you again SO MUCH for drawing them, it’s a sincere pleasure to see!!!!!!!!!!!

Trans Stuff-pls read!!!

im SO happy to announce that I’m going to be going on Testosterone after the New Year!!!!!!! I have my first HRT appointment in January. This is a very big step for me that I’ve been wanting to do for so long and it’s finally going to happen!!! I’m crazy excited and I feel like my life is going tochange for the better.

To everyone who wants to be on hormones but for whatever reason cannot or cannot yet: youre so brave for suffering through the dysphoria you have and I am so proud of you and you WILL get on hormones and find happiness one day!! I love you!!!

(reminder that im a nb boy and my pronouns are he/him!!!!)

I finally finished Punisher last night/this morning. Another great Marvel Netflix show. Overall I was happy with the show. I struggled with the last couple episodes because it got super duper violent. Between the intestines, torture, and face across the glass it was almost too much for me. I honestly thought I might get sick. While it was violent here and there throughout the show, the last couple episodes just went nuts, which makes sense for a final showdown.

It was also a very heavy show, which was to be expected as well. Frank’s whole lifestyle/motto/creed, whatever you want to call it, his sense of justice is a whole discussion of its own. David Lieberman even tells Dinah Madani that he used to believe in finding justice through the law but he’s learned otherwise and that she will one day too. It’s the question of if the law can’t do anything, or won’t, but you can, is that right or wrong? Was Frank wrong to kill the people who killed his family? If that was the only justice he would get, because the law wouldn’t find those people guilty, then does he deserve to take that justice? And if we let one person do it, become a vigilante, how do we keep everyone from doing the same?

The show also dealt with PTSD and how returning soldiers are treated by our government and the public. I loved Curtis. He’s kind of the new Sam Wilson but he has no interest in getting back in the fight. And he’s trying to help others come home as well. I was going to be very pissed if Curtis died and I was afraid he would several times. O’Connor made me angry because he was lying about his service and I felt like it almost cheapened what happened to the other veterans; it was disrespectful and he was so vocal and tried to speak for all veterans but had no right to. Lewis is more of a struggle for me, because I feel bad that he’s struggling with real life but his actions are not acceptable and not ok. 

Then you have everything about the government doing illegal things in other countries and buying/selling drugs and assassinating innocent people. Rawlins was absolutely insane and completely lost the plot by the end of the show. I mean he just went totally nuts. And Billy really did as well. I was so mad when he killed Sam. I thought they were good villains in terms of why they were doing things and so completely believing they were in the right even though they weren’t.  

As always, Karen Page is a queen. I really expected her to be in the show more so that was a little disappointing but her scenes were amazing as usual. And I was a little wary of Madani at first, didn’t really like her, but she turned out to be another wonderful woman. I’m really in love with the women in the Marvel Netflix shows. They are tough and smart and beautiful and kind. I’m glad Madani has been added to their number. I’m still waiting on my all-ladies show.

I loved the relationship between Frank and David. I didn’t like David at first but as you learn more about him and why he’s doing all this, he grows on you. I loved the parallels between his family and Frank’s, and that at least one of them was able to get a happy ending with their family. I’m glad Frank was finally able to get some closure regarding his family. He’ll always miss them but I’m happy he’s able to live his life now. I’m interested in seeing where Frank goes from here and hopefully next time seeing more of him and Karen. 

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Hello there dear giftee, this is your Secret Santa speaking! First, I want you to know that I’m very happy and excited to have you as my giftee. :) Second, I have questions for you. What kind of atmosphere or mood would you like to read? Rather something sad, happy,…? Would you rather see an already established romantic relationship between Han and Leia, or something new and not yet established?

I’m excited that you’re excited. I love your enthusiasm.

Those are very difficult questions.

I love angst, but I also like soft-ending HanLeia, so sad yes but not like devastating sadness. Umm, relationships honestly? Developing rather than developed would be awesome, but whatever you’re more comfortable with.

Please feel free to ask me questions, I’ll help you as much as I can or as much as you want me to.

ARCH ENEMY's ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ Is 'Used To Whatever Bulls**t Comes With' Being Female Musician In Heavy Metal Scene

On November 11, Tristen Lang conducted an interview with ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz and guitarist Michael Amott in Kansas City, Missouri during the band’s tour with TRIVIUM, WHILE SHE SLEEPS and FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked what it’s like to be a female musician in the male-dominated heavy metal scene, Alissa said: “In general, people that we meet in person are pretty cool people — always very respectful, just happy to be there, happy to enjoy the music.

"Quite honestly, I don’t pay much attention to pop culture and don’t have any interest in it, so I don’t know what those ladies are subject to.

"Of course, there are always obstacles with being the oddball in any situation, and so, of course, in this situation, I am the oddball. But it’s just something that you deal with.

"It’s just one of those things. I mean, I’ve always been a woman, actually [laughs], so I’m kind of used to whatever bullshit comes with that. And it’s just the way it is.”

ARCH ENEMY’s North American co-headlining tour with TRIVIUM kicked off on October 27 in Orlando, Florida and is making its way across the U.S. and Canada before finishing on December 6 in Houston, Texas.

ARCH ENEMY is touring in support of its new album, “Will To Power”, which was released in September via Century Media Records. Co-produced by Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, the disc was mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (OPETH, AT THE GATES, DIMMU BORGIR). The disc’s cover artwork was designed by Alex Reisfar.

“Will To Power” marks the second ARCH ENEMY album since the departure of longtime singer Angela Gossow and addition of her replacement, former THE AGONIST frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz. It is also the first ARCH ENEMY disc to feature guitarist Jeff Loomis (ex-NEVERMORE), who joined the band in late 2014.


Happy 22nd birthday, Lee Jihoon aka Woozi  ♡ ♡ ♡

It’s not even an exaggeration when I say Seventeen wouldn’t exist without you because Seventeen sounds the way it does because of you. Thank you for using your God-given musical talents to give us songs that entertain and comfort. Thank you for your hard work, all those sleepless nights. Thank you for pouring your passion, your soul and emotions into the melodies and lyrics you beautifully craft. For you whose personality and charm is significantly larger than your small stature (which we love nonetheless), I only seem to hold praise. We admire your sharp intellect, your voice, your large heart. I can’t even say that you are lucky for having made it this big because you earned it. It was all deserved, and we only see greater things for you ahead. Have a wonderful birthday.


what this world is about by isntrio

Harry comes to Louis looking to take, take the gasp of his breath when Harry pushes his lips against his own, the nails digging into his back, his scalp. He takes the shade of blue Louis’s eyes turn when he comes and he takes the little noises Louis makes and he takes Louis’s cold hands and makes him warm and he takes the air Louis breathes and he tries to give Louis something, too, but what Louis gives him is so much more.


An eighties American high school AU; there are first times, football games, and feelings.

Alternatively titled: the beginning.

“My job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you. Your job is to do whatever it is that makes you the most happy in the world. If you wanna do whatever you wanna do, be whoever you wanna be, do it here in this room.”

Harry talking to the crowd in Boston tonight 9.30.17

Merle’s wedding, like his marriage, was completely out of his control.

The ceremony was long and dull; the preacher read off prayers to Pan with complete precision and no charisma, the cake was stale, and most of the reception was spent shaking the hands of relatives he would never see again (all Hecuba’s relatives of course, there was a distinct lack of family on Merle’s side). He kept his chin up and his charm on as much as he could and the only thing that kept him going was the feeling that Hecuba was just as uncomfortable as he was.

Lucretia learned about Merle’s wedding from the information gatherers she had started to hire to check on the boys every now and then.

She hoped that the partnership would bring him some sense of peace.

Magnus’ wedding took over the entirety of Raven’s Roost.

The streets were brimming with people celebrating their heroes uniting in matrimony as they had united the town. Everywhere was filled with music, cheers and laughter. There were lines stretching through all of the Craftman’s Corridor as people tried to catch as glimpse of the gazebo where the happy couple were wed. The bride wore a yellow sundress and the groom almost seemed to burst out of his suit. They say that neither of them stopped smiling the whole day.

Lucretia heard about Magnus’ wedding from the local gossips before her spies could report back to her. It seemed that whole region of the sword coast was talking about it.

It made her heart sing to hear about his happiness.

Taako’s wedding was very much Taako’s wedding.

Kravitz had had some hand in the process but as long as he was actually married by the end of the day, he was content with whatever Taako planned. It was an extravaganza of light and sound, and hundreds of acquaintances, well-wishers and fans were invited to bask in the glory of their union. When he was tired of the admiration, Taako grabbed his husband and the handful of people he actually cared about and whisked them away for a feast made with his own two hands. The night was spent drinking, dancing and rejoicing until the sun came up.

Lucretia was told about Taako’s wedding from the people who had been invited, in hushed tones and over the myriad of photographs that had been taken. She knew why she had not been asked to go.

It killed her regardless.

(thinking about how luce never got to go to any of her family’s weddings)


frank on stage x nebulas lockscreens

If you’re a person who needs that extra motivation to start doing your work, or to work just a tad bit harder, this might be the post for you! I’ve made a special list with beautiful movies with mixed genres that will surely give you that motivation you need to get where you want to. I hope you’ll have fun watching them!

1. Legally Blonde (2001)

A classic. Most of you have probably already watched this, but for those who haven’t, you won’t regret it! The movie tells the story of Elle Woods, who after being dumped by her boyfriend for not being “serious enough” decides to follow him to law school - to Harvard Law School! There she discovers she’s much more than her looks, and that she doesn’t really need a boyfriend to be the best version of herself.

Even though I consider the film very inspirational, it is also very light and funny, so you won’t even notice the time passing by as you watch it. Really worth watching it if you’ve recently been through the end of a relationship. Watch this, get your head up, and get back to work!

2. Monsters University (2013)

This one might be originally made for children, but who doesn’t love Pixar movies? Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters, Inc., which let us know how the loved characters Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan became best friends, and their experience at Monsters University. There, we follow Mike as he follows his dream of becoming a professional Scarer, despite of what everyone thinks of him.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys animation, it will be very fun to watch and, at the same time, make you think about what you’re doing. Will you really care about other people’s opinions about you or work hard for what you want to become?

3. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

This highly emotional biographical movie, based on Chris Gardner’s struggles while being homeless, will certainly tell you a lesson about not giving up on what you believe in, and work hard. Like mentioned, we follow Chris Gardner as he tries in whatever way he can to build a better future for him and his son, while having no place to live and a position as a intern that pays no money. 

I admit I teared up several times while watching this one, but it gave me a totally different mindset. If I’m a person who has everything to follow my dreams and work hard, why am I not doing it? 

4. The Great Debaters (2007)

This movie shows us the story of how a black debate team, led by professor Melvin B. Tolson managed to become the first black debate team to go against Harvard’s own debate champions in the national championship. It’s based on a real article written about the Wiley College debate, which makes everything even greater! 

My opinion is that everyone should watch this movie, and understand the wonders you can do if you believe that all the things you want to achieve are possible if you work hard enough!

5. The Internship (2013)

This is the story of two old-school salesmen Billy and Nick that, after being downsized because of the digital age, decide to work for Google. Then, during the internship, they must work together with a group of young college kids to complete a series of tasks to finally be officially employed.

Other than the fact it’s a hilarious movie (well, at least that’s my personal opinion), I find this movie highly motivational because we see the two main characters managing to contribute to their group with what they can even though they know nothing about technology. They still manage to do well, so I think it has a really amazing message!

6. Good Will Hunting (1997)

This is movie is about Will Hunting, who has a really high IQ, but works as a janitor at MIT. Professor Gerald Lambeau finds out about Will when he manages to solve a very difficult graduate-level math problem, but he doesn’t only help Will with his academic life, but also with psychological problems he faces as he thinks about his relationships and his future. 

This movie is really redirected at thinking about your academic life, but also about what could be holding us back - sometimes we might need the help of others to overcome our problems, and see the better way out. 

7. The Social Network (2010)

Here we find out the roots of Facebook and the story behind it - who was Mark Zuckenberg and how he managed to create such a huge network? This is his story, and how exactly he managed to go from a college student to a multi-millionaire. Even though being rich isn’t and shouldn’t be everyone’s ultimate goal, this movie might be the right thing to really inspire you to turn the ideas in your head into concrete things. 

As of now these are my favorite movies I go to when I really need that extra motivation. I really think it’s a great idea to try and watch them before your exam season, before the start of a new term, or at any time of the year really! 

Good luck on your exams and happy studying! x