not very good coloring

flaming hot gene discourse

allow me to fan the air with some good ‘ol fashion Discourse
things have been rather Salty in here lately. like, sea-salt salty.
too salty. the sodium, is in fact, overwhelming. MSG packets.

so have some Light-Hearted Low Sodium Salt.

- Primary -
Basic: it’s 'aight. bugatti basic. it is what it says on the tin. not bad.
Cherub: Pretty hecking great. Goes well w/ pretty much everything.
Clown: The Original #2 Best Primary Gene
Crystal: situational af. barely ever looks good.
Falcon: Very nice. Works best with dark colors. middling.
Giraffe: MMM YES. Love me those GEOMETRIC SHAPES.
Jaguar: New on the scene. Aesthetic. Very nice. Trigger Warning.
Jupiter: og discourse starter. it looks ok in earthy tones.
Metallic: much like crystal, but Better at being Good Looking
Petals: Fucking everywhere. Oversaturated. Not bad though.
Piebald: Meh. Barely used, barely seen. Can be nice but good luck.
Ripple: Very simple, very sleek. Looks good with most things.
Savannah: The Rich Man’s Tiger. Striking. Powerful.
Speckle: only works with nature/earthy tones. and just barely.
Tapir: Pretty good! Sorta like Ripple but Denser. It’s cool.
Tiger: pretty plain but can work w/ the right secondary/tert.
Vipera: Much like the above. But for harsher. Sharper.
Wasp: Kinda weird? Not very insect-like. Looks pretty good!

- Secondary -
Alloy: wannabe shimmer, but Darker and Edgier. Looks nice.
Basic: why? don’t be this way. give their wings some Flair.
Bee: the transparent effect is p/ cool. less cool than shimmer tho.
Butterfly: Very good! Also fucking EVERYWHERE. 
Current: Works best w/ Ripple, but can work w/ others too.
Daub: Ehhh. good for desert/earth/dark aesthetics.
Eye Spots: exactly what it says. wow. blink blonk. it’s okay.
Facet: better than garbage crystal. can actually work.
Freckle: shares the same fate as its primary but Worse Off
Hex: can work, situational. the primary is better.
Hypnotic: get this fucking trainwreck away from me. it hurts.
Paint: much like piebald. sadly. it’s kinda bland.
Peregrine: yes. very good. natural patterns are so pretty.
Rosette: MMHMM but not so much as the primary
Safari: it’s so… boring. like, “here are some stripes” that’s it. ???
Saturn: WIGGLY WING LINES. sorta gross looking. eh.
Seraph: plain, boring, works ok with some things but not really
Spinner: heck yes. fuck to the hell YES. kinda plain, but… PATTERNS
Striation: like Current but Less, but also… somehow… more?
Stripes: like safari but a bit better. still really plain.
Toxin: IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MESS be careful though…

- Tertiary -
Basic: Sometimes, the only saving grace… is none at all.
Capsule: can be good. but often bad. that stupid missing neck piece.
Circuit: i never see this anymore unless on exalt fodder. damn.
Contour: barely visible, works best for contrast
Gembond: the hype was real. disappointment realer. it’s Okay.
Glimmer: it’s everywhere. it’s a plague. a really expensive, pretty one.
Lace: situational. works best with matching colors. 
Okapi: we could’ve had it all. you poor fucking mess.
Runes: ALSO REALLY NICE. GOSH. can make Drab look Fab.
Scales: the face portion just. destroys it. good for skeletal babies tho.
Smirch: Nickelodeon goob all over the face Aesthetic
Smoke: i hate it. it’s the worst. a bit better than crackle .
Spines: for when your tert Sucks but isn’t totally Unsalvageable.
Thylacine: can work super well but can also be hopeless exalt fodder.
Underbelly: always works unless it’s just. complete trash.

anonymous asked:

My good senpai, i'm sorry if you did say this, but does Fatal's sockets reflect his feelings? I was reading by the 2 time and this got my atention (Sorry for the bad english, it's not my mother lengage)

My good anonymous, that is very true! The color of his eye sockets do reflect how he’s feeling in the moment :)

A good thing about violets: when they grow in big patches, but because they’re so low to the ground and a dark color you don’t notice them right away and suddenly you realize that there’s a bit of deep purple carpet at your feet. Also when the bees go bumbly bumbly on them but they’re too heavy for the stem and they end up almost tipping it over. 

Additional good things about violets: edible, can be sugared and used as decorations on cakes, boiled into a sweet syrup. Can be fermented into a light-pink colored wine. 

Very important good thing about violets: gay. 

Backstory episodes I want now

OiTNB style, let’s start delving

  • how Rhodonite’s ruby and pearl met and decided to run away together
    • how all of Fluorite literally met
  • Lapis during the war
  • whatever Padparadscha was doing before this bc I would 100% watch an episode of just her doing her
  • how gems normally colonize worlds, Peridot as the bureaucrat she was before
  • Bismuth realizing her passion!!! And the war unfolding around her
  • Amethyst interacting with people who wandered by the kindergarten, she had to have run into a few before
  • Rose’s past lovers? (maybe Steven had a few fully human siblings a couple centuries ago that lived and passed)
  • Jasper dealing with the prejudices of Homeworld as she tries to rise in the ranks and deal with her remorse for Pink Diamond
  • Aquamarine being a git somewhere
  • Topaz being in love somewhere, and heartbreak
  • Some sort of Pearl-centric reflection, Blue and Yellow Pearl whispering about our Pearl, Pearl reaching out, Pearl’s interacting; doubt, loyalty, love, backstory

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i like manga reigen's coloring because it feels more natural but anime reigen's somehow better fits his personality

Honestly both colors fit their respective personalities.

Manga!Reigen is a loooot more toned down. The bombastic antics (that he’s known for in the anime) are reserved for when he’s trying to put on a show, frustrated, or super afraid. Even his Reigen Roast ™ is tame in comparison. He looks more ugly-frustrated with the group’s inability to understand, rather than actively looking to drag them like his anime counter part.

When he’s not doing those motions, the rest of time Manga!Reig is just kind of an apathetic, depressed, regular pathetic, and average kinda guy. Which! fits one of the major themes of mob psycho 100 anyways: Congrats! You’re one of the masses just like everyone else! The brown hair and black tie fit better for this interpretation. Duller colors bring out his more mundane, pensive, wistful side.

Anime!Reigen brings out waaaaaaaaaay more of his showmanship, and this is also a fun angle! For a media based largely in visual movement, this was a great decision. Gold hair for valuing intellect (since hair is above ur brain), gray suit bc he’s morally gray bdum tss, and pink tie to show that he’s got some heart in the midst of it all. These are all very great color choices that showcase other facets of Reigen’s character.

And the anime gives him equal moments to look cool, and to look like a damn fool.

This color design is honestly more memorable and marketable as well. Plus the character designer said they gave him a pink tie since it makes him look more “shady” and I can get behind that.

Congrats this is the end of the rant! Both are good! If some of you were expecting a ‘that’s why this version is better’ conclusion I aint sorry though. They’re just two designs that emphasize different sides of the same character. 

This means for my stuff where I draw somber/weighted things, Manga!Reigen’s colors fit better. But for things that are more energetic and fun, Anime!Reig’s colors are more suited.


Simon Lewis and His Mentor Magnus Bane on portaling.

It’s been ages since I’ve seen someone do this but I was scrolling through old posts and came across this beautiful unfinished gay piece that I forgot had existed. So I tried to complete it or something? They’re a relationship I never considered before but now I’m in love 

Anyway I really love @drawbauchery uwu <3 (Original)