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British Pattern 1821 Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword with Patent Solid Hilt

A rare Wilkinson patent solid hilt Royal Artillery officer’s sword and scabbard, numbered 36984 and made for Lionel Leonard Hoare. The sword was sold to Hoare (later Lieutenant-Colonel) in October 1899 (a copy of the Wilkinson ledger is included in the sale). Apart from some very minimal patina in the middle of the blade (pictured), the sword is in almost perfect condition with crisp clear etching. The hilt is in good condition, of course solid on the full width tang, with some sign of previous rust patina. The patent grips are finely chequered and in good condition, all the silver grip wire still being present. The steal scabbard is intact with some aging. A truly wonderful sword of top quality. These do not come up for sale often now and are getting harder to find.

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I was just wondering if maybe you could add picture's to your retired cc page Idk which is which but I love our cc and want to get more of your creations I just don't know what the cc download links are just based on the names.

Good morning 🌞 And thank you I’m glad you enjoy my content! but unfortunately most of the stuff that’s in the archive is there because it is very low as far as quality goes, or is kinda messed up/borderline broke and I really don’t feel good displaying and presenting something to the community that I know is poor quality, or messed up. If I was going to go to the effort to post images / take new previews I would just re-work the entire package file / mesh…Which is what I’ve actually been doing ;3 I feel more confident and better about recreating my older content and slowly rolling it out but until then: if you’re unsure of what something is a quick trick (that I’ve had to use multiple times trying to find preview photos) is to google “gohliad/servobride (insert package file name here) Lana CC finds.” and use either web or image search and @sssvitlans does an amazing job at tagging my posts with my previous usernames, here are some tags on their blog!

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more facts i love françoise and want to know more about her personality

Okay continuing (these ones are also very random):
11. Françoise was very close with her father. She had a wonderful relationship with her mother but Maurice really adored Françoise and she loved him back.
12. Françoise would slap people who killed insects in her presence.
13. Françoise was very dramatic with her eye makeup (as you can tell by the pictures) and Catherine would call her fish woman because of it.
14. In her late teens, Françoise worked as a Dior model.
15. Françoise liked children “only as an idea”, though she loved her nephew Christian Vadim.
16. François Truffaut considered her the most wonderful actress of her generation and thought she would only gain new good qualities with age. He also wrote her letters calling her Framboise Dorléac, which translates as Raspberry Dorléac.
17. Françoise’s hair were naturally fair with a reddish shade but she loved to try different colors.
18. Talking about hair: because Françoise was very insecure about her looks, she always hid her face behind her hair, having rather long bangs and everything.
19. Françoise was fluent in English but had a thick (and very cute) accent.
20. Françoise said that Catherine always looks like she has 100 wardrobes and she always looks like she barely has one. Catherine claimed that it was Françoise who had tons of clothes but they were all casual things, while she had like 5 things but they were very fancy.


so basically I saw these really cool superhero decoupage shoes and wondered if I could make my own. It was pretty easy actually! I just took an old pair of heels, some comics, and mod podge

(unfortunately my poor friend had to watch me document the whole thing through snapchat) I’m going to be making another pair for her soon so I’ll upload a tutorial if people are interested

Sorry about the blurry picture quality - my camera isn’t very good

Hey cuties! So I made a little drawing for theinternetismylobster because they were my chosen valentine from the phandom valentine reblog thingy! ♡ Happy Valentines Day lovelies! Hope you like my crappy phan picture! Have a wonderful day and stay safe!!! (Sorry for the crappy quality!)

A Ginny Weasley Appreciation Post: A Relationship Forged Through Similarities

I’m a little surprised there aren’t more Ginny fans coming out of the woodwork to defend her stake in this, “Hermione and Harry should have ended up together” debacle.

Ginny is, perhaps, Rowling’s biggest failing in my opinion. We were afforded very few chances to see how truly wonderful Ginny was. She almost seemed like an afterthought in the end, which is a shame. We knew she was fiery, strong, courageous, independent, silly, and devotional, but we only understood those qualities through brief dialogue exchanges that were few and far between. Still, with this information, we can paint a picture of just how good Ginny was for Harry.

So, to honor and defend Ginny, I’m going to examine these qualities and put them in perspective of how they were unique to Ginny and good for Harry.

Fiery: Ginny was always unafraid to stand up for herself and the people she loved, beginning from the moment she stood up to Draco in Flourish and Blotts in The Chamber of Secrets. She openly argued with her brothers in front of Harry, sometimes even forgetting her steadfast silence she always adopted in front of Harry in the early books. This fierce attitude gave her the strength to even stand up to Harry when he was being stubborn, like in The Order of the Phoenix, when Harry assumed he was possessed and conveniently forgot Ginny’s own dealings with possession, or when he demanded she stay behind in the Room of Requirement during the Battle of Hogwarts in The Deathly Hallows. Never one to do as she is told, Ginny has, as Dumbledore would put it, “a certain disregard for the rules.” JUST LIKE HARRY.

Strong: Who else could fight possession from Voldemort for an entire year? It seems curses like the Imperius Curse are hard to through off, even from less experienced Dark Wizards. Ginny was rather successful, considering she was just a first year when Tom Riddle’s diary came into her life. She’s also capable of mastering complicated defensive spells, like the Bat-Bogey Hex when she was at least a third or fourth year and excels in Dumbledore’s Army. She accompanies Harry in three different battles and comes out unscathed each time. She’s just a bad ass. JUST LIKE HARRY.

Courageous: Like I said, she willingly fought in three separate battles with Harry. She had the presence of mind and bravery to continue Dumbledore’s Army at Hogwarts in her sixth year under the noses of three known Death Eaters. She helped the wounded on the battlefield at the end of the Deathly Hallows and stayed by their side even when her brother lay dead in the Great Hall. She should have been broken, weak, and scared, probably felt broken, weak, and scared, but she stayed because it was the brave thing to do. JUST LIKE HARRY WOULD HAVE.

Independent: Ginny could have spent the entirety of her school career pining away for Harry, refusing to even bat an eye at another guy. But she didn’t. Realizing she was her own person and didn’t need to be defined by the love of her life, she tried other guys out. She dated Michael Corner and Dean Thomas before finally getting Harry to notice her, and she was better for it. And when Harry broke up with her in the Half-Blood Prince, she didn’t go back to school and spend every moment in a heart-broken stupor. She took action and led a rebellion. JUST LIKE HARRY.

Silly: This is a side of Harry we don’t get to see in full-force, but we get little glimpses that suggest that Harry appreciates Ginny’s sense of humor. He notices when Ginny jokes with Fred and George, can see that she enjoys a good prank and enjoys one too. He loves her snarky/sassy responses and comes up with similar retorts. I can just see them having really sassy children and just living in the funnest home ever.

Devotional: Throughout the entire series, Ginny remains loyal to both her family and Harry. She defends her parents when Percy behaves as though they’re a disappointment, defends Harry to Draco (as mentioned above), and gives out kind tokens of wisdom to those who need it. And even though she chooses to explore dating other guys, she never forgets the feelings she has for Harry, never wavers in her loyalty to him. JUST LIKE HARRY.

The point is, while Ron and Hermione are amazing, because they’re the personification of the idea that opposites attract, Harry and Ginny are equally amazing, because they prove that a couple should have things in common. They are, perhaps, the more realistic couple. They may not be as romantic, but they are certainly just as exciting. And it’s this excitement that makes Ginny just as slighted as Ron in this whole mess. Ginny deserves her happy ending just as much as Ron does.