not very good is it

Could…could the world just stop today? I’d like to just like, not have every single close friend I have messaging me in dire distress because the universe decided to go batshit fucking crazy today. 

Like, that’s seven people today. Seven people in utter crisis and I’ve been awake since 6:30am trying to help keep plates spinning while the world burns and I don’t know what god is responsible for this shit but they best fucking hide cause come judgement day cause I’m gonna want some fucking answers.

(Special Post) Mod Raptors- We got a very special surprise today. A new fan of the dragons decided to draw FangTooth (Mod ArtNerd’s OC). It looks absolutely amazing, we love it when you guys do stuff like this. ^^ It makes us so happy, so thank you!!! And please enjoy this wonderful drawing!!

Art was drawn by @ask-blackfeather 

I keep seeing this meme going around.  I’m sure you’ve seen it, too.  For example:

This is just further justifying creepy male behavior, right?  Am I wrong?  I’ve seen a whole bunch of them over the past week, and I generally only follow very liberal, feminist leaning blogs, and yet, here are jokes where the only thing that has agency is the man, and the two women he’s with are turned into objects, robbed of their humanity, and silenced, it’s gross.  Not only are the women seen as purely pleasure/sexual objects for the… I don’t know, protagonist seems like the wrong word, but…  They are also pitted against one another, as rivals for the all important central idea’s attention/affection.  I can’t help but be disgusted by it. 

Can we stop?  

to this day, i still wonder how exactly the production for the 2012 lorax really went down. there’s not much record about it, at least that i could find, but honestly, looking at the earlier concepts, you can see that it was originally intended to be pretty different than what ended up on screen.

which by itself it’s pretty normal, of course. movies often change greatly from their original concept during production, sometimes retaining only the most basic set-up of what once was, but what i truly mean is that we know for sure that the lorax was, at one point, a movie that seriously considered including a rock opera villain ballad such as this

yet somehow the song intended for this exact same sequence ended up being. well. this 

and i just want to know what was lost in the transition there because in my opinion, there is no way that the cutesy and sickeningly cheery lorax that we know could have even intended to include a song like the first one in it. this belongs to a very different movie.


“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

more hp au


mugwort - happiness
lilac - first emotions of love 

sketches of my boy (Damien) that I’m uploading before 3 years pass and I improve too much to dig my past/present out like this